STV Reveal New Green Whyte Links – Can Green Survive?

Forms and paperwork matter.

Where someone is trying not to leave a trace, there is always the risk of a paper trail.

Regular readers of this blog will know that Craig Whyte had a chequered history with official paperwork, especially relating to Companies House.

Now, days after he lost the case being pursued against him by Ticketus (and the judgement in which I am trying to lay hands on) and just after his claims to be intimately involved with Charles Green in Sevco 5088 Ltd were rubbished by Mr Green comes the proverbial “smoking gun”.

STV News have discovered that forms signed, apparently, on 9th May 2012 have only now been lodged at Companies House.

These forms relate to the appointment of Adrian Earley and Craig Whyte as Directors of Sevco 5088 Ltd and the signatory authorising each appointment is Mr Green.

It would appear that someone kept them safe just in case they might be needed. Who could that have been, one wonders?

Part of the form appointing Craig Whyte

Part of the form appointing Craig Whyte


And the signatory page showing those of Messrs Whyte and Green

And the signatory page showing those of Messrs Whyte and Green

No matter how carefully Mr Green tries to explain this development, I suspect that we may see him departing the Ibrox stage imminently. It may be true that he only met Mr Whyte once, but that meeting was enough to appoint Mr Whyte and his colleague as Directors. Funnily enough Mr Green did not mention that bit of the conversation.

Surely it must have slipped his mind.

And in a further development Rangers are to have a board meeting before their next game tomorrow to discuss Mr Green’s situation.

I suspect there is a strong possibility that the meeting might take place in Mr Green’s absence. I think it is possible he will quit before then.

Of course, if he does so, his share tie-in might be loosened.

Suddenly might we see the largest single shareholding in Rangers being dumped on the market?

The plot thickens!

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85 responses to “STV Reveal New Green Whyte Links – Can Green Survive?

  1. walshy

    Even if Green does go , that does not negate the deal and as it was Sevco 5088 Ltd D&P sold the assets and business to then the games a bogey. The granting of the SFA license was conditional on Whyte having absolutely nothing to do with it. As these doc’s show, and as he himself has said all along, he brought in Green to front the buying of the assets and as Green said On Tape .. You are Sevco 5088 Ltd.

  2. castlerockbhoy

    Dear oh dear, how we mocked John Brown when he did his Braveheart speech on the steps of Ibrox last summer, but it is looking more likely by the day that someone, wonder who, was feeding Bomber the truth.

  3. Paul,

    Charles Greens position is no longer sustainable.

    My view is that the comments made which were racially charged should have been enough to see him resign.

    The combination of those and the evidence of prior dealings with Craig Whyte surely spell the end.

  4. JohnBhoy

    ACT II
    Final Scene
    (And so another owner departs the stage)

    Charles: Adieux mes amis…

    Scene I
    (The ghost of Craig returns on the Scottish moor)

    Craig: Hello my friends, we may have met, for I am Craig, the new owner…


  5. castlerockbhoy

    Since it is safe to assume that the links between Whyte and Green were not included in the share prospectus, sorry I can`t be bothered looking through it again, will the City watchdogs be taking a keen eye on how these revelations develop?

  6. Mark Murphy

    Would Paul Clark and David Whitehouse care to comment?

  7. Rangers deid!
    Sevco dying!
    Handcuffs bread and water for Chicco in the segregation block for his own safety!
    Christ! What happens now assuming this documentation authentic and valid?
    SFA ?
    This seasons games?
    5-way agreement?

  8. Troublesome '86

    Green has admitted meeting Whyte 6 times now!

  9. What can I say hip hip harrah what goes round comes
    The whole thing is a big lie still cheating at the very last
    What else should I expect it’s the only thing they’re are good at. Cheating
    Now for the SFA what a shamble now

  10. parmahamster

    Ah, but lest we forget – were there not reports of a ”handwriting expert” being used by the authorities into their ”investigation” into the sale of RFC to Whyte by Murray? Could this be why these documents are now in the public domain?

    (The use of inverted commas was necessary as so much of this investigation has required a very large pinch of NaCl.)

    • @parmahamster

      Was that something to do with invoices looking as if they’d been “photoshopped”?

      (Think it may have been something more basic, like clipart, but can’t remember exactly.)

  11. Anyhooo,

    That’s Charles Green done for. What do you want to do next?

    I’m open to suggestions. 🙂

  12. ecojon

    In one word – NOPE!

    The director notifications received at Companies House today show the address given for Green as: 48 SKYLINES VILLAGE, SKYLINES VILLAGE, LIME HARBOUR, LONDON, E14 9TS.

    That is also the address given as the registered office.

    On a very quick look the only thing I can see at that address is: ‘1SC GUARDING LIMITED’ which is a security company whose director is David Anthony Jones who might have no connection with Mr Green or Sevco 5088 Ltd.

    There is a similarly named company ‘1SC GUARDING (UK) LLP’ whose address is KINGS LODGE, LONDON ROAD, WEST KINGSDOW, SEVENOAKS. TN15 6AR.

    The two members of the Limited Liability partnership are the same David Anthony Jones of the Sevenoaks address and INDEPENDENT SECURITY CONSULTANTS SERVICES LIMITED of 48 Skylines.

    The APPLICATION FOR STRIKING-OFF Sevco 5088 Ltd was made on 07/01/2013. This application is important to see who applied for the striking-off.

    Because Mr Green told STV with regard to Mr Whyte and Mr Earley’s involvement in Sevco 5088: “Neither of them had a role in Sevco 5088. That was a company formed by Field Fisher Waterhouse for the purpose of acquiring Rangers.

    “Of course, what everyone knows, in the ensuing weeks, as the model unfolded, Sevco Scotland acquired Rangers, not Sevco 5088.

    “The company that was originally formed was not required and was handed back to Craig Whyte.”

    So if the company was handed back to Wee Craigie then either he or someone acting on his behalf you would have thought would have applied for the striking-off.

    But if it was Mr Green that would strike me as strange because he has stated to STV that the company was handed back to Craig Whyte. However if it was FFW then whose instructions were they acting on?

    Does the plot thicken or is it becoming clearer?

    Judge for yourself:

    The Striking-off notice was signed by Charles Green on 27/12/2012 and the agents are given as Caroline Nicholls of FFW 35 Vine Street, London.

    So we have another unanswered question. If Mr Green handed Sevco 5088 back to Craigie in May 2012 why is he applying to cancel it in late December 2012. I would have thought it had nothing to do with him.

    Did FFW know that there were two other directors and if they did why weren’t these directors also contacted re the striking-off? And if FFW weren’t told of this fact is that something for the dossier 🙂

    • I love reading your post, ecojon.,

    • Jim

      That Skyline Village address is also the one that Craig Whyte’s dad Thomas had down when he was a director of Tixpay. Or at least a gentleman by the name of Thomas Whyte used, who may just possibly be the same Thomas Whyte who is the father of Craig.

    • John Clarke

      Just a thought…..Duff and Duffer claimed they had to sell to Green’ sevco 5088 as they had entered into a legally binding contract when they became Preferred Bidder stating that if the CVA failed then they would sell to SEVCO 5088 FOR £X? amount.
      If we are now led to believe that it wasn’t sold to SEVCO 5088 but another ‘company’ then surely that is a clear breach of the ‘Legally binding contract’ and would then be open a legal challenge by any of the other consortium?
      May be totally wrong here so please be gentle in letting me down 🙂

    • @eco

      Posted this to Josph above but, in case you missed it: if CW had no involvement in Sevco 5088 how could Chuckles hand it BACK to him?

      Btw caps for emphasis, I’m not shouting, honest 😉

  13. Jamie


    Surely Super’s position needs to be questioned as well, he endorsed Charlie did he not

  14. ecojon

    Oh I should have added some of those pesky little legal bits as it helps Strathpol.

    Green signed the Striking-off form as a director of Sevco 5088. The rules require that only one director need sign if the company only has a sole director well that’s the only sensible thing I’ve seen all day.

    But if there are two directors then both must sign and if there are 3 or more the majority must sign and those rules are printed on the form Green signed.

    And then more of that annoying bureaucracy! Notice of the striking-off application must be made to all other directors within 7 days of it being made and failure to do so is an offence.

    I know how much Green loves the geegees so I must observe that in the Dossier Stakes I reckon that Craigie is several lengths clear of Green’s dead horse which doesn’t even look as though it has enough steam left to cross the finishing line. I reckon all bets are off 🙂

  15. not nearly dead but really dead


    Round 5
    : craig ‘moneybags’ whyte lands a crushing body blow
    ,….will charles ‘carpetbagger’ green recover?

    “ding ding Round 6”

    more updates to follow……

  16. Can somebody go into the bears den, and in big bold letters post…..Timmy woz right! Lol.

  17. Monti

    Outstanding work Agent McConville, mission almost complete! Pmsl

  18. Monti

    Graffiti on the wall…..

    • Makes a change from boabys shit.

      • Ok I give in ..I’ll even come over to the other side …I’ll stop brushing my teeth ..washing …using deodorant ….grow one massive eyebrow …give up employment ..drink frosty jack ….get paranoid ..put a MASSIVE chip on my shoulder and claim as many benefits as possible …..aye right !

        • not nearly dead but really dead

          seems a lot of investors in RIFC plc may be claiming tax benefits as a result of dud shares soon enough
          chin up

        • Budweiser


          You,poor,poor man. Generic painkillers may not be strong enough !

        • Ian403

          OOOOP’s My Mistake, I thought you ALREADY supported THE Rangers.

          Poor Carson, Conned again, how many times is that now?

          • @Ian403


            The Americans have, as I’m sure you know, a pithy little saying when it comes to gullibility:

            “Fool me once, shame on you; Fool me twice, shame on me.

            “Fool me three times…?”

            Even the most illiterate trailer trash don’t go that far. 🙂

      • Monti

        It’s almost over Carson,it’s terminal………….bye bye! What zombified version will your dead team come back as now the the the the Rangers??? Hahaha die die die

    • david

      Graffiti on the way says Monti got horsed by his own challenge, and is definitely a bigot ( and a liar )

  19. Michael

    Who has most rifc shares?

  20. jjbhoy

    hi paul,does this render their licence invalid? why were rangers granted a temporary licence that doesn’t exist? why were rangers allowed a licence when they had no audited accounts? the thing that strikes me about this club they call THE rangers is that it’s all based on lies lies and more lies. fasten yir seatbelts bears,this could be an even more bumpy ride! ha ha ha!

  21. Serious questions need to be asked of Duff & Phelps.
    Why did they bypass their own exclusivity deal,
    Why did they deter other potential bidders
    In the film, who wants to be Stan, and who wants to be Laurel

  22. COYBIG

    Craig Whyte’s a Director of Sevco 5088 Ltd and the signatory authorising his appointment is Imran’s mad, big handed, racist friend from Yorkshire – Charles ‘fucking’ Green?

    That should mean the removal of The Rangers licence. But this is Scotland. This is the SFA and The Rangers. In other words, there’s no chance of that happening.

    But!..But!..Charles ‘fucking’ Green said it was Sevco Scotland that bought the assets. So Whyte being a Director of Sevco 5088 means nothing Timmy!

    Aha! But Sevco 5088 had an exclusivity agreement with D&P on said assets. So if Sevco Scotland bought them, that would be illegal. Which, I think, would mean Whyte still owns Ashleys Sports Direct Arena (ASDA) and Murray Park. Just in time to pay TicketUs the £17m he owes them.

    And if Whyte doesn’t own the assets, then Hector does. Which would mean the creditors of RFC 1872-2012 will get paid something after all. And since Campbell Ogilvie’s position as President of the SFA is seemingly as safe as a safe in a safe house safe, i’m sure ‘Third Rangers FC’ will get a good deal on the rent they’ll have to pay to use Hampden.

    • Jim

      Hampden’s not available next year, what with the Commonwealth Games preparation needed. Now if only there were some club that owned a big stadium in Glasgow and would be willing to rent it out every other week. And who fortunately, never have and never will be scheduled to play at home on the same day.

      • The Hidden Fortress

        Maybe they could ask Juventus if they would consider a ground-sharing experiment…as long as none of the black and white verticals bless themselves, of course. Mustn’t forget the really important elements in running a successful 21st Century business. Mr Green, it’s time for you to go back to watching your favourite TV hits, such as ‘Love Thy Neighbour’ and ‘Mind Your Language’. Internet Bampots, we salute you. Again. And again and again. What a service you do this country. Thanks Paul, especially. Remember they pressured you into removing your posts prior to the AIM listing ? Enjoy the delicious sliver of righteousness as you watch what happens next to that listing, as a direct result of further SS Dignity lilting. They deserve it – every last bigoted, racist and bullying bit of it. I hope they never recover in any shape or form this time around. The world would be a better place.

  23. Hello Carson.
    Decent of you to pop in. Cheers.
    I think Paul will help us all understand the mechanisms by which this scam took place, who was in cahoots with who, and I wouldn’t be surprised if the trail goes deeper into the scary woods .
    I’m intrigued and really looking forward to how it will unfold, and lengths of
    You will no doubt find thing’s a lot easier to understand now you have taken your glasses off.
    Best of luck for what’s still to come.

  24. Felpen

    There is still a whole lot of Rangers supporters trying to convince themselves and every one else that Sevco 5088 Never owned Rangers. That it has always been Sevco Scotland. It’s a nice thought except for the fact CW still owned 85% of Rangers (IL) and there was never in a million years any chance he was going to agree to sign over these shares to Sevco Scotland.

  25. Monti


  26. nickmcguinness


    The address of Craig Whyte’s company Liberty Corporate is 48 Skylines Village in London.
    Is this form still legal, though, as it should have been regisred with Companies House within 14 days of being signed?

  27. notnearlydeadbutreallydead

  28. I have to say well done to Carson. 1 helluva pest at times, but prepared to take his medicine.

  29. JimBhoy

    @Carson dude. not liked a lot what you said but stick by your team fella..Leave it at that…

    Nasty men/shysters all over the place fella… This site is about viewpoints, yours recently kinda abrupt and negative but i can understand why. Tough time for a bear, but i like your input when not too bitter and the other rangers guys, I could easily have a beer with you all, Cam paying of course…

    This site and others have raised major concerns over the rangers mate but as a Scotsman and someone the other night said i was a proddie from Monaghan, which does not insult me, me just a guy who likes fitba…. Change is a needed…

    Dunno where rangers go from here, Chico rocks (from a celtic perspective) story has been awesome, You would have same thoughts mate if the shoe were on the other foot..

    Get well soon and be the club all the fukin rabid rangers haters hope come back…….Come back positive and without the baggage, make pals.. Scottish football does need a rivalry but not based on supremism, we could have a great league based on Fukin FOOTBALL>>>>

    • Well said Jimbhoy
      I would like to add, that these shysters would probably have succeeded in any other country(maybe have done) and any other industry.
      Scotland needs to rid itself of any more shysters in the game, and more importantly, get rid of the weak kneed, blindfolded self serving arseholes. Arseholes, that not only could not only spot a Shuster if he was the last person on earth. But allowed themselves to be buttered up to the point of collusion.
      The law can now deal with the crooks at Ibrokes.
      But the SFA, SPL, SFL, now have to face the fans!

      • JimBhoy

        Shocking mate, in administration they could have saved this club would have been harsh like in any other business but like I said before would rangers be any worse off…Many of my rangers pals tell me that..! I feel sick how a company in admin can do as they did not paying who they owe but holding on to make a new company who owe fuk all… D&P need a spanking on this and obviously the other shysters…. Sickens me that the guys who know the system and can exploit it repeatedly get away with this…

        It’s not the rangers fans, they are victims, can we be really surprised at their collective reaction… It has been a major success in solidarity…

        However it has also been a major embarassment we all hope we can all get up to speed in the 21st century AND that is not just rangers fans..

        • I don’t think this is an open and shut case Jim. Why Chicco would try to bump wee Craigy, when he clearly knew that wee Craigy had the goods on him is really puzzling me.
          I hope we are not having an “eye off the ba’ ” moment.
          It doesn’t add up!

          • John Clarke

            the thing about telling lies is that you always need to remember what you have said and to whom you have said it……they have been getting away with it for years due to the Succulent Lamb brigade… now it ‘Mint Sauce’ internet bam-pots asking the questions they are slipping up.

          • Budweiser


            I see what you mean.—– What about this scenario. CW, CG and earley have signed the papers. Craigie says, look at these other things [ distraction]
            –Earley gets phone out takes pics of docs, then starts whistling innocently.
            Could be the docs are photocopied from phone. Do they need to be original Company House paper, I don’t know. Even if they do need to be genuine paper, CW has thrown an almighty spanner in the works! Secret tapes etc nothing in this fiasco surprises me anymore.

            • @ Bud, I was thinking more of a legal position which would invalidate them.
              This appears to be what Chicco is thinking, judging by his statement tonight.
              He doesn’t mention fake or forgeries.
              He does say he didn’t sign them. ????
              It seems a huge gamble for Chicco to call Craigies bluff. Has Craigies “unofficial” fee unofficially increased.
              Was Chiccos mind elsewhere when he made his Orlit statement? A kind of Freudian slip warning to Craigy?
              More info to come I think!

  30. jerfeelgood

    I’m sevco, no I’M sevco. I’m Sevco, and so’s my wife!

    Cheer up Chico, You know what they say,
    Some things in life are bad, they can really make you mad,
    other things just make you swear and curse
    When you’re chewing on lifes gristle,
    don’t grumble, give a whistle
    and this will help things turn out for the best (all together now!)


  31. Bill

    Ok..without alll the juvenile jealous hatred from both sides, I come on here to find intelligent and factual comment, who would have registered these documnts NOW and why?

  32. Dhougal

    Pink Panther theme tune tíme Paul !! .I’ve read some ”guests’ on here lately ,not impressed!!!,
    (Carson etc) NOT ONCE !! A thankyou for ”lettin us know ,nearly TWO YEARS AGO what was happenin at Ibrox ” , just abuse !! Carson n co(newco) why cant i glve my opinion on any o WATP Forums ??? ….Still brainwashin eh ??? …Not for long !!…Set the zombíes free ……..bye !

    • JimBhoy

      @Bill good shout fella, we are all inter related in all… Jock thampson’s bairns

      Dhougal Easy to be smug, i know what you mean. Personally i forgive…. Jeez Eco am I getting back to my religious routes right enough…


    This convinces me more than anything that wee Craigy and Chicco were in bed together. This has all the hallmarks of a messy divorce LibDem stylee, of a couple who once enjoyed a happy relationship. I wonder who was the giver, lol.
    I think this wee manoeuvre by Chicco will help decide the outcome of the board meeting , giving Chicco a bit of breathing space….Until Craigy lobs another grenade anyway.!
    . It’s a race to the ribbon now! Craigy has a good lead and younger legs. Chicco has a bag full of drawing pins. Will any of the following pack come into the running? Nee Naw Nee Naw is bringing up the rear and closing fast!

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