Charles Green’s Alleged “Offensive and Racist” Comments – Guest Post by Martin

Martin, one of the many regular commenters to whom I am indebted for their attention to the site and their thoughtful and thought-provoking comments, wrote a few days ago about Mr Green’s reference to Mr Ahmad. Martin picked up on the issues raised by Mr Green’s comments before there was any real publicity about them.

I therefore reproduce his comment below, followed by the Notice of Complaint issued yesterday (Wednesday) by the SFA and finally Mr Green’s apology from the Rangers official website. It is good to see that Mr Green has unreservedly apologised at the very first opportunity he had to do so after disciplinary procedures were started against him.

Martin, the floor is yours…


The ability of Charles Green to rally support among the Rangers faithful has produced results. Season tickets and shares have sold like hot pies on a cold afternoon.

The big guy from Yorkshire with his plain speaking was always going to be appealing to those who wanted simple answers to complicated questions. And he garnered an already willing support in droves.

The value of plain speaking is that it hides nothing, it is simple and transparent.

It is as a consequence revealing.

The question for anyone who read Charles Greens latest statements is how the words “Paki” and “Darkie” should be interpreted.

These are words which people of my generation understand all too well, we used them as children. Even as children we knew the purpose of these words was to inflict hurt and to marginalise. We used them anyway, being part of the society around us, fitting in with the group, easily won over any wider concern in our young minds.

Fortunately many of us in adolescence or later broke free from this and learned the error of our ways.

Today we view words like “Paki” and “Darkie” as something belonging to a time capsule from the 1970s, one that should be left buried.

The "Mind Your Language" cast - racial stereotypes were ten for a pound in the 1970s

The “Mind Your Language” cast – racial stereotypes were ten for a pound in the 1970s

Charles Green may have chosen an indirect way of using these words, but he used them none the less. If we are to believe him he continues to use the word “Paki” in reference to his friend.

There is no record of how his friend feels about this, but even if he is happy with it or at least ambivalent, it remains inexcusable.

There are those who wrongly claim that the word “Paki” is simply short for Pakistani in the same way that Scot is short for Scottish.

They could not be more wrong.

The shortened form of the word “Scottish” is part of our culture, it’s in our songs and forms part of the way we see ourselves. To say “I am a Scot” implies a pride in an understood heritage.

The word “Paki” is not one which has a heritage within Pakistan; it is a word which was imposed upon people from that country and indeed from other countries on their arrival in the UK. It was not then nor ever intended to be a term of endearment.

Marginalising people is easy if you stick to something base; ignore culture, language, history, humanity, kinship, evolution and nationality.

People become “Pakis”, “Chinks”, “Darkies”, easily and dangerously dismissed as “other” and consequently unworthy of equality.

Of all the issues that beset the current Rangers CEO this was perhaps the least expected but it should be considered the most damning.

Posted by Martin


Yesterday the SFA issued the following to Rangers and Mr Green.

The Compliance Officer has issued the following Notice of Complaint:

Alleged Party in Breach: Charles Green (Rangers FC)
Date: On or around 6th April 2013
Disciplinary Rule(s) allegedly breached:

(1) Disciplinary Rule 66 (Bringing the game into disrepute by making comments in a media interview of an offensive and racist nature); and

(2) Disciplinary Rule 71 (Not acting in the best interests of Association Football by making comments in a media interview of an offensive and racist nature.)

Principal Hearing Date: Thursday, 25th April 2013

Mr Green has until Wednesday, 17th April 2013 to respond to the Notice of Complaint.

Rule 66: No recognised football body, club, official, Team Official or other member of Team Staff, player, referee, or other person under the jurisdiction of the Scottish FA shall bring the game into disrepute.

Rule 71: A recognised football body, club, official, Team Official, other member of Team Staff, player or other person under the jurisdiction of the Scottish FA shall, at all times, act in the best interests of Association Football. Furthermore such person or body shall not act in any manner which is improper or use any one, or a combination of, violent conduct, serious foul play, threatening, abusive or indecent or insulting words or behaviour.


And Mr Green has now issued one of his encyclicals:-

Rangers Chief Executive Charles Green tonight released the following statement:

He commented: “I apologise unreservedly if any offence has been taken by my remark. I was actually trying to make the point, albeit clumsily, that I am not a racist.

“Imran Ahmad is a close friend and business associate and I would certainly have no cause or wish to offend him.”


I think some of Mr Green’s most recent utterances, including the above, deserve a bit more analysis.

So you will find it …




(it never gets old, does it) 🙂



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  1. JohnBhoy

    I have a dream that one day this nation will rise up and live out the true meaning of its creed: “We hold these truths to be self-evident: that all men are created equal.” I have a dream that one day on the red hills of Georgia the sons of former slaves and the sons of former slaveowners will be able to sit down together at a table of brotherhood. I have a dream that one day even the state of Mississippi, a desert state, sweltering with the heat of injustice and oppression, will be transformed into an oasis of freedom and justice. I have a dream that my four children will one day live in a nation where they will not be judged by the color of their skin but by the content of their character. I have a dream today.
    — Martin Luther King, Jr

    • ecojon


      I believe that speech is one of the most powerful and important that has ever been made because of the immense inspiritational well that it taps into.

      I have quite a few times in my life read it when I faced what appeared to be insurmountable problems and it always helped me be able to face them. Sometimes I wasn’t able to resolve them but I knew I hadn’t just bowed down to them without a fight and as I grew older I realised the real message wasn’t the fine and powerful words.

      It was the empowerment that by not accepting what appeared to be inevitable that some good could be wrought from even the seemingly bleakest situation and that every small victory could set those butterfly wings in motion to create important and visionary changes, not just at a personal level, but far beyond that.

      • iain

        Our hero Eco is never one to knowingly understate things is he?
        “I have quite a few times in my life read it when I faced what appeared to be insurmountable problems and it always helped me be able to face them. ”


        Great post mate! Wonderful!
        🙂 🙂

      • ecojon

        Nice that Martin Luther King can still get under the skin of all those neanderthals and their pet dinosaurs. I hear that the SECC is amazed at the amount of interest coming from across the bridge in their latest exhibition. Still it’s a bit unusual being able to see a long-dead culture being brought back to life even for a week.

        Enjoy and keep the TDs going because it proves I’m getting some things right 🙂

  2. Junior27

    Paul & Martin,

    A good article that gets to the point straight away – unlike Mr Green’s apology.

    His words “I apologise unreservedly if any offence has been taken by my remark” are interesting. They make the fault that of the hearer (“if any offence has been taken”) rather than focussing on his own wrongdoing (“the offence I have clearly caused”).

    This has become a standard in public life in recent years – I’m sorry if you have taken offence is very different to saying simply, I was wrong and I am sorry for that.

    • allyjambo

      His words “I apologise unreservedly if any offence has been taken by my remark” are interesting. They make the fault that of the hearer (“if any offence has been taken”) rather than focussing on his own wrongdoing (“the offence I have clearly caused”).


      It also adds a reservation to his unreserved apology!

      • Paul

        Do not forget this is the guy who thinks a bigot is french for something else. And it is all right to say things like No Surrender to the uneducated all to raise a profile and draw in cash.None of his rhetoric is a mere slip of the tongue, his rhetoric shows exactly the character that he is and what he thinks is acceptable.

  3. Monti

    This man is dangerous, he says he despises sectarianism & bigotry, yet in the last week has used the “paki” reference & ended an interview saying “No surrender”? The man is out of control……..

  4. ecojon

    One of the things I have found amazing is the huge amount of support Green has had on Rangers fans sites for the use of the word p*ki and the fact it wasn’t a racist term.

    In a sense it is a telling pointer as to just how much of a time-warp that many Rangers supporters seem to exist in with regard to culture and politics and obviously religion.

    Personally I support Scotland remaining as part of the UK and am opposed to Scottish independence but that doesn’t blind me to the miseries that the British Empire has wrought on people and that the Union Jack is regarded with fear and contempt throughout the world, I am also acutely aware that many Scots did very well out of centuries of colonialism.

    I think a major problem that lies at the root of a large section of the Rangers support is not just an unwillingness to move on but an inability to adapt to changing conditions which ultimately will lead to their extinction. Sadly this innate fear seems to lead the support into a laager mentality and a belief that if they remain loyal to the old ways that somehow their status quo can be maintained which actual means their supremacy will remain unchallenged.

    And that is the chord I believe that Green has struck deep within them – it’s not as simple as dismissing them pure and simply as racists because I don’t believe the vast majority are. But in supporting Green’s use of a word meant to demean and marginalise they actually express their need to remain in control and for the outsiders to be kept firmly in their place.

    Personally I don’t know if Green is a racist in the criminal sense of the word or just an ignorant buffoon but one thing he certainly has in common with a lot of Rangers fans is that he lives in a cocoon separated from reality and the gradual journey of evolution that all progressive and inclusive societies continually undergo. He is mature and has travelled the world but it seems to have passed him by that some terms are just no longer acceptable.

    It’s not just that they can lead to imprisonment because they are deemed illegal and discriminatory but they are just not acceptable in our modern society. It’s a bit like seat belts in a way – a way of doing things has now gone and despite some early resistance society no longer even gives it a thought when they clunk click.

    For me, the biggest question about Green is not how he has totally managed to miss that whole cultural change in society with regard to racist remarks but why it has surfaced at this time. I have wondered and seen others also wonder whether CW has some tapes which are more revealing of Green’s position with regard to racism then we have already witnessed.

    We know Green will do anything to keep the Rangers fans donating cash to his cause and he even has the orange top to prove it. But racist remarks – what is driving that agenda and I really don’t believe that a significant portion of the Rangers support are racists so I don’t think Green was playing the racist card to please fans and keep them digging deep.

    I just have the feeling that we have more to learn on this front although not from the SFA who will no doubt have the Old French dictionary on hand for Green to swear on that he isn’t a racist and only in a benighted Scotland could that interpretation be placed on his friendly words.

    And, of course, Imrans’s position is important as the recipient of Green’s friendly banter. I have no doubt that many black slaves and their descendants in some parts of America kept nice big grins on their faces when the men in white bedsheets and pointy hats came to call with a burning cross in one hand and a noose in the other. Even their racist oppressors knew it was a ‘front’ but Green claims that Imran apparently is happy with his status.

    I very much doubt that that is actually the case but it reveals just how out of kilter that Green’s mental state appears to be and how backward it truly is.

    There are many individuals and organisations that should hang their head in shame for ignoring what has been done to Rangers and Scottish football and it is time for them to act and act decisively. Even the MSM have started to waken-up although the Glasgow Herald appears wedded to supporting the Establishment line and its favourite football club. It will find as circulation falls that it too is a Titanic waiting to happen because it refuses to change course and start reporting actual events rather than attempting to shape them.

    • iain


      🙂 🙂

    • Maggie

      Morning eco.Chico epitomises the stereotype of the “golf club” bore
      and casual racist.Substitute any other “society” for golf club here eco.You know the the type I mean,he’s already confirmed this for me with his interview containing the offensive words.
      Didn’t he,apropos of nothing,launch into an attack on political correctness,then go on to use the words to prove his point,a point no one asked him about.It definitely smacks of getting his defence in before he’s accused of anything,obviously he knows now that wee Craigie has taped everything…..I can hardly wait.
      You will of course remember that spivvy English football manager eco,
      permatan,dodgy,chavvy Rolex,Ron somebody ( can’t recall his surname)
      who was caught by TV calling a black player a “typical,lazy,thick n*****”
      well he illustrates perfectly Chico’s type.They mourn the passing of the days when minorities,gays,and of course,women knew their place and decry the spoil sports who insist on equality by banging on about how
      political correctness has gone too far.
      As sectarianism is Scotland’s secret shame,so racism is England’s,except it’s not so secret….John Terry anyone? Was his defence not similar to Chico’s: “I call my pals these names all the time and they don’t mind,some of my best friends are black”
      When a racial epithet is the first thing that comes to mind to call someone in a heated exchange,during a football match or anywhere else then you’re a racist.
      I hope the SFA actually hand down a meaningful punishment to him this time.He’s the CEO of a football club,not some pseudo hard man footballer.

    • jimmy white.

      Don’t know if green is a racist, I don’t think so and certainly hope not but what he is guilty of is pandering, pandering to the lower tastes and desires of those that follow his club.

  5. charliedon

    I agree with Junior27 above. I have extensive experience in dealing with complaints. When a mistake has been made the normal response is along the lines of “I apologise unreservedly for any offence/inconvenience/distress etc caused.”
    In cases where I felt I was in the right, my stance was explained then the word “if” is included, i.e. “However, I apologise if you feel any inconvenience….”
    I’m afraid Mr Geen’s apology seems to fall into the second category.

  6. Monti

    I would still like to know who it was that told Fran Sandaza NOT to bless himself in front of their own fans? Utterly disgusting yet unsurprised. A very sad new football club! Was it Green ? Was it Smith? Was it the cheeky chappie? I demand to know?

    • mick

      Good morning Monti who every it was is a racist cunt Scotland is the only place in the world to have these problems in sPort it’s sick

    • ecojon


      I am not sure it was an individual but more the ‘culture’.

      If it is an individual that can easily be dealt with first by a re-education programme and if that doesn’t work then more draconian measures which can ultimately end in the sack.

      But hopefully this kind of thing will disappear and we should never forget the huge strides that have been made all over Scotland by football fans who really have done a lot to change their old, mainly unthinking, ways.

      • Monti

        Morning ecojon, i agree with you on most of what your saying there, however I am totally convinced there are still people at Ibrox who ‘have a word’ & encourage ‘them’ not to bless themselves, unfortunately.

        • ecojon


          I have a feeling that Sandaza might win out of all this furore whether Green goes almost immediately or not. Chico really can’t allow himself to be in any way associated with bigotry – whether of the French or Scottish variety – so Fran might have the last laugh in his pay-off.

          And if the Rangers International NEDS get their act together and remove Chuckles – complete with a tear in his eye and his big pockets from all the Golden Cheerio wonga – then they will want Fran to walk and keep silent which will cost. So win win for Sandaza.

          But this morning’s jubilation on the Darkside that four young Juventus players are coming on-loan to Rangers as a thankyou for using Murray Park is a real lulu. Wonder what will happen in the hallowed decks when they all run on blessing themselves should they actively pursue a faith.

          • iain

            Maybe the same that happened when am Irishman took his place between the posts last night? Nothing.
            Or maybe when the likes of Bumsong, Arteta or Averladze made the sign of the cross at Ibrox? Nothing.

            Perhaps now Sandaza is no longer employed by the club he can come out and explain exactly who (if anyone) at the club told him not to?

          • Monti

            Absolutely, I just think if & I do believe there is,at least one high profile figuring condoning anti- catholic attitudes at the Asbestos dome, it would be welcomed by the footballing public to oust this rat….

      • ecojon

        I see our anonymous bigoted TDs are still clinging to their putrid old ways 🙂

      • BB

        Says you that backed the RIGHT TO HATE CAMPAIGN lasr week. Make your mind up sir. You either abhor hate crime or you support it. Backing a movement thst is trying to legitimize the glorification of sectarian murder gangs is not at all consistent with your comments today. Nor others on here. The comments made by green were wrong, but to get on your moral high horse whilst at the same time effectively condoning the praising of an organization who murdered people because they happened to be a different denomination betrays the true agenda on here. And we all know what that is. Rather than nullify hate, there’s actually plenty of it being spread on here. Say the wrong thing, no matter the context, and it’s public floggings all the way. Murdering someone because they happen to be Protestant, or in the police, or an electrician who happened to do work in an army barracks…..etc…..all of a sudden it’s a free country. Murdering someone because they happen to be different is the worst hate crime if all, bur to a lot of people on here that’s just fine. What an absolute joke. MLK was a great man. I’m certain he would abhor all hate crime in whatever form it took. Not like a large number of the hypocrites on here.

        • ecojon


          If you are referring to me then please provide the evidence to back-up your claims.

          If not referring to me then I will just continue to ignore you as you seldom, if ever, in my experience have a worthwhile point to make that isn’t driven by a bitter hate-filled agenda.

          • iain

            Someone else on the ignore list!

          • BB

            Bitter hate filled agenda…mmm…condemning ALL forms of hate. Some agenda that is! For the record, I was referring to youself and other similar minded. Last week on here you and others defended the demo in george square. And let’s cut to the chase here. Forget the window dressing. That demo by and large was and is being driven by the green brigade. It is pure and simple about defending the right to glorify to sectarian murder. You get all angst ridden and horrified at some ignorant and ill advised statement that belongs to the comedians era of the 70s. Fair enough. But then defend a demo that wants to the right to revere something else that also has no place in our modern society. That of sectarian murder. So make your mind up. Not tolerating ignorance is right. But defending the actions where ignorance takes us just doesn’t make any sense. Which leads me to believe it’s not really about improving society. Its about wanting Ranges wiped off the map.

            • Monti

              Mountain Ranges?

            • JohnBhoy

              “Ranges [sic] wiped off the map”]. But, Sir, surely that has already occurred or has thou developed a time machine?

            • Maggie

              Why don’t you appraise yourself of the facts before you come on here making ridiculous accusations.The gathering in George Square was in defence of civil liberties and against criminalisation of football fans.
              My son and son in law attended the gathering,both highly educated professionals who couldn’t be further from what YOUR perception of the Green Brigade is. That the march passed off without incidence,would be a concept unknown to you and your “peepul” whose usual gatherings end in whole cities being terrorised.

              I knew you,and others like you,would of course believe the disgusting propaganda of the websites associated with your club,then again all you supporters of dignity fc enjoy glorying in the fascist perpetrator of criminal acts of murder,you sing about him every week,while expressing your joy at wading up to your knees in the blood of innocents,so of course you would naturally think that others would too.

              Then again you believed every word that fell from the mouths of your clubs chairmen,including the present incumbent,a man of stultifying stupidity,a self confessed liar and,so it would seem,a racist,and look where that got you.Just to be clear,everything that happened to your football club was of your own doing.Karma’s a bitch.
              Furthermore,neither my son,nor my son in law,nor any member of my
              family has EVER supported terrorism,in Ireland,in the UK,middle east or anywhere and if that march had anything to do with Celtic fans being allowed to “glorify sectarian murder” as you put it,then I can assure you they would have been nowhere near it.Do not try smear my boys,and so many other good,decent men and women because of your innate hatred and bigotry displayed every year at your orange walks and gatherings
              What is it you’re celebrating and commemorating at these if not sectarian murder.

            • Budweiser


              No, No, you’ve got it all wrong. They are merely celebrating their ‘culture and traditions ‘ !

            • Fra

              Bawbags back, spouting utter drivel and unfounded allegations because he’s in pain. The cheating cannot work anymore so your wee team have found their rightful place in Scottish football. I’ll give you a hint, it’s not the top and it’s not the middle. Naw! I’ll help you along. It’s the _ot_om. Fill in the blanks fud.

        • sorrow

          I do hope you’re summing up of murdering scum for being a different religion form you is also aimed at the British army that practice this all over the world and have done so for years!

  7. mick

    The word pxxi is highly offencive used in any manner a have had lots of discussions about it with various cultures it’s sickening how many Scottish lads that are middle eastern descent who has seen this in the papers and on the news must be gutted being Glasgow Irish and on the receiving end of snide remarks myself a can relate to there hurt green must be charged by police and the sfa must throw the book at him imran should sue them and him also he should come out in support of anti racism and condem green for his evil remarks it’s sickening talk and affects people’s life’s .thanks to Paul and Martin for raising the issue for debate My wife was racially abused this week at work by a patient when she came home she said if she was not married to me here then she would leave Scotland she had tears in her eyes also she has in the past suffered at the hands of fellow workers green is a trouble maker bringing this word to the news imran deep down sub caunsiously must be gutted with this

    • ecojon


      I am sorry to hear about your wife and, not that I offer any excuses, but you mention the hospital context and sadly many patients have terrible fears and can’t discuss them or vent their anger and terror on family and visitors. So the target I’m afraid becomes people working in the hospital.

      It isn’t right and shouldn’t happen but I think it helps a little to know why. It could of course be that the person was a racist pure and simple. By your wife remaining she helps change society and plays her part in building a better one.

      • mick

        We shall not be moved ,well said ecojon the wife feels the younger the patient the more multi cultural they are to this a can understand due ancient attitudes but 99% of racism can be laid indirectly at government immigration policies neo conservative articles in msm keep race a issue when it should not be racism in Scotland affects all cultures and faiths things have got better offer the last few years but green has set the mindset back it’s a great topic to debate as it can help the situation most recently most racism has been aimed at eastern Europeans which is sad as they embraced us only to be abused

      • Maggie

        As I said above eco,when a racial epithet is the first thing that comes to your mind to call someone in a stressful situation,then you’re a racist I’m afraid.I cannot imagine how ill or in pain I’d have to be to racially abuse a health worker.No amount of stress or suffering would cause me to do this.

    • JimBhoy

      @Mick shocking mate, you have my sympathy, in fact the cretins involved have my sympathy too, very shallow lives they must lead..I hope they choke in their SuperLager breakfast…

      My missus is regularly verbally abused in her care job, seems the way of things these days for professions where you go out to help any and all.

      • mick

        jim things are getting better in this country due to changing attitudes but a see London as the bench mark in universalism but greens comments must be clapped down on as it sets us back decades

        • Maggie

          Tell your wife to hold her head high and report these people to the
          authorities or the police.
          I wonder how they would have felt if your wife had withdrawn her medical attention and left them to suffer in pain or discomfort,which she was entitled to do mick.She’s obviously the better person.

          • mick

            @Maggie she swapped patient with fellow co worker when it happened unless they have dementia then she reports it when she first came to Britain she settled in London then moved to Scotland and met me (lucky her lol)she loves Scotland and our culture but feels England is more universal than us although these incidents are isolated its embarrassing not only at work but some of my friends and family say wrong things my brother use to call her kabab which to me is racist also my cousin that’s sevcoian sends me sick pat and mick jokes 1 time it included the p word what we are debating she phoned him and gave him hell a kind of fell out with him to over it but he has never texted the jokes again these are small incidents isolated there is more serous thing s like violence and bullying but if we as a nation have 0 tolerance at verbal level then this will decrease as well Scotland is changing for the better and its all down to education things are improving and we are becoming more aware of others feelings so its not all doom and gloom to be non EU and work here
            if people want to come here we should treat them with respect and if peoples forefathers are different from us it should not be a issue what we have to remember is the old saying never judge a book by its cover its whats inside that counts ,the more we highlight its wrong the less it will happen so its good that our academics keep there eye on the ball

            • Maggie

              Great post mick,you and your wife keep your dignity and prove these
              people wrong.

            • JohnBhoy

              mick, your woman is a model of pride and dignity and refuses to be trampled upon. What a woman! Bravo. And to have you at her side – there is hope for Scotland.

      • Maggie

        God Jim,what is WRONG with people that they abuse those giving them help.What is happening to society? I know Margaret Thatcher claimed there was no such thing,and I would have argued that there most definitely was,but now Jim,I’m not so sure.Those who work in the care system cannot be paid highly enough in my opinion.

        • JimBhoy

          @Maggie she doesn’t need to work but loves the job, very much a people’s person and someone who gets on instantly with everyone.. If I am honest she could do way better in her career but has the perfect traits for the job she is doing and gets satisfaction from it. Would take a lot for her to leave that..

          I suppose we all have to deal with eejits now and again in our jobs, mine however are mainly Directors and above or the occasional jobsworth just in the door with ideas above their station.

  8. Monti

    For over one hundred years Rangers (IL) had a sectarian signing policy that was allowed by the football authorities in Scotland to go unchallenged, only when UEFA started to shift uncomfortably in their plush Swiss seats regarding this club, did things begin to make Rangers (IL) look at what was coming.
    I remember the day Murray & Souness sat at a press conference announcing the signing of Mo Johnston ( I wasn’t amused), their first high profile Catholic signing, Celtic fan & ex Celtic player ( this is still painful for me to pen,Johnston was my hero when he was at Celtic, why did you do it Mo? I can’t forget or forgive what you done to the club & fans) anyway…i remember Rangers (IL) fans burning their scarves & season books? What for this was a quality striker, oh I was forgetting he was CATHOLIC wasn’t he, then we had a spell where they would sign Catholic players but curiously didn’t bless themselves in front of their fans? Why? I actually think it’s up to the Rangers (IL) fans to move away from their own past, STOP singing about the POPE & KILLING CATHOLICS, encourage Catholic players to bless themselves on the pitch, it will break the chains of discrimination & remove the shackles of hatred once & for all! We are all the same, go on Rangers fans put your hand out & welcome Catholics into your world.

    • ecojon

      I have had personal experience of Maurice and have never regarded him as anything more than a Ned and that never changed no matter what football jersey he was wearing.

      • Monti

        I just don’t know how he could have put that shirt on his back??? Le petit merde…..

      • JimBhoy

        He married a girl from my home town so he used to go shopping with her when he was in town, he was a celtic man at that time and I actually saw him pay for an old lass’s shopping in Asda just because he was behind her in the Q.. I thought that was pretty nice of him.

    • iain

      You recall (expired) season tickets being burned?
      Do you also happen to recall the figures of season tickets sold for the season starting immediately after the signing of Johnston? Was it higher or lower than the previous year?

      I do like as well I have to say, that you are allowed to hate Johnston (and barely be able to type his name apparently) for purely football reasons, but that you do not allow the thought to enter your head that Rangers fans might have been aghast for the same reasons at the thought of an ex-Sellick player signing for Rangers.

      As for players making the sign of the cross…..several Rangers players have done so without note.
      The subject is simply one of the last straws for the Sellick minded to cling to. It used to be that we would never have an RC as a club captain, then a manager.
      You have to ask why you are so desperate to hang on to a supposed policy which was discarded more than a generation ago.

      Let go of your hatred Monti….it will do you good.

      • Felpen

        Artur Boruc.

        • iain

          What about him?
          Horrible man? I agree.
          Rightly cautioned by police for his disgusting “sex act” gesticulation.

          • Felpen

            Wonderful man a giant amongst men a legend of scottish football. He bless himself at Ibrox and…. as Iain is the expert on people blessing themself at ibrox why not tell us all what happened?

            • iain

              He added in a disgusting “sex act” gesture afterwords and was correctly dealt with by police.

              The “wonderful man” who felt at home amongst racist, fascist football hooligans? Great guy .

          • JohnBhoy

            Making the sign of the cross is a “disgusting sex act” but saying “paki” is a term of endearment.

        • Monti

          Morning Felpen, it was the same when Packie Bonner blessed himself before facing a penalty…

          • Felpen

            Morning Monti, I’m just feeding the wee village idiot rope to pass the time 🙂

            • iain

              Perhaps you can also tell us why the likes of Neil McCann was systematically abused at CP? (Not to mention his parents home)

              Or staying on topic, why the “non-religious” Sellick fans whipped themselves into a frenzy of excitement any time the said “holly goalie” made the sign of the cross in front of them?

      • Monti

        Where is your evidence that a number of Rangers (IL) have blessed themselves on the field of play or coming onto the field of play,without the minority (cough) of your fans barracking him? There is a difference also in what you point out regarding Johnston, he was my hero as a kid & was coming back to the club an even better player than when he left, he then signed for Rangers (IL) for more money!!! Nothing to do with protestants or religion why I despise le petit merde…..however the reaction from Rangers (IL) fans had EVERYTHING to do with religion!!

        • Monti

          Also you can’t say Rangers (IL) fans didn’t like him for footballing reasons….because he was at his peak & a top European class striker…..& a wanker!

          • iain

            And an ex-Sellick player

            • Monti

              So what do they have against an ex- Celtic player?……aaah because we are seen as the Catholic club! See it’s the Catholic thing again & you know it!…….shameless.

            • iain

              Yep….Glasgow. The only city in the world where you can’t simply have a thing about your oldest rivals players or ex-players.
              It just has to be about religion

      • coatbrigbhoy

        The club/company may have tried to move on, yet those that buy the tickets are still living in the dark ages. more than a wee handful bursting their lungs,

  9. mick

    MVL seems to be the ineomics of the day just a rumour but hay you never know (members volunteery agreement ) lOl

    • ecojon


      I think there are far too many spiv fingers in the pie – get that mick – for any of them to ever be able to agree how to divvy it up.

      No race is a race to see who can collect the most wonga and get out the door as fast as possible. On past boasts it would appear Chico Lightfoot might have a sporting advantage but he may well yet trip and be brought crashing down with all the taped we craigie has strewn in his path.

      But personally I always watch-out for the quiet guys and the smilers and the ones who operate stealth technology to stay off the radar and there’s a cast of dozens in that lot.

      Still should provide plenty of entertainment during the summer silly season. I wonder if JT has ripped-up the book and started again. We’ve always known what the ending would be but the beginning is hurriedly being rewritten and nobody has a clue yet about the filling in the middle although as the MSM find some cojones it appears succulent lamb is off the menu – horse sh*t is in of course as befits such a racing man as Chico. Still he seems a bit weak on the tipster front IMO.

      • Maggie

        Correct eco,it’s the below the radar guys who have the real clout.
        Notice we NEVER hear from Brian Stockbridge.Wasn’t there some talk a while ago about him being the real power in Sevco?
        Btw I completely agree with your assessment of Maurice Johnstone eco.

  10. Carntyne

    It has taken a year of comments from Green, almost all of which could be regarded as bringing the game into disrepute, for compliance officer Vincent Looney to finally summon Chuckles to Hampden for an explanation.

    Is this a new world record?

    • ecojon

      @ carntyne

      No he has been summoned before on a similar offence.

      Where the new world record would arise would be if the SFA actually applied a meaningful penalty. I will not add, if proven Guilty of the charge, because we have all seen what he said, seen his justification of it and read his non-apology.

      But with the help of the Old French dictionary and a new SFA rule, whose ink is still wet, I seriously don’t expect another Rangers world Record.

    • Maggie

      Mr Lunny has more serious breaches of the rules to deal with.Didn’t some football manager recently commit the worst breach ever?
      No,not that one who was demanding the names of a disciplinary panel,the one who swore on the touchline…..horrendous behaviour,I can hardly believe such terrible things happen,appalling,football manager swears at game.What is happening to the world :- )

  11. mick

    @eco the last last week has seen it get worse than when whyte was there its sad that the sfa did not do proper diligence in to green and d&ps its a mess and is only going to end with the club in tatters agian a read a article last night about operation hornet d&ps popped up so there is shady past deals via them its well a mess ,as for jabba hes 1 slippery man

  12. Raymilland

    The The Rangers’ new club crest:

    clasped hands and snake

    Their football club devoured itself; assisted by Murray, Whyte & Green. Of the three ‘gents’; Green is by far the most odious.

  13. JimBhoy

    I am waiting intently for the day old Sticklebricks gets back into the snakeoil salesman days with Chico, checked today all useless BS, however he did leave this statement..
    TOMORROW…..The inside story on the crisis which engulfs Rangers!

    A couple of weeks back the biggest club in Scotland were heralding great new revenue streams, sponsorships, shops opening, rangers academies worldwide, ton of money in the bank, £5m warchest, £10m warchest, new players coming, winning verdicts (apparently) etc etc… Now it is a crisis…Seems reality has kicked in, eyes been opened and fear factor back again.. Camp is split, Chico seems to have peaked and now heading speedily towards the nadir maybe as quick as he found the ‘go faster’ button on the escalator to the heart of the fans (well most fans)..

    Getting back to old sticklebricks I feel he is doubting things now and when Wattie speaks out or does walking away I think that will be the trigger for the senile old git to start back pedalling, can’t wait…

    Maybe it’s just me but when this sorts itself out and the next new man comes in to take charge I reckon we could see a further repeat of all this nonsense, Bears accepting the next great saviour then finding out he was just taking another chunk out of the blue cash cow… It could go on for years

  14. JohnBhoy

    The stages leading up to Charles Green’s apology are telling:

    1. Hint at the unfairness of political correctness:

    “When I played at Worksop Town, the other striker was ‘Darkie’ Johnson. Now if I say that today I could go to jail.”

    [Charlie, if you already knew that, then why did you boast about referring to Imran as your “paki friend”?]

    2. Attack those criticising his remark:

    “It is unfortunate that Show Racism the Red Card has fallen into the trap of taking something out of context and giving a knee-jerk reaction.”

    3. Apologise, but only if the remark caused any offence

    “I apologise unreservedly if any offence has been taken by my remark.”

    [So, it’s acceptable to go round the houses shouting nigger, paki, darkie, as long as nobody “takes offence”?]

    Charles Green should not have made the remark. Worse, he should not have boasted about making it, particularly in the knowledge that use of the equally offensive term “darkie” could land you in trouble with the police. Even worse, he should not have tried to justify such a remark – he should have jumped to stage 3, and without adding any conditional phraseology.

    There are also those against racism who will be disappointed that Imran accepted such a “term of endearment” in the first place. It is noticeable, though, that Imran did not jump to Charles Green’s defence.

    In 1920s Britain, the word “nigger” was deemed “an insult by the person described, & betrays in the speaker, if not deliberate insolence, at least a very arrogant inhumanity” (A Dictionary of Modern English Usage, 1926). In the 60s, the word was condemned outright: “the term that carries with it all the obloquy and contempt and rejection which whites have inflicted on blacks” (A Dictionary of Modern English Usage, 1965). The word “paki” should be treated with no less disdain.

    Notwithstanding his apology – which we should accept – Charles Green has damaged himself, his club and attempts by Scotland to move towards a multi-cultural society. When the establishment club behaves in such a way, it reflects badly on the establishment, and on society in general.

    • Maggie

      There you go with the intellectual discourse again JB.Are you trying to confuse Arseon? You know when he’s “confused” we all suffer,and he’s very easily confused as we know. 🙂
      Seriously,good post JB

  15. I would applaud Chicco’s apology…If it was one If he was truely contrite. and there was the smallest hint of an attitude change from him.
    Unfortunately, I don’t believe he is sorry. and it will take a long time for him to remove the words from his natural vocabulary.
    This apology was made, not to erradicate racism, or genuine regret at the use of the word.
    It was made because in PR terms, he was on a hiding to nothing! That is something he does understand!
    The half baked appology, was not heart-felt or sincere! It was a strategy.
    The man will not change, but hopefully he is not too ” Strong in t’arm, Thick in t’ed,” to use it again so freely. Thus polluting young or easily moulded minds.
    I am afraid that is the best we can hope for from his sort.

  16. mcfc


    Excellent post. For a word like “Paki” to reach your lips it – and the ideas it encapsulates – must exist in the mind to such a degree that it manages to escape through all the filters of decency, consideration and social norms. Some words just can’t be said in any context without revealing the inner man.

  17. Geddy Lee

    Goodness Gracious Me!!!!. This man really is a disgrace.

    Are the heaving hordes on the Bear’s Den Forum blaming Scotland’s Asian Population for “the rangers” chaotic state yet ?

    They are certainly not blaming Green, instead, a howling at the moon mentality still reigns supreme, as the Lawwell controlled media try and drive a wedge between Green and the hordes( Latest party line lol)

    Marvellous stuff, and in keeping with the club’s inability to face the truth.

    As for McCoist, he becomes more and more of a laughing stock with each laptop loyal article.

    Incidentally, have any of the Laptop Loyal sought an Interview with Green’s victim to find out what he makes of being subjected to such ignorant language on a daily basis?

    No of course not.

    Where is Traynor in all this? Remember the pathetic “warnings” he was handing out to all insundry when Green hired him. What on earth does he do for his pay?

  18. Geddy Lee

    I have a round black thing with a hole in the middle.

    Is this a record? ( I’m here all week)

  19. mick

    while we are on the subject of racism a feel Scotland is not what you would class as a racist country although were sectarian our education system has worked well to combat it and our services strive to eradicate it so its not all doom and gloom for people in this country of a different back ground green is from planet mars and is a fool and its good that young people can see his attitude is outdated and regonise it so that’s progress for us and something we should be thanking our education system for

  20. Budweiser

    martin. Once again.a well thought out post, which reflects my own views on chico. – Thanks.

  21. Geddy Lee


    Green has just been crowned BNP “Man of the year”.

    There will be a new orange top to commemorate this latest trophy win by “the rangers”available
    from all “the rangers” outlets priced……..

    Wait a minute, rangers outlets? hmmmm . I knew there was something still missing. This despite Green’s promises of “a shop in the airport” and a mega store on every street corner from here to Bancock. Although to be fair, he did state the airport shop would stay open “As long as it’s profitable” LOL.

    Can you imagine the level of humiliation the hordes would feel if it closed because it was losing money?

    I wonder if we will ever see a “the rangers” mega store in our life times. With chico’s track record you would have to be a sevcovian to think that@s going to materialise any day soon.

  22. JohnBhoy

    I note the increase in white noise coming from Ibrox to quickly deflect from Daft Charlie. The latest mince is delight at unspecified exponential wealth creation as a result of the launch of their Rangers Business Alliance initiative. It’s been going for less than one week.

  23. Geddy Lee

    Maggie, try this one..

    How do you turn a duck into a soul singer?

    Put it in the microwave until it’s BILL WITHERS.

    laugh or be ever known as a misery guts !!!!

    • Maggie

      @Geddy Lee
      I’m laughing here, I’m laughing ( read like Dustin Hoffman in Midnight Cowboy ) 🙂
      You’ll have the league against cruel sports onto you G. Lol

  24. Fra

    Was driving on the freeway, on my way to work his afternoon and happened across a registration plate on the car in front of me. ZOMB1ES. I don’t think the driver of said car understood the significance of his plate but it fair gave me a wee chuckle to myself. Driver of that motor, you made my day

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