Ecojon’s Thoughts on the Passing of Baroness Thatcher

I have had many thoughts over the milk-snatcher’s death and have tried hard to control the hatred I once felt for her over the savage destruction not just of the mining industry but of the tight-knit communities and their people also destroyed as part of their punishment for opposing the Tories and bringing them down. I lived through these times and was deeply involved in the struggle and it is hard to forgive.

But being older, and definitely no wiser, and having attended a funeral of a good person on Saturday I have tried to see her not as the cruel and very damaged piece of work that she undoubtedly was, but as just another human being with all her frailties who has reached the end of the road. Not that I have any criticism for those who have celebrated her passing – after all the Establishment will celebrate it in a slightly different way at her State Funeral.

But then I saw last night that she no longer lived in her London home but had moved to a hotel room nearby as she was very much alone in her latter days. Somehow it seems a fitting epitaph for the woman who tried to destroy the whole concept of ‘society’ and who certainly damaged it in large swathes of the UK and even in far-flung countries. At the end of the day the lowly-paid people who will never be part of Cameron’s ‘Big Society’ were the ones she was entrusted to and I feel sure were compassionate in their treatment of her.

As to the Falklands – anyone with a crumb of intelligence knows that this could have been dealt with through diplomacy but she needed a ‘good’ war to ensure electoral survival. Many brave soldiers, from both sides, lost their lives far from home in a war that should never have happened.

I simplisticly used to think way back then that it would be cheaper to relocate everyone from the Falklands back in the wild areas of the UK and fully support them financially to pursue the kind of lifestyle they appear to desire. A Highland Clearance in reverse so to speak.

But silly me – way back then I knew nothing about the oil reserves around the Falklands; hadn’t realised that we might one day have to rely on their teeming fish-stocks; and also the geographic importance of the islands for the inevitable despoilation of Antarctica for its mineral resources once the ice has receded a bit further.

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  1. martin c

    25,000 and counting

  2. Has ever the death of a British premier, ever provoked street parties, …..In Britain.

  3. ecojon

    Just watched STV – Green is finished and the Board of Rangers International needs to sack him or resign. This sham just cannot continue – the tape of Green and Whyte is devastating for Green. Allegations of Racism is the least of his worries.

    Amazing that STV have turned on him – more later on the late show.

    • GWG

      Ecojon~~~ is there not something about he cant be sacked for a while yet as they are a NEW company!!!

    • JohnBhoy


      I agree eco. Charlie’s history. STV stitched him up good and proper – he never saw them coming. Incidentally, an excellent piece from you above – intelligent and genuine as ever. Well done.

      • Budweiser


        At the end of Scotland Tonight’s piece:- ‘Rangers FC will not be issuing any further statements as these matters are now in the hands of our lawyers.
        They will be ‘ pleading the 5th’ next!

        • I think they will have plenty to say Bud.SB’s don’t sell themselves. Lol.
          It’s a horrid murky world they live in, if money made me like that, I would give it all away!

          • Budweiser


            eco posted earlier that the share price had dipped below 70p for the first time today – albeit only temporarily as it is still 70.5p. What he didn’t mention was that this was on the back of the trades totalling less than 800 shares. They must be bricking it – I have never seen so little activity since the share
            issue! It’s almost like being on the edge of a crumbling cliff and being terrified to move in case the whole lot disappears beneath your feet.
            Where are the neds ?
            Maybe that arschloch [ that’s german for asshole] Gilmour at Saints, will wake up and see the kind of people he is attempting to deal with. [allegedly]

  4. ahem …..
    Mr Green told STV that he has spoken to Rangers’ lawyers and is planning on submitting a report to Police Scotland in relation to the conduct of Mr Whyte, who purchased Sir David Murray’s 85% stake for £1 in May 2011.

    Have inserted this into my Babel translator (Tyke to English) …….
    and got something completely different ……….

    Something about being asked to submit a response ……..blah blah …
    To StrathClyde (assumed) Police ……. blah blah ….Regarding …… blah ……. something about Mr Whyte claims …… blah blah … (Allegedly) ….

    Need to adjust setting further to get more sense out of it …..lots about whippets …. flat caps … al …

    Will endeavor to unscramble further ……

  5. Just inserted ‘ Up a creek without a paddle’ into my Babel Translator (English to Tyke) …….. and got ….

    On Ilkla Moor Baht ‘at ……………….. what the ……

    Translated back (Reverse translation) ……. Got ……..
    “On a Moor without a hat”

    Still rolling around rhe floor …………

  6. Latest attempts at translation of interview (Tyke to English) give lots and lots of abuse and swear words …..
    Would be put into moderation if i repeated them ……..

  7. ecojon


    I think you might need to change the late 2013 dateline 🙂

  8. timtim

    Craig Whyte levels his .44 oz magnum ice cream at the wounded Charles who is trying to recall if Craig has fired all the cassettes in his recorder. Craigy says, “I know what you’re thinkin’. Did he record six tapes or only five?… You’ve got to ask yourself one question…Do you feel lucky?… Well, do you, Chunk?”

  9. Charles Green on STV ….
    Who is Manchester United?

    Right, now i’m upset …………. going straight on Red Cafe ……..
    I’m on his case now …….

    …… and shadup mcfc … afore ye comment 🙂 …….. who are MU …… indeed …..

    • A repost getting things in the correct order …..

      *** BREAKING NEWS ***
      Charles Green discovered to have been telling the truth …

      Proof discovered that oldco assets WHERE transferred direct to Sevco Scotland
      Previous statement …. “For the avoidance of doubt ….. etc” … CANNOT be attributed to Charles Green direct.

      On June 14th 2012 Companies House records Resolution ……
      This gave Charles Green absolute authority over Sevco 5088.

      D&P duly presented with copy of resolution and with his authority assets transferred DIRECTLY to Sevco Scotland.

      Charles Green VINDICATED

      ….. END ….

      Oh …….
      Since such a resolution could not be passed without the written approval of Whyte as the majority shareholder in Sevco 5088, then if Charles Green can produce this written authority ….. he is in the clear ……. Simples

      Now who is Manchester United ya Muppet ….. !

  10. Has y one got a time for the Chicco Verde “This is your lie” programme tonight on STV. I can only get on satellite, and only caught tail end. It took me ages to find the code to add as an extra channel, but I don’t have a schedule list on it

  11. Ed Paisley

    You gotta laugh at the posters who think Britain has a right to the Falkland/ Malvinas. The islands are over 8000 miles from Britain and 130 miles from Argentinian Patagonia. Nobody is taking away their right to remain on the Malvinas but if they choose to remain then they should do so as Argentine citizens. It still shocks me that over 600 young lives were sacrificed and hundreds more were severely psychologically damaged – ask Combat Stress, the charity for ex servicemen – all for that God forsaken outcrop of land. The fish stocks and oil reserves don’t belong to us.

    • Marching on Together

      Someone else who thinks that fascist aggression should be rewarded. When Hitler marched into Czechoslovakia, you would have been checking how far away on the map it was from Britain and asserting that nobody is taking away their right to remain in Czechoslovakia but if they choose to remain then they should do so as German citizens.

      • JohnBhoy

        @Marching On Temazepam

        “Someone else who thinks”. A neurological activity you have yet to experience ya jealous fascist zombie lol Is it true that yer brother’s yer maw?

      • Ed Paisley

        Wait a minute – Britain had four nuclear submarines stationed in the South Atlantic. The outcome was never in doubt. Blockade the islands, blockade Argentinian ports. Islands recovered in 12 months maximum. There was no need for the deaths. That would hardly be giving in to the junta. Natural justice lies with the Argentinians. Proximity is irrelevant? Jeez! Equating the Nazi invasion of the ancient land of the Czechs with the junta’s taking of the Falklands – calm down. The islands were empty before the plantation of this ragbag collection of misfits? Of course the Palestinian lands were barren and bereft of human life too. It’s a popular claim for land grabbers to make.
        And finally, I made a simple error with the numbers, but every single death I mourn sincerely.
        Peace, love and justice to all of us.

        • david

          Ever heard of air travel?
          The Islands could have been resupplied constantly by air from Argentina.
          Boots on the ground were needed.
          Natural justice lies primarily with the Falkland Islanders who were in effect prisoners and secondly with the British.
          Proximity IS irrelevant, examples abound all over the world.
          I did not mention Czechoslovakia and I believe we and France should have intervened then rather than the later invasion of Poland.
          Dont know why you brought Palestine into it but for the record I support a Palestinian State .

          Could you explain why you think Argentina has a claim on the Islands?

    • david

      What part of British, always been British, citizens want to remain British dont you understand?
      British since before Argentina existed.
      Uninhabited before that.
      Proximity has no bearing whatsoever.

      I notice you mention 600 young lives- are you referring only to the Argentinian casualties ( 659 ) and not the British ( 255 ) ?

      I lost a friend there.
      RIP Gdsmn David Malcolmson 2nd Batt. Scots Guards killed on Mount Tumbledown.

      • Marching on Together

        The IRA supporting scum were cheering the death of your mate, and are still celebrating it.

        Respect to him and to you for honouring his memory.

      • mick

        was it worth it david serous question banter a side

        • david

          I am extremely disinclined to engage with you because of your vile previous posts, but in a word, yes.
          His memory is cherished by his family and friends and most importantly by the Falklands Islanders for whose freedom from a fascist tinpot junta he fought.
          He was from the army that has defeated every tyrant in the last 200 years, Napoleon, The Kaiser, Mussolini, Hitler, Hirohito, Saddam Hussein.
          He was a stout bluenose and his friend who I did not know were killed together. He was a Celtic fan who won a medal in the same engagement.
          They lie buried together in Irvine cemetery.

          Ill never forget him nor will others.

      • ecojon


        Have you found the source yet of those banning figures at Parkhead and Ibrox that you were quoting?

        • david

          No, I havent been looking yet.
          But I will.

          I have been foaming at the mouth on other issues which I am sure you have been aware of.

      • @David, British before Argentina existed!!! What the hell does that mean? Scotland & Ireland were Scottish & Irish before BRITAIN existed so if we pursue that logic we’ll be here all day deciding nothing.
        The Malvinas are Argentinian (great day for the Argies yesterday :)). The tax payers of these islands are being pumped dry by the expense of keeping these pampered sheep farmers “quaintly British” in those God forsaken Islands. They can remain there if they want but under Argentinian admin, It is a democracy you know!.
        Geographic proximity is Everything!! otherwise we just have an imperial free for all where might is right. I suspect that’s the kind of scenario that you & that pig of Nazi “marching” get off on. Progress is a major irritation for you Brits as you ponder the demise of your empire.
        Rangers Gone! Thatcher Gone!, Flegs coming down! The world is a brighter place, but your bitter, boorish & sour Britishness still casts a dark shadow!!!!
        BTW david the Titanic was a pile of shit !

        • david

          Wrong on every count.
          If you had read my previous posts you would have picked up that I am a Scot not a Brit. But I lost a friend there and support the Falklanders ( Island named after a Scot, largely inhabited by Scottish descendants )
          The difference in your daft analogy is that the Falklands were UNINHABITED before we arrived. Scotland existed as a Country.
          Cannot understand why anyone would support a foreign country over the democratically expressed wishes of their own kin.
          The Islands are self-sufficient now with the exception of defence costs.
          Argentina is a democracy now, thanks partly to us; but fascism / totalinariasm could return, as their history shows.
          Geographic proximity is IRREVEVANT, otherwise the map of the whole world would need redrawn; anyway, Argentina is still some distance away and the Islands are not on the continental shelf.
          The Titanic was the most advanced ship of the day and a source of great pride. She was lost due to ignoring Ice warnings and inadequate lookouts/

          • Not my Kin!!! couldn’t care less if Scots occupied the Falklands. Scots occupied large tracts of the globe , but are not entitled to claim it as Scottish or British territory. FYI The French originally claimed jurisdiction over the Malvinas, also unjustly
            The old chestnut that lands were uninhabited is the usual pish pedaled by apologists for the empire. St Kilda & Rockall are currently free of inhabitants, so if the Argentinians rolled up & claimed it as theirs you would be the first to contest their right to ownership. Which is peculiar as you state that proximity is irrelevant. (btw there is evidence to suggest that Native Americans settled the islands)
            The Defence costs are considerable, hence the British states, less than full divulgence of how much the mainland tax payer is being pumped for. The islands are not self sufficient, in either food or fuel which is transported there & subsidized again by you know who.
            Argentina is a democracy not due to us ,(more delusional thinking about the beneficence of the once great Britain) but due almost entirely to the wishes of the Argentinian People. Of course you in your” Britain civilized the planet” piety cannot fathom swarthy skinned foreigners forging their own civilization.
            Proud of the Titanic? really? conveniently forgetting that it was built by the most sectarian organization in the good old Orange, fascist state of Norn Iron. Yes my friend. Fascists experiments weren’t only conducted in South America!!!!

            • david

              Wrong, wrong, wrong.
              Northern Ireland did not exist when the Titanic was built.
              Just Ireland- part of the UK.
              The Falklands are self-sufficient because they can pay for all their needs, defence excepted.
              Remind me who was in charge of Argentina when they invaded again?
              Do you know how many dictatorships have existed in Argentinian history?
              I have never heard of any evidence of Native settlement on the Islands, could you explain?
              Who were they, and how did they get there?
              If Argentina wish to claim Rockall let them take it to the International courts or invade ( if they can afford the fuel ).
              I am sure HMS Astute could do with testing her new torpedoes.

  12. mick

    sevco 5088 is whyte and ticketus d&ps are there mates greens the front man with a cunning plan to bump both he moves all assets to sevco Scotland were liquidation laws are different and can of load all debts from ticketus who had a agreement with whyte he would go gantor are different and at same time steals new-co 10 year in barl for a crooked phoenix that has went wrong lol green stole newco stop laughing

  13. JohnBhoy

    ATOL has passed Thatcher fit for work lol.

  14. mcfc

    The League Against Cruel Sports has called for an end to TV interviews which feature a defenceless, dumb creature being bated and tormented by mild questions from a polite interviewer. The interviewee was also subjected to prolonged and disturbing Whyte noise which can lead to long term psychological damage.

    Sorry that should have read “STV interviews”.

  15. mick

    theres no end to it greens stole the assets and transfered them to sevco scotland theres heavy criminality going on here can any1 remember a couple of weeks back a top print man posted to paul his fingers will be sore soon with the news to come its all about to hit the fan its drip drip then bang lol what a time to be a tim ,ticketus deal would have tuped over via whyte being gantor for loan under english law green bumped the lot its a con lol green must have thought it was plain sailing bdo must revoke sale and police must step in d&ps are well at it to 3million bill for a crooked scam

  16. mick

    the laws of phyisics lol

  17. Fra

    A nasty vicious piece of work was the milk snatcher. Some idiot stated she wasn’t unpopular before the Falklands war. Yes, I’m afraid she was the most unpopular since records began. Therefore in order to boost her ratings, she started a totally uncalled for war. So every death on both sides was in effect to boost her popularity.

    She reneged on promises to the Republicans in Long Kesh in order to get the men off their fast resulting in a sense of betrayal which started the second fast, resulting in the death of the gallant Bobby Sands and nine others. The sas were employed in the north of Ireland resulting in many innocent deaths as they literally had a license to kill as they pleased.

    Many men took their own lives after being discarded on to the scrap heap at an early age. I personally know guys who have never worked apart from the odd yopper scheme. Thirty years with no job or a chance of one certainly has a devastating effect on a persons well-being

    I really could go on but the revulsion I feel towards her and her cohorts will never diminish. As soon as I was texted with the news last night at work, myself and an English friend toasted her death with a lovely cold bottle of powerade. I will not apologise to anyone for my actions as I had waited on this day for years and nothing was going to spoil it.

    TAL to all who have suffered because of this evil woman.

    • JohnBhoy


      Well said Fra. I doth my cap. I bought a bottle of bubbly and booked a holiday I was so happy! Her demise has certainly boosted the economy.

      • Marching on Together

        Don’t bother coming back from your boy-f*cking tour of your favourite haunts in Thailand.

        • JohnBhoy

          Greetin’ on Together lol

          Bet you’re still trying to tease the neighbours wee poodle into your bed wi’ a chocolate biscuit? Lol

    • Marching on Together

      “Some idiot stated she wasn’t unpopular before the Falklands war. Yes, I’m afraid she was the most unpopular since records began.” Until Tony Bliar. Notwithstanding her personal popularity, the last opinion poll before the invasion had the Tory Party narrowly ahead. Historical fact, despite bitter socialists trying to rewrite history.

    • iain

      “Thirty years with no job or a chance of one…”

      🙂 🙂 🙂

    • James C

      Just picking on one point of this.

      I don’t believe there is any real evidence that the Falklands was in any way desired or encouraged by Thatcher or her cabinet.

      The record shows the opposite, panic and real fear in both government, total confusion as this just thought this was more saber rattling by Argentina. One the invasion had happened the expert view in the MoD was that the distances were just too great and that a Navy that was totally configured to stop Russian submarines getting into the Atlantic could not support the longest amphibious warfare supply chain in any history using only its own air support

      The risks involved were extremely high (UNTIL troops were landed, after that the result was never really in much doubt). A single lucky strike on one of the carriers could have ended it all in 30 mins. 3 ships got hit by modern anti-ship missiles, all sank. (2 Naval, 1 civilian)

      The attack on the Belgrano is not a difficult one if the situation is taken in context Yes, this was a very old ship (was originally American and had been at Pearl Harbour!). Yes it wasnt sailing at the fleet (the most fatuous argument of them all given the size of the south Atlantic!) However, It also armed with quite a lot of very modern Harpoon Missiles (the American version of the famous Exocet) and escorted by several modern British build destroyers also armed with the same missile. The age of the ship is frankly not the point, it was the missiles it carried, these had a range of 80+ miles and once fired found their own target Naval warfare is very nasty and can go wrong very easily and very quickly. No sensible commander would allow such a ship within 1000 miles of their fleet and would attack on sight.

      We were also very much in the unknown, there had been no significant naval engagements since 1945 and that was pre-missile. One really good strike on the fleet and it was game over.

      Also please take into account the separate troop fleet following with tens of thousands of troops in civilian liners which would have been very vulnerable indeed.

      Britain had actually already been very tolerant already with regards to NOT shooting down on sight Argentina military 737’s which were obviously trying to spot the main fleet, this would have been a very justified action but they were initially just warned off.

      One of general problem with conflict is that it is very hard to be clear exactly how much the other side is serious and how much it is just posturing. the cost of underestimating how serious your opponent can be terminal. It is also much harder to judge this with modern weapons where you never actually see the other side anyway.

      Another myth was this was a tory war, just read Michael Foot’s speeches in the commons!!

      The finally finish, I absolutely despised that woman (as my granny referred to her) and her “philosophy” such as it was. My first political memory was of her government and what it did, I can lay a lot at THEIR door (as she was just the front person and not even the originator), but like most wars the Falklands was cock-up not conspiratory. Even if you hate someone, you should not re-write history.

  18. JohnBhoy

    STV: Who at Manchester United told you that you were wanted in the Premiership?

    Charlie: Well… why do we want to know that?


  19. Monti

    I really can’t eat anymore Jelly & Ice cream…..for pmsl

  20. Hey everybody, if the sale is revoked. Does that mean that Hectors bill is “live” again.? All the creditors bills live, and Murray in soapy bubble.? What a day. Wonder if it will be rounded off by a panda getting hisend away(sorry, 2 pandas!).,Hope for the future !

  21. JohnBhoy


    Daft Charlie told the STV that “My Whyte didn’t pay money into my bank account. £25,000 was put into my bank account.”

    [So, £25,000 magically appeared in his bank account and he didnae know who put it there lol]

    Tape recording that directly contradicts Daft Charlie:

    Daft Charlie: “I f*****g, I need money off you [Craig Whyte].”
    Clever Craigie Bhoy: “Yeah, if you, if you give me your details I’ll cover whatever you’ve got to pay out. It’s not a problem.”

    Daft Charlie: “What I’m saying is, there’s no f*****g, there’ll be no trace into my f*****g bank account. But I’ll f*****g, but I’ll do it now, I’ll write it out now. I’ll give them a cheque for £25,000 from me.”

    Daft Charlie is taped saying that he will hide the source of the cheque from the legal firm:
    “Oh, Craig’s gone, Craig’s gone” in relation to the £25,000 payment.

    Can this week get any better? Honestly, I can’t take too much more.

  22. Ah good west coast banter , you guys need to know a line was drawn in the sand , it was called the Good Friday agreement , leave the past in the past .
    If you lot put as much effort into the future the world will be a better place.

  23. Monti

    Margaret Thatcher is not dead…..she’s just starting from scratch in the third division…….

  24. Monti

    David Cameron has just sent a personal letter to the Thatcher residence… It Starts- ” due to recent events, you have too many bedrooms”….

  25. *** BREAKING NEWS ***
    Charles Green discovered to have been telling the truth …

    Proof discovered that oldco assets WHERE transferred direct to Sevco Scotland
    Previous statement …. “For the avoidance of doubt ….. etc” … CANNOT be attributed to Charles Green direct.

    On June 14th 2012 Companies House records Resolution ……
    This gave Charles Green absolute authority over Sevco 5088.

    D&P duly presented with copy of resolution and with his authority assets transferred DIRECTLY to Sevco Scotland.

    Charles Green VINDICATED

    ….. END ….

    Oh …….
    Since such a resolution could not be passed without the written approval of Whyte as the majority shareholder in Sevco 5088, then if Charles Green can produce this written authority ….. he is in the clear ……. Simples

    Now who is Manchester United ya Muppet ….. !

    • martin c

      I am a bit slow on all this, can a company buy the assets and then register them in a different companies name and thus we have sevco 5088 never owning the assets but who has control over the assets?

      • martin c

        What I think I’m driving at is did sevco 5088 at any legal point in time own the assets or buy them for sevco scotland or was it a straight sell to sevco scotland with no involvement in the transaction of sevco 5088.

      • Sevco 5088 never actually bought the assets.

        The majority shareholder/owner has the authority to instruct D&P to transfer ownership of the assets not to Sevco 5088 but to another company under his control

        The resolution called DISAPPLICATION OF PRE-EMPTION RIGHTS.(June 14th) needed to be passed by a majority of Sevco5088 shareholders.

        It could not be passed without the written approval of Whyte as the majority shareholder in Sevco 5088.

        The resolution immediately empowered Green (sole director) to act on behalf of Sevco 5088 without reference to its shareholders.

        So did CG have the authority of CW to pass this resolution ….. ???

        CG could kill off all speculation immediately by producing this document ….. thus vindicating himself.

        Of course ….. if it does not exist ……. KaaBooooom !

        Strange that he has not ….. !!!

        Got it ?

        • BTW, the fact that the resolution exists (Companies House) does however vindicate D&P (in this instance) ……. they have other questions to answer though

          • Oh,
            I note that CG ‘may’ have recieved an invite from Mr Plod for explaination/response…….. regarding statements made lately ……. note his clever tactical ‘spin’ on this in his STV interview …. Always look closely at such statements

        • Any posters on here got an RM account ?

          They are in a bit of a quandry ……
          They cannot figure out why CG could not transfer assets on June 14th (despite his statement at the time to have acquired assets), and instead happened onJune 15th.
          If they can answer this they belive they are in the clear ……….

          Thread on RM is:
          Rangers was sold direct to Sevco Scotland, not via Sevco 5088

          Someone with account could pop on and explain that June 14th was day of Sevco 5088 resolution
          so transfer could only happen June 15th after presentation to D&P that he had sole authority.

          you might want to mention about CW being major shareholder in 5088 … and Charlie MUST have a document signed by CW authourising such a resolution.

        • Budweiser


          Again I think I might be slow, but I think I got the thrust of your argument, except the bit that says ‘Whyte as majority shareholder of sevco 5088 ‘ . Is there any proof of this ? Am I missing something?

          • Green told Whyte that he (Whyte) “was Sevco”. meaning that Whyte owned Sevco 5088

            Note also CG pleading for the £25K to cover costs of formation of 5088 …… and …. money to be paid to his personal account so that it could not be traced ……. btw also referring to monies to imrans mother’s account …….. Banks cannot ringfence monies …… it’s a pot ….. !

            CG was cover

            you begin to see that CW has a very srong case

            BTW ……. Amazing discovery by newtz

            RM moderator BOSS is not all that he seems ……………

            He is slowly leading the Bears to the answer ………
            It was HIS post that started the clue ………
            He slowly led them towards the truth ……. being careful not to give game away …………
            Then when they got stuck / confused over date of June 14th and 15th …..
            He carefully guided them to Companies House with a What If ……
            Even stating that June 15th date …… does’nt mean a thing !!!
            In other words ……. check out June 14th at Company House (without actually saying so …… )
            It could not be any more blatant ………..
            ……….. A Bleedin MODERATOR !!!!!
            Amazing …………… So what is his agenda …….. ??

            • *Who Is Manchester United” ……….. We Demand to KNOW ……
              ……. MUPPET ….

            • OMG …..
              he has told them …. in a round about fashion …… but they still cannot figure it out …….. he referred to the resolution as ‘right to assign’ …. nobody has picked up on it …… yet ………. Will he spell it out …. ?

              they still believe the answer is their salvation ……. it’s gripping …. !

              I guess he must be reading this thread …… we seem to be (almost) working in tandem …….. doh !

            • Boss (Moderator) on RM

              “To take an example of something I know about (don’t know much about property). If I lodge a document at Companies House on 15 June it matters not a jot – what matters is the date on the document itself which might very well be 14 June”.

              and also

              “.. there would probably be a right to assign which might have happened here ……”

              Can he be any clearer …………………

              He wants them to fall over the answer ……. and he clearly wants them to know …… without being seen to actually tell them ………. curious !

            • martin c

              the’ve still not got it but a new thread has started someone else trying to give them the truth with the tantalising cw might have a case against d and p.

              it took me a while to get it. and only with help, so thanks again

            • Budweiser

              newtz. Further to your comments last night, I have just visited RM. Boss would seem to have changed his tune, and the bears all seem to be happy.
              Any idea what has changed?

            • @Bud
              Can’t figure it ou yet !t …….. his tack has turned to the D&P and CG agreement which was confidential ………… but again referring to the ‘Right to Assign’ …….. But much of that agreement gradually crept out ….. D&P final report etc (and no mention of right to assign …… and i even doubt that it exists there ……. simple logic excludes it) ……. so leaves the resolution !

              My question then is who has his ear ……. have my suspicions …..(not Whyte), … Brown ?? … someone else !!……. he clearly knows that the ‘Right to Assign’ is the correct answer …….

              If he simply worked it out like a few others elsewhere, then he would simply blurt it out !!! and claim the kudos ……. so again, why was he quite deliberately leading the Bears down this path …. is he a DeepThroat ???

              Still curious ……

  26. JohnBhoy


    Lancet, prestigious medical journal, on number of civilian deaths in Iraq caused by coalition forces:

    “We are quite confident that there’s been somewhere in the neighbourhood of 100,000 deaths, but it could be much higher… Ninety-five percent were due to airstrikes by helicopter gunships, rockets or other types of aerial weaponry. Forty-six percent (56,000) of the violent deaths involving coalition forces were men ages 15 to 60, but 46 percent (46,000) were children younger than 15, and 7 percent were women (7,000), the researchers reported.”

    46,000 children killed by our brave troops and their pals. Now, what was that you were saying about child killers?

  27. Pingback: Guest Post – Craig Scotches Some Falklands War Myths | Random Thoughts Re Scots Law by Paul McConville

  28. Ecojon, thank you for sharing your thoughts.

    It is fitting that on this site the death of Baroness Thatcher has split opinion. In most descriptions of her political life the word divisive is never far from the opening paragraph. (Though Ecojon neatly avoids this)

    It is possible to argue that the business of a leader does not necessarily include being popular, rather the single minded pursuit of what they believe to be right is all that matters. In this regard as Prime Minister, Thatcher excelled.
    Being popular enough to secure an election victory is all that’s required. That’s the way our political system works. Like it or change it.
    Naturally there is a counter view; there are other ways to lead. On election in 1979 the new prime minister alluded to it.
    “Where there is discord, may we bring harmony. Where there is error, may we bring truth. Where there is doubt may we bring faith. And where there is despair may we bring hope.”
    (The words are attributed to St Francis of Assisi)
    I’ve always thought that the best way to lead is first to persuade people of the value of what you are proposing and then to unite them in common cause.
    If you can’t do this, then what you are proposing contains flaws which are obvious to the people you’re trying to persuade if not yourself.
    People are likely to make their thoughts known, especially when their welfare is threatened and a wise leader will take account of them even if the electoral system allows freedom to ignore their pleas.
    In Britain under Margaret Thatcher, harmony, truth, faith and hope were not much in evidence. In communities up and down the country people actually feared their political leader. Worse still they felt under attack and with good reason.
    As industry after industry was sacrificed on the altar of what came to be known as monetarism communities headed toward extinction.
    Margaret Thatcher claimed that there was no such thing as society but she clearly knew the value of a pound note; something which without society, simply would not exist.
    In the end people who support the Thatcher years are representative of a wider group who did well under her leadership.
    It’s fair to say that given the choice most people would rather do well than suffer the pain of poverty.
    The true measure of society (yes is it does exist) is not the measure of how well those at the top are doing, or even those in the middle. The numbers that define us are those that describe the lives of those at the bottom.
    One of the defining periods of the Thatcher government was the Falklands war. In comparison with recent wars in which we have engaged it is unique.
    It was a war fought ostensibly for British sovereignty over a collection of islands in the south pacific.
    More recently we have conducted our wars in someone else’s country; the weight of evidence suggests that this is preferable if not ideal.
    That sovereignty over those islands was disputed and that this was clear to the British government of the time has never been argued against. Sovereignty is still claimed by Argentina even now.
    That this lead to war tells of a problem ignored, one left to fester while the business of power wielding at home held sway in the cabinet office.
    In the end it was dealt with by reaction, the last resort of those unacquainted with forward thinking.
    The PR apparatchiks defined it as a glorious victory. The dead simply died, burned, drowned or shot.
    There is a way of judging a political life; you simply weigh the good against the bad. History puts political life in the balance.
    The achievements, in Margaret Thatcher’s case, the Anglo- Irish agreement greater European treaties, and breaking through the barriers presented by a male dominated world are not easily dismissed and sit on one side of the scales.
    On the other side, first and foremost are the dead, those that gave their lives in the causes she supported and drove, and those that struggled against them.
    Then there are those who were marginalised, the weak and infirm, those who found they were simply wrong in their lifestyles. Those who found their lack of success politicised and scorned. Those who needed help and support and found themselves cast out by a political philosophy that had no need of them.
    Long after I’m dead and forgotten history will continue and Margaret Thatcher will be remembered.
    The reality of her term in office will be largely forgotten, history will note Britain’s first female prime minister.
    We owe something to future generations, we need to tell them that things are not as simple as they seem.
    There are many ways to do this, dancing in the streets is only one.

  29. gortnamona

    A Nato air strike has killed 11 children and a woman in eastern Afghanistan, according to local officials.

    The strike targeted militants in the Shigal district of restive Kunar province, which is on the border with Pakistan.

    “Eleven children and a woman were killed when an air strike hit their houses,” said Wasifullah Wasifi, the spokesman for Kunar province.

    They were killed when their houses collapsed on them, officials said.
    Sky News – Monday 8th April 2013

  30. Monti

    Considering all the damage Thatcher done to the steel industry in Britain, I’m surprised she found a fkn bucket to kick.

  31. Anybody got a link to Billy Bragg singing Hail Hail , while dancing on a freshly dug grave, wearing a flat cap, and a googly eyed ferret poking out his fly? I’m sure there were a couple of Pandas humping in the background. Came under the heading “Bears finally f****d”

  32. Harry Bawbags

    I admit i have been out tonight had a few and i visit to try and achieve a balance bu what has all this got to do with mt , she changed our country for the good dont care what the feck you lot say , steel workers power workers,, little shits dancing in George Square your phone would be switched off at 9pm you fuckwits if she did not take care of this lot

  33. GWG

    ti’s so sad watching Charles being ripped a new AR***** by his former pals at STV….. he MUST have done something so unforgiving ~~~ like kill the ludge Goat and flogged it to his wee P**** pal Ammand

  34. Geddy Lee

    Point to note. Thatcher NEVER said “There is no such thing as society.” That was simply crass editing of her quotation in order to produce the damming soundbite. (I thought everyone knew this by now). Similarly, Iran NEVER said “Israel should be wiped off the face of the map”. Again, they were victims of crass editing as can be proven by simply seeking out the quotation origins.

    As for the falklands, I feel their ownership will once again be shortly on the political agenda. It’s quite likely to happen once the English decide we should now be “governed” by Labour.

    Don’t forget, BLIAR was on the brink of handing Gibralter back to Spain, despite the protests of the Islanders themselves,
    just as Norn Iron was a planned part of the original Independent Ireland until a military threat of mutiny scuppered the Idea.

    The Falklands are in danger because we no longer have a task force capable of deploying to the South Atlantic, not without French assistance, and there’s no way they would get involved in such a task. This of course is the result of successive London Governments making massive cuts to the Armed Forces, as they are wound down in preperation of the Euro Force already forming in mainland Europe.

    • david

      The Falklands are in no danger whatsoever.
      4 Typhoons there would decimate any potential threat from the air, a submarine is usually kicking around, and there is a full battalion of British troops with services there.
      Intelligence is such now that any pre-emptive strike would be detected long before a move was made and the garrison- both land and air- can now be reinforced in 48 hours.
      If the Islands were lost however, different story.
      Big difference from the last time, when there were 18 Royal Marines.
      The only threat comes from Argentina .
      Mrs Kirchner seems odd but she isnt daft enough to try another invasion which would fail instantly.

  35. Geddy Lee

    PS, not to defend Thatcher, but it should also be remembered she made the decision to stop subsidised milk while a inexperienced minister, long before she became PM.

    She also reversed the decision when she saw the public outrage it caused.

    The least she deserves is a fair crack of the whip, and not the pathetic kind of demonisation we have heard since her death, especially north of the border

  36. look up Newshawk for the facts

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