Now Charles Green Threatens to Sue Craig Whyte!

Radio Clyde has reported the following:-

Clyde news can reveal Rangers Chief Executive Charles Green and Director Imran Ahmad are considering issuing a writ for damages against Craig Whyte for defamation of character.

It’s reported the former Rangers owner is poised to start court action against them, claiming he was working alongside Charles Green in the Sevco takeover of the club.

Craig Whyte has given a newspaper recordings of conversations he had with the pair in London before the deal was done, but we understand they believe he has not released the content in full as that would reveal the true detail of their negotiations.

Can Messrs Green and Ahmad sue Mr Whyte, and if so, to what end?

First of all neither of them could sue for defamation for anything which is said in court papers. Court actions are privileged and cannot found an action for defamation. That does not mean that one can say what one likes in court actions as the court, in Scotland anyway, has the inherent power “to delete scandalous averments”.

Secondly fair reporting of court proceedings is also covered by privilege, although less so than the court proceedings themselves.

It is unlikely that a newspaper could be sued successfully for defamation where it was reporting that a court action had been raised and describing the content of that action. In Scotland there are rules relating to when the precise content of court papers in a civil case can be disclosed, but in general, as court proceedings are public, in the absence of a court order prohibiting publication, these matters can be reported.

So that would seem to leave Mr Green and Mr Ahmad with court action against Mr Whyte for his comments in the press which are not taken from his court application.

Normally of course an action for damages would be taken against the publisher of the comments, being the newspaper or TV or radio channel, as well as against the person who makes the allegedly defamatory remarks. In fact there is no need to sue the maker of the remarks personally, as a right to claim damages lies against the publisher in his or its own right.

However an action against the Sun would prove problematic. The Sun could say that it was reporting fairly on a matter of public and commercial interest. Even more than this, it could plead that it had given Mr Green a right of reply and, from what I have seen, Mr Green’s reply to Mr Whyte’s charges was more prominent than the charges themselves.

Whilst giving an aggrieved party a right of reply does not excuse a libel or defamation, it greatly mitigates any loss. If Mr Green was to take the Sun to court for repeating Mr Whyte’s allegations, then the newspaper’s actions in allowing Mr Green to state his case would lead, in my opinion, either to his claim being dismissed, or else to him being awarded no damages at all.

None of the above, by the way, is to be taken as endorsing the views expressed either by Mr Whyte or by Mr Green.

If there is to be a court action, then the courts will determine the rights and wrongs.

If the Ibrox duo are therefore not going to sue the media, then why take Mr Whyte to court?

As we know Mr Whyte is claiming that he is entitled to part ownership of Rangers (a claim I will address later). He is however subject to court action for many millions of pounds by Ticketus. How likely is it that Mr Whyte would have funds to meet a damages award, or funds within the jurisdiction with which to do so?

There would appear therefore to be two reasons for pursuing Mr Whyte.

First of all, if Mr Green and his colleague can get their case up and running swiftly, it could well come to a full hearing before Mr Whyte’s claim, or could lead to Mr Whyte’s claim being delayed so that the actions can be dealt with together. They might hope that, by moving quickly they could persuade a judge to make an order restricting the parties from publicly discussing the issues in the case, thus preventing Mr Whyte repeating his allegations till the case is dealt with, which could be a couple of years down the line.

Secondly an action might be intended as a warning shot to Mr Whyte that, if he pursues his claim, he will face heavier guns in response.

This would be particularly so if any action was to be pursued as a libel claim in the High Court in England rather than a defamation claim in Scotland.

English damages awards, whilst much less than they have been as a result of reforms to libel law, are still generally higher than those in corresponding Scottish cases. In addition costs are significantly higher.

The prospect of Mr Whyte having to fund the defence of two High Court libel claims could be enough to persuade him to reach some form of deal. I speculated about whether or not the action he has, apparently, raised against Rangers/Mr Green would be on a “no win, no fee” basis. Even if it is, it is very difficult to make it economically viable to defend a claim on such a basis!

If proceedings were to be raised, then Mr Whyte would need deep pockets.

The nature of defamation litigation is such that the quicker action is taken, including interdicts to prevent repletion of the allegedly defamatory material, the better. The longer a claimant sits and waits, the more likely a court will view the matter as less than serious.

Making it known that one is considering suing for defamation is, frankly, a waste of breath. Either one sends a pre-litigation letter seeking damages, apologies, retractions etc immediately, or else one goes straight to the court.

From what Mr Green has been quoted as saying, the allegations of Mr Whyte are not news to the blunt Yorkshireman. He therefore may well have been able to have his lawyers briefed for quite such an eventuality.

However it would be far more conniving for his team’s supporters if he announced that court papers had been served. In that case, as with Mr Whyte’s own claim, there is a clear sign of commitment.

My prediction is that there will never be a defamation or libel action raised by Mr Green or Mr Ahmad against Mr Whyte. This is not because I have decided which side is telling the truth, but a reflection (a) of the practical matters stated above and (b) the necessity of the claimants themselves having to appear in court as witnesses.

No one proceeds to court willingly. It is, or ought, always to be a last resort. The risks to witnesses in going into the witness box and being comprehensively dismantled by a top QC are very clear. In fact Mr Whyte went through that very same process at Glasgow Sheriff Court!

Mr Green is unlikely to want to be in a witness box answering questions on oath about Mr Whyte. Such questioning is likely to include Mr Green’s apparent attitude to the truth, as quoted in the Sun. A PLC CEO will not come well out of such questions.

So we are left with sabre-rattling, which will continue until a court makes up its mind on the issues between Messrs Green and Whyte or until one party backs down.

We do have a situation, it seems, where Mr Whyte has nothing to lose and Mr Green everything at risk! In those circumstances, there is more chance of the matter getting to a court hearing, as neither party feels able to reach what otherwise might be a fair settlement.

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97 responses to “Now Charles Green Threatens to Sue Craig Whyte!

  1. Budweiser


    Defamation of character? Do you mean the squeaky clean, upright,loyal, industrious,honest as the day is long,paragon of truth,honesty, virtue and integrity, defender of the faith,champion of justice and sporting integrity
    Chico Verdi El Serpento Lubricanto Supremo ? -Shirley not ?

  2. This is really turning into a soap opera, a new twist nearly every week. I have noticed the addictive nature of soap opera’s on other people, now I am beginning to understand the feeling of getting hooked on a story that never ends.

  3. Monti


  4. Weyhey! Surely someone could make an XBox game out of this to save us all the bother of waiting to see what happens next – kinda Punch & Judy meets Call of Duty?

  5. Monti

    Here we go 10 in a row…. sing up Carson

  6. Ed Paisley

    I see in the Herald that Craigy is asking for 25% of Chico’s shares or £1m per year for life. Craigy is only 41 years old so I would suggest Chico gets the stock transfer form done today.

  7. Thomas

    Cheers Paul, I’m baffled tho.
    Madman buys a basket case for £1 with a large debt no bank facility and a potential fekn massive tax bill, mad man succesfully drives basket case beyond a CVA by deliberate non payment of tax and bills, the basketcase gos pop and the same madman has prepared and funded a buyer from accountants the madman put in place in pre administration.
    This cannot be legal?

  8. josephmcgrath112001809

    Do you remember the spoof TV show “Soap” where things got steadily more absurd every week? It had nothing on this!

  9. JohnBhoy

    I’ll defame Green: he’s an entirely honourable business man with only the interests of The Rangers at heart.

  10. Dave S.

    ‘Clyde news can reveal Rangers Chief Executive Charles Green and Director Imran Ahmad are considering issuing a writ for damages against Craig Whyte for defamation of character.’

    Surely this is just feeding time for the bears to keep their chat rooms happy for another evening. Nemo Gers impune lacessit, big Charles not taking any crap, same old same old. But a good court case would be fun.

  11. Paul

    St Mirren and Ross County must be raging now that they have shown their hand and out comes this story. Goodbye Ross County, Goodbye St Mirren looks like there will not be any backhanders from Big Hands, looks like the bungs will be getting used for legal fees. Champions for a long time to come enjoy your promotion Ally and please don’t walk away.

    • Thomas

      I wonder what else CG has in mind for St Mirren? Have the fans bought the club yet? no?
      “There will ba a Rangers playing in Glasgow”
      Is Paisley Glasgow?

    • Budweiser


      Just been on a Saints website. From that and my own conversations I conclude that about 90% of fans are against 12 – 12 – 18. In particular the 8-8-8 split! They seem to be 100% against any cherry picking spl 2!
      Does this mean that I trust Gilmour ? An emphatic no ! Many fans bewildered about his invitation to Green – and many theories about the rationale behind it ! Ranging from ;- Facillitating a meeting between Green and Lawell ;- To Gilmour saying ‘ Look, we are voting against reconstruction, please don’t boycott us when you get back to the big league [ and , by the way, the fans made me do it last time ].
      St. Mirren , as far as Im aware, do not need ‘ a bung’ from Green. Last time I looked, feb 2013, attendances were up on last year [ without the toxic team ] and that was without the revenues from the League Cup and Scottish Cup.

      • Paul

        Budweiser, i agree with you and take your word on what you say good man.

      • Thomas

        Cheers Bud, thing is, why have a McLeish Report and not a fans vote?
        Its business, if any team is found attempting to assist Sevco I’ d guess almost every Scottish supporter would not attend that ground for generations.

        • Budweiser

          ‘Any team found to be supporting sevco—-would not attend any matches at that ground ‘ – Yes ! and that would include myself and all Saints fans I know!
          And for the avoidance of doubt – I would never attend a match at St. Mirren Park under those cicumstances.

  12. mcfc

    I’ve just listened to the Whyte tape extracts at The Sun. Can there be any doubt whatsoever that these guys (CG, CW, IA, BS, AE) are thick as thieves. What will it take before the authorities and the fans wake up and deal with the reality that they have been avoiding so assiduously for so long. Each day they failed to act, they look more and more like willing players in this cesspit of deception and greed.

  13. Raymilland

    An inevitable collision is heading our way and the crackpots at the SFA continue to observe the universe through the wrong end of their telescope.

  14. I had the misfortune to catch Sportsound with Chris Graham. If that is an example of the dogmatic drivel that he espouses I do not wonder he didn’t want to appear on the same show as yourself, Andy and Stuart Cosgrove. For the first time ever I had a modicum of sympathy for Graham Spiers, who tried to bring debate to the table, but there was no discussion to be had from Mr Graham, it was just case of him being correct and we all hated his new/old team.

    • dan

      Is that who that was? They were saying he has some king of ‘enemies of (new) Rangers’ on his blog. Sounded a bit confused to me. The SFA are diddies, except when telling the ECA that Rangers are not a new club. And he seems to be another one with a bizarre take of the Sevco saga, saying that the authorities handled it badly, when in fact they did their level best to help (Old) Rangers out of the mire. And the one question that was never put to him was this: if there are elements within the media working to an anti- Sevco agenda, what are their motives?

      What I really enjoy about the whole thing though is that while guys like that clearly believe the wonderful, tax-paying and law-abiding Glasgow Celtic have it in for them, they can’t lay a glove on that wonderful club by pointing to a single instance of Celtic ‘doing them down’. Wiley old Pedro has played an absolute blinder, there.

      ps and so you just wonder how many of the hymns of hate on the IOUbrox song sheet he’s familiar with, and maybe even belts out with gusto when he’s among the rest ‘o ra peeepul’? So you just wonder?

      pps God bless wee Craig Whyte.

  15. Keltikboy

    Craig Whyte doesn’t do walking away

  16. ecojon

    I wonder if the three Russian pr
    ofessional ladies will be involved in the defamation action or not. It is fitting that they were offered to CW allegedly by a Rangers Director although I do think that the CEO of a public company shouldn’t dismiss such a transaction in such a flippant manner.

    Let’s hope that Scots Law is still different from that of England on the question of taking a defamation action as Robert Maxwell – an arch defamation pursuer against anyone who wrote the truth about him – discovered to his cost.

    Down south Captain Bob took out his action and never brought it to court and essentially it became a gagging-order and eventually he dropped it once it had served his purpose.

    He did the same in Scotland against the Glasgow Herald editor of the time and a freelance journo who had defamed him – however veritas applied – and when Maxwell went to drop the action he found, under Scots Law, he couldn’t without the permission of the defendants and he ended up with even more of a red face 🙂

    So chico who seems to have little knowledge of Scots Law had perhaps better tread warily or end up in even more sh*t.

  17. Montit , still waiting on your 43 rd title ? Oh the suspense ! You could win ten in row but the mighty Rangers would still be on top !…….four boys had a dream …common montit sing up ! ……54 titles and the story goes on !!! ………..mind the gap , anyway did the bheasts from the ehast sell out the giro dome today ? LMFAO .

  18. Hey montit , the mighty Rangers won their 43rd title in 1993 ! Lmfao ……still playing catch up ? ………only 20 years behind the mighty Rangers ! ……….now , altogether now …your just not good enough .. your just not good.. enough !

    • not nearly dead but really dead

      the first rangers had a 16 year head start on celtic 140 years as we have learnt of ‘helpful’ behaviour from the authorities plus nigh on 20 years of cheating , dont cod yourself by quoting LNS, a child can see it . oh and didnt the latest independent panel determine that they are not the same club and billed the new club.

      anyway which independent panel are we to take the nod from as the SFA commisioned both.

      • 54 and counting , stop making excuses you sound like treacle teeth , now try and close the gap in you one horse race open goal of a ” title race ” LMFAO …and at least give the mighty Rangers some competition .

        • not nearly dead but really dead

          there you go again assuming im a celtic fan

          you are OBSESSED with celtic

        • Thomas

          54…hawhaw! just to make me laugh, explain the five stars on the dead ‘mans’ chest? without blushing.
          1 big gold yin on ours, alive and beating Celtic hearts!
          Zombie! Greed is a mortal sin!
          And your greedy team, is dead.

  19. nickmcguinness

    A key date to bear in mind for anyone wanting a Timeline of the Sevco 5088 affair is February 20, 2012.
    That is when Brian Stockbridge, of Zeus Capital, registered a new company (Stockbridge Capital) to the new house he’d bought or started renting in Bearsden.
    That backs up the assertion of wee “Google Eye” Whyte that he brought in Imran Ahmad’s company at an early stage.
    At that point Green was working for Nova Resources, owned by convicted bank fraudster Rafat Ali Rizvi — and whose Nominated Adviser was . . .
    Brian Stockbridge of Zeus Capital.
    Rizvi also owns Orlit Enterprises, who have threatened RIFC PLC with a winding-up order over unpaid (allegedly “fake”) invoices.
    Chuckles Green obviously knows Rizvi very well.
    When will the MSM ask him some questions about the involvement in the new The Rangers of a man on the Interpol “Most Wanted” list?

  20. hawkeyethegnu
    April 6, 2013 at 7:21 pm

    …but there was no discussion to be had from Mr Graham, it was just case of him being correct and we all hated his new/old team.

    He’s half right…

  21. ecojon

    I have to say as a sometimes critic of the Green Brigade and their protest which led to a mini-kettle that the FAC demo in George Square today was a real victory and a tribute to the Celtic support. I would also say that the police have shown a bit of commonsense which is no bad thing thing and begs the question as to why the same good sense wasn’t employed in the Gallowgate.

    The police are being used as political pawns by the SNP’s dreadful legislation and today the ‘Tic, with some other clubs as well, have sent a message that unless the SNP waken-up then next time they will have at least 20,000 Celtic fans in George Square protesting against the loss of civil liberties created by this draconian legislation which discriminates against every football fan in Scotland.

    • Yes you are totally correct , just let the green seat brigade sing songs praising the murderers of children and unfurling disgusting and badly spelt banners against Britain’s war dead , great idea Einstein .

      • not nearly dead but really dead

        like the two clubs you support.
        you have no class

        • 54 and counting , mind the gap , now , sssshhhhssssshhh

          • not nearly dead but really dead

            see that doesnt bother me in the slightest, although its nice to see you have it correct in being 54 , as thats when the count stopped, you know when rangers went into liquidation,
            please listen more carefully to chrales green ,

            he has already stated that without cva the clubs history is sewpt aside and only last week said that

            “It is a triumph which, in all honesty, cannot be held up beside the 54 top-flight championships”

            now why didnt he say ’55 and counting’ i mean he is prone to outlandish claims and statements
            ill let you in on a secret . he couldnt as its a newclub.

            its like the ’emperors clothes’ only you aint gonna here him say it as you would never give him another penny and deep down you know it. so keep trumping you tired old line, but one day you will tire of it

            just listen to the man for one minute and youll get it just like the rest of us

          • Paul

            At 54 you stopped counting we know who you really are agent Sevco.Goodbye Carson away to look at the big cup again, remember the one that skint you,Come on you Green and Whyte

      • ecojon


        I used to think Cam was a saddo but you really take the biscuit and are becoming sadder by the day.

        Britain’s war dead litter every corner of the globe where our imperialism and colonialism has plundered the resources of native peoples. And the Establishment, which your club is proud to be part of, has squandered the lives of many of our own soldiers – who could find no other work – in pursuit of profit.

        I have always supported our troops but fully recognise the extent to which they are used and abused by the speculators who control the UK. Our troops also recognise this and still do their duty and creeps like you will never understand why they do so because you could never march in their boots.

      • Thomas

        heres a real quote from a GB banner ‘your children will be Celtic fans’
        and heres one from next season ‘havin a party when Sevco die’

    • BB

      Ah, the RIGHT TO HATE CAMPAIGN gathers pace! So you’re against the outlawing of offensive behaviour then? You want to legitimize the glorification of sectarian murder gangs? And you have the front to preach about tolerance whilst demonizing Rangers fans on a habitual basis. The irony! It’s not Gers fans who are protesting en masse against the clamping down by the police on unacceptable behaviour at football grounds. So who are the fans with the problem then? ALL offensive /unacceptable behaviour is and should remain outlawed at football games. I guess Celtic fans just don’t see it that way.

      • not nearly dead but really dead

        no ‘ger’s fans dont have to protest the police clampdown, they are allowed to behave in whatever way they like at football grounds , just ask mr. lunny

        • BB

          …but of course they are. Or maybe not. Maybe the Gers’ fans are mostly quite happy the reptiles in our midst are being weeded out. Regardless of the colour of scarf. It’s not such a bad thing you know. The fact i’m getting thumbs down for advocating zero tolerance on grossly offensive behaviour , in whatever form it comes, gives a real insight to the hypocrisy so prevalent on here. Appalling. Absolutely appalling.

          • “…but of course they are. Or maybe not. Maybe the Gers’ fans are mostly quite happy the reptiles in our midst are being weeded out.”

            Does that “mostly” include the 30 000 Sevco fans that sang the specifically proscribed by UEFA “Billy Boys” at Hampden? You know, that wee ditty that glorifies violence against Catholics. Or are they “reptiles”?

      • Paul

        Aye right you make it sound as if we are back in the bad old days of football hooliganism. Jog on and evolve. The days of winning a final and throwing the seats onto the park are over M8.Celtic fans seville excellent no arrests, mmmm Manchester how many were not arrested. Is that BB on your tag for Billy Boy, probably, maybe, it is is’nt it.Shankhill butchers could not be sectarian eh? must have been a wee shock Whyte coming back into the fold, know how you feel, not really only kidding.

        • BB

          …as I was saying….

          • not nearly dead but really dead

            Zero tolerance?
            I take it you are on to Charles green and Mr lunny and the polis this very minute to condemn the ‘ger’s’ fans behaviour at nearly every ground this year. If not stop with your mock outrage.

            Unusually in football its fans only who disgrace a club,the club then tries to do something about it, over the past year or so the club run out of ibrox been leading the charge (‘who are these people’ and that disgraceful remeberance circus) with the support happy to ‘ follow follow’.

            Cop yourself on.

      • Fra

        BB, I assume that’s short for bawbag. For over 100 years we have watched as your dead club cheated its way to titles and cups. If anybody thinks the cheating only started with Moonbeams Murray, then think again. Honest mistakes have been the order of the day and were accepted in the past as ‘That’s just the way it is, you can’t change it and you’ll never beat them.’

        The man with the bunnet showed us the way forward and changed our thinking. It could be done by playing them at their own game. He showed Farry, the Celtic family wouldn’t take their crap anymore. From the Cadete affair to Dallasgate, the SFA were shown to be what the Celtic family already knew.

        The genie was out of the bottle and it wasn’t going back in. We now knew we could stand up to this corrupt establishment. To be as successful as us, cheating was the order of the day.

        If paying for players you cannot afford doesn’t amount to securing an unfair advantage, then what does. We look on with glee as the beast turns on itself and it won’t be Celtic who kills you off but the rogues and charlatans from within.

        As my wee Irish Catholic granny used to say ‘Tiocfaidh ar la’ and that day is looming closer.

        Hail Hail to all my extended Celtic family the world over.

        • Paul

          Baw bag absolute belter no need to make any further comment. BB is a baw bag…BB is a baw bag.NA na na na………………………..

  22. JohnBhoy

    The Story of Blue Bear, Googly Eyes the Vulture and Big Paws the Wolf

    Once upon a time there was a big bad bear called Blue Bear who lived in a big house. All the other animals who lived in the other houses were scared of Blue Bear because he was a nasty bear. Except for Lenny the Lion because Lenny the Lion was brave and good and not afraid of Blue Bear and would say to Blue Bear “So you think you’re f******* hard ya f***y” and Blue Bear would run away like a scaredy cat. But Blue Bear would force the little sheep to follow him to his house and bring lots of food and sing bad songs about Lenny the Lion.

    Blue Bear ate so much that he brought his house down and hurt his big greedy paws and needed someone to feed him and help him get better. One day Googly Eyes the Vulture passed by and noticed Blue Bear crying. “Why are you crying?” asked Googly Eyes the Vulture. Blue Bear replied: “Because I cannot feed myself and my house has fallen down”. Googly Eyes the vulture did not like eating live bears, but he had a clever plan. “I’ll kill it and then eat it!” And so Blue Bear was killed and eaten by Googly Eyes the Vulture.

    One day Big Paws the Wolf came walking by and saw Googly Eyes the Vulture crying. “Why are you crying?” asked Big Paws the Wolf. Googly Eyes the Vulture replied: “Because I ate big bad Blue Bear and I am still hungry”. Big Paws the Wolf was very cross because he wanted to eat Blue Bear too and wolfs are very clever and don’t like vultures.

    Then Googly Eyes the Vulture, who was very smart, had an idea! “Mr wolf, why don’t you pretend to be Blue Bear and then all the little sheep can still bring food and we will never be hungry ever again!!” Big Paws the Wolf liked that plan but thought to himself “Why do I need to share my food with a stupid vulture?”

    Big Paws the Wolf dressed up as Blue Bear and invited all the sheep into Blue Bears’ house but kept all the food to himself. Googly Eyes the Vulture was very angry and told all the sheep that Big Paws was not Blue Bear! The sheep put their fingers in their ears and were very angry with Googly Eyes the Vulture. “We hate you Googly Eyes!! Blue Bear is alive because Big Paws told us that!” Googly Eyes the Vulture then pecked out the eyes of Big Paws the Wolf and took all his entrails to the jungle and gave them to Lenny the Lion. “Told him he was a f*****g f***y” laughed Lenny the Lion and everyone but the sheep lived happily every after.

  23. Budweiser


    After a successful ‘ Freedom of Information ‘ request, I have obtained exclusive footage of carson’s first training exercise. This goes a long way in explaining his subsequent career in The Catering Commando Corps.
    Enjoy !

  24. martin c

    “I have told Ally that and I have told him the truth of the matter, just as I have always done. He knows what we are doing and where we want to take this huge Club and Rangers FC will return to the very top.

    rumpole sits and thinks for a moment, “so you always tell the truth, let me take you back. . . “

  25. JohnBhoy

    CHARLES and Ally today released the following statements:

    Charles: “I’m shitting a brick Ally. I love money. I love people who give me money. I hate people who want to stop me loving people who give me money. Whyte is trying to take my money away Ally. He’s a bad person. I promise you and all those people I love who give me money that I will make him go away.”

    Ally: “Whyte is a bad bad man. Make him go away Charles.”

  26. JohnBhoy

    Not once in the latest statement from Green ( does he deny that there was any agreement between himself and Whyte, only that Whyte was not getting what he thought he was entitled to, but Ally responds: “I never believed that Charles had entered into any kind of agreement but it was important to have a chat”.

  27. charliedon

    Another grandstanding, sword waving statement by Chico devoid of any explanations or factual content whatsoever. Astonishingly, gullible Ally is reassured. Unfortunately for Chico this means the jettisoning of McCoist will now have to be delayed indefinitely while Chico’s trust rating remains fragile.
    In regard to his denial of any business relationship with Whyte, will someone please ask Chico –
    1. Why did he set up an account to receive Whyte’s money?
    2. Why was it necessary to have a SEPARATE account?
    3. What is going to do about that money now?

  28. BB
    April 6, 2013 at 10:20 pm

    …but of course they are. Or maybe not. Maybe the Gers’ fans are mostly quite happy the reptiles in our midst are being weeded out.
    … zero tolerance on grossly offensive behaviour..


    If the ‘reptiles’ in our midst truly were being weeded out, half the Rangers support would be in prison.

    The trouble with zero tolerance is Rangers supporters think Celtic fans singing Mary Had a Little Lamb comes under that heading.

    Intolerance is a Zombie speciality.

  29. arb urns

    Comical Ali here’s a wee clue…… get your calculator out enter 137500 press the X then the 4 and it will show you what the agreement was between 4 people.

    If you are still struggling with that one surely this one can get in among the sawdust………. “It was important to have a Scottish Company take over this great institution” or words to that effect…….ffs.

  30. not nearly dead but really dead

    With charles green’s credibility taking a hit, how long before he has to sleep in a different bed every night.

  31. Adeste Fideles

    Apparently they are now dragging their own sweet mums into this…well, I’m not sure what it is now.

    • Budweiser


      What is interesting is Broonie’s comment – ‘ What I said last summer —- will now start to unfold ‘

  32. Raymilland

    Ally’s 4.5% share in TRFC is worth a wee bawbee

  33. Fra

    They thought they were conman of the highest calibre. They forgot Glaswegians can smell a bullshitter a mile off. (Unless your a zombie)

    The Internet bampots should take a bow. Keep up the good work brothers.

    North Korea and rangers/sevco

    One is a dangerous regime, run by a madman with millions of brainwashed followers…….

    The others in Asia

  34. What’s that about a mummy? I thought this was a zombie movie.

    More popcorn anyone?

  35. charliedon

    The latest article in the Sun confirms the theory put forward in the previous blog that Whyte’s £135.5k is one quarter, and his share, of the £550k exclusivity fee. Chico’s latest statement about that money said,
    “However just over £137,000 was deposited later — we were stunned and have tried to give it back.”
    The published text exchanges between Whyte and Ahmed blows that statement out of the water and exposes it as yet another of Green’s lies.
    When will the Rangers fans and Ally McCoist wake up and smell the poison? And surely the SFA now have to do SOMETHING as they have clearly been lied to about Whyte’s involvement.

  36. JimBhoy

    One of their ain from 2002 –> Time machine anyone? 🙂

    Looking forward to Chico’s treatment today at the game and some nice banners of support for him 🙂

    • Budweiser


      I particularly thought that his comment ” Rangers so called global appeal is a myth ” , especially given chico’s recent statements on their global fan base,
      very enlightening.

  37. SairFecht

    Holy Shit! Left the house early Thursday morning to catch a flight – no contact with news since and thought I’d see if there was anything worth catching up with. POW! They don’t deal in small measures round Ibrox way! Thought I’d check RM to see what the reaction might be there – and now I think for the first time in several years of chatboard/forum usage I am going to break with convention and use caps lock – INCREDIBLE! – they are still engaged in claiming a media conspiracy and almost entirely unfocussed as to what has happened / is happening at their football club. Is there even a shred of conscience as to the creditors’ millions heisted off while Whyte was cooking up a deal with Green? Or that Whyte robbed £13m from the revenue and then worked through this potential deal to give Rangers continuity and take a healthy cut for yours tuly? Listened to the Whyte tapes above – and not for the first time was led to wonder – now what does he have on David Murray? Much more shit stuck upstream in the pipeline would be my guess, just waiting to flow down.

    • Budweiser


      Just been on RM, where they have a thread about King’s article stating ‘ John Brown should feel vindicated by Rangers fans ‘. So much for ‘ aware bears ‘. The comments to a man/woman state ‘ f**k right off ‘ or similar !
      One exchange was 1st:- What is this guys agenda? Reply :- Hes just like whyte, pandering to the gullible ! You really couldn’t make it up.
      Even the fearless Leggat is conspicous by his absence – he hasn’t posted since friday am on a totally different matter [ celtic conspiracy etcetc ] .
      The silence is deafening !

    • Jim

      I sometimes wonder if there are any genuine posters over there, or if 90% comes via a couple of interns over at Media House. Surely they can’t all be that gullible

  38. martin c

    according to companies house cg still listed as a director of sevco 5088

    The only director listed at Companies House for Sevco 5088 Ltd is Charles Green, while he signed off on a proposal to have the firm dissolved at the end of 2012, although it has

    so where is the resignation letter?

  39. Sweeney Hughes

    Whent to a Talking Heads concert last night. I must say I was a wee bit dissapointed

    Well! That’s who they said they were!!!!!!

  40. Paul

    Fucking brilliant just what you would expect from a tribute act absolute pish.

  41. lordmac

    would the sfa play it safe this year and keep rangers in the fourth division
    or will they let them move up one division then if things go tits up have to demote them once more and then become rangers haters like us all, i think they no there is a stink coming their way once more, and they will keep rangers down for there own safety.

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