Shares Can Go Down as Well as Up – How Much Has Charles Green “Lost”?

None of what I say below is share advice. It is merely comment and no one should base their investment decisions upon it. If they do, then they are daft.

I put the word loss in inverted commas above because often it is only a paper loss, seen with the benefit of hindsight. Often it is more properly thought of as an abortive gain, which disappears because the investor does not cash in their shares at the right time.

In practical terms a shareholder’s net worth might reduce as a result of falling share values but until they cash in and sell up, the loss does not become concrete.

In addition, even where a share price is at a certain level, there are situations where the mere act of selling or trying to sell one’s shares would itself depress the share price.

This is a generic illustration showing a declining share price. It should not be taken as representing the share price of any particular company, whether mentioned in this post or not.

This is a generic illustration showing a declining share price. It should not be taken as representing the share price of any particular company, whether mentioned in this post or not.

After that preamble, let us look at Rangers International Football Club PLC.

Its shares reached their highest price on 27th December 2012. On that day the price reached 95p per share. That was not the closing price and the highest closing price was 94p on 2nd January 2013. However, at some point on 27th December the shares reached their highest value (so far).

RIFC PLC’s biggest shareholding is in the hands of Mr Charles Green. He has 5,071,629 shares.

At the exact point on 27th December his shareholding was “worth” £4,818,047.55.

Today saw the lowest closing price for the shares – 65.9p.

At that his shares are “worth” £3,342,203.51.

A paper “loss” over 3 1/2 months of £1,475,844.04!


Should Mr Green and the Board decide that his time there should end, then his share lock-in may be released.

However, the arrival on the Stock Market of 7.79% of the issued capital, coupled with what might well be the messy departure of Mr Green and possibly Mr Ahmad (although no wrongdoing is to be taken as having been committed by either of them), and rumours of uncertainty about the financial position of the company (which are clearly without foundation due to the highly successful raising by Mr Green of £35 million for the team – as described by Mr Ahmad in the press today) would likely lead to the share price plunging further.

On the principle of an “ill wind” however, if someone wanted to acquire a lot of Rangers shares, then next week it might be possible to do so at a fraction of what they cost at the float and at even more of a discount from the high water mark just after Christmas.

Mr Ahmad too is a major shareholder with 2.2 million shares making up 3.38% of the capital. His holding has gone therefore in value from £2,090,000 at its peak to £1,449,800 – a paper “loss” of £640,200.

Ouch again.

Mind you, as Mr Green might point out in his no-nonsense manner, bearing in mind how much he invested, and how much he has been deservedly paid for his sterling efforts, he would still come out with a very healthy profit for a year’s work if he were to go now, having done much to stabilise this great Scottish institution.

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53 responses to “Shares Can Go Down as Well as Up – How Much Has Charles Green “Lost”?

  1. josephmcgrath112001809

    Would you buy a Rangers share?

  2. Thomas

    Charles Green will turn up at the Big Board Meeting Walter etc wearing a Celtic strip if it helps him out the door, he’ll be whistling the CL thene tune anything to get te!
    So Bomber knew, then he shut up, dont tell me Ally never asked him what it was that ailed him, and who shut him up? Murray or Smith..or another Murray.
    In my opinion the Board at Sevco know the truth, and always have!

  3. Thomas

    Walter will crown the new king Murray as CEO next week, msm will lie back and lick there ‘hawmaws’ then when it gets a little quieter listen for the pin dropping and the sound of a ‘shit grenade’ rolling into Sevco St.
    I’m just amusing my imagination here, Cheers Paul you are on fire today! splendid stuff!

  4. JohnBhoy

    The Rangers shares may be bad but Charlie slept like a baby last night. Every hour he woke up and cried.

  5. Will there be any shares Paul.
    In light of various legal outcomes still to be judged upon, will trading not be suspended?
    That will leave shareholders as creditors, to accept their p in the £ come the liquidation mark ii

    • Thomas

      I’ll need to get more rockets, I wasnt expecting Sevcoii to coincinde with Maggies demise, ooh what a todoo!

    • Budweiser

      barca. Never mind the shares being suspended. Their bank account should be frozen asap, before all the loot is disappeared.
      Are aim liable if, knowing the whole kit and caboodle, is on an extremely shaky peg, they allow other mugs to buy shares? Or is it caveat emptor?
      To the ones who bought shares already, Well, they can’t say they weren’t warned and I have no sympathy.
      At least adam said he wouldn’t buy them – wise man!

  6. Raymilland

    Double dealing is central to the sevco transaction; at what stage in the scam did Green and Whyte out do one another?

    Authenticity of Green’s signature on the document identified by STV tonight is fundamental to the legitimacy of the document. I hope wee Craigy boy was shrewd enough to witness Green personally sign the paper.

    There is every chance that the double dealings took another turn if that Green was given the document to sign privately; if he’s as wide as he thinks he is; he may have got Ahmad’s old dear to forge the signature (stranger things have happened).

    C’mon; anything is possible in this game of espionage.

    The media has already set Whyte up as a patsy. Lets hope that Scotland Yard’s forensics verify the authenticity of Green’s signature.

    In any event; I expect newco to announce tomorrow that Green is stepping down from his post; they’ve got to shift those season tickets one way or another.

    • I don’t know if they will have SFA membership next season Ray.

      • Raymilland

        I hope you’re right. Put me down for a ticket in the public gallery for the court case.

      • Thomas

        Their licence should be suspended today! given the evidence its up to Sevco St to explain why they should get it back, at the moment they are guilty, again!
        FFS Gianni Infantino get involved with the oldest most corrupt FA in the world!

    • ecojon


      You’re forgetting that the form was submitted by solicitors acting for Green so I don’t think handwriting experts are required. Certainly the registered address given near the West India Dock for Green is well worth some in-depth investigation but I won’t be in London for at least a couple of months.

      It’s all there for a London journo though – just a knock at the door and find out if there is a Green connection to the address and if not why did Green’s lawyer get his address wrong when completing the form. And if it wasn’t Green’s ‘normal address’ on the form then the lawyer should have questioned the discrepancy.

      I think the noose is getting very very tight.

      • Raymilland


        With the knives already out for Whyte; Green must have anticipated that this document was a potential source of damaging evidence to both of them.

        Green would appear to have taken a huge risk by signing the document. There had to be a flaw in the plan; and this appears to be the most blatant.

        I think Green will be gone by tomorrow, although the investigation of his shady dealings will catch up with him eventually.

  7. Lovely post Paul.
    Thomas – I tend to agree.
    Also, makes you think – just how much of a total sh!tstorm would be in the offing right now if Sevco had been allowed into the SPL last year?

  8. josephmcgrath112001809

    The question is “Do the shares have any value?”
    If there were dirty dealings with Sevco 5088 – removing the assets to Sevco Scotland then perhaps Rangers don’t legally have any assets. They might turn out to be owned by Sevco 5088 AKA Craig Whyte?
    I’m confused!

    • ecojon


      Don’t worry Joseph so is Green. He obviously seriously underestimated wee Craigie who seems to have more info on tap than Google 🙂

  9. cam

    Wow,,,a couple of weeks away from the swamp,thought i would pop in to annoy some loon balls but my help isn’t required.
    Jeez, i got accused of lowering the tone of debate in here but i don’t think i could compete in this race to the bottom.
    A lawyer allows a maniac to celebrate terrorist bombings and state that “not enough of yous were killed!!!!”
    Two idiots turn the place into a republican festival of glorifying scum and they are hail hailed!
    Bad things happen when good folk do nowt.
    Before i got sick of listening to that pseudo rebel Monti,i posted some links to a few properly accredited news reports highlighting that there were many others areas an aspiring lawyer could dabble in various aspects of law.
    The host of the blog as is his right, thought it was better not to let that post through his particular filter setting,,,fair enough.
    What do i find as i trawl through the fun filled last few weeks? a report alleging that an individual may have been “rogering young boys”!!!
    Strange filter settings.
    As a worker who lived through Maggie’s 80’s and managed to avoid unemployment through the work ethic instilled in me by my upbringing,i didn’t have much time for her anti Scots policies and i remember detesting Rifkind,Forsyth and Taylor for various policies.
    I will say this for Maggie,she had spirit and passion and patriotism much missed in the non entities we have today.Blair as far as i’m concerned will go down in history as the worst PM ever,,a disgusting individual IMO 🙂 ,,, for Eco,who got his arse handed to him on a plate by Craig,our man in Port Stanley.
    This devoutly Catholic little spot in cyberspace did tend to neglect it’s Christian duties in celebrating the death of an old lady who i would have as my next door neighbour before some of the filth in here.
    Some of the language used by the posters in here has gotten more extreme as the climax of the Gers finances nears its coitus,,,wee Maggie is selective in her admonitions,how quaint.
    On a lighter note, JB i see has returned and after a damned polite intro he got back into rage mode tout de suite.
    Poodle molestations,shutting the fuck up,anal probes,ladyboys and masturbation, all a withering testimony to a Ph D well used.
    David,whoever you are, and Eco,he ain’t me!,,,you’re battling well.Continue with the use of logic and you will catch many gullible trout.
    Newtz has gone into cyber tech geek mode in a baffling tour de force and i need to see his browser history!
    Carson,i fear you have been enveloped and overcome in the toxic fumes emanating from the permaragers in here,,,i know,,moderation is a bitch especially when the gorilla in the room and his rabid howler monkey friend have carte blanche to glorify terrorist coward scum.
    Now i wonder, does celebrating terrorist bombing campaigns and bemoaning the low number of fatalities accrued encroach upon the offensive communications legislation?
    Nah,,it can’t,,,place is run by a lawyer.
    Still prettty disgusting though.
    I love the taste of melon juice in the evening,,,it taste of permarage!

    • Ed Paisley

      Have you been on the bevy cam? Feeling tired and emotional perchance? This is the most incoherent and meandering post I’ve seen on this Site. Congratulations!

      • cam

        Stone cold Eduardo,,to give you your Argie title!
        I’ve been speed reading some of the best pish spouted in the last few weeks and encapsulating it into one MK 48 torpedo aimed at the belly of the beast.

    • coatbrigbhoy

      croatiadado ? is that you,
      the old Daily Records multi personality poster.
      Cam,Carson,David….how many more

      • cam

        I think you may be the “rogering” chap i quoted above.
        I shall stand corrected if wrong as i cant be arsed going back to trace that literary masterpiece.
        Whats a croatiadado?,,,summit to do with big Prso?
        Or an Argentinian expression for, i surrender cos i’m a shoitebag.

        • cam

          Which newspaper reported that?,,must have sneaked in underneath the crossword puzzle.
          I can’t be arsed googling it so move along and substantiate the post,,,was it you who decided to offer up this little titbit?

        • david

          Yes you are right Cam.
          When condemning the terrible murders at Mullaghmore- what really incensed me was the murder of the children on board, Mountbatten had lived his life-he reposted by questioning why the boys were on board.
          Truly despicable.

      • david

        I am myself, nobody else.

    • @cam my only crime is that all I want an answer to is ……
      Who Is Manchester United
      A simple answer would have sufficed …., I would’nt have …… gone nuclear

      Now I want answer’s to RES 11 and ‘OK’ on AIM

      newtz was quite happy elsewhere ……

      Oh, welcome back

      • cam

        You have committed no crime newtz,,i do like a man on a mission.
        i’m not back though,,as in really back,,,my gas mask and NBC suit only protects me for short periods.

      • Ed Paisley

        When I read your posts I can hear Christopher Walken’s voice in my head. What’s the Man Utd reference about – give me a clue!

        • CG on STV when asked about lying to supporters …

          questioned on MU and Dallas Cowboys….

          CG “Who Is Manchester United ?”

          I replied (on here) …… that’s it, ….. i’m back ……and i’m on your case ……

          • cam

            Is there a slight chance that you have gotten in too deep?
            My own amateurish investigations into cyberworld’s darkest dungeons left me looking at the budgie in a suspicious manner.
            A career in the CIA beckons for you,,,i know thats a keyword!,,,filter activated,one use pad deployed,computer found whirring away in an empty property rented by a deceased person.
            Make sure you can extract yourself,,,as the good Dr Lecter said,,,the world is a far more interesting place with you in it.

    • david

      Exactly Cam.
      But Monti asked the posters if he was a bigot following my accusations and they stated overwhelmingly that he was.
      Confirms my view that the vast majority of Celtic fans, like fans everywhere , are decent.
      What is surprising though is that people like Johnboy and Maggie who are clearly not stupid lend support to such vile cretins like Mick and Monti.

      • cam

        Yup David
        I spent way too long in here putting forward an “alternative” view on all things Rangers related and could feel each voodoo pin being inserted.
        There are many educated folk in here with mucho angst, that the cyber world brings forth.
        Support for mick,monti and other pseudo rebels who hate everything British,establishment,Rangers etc is misguided allegiance.
        Every army needs its foot soldiers,those who are willing to get down and play dirty.Properly manipulated by the generals, these cannon fodder can be programmed like Manchurian candidates and set loose.
        Paul does like a broad church and permitted my insanity on most occasions.
        Think about it,more hits,more comments,more publicity,more book sales.
        The lunatics do wear you down as they are indeed Legion.
        The truly scary thing is that they don’t realise that they are becoming the thing they hate most,blinkered,unreasonable and without a moral code.
        I tried to just get a laugh and to highlight the fact that this is just a wee cyber room full of short lived, carbon based entities whose ravings(mine included) are totally pointless in the grand scheme of things,but the sheer hatred eventually made me realise that i had far more impotant things to do than converse with maniacs.
        I took a wee holiday and returned to trawl through for any gems and witness the cultured debate that i had destroyed,according to Eco.
        What did i find?
        Vile comments from alleged devout Christians celebrating the death of a fellow human.The site gorilla being allowed ,with no visible restraint, to cheer on terrorist bombings and wish that more fatalities had occured.
        I accept that you aren’t a Gers supporter,but because you take a contrary view on topics then the alarm call goes up and the usual suspects come along with childish, immature personal insults that demean themselves and the positions in real life that they hold.
        If a good portion of the folk in here are honest,then the thing that really sticks in their gullet is the undeniable certainty that hunderds of thousands of Rangers fans aren’t going to disappear overnight because of bits of paper.
        What doesn’t kill you only makes you stronger and the awful realisation that they stay in a country where their opinions are in the minority,stares right at them in the mirror every morning.

        • Cam,

          Good to see you back.

          As I have repeatedly made clear, I decided not to take the same strict view of RTC as to comments.

          In one conversation I had with RTC (and I only know the person as RTC, so don’t bother asking – communication was by way of “Charlie” style communication – and I mean of the Angels rather than Green) it was mentioned that there were a couple of thousand comments still in moderation on that site.

          I decided that, as more and more people read and commented on the site, that having such a strict policy would be a full-time job.

          I used to get around 150 emails through at around 6 am each day with new comments which had clearly been approved in a run by RTC.

          So I thought that I would trust people to be adults, and to be respectful to others here and elsewhere.

          I see from my stats that, since the blog started, almost 46,000 comments have appeared on the site.

          As you can imagine it is not always possible to read every comment posted when it is put on the blog, though if I fall behind I do catch up as best as I can.

          So there is a risk that comments are here which I would have deleted if I saw them when posted.

          However, when such comments appear and are responded to, simply deleting them makes some threads rather incoherent. In addition I think people can make their own judgements on posters based on what they write. If someone persists in posting nonsense, then what better than to let people read their rubbish, and then make a decision to pass over their name when reading the threads. for example one poster repeatedly complained about me censoring his posts – and all of them were shown on the site!

          Over the last day or so there have been loads of comments (for which I am hugely grateful) and very few I have read, if any, fall into the categories you criticise.

          What does get to me is when commenters start sniping back and forward at each other, without anything other than simply abuse. Name calling does not really help anyone.

          As far as the spam filters on the site go, sometimes to be frank I am not sure why some posts end up in moderation – it can come about where a commenter mis-spells their email address, for example.

          So, to you cam, please keep commenting, and reading, and ignore those you don’t rate or who offend you.

          David and Monti – we get it. You do not agree and never will. Let’s move on, can we?

          To everyone – I am chuffed by the interest in the site (now with almost 4.2 million hits since I started, which is astonishing). It has gained some credibility as a result of the sensible and informed discussion amongst the commenters. It is easy to lose any good reputation we have. So can we do our best to stick to the guidelines?



          • cam

            Ah ,so by your own admission you have a relationship with RTC of the Bosley kind,the plot thickens!
            I would like that to be admitted in evidence as item A.
            The moderation filter policy explanation on what after all is YOUR site,IMHO 🙂 has more holes than
            a) the Belgrano
            b) a deceased PM’s scratched coffin
            c) victims of a terrorist nail bombing
            d) the Rangers defence

            Apologies for the bad taste in the first three options,but that’s been the current(oops) aroma escaping from the Random soup pot.
            Mrs Cam has agreed to allow me, under supervision,to don my red,white and blue cape and swoop down on the evil doers.
            You have my Sevco guarantee, that i shall not bring down the wrath of litiginous individual’s upon your site.
            Your comments section may see a slight increase, as the site guardians with super powers and buckets of kryptonite rush to the rescue, but i shall leave the name calling to those who specialise in that field.
            The current speculation on that wonderful activities of Mr Whyte is reminiscent of the build up to both the BTC and the LNS whuppings,,,,surely the green side have gotta win one of them?

        • david

          Their opinions are a tiny minority within a minority.
          See the result of Montis challenge.
          I accept that kids can get wrapped up in the sectarian squabble but most grow up.
          Supporting murder from whatever source is reprehensible.
          Childish insults only weaken them.

    • david

      Thank you for the compliment.
      I will keep battling away.
      Monti and Mick have been demolished.

  10. i know the article is about TRIFCplc, so, what is the “great scottish institution” that chuckles has “stabilised”.

    if paul meant rangers football club 2012, they went bust, out of business, due to debts they could not pay.

    maybe he means sevco(5088), or perhaps sevco(scotland) who got away with changing their name to a remarkably similar sounding name to get the amoebas to think that it is in fact, the same rangers, when it is not.

  11. Ed Paisley

    The Rangers fans have had a collective damascene moment and realize that their football club CAN go out of existence forever, IBROX could be leveled and replaced by a giant TESCO, the City of Glasgow could be Green and White for the remainder of time.

    As a result, the Gers fans dig deep into their pockets and find well heeled and respectable bluenose businessmen to selflessly work towards the recovery of their team. All traces of bigotry and racism are eradicated and financial sharp practice is a thing of the past. The club becomes a virtuous and widely respected Scottish institution.

    I tell you folks – it was the worst nightmare I ever had. I think it was that Spar lager I had last night with my curry. Thank God they are still “ra peepul” and the crooks are still in charge. Phew!

  12. O.M.

    Thatcher and Green in one week !

    (Too soon ?)

  13. coatbrigbhoy

    Paul, you ask, how much has Green lost ?
    if it’s money, i don’t know,
    if it’s his marbles, i would say he’s just about lost the lot

  14. coatbrigbhoy

    The Dallas cowboys email, has anyone seen it yet ?

    • lord mac

      its 3 years old it must have been sent to a old celnet mobile phone

    • Raymilland

      Email from Dallas Cowboys:
      Dear Charles

      We noticed that you finally paid to have Murray Park repaired.

      Do you know any good roofers?

      Our Texan builders are real cowboys.


      Dallas Cowboys

  15. lord mac

    whyte is known or the subject was mentioned that he docterd paper work
    in a court case so i take it greens lawyers are going to make this known
    it could be another red herring, to get you of the sent as what really has gone on. Its like cludo, there are people in the room but the weapon used ain’t came out of the original box, Mr green Mr whyte, mr king, Mr Murray, Mr Ahmad, Mr smith,Mr ogilvie , mr bain, all in the room and each and every one knows whats went down but they are keeping stum.

  16. Fra

    Lord Mac.. My question would be ‘Why is Ogilvie in the room at all?’

    He should’ve had a pair of garden shears and not an electrical shredder. Too much paper fed into contraption at too fast a rate.

    The old shears could’ve came in handy just as wee Craigy was about to reveal the culprit ‘moonbeams……….plunge…..aaaaarrrgggghhhh.

    Will we ever find out the true culprit or culprits??????

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