Rangers’ Imran Ahmad Lets Slip 2007 Link to Craig Whyte

The storm around Charles Green shows no signs of abating. I have a post coming later today about the Ibrox reaction to all this.

As well as his SFA complaint about his comment regarding Imran Ahmad, it appears that the main sponsors are making a complaint about him too for that remark.

There are rumours he is to face an additional disrepute charge for saying “no surrender” in an interview given last year, and only now aired. (Frankly that seems a ridiculous charge, if indeed it is being made, both in terms of the allegation itself, and of the fact that it is prompted by a broadcast. It is not as if it was said last week. Surely the bringing the game into disrepute comes from the organisation which has now, months later, decided there is some reason to broadcast it? If it was seen as an earth-shattering remark, then presumably the media company involved might have released it then?)

One of the areas where there remains confusion relates to how Mr Whyte and Mr Green got together.

Back in October 2012, Craig Whyte told the BBC:-

“I was the one who found a buyer – it wasn’t Duff and Phelps”.

“My colleagues in London – when no credible buyer was coming forward – went out and used our contacts in the city to find… to put a suitable deal together.

When asked if he was the one who had brought Mr Green to the table, Whyte answered: “Absolutely. I introduced them to Duff and Phelps.”

Asked if his relationship with Charles Green and Rangers was okay, he replied: “Yeah, sure.

“I think given the public perception of me, people are keen to distance themselves from me publicly. But I have no problem with the current management of Rangers.”

Mr Green disagreed, saying:-

Yet again Craig Whyte’s version of events paints a misleading picture of what actually happened and it’s regrettable that the BBC is providing him with such a platform.

“The facts are that direct contact was made by our consortium with Craig Whyte in the first instance as it appeared at that time that his shares would have to be secured in order for any purchase of the club to progress.

“I was not present when contact was initially made but subsequently met Craig Whyte, who introduced me to the administrator.

Mr Green said he had “no previous association with Craig Whyte” and it was “misleading to suggest he ‘brought us in’.”

“I was brought to the transaction by Imran Ahmad following Duff and Phelps contacting Zeus Capital in February, due to their experience in the football sector.”

So, in the words of Jimmy Tarbuck, “We have a difference of opinion here, Geoffrey!”

According to Mr Whyte, he used his contacts to find a buyer for Rangers, as a result of Duff and Phelps failing to do so. Mr Whyte claims he introduced Mr Green’s team to the administrators.

Mr Green denies this, saying that Imran Ahmad brought him into the deal. Duff and Phelps had contacted Zeus Capital, in which Mr Ahmad held a senior position. However Mr Green did seem to agree that he met Mr Whyte (on one occasion only, as he has said before) and Mr Whyte introduced him to the administrators.

If only there was some suggestion that Mr Whyte had had previous dealings with Mr Ahmad, then that would seem to tie the apparently different versions together. After all, if Mr Ahmad knew Craig Whyte, then he could have acted as a conduit to Mr Green as, after all, Mr Ahmad has known Mr Green for 15 to 20 years.

Let’s look at today’s Sun.

In it, alongside a long piece where Mr Ahmad defends his friend Mr Green against racism accusations, we find the following:-

RANGERS director Imran Ahmad last night admitted he regrets ever having to deal with former Ibrox owner Craig Whyte.

The businessman was introduced to him as a “billionaire wonderkid” in 2007 who could turn around failing companies.

But Ahmad revealed Whyte — who is suing him and Charles Green over the ownership of Rangers — was “difficult” to do business with.

He said: “Obviously I regret having to deal with Craig Whyte. He was a very difficult guy to deal with, as all of the parties interested in buying Rangers found out.

“Whyte had a quoted company he invested in on the stock exchange,

“He was introduced as a billionaire and a sort of wonderkid turnaround expert.”

So, this seems to be the missing link in the chain.

Mr Ahmad was the link between Messrs Whyte and Green. After all, if Mr Ahmad had already been involved with Mr Whyte in 2007, then he might have thought that that connection, even if slight, gave him, or any bidders he could source, an advantage. If a CVA had worked, Mr Whyte’s co-operation was necessary.

Would Mr Whyte have been aware at that stage of Mr Ahmad’s long relationship with Mr Green? Perhaps not. And if that was not disclosed to Mr Whyte then he could very well have believed that, as a result of his involvement with Zeus Capital, he was responsible for Mr Green’s appearance.

So Mr Green might well be correct in denying any previous involvement of his own with Mr Whyte, but a key member of his team has just let a cat out of his bag, hasn’t he?

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79 responses to “Rangers’ Imran Ahmad Lets Slip 2007 Link to Craig Whyte

  1. Monti

    Morning ‘Sherlock’ I wish you would stop bringing Agent Green & Agent Whyte into the limelight…..I have instructed 008 & 009 to maximise damage without further delay.. Out, ever faithful Holmes. err I mean M. Pmsl.

  2. Isn’t this all just the result of two (or three) complete shysters talking utter b0ll0cks to each other to secure some dodgy deal?

    Surely much of the fault lies with the various lax rules – and certainly the evident complete lack of proper governance – that allowed such cretins to become the main players in this sorry saga in the first place?

    I continue to be utterly flabbergasted that such obviously flawed individuals were allowed within 100 miles of what was, lets remember, a respected footballing institution. In that respect it becomes even more evident that David Murray’s only ‘duty of care’ was to his debts and debtors, not the supporters. (A shyster like Whyte ‘hoodwinked’ one of Thatcher’s top boys? Come off it!)

    The club is dead. Let it rest in peace. If Rangers 1872 supporters really love that club, start another one and lets get rid of these embarrassing non-entities who are obviously only at Ibrox to squeeze as much cash from the supporters as they can get away with before sailing off to some tax haven.

    • Monti

      ” Respected”? No…..

    • Good to see you back Kenny and yes I agree with you, my own thoughts below. This needs serious investigation now and ALL official bodies need to be cleaned from top to bottom.

    • gortnamona

      ” lets get rid of these embarrassing non-entities who are obviously only at Ibrox to squeeze as much cash from the supporters as they can get away with”

      Yea – And make a genuine effort to shed the thick as pig shit sectarian thugs whose activities have tarnished the name of the club for so long.

    • JimBhoy

      Hi Kenny, Could that leopard ever change it’s spots.. Same baggage, it tends to attract that level of human being I wonder why that is..

    • Budweiser


      Remember, these ‘ cretins’ are making a very pretty penny from all this – maybe not so dumb? The fans though—-

  3. Mark Murphy

    Certain parts of Glasgow appear to have been full of cats in bags. I’m not an animal lover as such, but I’m glad these cats are, one-by-one, being let out. I hope they all find the freedom they deserve soon…

  4. The sex pistols had the great rock n roll swindle, I think we have witnessed the greatest football swindle ever.

  5. timtim

    “The facts are that direct contact was made by our consortium with Craig Whyte in the first instance ”
    Hmmm-when was indirect contact made in the first instance ?
    was direct contact made by individuals of the consortium rather than the consortium as a whole ?

  6. Paul

    we have said here all along fom many contributors that in our opinions the relationship started long before the actual event of administration.

    Closer attention and hopefully now investigation has to happen around the murray/whyte relationship and I would love to hear the recodings of those particular discussions and then the whyte/green/ahmad/duff and duffer.

    Whyte manipulated the situation from day one by getting duff and duffer accepted as adminstrators then brought in all along the green bid while duff and duffer were playing out the fantasy of big investors being interested.

    The situation was created and supported by duff and duffer to prolong the admin until the end on the playing season, when its clear now that they should have been liquidated almost immediately, allowing time for green to globe trot putting together the small investment needed to buy the assets ultimately.

    duff and duffer were entirely complicit IMO in this as they knew the green knight was always in the background waiting to weigh in at the final moment for a knock down price. This was against ALL the creditors interests and as serious breach of professional standards. It is worthy of criminal investigation IMO.

    That fact that whyte and green have coluded and whyte used green and ahmad as front guys also needs criminal investigation. The subsequent flip that green used to rid himself of whyte is just what I would expect from the snake oil salesman. You wrote lengthy pieces and many contributors at the time speculated why the change from sevco 5088 to scotland abd despite what he says it clearly had nothing to do with it “being a Scottish company” it was all to do with shafting the hand that fed him.

    It is a common trait throughout his illustrious snake oil sales career.

    I know Paul has been a “fan” of the “businessman of the year” but my own opinion is that the man has proven time and again that he is IMO an unfit person for both Scottish football or any country for that matter and also unfit to hold a position of CEO of a aim listed co. He has brought the both into direpute by his continual wild exagerations, untruths and in many cases down right lies. When confronted even by the mildest of challenges on the simplest of points he blusters and deflects. A wholey untrustworthy person in my opinion.

    As a footnote, the SFL are unable to provide the SFA the necessary financials required for the league restructuring, I have someone claiming that the inability to provide such information is due to one club not providing the requested and required financil details.

    I wonder which club that would be……….? Any guesses and the reason why?

    • tykebhoy

      You aren’t saying a 4th administration down Govan way are withholding info?

      SDM’s admin withheld info on EBT’s until the police raided
      Craigy must have witheld some info because he certainly witheld monies.
      D&P witheld info requested by SFA/SPL enquiries and perhaps from the Police

  7. timtim

    I agree MichaelK
    There has been collusion with all the past and present players in this game
    Murray to Ellis to Whyte to Ticketus to D+P to Ahmed and Green supported by Ogilvie and Traynor .All claiming to have been duped by each other . Ogilvie has pressured Regan and Doncaster (for the good of the game) Traynor has manipulated his press buddies who most happily sang from the hymn book . Those outside the circle like Brown who created waves were quickly silenced .
    Minty is imo the main man in all of this -his ego and his reputation had to be saved and all co-ordinated from his bunker .
    The greed of Green will be their downfall ,stabbing wee Craigy in the back was a foolish move

  8. JimBhoy

    The day has come….Old Sticklebricks is looking out the snake oil salesman past posts… Woooooohoooooo !!!

    Loopy Leggo don’t you feel rather foolish now…..Pip Pip… LMFAO 🙂

    As my old catholic great granny from Monaghan and my old presbyterian Granny from Kinglassie used to say, That davie leggat is a fekin @ss..!!!

  9. Martin Carroll

    Please let sleeping dogs lye. Or should that be lie?

  10. Been busy these last couple of days.

    It seems a lot has happened!

    I’ve had a guest post, everyone has been to the South Atlantic and back, Carl31 has explained the real world and now we have “Whyte the Wonderkid”. Does the boy wonder wear a cape?

    Note to self: Do try to keep up!

  11. Carntyne

    Kenny McCaffrey
    April 12, 2013 at 10:52 am
    “I continue to be utterly flabbergasted that such obviously flawed individuals were allowed within 100 miles of what was, lets remember, a respected footballing institution”.

    Respected institution?

    Respected by whom?

    Rangers are and were a toxic mix of racism, sectarianism, and bigotry, traits that are attractive to large sections of their fan base, and any lack of proper governance by the footballing authorities looks suspiciously like those authorities were quite comfortable with the club’s “traditions”.

    • mick

      Carntyne kennys a balanced print man from London neutral and highly respected from last year there’s humour in his comments if you read it right lol hi kenny hope your well nice to see you back

    • Carntyne – it was, no matter what we think.
      Mick – cheers for the kind comments

      • Carntyne

        It wasn’t meant to be critical Kenny, just my take on the matter.

        I enjoy exchanging points of view.

        Some take a differing opinion as criticism.

        Oh well.

  12. coatbrigbhoy

    13/05/2012 (Mail Online)
    “But Green revealed he had first been approached by a Singaporean family interested in investing on February 15, the day after Rangers had gone into administration.
    Green managed to keep the interest out of the public spotlight but has performed due diligence”

    Green was on the scene within 24 hours of Duff & Phelps getting the Gig


    When did he do his due diligence ?

  13. coatbrigbhoy

    To be fair to Mr Ahmed,he’s not the first to have a photo of his daughter printed in the press,


  14. http://www.thefreelibrary.com/DUFF+AND+PHELPS+PUT+GREEN+UP+FOR+SFA+FITNESS+TEST.-a0294646087.

    I put this up last night but think it worth bringing to attention.
    As you can see, it clearly states that Chicco made an application to have Rangers SFA membership to SEVCO 5088.
    Was this granted? If so, then SEVCO SCOT,, do not have SFA membership, and were illegible to play this season. It also casts doubt on the authenticity of the 5-way agreement, as from the article, it is clear that SEVCO 5088, were who the SFA and leagues entered agreement with. Furthermore, there is the question of who paid the £160,000: membership fee? Will the SFA confirm this,
    If the membership was granted to SEVCO,, and not SEVCO 5088, then the SFA and leagues must have been aware that a switcharoony had taken place. Did they inquire into why? What reason were they given?
    Were they aware that wee Craigy had a link to 5088, so readily agreed, or was the membership transferred to SEVCO 5088 and there is now a whole lotta shredding going on?

    • JimBhoy

      @Barcabuster there could yet be a title stripping…! 🙂

    • Curiouser and curiouser!

    • @barca
      only problem is that this is third party comment (Keevins) ….. he has fallen into same trp we all did …..

      other than Paul spotted it at the time but misunderstood implications …..

      Been through the D&P reports and like Paul highlighted …… we cannot find any reference to actual authorisation of the ‘switheroo’ event. ….

      The only clue that we have is sevco 5088 RES11 on June 14th. Avail from company house. ……. and that boss on RM also knows this ……

      That (lack of …) authorisation has been cited by CW as the reason for his complaint and instructing London QC …..

      If such autorisation exists then CG can produce and end this NOW ….
      If such authorisation was not needed …. then CG can produce evidence NOW …..

      So, “Who is Manchester United” ……. NOW

      • Newtz, I have emailled Hugh Keevins seeking clarification.
        I have also asked related questions for him to ask of the parties involved.
        They have ignored all of my emails, but hopefully he will have better access routes
        I am still awaiting a reply from Hugh.

        • Further to that, the parties involved all heard the same statements from Ibrokes that we all heard. i.e. Sevco 5088 transferred the company to Scotland. Why no comment at the time from the parties contradicting the Ibrokes statement?

        • @barca
          remind him that he has an obligation to put the record straight if in hindsight he reported incorrectly, or that his piece is in question ……

          • @eco
            tried to post earlier that a comment of yourself earlier was incorrect.
            You stated that CW denied any association with Imran prior to recent events ……
            The Times piece (printed elsewhere on here), clearly states that CW confirmed associaition prior to events with Imran (to them) ….

            eco …. you have an obligation to put the record straight … lol

            eco ….. be interesting to then hear your re-assessment

      • @newtz

        “we cannot find any reference to actual authorisation of the ‘switheroo’ event.”

        As Chuckles has publicly admitted that he stitched up Craigie Bhoy this ain’t the sort of documentation they would leave lying around. Perhaps they asked Mr Ogilvie for a loan of his shredder?

        • Rabthecab, there was definitely a party line put out surrounding this, and a blind eye turned to let the story run. Was it simply to lull wee Craigy into a comfort zone?
          It wouldn’t take him too too long to catch on. But what would it buy time to do?
          Certainly if the 5088 docs authentic Chicco knew he had them? What has given him the confidence to challenge them. He wouldn’t risk it if he didn’t have an ace.

        • @rab
          Listen to the full STV interview.

          ( Note also his demeanor when answering – you can easily detect uncomfortable answer to comfortable nswer)

          Now get to the bit where he attempts to answer this moment ……. He said ….

          “After the CVA failure…” ….. (then) …..”.we decided to follow a different process ….” blah blah ….. “we passed 5088 back to CW”

          So …. “process” can mean different things but in business terms is……
          A sequence of interdependent and/or linked procedures to achieve a known goal or end result

          Fine ….. you can conspire theories here …… but lets for the moment take it at face vale …..”We took a different process” …… Who is “we” ….. and they took a decision to follow a “process” ……… so it ws a consious/considered decision ….. ok

          So a question ……when ? (Timing is everything !) …. we know of RES 11 on 14th June …… now Paul early on reckoned this was assignment of shares to someone else ….. could not have been for self as (sole director) ……. maybes…

          But it could also have been right to assign ….. to transfer assets …… And assets went to Sevco Scotland on same day …… !!! ……. I think my assumption is more correct …. it is a process ….. !

          Final part of statement ….. “passed 5088 back to CW” … so CW previously had control …… is that because he payed to set it up and then they arranged paperwork to set CG as front man ….. CW claims so …. CG not so ……..

          New documentation shows date of 9th May 2012 …..? so if not forgeries …. then Right to assign will defo be needed to transfer assets direct from D&P

          So lots to unravel yet …..

          sorta busy so rushed this( brain dump) ….. will look at again later

    • Budweiser

      Good questions again barca !

  15. The Roon

    The problem trying to get to the truth is that we have, on both sides, people who appear to be able to spout nonsense without blinking an eye (although Green does a fair bit of extra blinking in his stv interview!). I’m not sure if even they can distinguish between fact and fiction.

    Having said that both sides appear to be agreed that Imran’s mum received £137.5k from Whyte (or from someone under his direction).

    That alone should set alarm bells ringing about Green and Ahmad in terms of them being legitimate businessmen. I’m not sure what the criteria is for the SFA’s “fit and proper person” but being involved in money transfers with CW (using bank accounts of family members) cannot be regarded as normal conduct befitting of a CEO and company director. In anyone’s book such transactions can, at best, be described as dodgy.

    Such a dodgy transaction, alone, raises serious questions but the fact that money was flowing from CW’s camp to Green/ Ahmad is, in my opinion, the thing that defies any logic. If green (as he has admitted) was prepared to do/ say anything in his dealings with CW then why was money flowing from CW and not towards CW. This must be the first sting in history where the person being conned out of something that they have also had to pay for the pleasure of giving it up!

    Logic dictates that money would flow to CW and not vice versa. The fact that CW only used £1 of his own funds to acquire Rangers from SDM then what would possess CW to part with £137.5k and a further £25k to relinquish his shares and/or rights of ownership of assets? This suggests that there is much much more to the dealings with Green than has been aired in the press recently. The fact that Ahmad and Whyte have been acquainted since 2007 gives credence to Whyte and the Green consortium being in “partnership” before the first alleged meeting between Green and Whyte in May 2012.

    With regard to the claims of Green and Ahmad that they have tried many times to pay money back to CW, if true, evidence should exist of these many failed attempts. Ahmad’s mother’s bank must be able to identify the bank account details from which the £137.5k was sent and therefore it would take only minutes to set up a transfer of the same amount back to its original source. Unless that bank account has been closed then there is no reason why the funds could not have been winged back to where they came from.

    The quotes attributed to Ahmad in the sun today are amazing. First, he states that he is not sure that the money is from CW then he goes on to say that CW has been requested to “recall it so many times”. 2 apparent major inconsistencies with this: (1) If he does not know it is from CW then why try to get CW to get money that might not be his? (2) unless I am misinformed, money cannot be taken out of a bank account without the bank account holder authorising such a withdrawal. It is amazing that the Commercial Director of a company considers that a third party can unilaterally withdraw money from another bank account. If this could be done so simply then no doubt some people would attempt to “recall” payments they had made to accounts for community charges, taxes, utilities and a whole spectrum of other types of payments.

    I have no affiliation with Rangers but at the same time I feel sorry for all the loyal Rangers supporters who have to stand back and witness (one after another, including D&P) apparent less than scrupulous individuals become involved in their club for their own self gain without any apparent genuine good intentions for the long term benefit of the club.

    What is most amazing is that so-called “Rangers men”, who have access to these individuals appear to have the wool pulled over their eyes so easily or turn a blind eye to things that look dodgy (and do not stand up to even the remotest of scrutiny). What questions are Murray (not SDM the current one) and Smith asking, if any?

    • Al ross

      Also raises a question what were the good lady’s bank doing when £137500 zoomed into her account ? In my day that would have warranted a Suspicious Transaction Report.

      • Only if the monies involved actually represented a break from the norm. The account may have been in his mother’s name, but how often does Imran use it?

        • Al ross

          Take your point but does that mean this transaction was the norm ? If so then it would be logical to think there are other transactions which are being kept ‘under the radar’

          • Al, As the bank, or its juristiction, is unknown, it is largely guesswork. But if the bank was adhering to normal practises, it would be fair to assume it would be flagged. Or, pre-warned to expect the deposit which met with terms acceptable to the bank

  16. lord mac

    IMRAN Ahmad has just put the Asian community back another 20 years with his comments, just shows you, political correctness is not a problem when and were money is concerned.

  17. Monti

    Really annoyed with myself now, if Rangers (IL) were up for sale for £1, WHY DIDN’T I BUY IT?? I guarantee you it would have been demolished months ago!!!

    • Monti can you imagine the conversation between wee Craigy and Murray.
      CW,……Good morning sir David, I would like to buy £100m in property assets from you, plus history, goodwill, image rights etc. The whole shebang!
      SDM….. Well, how much do you have Mr Whyte?,
      CW ……Millions! sir David, In fact, hunners o’millions!
      SDM,….Fair enough, Geez a quid!

    • Maggie

      Let’s have whip round,I’m sure between us all we could raise enough to buy it this time around Monti …… “such fun” 🙂

  18. mcfc

    Just a thought. But if TRFC fans are serious about exerting influence over the actions of Mr Green and others – they could do worse than keeping their season ticket money in their pockets and paying (or not) game by game. It’s clear there is only one language he and his mates understand – and once he’s got he wants you’ll get what he wants.

  19. Fra

    And the SFA will perform their due diligence bullshit. Incompetent, useless and not fit for purpose. Leave it to the Internet bampots to do your work for you. ASK QUESTIONS because you’re beginning to look utterly inept. Two or three fly men have made you look idiotic.

    1) Remove Ogilvie immediately. Do not disclose info to him.
    2) If you sniff corruption, which you cannot fail to miss, cancel the rangers registration immediately
    3) Submit everything to BDO
    4) Get Murray, Green, Whyte, Duff & Duffer into an interview room and record the interview
    5) Involve the police
    6) Apologise to Spartans for shafting them
    7) Apologise to all fans except the the rangers fans for the complete balls-up you have made of this from day one
    8) RESIGN

  20. mcfc

    There’s more than a hint of similarity between Green and Thatcher here. Both outsiders, but tolerated by the establishment because they delivered the goods and because there was no viable alternative. But the “la la la not listening” approach of each turned from an asset to a liability when it became necessary to listen to serious, grey suited voices saying “enough is enough”. In the word of Suzanne Vega:

    When heroes go down
    They go down fast
    So don’t expect any time to
    Equivocate the past

    When heroes go down
    They land in flame
    So don’t expect any slow and careful
    Settling of blame

    I heard you say
    You look out for the feet of clay
    That someone will be falling next
    Without the chance
    For last respects
    You feel the disappointment

    When heroes go down
    Man or woman revealed
    You can’t expect any kind of mercy
    On the battlefield

  21. Lurking and Learning

    I imagine now would be as good a time as any to set up a wee stall outside Ibrox selling mini dictaphones and other such recording gadgetry.

    Alternatively if, as might be the case, all involved in high level spivvery are already electronically out-fitted there might be some mileage for a security gate company at the entrance to the Blue do Room.

    Charles needn´t worry of course because he can just look into their eyes and tell if it´s an Olympus VN-711 or a Phillips LFH 3200 they are using!

  22. had to laugh at this comment on The Scotsman online site re Tennents complaining about Chico’s racist comment.

    ‘Be careful Sevies.
    If Charles goes, the big money deals with Adidas, the Dallas Cowboys etc. will go along with him!

    I wonder how long before Blackthorn walks away? Will Juventus still be wanting to send four youngsters into a racist culture and what about Ashley and Sports Direct – does he really want to risk his company’s reputation and brand through association with Rangers?

    Look’s like Green is having a Ratner’s Moment 🙂

  23. ecojon

    had to laugh at this comment on The Scotsman online site re Tennents complaining about Chico’s racist comment.

    ‘Be careful Sevies.
    If Charles goes, the big money deals with Adidas, the Dallas Cowboys etc. will go along with him!

    I wonder how long before Blackthorn walks away? Will Juventus still be wanting to send four youngsters into a racist culture and what about Ashley and Sports Direct – does he really want to risk his company’s reputation and brand through association with Rangers?

    Look’s like Green is having a Ratner’s Moment 🙂

  24. ecojon

    Have sent undernoted to Blackthorn mainly because darkside posters are laughing at Tennents saying they’re getting rid of them anyway so it doesn’t matter what they say. These people have absolutely no shame or shred of moral responsibility.

    ‘In view of the racist comments made by Rangers CEO Charles Green for which he has been summoned before the SFA and also the fact that the current shirt sponsor Tennents has also submitted a complaint to Rangers over the issue can you advise whether Blackthorn Cider is happy about sponsoring next season’s Rangers strip and will it demand an explanation from Rangers and publicise a strong anti-racism message?’

  25. ecojon

    Rangers International Plc

    -3.50p (-4.96%)

    I was semi-joking about Green having a Ratner’s moment but seems that might be how AIM is viewing it as well. Shares are now at lowest ever level.

    Institutional investors won’t be happy and I wonder what the likes of Legal & General are saying to their customers who they have advised to invest in rangers shares?

    • My last foray into this noted Divergent indicator was a bearish situation, but longer term indicator hinted at Convergence.

      Now, Convergence has happened as expected so it should be a Bullish period ….. makes nexts weekss opening interesting …. if it don’t happen then what …. back to bears Mkt ?? ….. not good IMO (if i was considering investing)
      Note also lack of intervention during recent fall …. so unlike previous falls.

      Note ….. I am not an expert so please do not act on my advice here.

  26. ecojon

    Oh dear now slipped to 66.5p – where will it all end 😦

    • That’s ok Eco, as the crossover has not yet occured …… look at the technical indicators. At the point of crossover the situation is meant to reverse ……. note that I said …. meant to ………….

      • Of course ….. some sneaky low level investor may have had sight of 6 mths accounts that are imminent ….. (currently overdue) …….. or they have read PMG hint …. now where did he get his info I wonder ?

        Whats this £10m rumour all about then ???????

  27. Carntyne

    April 12, 2013 at 1:42 pm

    Rangers International Plc

    -3.50p (-4.96%)

    I was semi-joking about Green having a Ratner’s moment but seems that might be how AIM is viewing it as well.

    Shares are now at lowest ever level.
    That’s good news.

  28. Ed Paisley

    Not one of these guys – Whyte, Green, Ahmad, Stockbridge, gives a XXXX about the wellbeing of Scottish Football or the long term survival of Rangers. They are all money-grubbing slippery fast-buck merchants. I probably include McCoist in that bracket too – he sells himself to the fans as their inside man who is 100% bluenose, but all the while he is sucking at Green’s teat (apologies for the grotesque imagery there), taking his cheap shares and hoping himself for a quick buck. I feel particular contempt for McCoist – the others ate acting true to their natures like hyenas or dung beetles. It’s about time Ally got his comeuppance.

  29. GWG

    Of Course~~~~ the Bigot Feast went down well~~

    • Monti

      Thumbs up from Kenny Macaskill….

    • Ed Paisley

      So that’s what the feral, white protestant underclass look like! The’re certainly an ugly tuneless bunch. I can’t make out what they are chanting. Is it: “Ally McCoist, likes a pie or a sarny”?

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