Whyte v Green – The Battle for Rangers Continues! Mr Whyte Gets Serious

The Daily Record today reports further dramatic developments in the battle for control of Rangers Football Club.

According to the Record Craig Whyte is pursuing his claims that Mr Green reneged on a deal they had agreed after the company which owned the football team went into administration.

Mr Whyte is looking for a piece of the pie, and a large one at that!

I will, as long as I can avoid being dragooned into gardening, go through what Mr Green was quoted as saying in the Sun yesterday in detail. That is not to say that he is necessarily right or wrong in what he alleges, but, as I explain below, Mr Whyte seems committed to this course of action, perhaps more than people might expect (and some of those in Ibrox might be surprised by his resolve too).

There are some points though which I think are worthy of note.

First of all, unless I am mistaken, despite Mr Whyte being someone who repeatedly threatened court action against all and sundry when he was in charge of Rangers, and who has also repeatedly threatened people with legal action since, his proceedings, as reported today by the Record, would only be the second case which was actually raised by him.

There were many court actions in which he was involved, but always as the defender, or with one of his companies as defender.

The only action which he raised was a much threatened and delayed case against the BBC for defamation in connection with its Inside Story documentary. However this action was served on the BBC and then nothing more seems to have been done. The administration of Rangers happened after service and Mr Whyte presumably felt that his reputation was damaged enough by that. Indeed he was sued for fees by the Glasgow solicitors whom he had instructed.

But he has now raised proceedings at the High Court in London, according to the Daily Record’s report.

Mr Whyte arriving at Glasgow Sheriff Court for one of the many cases in which he or his companies were defending

Mr Whyte arriving at Glasgow Sheriff Court for one of the many cases in which he or his companies were defending

He will not have raised proceedings on his own. He will have engaged solicitors and Counsel to do so. It is not cheap to raise a court action in London.

I once had a client who was defending a court action in the High Court. As the case was in England the client was instructing agents directly. The client was referred on to a firm of solicitors who took a £10,000 payment to account simply to have an initial meeting with two partners and with counsel. After two months work, which seemed to consist of telling the client that the lawyers still needed more information, they presented a bill for a further £30,000. The case had not called in court in that time and the line they were taking seemed, to me at least, to be nonsensical.

Big City of London law firms have very fancy offices in prime business areas. Someone has to pay for that and the clients foot the bills.

Therefore Mr Whyte has done one of the following.

Either he has committed a substantial amount of money to pursuing this case (and the costs of a contested action in the High Court can easily exceed £1 million).

Or else he has been able to persuade solicitors to act on a contingency or “no win, no fee” basis. To do so involves the lawyer being convinced that the case has enough prospects of success to make it worthwhile pursuing. That might come from a negotiated settlement or from a court decision. In either event it takes a lot of evidence to persuade lawyers to pursue a case like this, knowing that is unsuccessful, their time will have been wasted.

So it looks as if Mr Whyte is committed to pursuing this, and equally that Mr Green is committed to defending the case.

And here comes a further issue.

According to the Sun, to whom Mr Green gave an exclusive interview:-

“CHARLES Green last night sensationally admitted shafting Craig Whyte to buy Rangers.

The Rangers chief said he would have told him ANYTHING to get the keys to Ibrox.

Green, 59, revealed he lied to former owner Whyte so he could buy the club — but insisted it was only to save Gers from the man who plunged them into administration.”

Mr Green has a history of “shooting from the lip” in interviews. I suspect that his legal advisors, as opposed to his PR advisors, have their hearts in their mouths every time he speaks. For example, accusing an alleged creditor of being blackmailers and terrorists is not normally the way that a PLC CEO talks!

Let’s imaging that Mr Green finds himself in a witness box in this new case pursued by Mr Whyte (or indeed in any other case).

I suspect that some of the first questions put to him in cross-examination would be on the following lines.

“Mr Green, you told the Sun newspaper that you lied to Mr Whyte so that you could get what you wanted. How can this court know that you are telling the truth now?

Or are you telling this court lies as well so that you can get what you want?

How can this court rely on a single word you say as being anything other than self-serving and mendacious?”

It wouldn't take Rumpole to come up with this line of cross-examination!

It wouldn’t take Rumpole to come up with this line of cross-examination!

(Clearly if Mr Green does give evidence he will do so under oath and undoubtedly would tell the truth, the whole truth and nothing but the truth. That does not stop counsel for the other party questioning his reliability and credibility.)

I suspect that Mr Whyte hopes that he will be made a payment to “go away”. However, as he is being pursued, apparently, by Ticketus for many millions of pounds, then presumably Mr Whyte wants an awful lot to settle this claim. After all, winning £1 million, for example, from Rangers would do him little good if he ended up bankrupt owing Ticketus over £20 million!

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  1. Macduff

    I’m putting on so much weight with the popcorn I’m eating….

  2. JohnBhoy

    Green v Whyte
    Charlie and Craigie come to an arrangement, each with their own agenda, each looking to usurp the other because they know that they are sharks with only one thought in their mind: I need to make a killing here. That’s how these buggers do business. They are joined at the hip. The fact that Rangers was their prey is the good news. The Green Brigade are so ahead of their time… Glasgow’s Green and Whyte.

    The person who comes out badly on all of this is Ally. The main characters in this tragedy do what’s in their nature but he’s nothing more than a yes man. He’ll step aside as Green slaughters players who served the club with pride just because they exercised their right to leave under TUPE and do what’s best for their families. He’ll stand by and watch one of his players get sacked and, worse, defend his club’s shameful treatment of that player, while simultaneously washing his hands of any guilt: “But it’s a club decision and I will stick by it.” His chief scout goes after a dirty tricks campaign, and a publicised suspension, conducted through the very media that Charlie abhors and what is Ally’s response?: “I think Neil is content with the way things have worked out.” Is there anybody that you will stick up for Ally or any bland assurances from Green that you will not accept?

    The Rangers Board
    The Rangers is becoming a toxic brand. There was a time that gentlemen of the establishment were desperate to be on the Ibrox board of directors – it offered a level of vanity that appealed to those on the higher stratum of society. Who in their right mind would now want to be part of that tacky circus?

    • Daniel O'Connell

      All Ally wants is to be the manager of “Rangers” and he’ll let nothing get in the way of that.

  3. mick

    What a great read on route to protest hail hail glasgow’s green and whyte ,ticketus what happened too ticketus lol pmsl greens a crook proven via the Phoenix him and whyte have done lol

    • Budweiser


      What’s the betting that craigie and ticketus, despite their much publicised differences, have now ‘ kissed and made up ‘? As Paul says, it is expensive to hire lawyers in London, but a £50m claim would see ticketus get at least some of their cash back – if they are backing Whyte’s case!

  4. Paul,
    a wee bit of detailed examination posted on TSFM.


    There is a fair amount to this on the face of it going by the documents so far produced by D&P and RIFC PLC– not to mention the official and unofficial statements by Charles Green.

    There are many unanswered questions though, and when you think of the pragmatics of actually putting a deal like this together and the steps that need to be taken by solicitors etc when transferring monies, registering companies, taking instructions re loans and contracts and arranging settlements— there are many mysteries yet to unfold.

    Who were Zeus raising money for?
    Where does Ahmed stand if he paid over money on behalf of Sevco 5088 Ltd while telling Whyte that he was a major shareholder in that company?

    When did Whyte transfer £137500 to– well who did he transfer it to? What bank account and on what basis?

    The plot really does thicken!

  5. Fra

    Shift over a bit MacDuff. You’re taking up too much room.

    Dissect it Paul coz me and Macduff can’t be bothered. Too bloated to think

    • Maggie

      As I had no ice cream,jelly or popcorn,I started in on the Lindt
      chocolate bunnies and the Rose wine.
      Hello migraine,goodbye size 10 jeans 🙂 Damn those Sevcovians !!!!

      • Fra

        Lindt chocolate bunnies??? Maggie, My heart goes out to you😏 My favourite on a Saturday night is Bassets liquorice allsorts from the paltry choice available on the aisle of UK goods while laughing at sevco 5088/Scotland struggling to overcome (insert appropriate teams name). A size ten sounds good to me although you confer it’s possibly going to be a while before this is the case. A little will power my good lady would not go amiss.

        • Maggie

          I should have “put the bunny back in the box” 🙂
          Size 10 jeans still fitting albeit a little snug,I blame Sevco.
          I forgot that you’re living the dream in a nice warm country Fra,
          muchos jealous.

          • Fra

            The chocolate here is ‘shit’. Not my observation but that of my good lady wife. I could be wrong Maggie but I believe they add a component in order to decrease the chances of melting which, I am assured, changes the taste. Hence the British aisle gets a pummelling at regular intervals. It’s not very extensive and rather overpriced but I’m loaded so cost doesn’t come into it. (That’s a joke)😆

  6. Blindlemonchitlin

    Interesting developments Paul and the whole dog eat dog nature of the Circus has raised my spirits a little after the LNS disappointment.

    Re the Record story, though, aren’t the ‘documents’ they claim to have seen related to Craig Whyte’s Counter claim v Ticketus , where he is defending , again?

    Him and Aiden Early suing Charles Green over their sleeping partner status in Newco hasn’t stated yet and the cry from the Rangers minded isn’t so much no surrender as no writs in the past (apart from the BBC).

    Craig Whyte was always likely to be accused of crying wolf with threats to sue when, apart form the BBC, nothing ever emerged.

    The list of people or bodies he’s gotten Carter Ruck onto in the past but didn’t follow follow through on is very long.

    It would all be a bit of a let down if this were the case again.

    You say that those inside Ibrox might have underestimated Craig Whyte’s determination this time. An informed guess or inside info?

  7. Sandro

    May someone shed some light to the following question please:

    Did Duff/Phelps sell the assets of Rangers FC(IA) to Sevco 5088 or directly to Sevco Scotland ?

  8. Jamie

    @ Carson

    Look who else has popped back up

  9. Jim Delahvnt last night cut off a caller when he called Chuckles Green ‘a self confessed liar’!

    “We don’t use language like that on this programme” said Delahvunt.

    Who’d a thunk it.

    Late last night rumours were sweeping the city that Delahvnt has applied for a position with the SFA as assistant to sweary word compliance officer Vincent Looney.

  10. gortnamona

    Given Craig Whyte’s connections to Duff & Phelps, these revelations go a long way to explain the indecent haste with which they sold the club to Charles Green for the knockdown price of £5.5m. I believe this conspiracy goes a lot deeper and has many more player than have been revealed so far.

    • Maggie

      Exactly! There were all sorts of bids and counter bids going on for
      months last year….blue knights in,blue knights out,blue knights in
      again,not to mention Bill Miller,the guy in Singapore,Dave King,
      Uncle Tom Cobley and all.Duff and Duffer having to explain themselves
      and their actions to the High Court,then out of nowhere comes Chico and
      his snake oil and bigoterie and snaps up the whole shebang for a
      pittance compared to what SDM had valued it at.
      It felt to me that all the prevarication was to give Sevco time to get
      it’s money gathered.Remember Whyte’s alleged panic when he thought
      HMRC were going to appoint THEIR own administrators.
      They’re all in it up to their necks,”such fun” 🙂

  11. Raymilland

    Daily Record 10/05/12:

    Football finance expert Neil Patey, a partner at Ernst and Young, said: “Whyte remains a very key figure at the club.

    “If he did not voluntarily transfer the shares, administrators Duff & Phelps have the hope that there are legal procedures they can take to gain control of these shares.

    “Craig Whyte will still have to agree to the CVA and agree to transfer his shares to a new owner if they are going to avoid liquidation of the existing Rangers company.”

    If the administrators decide to sell the assets down a newco route, sources say there is “very little” Whyte can do to stop this.

    He remains central to a quick takeover – and he is free to deliver his shares in the existing company to whoever may want to buy them.

    “It has been suggested he thought he could maybe do what has been known as a pre-pack administration – that is when you put something into administration and buy it back the very next day and it’s all cleaned up.

    “It’s seen now that he’s in a position where he’s trying to get whatever he can out of a bad situation.

    “He might own 85 per cent of all the assets but the problem is that it is technically worthless.

    “Hypothetically if the value of the assets is £10million, it is up against the total creditors claim of £140million.

    “All the creditors have to be paid before the shareholders get value back so there is nothing left by the time you pay all the creditors.”

    Once the CVA was rejected it was portrayed that Craig Whyte’s shares were worthless, that view was based upon the notion of selling the assets in order to settle the creditors claim.

    The creditors were eventually offered a few pence per £ due.

    It is obvious that the main assets remain intact for their original purpose as utilised by the club.

    Fast forward to the present situation; the big question is in respect to the legality of the share prospectus as floated by Charles Green.

    Other question would remain in regard to the hidden involvement of Craig Whyte with the present regime at Ibrox; the SFA has already made their position clear in regard to fit and proper ownership.

    Separately; it would appear that if a CVA had been accepted; Craig Whyte could have legitimately purchased the assets; although it is now obvious that he could not remain as owner due to the stance taken by the SFA.

    In the event of Duff & Phelps selling to Charles Green’s ‘consortium’; any continued involvement of Craig Whyte (hidden from public view) would of course be reprehensible to ordinary punters. Green’s acceptance of £137,000 from Whyte would appear to legally bind Whyte to Green’s ‘consortium’. From a legal stand point; has Whyte not implicated himself in respect to contravention of insolvency law? Craig Whyte’s tape recordings would appear to bring down the entire house of cards.

    • Maggie

      You’re some guy Ray,putting together this excellent comment
      AND starring in today’s episode of Columbo 🙂

    • parmahamster

      If Neil Patey told me that today was Saturday, I’d check my calendar.

      Another discredited figure in this three-ring circus of an omnishambles.

  12. Fisiani

    The “internet bampots” really need to redouble their efforts and keep the microscope on the goings on at Ibrox. The Scottish media will never report on the biggest story in Scottish football unless forced to do so, then they will claim an ‘exclusive’.
    So Craig Whyte appoints Duff and Phelps who sell assets worth 70 million to Charles Green for 5.5 million thus shafting the creditors. Green is secretly funded by Craig Whyte. Green then shafts Whyte and now Whyte goes to Court.
    2012 was a horror year for fans of Rangers.
    2013 will be an even worse year for fans of The Rangers
    The quartet of Doncaster Regan Longmuir and Ogilvie will never treat The Rangers like any other club even though they are just associate members of the SFL.
    The stake has to be finally driven through the heart of this before the start of season 2013-14. Only the ‘bampots’ can do this.
    This is a far bigger story than has been revealed so far. It will be the final end to any version of a Rangers. That will unleash the hordes who infest this appalling carcase of a once proud team.
    2014 will not be a good time to live in the West of Scotland.

  13. jim62

    £137,500 ia a quarter of £550,000

    That sum is ten percent of £5.5 million which was the price achieved by Duff and duffewr

    Was the “deposit” foir “exclusivity” not 550k?

    Would that make Whyte one of four folk who put up the deposit??

    Or am I just in fairytale land here??

    • charliedon

      But Whyte couldn’t be seen to be involved so his share went into a separate account where it could be hidden from the authorities but accessible to Green and his cohorts?

    • Brother Louis

      Interesting point Jim62. I did think when I first heard it that 137,500 was an odd sort of number. Your explanation makes a lot of sense.The plot thickens …

  14. Robert D Bruce

    On this day of National mourning for T’ Rangers, let me see if we can find some winners at Aintree for them to assist them through troubled times.

    First up
    13:45 – Up and Go (for Sally)

    Dodging Bullets (Charlie Boy)

    14:15 – Overturn (HMRC)

    Bailey Green (Charlie)

    14:50 – Bears Affair ( LMFAO)

    15:25 – Problema Tic ( HH Championees )

    Brave Spartacus ( Sally )

    16:15 National – On His Own ( Sally )

    Mr Moonshine / Rainbow Hunter ( Chas )

    Big Fella Thanks ( Chas / Craigie for all the laughs )

    Interlude for Celtic to be crowned Champions HH

    17:10 – ShotaVodka / Le Bacardy (Sally, who else, he’ll need it )

    All the Aces ( wee Craigie )

    17:45 – Sgt Reckless ( Chas )

    Monkey Kingdom ( Where Ally picks next seasons squad )

    Last one for Charlie boy – Tistory – as in ……and if you know Tistory it’s enough to make your heart go ………………. you know it.

    Happy Punting.

    PS almost burst the net yesterday Walkon was a close second.

  15. Mcfc

    Craig has it all on tape and Charles knows it. There will be no need for expensive lawyers – Craig is a sharper operator than Charles ever guessed – fools mate to follow shortly !

    • Maggie

      Thanks for posting that link,fantastic piece,sums it up perfectly

    • Fra

      A new blog for me. Cheers timtim. Simple effective reading in tying up the loose parts into a neat bundle. Should be the blueprint for the SFA, police, taxman etc. Brilliant.

  16. ecojon

    I hope Paul doesn’t mind me repeating this as it went on the last post just as it closed. It’s some of my earlier stuff which I believe is quite pertinent.
    Anoraks, like myself, might be interested in some of my earlier posts on the early moves which perhaps will provide food for thought – I was particularly interested in the Sun revelations returning to Rizvi.




    • Fra


      Us lazy people Eco need anoraks to do all the graft. I find it fascinating when down in print by people like your good self but wouldn’t know where to start. My education in the stock market is only just beginning because of people like your good self. Not that I would dabble as my leanings to the left tell me it’s nasty and full of greedy parasites like Whyte and Green. Keep up the good work mate because its folk like yourself that educate the rest of us

  17. Budweiser


    Given the statements from Dave Basset and others at Bramall Lane when chico was involved – I now confidently predict that Green et al now have their exit strategy, and will soon,under duress, and much sadness, sell t’ rangers.

  18. Plughole

    No, you’re right on the money.
    Who in the establishment will enforce the law and financial regulations governing administration and liquidation? The police? The courts? The Scottish Football Authorities? Companies House? The Regulatory Financial Authorities? The MSM? HMRC?
    All have failed miserably. Unfortunately, given the mountain of evidence they’ve already had, it would appear they do not want to protect tax payers, declare the administration illegal, carry out a liquidation sale, maximise return for creditors (ie. Us, the bloody tax payers). Instead the vultures from the professions feast on the carcass and deny tax payers any redress.
    If the authorities did hold each of the parties involved to account and use the full force of the law and or regulation, to do so, we would at least have some sense of justice having been done. I want to believe these latest revelations will bring about criminal prosecutions, but having followed this saga from 2011, I’m sorry to say, I very much doubt it. I hope I’m wrong.
    Maybe, just maybe, the AIM will suspend the PLC from the market, to make an example of it. I ain’t holding my breath.

  19. great read paul, i must say this in all sincerety, ALLY MCCOIST MUST HAVE THE BRAINS OF MY WEE GRANDSONS ”

  20. JohnBhoy

    Rangers legends who brought the house down:

    David Murray. Craig Whyte. Charles Green.

  21. The SFA must act NOW!
    I am no fan of the SFA, and I firmly believe they have done their utmost to radicalise medical science, and were unflinchingly supportive of the attempts to revive the dead carcase of Rangers through organ transplants. In fact a full top of the head to toenail transplant, retaining only a badge and a few tin cups from the cadaver.
    I am prepared to accept that, rightly or wrongly, they took this position because THEY BELIEVED, theyacted for the good of the game. That is their role within the game!
    I am now prepared to accept they have been made victims, as much as you, or I, and everyone connected with the game, of an elaborate scam. I know there will be much opposition to this way of thinking, and I have wrestled with my conscience by taking this stance, but here goes…….
    To do this, they must immediately suspend Sevco’s license pending further inquiries.
    There is no shame or guilt attached to them being “duped” by Sevco(if this is the case pending inquiry), as the machinations involved, also seen them sail through a regulated stock floation, admin by court appointed officers, and under the eye of many legal officials. Police forces and many lines of enquiry are still wading through a sea of paperwork, to reach the heart of this matter.
    I put forward that this “sea” would provide a challenge to even the most sophisticated governing body, of which the SFA are not.
    If mistakes have been made by the SFA, I am sure they were with the best intentions. But, they must take the decision now! Regardless of civil unrest It has been shown that Strathclydes finest can mobilise at a moment’s notice.
    If Armageddon of the game was their fear, then it is already underway!
    For the good of the game, and only they have the power to do so, they must act. They must stand strong, and accept this catastrophy was outside of their capabilities. They must stop blundering from court room, to board meetings, and inquests. This is too complicated for their limited resources.
    Immediate suspension is the only way to move forward with any form of integrity intact. Failure to do so, will be failing to do what a blind man can see!

  22. ecojon

    New tune for Ibrox which shouldn’t have any sectarian over or under tones: From Russia With Love.

    I’m sure Wee Craigie will love it as will Imran 🙂

  23. ecojon

    In fact maybe there’s method in the madness with the Russian Connection as it might pave the way for a sponsorship deal with Absolut Vodka or even Baltika Beer. Just trying to help out you understand 🙂

  24. Raymilland

    Charlie’s one and only defence of the ‘Whyteygate’ tapes is to claim that it was in the best interest of the club for his ‘consortium’ to gather control of the assets by whatever means possible.

    It would appear from Mr Green’s own admission that he was so focused on ‘saving the club’ he was willing to act deceptively in order gain control of the above assets.

    Green defends his corner by claiming that ‘googly eye’ has not put a penny of his own money into the club. The front money to purchase the assets did not emerge from Green’s deep pockets; there would appear to be an ongoing dispute over that matter with Singapore-based firm Orlit Enterprises.

    As a consequence of Mr. Green ‘saving the club’; how then did Mr Green fund his 8% major shareholding?

  25. JohnBhoy

    Off to watch the Bhoys with a spring in my step. I can see the Eye of Sauron looking a tad upset over Ibrox way. Wonder what’s brewing? Anyway, must dash – hi ho hi ho it’s off to…

  26. not nearly dead but really dead

    If only one good thing comes out of this, for the time being anyway, after look through the papers is that ‘Ibrox Supremo’ Charles green is beginning to get bad press from those lickasses in the media who have slabbered all over him these past 12 months.
    My thanks to Craig whyte for being the boy who pulled his finger out of this Shoddy dam.
    Can’t wait for the tidal wave to sweep ’em away

  27. Mcfc

    Where are adam, cam, carson and violet when we need someone to present a cogent alternative scenario – must be in deflection brain storming meeting with jabba 🙂

    • Budweiser


      To be fair to adam, he always said he didn’t ‘ completely ‘, trust chico.
      Still, he is being very quiet.

      • mcfc


        fair enough – but he has consistntly dismissed and deflected on any suggestion that anything is really amiss at TRFC – let alone that Whyte is still involved.

        • Maggie

          He’s not the worst of them mc,at least he’s not an unreconstructed
          bigoted half witted moron,he’s just too self reverential and pompous
          for my liking. Like all supporters of T’Rangers he is completely in
          denial about what’s really going on.They will just not take a telling as my
          old non Presbyterian granny used to say 🙂

        • Budweiser


          All so true !

    • allyjambo

      Probably at home practicing ‘We Are The Champions’ and ‘Charlie is ma Darlin’ ‘ for tomorrow’s celebrations at Hampden, so have no time to read papers or check out the internet 😉

      Either that or they are not as daft as we all think they are and have the good sense to keep their heads down!

  28. parmahamster

    Listening to Chick Young on the Rangers circus – talking about the “charm offensive” that Chic O’Verde is going to need to mount in order to sell next season’s tickets.

    Good luck with that one.

    And btw Tom English now taking the same line as Paul in what may happen should this finish up in court – what happens during cross-examination?

    • mick

      The protest went well and was well Celtic class no trouble or drama

      • Maggie

        @ Hi mick
        Thank goodness mick,I was a tad worried as my bhoy and bhoy-in-law
        were there.I couldn’t relax until my hubby txtd me to say they’d arrived
        at Celtic Park safely.Well done all of you.
        What a couple of days it’s been mick,you get the Random Thoughts
        Oscar for commenter in a leading role,brilliant.Wonder how long it’ll
        be until we here from Ticketus? HH.

  29. This might seem bizarre but there is more to the ongoing malarkey that meets the eye – all seeing or otherwise. Start with Monday, April Fool’s Day, the wildfire in Fort William, a place built for and named after that Rangers legend, William of Orange.

    Then, 3 days later, (squarely) 4/4, the Queen and her Bafta for the James Bond Olympic stunt. Skyfall was partly filmed in Glencoe, the massacre way back was allegedly because the unfortunate MacDonalds took to long to pledge allegiance to William of Orange and his House of Stuart wife Mary, who were made joint sovereigns of the UK on 11/4.

    Again on 4/4, Order of the Thistle holder, Prince William, (his mother had “Stuart blood”) visits Glasgow, plays some table tennis, meets the Commonwealth Games “thistle mascot” attired with that big G for Glasgow on his chest. Or maybe it’s God, or Gnosis.

    On 4/4, Andy Murray’s mum, Judy, tweets images of an exhibition in Dunblane museum featuring her son. It makes the Daily Record the next day. Maybe best to leave the reader to their own imagination, given the tragedy and the “rumours” thereafter. I am not sure that Order of the Thistle holder, Lord Cullen, dealt with them too well, even after that anonymous letter dated 11/4. Oh, and the school gymnasium was demolished on 11/4 too.

    Maybe someone has some info as to why the perpetrators of the Stone of Destiny theft, on Christmas Day 1950, waited till 11th April the next year to deposit it at Arbroath.

    Maybe there’s a deeper reason for Rangers being a phoenix and for Whyte’s 4/4 “reappearance”. But that would be conspiracy beyond one’s wildest imagination. I suppose we will see what happens next week, North Korean deadline included.


  30. Maggie

    I know your head must be “birling” with all sorts of permutations re
    this “end of days” little SPAT of the SPIVS* as “not nearly dead but really
    dead” called it…..but I was just wondering if BDO could act to invalidate
    the sale now on the basis of what’s been said so far.
    Barcabuster made some great points about what the SFA SHOULD do,
    he’s ever the optimist is barca 🙂 We all knew what they should have
    done last year and look how that turned out,so I can’t see anything much
    happening there,unless of course Craigy has more Mission Impossible
    tapes in his secret bunker,which prove his side of the story even more
    No rush Paul,take your time,do your garden,have a wee cup of Vanilla
    Earl Grey,then get to work,your people need you more than ever now
    that the end is in sight 🙂

    * Brilliant.

  31. Budweiser

    Any info anyone on the ‘ third part’ that was supposedly on the way? I can’t find anything except a re hash of the original stuff.

  32. Ed Paisley

    I am puzzled by Ticketus making the £26.7m advance to Rangers. Yes they secured their advance against assets with a nominal value of £100m, and Craigy also gave personal & corporate guarantees. However, liquidation was a very real possibility even at that time (big tax case!?) and they must have known the asset value was massively overinflated and some basic research would have suggested that Mr Whyte’s guarantees were of questionable value.

    So why would Ticketus get involved at all? Did they regard the risk as acceptable given the premium return they had negotiated?

  33. Hiya, see if you do “moderate” my previous comment, could you add that Wills also, allegedly, phoned two youngsters in the Netherlands whilst at Quarriers charity, where he played the TT.

    Also, I forgot to add about the 11/22 digits, see Rangers original court reference – P221/12, 11 11 infatuated Uri Geller and his returning Egyptian princess Scota’s alleged treasure on Lamb Island, JFK assassination, and Prince Wills’ appearance in Hello magazine issue 1111, dated 22/2/2010. There’s more, but why dig about Savile and Glencoe..


  34. Fra

    Alex Thomson told us of a buyer who was seriously interested only to be ignored by Duff and Phelps. The whole house of cards is about to tumble and squeaky bum time is the order of the day for many participants in this drama.

    Will somebody with any authority please find their bollocks and ask pertinent questions. We understand con men can pull the wool over anybody’s eyes but the questions have been fed to you, so for gods sake, JUST ASK THEM.

  35. Paul

    Remember truck off yank, Miller time, the guy who had a look and fecked off. Remember the Record tried to gain access to Millers place in the USA to do a bit of due diligence, what a pity due diligence was not applied to these two clowns and maybe we would not be witnessing the circus with craigy and chuckles. This has to be the best show in town, watch the media spin on this, whats the bets on who is the biggest liar. i reckon this will be the hottest summer ever.Looking forward to the new clowns who come for the money in the free transfer window if the show is not brought to a halt.Enjoy div 2 and the harder diddy teams.

  36. barcabuster
    April 6, 2013 at 1:08 pm

    The SFA must act NOW!

    They should, but I’m willing to bet they don’t.

    • Carntyne, you are probably right about that, but, I amrather hoping that the self preservation effect will kick in at some stage.
      By offering the SFA a get out of jail free card, they might just act. I think they could quite legitimately claim to have been duped. Others have with less!
      They have ample grounds to suspend, giving them the chance to back track and right some wrongs. They may even come out smelling of roses, instead of the “fertiliser”

  37. GeordieBhoy

    Paul your post inspired this….

    http://goo.gl/tsTaj 😉

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