Mcfc has a Question for Charles Green – “If You’re So Clever, Why Aren’t You Rich?”

If you’re so clever, why aren’t you rich? This is, I think, the ultimate put down for every armchair expert and would-be-Zuckerberg nerd the world over. I’ve only heard it used once or twice in real life because it is the ultimate weapon – which can easily rebound or elicit a mutually assured destructive response. I’ve never seriously considered using it – except in obvious jest with old friends – because like starting a chat up line with reference to the size of your old man – you are hopelessly and helplessly vulnerable to any third-rate, clichéd response.

But still, it’s a question I would almost certainly blurt out if I ever found myself face to face with Mr Charles Green.  Like North Korea facing off the USA with my latest intercontinental firework – I wouldn’t be able to resist it – just for the hell of it – just to see the reaction.

Mr Green wants us to believe he can turn £5.5m worth of fourth tier, tainted brand into £100 million per year turnover with routine Champions League, a global fan base and £500 million capital value. Where others have only tasted fleeting success after starting from more favourable beginnings and burning millions – Charles will turn base metal into a shower of diamonds. What is the magic that Mr Green will unleash on an unsuspecting football world – what super powers does he possess and most importantly if he’s so clever – why isn’t he rich already? I mean Richard Branson rich, James Dyson rich, Philip Green rich, Bernie Ecclestone rich, Mike Ashley rich – forget Alan Sugar for now – he’s not quite a billionaire yet.


Most men, for it is only men, who “buy” a football club regard it as a hobby, a trapping of success along with yachts, jets and trophy wives. I remember reading that Abramovich has three yachts and that the oldest, tattiest one is worth more than he has ever spent on CFC. But here we have Charles Green, in his later years trying to squeeze a pension pot, worth less than a decent box to box midfielder out of The Rangers FC.

Before we go on – a little perspective – let’s be clear that Charles is probably wealthier than the rest of us already – even before his intended big pay day from TRFC. £350K/yr salary with expenses and assured bonuses in the pipeline is not too shabby.  But, and it’s a big but, in the pantheon of household-name millionaire and billionaire wealth creators he’s still back in economy, next to the toilet, with the rest of us – a no-mark wannabe.

So Charles, how to get rich? John D Rockefeller had the most succinct strategy, “rise early, work late, strike oil”. But for the rest of us the best I can offer is what the wealthiest relative I have told me when I was a boy – wealth being entirely relative. To do well “Become an expert at something, work really hard at it for a long time and one day you’ll probably become wealthy”. He was thinking law, medicine or architecture rather than mega-brands, retail, hoovering or formula one – but you get the idea. I’d also add the bon mots a colleague has at the bottom of her emails “You are what you do repeatedly”. Well that’s fine for her because she is hard working, productive, creative and too charming to ever resent. But where does that leave you, me and Charles.

So what has Charles become an expert at? What has he worked really hard at for a long time? What has he done to prepare him for the business alchemy he has promised so far and so wide? How does this experience match up to the profile of those we know who have succeed on a monumental scale?


I will defer to Ecojon’s and Adam’s detailed analysis of Mr Green’s business track record, but from my understanding his primary and considerable skill is attracting millions and millions of investment to AIM level IPOs worldwide.  In essence he sells the dream of significant, short term investment gain through presentations and schmoozing. He then formalizes the pitch into a prospectus and sets a price the market will bear. Once the IPO has been a success, and many are, he then seems to make a reasonably quick exist to repeat elsewhere rather than sticking around to do the spade work of delivering the prospectus. His reward seems to be some mix of a decent director salary, a percentage of the investment raised and some near-zero cost shares that may have considerable valuable after any lock-in period, depending upon jurisdiction, or may not

But each pitch is potentially harder than the last, starting from scratch in front of a new audience and overcoming the scepticism of the wise and the well researched whilst sniffing out the diminishing pool of the well-healed and “willing”. Not a bad business model for a quick witted individual who’s kissed the blarney stone – but not a model that will get you seriously rich alongside Dick, Jim, Phil, Bernie and Mike.

Serious wealthy self-made people need to exhibit an amazing compliment of personal traits and learnt skills. The few millionaires I’ve met shine with these – calm, collected, intelligent, measured, charming, interested, focussed, energetic  – makes you sick really. But ultimately they need to channel these talents into a realistic business plan with strong themes of repeatability and scalability. Repeatability – earning more from repeat business with satisfied, trusting customers. Scalability – winning more and more customers without losing the ones you have. Billionaire status usually also requires a global dimension: global infrastructure, global supply chains, global management structures, global distribution deals, global marketing, global branding, global partnerships etc. Billionaire one-man-brands also seem to exude a high degree of integrity and honesty that indicates they’ve resisted the temptations of short cuts and dodgy deals along the way as they focus on the bigger prize.

So how does Charles’ experience and talents stack up against the usual profile required for the quantum of success he is striving for – and promising?  My personal opinion?  I think Kirsty McCall – god bless her – hit the nail on the head “Now don’t come the cowboy with me Sonny Jim, I know lots of those and you’re not one of them”.

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  1. “The man who dies rich dies disgraced.”
    Andrew Carnegie

  2. Ian Taylor

    I’m sure there are a number of massive ironies in someone with an ‘mcfc’ moniker questioning someone elses financial credentials, I’m just finding it a tad difficult to nail down which one to start with!

    Perhaps the old song put’s it in to perspective “Where were you when you were shit?!’

    • Marching on Together

      In fairness MCFC averaged over 30K crowds in League 2.

      • Ian Taylor

        With respect I would suggest it was around 25k reaching a nadir in 87/88 of less than
        19, 500!!

        • w d milne

          25k?still not bad.iremember a club once fighting for the title until being pipped in the second last game,naturally you would think the fans of that club would fill thier ground in a show of appreciation for the seasons finale but only 2000 turned up…it was for a glasgow derby also.

    • jocky bhoy

      In fairness mcfc does quote a similar strategy for getting rich as that shown by the owners of mcfc (I am assuming we are talking Cit-eh, right?) when he wrote “strike oil”…

  3. Paul Adie

    But each pitch is potentially harder than the last, starting from scratch in front of a new audience and overcoming the scepticism of the wise and the well researched whilst sniffing out the diminishing pool of the well-healed and “willing”.
    Got it in one! Seems to be his chosen path.The outcome also repeats itself!

  4. Marching on Together

    He is not super-rich because he is a typical Yorkshireman and gives most of his massive wealth away. 😉

  5. Monti

    “you can fool some sevconians some of the time & you can fool all of the sevconians all of the time”- Bob Marley! Come on & stir it up yeah little darling stir it up,let’s stir it up together……

  6. Paul

    Think back to the statement “50 million RFC supporters worldwide” how much would each have to put in to achieve 100 million pound and how much would they be worth if each one gave up a pie supper for a week. Think if they gave up pie suppers for the 6 weeks of lent and gave charlie the pie money….i love maths in the morning, charlie you are a trumpet or you are not very clever at getting people to give up pies.Ask Ally.

  7. SairFecht

    No doubt much of the resume above involves a degree of risk and bluster – and no small degree of quick-witted talent to manage successfully. However in this instance it seems impossible not to indulge in guessing what Mr. Green’s endgame has been since day one – and my guess is that it has been aimed at establishing a Scottish club in the English Premiership, exploiting some change in footballing regulation and stirring up some feeding frenzy for investors, such as TV deals, European returns, etc. CG’s bizarre behaviour since the first day of the footballing season – handclapping his hatred of Stuart Reagan, ‘they stole our money’, refusing to recognise inquiries into regulation-breaking, and so-on, does however seem to indicate some desperation that his master plan has been put under threat by having to begin the journey from SFL 3, but now he has made gain of this by further ranting in his justification of getting Rangers out of Scotland. In all probability, when it comes down to it, Rangers will mean bugger-all to Charles Green. But imagine this intriguing scenario. With Mr. Green’s plans ultimately in tatters and Rangers ineligible to play anywhere else but Scotland, and with limited TV returns and Champions League competition, those resources are then taken and ploughed into say Newcastle United’s push for Premiership and European dominance, with Rangers left as a smaller feeder club for these ambitions, placed in Scotland. All speculation and fantasy, of course.

    • Sweeney Hughes

      I think you’ll find, Sair, that sevco are in the fourth tier of Scottish football because that’s where they want to be and are quite happy to play their and have done so without the slightest complaint or grumble and went about their business with dignity and respect for all around them bringing joy and happiness to all the places they have visited along their wonderful adventure. Alistair agrees and so do all thier support.

      Do you not read the papers or something!!

    • Pensionerbhoy


      A speculator you may be and perhaps an excellent one at that but your final bit about Newcastle FC is certainly pure fantasy even with a farmyard of ploughs.

  8. Raymilland

    I have a question of David Longmuir:

    ‘Are you going to sit back and allow SPL 2 to happen?’

    Separately; shall Scottish football fans sit back and allow it to happen?

    Shall the chairmen named below also sit back and allow it to happen?
    (The below was posted earlier on another thread)

    HAMILTON chairman Les Gray is the man leading the revolt of First Division clubs to join an SPL2.

    Mr. Gray’s club currently sit 3rd bottom of the 1st Division.

    SFL chief David Longmuir has called for reconstruction to be delayed by a year after the latest lower-league meeting ended without a vote due to lack of support in the room.

    In response, the First Division chairmen held their own meeting with the top flight and may now endorse a plan for a ‘cherry-picked’ second tier, which could involve Rangers.

    The SFL would then be left with 18 member clubs.

    Setting aside the existing bottom tier SFL clubs; the most likely clubs to lose out from any ‘cherry picking’ of TRFC would be:

    Cowdenbeath (Chairman: Donald Findlay)

    Airdrie Utd (Chairman: Jim Ballantyne)

    Brechin (Chairman: Ken Ferguson)

    Arbroath (Chairman: John Christison)

    Forfar (Chairman: Neill Wilson)

    Ayr (Chairman: Lachlan Cameron)

    Stenhousemuir (Chairman: Bill Darroch)

    Stranraer (Chairman: Alex Connor)

    Unless David Longmuir has a secret plan to form a coup of all 42 clubs under the umbrella of the SFL; he will be left in control of just 18 clubs in the event that the current membership of 30 SFL clubs scupper the proposed two lower tiers of 12 and 18.

    I would imagine that it is safe to say that any formation of an SPL 2 would reduce Scottish football to no more than a pantomime; Campbell Ogilvie is already perfect for the role of Buttons (although I wouldn’t trust him to organise a game of tiddlywinks).

    • SFL chief David Longmuir has called for reconstruction to be delayed by a year after the latest lower-league meeting ended without a vote due to lack of support in the room.
      Raymilland, I have not thoroughly absorbed the article you posted, but the paragraph above stands out. Translated it says, “We are not having a vote till you all agree with me!”.
      Basically, Longmuir is resorting to the tactics employed by SPL. Unfortunately for him “Armageddon” is now subject to copyright, so he will have to get the thesaurus out.
      Longmuir is definitely trying to scupper the proposals to suit his agenda. Whether that be due to his own reduction in power, or increased family pressures, possibly both.
      One thing is clear of them all. Corruption, Corruption, Corruption!
      Like the Billy Connolly joke, “I grew up thinking they were called Patrick Thistle Nil”, so have become our governing bodies, except replace “nil” with your chosen derogatory vernacular They are never mentioned without an adjective of derision or disgust.
      They are NOT acting in the best interest of the game. They are guilty of corruption of their own rules. They have lied and cheated member clubs and fans. They have lost the little trust they did have. They are incompetent and ruining the sport. They are all crooked.
      That is a vote of no confidence from me. And sadly, if nothing is being done behind the scenes, a vote of no confidence in my club!

    • After the euphoria of so called scottish football fans having their say previously to the rangers scenario,don’t think that we can pay to much attention to that argument any longer, they have failed their clubs by staying away in their droves,even the so called greatest fans in the world at celtic,can’t get 30k to home games now.Rangers have won their title,like queen of the south,they deserve to be promoted,scottish football has been dying for some considerable time, and change has to come,whether fans or club chairmen like it or not.Sporting integrity was never part of the spl or the sfa agenda and won’t start now.Scottish football needs new freshness and fresh ideas can the current men in charge deliver no.
      The spl and the split is not a format that has worked it’s time for change.

      • jimmy bee

        you’re damn right the present format has “Not Worked”.


        because it has now been proven beyon any reasonable doubt, that there is such a thing as an “establishment club” and rules and regulations are ignored, changed, made up as deemed necessary to facilitate the “establishment club” exists in whatever format – new or old.

        the game’s a bogey now.
        a new club can leapfrog spartans who were waiting to get in to SFL.

        a member club can hide/shred and deliberately conceal the fact they had used dual contracts which were contrary to the rules.

        the member club agressively avoided TAX.

        the member club traded whilst insolvent.

        the new club is allowed to “buy the history” of an old club

        a new club can play in cup games, without properly registered players.

        a new club and an old club can sit with the SFA, SPL and SFL and come up with a “secret” 5-way agreement, that doesn’t need to be published for all fans to see.

        a club can use dual contracts and not be in a position of having illegally registered players,

        a club can use dual contracts to “embellish” the earnings to players by way of non repayable loans, and NOT gain a sporting advantage.



        • Monti

          100% agree with you

        • Monti

          JIMLARKIN,you have just mirrored my own feelings on this entire shameful period in Scottish football. Celtic fans have long been labelled paranoid (sic) however any notion there is no establishment club in the country have seriously been dispelled,from the initial elation & ecstacy of Rangers going into administration & beautiful liquidation, there has been a thunderous a sickening realisation that they were going to get off with all they had done to the game, From Salmond & his wee word with the HMRC about the need for this ‘institution’ in Scotland (boak) to Regan & Doncaster not implementing their rules & bulling of smaller clubs,to Longmuir & his shady activities,I don’t want to get started on Ogilvie sssssssss. Nimmo Smith verdict & the btc verdict????? & much much more…..Celtic’s lack of fight regarding these issues has left myself & thousands of others completely disillusioned with the game in Scotland!!!! I feel down but not out HH!


    this article on the bbc website has a very close challenger to mr green, for being businessman of the year

  10. robertg

    ‘Appen ‘e’s in it fi’ t’ brass…..

    I went to the trouble of doing up a cash model for Sevco after spending quite a while trying to unpick the cash flow in the accounts to get at the underlying trade. If they keep reasonable control of the costs and a healthy season ticket base they will remain solvent. The burn rate on the mystical £20m is such that they should still have a lump of it in the bank when the new season ticket money comes in in May / June. Depending on how the non ticket revenue goes they will be fine through til the end of 2014. If it is particularly good they’ll be fine until the next bout of season ticket money.

    However unless there is significant growth in the ticket prices and the commercial revenue Sevco will be able to pay the bills and not a lot else. Better hop ethe scouting network is up to snuff, ’cause there isn’t much spare poppy in there for transfer fees, which would see them as an overpaid Motherwell. Oh, they already are, but not as good. What money on the Ginger Yorkshireman moving west after the first 2 away defeats in the 3rd tier?

    Even at 20p a share, Chuckles will make more money than I’ll ever see in one place, so good luck to him.

    “‘Appen that rise early, work late and find a mug to give you t’ shares at so close to zero cost that you can’t fail to make a bit of brass on them.”

    Charles “J D Rockerfeller” Green

  11. JimBhoy

    IMO his biggest skills have been timing and quickly establishing the needs of the hungry bears and supplying them what they needed…

    Timing because he got in at the right time, saw the opportunity and exploited that with some other people’s money…Like deja-vu the press welcomed him thru the door, the SFA thru the fit and proper test.

    He showed the vulnerable rangers fans the last chance saloon when all the so called rangers men recoiled. With no options the fans had to bend and hence the situation we find ourselves in… He could tell the fans beckham was gonna be the new global figurehead for rangers after his stint in paris and they would believe him…

    Best of luck to him, has given me plenty to write about over the past few months. I suspect he will leave a hero or will need to show he still has a bit of those old running skills..

  12. I think for the obvious answer to the question, you need look no further than the fact that he is an employee.
    He often likes to point to the fact he is a gambler, a risk-taker. Not so much that he would gamble his own money though! It is his employers who have taken the risk in employing him. The likelyhood being that he was either previously known to them, or, his C.V. was tthoroughly scrutinised, and he was appointed as the best candidate.
    Although his employers have “gambled” on e outcome, their brief to him would have been fairly simple. Take our stake, and multiply the return. and there is a wee drink in it for yourself.
    We are not talking Royal Ascot here, but a race more akin to the “dugs”, at Ashfield. I had an uncle who raced dogs there in the 70’s. A mysterious world of Arthur Daley’s to a young bhoy, but the “clique” who “controlled” the fixture did very well thank you!
    Just for the record, I have no idea if greyhound racing still takes place there, and have no knowledge of any wrong doing if it does! However in the 70’s the dog owners generally knew how their dog would perform before the race. Enough said!
    I think Chicco has now successfully completed his brief, and, like the greyhounds, only the tricky part of rounding up the “bet layers” and collecting the winnings.
    Who knows though? This is an unknown diddy dug, at good odds. It is in(maybe) the next heat, and it might be worth a few more punts before it is “pulled”, because the punters smell a ringer…. Eventually.
    Poor dug! Nae use to anybody no more! You can guess the rest.

    • Raymilland

      The dogs are handicapped by grade, when a greyhound begins a racing career, it is classified as a maiden, which means a non-winner. It advances to grade C on its first win and with further wins advances up the ladder to the top grade of A.

      ‘Trouble’ is the toughest variable to be found in handicapping. Coming into the first turn is where most of the trouble occurs. This is where the early speed/front runners can benefit by being out of harm’s way. The positive aspect of trouble is that it produces the higher payoffs. When selecting your key greyhound in a wager, consider his trouble percentage. If he shows a high percentage of trouble and doesn’t seem to benefit by his post-position, look to another greyhound as a key.

      ‘Heart’; can be gauged as seen in the stats. If a dog exhibits heart, he shows the ability and determination to come back after finding trouble. This type of competitor will either finish in the money or make a strong attempt to do so.

      Comparisons can be made to the fair grading and starting position of TRFC within the Scottish League; with that of a handicap of a greyhound.

      TRFC have not run enough races to advance up the ladder further than grade C.

      In order to redress the current financial losses of his club; Charles Green needs a ‘Grade A’ place in order to justify a significant rise in SB fees.

      Just like dog racing; football punters have no stomach for the inclusion of ringers in a fixed race.

      Acceptance a breakaway SPL 2 would be tougher to swallow than any brand of tinned dog food.

      • You certainly know your dogs Ray. My interest was only through the occasional outing with my uncle as a boy.
        I think there are probably measures in place, such as chipping, to prevent such events now, but it was not unknown in those days to have dogs of similar appearance, swapped around, and even racing under several names.
        Where gambling takes place, there will always be corruption, and the markets are gambling. It is always the honest punter, who faces the largest collective loss, with the smallest gains. That’s gambling for you!

        • Raymilland

          @ barcabuster

          It’s amazing what you can learn from a few minutes ‘Googling’.

          This BBC page provides confirmation of consensus of football fans;

          ‘Scottish football survey reveals fans want bigger top league’

          It would be amiss of the SFA to ignore their commissioned survey; is there any point of conducting a survey if not to act upon the information received?

          We shall soon discover the answer to the above.

          • Raymilland


            The latest report from STV (above) has cast some ambiguity over the intention of certain 1st Division clubs to break away from the SFL to join an ‘SPL 2’.

            “It is understood the nine First Division clubs present at Hampden last week, exasperated by the prospect of reconstruction proposals collapsing, then held a meeting with SPL chief executive Neil Doncaster to discuss the possibility of instead joining the existing top flight.”

            The above would suggest that the nature of an SPL 2 may not necessarily mean a new ‘SPL’ second tier; the rebel clubs could perhaps merge with the existing SPL clubs to create an expanded SPL top tier.

            Doncaster has publicly refuted the idea of a 16 club SPL being workable; perhaps a greater number of clubs could provide the answer.

            We may hear of a solution by 19 April.

      • Robertg

        And Chuckles has plenty of what you describe as heart. In fact, we’re on a roll here…..

        “The little wascal has spiwit….. Bwavado, a touch of dewwing do!”

        P Pilate, Life of Brian

        • Raymilland

          Charles Green hasn’t got a heart; his version of the yellow brick road is more likely to lead to the Imperial Wizard of OZ; where a clandestine fraternity of over grown munchkins run amok.

          That’s too close to home, Roberto.

        • Monti

          Aaah so your father was a womin eh? What Gawwison was he in……

  13. ccl

    Rangers must be unique within div 3. It has investors who have put money in, in the belief that they will get money out. I’m fairly sure that every other club has people putting money in just to keep it going. The investors in Rangers must now be thinking – hang on – he told us this was a good investment.

  14. SairFecht

    ‘Ee’s not the Messiah – ee’s a very naughty lad.

  15. To believe that Mr Green (or indeed anyone who might be in charge) will take this Rangers to the status of the Rangers of old, assumes extreme elasticity of what is reasonable.
    To believe that Mr Green will get Rangers up to the status of the Rangers of old, it must be assumed that he will achieve what SDM achieved, with fewer resources, under more adverse economic conditions and from a meagre starting point relative to the Rangers of Old. This from a guy with little track record in running a football club, (in fact zero experience in Scotland) let alone a Club with one of the largest fanbases and profiles of any Club in the UK.
    David Murray (later Sir) took his Club through a period of relatively extraordinary success (briefly – 9IAR and hard done by not to reach the Champs Lge final). He is broadly recognised as a very skilled business operator – and has in places been hailed as ‘the’ Scottish Businessman of his generation. He ran old Rangers to win – and win they did. When those at the current Club, and its supporters, say that they aim to get ‘back to where they belong’, that level is what they are referring to – winning the top division in Scotland, or thereabouts, every season, along with an occasional decent run in Europe.
    Murray spent money to achieve what he did.
    In headline terms, from about £6m debt when he took over, old Rangers went into further debt (reportedly as much as £80m-odd at one time) then reduced the debt via share issues, mainly (£37m raised in one then £51m raised in another). That club was sold to Craig Whyte in 2011 (about 17 yrs after SDM took over full control) for one pound whilst £18m in debt. During the Murray Era, it also benefitted from avoiding a substantial amount of PAYE and ENIC – about £47m.
    As I figure, in rough terms, that’s a net increase of £12m debt, as well as an injection of £88m from share issues, and avoided about £47m tax. Overall, old Rangers spent its way through over £145m more than they could afford, in these terms, over the 17 year Murray Era. On average, that’s around £8m a year.

    Green’s Blues are starting from the 4th tier of Scottish Football. He does not have the benefit of attracting top English talent that SDM had at one time due to the English Clubs’ Euro ban. It looks like he wont get the same bang for his buck from share issues that SDM enjoyed. The tax loophole exploited by SDM is now closed. The economy in Scotland is in a worse state now. Mr Green has a club valued at less than half of the £125m valuation of old Rangers that occurred in the Murray Era.
    In my book, this means that Mr Green’s task, to simply achieve something similar to the Murray Era success (and, don’t forget, return this Rangers to ‘where they belong’) he has to be far better at running Rangers than Murray, with some very weighty barriers to overcome that did not face the former kingpin at Ibrox. I’d propose that this chap who has little track record, has to be about £8m a year better at running Rangers than one of the Scottish businessmen of his generation, whilst the club is operating at a trading loss worse than when the previous incarnation entered administration.

    Ladies and Gentlemen, were this to come to pass, I would not be satisfied with Mr Green being hailed simply as Businessman of the Year, or even if he claimed that accolade a few years running. For me it should be nothing short of …
    … ‘Charles Green – Miracle Worker’.

    • @Carl31

      your observations and simple financial reality hit the nail clearly on the head.
      CG has nothing in the tank, he is potentially a supersalesman as his past has indicated. But and its a big but the tank is empty, his reputation for drawing in moneyed investors is clear but equally so are the resultant failings. They like no other species will desert the kingrat and turn on it when necessary. As many have found out the words of a snake oil salesman over that of a professional legally binding contract are not to be trusted.

      If the new club go the same way which without serious investment but more importantly professional management then all is lost, maybe thats why he was at the St Mirren game on Sunday…….asking Peter what the answer to his problem is??

      • JimBhoy

        @Michael1888 Or maybe looking to the Newcastle on loan boys, Newton & Dummet. Might make sense to try and get a rake of Newcastle guys on loan, some who have now experienced SPL level football.. there are probably 3 or 4 other NUFC youngsters playing in Scotland.

        • @Jimbhoy agreed but it still comes down to registrations, who does he get rid off? Sally keeps saying that they are gonna be active in the end of summer market agreeing frees now with the promise of 3rd level Scottish football does not bode well and even youngsters playing in SPL now will take the drop as a step down. No chief scout of course, but no playing staff will be not be lost. How do they get free transfers in when they can t register them without kicking some existing players out. Personally I see 50% of playing staff getting the boot…….along with the mgment team. Nothing new here ……………….

  16. Mcfc , how do you know his financial situation ? And why are you so interested in the mighty Rangers ? Are you really a citeh fan ? And was already asked , where were you when citeh were s@#t ?

  17. Sweeney Hughes

    anyone remember this guy?

  18. ye sunz of bunnery, ye have cast thy bread upon the water,it’ll tak mony a day fur yeez tae see the big loaf cumin back,inat,wiabunshawancas, faretheeweel,ye and yur dosh have been well partit,remember the wise eastern proverb,google it and gee yursels the boak,yeezhae’ been weel warnt

  19. Monti

    I still believe Greens offer to other sfl league clubs, broke the league & sfa rules!

  20. Budweiser

    Charles talks the talk, and certainly walks the walk.

  21. Good work MCFC,

    Charles Greens’ efforts to transmogrify Rangers from basket case to pot of gold face many challenges.

    Even if we are prepared to grant the “no external debt” claim the phrase in itself is revealing. Whatever sum of money currently resides in the bank account of the company which operates the club, it’s a sum which is being rapidly depleted, assuming (and why not) that the bills are being paid.

    The reported losses of £1 million per month are an astonishing internal debt for a football club in the third division, albeit a club with the title in the bag.

    Essentially Rangers taken as a whole have become their own creditors.

    The fans want progress but as has already been demonstrated getting promotion from the fourth tier has been hugely expensive. Progressing further is likely to be comparable if not more expensive.

    The question for the company which operates the club is as simple as it is stark. For how long is this sustainable?

    The most likely route to profit in buying Rangers assets always lay in the knock- down price of £5.5 million for the assets and the readily available supporters willing to part with cash to keep the club running by buying shares and season tickets.

    Naturally this only works if you can then find a buyer for whom the monthly losses are tolerable and is simultaneously willing to take the club and company off your hands for more than the initial outlay and the outlay of shareholders.

    This represents a difficulty and it’s one which should be foremost in the minds of Rangers supporters.

    If the company which operates the club can’t replenish their bank account to accord with the clubs expenditure sooner or later an insolvency event will occur.

    Costs could be cut to prevent this but the implication is a long sojourn in the lower leagues of Scottish football.

    Charles Green my yet prove to have a way of bridging the gap.

    Meanwhile any potential buyer of the club if such exists, can play the long game.

    Let’s see what you’ve got Mr Green!

    • John

      Transmogrify, everytime I read that word I can’t help seeing Calvin & Hobbes 😉

      Mr Green is playin a high stakes game here & if we are to believe what he says (I know, I know ) he changed his mind/plan after 3/4 months! That in itself should be worrying for bears out there! Wee fergus had a plan & for better or worse stuck by it, even though lots of us fans didn’t see it at the time, this is why he built us up to the level where he could comfortably take his agreed profit! Mr Green seems more fergal than fergus I’m afraid!!

      Hail Hail


  22. Pensionerbhoy


    “Billionaire one-man-brands also seem to exude a high degree of integrity and honesty that indicates they’ve resisted the temptations of short cuts and dodgy deals along the way as they focus on the bigger prize.”

    I take it this was the point when the ball hit you right smack in the face and left you slightly concussed?
    Otherwise, there might be a case for the prosecution.

  23. Ed Paisley

    Charles Green is on £360,000 per year plus, to paraphrase – all reasonable expenses properly incurred including all accommodation and related costs including rent, utility charges and local taxes. For the CEO of a £25m business the remuneration package isn’t too shabby! To cap it all, he only has to get promoted to the SPL then he gets a 100% bonus. Then he can offload his shares to reap a tidy profit.

    Charles Green does not have a stellar business track record but he has hit the jackpot at Rangers because I expect he will reap the biggest pay day of his life. All he has to do is keep their head above water for a couple of years – if he manages that then good luck to him, he will deserve a big ‘and from all of us.

    • If he manages it Ed, it will be a travesty! This guy does not give two figs about our game. Why should he get praise for exploiting it! He has seen an opportunity to line his pockets and grabbed it. He shows no regard for the rules of the game and causes division and ill-will everytime he opens his fat Yorkshire trap.
      He has one agenda! To line the pockets of his paymasters, and he has no regard for any collateral damage caused en-route.
      For me, I wish he would cash in his chips tomorrow and bugger off! It is clearly going to be an uphill battle repairing the game and getting it back on an even keel. I doubt we have the right people in place to achieve it, but they certainly won’t, until they tell him to belt up! And keep his neb out of what doesn’t concern him.
      Sevco have no vote on reconstruction, but it has not prevented him from lobbying, and even attempted bribes of SFL clubs. What was done about it? Zilch!
      He is the CEO of a lowest tier Disgraced club, who owes the nation a fortune. He is rail roading and lying his way to a payoff, and there is more disgrace to come from this mysterious set-up that has been concocted.
      If he walks away with his pockets full he deserves a big ‘and….Aye, A fist!

    • Ed Paisley

      I was playing devils advocate there.MCFC postulated that CG can’t be a good businessman or he would be running a mega co making millions. I am saying he will make millions from Rangers but of course he doesn’t care about the health of Gers or Sco Football except to the extent that it boosts his own profits. Charles will act true to his nature – just like Whyte and Murray. So, given that CG will squeeze a super profit out of a skint club, he is an effective predator. The big ‘and bit was intended as irony.

      • Sorry for the misinterpretation Ed, I am a wee bit touchy regarding this shyster. Along with the obvious damage he is doing, he has taken a lot of the fun out of the game which I and my bluenose buddies once enjoyed.
        They are totally embarrassed and ashamed by him, but as they say, “Wit. can we dae!”. No spirited defence, No witty comebacks, Nothing!
        In fact one of them summed it up perfectly as like being in the slowest car-crash ever, with the child lock button broken. They are sitting there, eyes clenched shut, nails dug into the seat in front, braced for impact!
        They know that when it does impact, they will discover Chicco has stripped out the airbags and seatbelts. Curtains!…..Again!

  24. If Abramovich can’t turn a profit in EPL with Sky, Samsung, and a well serviced stadium etc, what chance Charles. Admittedly, Abramovich’s a wee bit extravagant but could Charles get the millions he desires in Govan?


    It appears that Chicco was under the impression that Sevco would be in the SPL next season. A radical business model overhaul is required by Clark Kent Chicco, beginning with the departure of Neil Murray. Massive paycuts next season, and an increase in SB prices.
    Oooo Errr. Trouble at t’mill.!
    Maybe he is still not going to be rich after all.

    • Raymilland

      The latest from Charles Green:

      “We’re out there now looking at other income streams”

      Those wee distributaries off the Allender could provide illicit stills in Murray Park with quality water for corn liquor. It’s only illegal if you get caught.

      Buy a hundred pounds of yeast and some copper line
      Everybody knew that he made moonshine

      I learned a thing or two from ol’ Charlie don’t you know
      You better stay away from Copperhead Road.

      (BTW; How do you think that roof blew off?)

  26. Fra

    According to the hordes, he was a snake oil salesman. When he went among his followers, he was succumbed by the injustices heaped upon them and decided to stick around until he hears the champions league tune being played at Ibrox. The first statement crops up in my mind.

    He won’t entertain the SPL therefore playing to the gallery. Yep, first statement again.

    Hardly any financial input of his own so everything to gain and lose very little if any. Yep there it’s in my head again.

    Fight with your so called enemies even when they bend the rules to suit one team. I just cannot get away from the snake oil salesman line.

    Now if I and many others can see it, why has 40,000+ individuals been succumbed by his ramblings. Are they so gullible that they will follow any shyster or conman as long as they have a football team who resembles their old one.

    I have friends among this 40,000 and I feel they are between a rock and a hard place. They recognise they could be getting led up the garden path but what other option do they have? They believe there is a possibility they are going to get shafted but there’s ‘nowt’ they can do.

    The word ‘loyal’ has become an unbearable weight.

    I revel in their pain and uncertainty, as they would revel if the results were reversed and I await the day when I can say I told you so.

    Once a snake oil salesman always a snake oil salesman.


  27. Monti

    Morning people……..

  28. david

    If youre so clever, why are you bankrupt?
    Pot / Kettle

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