Rangers Fired Mr Sandaza for Misconduct – Will They Investigate Mr Green Too?

A few weeks ago a Rangers employee made some ill-judged remarks in a conversation he thought was private, but in fact was with a well-known japester. This resulted in some amused press coverage and a bit of embarrassment for the employer. No regulatory body took action against the employee. He himself threatened legal action against the trickster. However the employee was suspended pending an investigation, and then dismissed without notice for “gross misconduct”.

More recently another Rangers employee made some ill-judged remarks. These were not made to someone drawing out confidences on a false premise. Instead they were made in a newspaper interview. The particular comments have resulted in some rather shocked press coverage, and now in disciplinary action by the regulatory body. It has also resulted, as I will detail below, in very strong words from one of the non-executive directors (effectively the employer’s representative). The employee finally responded with an apology, but only after the external disciplinary processes had started.

As well as that it transpired that the employee in question had been (I am sure for what he perceived as good reasons) far less than candid to his customers and apparently to his employers about dealings with the former owner, Craig Whyte.

So far that employee has not been suspended. Nor is there yet any indication of a formal investigation by his employer. This is despite a charge of bringing the sport of football into disrepute and by implication he has done the same to his employer, as well as having been seen to speak in a disparaging way about one of his key colleagues.

As readers will be aware the first employee, trapped by “Tommy the taxi driver” was Francisco Sandaza, whilst the second was the Rangers CEO, Charles Green.

This man was fired for saying silly things

This man was fired for saying silly things

The man on the right has not faced any action for what he said about the man on the left

The man on the right has not faced any action for what he said about the man on the left

Double standards at Ibrox?

The Scotsman yesterday had a piece where Walter Smith, former manager and all-round Rangers hero, said his piece about Mr Green’s verbal faux pas. I got the impression from reading the piece that Mr Smith felt rather out of the loop, despite being a director and, as a non-executive, with duties to the company over and above loyalties he might feel towards the CEO.

You can read the full piece here, but I have quoted some extracts below, with my comments beneath. In case anyone missed it, Mr Green referred to his colleague, Imran Ahmad, as his “little Paki friend”.


Walter Smith is quoted saying:-

“They [the comments] don’t sit that well with anyone who has been involved with Rangers over the years.

“You’ve got to remember, Charles has come in, this is his first year.

“He has come from England, where he might feel the situation is bigger and better than it is in Scotland and he has maybe forgotten that, in Scotland, Rangers, Celtic and the national team have massive coverage. In England, it’s mainly regional.

“I’m sure a lot of the statements he has made to the present moment he would far rather have kept to himself. That’s not his type, it doesn’t seem to be the way he goes about things. I’m sure he’ll be far more careful in future.”

He also said that Green’s recent alleged racist comment would be “one of the aspects we would expect to cover” when next the board convened.

Pressed on whether the Whyte revelations might be a resigning issue for Smith, he stressed that he would not be able to answer that question until he had the chance to ask some of his own. With several members of the Ibrox board currently unavailable to meet due to various commitments, Smith hoped they would have the chance to sit down together “shortly”.

Smith added: “You can only do that [scrutinise finances] with the amount of information that’s available to you. Like everybody else, that only became apparent to me a week ago. So for me – like every other person – the information was just thrust upon us a week ago.”

Asked whether Green had told him there was money from Whyte in a Rangers-related account, Smith said “no”. Again pressed about whether he felt he should have been informed of this, given his responsibilities as a non-executive director, Smith replied: “I think he possibly should have done, there’s a case, yes.”

Smith confirmed that he had not yet spoken with Green about it, and would do so at the appropriate time and place. “You have to give us the chance to ask the question. It takes a bit of time. I don’t represent the other directors; I represent myself. We have to be given a bit of time to make sure we ask the right questions and hopefully we can get the right answers.”


Walter Smith is one of the most successful and distinguished men in Scottish football. However he seems, based on the brief comments above, to have a misapprehension about his role as non-executive director. He does not “represent” himself, but instead the shareholders’ interests. (although, to be fair, I could be accused of over analysing his comment.)

It is on one hand good to see that Mr Smith is showing his loyalty to the man who brought him back to his first love in football, but this too, in seeming to try to explain away or excuse Mr Green’s comments, could also be problematic for his role as a director.

After all, if there were to be any disciplinary proceedings regarding Mr Green, it is likely that the non-executive directors would have a role to play, either in that procedure or else in any appeal which followed. Mr Smith, in offering a defence of Mr Green, might have prejudiced his ability to be seen to do his job fairly.

The men on either side might end up deciding the fate of the man in the middle

The men on either side might end up deciding the fate of the man in the middle

And as a defence it shows how clear Mr Green’s responsibility is. Mr Smith seems to be saying that, in Scotland, people pay attention to what people like Mr Green says. That is not really a defence, but mitigation, and a pretty thin one at that too. I believe that there are people of Asian origin in England, and that issues of racism have been mentioned there very occasionally.

It also seems rather odd, to say the least, that the directors cannot get together to discuss matters of such importance. After all, I understand that there are devices called telephones which permit conference calls, and the internet, as I believe it is called, allows face to face communication across the world via Skype and similar programs.

I suspect that, if the will was there, the directors could arrange to discuss things, even without the necessity of a formal meeting!

Tom English, in yesterday’s Scotsman, declared that, in the interests of Rangers, it was time for Mr Green to go.

As a CEO of a PLC he has responsibilities to his shareholders, his board and his employees. Is he fulfilling them by his behaviour, both as regards his comment on Mr Ahmad and his wider dealings, previously hidden indeed from his Board, it would appear, with Mr Whyte?

Or, in contrasting his treatment with that of Mr Sandaza, do we see proof that the Spaniard’s dismissal was only because it suited Rangers, and not because of the actual merits of his situation?

When comparing the two situations, taking account of what is known publicly, whilst I do not believe that Mr Green’s comment regarding Mr Ahmad deserves dismissal, I do not see how it is less of an offence than that of Mr Sandaza.

The mis-firing footballer however was suspended, underwent a disciplinary process, and was fired.

The loquacious CEO sails on regardless, even though he has the added queries hanging over him regarding Mr Whyte, and I have not even mentioned his car crash interview with STV this week.

Are the wheels coming off the Green wagon?

When Craig Whyte was in charge of the company, he is alleged to have cut out of the loop many of the former decision-makers, and even the directors. Therefore, when he proceeded to stop paying his company’s taxes, there was no one to take him in hand. Bearing in mind that this was a PLC, then corporate governance should have existed in some form or other, but Mr Whyte, as “the boss”, simply ignored that and did what he wanted.

Now Mr Green is in charge as CEO. He has a PLC Board to whom he is answerable, and non-executive directors. But is he not simply following Mr Whyte in his “bull in a china shop” attitude, answerable, in fact to nobody?

In a normal corporate environment this would affect share prices and investor confidence. Might it do the same here? After all, for all of the involvement of supporters in the share issue, the vast majority of the shares are in the hands of people and organisations that are in it for the money, not the love of the game!

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  1. josephmcgrath112001809

    Perhaps it would suit the gentleman to get fired and leave the club, taking his profits with him. Getting out while the going’s good?

    • Budweiser


      Agreed. I have said so many times since this fiasco emerged.

      • Fisiani

        I have sold all of my Rangers shares which I bought at the launch and sold near the peak making a 14% gain in just 3 months. The Rangers fans bought shares out of blind loyalty and do not have a clue about shares and the AIM market. I was right to take profitable advantage of their naivety.
        I do not intend to buy the shares at their current price and suspect the share price will plummet.
        If it was any other Scottish club the SFA would step in and cancel their associate membership due to malfeasance before next season. I have no confidence however in the SFL or SFA to follow their rules with this club. I suspect some form of a team in blue jerseys will persist even when the sun come out.

        • Help me out here guys – if Chuckles does (quite deservedly) get his erchie unceremoniously booted out the door, what effect if any, does this have on the shares lock-in?

          • Fisiani

            Shares lock in is not the main issue. If Green is sacked then the whole share issue legality is in question including all the clauses. Follow the money. Who has access to the shareholders money? Where is it? Is it still eroding at 1,000,000 a month? What spin will they use to try to sell season tickets next month? If the legality of the Company is in doubt then so are the player contracts. If this was any other club they would soon be suspended from the league for bringing the game into disrepute.

  2. mcfc


    Hope you won’t mind me re-posting this from a few moments ago on the previous thread.

    There’s more than a hint of similarity between Green and Thatcher here. Both outsiders, but tolerated by the establishment because they delivered the goods and because there was no viable alternative. But the “la la la not listening” approach of each turned from an asset to a liability when it became necessary to listen to serious, grey suited voices saying “enough is enough”. In the word of Suzanne Vega:

    When heroes go down
    They go down fast
    So don’t expect any time to
    Equivocate the past

    When heroes go down
    They land in flame
    So don’t expect any slow and careful
    Settling of blame

    I heard you say
    You look out for the feet of clay
    That someone will be falling next
    Without the chance
    For last respects
    You feel the disappointment

    When heroes go down
    Man or woman revealed
    You can’t expect any kind of mercy
    On the battlefield

  3. Monti

    So Walter myth is not impressed with the comments made by Green & says ” the comments haven’t gone down well with people who have been at Ibrox for years” tell me Walter, how do/did you & others feel when most of Ibrox was singing about being ” up to their knees in fenian blood”? That’s ok tho eh Walter? Is it? You are a joke figure,like the rest.

    • Monti

      I still haven’t seen Ally McCoist on live T.V. demanding to know the name of the person who told Francis Sandaza not to bless himself?? Why not Ally? Was it you? do you condone sectarianism at Ibrox? On the subjects of comments Ally, what did you say to Neil ( all rise) Lennon? Come on Ally, we all want to know what you said?….

    • JohnBhoy


      Never mind Monti, @david assures us that The Rangers are “getting their act together” lol. Where has he been for the last year?

      • Monti

        Has he sourced that info for you yet? Thought not, silly me….lol.

        • JohnBhoy

          Afraid not Monti.

          For someone who prides himself on posting in “full possession of the facts”, he’s very coy about providing evidence to support his delusional claim that The Rangers has banned hundreds of fans for singing ectarianism songs. I’m also in the dark about the sectarian banners he says Celtic need to address.

          ‘ Tis but a shame because he had some decent posts, and showed promise, but then he suddenly and inexplicably went to the dark side while, of course, protesting an even-handedness that was imaginary. His nonsense on the Falklands was the final straw for me – complete simpleton.

          • Monti

            He must have posted 20 times calling me a liar & a bigot? I don’t think there is one person on this blog that would agree with him……….ahem.

          • david

            Who are you calling a simpleton?
            Petty certain my qualifications and professional attainments would leave yours in the shade.
            I obviously know more about the Falklands conflict than you by a factor of at least ten.
            Ill state it again for the last time; I dont give a toss about Rangers , if they went bust forever tomorrow that would be fine by me. Some of their supporters are a disgrace.
            I will get your information.
            Care to answer the questions I posted?

            Notice you now have Monti as your cheerleader, like a fly attracted to shite.
            By their friends shall ye know them.
            And Monti- Walter Smith a joke figure? Really? Even most Celtic fans had a grudging respect for him- ever checked his Trophy record, and his record against Celtic?
            Was not in Jock Steins class but a decent man and extremely competent manager.
            And coming from you really had me and likely other poster in stitches.

            • Monti

              Why would Celtic fans have a ‘grudging respect’ for any sevcovite?? Maybe a few in the prawn sandwich section, but that’s it! You referred to me as shite? That should bring you a ban from Paul. I have never stooped that low on here & have no intention to either. Simpleton.

            • JohnBhoy


              You are a simpleton. Your “qualifications” would not come close to mine. Do not embarrass yourself further. Even your friends at remedial school referred to you as Dumbo lol

              So, let’s get this straight: you boasted that prior to posting you are alway sure of your facts, yet no sooner assert that The Rangers have banned hundreds of their fans for sectarian singing and that Celtic need to similarly “get their act together” and start banning fans displaying sectarian banners. When repeatedly asked to support your claims with evidence you are uncharacteristically shy, finally waving away such requests with a disdainful wave of your hand.

              In short, your views are not to be trusted. Worse, they are designed to deliberately mislead. Furthermore, you are a hypocrite, constantly referring to Monti as a liar and a bigot. He has explained himself. You, on the other hand, maintain a mask of neutrality while maligning the good name of Celtic and, bizarrely, falsely asserting that The Rangers are getting their “house in order”!

              For the record, here’s my position on the Falklands. Britain abandoned the Falkands – even giving up their weather station – and sent the wrong signal to Argentina. An unlawful invasion took place and Britain was entitled, and indeed obliged, to defend the Falklands. No effort was made prior to the invasion, or immediately after it, to prevent bloodshed – this was a costly mistake in terms of fatalities for both sides. Britain went to war/conflict and won. I have no problems with that outcome whatsoever, though I do believe that Argentina has a stronger claim to the Falklands than we do.

              However, the Belgrano was an entirely different matter altogether. A peace deal had been brokered by the US and Peru – Argentina had signed up to it and Britain had problems with just one word of the agreement (I don’t know what that word was). Argentina showed good faith by calling its navy back to port, in anticipation of the verbal agreement between all parties being signed the next day. There therefore was no military gain in sinking the Belgrano. Thatcher to her shame did so for purely political reasons. All this minutiae about weaponry and how a penknife can be as lethal as a bazooka is a smokescreen – the sinking of the Belgrano was cold blooded murder. She pretended that she hadn’t “caught sight of the deal” when Britain knew that they only had a few hours to sink the Belgrano before it became impossible to deny written knowledge of the deal, but the deal had been agreed verbally – bar one word – and everyone was waiting on Thatcher reading the printed document, which she deliberately delayed until after the sinking of the Belgrano.

            • Maggie

              *I’m pretty certain my qualifications and professional attainments would leave yours in the shade”…..WOW! I can hardly imagine how threatened and insecure you must be to actually write that.You have just completely lost what little credibility you were beginning to have here.
              You’re a grown man,right? Just checking.Do you use that statement often in company? If you do, then you must understand that people think you are an a***,and will say so every time your name crops up,maybe not to your face,but most definitely behind your back.In fact you will probably been universally known as david the a***.
              I’ve had some great laughs on here,but this tops them all.

            • @JohnBhoy

              I believe the one word was “wishes” – it was flagged up a couple of posts ago but I’m playing catch-up here (as per) so unsure exactly who posted it; my apologies to the commenter for non-attribution.

              Anyway, as I clocked up my half-century 3 hrs ago I can now officially put such memory lapses down to “old age.” :-):-)

      • david

        That is NOT what I said, I referred only to amount of fans respectively banned by either club.

        • Monti

          Lies simpleton

        • david

          Well then Johnboy, if you are so clever why do so reveal yourself to be so weak by puerile abuse?
          I am not in the least embarrassed, I am certain I outstrip you by the length of Leith Walk.
          A poor debater if you need help from the likes of Monti.

          • JohnBhoy


            Ok David I’ll respond to your points:

            1. “Why do so [sic] reveal yourself to be so weak by puerile abuse?”

            If I feel that a poster is either a) becoming personal b) is unfairly attacking another poster with “puerile abuse” or c) has proffered a position that is manifestly illiterate and d) furthermore, where I consider, after carefully weighing up the evidence, that countering with considered opinion would be a redundant exercise, then the short riposte perfectly meets the occasion: it has the cumulative benefit of immediacy, brevity, efficiency and succinctly reflects my opinion of their idiocy.

            In other words, it is not “weakness”, it is actually a rational decision.

            2. “I am certain I outstrip you by the length of Leith Walk”

            I admire your chutzpah David, and you may indeed have better academic qualifications than me, but I have to say that there are only a handful of folk in Scotland, to my knowledge, that can make that claim with any confidence and even then there would be a steward’s enquiry.

            3. “A poor debater if [sic] you need you need the help of the likes of Monti”

            I do not need anyone’s help and make no such plea. You misrepresent Monti. I have enormous respect for Monti; and for that matter, mick, someone else you have disparaged. They carry the banner and do not waver, irrespective of the personal abuse people hurl at them. When they reciprocate, they are abused further. And so it goes on. If I did need help, in real life or the virtual world, then I would be honoured to have Monti stand by my side.

            • Maggie

              Bullseye JB 🙂

            • Maggie

              “well then if you’re so clever….” Seriously !!!!!!!! 🙂
              You know JB,I don’t think he’s a grown up…..Who actually says ” well if your so clever ” on an adult forum,while debating with people who are so sharp they’d cut themselves if they weren’t careful ?

            • david

              Then you are respecting moronic bigots.
              Says it all really.

              And even on a pro-Celtic forum an overwhelming number of people agree with me.

        • Ian403

          david, can you explain what THAT means?

          It is actually a nonsense statement when you think on it, what Comparators are you using? Or are you saying there are as many Illegal Song Singers at Celtic Park as we have witnessed from THE Rangers Choir, at Ibrox, Hampden & points North & South? Which Banners do you mean?

          Why not apply the intellect you are so proud of before opening your mouth & making silly statements.

          • david

            More like misfire.
            Maggie, do not demean yourself by resorting to similar abuse, I thought you had more about you.
            You know very well my age range and it is far from adolescent.

        • “I referred only to amount of fans respectively banned by either club.”

          And yet despite repeated requests you have failed to quantify these amounts.

          Just saying like.

          • david

            Another one joins the chorus.
            You will get the info and that will settle the argument now that the Monti question is settled.

            • “Another one joins the chorus.”

              The only reason there’s been a “chorus” is because you made an assertion for which you have failed to produce evidence despite repeated requests; now you say the delay is down to “the Monti Question”?

              Why not just admit that you don’t have the statistics to back up your statement? That way you might gain some of the credibility you so fervently desire.

              Or maybe not.

  4. Bomber Brown was at training in Dens Park when he was asked to comment on the latest bombshell to land at Charles Greens door Sky exclusive!

  5. mcfc

    There’s a whole lotta selling’ goin’ on:

    Rangers International Football Club Share price

    Symbol: RFC Share price: 66.50 % Change: -5.67 % Change: -4.00
    Bid: 66.00
    Offer: 67.00
    Volume: 28,148.0
    Prev close: 70.50
    Shares issued: 65.096056
    52 week high: 93.00
    Last Change: 04-12 13:15
    Open: 70.50
    High: 70.50
    Low: 66.50
    Security type: Equity
    52 week low: 66.50
    Market Cap: 0.00

    • Ed Paisley

      We will be wiping our arses with Rangers share certificates very soon.

      Caveat: no-one should regard this as investment advice. Thank you.

  6. Raymilland

    Bought a ticket for a runaway train
    Like a madman laughin’ at the rain
    Little out of touch, little insane
    Just easier than dealing with the pain

    Heading for the buffers!

  7. GWG

    All very rich coming from Wattie~~~ who by his own admission used to be regularly up to his knees in blood when he was a “supporter” and I dear say many times during his spells as both assistant and manager in days gone by when it was considered “harmless banter” but of course he wouldn’t dream of doing it now so that makes it OK then~~~~ fanny!!

  8. allyjambo

    I’m sure, like me, you take Walter Smith’s claim, that he and the other directors haven’t had the opportunity to get together to discuss the situation, with a large pinch of salt. Of course they’ve discussed it, long and hard – the problem is, they haven’t found any answers, or are unable/not prepared to say what they are at the moment. Though I would plump for the no answer scenario.

    Walter’s business acumen was learned at the feet of David Murray, probably not the best place for a footballer/manager to learn – anything. Neil Murray appears cowed by the attack from Green and his cohorts, and is, from what I’ve read, a relatively quiet guy. Is there anyone there with the boardroom savvy to sort Green out? (rhetorical question) Or are they all just rabbits caught in the same headlight? (probably)

    Walter Smith is like a train guard who was allowed, by the engine-driver, to occasionally sit in the engine’s cab. Everybody thinks, by his engine-driver style demeanour, he knows all about driving trains. Trouble is, he never really learned anything, and he’s now in a different train, with different controls, and he can’t find the brake as it heads for the buffers!

    • Monti

      Parking buses was more his game……

    • GWG

      Very eloquently put Paul~~~ but to suggest Wattie has learned his business acumen from the arch spiv Minty is somewhat beyond the bounds of reality in the fact that Wattie hasn’t got ONE single business brain cell in the first place, indeed the only business acumen the former “BIGOT” has is waving cheques for large amounts of dosh in front of football players nose’s

  9. jerfeelgood


    Would this give sandaza grounds to challenge for unfair dismaissal and compensation?


    • Raymilland

      Green claims of being blackmailed by Whyte; while Francisco Sandaza is expected to keep his gob closed in return for what exactly?

      Whyte is forced to go public with his audio tapes due to a failure to negotiate a confidential agreement with Green and Ahmad.

      It is all a confidence game which ever way you look at it.


      confidentiality clause

      This is an optional clause that requires both parties to keep the existence of the confidentiality agreement a secret.

      The action, treated as a criminal offense, of demanding money from a person in return for not revealing compromising or injurious…
      Demand money from (a person) in return for not revealing compromising or injurious information: “trying to blackmail him for $400,000”.
      noun. extortion – chantage – shakedown – racket – racketeering
      verb. Extort


      Persuade (someone) to act in one’s favor, typically illegally or dishonestly, by a gift of money or other inducement.
      A sum of money or other inducement offered or given in this way.
      verb. corrupt – suborn – tamper – buy – palm – nobble – grease
      noun. graft – boodle – payola – payoff – sop – douceur

    • ecojon


      It would certainly appear to show that not all employees are equally treated.

  10. A thought on Charles Greens apology:

    It seems the lexicon of racism is perfectly acceptable so long as you are not a racist.
    In essence that is the line Charles Green has taken to explain his remarks.

    The difficulty for the observer is how to tell the difference between a racist and a non-racist when they both use the same words.

    Script writers and novelists often use racist language, but in these cases the words define the characters they have created or are attributable to real people in a retelling of a historical event. They don’t necessarily indicate any racist tendency in the writer though I accept that they could.

    Any writer who ventures into this territory will face criticism, it’s inevitable. A recent film – Django Unchained, had in the script many times over the word “nigger”. The film maker, Quentin Tarantino, faced criticism for this. I agree with the criticism in the sense that it is right that it should happen. The use of the word should be questioned.

    In this case the author was sure of his ground. The use of the word was a historical fact of the time in which the film was set, and consequently its use was appropriate, indeed its omission would have been less than truthful.

    The issue was complicated by the nature of the story the film told, it was not a history, it was a fantasy. The characters and events were not real.

    Could the film maker simply have set his fantasy somewhere else?

    The answer to that is simple, yes he could have but why would he. Many of the best stories place fictional characters and events in the real world. Our understanding of the real world loses nothing as a consequence. More often than not the creative conceit is enlightening.

    The words we choose tell people something about our thought process or lack of it that led to the use.

    When we choose to use a word that is widely regarded as racist the thought process has to be rigorous.

    It is not enough to apologise “if any offence has been taken”. Unless a fuller explanation is provided, the question remains.

    How do you tell the difference between a racist and a non-racist when they both use the same words?

    I’m not letting this go.

    • Budweiser


      ‘Marching On Together ‘ would tell you that it is his [Green ] right to freedom of expression. I am surprised that he has not already come charging to Green’s defence.

      • Bud,

        freedom comes with responsibility, and includes the right of others to criticise the way in which we express our freedom.

        I’m more that happy for MOT or anyone else to provide a credible defence of Mr Greens comments,though I would rather Mr Green did so himself.

        I suspect many of his associates would wish for something similar but that’s likely to be a secondary wish. Wishing that he had kept his gob shut probably comes first.

        • gortnamona

          ” Ron Atkinson has been forced to resign from his job as a football analyst (on ITV and for The Guardian newspaper), after making some unfortunate remarks after the Monaco vs. Chelsea game when he thought his microphone was switched off. He was complaining about the performance of Chelsea player Marcel Desailly and said

          He’s what is known in some schools as a fucking lazy thick nigger

          Subsequently we have heard from countless people that Ron is “not a racist”, and that when he was manager of West Bromwich Albion he signed three black players. However, Ian Wright has claimed “Every time I see Ron Atkinson he is making the latest popular racist joke at me and I don’t really want to hear that.”

          There are a few theories on people who make racist remarks but genuinely appear not to be racist. My view is that they do have ingrained racist attitudes that they normally manage to supress (and may deny), but which are still there. On a conscious level they are able to be tolerant and reasonable, but they also can’t help saying racist things (perhaps without realising what they are saying).”


          • gortnamona,

            The race issue is not black and white (forgive the crudity). The defence that I’m suddenly going to call the Atkinson Defence ( with no reference to anyone living or dead or otherwise capable of dragging me into court) is a treacherous one.

            The test is to apply it elsewhere.

            Though technically possible has anyone ever claimed that the are not (lets say) a murderer, but that they simply can’t stop stabbing people and mean no harm by it.

            I say it’s possible, psychology is complex. The defence is ( Paul forgive me for I know not what I say) diminished responsibility or insanity.

            Getting back to serious issues of derogatory racial comments, It’s not a conversation you would wish to have with the CEO of a company you had just invested in, or even a TV pundit and sometime football manager.

            No matter how they choose to deflect their statements.

            A lot of people myself included would be happy to talk to and assist those with racial issues. Help is always at hand though sometimes demand exceeds supply.

            With this proviso, first the position of power and influence has to be relinquished.

          • Ed Paisley

            Interesting stuff. For me the disgusting language used by Atkinson marked him out as a genuine racist so I’m not surprised by what Wrighty said. The three black players Atkinson had at WBA were simply outstanding footballers – Regis, Cunningham (sadly killed in a car crash aged 33) and Batson. Even the most rabid racist would have played these guys if he was interested in being successful (WBA finished third in the old first division in 1978-79).

            Is Chico a racist? I agree with you, on the surface it is playful, but the undercurrent is “know your place Imran”. However subconscious it may be, the racist language is intended to wound.

            • @Ed

              “the undercurrent is “know your place Imran””

              Nail on the head mate.

            • Ed, I would suggest it is not know your place Imran. I think it has more to do with the fact it is Chicco who knows his place! Chicco resents the fact that Imran is top dog! He would probably have “get t’kettle on” jibes for a female boss…..All in jest of course!

  11. mcfc

    The first principle of crisis management – and that is what TRFC are in desperate need of – is to assemble all the facts and build a believable, sustainable story around them. then present that story honestly – warts and all – and stick to the story. Of course any contradictory facts that emerge later just make the honest story appear like a cynical cover-up. Now TRFC have just a few problems with this approach

    1) Only Green and Ahmad at TRFC seem to know all the “facts” and are they probably have most to lose by sharing – nd can they even remember/agree the facts.

    2) Whyte has recorded “facts” that he can leak as and when it suites him

    3) There are “facts” that TRFC and maybe SFA, SPL and SFL never want to see the light of day – e.g. 5 Way Agreement

    4) Some “facts” are so toxic that they would cause a fire-sotrm bigger than the current crisis eg Whyte controls Ibrox

    5) Some “facts” may lead to jail time – shafting the shaft-meister may be a good lark – but does that make it legal.

    So there we have it – Lasagne with horse meat, cars that injure customers, banks that rip-off customers, multi-nationals (and comedians) that avoid tax, airliners with cracked wings, failing engines and burning batteries – they are all recoverable.

    But Whyte and Green skipping into the sunset with TRFC’s cash – now that’s a tough one.

  12. Felpen

    Is it not a little bit ironic this guy ( with absolutely no proof) says Sevco are playing in the Scottish third division because of bigotry afflicted on his club by the Scottish people, ( Is then proven ) to be a lier and a bigot themself!

    • Monti

      It’s their way Felpen, they like to do & say as they wish without recourse of course, a bit like 25,000 of them singing about killing Catholics at Hampden, the outcome? The Justice secretary Kenny Macaskill gives them a glowing report for the atmosphere they were creating??? You see it’s not a football thing, it’s institutionalized in Scotland, the powers that be are sectarian.

  13. Budweiser


    Rangers chief Charles green to face ‘ a grilling ‘ tomorrow by the Ibrox board, after the game with Clyde.

  14. scottc

    I really don’t know where Walter gets this image of being some sort of sage. He always struck me as being a little bit thick.

    • May yet turn out to be a stuffed chicken. Now where did I put those onions?

    • ecojon


      He reminds me of a boss I once had who never actually made a decision and never said anything but just stood and nodded his head in agreement.

      Plus he was a very sharp dresser and that seemed to go down well with the directors.

      I always remember when he was finally totally caught out and exposed as useless especially when he was told that scruffy little me the scheme boy was replacing him 🙂

  15. JohnBhoy

    Craig Whyte’s business M.O. was beautifully simple, if somewhat heartless: sniff out a failing business, take them over, make a profit, then do a runner; ditto Charles Green. We now know that they were in cahoots from the word go. Green fucked Whyte right up the arse and now Whyte is returning the favour, with interest. In the weekend that Thatcher is to be buried, here we have two of Thatcher’s disciples following her selfish capitalist creed to the letter and destroying a club, not once, but twice; and the establishment club at that, all wrapped in red, white and blue!

    Green is costing The Rangers dear. His belligerence and enthusiasm for division and strife have made The Rangers few friends. His past statements, though contradictory, brightened up our mornings; however, he has been caught out lying about the formation of The Rangers – the consequences of which could have serious legal ramifications for individuals and for The Rangers. He is also under investigation for alleged racist remarks. Add to that the precarious financial position of the club – no credit line, losing £1m per month, severe cost cutting required etc. – then we have a club in crisis.

    The Rangers has two options. One, do nothing; two, sack Green. The investigations on the horizon are coming fast and thick and bring nothing but bad news for The Rangers. If The Rangers do nothing, then they are doomed – death by a thousand self-inflicted cuts. If they sack Green they might still be doomed but by doing so they at least give themselves a lifeline: a fresh start – the one they thought they had under Green – an opportunity to build bridges, a chance for the club to act as one, pulling in the same direction, for the benefit of the club, not for someone’s pension pot.

    Personally I would like to see the club die, again. They had a chance to come back to life and ditch their odious past but, no, they had to come out fighting and cussing and threatening and singing their anti-Catholic pish and demanding orange tops and hello hello we are the billy boys and all that sectarian shite from last century.

    BUT I am told that there are, apparently, decent fans at the club. Well, where are you? If this was happening to Celtic we would be outside Parkhead right fucking now demanding Green’s head. In fact, we would tell the whole useless Board to get to fuck and never darken our door – for it is our club – again. So, take your club back, while you can, come to a deal with Craigie (who hasn’t he taped? Lol) and hope the authorities have mercy on you. If you do succeed, remember this: fighting is not the same as supporting.

    First things first, though. Sandaza that bugger Green: have a quick investigation then send him on his way.

    • Budweiser


      BBC NEWS.
      Green and Ahmed ‘ compiling a dossier ‘ to hand to police re. alledged ‘ blackmail by Craig Whyte’.

      I don’t know about you , but I’m finding it difficult to keep up with all this, as it is moving so fast !

    • Monti

      You of course mean MEMO… like their banner

    • Johnbhoy,

      Charles Green is now a serious threat to the hopes and aspirations of decent Rangers supporters.

      The expression ‘bull in a china shop’ does in this instance a disservice to the bull.

      A bull would have more tact.

      • JohnBhoy

        Entirely agree Martin. Green is now the story and that is bad news for Rangers.

        I had a talk with a Rangers supporter the other day and he just seemed dazed and sick of the whole affair. Don’t blame him but if they all sit on their hands and watch while the main protagonists slug it out in public and/or the courts then I doubt if the club will survive much longer.

      • ecojon


        What’s the difference between a bull and chuckles owning a china shop?

        The bull has enough sense not to smash everything to bits as his livelihood comes from the shop and he also knows that he might injure himself on all the broken china.

        • ecojon,

          I can only see chuckles sitting on splinters of his own devising.

          head held in those big ‘ands, and the words No No No echoing plaintively around the shop.

          The shop next door by contrast is doing a roaring trade in ice cream. 🙂

          • tykebhoy

            OT but for anyone watching Daybreak last week, the two, obviously, wrong answers to their multiple choice quiz were Ice Cream and Jelly. Now that’s taking the Biscuit (the correct answer)

    • JohnBhoy, I don’t know how Greens shareholding would function in the event of a sacking, but if he keeps hold of them, and again, I may be being naive here, but would he, as a leading shareholder not be able to inflict a lot of damage on Sevco, when the lock.-in period ends?

      • JohnBhoy


        Barca, what I know about shares you could write on an ant’s balls. Eco, Paul et al are your fountains of knowledge on that subject.

      • @barca

        Not sure he could do much – while he is the major shareholder he’s far from a majority, so anything he tried could quite easily be voted down by the board.

        At worst I think he could perhaps try to destabilise the share price by dumping his holding all at once, but that would be the most pyrrhic of victories, and wouldn’t harm Sevco as such.

    • gary brown

      fkn great post m8.but they just wont listen,i think theyre totally fkd this time.

  16. JimBhoy

    @JohnBhoy I am so longing for option 1… The fun must go on… Chico needs to work on some feminist comments, he looks a bit like Sid James also… He has insulted most…

    • ecojon


      I thought he had done some digging with the feminist comments when referring to his days at the coal face. Did he not say something about women should be sent back down the mines.

      He was probably just joking right enough you know what these Yorkshire puddings are like 🙂

  17. mcfc

    RST statement concludes “As he [Whyte] is alleging collusion between himself, Mr Green and Mr Ahmad, we believe that the situation now requires judicial examination and recommend that Mr Green and Mr Ahmad instigate legal proceedings against Craig Whyte without delay.”

    How endearingly naive of RST – Green is more likely to drive a silver spike through his own heart that face the cleansing glare off a court room.

    This is matched only by Chris Graham’s “Green is paying for excellent advice on how to deal with the media and then discounting it. There are people at the club, like Jim Traynor, who, if Green will show some sense, can ensure a much better image of the club is portrayed to the media whilst also making sure we are no longer whipping boys.”

    Jim Traynor, urbane, debonair, sophisticated PR genius was probably the one who advised Green to use the P pretty damn quick – before word before Craig releases another volleyy of recording. Why else would green volunteer such pure idiocy.

  18. Monti

    Can you imagine being a technician at the Manchester UEFA cup final? 5 mins before kick off, being in control of the big screens showing the match? Paul – ” Monti that plug switches all the screens off” “I couldn’t” paul- ” Go for it”…….” aye, fk it” – the rest is history. Could you really not pull the plug?

  19. JT on Charles Greens recent TV media appearances:

    Seriously boss…(fingers thrust in ears), I CAN’T HEAR YOU! WHAT?LALALALALALA.

  20. Monti

    Paul, David is calling me a bigot 🙂 could I have everybody’s attention for a minute please…if you think I’m a sound enough bloke,give me a thumbs up, if you think I’m a bigot give me a thumbs down…i will accept the majority verdict whatever it is, with grace. Agreed David? ….Go for it folks…..:)

    • ecojon


      Is that the David that launches an attack on Celtic over banning figures compared to Rangers and then can’t produce the evidence to back-up his claims?

      Tbh I certainly wouldn’t bother too much about what he says about anything 🙂

    • JohnBhoy


      Monti, you are not a bigot. Like myself, and others, you can be a bit rum (I personally like the way you stick up for your team and religion), but that is no justification for David’s constant and tiresome carson-type refrains: “Bigot! Liar!!” When the same puss is served on him, he goes in a straw puff, and so do his posh pals (Maggie, do you like the alliteration?).

      You have tried to offer him the hand of friendship, or at least agree a ceasefire, but he resists and continues to malign your character. That’s unfortunate because I do think he can put a reasonable and interesting case on issues, even where I disagree. In fact, when I first saw his posts I thought, “I like him – he’s good”. Alas, he fell to name calling while simultaneously falling victim to the very accusation he placed on your shoulders. As they say, the ball is in his court.

      • david

        I offered Monti a chance to retract his vile posts supporting murder.
        And his many lies.
        He did not, he resorted to puerile abuse, as have you.
        I cannot understand why you all keep bringing religion into it. I am what could be termed a liberal Protestant and no great fan of Catholic theology but I do recognise that overall it is a great force for good and if it gets people through this testing world all the better. My holiday home is on the most Catholic island in Europe, ironically the most pro-British and where the words No Surrender really meant something.I am friends with the local priest and have a collection of bottles of Holy Water which he keeps giving me for some reason. I tell him they will come in handy if vampirism erupts in Scotland.
        In a previous post I explained past connections to Celtic.
        I HATE this stupid squalid wee dispute that we have.
        I am interested only in the future of Scotland of equals. I cannot understand why people here get involved in the politics of another country.
        Ireland is ( almost ) at peace, let them be and find their own solutions.
        If I have the choice of supporting Ireland or England at any fixture , I choose Ireland.

      • david

        34 people so far disagree with you.
        Monti asked for a verdict and got it.

        • Monti

          I never put a time scale on the vote David…..stop getting excited now…

          • david

            As far as I am concerned the argument is over.
            Im away for the weekend.

            Actually I think there may a better person trying to get out.
            Thats me .
            Im off.

            No more feuding.
            Good wishes and a good weekend to everyone, I mean everyone who posts here.

          • david

            Monti, this feud , to me, is OVER.
            See my other post.
            Its not a neverendum, its a snapshot
            37 people so far think that YOU ARE a bigot.
            You asked-you lost.
            But underneath it all, I think you have just taken things far too far for whatever reason.
            You dont REALLY support murder , do you?

            Now I really need to shoot.

            • JohnBhoy


              Have a nice weekend David. Come back refreshed. If you do not have the stats previously requested, no matter, but you really should drop this bigot/liar nonsense.

            • Monti

              I stand by every single word I’ve said! You know what to do with your olive branch….you have insulted me on many occasions…apologize & we may move on. Savage,McCann & Farrell, you are in my heart tonight!

        • Monti


      • Maggie

        Alliteration noted and approved of 10/10. 🙂

    • david

      Im not just calling you a bigot, which is obvious from your posts stating that huns have no teeth, stink of urine, etc, but also a liar which is an indisputable fact, by your own admission.
      And your vile support of murder.
      I couldnt care less how many thumbs up you get as many posters here will post in favour of you as you ( to them ) may be seen as part of their ” side “.
      But dont let it kid you. Many decent posters here know exactly what you are. You delight at having found a friend in Johnboy who in the last few days has disparaged the intelligence of at least 5 posters.
      Shows lack of self-esteem, lack of confidence, lack of argument.
      You and Micks posts a few days ago cheering bombers were truly despicable.

    • david

      Well, there is your answer Monti.
      Not what you expected, eh?
      You are a bigot, I was correct.

      Confirms what I always knew, the majority of Celtic fans, like fans everywhere, are decent.

      Now I am off for the weekend but will find that information for Johnboy/ Ecojon and that will settle all arguments..

      • JohnBhoy


        David, there you go again with this bigot claim. If I put up a question “Is @david a liar?” then I’m sure I would get many responses in the affirmative – it would not constitute proof either way, but that’s the nature of social media. You get numerous TDs for your posts but it does not reflect the veracity of what you say. People fall out and make up on this blog but you seem intent in progressing your vendetta against Monti. Good luck.

        • david

          From an overcast Beauly.
          Check the sequence / timings of the posts.
          These posts to which you refer were put up before I offered Monti an olive branch.
          He rejected it.
          He asked for a verdict- AND GOT IT.

  21. “Who is Manchester United”
    I demand an Emergency Board Meeting ……….. Now !

  22. JohnBhoy


    You make the claim that my qualifications are inferior to yours. Ok, let’s put our qualifications on the table. I suggest that we both take photographs of our qualifications, and any other evidence of academic credibility – in your case that should take only seconds – and send them as email attachments to Paul. He can act as judge. Do you agree? If you win then I’ll eat my PhD.

  23. ecojon


    I have always loved your modesty 🙂

  24. ecojon

    Listening to STV – apparently docs for Sevco 5088 lodged at Companies House show White and Airlie as directiors as well as Chico. If they ain’t forgeries then chico is finished – pure and simple.

  25. arb urns

    There is only one person who has acted honourably throughout this whole sordid tale and that person should be trusted immediately to resolve TTRFC fiasco.

    Heidi Poon.

    • Ed Paisley

      Dr Heidi Poon CA, CTA, PhD
      Intelligence, integrity and common sense. A winning combination.

      • Maggie

        @Ed Paisley
        Ah my BFF Heidi,I wonder how her qualifications stack up against
        “the most highly qualified man in the history of the world EVER” or as we know him,david 🙂

      • Maggie

        @Ed Paisley
        Oh for goodness sake Ed,you men are SO shallow,all you’re interested in
        is intelligence,integrity and common sense 🙂 It’s a good job Heidi and I have our good looks and charm to fall back on 🙂

    • @joseph

      “…Mr Green said, when asked about Mr Whyte and Mr Earley’s involvement in Sevco 5088: “Neither of them had a role in Sevco 5088. That was a company formed by Field Fisher Waterhouse for the purpose of acquiring Rangers.

      “Of course, what everyone knows, in the ensuing weeks, as the model unfolded, Sevco Scotland acquired Rangers, not Sevco 5088.

      “The company that was originally formed was not required and was handed back to Craig Whyte.”

      Maybe I’m being a tad naive here but, If Mr Whyte had no role in Sevco 5088, how could it possibly be “handed back” to him?

  26. Raymilland


    Documents seen by STV show Mr Green’s signature verifying the appointments of Mr Whyte and his associate Aidan Earley as directors of Sevco 5088 Limited.

  27. @eco
    Why a delayed publication request on AIM
    Could be that for such a large amount needed time to round up enough buyers ….. won’t go into other conspiracy theories …… like masked trade ….

    With imminent accounts …… a strange transaction ….

    Where’s the transparency ?

    • Anyway back to MY issue with CG

      Who Is Manchester United ……….. I did warn you at the time Mr G.
      I warned it would go nuclear …….

      So EVERBODY ……………. Go to Compnies House ………

      Nuclear Event Occurred ……..

      Bye Bye Green ………

      Some informed investor got out early …… Needs AIM investigation as well

      RIP RIFC …..

      can I get back to my other passion now ……………………

      • One issue now to resolve ……. the issue of Sevco 5088 RES11 ……….
        Simplified as ‘Right to Assign; …………….

        A KEY jigsaw piece goes into place ………. Henceforth they HAVE to be referred to as Sevco (5088)

        Now who Is Manchester United Ya Muppet …………….. !

        Oh, hows the meeting going Walter …………. ?

  28. Raymilland

    I posted this earlier, it has hee haw to do with the story so far, it just suits my mood at the moment, a wee gem of a clip. If you skip over this link your name must be Carson.

  29. PAUL …………. I demand a response ………..

  30. not nearly dead but really dead

  31. Jamie


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