Rangers Announce to Stock Exchange Contact for Further Info Re Report Into Mr Green is Mr Green!

This morning saw, as is required, release of a statement by Rangers to the London Stock Exchange regarding the independent investigation into the actions of its Chief executive, Charles Green.

The statement can be read in full on the LSE site here.

The relevant text in the announcement read as follows:-

Rangers International Football Club plc

(“Rangers”, the “Company” or the “Club”)

Response to Media Comments

The Company announces that it is commissioning an independent examination and report into matters raised in the media over recent days relating to allegations made by Craig Whyte, the previous owner of Rangers Football Club, concerning the Company’s Chief Executive, Charles Green and the Company’s Commercial Director, Imran Ahmad. Mr Green and Mr Ahmad strenuously deny any wrongdoing and lawyers have been instructed by the Company to address these allegations. However, the Directors believe that the review will help to ensure a swift conclusion to this issue. A further announcement will be made in due course.

For further information please contact:

Rangers International Football Club plc

Charles Green, CEO/ Brian Stockbridge, CFO


I posed the question on Twitter, before seeing that announcement, about whether or not, for a listed company, it would be good corporate governance for the Board of a PLC, on mounting an independent investigation into the actions of its CEO, to suspend the executive pending resolution. Such a suspension would be entirely “without prejudice” and simply to allow the investigation to proceed free of any potential conflicts. And, to be blunt, should an investigation (this is a general comment, rather than a specific one about the company in question) establish wrongdoing enough to warrant dismissal, does the Board want the CEO still at work during the investigatory phase, for fear of damage being done?

A prompt reply from @ecorporatelaw said:-

“Yes, if he is an employee (i.e. executive).”

Now, I am sure that the Rangers Board fully considered all of these matters before deciding to leave Mr Green in place for now, and in the absence of their advice and all of the matters they took into account, who can say they were wrong?

However, if you look at the foot of the extract from the Stock Exchange announcement above, who should one contact for further information about this matter?

Yes – you’ve guessed it – Mr Green!

Whilst the Rangers Board statement on Saturday said that Mr Green would not be involved in the investigation, it seems odd that he is the “go to” man for enquiries about it, especially as his last statement, issued on Friday night, said he would be making no further comment!

People wonder why supporters of other football clubs, and neutrals, together with the media, spend so much time discussing Rangers.

I cannot answer for anyone else, but for my part it is because, almost every day, some issue or other arises which justifies comment. Every other football team in Scotland manages to carry on its business out of the limelight, with none, or at worst only a few, of the travails of the Ibrox outfit.

One wonders if the LSE statement might be revised to take Mr Green’s name as the contact off it!

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  2. Ed Paisley

    I reckon they should get Kenneth Starr to chair the investigation into Chico:

    “No Mr Chairman, I did not have business relations with that man”.

    Then we find the documents with Whyte stains all over them………….

  3. AGENTS GREEN , WHYTE, AND OUR ANE WEE P_ _I IMRAN FAE PAKIstan,please return to vatican city for debriefing tee hee

  4. Ed Paisley

    Just when you thought the Rangers brand couldn’t get more toxic, another ton of Green sludge gets dumped on it.

    I try to find some compassion for my Rangers supporting buds, but I just can’t find it within me.

    Is that a sin? Do I need to mention it when I go to confession?

  5. Breaking News ………

    As of TODAY …….. Tax Avoidance is ILLEGAL

    Will post more when I have time ….

    @cam …… NIST MADA giving conflicting results ….. looks like there is one vital piece of info missing ….. any idea ? …… Budgies knackered …..

    • cam

      I have a spare px325 picture valve from an old cathode ray tv if that helps.
      Is this Tax Avoidance legislation universal and if so is that the Vatican getting shut down?
      NIST MADA,,,,,,,ADAM ISNT…….spooky

        • cam

          St Damian and the Vatican newtz,,,it gets spookier,damn its a,weird coincidence and a mist,,,ery

        • Thanks for putting up that link. I hope it is effective, may be a small step to a fairer world.

          • Transparency …… Suppressed Data and Identity Disguise ……

            Suppressed data refers to a situation where a person exploits current regulation to hide information from tax authorities. The use of tax havens is an obvious example.

            Identity disguise refers to the alternative abuse of hiding information behind entities that the person cannot be shown to own or control. Of course the two can be combined and often are.

            It is only when there is full transparency of information and available to all participants that optimal market decisions can be made.

            Does it ring a bell !!!!

            ICIJ, TH and GAAR …… great start to the year ….. and it’s going to get better ……. ICCC for example … (leaked ha ha)

            • cam

              Excellent work newtz,don’t forget DOE is on the horizon and R.A.Y will be ratified in Brussels next month.The Modular Economics group are working flat out on the F.A.H legislation SO the meetings in L.A if they go to a T should bring us back to DOH!

            • Normally would be laughing cam …..
              But just watching terrible scenes in Boston ……

        • Ed Paisley

          Respect to Vince Cable, and Michael Meacher. I hope the GAAR brings billions back to the public purse from tax cheating individuals and UK companies.
          Will the GAAR allow HMR&C to challenge the aggressive tax planning of Amazon, Google, Starbucks and the like? I doubt it. I don’t think the government have the appetite to go after these multinationals.

  6. cam

    Well mucho canvassing and jowl flapping by the Coyote failed to impress the two rebels.
    That in itself will cause confusion, as Celtic fans support all rebels worldwide.
    So its probably best just to say that the Coyote tried to save the day but his heroics were foiled by the sons of Sevco.
    In step Sky and tell the specially formed working party of Coyote Pete and the hole in the heid duo,that if the English don’t get their Sunday lunchtime bigotfest back pronto then the games a bogey.
    They like their appetiser of thud and blunder before the main event.
    Poor Pedro all that gum bumping for nowt.

  7. sons of sevco you have been duped,duped and duped again & again & again, when will D.O.B s ever ever ever learn

    • cam

      What does my date of birth have to do with anything?
      I don’t understand,please help me cisco,bestow your wisdom upon me.

      • Cam! Zombie child of Thatcher. I presume your perma jocularity is displacement activity. I mean how much pain can any fitba fan conciously be expected to endure. Insolvency event 2 in the post. Liquidation sequel, Not Long Now!!!!

  8. Robert D Bruce

    Let me get this right.

    Rangers board don’t believe a word that Charlie boy has said over the course of the last year, or at least don’t take him at his word. They announce that there will be an independent investigation into matters raised by concerned journo’s where upon the share price collapses – 61.00p as I type this – with some of the share transactions in tranches of 5000’s and one is of 30000.
    Do the board expect that if the independent investigation finds that there is culpability in any action that Charles has performed on the company’s behalf that allowing that information into the public domain would be in the interests of shareholders?

    The answer is clearly in the negative.

    To publicly announce that there was any wrong doing would be suicide both for investors and, dependant on any relationship being established between Green and Whyte perhaps for the football club that they operate.

    The interim solution for the board is to cover up any negative finding – if there is any 🙂 – and to allow Charles to leave graciously within a few months due to “health problems”

    The problem then for the board is that the police may want at some stage to see copies of the independent report to see if it concurs with their findings. Should the board report highlight anything that the police were unable to highlight during their investigation the board may be providers of incriminating evidence.
    Should there be incriminating evidence and the board withhold the information then they may be in breach of their duties as directors.

    All this and Ally and Elbows calling in the media for clarity and truth.

    As Jack Nicholson famously ranted in A Few Good Men “YOU CAN’T HANDLE THE TRUTH”

    • Raymilland

      Craig Whyte not fit and proper person – Scottish FA

      Once bitten twice shy, show us the deeds, aren’t you curious Mr. Ogilvie?

    • Robert D Bruce

      50,000 sold at 58.00p at 16.29.

      BYE BYE RIFC plc

      Aye BYE BYE not BUY BUY.

      • Robert D Bruce


        Time / date Buy / sell Volume Price Value
        16:29 – 15/04 Sell 50000 58.00p £29,000.00
        15:53 – 15/04 Buy 776 62.50p £485.00
        15:20 – 15/04 Sell 396 61.00p £241.56
        14:25 – 15/04 Sell 357 61.00p £217.77
        12:53 – 15/04 Sell 30000 61.00p £18,300.00


  10. Off topic.


    ‘That’s BONG out of order’ – Shappi Khorsandi

    ‘ Ask not for whom the bell ends’ – Al Murray

    ‘OMFG’ – Me

  11. JohnBhoy

    Breaking News : Rangers investigate Rangers

    Rangers has announced over the weekend that they intend to investigate Rangers. At a three-hour board meeting Rangers grilled themselves and were unconvinced by the answers they received. As a result, they have decided to investigate themselves. As they do not trust themselves to ask themselves questions they will ask someone else to ask them questions.

    The witness making the allegations – Craig Whyte – will not be interviewed (he is a liar and cannot be trusted) and the other main witness – Charles Green – will have no part to play in the investigation (he is a self-confessed liar and the subject of the investigation), other than answering the same questions that he was asked before and getting the same answers which we refused point blank to believe and so decided to ask someone else to ask him the same questions and get the same answers he gave us which we refused to believe.

    We – Rangers – will leave no stone unturned in getting to the truth about Rangers and if that means asking probing questions of Rangers, then Rangers can rest assured that Rangers will not flinch in facing Rangers and demanding that Rangers answer questions posed by Rangers. Rangers need to know what they know at Rangers and if we do not know then Rangers will be the first to know. That is a promise we make to our fans.

    • JohnBhoy,

      With the multiple investigations currently engaged in examining events that led to the current Rangers ownership one wonders if there will be enough truth to go around.

      Perhaps the police, BDO, and the Rangers board and all other interested parties should simply combine resources and work together.

      Surely a confluence of interests 🙂

    • mcfc

      @JohnBhoy – best post of the day

    • Mattabhoy

      JohnBhoy, brilliant read

    • GWG

      good stuff fella~~~~

    • The Hidden Fortress

      Will the ‘independent’ report be published ? In full, in the interests of transparency ? Or will the the Board merely tell the investors, governing bodies, other investigating agencies including the police and supporters the conclusions in summary form ? I think they should be told…Don’t you Mr McCoist ? Only one week ago you were perfectly happy with Mr Green’s explanations. Absolutely happy. Is the Board so absolutely incompetent that it cannot determine who owns the company without having to resort to additional ‘external’ expense ? Burning money to keep the lights on and burning the last remaining goodwill of sponsors and fans seems to becoming a very dangerous and cyclical habit on SS Dignity. Sail Away, Sell Away…Cut loose and Cut your losses while you can. This should not be construed under any circumstances as (dis)investment advice, of course.

    • An elegant, accurate, but nonetheless hysterical evaluation of the situation… Surreal to the point of floppy clocks and Monty Python.

    • JohnBhoy You should’v applied for James of Airdries position, talk about putting a good spin on it. 🙂
      Sevco to investigate Sevco! that’s a bit like a dog sniffing it’s own backside!

  12. mcfc

    big trade at 58p – so the investigation steadied the share price – tick

    Date Time Buy/Sell Amount Price Value
    15/04/13 04:29pm Sell 50,000 58.00 29,000.00

    • If it was an OK (delayed announcement) deal then probably was a Short Seller cashing in and accepting the loss and needed the time to find the buyers …. also happened on Fri

      • mcfc

        @newtz – just an ordinary trade timed at the very close of business – 16:29:51

        Time/Date Price Volume Trade Value Type Buy/Sell
        16:29:51 15-Apr-2013 58.00 50,000 29,000.00 Ordinary trade
        15:53:22 15-Apr-2013 62.50 776 485.00 Ordinary trade
        15:20:52 15-Apr-2013 61.00 396 241.56 Ordinary trade
        14:25:33 15-Apr-2013 61.00 357 217.77 Ordinary trade

      • Down, down, down they go.

        Did anyone really expect anything else?

  13. Raymilland

    Talkin’ ’bout your troubles and you never learn

    What goes up must come down

  14. GWG

    “However, if you look at the foot of the extract from the Stock Exchange announcement above, who should one contact for further information about this matter?

    Yes – you’ve guessed it – Mr Green!”

    Ha Ha Ha~~~ ya couldn’y make it up~~~~
    also~~~ shares DOWN 3.5% today~~~ stand by for the BIG ONE!!!

  15. Adeste Fideles

    Y’know, this might be a real easy investigation. All that really needs doing is going ’round Craig Whytes house and ask him for a loan of his tapes.

    The thing is, I wonder if they will even bother to ask Mr Whyte what he knows.

    I’m not being facetious, I really do wonder if they will try and do this investigation without Craig Whytes input.

  16. portpower

    I`ll miss you uncle charlie.

  17. Fra

    Please die sevco, your becoming even more of an embarrassment than you have been.

    • mick

      To me it looks like a phenoix with green as whytes frontman then green steals the assets and does the dirty on whyte this is proven via last weeks news it’s the most open and shambolic phenoix ever secret backers lol you mean agent whyte Charlie the cats out the bag phils going for Wednesday as big news day for developments on it lol

      • mick

        There doomed by the end of this they will be the millennium third Lanark the crime involved is iriversable and should see massive charges handed out to whyte green imran and his mum lol and d and duffer as they must have been well aware of whytes involvement it’s a criminal mess and no report or commission can hide this Bdo must be wondering wtf

    • cam

      Fra, this is why Fat Pete was so desperate to push through the deckchair shuffle,,,,you just can’t put us in the ground.
      We’re gonna come back and hunt you down and that awful 2nd class feeling will resurface,,,,i pity the poor referees,,,quick now’s the time to infiltrate the inner circle.
      At least the commentators will have an easy job in 20 years covering the Celtic games

      And Francis rolls the ball out to Francis at right back he looks up and sees Francis free on the left but Francis is making an unselfish feint through the middle,he turns,he twists he shoots,,,,,holy smoke Francis scores!!!!

      • mick

        Cam what’s your view on the situ do you fear tesco next or do you think greens right he only stole the company from whyte for the good of the club what’s your thoughts on how this will pan out its seems worse than last year

        • Fra

          Cam. We’ll salute you for finally admitting they’re a busted flush. I sense in your case, much is written with said tongue in cheek. Some Celtic supporters, and other supporters as well, say they need a strong Rangers. I happen to disagree. I want them DEAD.

          From early in the day they adopted their sectarian policy and had an ally in the bastion of democracy, the royal family. It seems such a ridiculous policy in this day and age but from it came the mass hordes of knuckle draggers aligning themselves to all things british, monarchy, uvf, uda and anything against Catholicism.

          They manipulated all rules and regulations and ran a closed shop of presbyterianism and freemasonry which spread its slimy tentacles to the governing bodies running our game. This spread through society until it had immersed itself in our police force, banking systems and manufacturing industries.

          Scotland, finally has a chance to shed this once and for all. Independence can be that watermark. Clean the slate, start afresh and if the knuckle draggers don’t want to get on board then ostracise and humiliate them to the point of extinction. If two sides in the six counties can sit down and talk, then it should be a breeze for all of Jock Thampsons barns,

          Salmond might not be everyone’s cup of tea but I’d accept him any day over they pompous wa@@ers in power today. How Catholics who agree with a united Ireland somehow can’t bear to think a free Scotland is one I can’t fathom. My view, ‘if you f@@k up then it’s your f@@k up, not some multi-millionaire who cannot begin to understand your way of lifestyle struggles. The only struggles these idiots have is to have coffee as opposed to a cold drink.

          The the rangers and all their various strands symbolise most of what is bad in Scottish society. Start again, find the true level and accept its not all doom and gloom. If everybody starts with no baggage then that journey will be easier for all.

          God, I must be turning into a hippie.

          • cam

            Yes Fra my tongue was firmly in my cheek to contain the childish laughter.
            Yes history can show us how stupid we all were and still are.
            A few hundred years ago one could be burned at the stake for possessing a bible not written in latin,such was the fear that the Catholic church had that there power and control could be dissapated.
            When you say you want Rangers dead,you reveal the true reason that there is so much fanatical obsession with the current situation.
            Its nothing to do with football rivalry its all about religion.
            Here’s the crunch though,,,if Rangers ceased to exist tomorrow what are you going to do with the millions of non Celtic supporting,disinterested in Ireland,non Catholic,patriotic Scots who still support the UK and are Royalist to some degree?
            This isn’t Dublin,it will never be.I understand the frustration that the minority must feel, but thats where we are.
            You lay the blame for Scotlands woes at the feet of Rangers and bemoan the fact that this country is dominated by non Catholics.
            And now you are in one of the most beautiful countries in the world and you’re still bothering with this pish??

  18. portpower

    Will sally take a 75% wage cut to save sevco?
    Think not. He`s got a ₤140 speeding fine to pay.

    • mick

      He’s as wreck less a driver as he is a manager lol Sally’s been duped by green for 500,000 in cash he bought his job am loving all this drama for them it’s like a sitcom in between Celtic matches lol

  19. cam

    Green is the biggest shareholder.
    Imran is his best friend.
    Rangers share price is dropping.
    Financial experts say admin two is days away.
    Unknown backers will be smoked out.
    You might yet be proven correct.

    • mick

      Cam who do you blame ? Apart from spiv whyte and green it’s got to be sfa for lack of due diligence at point of handing over conditional licence ?do you know ant1that has bought shares ? They must be pissed of the sfa thought bending rules helped its backed fired all those commissions now this it is the end game now for sevco Wednesday to be massive news day something big will pop up during funeral as it won’t dominate the news as much that day lol

      • cam

        Blame should be laid at Murray’s door.
        Ahmed seems to be blameless
        Whyte is a total spiv.
        Brian Stockbridge will leave to protect his reputation.
        Ally will have to stay till the bitter end.
        Green will leave with millions.

    • mick

      Cm the unknow backers are whyte and co greens M8s whyte set it all up we know who it is d&ps charged yous millions then crookedly sold yous to whytes mate green this is the longest dirtyist deal ever in sport it’s shocking and sick to watch a just hope no 1 you know has gave them cash as its vaporised now the msm have forgot it already and are running with the commission story what a messed up msm and club sevco are doomed at end of this there’s no spl ever

      • Mark

        What on earth is going on here?

        Common sense, courtesy and honest dialogue seems to have broken out…

        And not before time too!

        • cam


          Sometimes mark you’ve just gotta admit defeat.
          Under normal circumstances i would have a smart ass remark to make.
          Clearly the end is nigh for my beloved Rangers.
          Knowing what we know now it makes me really angry that i’ve been duped.
          Every Rangers fan will be disgusted tonight with Green’s conduct.
          Reality has finally bitten.

          i apologise for the above as you seem a nice guy.

          • Mark

            I’m curious, what’s spooked you today?

            You’ve managed to remain fairly chipper and good humoured in the face of endless speculation recently so I’m guessing somebody from your own side/ somebody you trust has disclosed something?

            Shoorly you’re not starting to listen to us obsessed tims?

            Don ‘t mean to sound flippant here, genuinely interested….

            • cam

              No Mark.
              I’ve just looked back on all the research over the last few months.
              The answer has been staring me in the face,but i’ve been too blind to see.
              When i’ve looked at the beginning of each new statement
              I’ve saw a clearer picture of how my chain’s been pulled.
              This really is unreal how long it’s went unnoticed.

            • Cam why did you & your fellow Sevco supporters swallow this? I don’t know a single Tim who did not suspect Green was secretly aligned with Whyte. Right from the off alarm bells should have been ringing when he disclosed not one specific about his takeover consortium..
              Phil Mac flagged it up for you, & when the share issue fell short the only people who thought it a success were Chick Young, Kieth Jackass and the Sevco fans. It was pretty clear Green was masking his anxiety.

          • No vertical insanity from me cam, your a fanny!!!

  20. Monti

    If Sevco get invited into an SPL 2 I’m finished with the game, St.Mirren & Ross county should be boycotted from now on! Gilmour was in support of the proposals & all of a sudden Chuckles is invited to a St.Mirren game & Gilmore changes his mind mmmmmmm….i hope every fan of all the other clubs boycott them! How much did Charlie give you for your soul Gilmour????

    • mick

      Goodevening Monti the say no to sevco in the spl2 starts here any fast track will see revolt by all fans of spl agian Ross and stmirren should be boycotted as they are self centered and shellfish today was for the good of all teams and those to blow it

    • cam

      Aberdeen will really suffer next season.
      Rangers will struggle in div 2
      St Mirren may regret their decision.
      Every Scots club is in financial danger.
      Hearts will be next for Admin.
      Only Celtic will be financially stable.
      Little clubs like St Johnstone could go under
      Each chairman must do what’s right for their club.

    • If an SPL 2 is voted on and accepted, there is no time to get it up and running for next season, so if Rangers get an invite it won’t shorten their stay in the lower divisions.

    • Sorry Monti but I think everyones getting pulled in by Chico Verdis skullduggerry.The only reason he was at StMirren park was to stir the brown smelly stuff.And I can absolutely guarantee Gilmour was never in favour of the proposals I know this as have two Buddies in my house who keep me abreast of the feeling amongst their support.I would have thought the indecent haste to push through proposals which seem to have the approval of the no longer fit for purpose “governing “bodies would be enough to make most intelligent folk pause ,in fact i’m a bit p*ssed off that the chairman of my own club didn’t tell them to stuff it.Maybe MrGilmour is more of a Turnbull Hutton than you give him credit for.

    • Celtic actually did the decent thing today & I didn’t expect them to.
      St Mirren should hang their heads in shame. They voted twice to endorse the 12 – 12 proposal, then mysteriously backed the Sevco plan.
      St Mirren have opted to see the game slide further down the toilet to accomadate Green. I think that’s the real source of the anger expressed by SPL chairman.

      • Budweiser

        Mac Tomas.

        Please see my earlier reply.
        What is the ‘ sevco plan’ 14-14-14 ? Is that any worse than 12-12-18 which has been a PROVEN catastrophic failure twice on the continent?
        Why can’t we have a single league body, play offs, better financial redistribution to the lower leagues – why does it all have to be in this ‘ all or nothing scenario ‘ ? Doncaster is a proven arsehole who, predicted Armageddon. God ,even the Poles have got a better system – guess what ? –
        A 16 team premier league! Just what the fans here want! Stop reading the msm and ‘ chairmen statements’ and think for yourself.

        • Bud The 12 – 12 set up was abandoned in Switzerland because they did not get the cash trickle down to their div 2 right. This inefficiency has been addressed by SPL clubs. Also why did Gilmore suddenly jump ship after twice previously supporting 12 – 12? This is especially puzzling when he’s been trying to punt St Mirren for years. Whats in it for him to be a stone in everybody else’s shoe?.
          Agree. play offs are a minimum requirement with a single governing body. We cant pick just the “good bits” as SFL clubs wont comply as there is nothing in it for them without trickle down cash.
          Btw if the 12 -12 set up does not work we could always change it. with a more progressive voting system which CELTIC were in favour of. I did mention that I was surprised by this as the current shambolic system suits Celtic, but it seems Saints & County are the one’s e taking the self interest route this time.
          Yes 16 or 18 is the ideal , but for once I actually think clubs are being genuine when they state it is unsustainable “for now”. Once better health is restored to Scottish football the larger leagues may well be more realistic.
          Now we have no change, not even a SPL SFL merger. It’s not healthy.

          • Budweiser

            50% higher attendances after ditching 12-12.
            Personally, I would have voted yes. Glilmour is a snake with no long term interest in St Mirren never mind Scottish football imo. He has gone with the fans’ wishes on this one though. He is supposed to be making a statement today – we shall see! Him and Green are imo, well suited bedfellows and should not be trusted. Why did he seem to agree earlier – who knows?
            it has been mooted by some in the media, that 9-3 voting was the sticking point and this was conceded. Others say 9-3 was offered but some issues were ‘ protected ‘ – so 9-3 on some issues but still 11-1 on others. It all seems like a bit of a shambles. Hopefully news will emerge about what really transpired at the meeting. Gilmour has been quoted as saying, we want to work with 42 clubs , whatever that means.

  21. Raymilland


    The Spartans are on DEFCON 1

    Accounts and due diligence at the ready.

  22. not nearly dead but really dead

    just a quick peek at SSN tonight,
    ‘so craig whyte is a big fat liar, and at t’rangers its ticketyboo at the moment,nothing to see, good night’
    love it, the uk’s only 24 sports news channel and its total pish!

    • not nearly dead but really dead

      oh and lots of talk about recontruction or not, and good old t’rangers defense of ‘diddy clubs’ being bullied!!!!!!!! and how a club that has no vote opinion is so important,
      oh and nothing happening at t’rangers today to do with sponsorship,corporate governance,disputed ownership,racism etc,etc
      now in other news……….
      sooner BT get their act together we will hav ea more balanced ‘tv deal’ if that is needed at all.

      ‘diiddy’s need a strong sevco*, just ask spartans’

      *patent under dispute

  23. cam

    We must work out a plan that keeps the game alive.
    Hibs youth policy is the way forward.
    All wages should be capped and transfer fees are out of control.
    Teams may have to amalgamate to survive.
    Aberdeen and Ross County could make a good team if they joined forces.
    Partick Thistle could ground share with Rangers.
    Alloa,East Fife ,East Stirling and Cowdenbeath are too small to continue.
    ICT are a great example of an efficient set up.
    Raith Rovers and the Dundee teams would be a force if they joined together.
    Of course this would lead to only one division.
    For the good of the game something must change.
    For too long petty bickering has ruined the development of our national game
    Under used facilities are a testament to poor organisation.
    Drastic measures are required immediately.
    Sorry i can’t stop laughing.

  24. While the CEO of Rangers will be subject to an investigation surrounding claim and counter claim between himself and Craig Whyte a couple of thoughts occur.

    Firstly his racially charged comments will not be considered by whatever body is selected to investigate the other matters.
    The board has accepted his explanation and distanced themselves from any question of racism.

    “The board accepted the explanation that there had been no intention to cause offence and accepted the chief executive’s apology.

    The board is satisfied that the chief executive did not act in a racist manner but reminded him of the importance of all office bearers at Rangers upholding the standards expected by the club.”

    On the face of it that seems fair enough. Indeed the board went on to highlight the good work the club have done to combat prejudice.

    Still something still irks me about this. Something in the following quote.

    “Mr Green will deal with the pending SFA charge on this matter on a personal basis.”

    It is possible to distance yourself from the remarks of others with good reason. People you are close to or have worked with might step over a line that you would never personally contemplate.

    You might find yourself questioning the value of your association with an individual whose behaviour offends you or others you would not seek to offend.

    It’s not easy to decide what to do in such circumstances; however they are circumstances that require some thought and action.

    In the case of Charles Green an easy option was presented to the Rangers board. It’s not an option most of us will have in the normal course of our social interactions.

    Let someone else decide.

    The thing that irks, for me is the wording of the statement. “ Mr Green will deal with the pending SFA charge”.

    The idea is or should be that the SFA will deal with Mr Greens’ comments.

    The second thought that occurs is that Charles Green will remain in situ while the investigation takes place. That strikes me as unusual and says something the power he wields.

    In the normal course of events an employee, especially one in a position of influence would routinely be suspended while an investigation with the potential for widespread ramifications for the company and indeed the individual was taking place.

    Charles Green has avoided this indignity. Suspension may not even have been considered.

    It seems the board decided to institute an investigation, presumably after asking pertinent questions of Charles Green and being unsatisfied with the responses.

    It’s hardly a ringing endorsement of the CEO, trouble is the board have not exactly covered themselves in glory either.

    With two big issues at stake they found themselves ill equipped to find solutions.

    In one instance they have passed responsibly to the SFA who may potentially shame their acceptance of Charles Greens racially charged comments.

    On the other they will seek answers from an as yet unnamed body with a remit that remains without definition.

    The non executive members of the board in whom so many Rangers fans have placed hope, have in the parlance played a blinder.

    They have made a bold statement that seems to have satisfied their fans.

    A shorter statement might have summed things up better – we are doing nothing.

    • Should have included a further point in the above.

      The investigation that the Rangers board will instigate, is already happening. Not by Rangers, but by the police, BDO and other interested parties, not least the press.

    • ecojon


      However with the share price in freefall today it looks as though the market hasn’t had the wool pulled over its eyes like the Bears.

  25. MOTIT , you make my day every day ! … ” im gonna boycott the spl …..I’m finished with Scottish fitba …the rest of the other fans should do the same ” ……..Are you taking the piss ? You’ve been doing boycotts all season ya Muppet ..! The combined total for the two semis wasn’t enough to fill Hampden once ! Sellick fans on radio snide saying they are not renewing their season books cause the leagues crap ! Dundee hibs fans arrived at hampden in a taxi ! LMFAO.

    • cam

      watch out i’ve found a new way to have fun.

      • Ed Paisley

        A tactical change cam? Beware – Celtic supporters don’t suffer from
        H*Y*P*E*R – G*U*L*L*I*B*I*L*I*T*Y like the bluenoses.

        Your reply to @newtz
        “I have a spare px325 picture valve from an old cathode ray tv if that helps”. LOL!

        • cam

          Ed,my wee da took me down the old Barras and we ploughed through the boxes of valves to get the old telly fixed,,,brilliant memories, before we became a disposable society.
          If you take every 4th letter and apply newtz’s theory and feed it through his translator,,,you just confessed to having erotic fantasies about Terry Hurlock.

  26. cam

    yes shocking scenes in Boston,hopefully there are no fatalities.
    And hopefully no idiot will be celebrating these atrocities.

  27. Just shows you ….a team in the fourth tier …no voting rights ….no voice ………..Ignored .. but maybe , just maybe still pulling the strings , liewell must be pure RAGE’IN ! Hehehe…those pesky Huns ! ….still ra peeeeeeeeepeeeeelllll.

  28. Not sure what motivated this.


    For those in doubt, violence is wrong, it was always wrong.

  29. lord mac

    why was this company still trading up to now this company no sc 207783 had a floating charge on it on the 2nd nov 2006 and the 7th nov 2006 why was this company not removed from company’s house with sc0004276 rangers football club plc on the 14feb st valentines day

  30. Shocking scenes in Boston , if it’s a terrorist attack how can anyone support scum who would plant a bomb to kill innocent men , women and children ? Sadly we’ve seen these scenes closer to home and have to live among uneducated knuckledraggers who actually support such attacks , we can only hope these common terrorist criminals do us favour and stop eating .

  31. JohnBhoy


    Sandaza, a footballer at Rangers, believed that he was engaging in a private conversation about his future employment options. He was duped and the conversation was published on the Internet without his knowledge or authority. He unreservedly apologised. He was immediately suspended and placed on gardening leave. He attended a disciplinary hearing and, once again, he unreservedly apologised. That apology was rejected and he was sacked.

    Green, the CEO of Rangers, publicly and happily announced to the media how he repeatedly used a remark, which many consider racist, to describe his friend: “his little paki friend”. To make matters worse he used another racist remark – “darkie” – to explain that his “paki friend” comment would have been acceptable years ago, giving the impression, however unintentional, that he was complaining about the furore. This interpretation was further strengthened when he criticised Give Racism the Red Card for complaining about how he addressed his friend. Even worse, he acknowledged that he was aware that the remark could be actionable by the police before he made it. In other words, unlike Sandaza, Green made the remarks in full knowledge of society’s opprobrium and voluntarily shared that information with the media. Unlike Sandaza he was not immediately suspended nor placed on gardening leave. Unlike Sandaza, there was no disciplinary investigation. In fact, there was no formal investigation at all. He apologised to his fellow directors on the Rangers Board and, unlike Sandaza, his apology was accepted.

    For Rangers, remarks against race are not in the same ball park as remarks against Rangers.

    • ecojon


      There are also the public remarks by McCoist and the Rangers Captain which seem to suggest that Chico might not have been totally transparent in his explanations or should I say whitewash attempt on wee craigie.

      These IMO are much more damaging to the club than anything Fran said and indeed his remarks caused no blip in the share price whereas ther racism and subsequent remarks have thrown the shareprice into freefall.

      I think Sandaza will be walking away with an apology and his own warchest of wonga and good luck to him 🙂

      • JohnBhoy

        Eco, Sandaza has a strong case for wrongful dismissal. Irrespective of any legal wrong done to him, his treatment was immoral, particularly when contrasted against Charlie’s behaviour and lack of club sanction.

        Only last week Ally had a wee chat with Charlie and told us all that he was 100% satisfied with Charlie’s assurances wrt Craigie’s bombshell. Now he is 100% behind an advocate chairing an investigation into Charlie wrt Craigie’s bombshell. Ally’s simultaneously a CEO’s dream and nightmare.

    • The Hidden Fortress

      Not to mention no mention of ‘No surrender’ blurted out by Green in public broadcast. No, no, never – that won’t be a focus of any investigation or ground for apology. After all, as the Blues Brothers’ Bigotfest proved once again, that just passes for normal on the good ship Dignity. Roll up sponsors. But be prepared to puke up once you’ve signed on the dotted line.

    • JohnBhoy

      I should add that Charlie’s unreserved apology had a reservation – he unreservedly apologised with the reservation that only if the racist term “little paki friend” upset anyone.

  32. Monti

    Just watched footage of the Newcastle fans fighting with Northumbria Police…..why don’t Newcastle blame it on Chelsea fans or West ham fans? Did a ‘big screen go down? Thought Sky were showing repeats of Manchester at first……..Sevco really are the most heinous thing on planet earth!

  33. ecojon


    The guy that punched the horse would have got off lighter if he had beaten a Bobby unconscious. He really is an idiot.

  34. Monti

    Thoughts & Prayers with the people of Boston tonight, utterly disgraceful attack on ordinary citizens….TOTALLY CONDEMN THE VIOLENCE TONIGHT! PEOPLE OF BOSTON, YOU’LL NEVER WALK ALONE, THE WORLD IS WITH YOU TONIGHT!

  35. Ed Paisley

    Police say they have “a person of interest” in custody. Looks like it might be a local crazy just like the bombing at Centennial Park during the Atlanta Olympics in 1996. Shocking scenes.

  36. cam
    April 15, 2013 at 7:59 pm

    Knowing what we know now it makes me really angry that I’ve been duped.

    Everyone knew long ago, except Rangers fans who are easily ‘duped’.

    Even Minty Murray, businessman extraordinaire was a victim.

    The suspicion is you’ve just ran out of excuses.

    When’s the funeral?

  37. Monti


  38. Budweiser

    leckie gives an alternate view.http://www.thescottishsun.co.uk/scotsol/homepage/sport/4889613/Meltdown-for-our-game-More-like-a-lucky-escape.html
    I can’t for the life of me see what Celtic supporters are so het up about . You’ll be better off – right ? Are you really,really, trying to tell me that if Celtic were invited into the EPL tomorrow, they wouldn’t ditch every club in Scotland, like shit off their shoes ? Not that I would blame them, as they, just like St. Mirren and Ross County, look after what they perceive to be in their best interests.
    Milne is a joke. Last year he voted , with Celtic, to retain 11-1 voting!
    Why is the voting system that Aberdeen [last year] and Celtic and Rangers demanded for years, suddenly, no longer fit for purpose?
    We need to wait for the official responses from Saints and Ross County, explaining why they voted the way they did. These two clubs seem to be the only ones who have actually ‘ consulted their fans’ over this issue. I understand that Ross fans [ and know that Saints fans] were totally against 12-12-18! Were Celtic fans consulted? I don’t know of any who were – did I miss something?
    In the SFA’s OWN poll , the vast majority of fans wanted a bigger league.
    Do you all remember last year ffs? These same chairmen wanted to put sevco scotland into the SPL and it was only the fans that stopped them doing it!
    Perhaps if all fans, of all teams,, had again put the same kind of pressure on their respective boards, we would have had a restructuring proposal that the fans wanted.
    Finally, what team and its fans were universally castigated on here, for their boycott philosophy? Seems like the OF is not dead after all.

    • Raymilland

      When were the saints fans specifically consulted; and where’s the result of the poll?

      The veto by Gilmour has set back any chance of the SPL being expanded (Top tier expansion was to be considered as future development within the proposal now rejected).

      • Budweiser


        Please see my replies on next post.
        Were Celtic fans consulted at all ? Were Aberdeen fans? Did I miss something? 85% of fans in SFA poll voted no. Where are your polls which show most fans wanted this? Where is the celtic poll? Or are you all sheep that blindly follow follow Lawell?

  39. jjbhoy

    why don’t all the clubs count their season ticket holders and then ballot them for their opinion on a league set up. this whole cloak and dagger nonsense that we have always had for rangers has got to stop. we all know that rules have been bent broken or twisted for rangers benefit and again i’ll type it….why were they given a licence without audited accounts,why were they granted a temporary licence that doesn’t exist,why was the 5 way agreement never been seen by all and sundry,and you would think after all thats happend they would be like ally and DEMAND clarity,my guess is that it would infuriate all the other fans other than rangers. it’s long overdue for a tide of change to happen,if for nothing else but for the love of the game as the people who run our game always have and always will have some agenda for the benefit of only one club and one club only,the facts over the past year or so stands testament to that. regan,doncaster and ogilvie for sure must be the first to go with immediate effect.

  40. dan

    I see Richard ‘Wee Cheeky Face’ Wilson has been briefed by Sevco to start spreading the disinformation, i.e. that Sevco 5088 may not have received the assets of Oldco, that they may have gone direct to Sevco Scotland. So that’s alright then. Right?—-well it would be if it didn’t fly in the face of the facts.

    Just thinking how the Secret Commission will go. Something like this, maybe.
    Chico: (For it is he)’ Aiy oop lad. Would tha like t’ be Secret Commissioner?’

    Secret Commissioner: (For it is he)’ Certainly. What might my duties be?’

    Chico: ‘To investigate, lad.’

    Secret Commissioner: ‘Investigate who?’

    Chico: ‘ Me, lad?’

    Secret Commissioner: ‘Alright. Are you Charles Alexander Green?’

    Chico: ‘Appen I am, lad.’

    Secret Commissioner: ‘Have you ever did bad things Mr. Green?’

    Chico: ‘Nay, lad. Nay.’

    Secret Commissioner: ‘Oh, well, off you go then. And thank you for your time, Mr. Green.

  41. Its frustrating to hear comments from the SPL that the two renegade clubs haven’t respected democracy, the will of the majority, etc.
    The SPL proposal was to keep the 11-1 voting system. If they believe majority opinion should rule, perhaps they should put back that stance in their proposals?
    Unjust criticism is usually a deflection.

  42. 4 poor wee cam, sevco,st midden,(d)ross county,green, gilmour ( who really looks like a curen bun i mean have you seen his physog) mc greegor ( the highland rogue) and of course phat sally coacho numero uno, in the 3rd div slogging their wee gutz oot cos that’s were they need tae be inat,this lot a for sure A PARCEL OF ROGUES,SEVCO FANS ALL OF THEM,HOPE THEY ROAST IN HADES ALONG WI’ THE REST OF THE HOARDES,& LET’S FACE IT THERE’S LOTZ OF ‘EM,THROW ‘EM A BAG OF BONES AND LET THEM SUCK THE MARROW RIGHT OUT

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