Guess Who Has Been Ordered to Pay Legal Costs of 5 Players With Whom It Was In Dispute?

There are occasional moments, when I have had my last mug of tea for the day (Vanilla Earl Grey, if you’re putting the kettle on thank you) and I think if I should write a blog post for the next morning. Has anything happened which justifies me looking at the legalities of some situation?

On those occasions I can generally depend on one particular football team to be involved in something which has a legal aspect to it.

People ask me why I keep writing about Rangers – is it an obsession?

The short answer is that there has been no other entity in Scotland which has been involved in so many different aspects of the law over the last two years.

Tax, company law, insolvency, family law, damages claims, breach of contract, employment law, defamation, privilege, Data Protection, breach of confidence … you name it, and it has been there.

And there have been so many events and disputes that you can always rely on there being news of something concluding, or having a loose end dealt with, or flaring up again.

Last night saw one of those perfect examples.

The BBC’s Chris McLaughlin reported as follows:-

Rangers are facing a legal bill after a panel judged they should pay the expenses of five former players they were in contract disputes with.

Sone Aluko, Kyle Lafferty, Steven Naismith, Jamie Ness and Allan McGregor all quit the club when it was placed into liquidation last year.

The players refused to transfer their contracts from the old company to the new one, which the club challenged.

The panel says Rangers should pay all legal bills relating to the dispute.

The panel was established and facilitated under the Scottish Football Association’s Articles of Association after agreement was reached by the club and the players over who should represent each side of the dispute, with a chair appointed to review both side’s claims.

You will recall that this was the process which was going to find Rangers entitled to many millions of pounds in compensation for the players “breaching their contracts” by refusing to join newco. Mr Green had been very aggressive, as is his style, and had blustered proudly when an initial procedural hearing went his way.

However, at the end of January, the substantive cases were thrown out.

Now the Panel which looked at matters has ordered that newco pays the legal costs of the players named.

Bearing in mind that over two months have passed since the hearings, this suggests that we might still have to wait a few weeks until Lord Nimmo Smith and his colleagues decide who should pay the costs of the SPL Independent Commission.

As far as the players go, there are none of the issues about newco v oldco regarding who pays up. It was newco which challenged the players’ right to leave. Newco lost.

I suspect that the five players will have legal bills running to many thousands of pounds. It is not impossible that, when combined with their own costs, the challenges will cost Rangers (newco) well into six figures.

On the other hand, that is a small sum to gamble where there is a chance of generating millions of successful!

Mr Green did talk about challenging the decision, but nothing further has come from him yet regarding this. Will he be happy to pay the lawyers involved? (Probably not – no one likes paying lawyers!)

On the other hand the whole Rangers saga has been, almost single-handedly, responsible for saving the Scottish legal profession from penury!

And, looking at the remarkable Sun interview with Mr Green this morning, wherein we see the return of Craig Whyte and Aidan Earley, one suspects more cash will be heading to the legal profession!

And I suspect that Mr Green’s comments might provoke a couple of blog posts from me as well!

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216 responses to “Guess Who Has Been Ordered to Pay Legal Costs of 5 Players With Whom It Was In Dispute?

  1. ecojon

    Does anyone know when the PR briefing for our resident trolls will be over?

  2. the BBC picks up the story.

    set yourself in the blocks Charles and put those big grasping ‘ands to some use.

    The games afoot! Run, Run like the wind!

  3. Fra

    The bears den (what a nasty, vile place) have shut their eyes and minds. The MSM are trying to destabilise their club is the mantra. Couldn’t make it up. This is gonna get nasty. Popcorn and the best seat in the house will do me.

    Die, you nasty filth ridden excuse for a team. Take Green, Whyte, the SFA and that nasty support with you and never darken our doorstep again.

  4. lordmac

    i dont think i will buy any product from puma , and i better not start drinking the blackthorn cider as i might get the thinking of visiting ibrox for prostitutes

  5. Raymilland

    “We told him what he wanted to hear. Imran told him because we needed to keep him sweet to prise the club away from him.” – Charles Green

    Game, set and match for wee Craigy Boy.

    Sheffield United fans will be luvin it. Green’s next legal bill shall be from a criminal lawyer.

  6. Budweiser


    Is it true, or my imagination, that this is to be a ‘three parter’ and that more tapes are to be disclosed? I think it was somebody on bears den – so must be true?

  7. A rare visit by newtz ……
    My energy is being spent elsewhere ….. but amazing how paths cross ….

    EBT setup …… interesting ….
    CW allegations ….. hmm … interesting ….
    TrustNet Group ……. now that’s very interesting ……

    Imagine how much $&@t would hit the fans if their client files ever became public …….. wonder what names might surface …

    Especially when sophisticated structures that weave together multiple layers of trusts, sub trusts, companies, and so-called “nominee” directors and shareholders are unpicked …….. just commenting like ….. !

    Now, whatever could their HomePage be referring to ……….. :-O

    Horse and stable door come to mind ….
    personally I have purchased a very strong umbrella … Just saying like !

    There are some very curious, persistant and naughty people out there …. Tut Tut

    And nooooooo Paul …… you can remove your finger hovering over the Delete (for legal reasons) Button now …..

    • Budweiser

      Sorry newtz – I don’t get it – what are you saying?

      • JohnBhoy


        The International Consortium of Investigative Journalists (ICIJ: reported this week that have access to over 2.5million leaked files on offshore accounts (that includes information about UK-based companies). To put this leak in perspective, the quantity of the information is more than 160 times the Wikileaks outpouring of U.S. State Department documents in 2010, and that was massive.

        The Guardian and the BBC are at this very moment looking over this veritable treasure trove of goodies to find out the UK names behind covert companies and private trusts in the British Virgin Islands, the Cook Islands and other offshore hideaways.

        Should be fun. Over the coming weeks and months, expect to read about the financial transactions of various UK con men and companies. Of course, no football club in Scotland, or those interested in buying a football club, would have any need for a secret off-shore account in the Virgin Islands, would they?

        • Budweiser


          Ah right! – Thanks for that – will keep a look out.

        • And others JB ….. look at the list and dig a bit deeper …. btw, interesting group starting up based in Manchester …. plenty of time on this one ….. lol, there’s also plenty of info ……. to use someone else’s term …. tick tock

    • Interesting company is TrustNet

      Describes itself as a “one-stop shop” — its staff includes lawyers, accountants and other experts who can shape secrecy packages to fit the needs of its clients
      Offshore services firms often appoint fake directors and even shareholders — proxies who serve as stand-ins when the real owners of companies don’t want their identities known ……. sounds familiar ……

      No wonder investigators often hit dead ends when they try to uncover who is really behind offshore companies ……… unless of course …… we had a list of (say) ….. alleged (careful newtz !) ….. ‘sham directors’ …….!

      might be an interesting starting point ……..

      I feel Paul’s finger getting nervous …… Just wondering like !

  8. not nearly dead but really dead

    Is ‘your are newco’ a put down or a compliment?

    OH and doesn’t ‘Spartacus’ green sound rattled on SSN
    The epitome of professionalism.
    ‘Googly eyes’
    Then again its nice to hear him quote the bampots

    ‘Last man to the Brits virgin islands is odd man out’

  9. Nothing short of incredible:

    What on earth are you doing with that 137K. Which account is it in and how is it accounted for.

    This is surely not normal…is it?

    • JohnBhoy

      If someone sent you a cheque for £137K in error then, if you were honest, would you not tear up the cheque, or if it was a wired transfer, write a cheque for the same amount and send it back to the rightful owner? Why hang on to it? Retaining the money, or in fact just initially cashing it, provides evidence that a legal transaction took place.

      • Budweiser


        Unwanted cheque? why no you don’t tear it up – you open a separate account and stick it in there – dont you? And then try to return it – don’t you?

        • JohnBhoy

          Ha ha. Walter Scott’s famous lines come to mind:

          Oh, what a tangled web we weave
          When first we practise to deceive!

  10. What?…

    No Carson?

    No Cam?

    No Violent?

    Where are these people?

    I think we should be told.

    The fans deserve to know!

    • eastside

      Haven’t they been punished enough? A world record level of humiliation? Won’t anyone think of of ra children?

    • not nearly dead but really dead

      Id imagine that no counter answer will manage to cover the smell of this turd in the middle of the room. So best say nothing id suppose


      • Budweiser


        I believe you have new song – it goes something like this — ‘ We belang tae Craigie, guid aul Craigie boy—– come on! sing up!

      • Jamie

        Just want to say Carson


        Bring back Bomber….show us the title deeds!

        • Monti

          That’s a bit harsh, don’t you mean heeeerheeeeeeahhhhhaaaaapmsl lmfao girfuy assess aaaaasaaaaaaaaaheeeeeee, oh & Graffiti on the wall

      • Paul

        Capital letters usually are used to show one’s anger, surely you are not coming on to this blog with all guns blazing. Yep you’s certainly are the people.And bring what on. This blog is a discussion about corruption contribute or jog on mate…sick of the people and their cheating.

  11. Pensionerbhoy


    I too would be hurting – badly. However, I would not expect sympathy. But kindness, perhaps? After all, we ARE different, at least so we claim.

  12. “So, of course there were discussions and agreements with regard to his shares and debenture release. There has never been any attempt to deny or disguise that and I told supporters that when I addressed them during Q and A sessions”.

    That’s fine, with one question. What were the agreements that had no denial or disguise? Tell us non supporters – just for clarity.

  13. “In a discussion with Mr Whyte, who taped some conversations, I am alleged to have said: ‘You are Sevco, that’s what we are saying.”

    “This is correct but at that point I had signed a resignation letter and a stock transfer form because it was decided that a Scottish company should buy a Scottish institution. Sevco 5088 wasn’t required”.

    Perhaps you were not being straight with Mr Whyte then…are you being straight with us now, how are we to know?

  14. “He said he wanted to invest and Imran said: ‘Okay, fine. We need to come up with something like £6m each.”

    “But there was never any possibility of him coming up with that kind of money. Imran knew that. I knew that but we went about the business of raising the cash.”

    Can you clarify how the plan would have differed had he come up with the £6m.?

  15. Ra sellick fans are the only people who believe shyte ! ….. ORLIT NOTHING STORY , SHYTE RETURNS NOTHING STORY , what’s next Kim ll jong as the physio or Oscar pistorious playing up front or maybe jimmy savile playing the tunes over the tannoy ! ……..Lmfao …. must try harder bhoys ….get with the programme the mighty Rangers are here to stay , the club that would not die ……if shyte told you the tooth fairy was real you’d believe him …lmfao again …….oh wait a minute you lot believe you still get full houses at the ” mingers half full arena ” …god bless the ( missing ) gallant thirty thousand .

    • rab

      I wonder how many zombots will be at Whytes “mike ashleys sports direct asbestosdome arena” for the next home third division goaless borefest.

      Ach well, maybe a last chance to poison the atmosphere at the linfield game before ibrox can mothball ( condemn ) three unneccessary stands.

      Here we go

      to ten in a row.

    • Paul

      So the papers story today is just sensationalism,what a story just to keep the people in the headlines. Pick your choice Green or Whyte, one thing for sure this story will show this season Glasgow is Green and Whyte.or is this another third rate story just like a third rate championship, ha ha, you cannot make this up.

      • Budweiser


        Green, Whyte and Orange strips. I hope that Violet is straight on to this one, and complains about ‘ a foreign tricolour flying ai Ibrox ‘.

  16. Perhaps it’s just me, but there is something in the punctuation of the official statement by Charles Green on The Rangers FC website that makes it look a little rushed.

    The inverted commas in particular have a starting point but not always in fact rarely an end.

    It’s surely not a cut and paste job…on something so serious.

    Now that would be silly.

    If only they had a good PR guy.

    • JohnBhoy

      It is written in the style of a bad journalist and reminiscent of the type of poor fare to be found in popular rags, where the terse one-sentence paragraph is king and grammar and punctuation are on permanent vacation.

      The professional response would have been to issue a measured, statesmanlike paragraph formally denying Craig Whyte’s version of events. Instead, we got an ill-conceived, ill-disciplined, illiterate, meandering rant. It does sound of panic – a rushed plea to calm the troops.

  17. Ed Paisley

    Folks I’m worried about Leggo. His total faith in Charles Green has been dashed and like Sue Ellen in “Dallas”, I’m afraid he will succumb to the demon drink yet again.
    If you see a spittle stained elderly man with ink-stained hands buying Special Brew in your local Spar and muttering about Odious Creep then please call me on 0141 5088 2012. I will also be setting up a donate page at: Together friends, we can save Leggo for the nation (to laugh at).

  18. Listened to Jim Duffy on the radio earlier , came up with very good point about the mighty Rangers and the media attention , wanted or unwanted , and said the bears should take it as a compliment ! A club in the fourth tier and WE ARE THE STORY , the rest are just a sideshow , the audience , nothing of interest ….no wonder they want us back ASAP ! enjoy all the extra space tomorrow bhoys ! … remember WE ARE THE STORY , WE ARA PEEEEEEEEPPPEELLL .

    • Pensionerbhoy


      You would have gone down a bomb at Nuremberg.

    • Jamie

      Yip for once I agree with you, you are the story……a great man once said you can fool all of the peeeeepppeeelll all of the time! I wonder if Chuck has that motto above his big chair in the boardroom

      • Maggie

        Sorry Jamie,you’re only half right,the quote actually says :
        You can fool all of ra peepul* some of the time,
        and some of ra peepul* all the time,but you cannot
        fool all ra peepul*,all the time…..
        *Apologies to Abraham Lincoln
        Except in this instance it seems you actually can fool all ra peepul,
        all the time. 🙂

    • Carson, just for the record. Are you a fan of Chicco, and if so, you cannot cite honesty, openness, or integrity as his finest attributes. So what would you say were the qualities that attract you to him?(obviously there is no implication of sexual orientation in that question)

    • JimBhoy

      The mutt wanted to run forever tonight apparently but i did not, quite warm…Sweating like chico Green…

      @Carson you are fukin definitely the story as usual a scourge on anything Scottish football for sure..Build your gallows high..!!!

      Nobody wants your aggravation.. Check your own history..!!!

    • Exactly who wants you back at all Carson,never mind ASAP .

    • rab

      Its not that you are the story and more that you are a hilarious scandal. Naebody wants you back, except maybe a few suits. Mostly everyone else wants trfc to end up like rfc. Dead. Then we can all play some footballlllllllllllllllll.

    • eastside

      And it’s that exact mentality that killed the other Rangers! Brilliant!

  19. “We cannot understand why Mr Whyte keeps going to the media rather than the court. He has threatened to take Duff & Phelps to court, the SFA to court and now Charles Green and Imran Ahmad. We suggest he gets on with it.”

    Rough translation – we don’t like going to court and we can’t effectively control the media.

    • Budweiser


      Chico stated that they have had craigies’ letters since last december. Surely he should have stated publically ‘ We are being threatened/blackmailed by this shyster Whyte – or at least told his manager and PR guru?

      • Bud.

        And if the letter is not a threat/blackmail. What then, sit on it, hide it, hope it goes away? Surely not the response of an internationally recognized football club with impeccable standards.

        • Maggie

          What internationally recognised football club with impeccable standards
          do you mean Martin? I thought this was about The Rangers 🙂

          • Maggie,

            my tongue was firmly in my cheek there, I lack the ability to convey this in print – my bad 🙂

            • Maggie

              You do yourself a diservice Martin,you’re on fine form this evening.
              It’s almost too painful to watch this latest episode of the meltdown
              playing out for our delectation…..oh who am I kidding,it’s brilliant. 🙂

      • JohnBhoy

        Should The Rangers IPO prospectus not have declared – under Risks – a potential dispute over club ownership?

        • Now Johnboy who would have bought into that 🙂

        • Maggie

          Indeed JB,it would be interesting to know the date in December that
          Craig Whyte sent his missive……was it pre,or post the share issue.
          Typical Chico and Jabba,obviously never heard the adage ” when
          you’re in a hole,stop digging”
          I know I’ve said this before,but somebody should stop Chico saying
          anything in public,he’s an absolute liability,witness the disgusting
          throw away line about Imran Ahmed offering Craigie boy “Russian
          girls” ( allegedly) How actionable could that one line be ?

          • JohnBhoy

            CHARLES GREEN STATEMENT is becoming my favourite headline.

            I didnae talk to him/I did (delete as appropriate). I didnae say that/I said that but I knew that I was being recorded (delete as appropriate). He had nothing to do with the takeover/Ok he was lied to (delete as appropriate). I didnae take money from him/I did but didnae spend it (delete as appropriate). He didnae spend a bean of his own money on this club/I didnae spend a bean of my own money on this club (delete as appropriate).

            (Yes, Maggie, his comment about Russian girls was offensive. Charlie perceives prostitution to be a source of amusement. For him, some humans are mere chattels. Now I’m beginning to understand his treatment of Sandaza.)

            • And the TUPE players JohnBhoy. Commodities to be bought and sold

            • Budweiser


              Ally’s Epitaph.
              ” To be completely honest, I’m 100% unaware “

            • JohnBhoy


              The TUPE players were badly served, particularly given their earlier sacrifices.


              I know honesty is generally the best policy, but Ally’s habitual state of ignorance is showing him in a very poor light. And to depend on Charlie for your education is naive at best.

    • Equally Chicco, If Craigy’s claims are baseless, and you have been aware of this matter since December, Why have you not taken steps to avert this PR disaster? Hmmmmmmm!

  20. portpower

    More creditors on the list at sevco (déjà vu)? Vanilla Earl Grey (ffs) is that cramp in your pinky, Paul? I prefer an Australian bushman brew. It involves swinging the billy (can). I see The Agent White has announced to sevco, “I`m your father.” (insert pmsl icon here……).

  21. “If he wants to go to court we would be delighted to see him there. It is a shame Mr Whyte keeps trying to destabilise the Club he very nearly destroyed.”

    Rough translation – we’d be delighted to see him in court but please god not in a case that involves us.
    Destabilising and destroying the club is no longer the business of Mr Whyte.
    That’s a matter for us.

  22. Jamie

    I do hope this works,,,,Carson something to look forward too.

  23. Ed Paisley

    Carson is the new Comical Ali. Remember him – the guy who was telling the world how the sacred territory of Iraq would never be violated while the American troops were on the other bank of the Tigris shooting at him.

    I admire your pluck carson but I pity your gullibility.

  24. charliedon

    So Chico explains that Craig Whyte put in £137k which was paid into a separate account, it has since remained there unwanted and untouched and they have tried unsuccessfully to return the money to him. Does he really expect anyone to believe that? (Apart from the gullible bears on RM of course.)
    Is it not much more likely that it was paid into a separate account to keep Whyte’s involvement hidden from the SFA and other prying eyes? And that it remains there awaiting some as yet unknown purpose?

  25. “He has not invested a penny in Rangers FC.”

    Finally something on which we can agree, it was £1.

  26. “It is also a great pity the media outlets continue to give him platforms.”

    Rough translation – why does no one love me?

  27. JimBhoy

    Chico has sat on the Agent Whyte things for weeks/months his response earlier was fukin amateur rotten….

    If rangers fans do not raise questions they are are more sheep-like than i ever thought…! However i think Chico rocks…

  28. JohnBhoy

    Summary of Charlie’s statement:

    It wisnae me it wis Imran Ahmad.

  29. timtim

    In the early days of RTC I posted
    so others could see what lay behind those google eyes
    It seems to me with the arrival of Charles we have peas in a pod
    The interesting point we have reached now is that they (sociopaths) are
    remorselessly vindictive when thwarted or exposed. Craig has been thwarted by Charles and Charles has finally been exposed by Craig.
    They seem determined to destroy each other even if it means destroying themselves . Pandoras box has well and truly been opened
    I dont know how long Carson has been posting on here but I bet he was
    singing the praises of wee Craigy the billionaire saviour and mocking all who criticised him until it was indefensible.
    For his benefit I will re post another of my favourite links to help him through
    this trying time

    Dear Carson you are still at stage 1
    I wish you well on your inevitable journey to stage 5
    I feel your pain

  30. Budweiser

    Broonie’s been awfy quiet for a change.He’s usually hot a view on , – well, just about anything.

    • Bud,

      Broonie on the money – who da thunk it!

      • Budweiser


        All we need now for mick to have a ‘full house ‘ is some revelations re; ticketus and octopus – nah – couldn’t possibly happen! When is the next segment of the craigiegate to be revealed barcabuster?

    • JohnBhoy

      Although I’ve had a wee joke about John Brown in the past (unfairly in retrospect), the fact is he was the only one on the blue side to pose the most vital query of all: show us the deeds.

      • Budweiser


        I noted at the time of the prospectus, that RM Hall the surveyors stated that they hadn’t personally viewed the deeds.

      • JB,

        it’s still a question that deserves an answer. John Brown rightly gave it some air, too many Rangers fans thought it unimportant.

        I’ve always thought that was odd, something so fundamental to a club being generally ignored.

        Perhaps the fans were distracted by Charles Greens’ promises, more likely wishing for the best and attempting to look forward created blind spot.

        It’s a big blind spot, you can hide a stadium in it.

      • Fra

        Brown was slaughtered on the bears den and was still being questioned only yesterday. With hindsight, shouldn’t the fans of sevco 5088/sevco Scotland be apologising to the man. He certainly went up in my estimation. I would like to apologise to John Brown as I didn’t look beyond his inability to hold an audience and as somebody once said, I played the man and not the ball. John Brown, take a bow, you have been vindicated my good man.

  31. Monti

    I find this funny,I really do……Cam? Arseon & vile -it……..girfuy!!!!

  32. Monti

    Celtic are the Champions of Scotland…….This is the will of god! GOD BLESS THE POPE!

  33. Monti


  34. Good old Malcolm Tucker was fond of a Phrase that could sum up the Sevco pantomime perfectly. “F****** clowns running through a mine field”.
    Speaking of clowns. Cam , Carson, Boab Smith! where are you?
    Hello Hello!!!!!

    • Maggie

      @Mac Tomas
      Or the even better Malcolm Tuckerism ….. “Omnishambles”
      Brilliant neologism which has now passed into common usage.
      Armando Iannucci is a genius,”I blame the schools” 🙂

    • ecojon

      @ Budweiser

      I think the quote from the story tells it all:

      ‘McCoist is due to hold talks with Gers chief Charles Green to thrash out next term’s plans. He said: “We haven’t discussed budgets for scouting or youth development, transfer budgets, all that kind of stuff.’

      And McCoist reveals how useless he has with his pathetic statement that he has a list of potential targets that could fill six teams. Perhaps the Masterplan is to have a colts team in every Scottish division as well as well as the Conference Leagues and the femal Benelux League as well.

      Moonbeams aplenty 🙂

      • Maggie

        Morning eco.According to Mc Murdo,Chico and Sally fighting on
        a daily basis. Quelle surprise 🙂

        • ecojon

          Hi Maggie

          I think there will be more important battling than with Ally – what about Malcolm Murray and the rest of the Neds – what have they got to say about the Russian Connection?

  35. Raymilland

    @Paul McC

    “Maybe Sevco 5088 Ltd will sue for breach of contract!”

    From your post dated 27 June 2012:

    “This suggests to me that the administrators, whilst stating that they had a binding agreement to sell the business and assets to “the Green consortium” and which was made clear to be Sevco 5088 Ltd agreed to sell the fixed assets, which form the vast bulk of the £5.5 million purchase price, to Sevco Scotland Ltd.

    I do not see how this tallies up with the statement that there was a binding agreement. Or of there was, it was a binding agreement to sell the assets to two different companies, although not stated in the CVA Proposal.

    Maybe someone will ask D+P or Mr Green, or the grumpy spokesman, when Sevco Scotland Ltd came on the scene. Maybe Sevco 5088 Ltd will sue for breach of contract!”

    The Scottish Sun 05/05/13:

    ‘You are Sevco, that’s what we are saying’ – Charles Green (to Craig Whyte)

    Did Duff & Phelps ‘sell’ the club to the existing owner?

    Sevco 5088 has resurfaced from the black lagoon

    Next Chapter….

  36. Fra

    I implore Peter Lawell to publicly state that Scottish football would be much better off without this sideshow. He has already stated they are not needed for Celtic to flourish so can he go one step further and state what most of us want. The death of this carcass which is tainting everything it goes near. Give up the ghost, dump them in the skip and let’s get on with it. They are poison. Disgusting, corrupt, vile, cheating bas@@rds. Kill them now.

    • mick

      What a week we had , now it’s the protest and hibs good luck to Celtic today and all the fans HH sevco is whyte lol a have to pinch myself when texting that lol pmsl

  37. JohnBhoy

    The Rangers Club Website, Friday 5th April 2013
    Green: “So, of course there were discussions and agreements with regard to his shares and debenture release. There has never been any attempt to deny or disguise that…”

    The Guardian, Sunday 13th May 2012
    On any suggestion of a previous connection with Craig Whyte, Green said: “It was complete rubbish.”

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