Compare and Contrast – Administration for Dunfermline ’13 and Rangers ’12 + A Quick Solution?

Dunfermline Athletic Football Club Limited has entered administration. Facing a winding-up petition from HMRC, and unable to pay the taxman what was demanded, the only way to keep the business afloat was to appoint an administrator and to hope that the breathing space this gives the company will be enough to allow the season to be finished, and then for the necessary asset sale or CVA to take place to preserve the existence of the football club. As I mention at the end of this piece, there is one theoretical possibility which could provide a quick exit from administration, with bounty for the creditors (and if it did happen, undoubtedly a busy summer of blogging on my favourite issues of law and football!)

The man picked to be administrator is Bryan Jackson. As well as being a top quality Chartered Accountant and Insolvency Practitioner, he now has the accolade of having run more Scottish football teams than anyone else in the country’s football history (and if not then I have no idea who could surpass him).

As his biography on the PKF website states:-

Bryan has 32 years of Corporate Recovery experience dealing with all types of businesses including the successful conclusion of the administration of four Scottish football clubs: Clyde, Clydebank, Dundee and Motherwell.

He was also appointed administrator of Portsmouth FC in 2012 and now is in charge at East End Park.

Bryan Jackson entering East End Park

Bryan Jackson entering East End Park

I like the phrasing of the “blurb” on the PKF website. It says that he “successfully concluded” the administration of four clubs (and it should be noted that PKF refer to administration of “clubs” and not of “holding companies”). Whilst Dundee, Motherwell and Clyde still exist, one could be forgiven for wondering how he “successfully concluded” the administration of Clydebank.

If one views his job as keeping the football team playing, then he failed. However if his job is, as indeed it is, to get the best return for creditors, then the sale of the assets of Clydebank FC to Airdrie United Football Club Ltd to allow the “new Airdrie” to take over the shell of the Bankies, amounted to a “successful conclusion”.

Already, having only been appointed this week, Mr Jackson has taken drastic action.

Eight players from the main squad have been made redundant, and three from the under-20 squad.

Jim Jeffries has seen a number of his players and his assistant manager leave already

Jim Jeffries has seen a number of his players and his assistant manager leave already

As Mr Jackson explained:

“Making players redundant is never easy but, unfortunately, it needs to be done immediately. The finances of the club and the limited cash flow mean that there is insufficient funds to keep the team going with the current player numbers.

“I have still to negotiate with a few players and we will have to review the financial position in the coming weeks. We need the fans and wider community to support this club to ensure that it makes it to the end of the season. We will be honouring season tickets and pre-paid hospitality but would encourage fans to show their support where they can.”

The immediate cutting of jobs is a common thread amongst all of the football teams where Mr Jackson has had the responsibility of effecting some form of rescue.

Indeed the assistant manager, Gerry McCabe, has joined the list of redundancies.

Mr Jackson has told the Pars Supporters Trust that there is no money available for him to pay day-to-day costs, including salaries. The supporters are therefore encouraged to do whatever they can to raise finds to allow the team, at the very least, to make it to the end of the season.

Gavin Masterton, and his company, is the main creditor as well as being the main shareholder. If it was only the debt owed to him that was at issue, then the company would not be in administration. However as well as HMRC it is likely that there are other creditors figuratively, if not literally, banging on the door for cash.

Gavin Masterton (left) and John Yorkston celebrate a happier day at Dunfermline

Gavin Masterton (left) and John Yorkston celebrate a happier day at Dunfermline

To save the company Mr Masterton will need to accept loss of his control of the football club and also, in all probability, loss of most, if not all, of the money owed to him.

This episode shows in stark relief how different the administration of Rangers was, and offers, in the contrasts, apparent evidence as to the differing priorities in each administration.

Dunfermline’s position is quite clear. There is no money in the bank account, nor any prospect of raising sufficient to keep the team playing.

All that Mr Jackson can look to do (as he has done successfully at Motherwell, Clyde and Dundee) is to slash the cost base and depend on the goodwill of the supporters to pay enough to provide wages to the remaining players and coaching staff. Getting to the end of the season is the priority and, at that stage, there will be a few weeks’ breathing space, even if every player is made redundant, to reach some sort of deal with creditors and to have Dunfermline back playing  in Scottish football, out of administration. In addition, come the end of the season, there will be prize money due to the club which might help.

There would also be the chance of time to reach a deal with Mr Masterton. After all, at Motherwell, John Boyle, the owner, effectively wrote off his existing shareholding and debt due to himself to save the team.

Of course readers will recall that when Duff and Phelps took over at Rangers last February, they behaved differently.

They did not make anyone redundant immediately. In fact I recall that, of the few hundred employees, only five left – two players, including the marvellously named Mr Cellik, and two senior people, including Director of Football, Gordon Smith. The final departee was Misha Sher, the recently appointed Head of Global Domination, or a similar title.

Indeed, not only did the administrators not wield the axe, but they actually tried to get the football authorities to agree to them signing Daniel Cousin!

When Rangers entered administration, there were changes to staffing proposed too - they wanted to ADD Daniel Cousin!

When Rangers entered administration, there were changes to staffing proposed too – they wanted to ADD Daniel Cousin!

It is true that the administrators at Ibrox were successful in persuading many players to take substantial pay cuts to get the team to the end of the season (and I am sure some of those players, when electing to exercise their rights not to transfer to Sevco’s employment felt a bit aggrieved for being called “turncoats” and worse).

But there were two factors which explain how the Rangers administration was different from that of Dunfermline (and of Dundee, Clyde, Motherwell, Gretna etc etc).

The first was that, bizarrely, the administrators repeatedly said that their aim was to keep the club afloat. They talked about acting in the interests of the club. It became a running joke how often they said that and how rarely they mentioned the interests of the creditors.

Of course they had reached a decision which was that, if they could get the team to the end of the season, they could sell off the assets, or have a CVA, or if they had had to stay in place longer, could have sold off players in the summer and benefited from the prize money due to Rangers for its finish in the SPL.

More important however was the fact that, when Duff and Phelps took over, there was £3 million in the bank. This provided the funds, along with takings on the gate and other limited sources of income, when combined with the wage cuts, to fund the team until the end of the season.

Hindsight is, of course, always perfect.

But, bearing in mind how much was generated for the creditors by the sale process (£5.5 million) and how much was spent by Duff and Phelps in running the team until the sale, it would actually have been better for the creditors for Duff & Phelps to have immediately put the team into liquidation. Anything gained by the fire sale, added to the £3 million in the bank, would have significantly exceeded what they ultimately gained for those to whom their primary duties lay.

This was key to how Duff and Phelps ran Rangers - when they came in there were at least three of these million pound bundles available to them

This was key to how Duff and Phelps ran Rangers – when they came in there were at least three of these million pound bundles available to them

One justification for not dumping players was that this kept them on the books as assets. But TUPE scuppered this and, to be frank, if all the players had gone over to Sevco under TUPE, and then had been sold off by Mr Green, it would have rendered the sale transaction even more ridiculous than it already was. After all, as we know from his public utterances, Mr Green was banking on generating around £10 million or so from selling players.

So, in his view, his consortium was buying, for £5.5 million, fixed assets now valued at £70 million, rights to around £3 million cash prize money, players worth around £10 million, and goodwill worth uncounted millions!

As I say, Businessman of the Year!

If Dunfermline had cash in the bank, then Mr Jackson would not have had to wield the axe. But the team does not.

This represents the funds available to Mr Jackson at Dunfermline

This represents the funds available to Mr Jackson at Dunfermline

He is honouring the season tickets, which, to be fair, is something Duff and Phelps were criticised for at Ibrox. I suspect Mr Jackson views getting in customers who have already paid, so they can buy pies, Bovril and programmes inside the ground, and drop some cash into collection buckets, is more valuable than telling them they have to pay again for admission (although I am sure many loyal fans would do so, if asked).

It is true too that Rangers had many thousands more season ticket holders than Dunfermline.

So, as the Easter Sunday sin rises over East End Park, we see that the “traditional” style of Scottish football administration is again in vogue.

Cut the costs – get the fans to dig deep – find out how little creditors will accept to go away – and if these do not work, sell off the assets to someone looking for a fast track into the relevant league.

Wait a minute – subject to the 10 point penalty and how the Pars finish the season, they should stay in SFL1.

If only there was a football team with twenty million pounds in the bank looking to make its way quickly back up the leagues, for the sake of its fans and investors.

If there is no football reconstruction this season, such a team in SFL3 could acquire the membership of the SFL1 team, and take them over, stepping into their place in the league.

I wonder how much Mr Green would pay for the necessary assets of Dunfermline?

If Mr Jackson could get £5 or £10 million, then I think every Pars creditor would be delighted.

I was once in a restaurant sitting near Mr Jackson, and his mobile went off, with the theme from the Godfather as his ring tone.

Maybe he will be getting an imminent call from Chico Verde and the strains of “Speak Softly Love” will waft across the East End Park boardroom table…

Posted by Paul “Tom Hagen” McConville



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60 responses to “Compare and Contrast – Administration for Dunfermline ’13 and Rangers ’12 + A Quick Solution?

  1. Gerry

    Chuckles could buy the assets of Dunfermline and move up two divisions….

    • Daniel O'Connell

      Not quite.

      He’d have to buy the club and pay its debts before he could do that.

    • HoudiniBhoy

      I said the same thing, Gerry, when this whole sorry debacle came to light. The only thing is that if Green did this then surely this would mean that even the most blinkered Rangers fan would have to admit that their club is well and truly dead, circa Clydebank/Airdrie United. Green will know this but he will also know that time is running out, no line of credit, outgoings far exceeding income this route would be the saving of the club at the expense of the claims on the trophies. “‘Istory in’t owt when your ‘istory” I can hear Mr Green say.

      What’s more likely is that Dunfermline go to the wall and the Green/McCoist/MSM rhetoric will start saying that as Champions of SFL3 they should take the “Stranraer route” and go into the second tier for winning their league, which of course will be supported by everyone who can get their views in print. I dare say Dunfermline will be allowed to start again from the bottom, saved mysteriously by someone with a connection to Rangers. It’s a wonderful consipiracy theory and I have no idea where this paranoia stems from!!

    • Renfrewdave

      Sevco couldn’t do this as we all know that the “club” still lives on even once dead… So Dunfermline would still be playing as Dunfermline even if sevco bought them… Moved them to glasgow.. Changed team colours name etc as history is history. . And at this point sevco would really die off

  2. Coyote Briggs

    As Don Green would say, I’ll make him an offer he can’t refuse!

  3. did sevco get the £3,000,000 prize money

    on sat’s bbc radio, sports extra, neil donkey was asked about this money and he refused to answer!

  4. L.M.

    This may be far fetched (or possibly not), however as DFC don’t own the main assets such as the stadium, but how about someone else (such as one of Masterton’s pals – lol) buying what there is left and renaming the team and re-locating them to Glasgow finding a new set of fans, leasing Hampden etc etc.
    All of this of course at the same time as a certain CG/CW/Octapus etc disappear over the hill chuckling all the way with a wagon full of……………..

  5. Thank Paul. Was wanting a comparison done.

    Could D’line keep the club going by following the liquidation–>newco route ala Gers/Leeds?

    I assume that would need a Charles Green with £X to do that for them?

  6. Coyote Briggs

    My what big hands you have Don Corleone

  7. Daniel O'Connell

    “…the sale of the assets of Clydebank FC to Airdrie United Football Club Ltd to allow the “new Airdrie” to take over the shell of the Bankies, amounted to a “successful conclusion.”

    Sorry, that’s wrong.

    Airdrie Utd did not buy the assets of Clydebank, they bought the club itself. Then they renamed it and relocated to Airdrie.

    Clydebank FC continues intact to this day, as Airdrie United.

  8. Daniel O'Connell

    Surely the amount of money a company has in the bank should have very little bearing on the way an administrator operates?

    Duff & Phelps could have built up a substantial pot for the creditors of the now defunct Rangers FC if they’d made the entire first team redundant in February last year.

    Isn’t that the whole point?

  9. Forgive me if I’m wrong, but the outcry after Airdrie Utd’s ‘consumption’ of Clydebank led to a change in the rule book specifically…Rule 13 of the SFL. Green can’t even be involved in the purchase of another club for fear of falling foul of UEFA and FIFA ownership rules. Rule 21 also specifically prohibits the attempt to gain control or influence another club

    Membership of the League (whether full or associate) shall not be
    transferrable, save that (a) a Member wishing to change its legal form
    (whether from unincorporated association to corporate body or otherwise
    where the ownership and control of both bodies are or will be substantially
    identical); or (b) a transfer within the same administrative group for the
    purposes of a solvent reconstruction only; may be permitted by the Board
    upon prior written application for consent and giving such details of the
    proposed transfer as the Board may reasonably request for the purpose of
    considering such transfer. The Board may refuse such application or grant
    same upon such terms and conditions as it shall think fit.

  10. gortnamona

    I don’t know if Duff & Phelps actually committed any crime, but you have pointed out on a number of occasions that they failed to act in a manner which accepted that their primary responsibility was to the Creditors.

    The question is, will anything be done about this and what is the position regarding David Grier’s duplicity and the consequent conflict of interest of Duff & Phelps?

    Did Lord Hodge ever get the information he demanded and was it ever placed in the public domain?

  11. Pensionerbhoy

    A happy Easter to everyone, the tranquil, the raucous and the “cam”. Shalom, As-Salaamu alaykum, Shanthi, Peace be with you.

    • cam

      Happy holidays to you to sir.Are you,by separating me from tranquil and raucous,elevating me to a plane of existence beyond the ken of normal folk?
      Or are you swinging your self confessed,creaky left peg and booting me in the Easter eggs?

  12. Raymilland

    Sleight of hand card tricks.

    With the end of the football season drawing nearer and tales of the revival of TRFC becoming more outlandish with each passing day; where will this all end up?

    David Cameron’s logic (as you would expect) is politically motivated; the unionist card is now placed firmly on the table.

    The suggestion of a Dunfermline buy out may be one twist too many for TRFC fans in respect to holding onto their ‘then now and forever’ philosophy

    The SFL/SPL are the jokers in the pack; and at this moment they hold all the aces.

    It’s a pity Max Bygraves is no longer with us; what a story.

    ‘You need hands’ right enough.

  13. Let us enjoy this Easter without having to listen to another way on how to save ranger’s they are nonexistent they are no longer anything other than sevco whatever they are dead and will not arise again they are and always will be cheats with the help of rogues and of course the SFA plus SPL. They will never sit at the right hand of CELTIC ever again
    Have a lovely day after mass God bless you all Cam and Carson to father forgive them for they know not what they do.

  14. A thorough investigation needs carried out into David Murray’s connection with Masterton. It is alleged that through the Charlotte 18 account, a virgin islands directorless company, Murray bought a controlling tranche of shares from Masterton. This would allegedly mean Murray illegally owned 2 Scottish teams simultaineously, and both going bust owing creditors and Hector.
    The borrowing capacity granted by Masterton is well documented, as is the fact that Murray was far enough inside DAFC to select its manager
    The whole thing stinks as much as the Rangers/ Sevco take over!

  15. bye bye fifers it wer nice knowing yi

  16. Paranoid Obsessive

    If Green did buy Dunfermline and take their SFL1 place, it would blow the whole ‘same license so same club’ argument out the water.

    Assuming a Dunfermline newco/new club took The Rangers league place then following their current logic the SFL would be claiming the new Dunfermline would have a world record number of titles. Maybe Spartans or someone could claim that accolade if they got the spare league place despite having never played in the senior league before. I suppose it would be no more ridiculous than crediting The Rangers with them.

  17. Glazert Tim

    OMG. I can just see the back page of the ‘Daily Rectum’.

    (Please insert two cotton buds up your nostrils to get the full adenoidal Hugh Keevins effect).

    We can exclusively reveal his omnipotent high mufti Charles Green (aka Greeny-as everyone at The Rangers has to have their name with a ‘y’ added as a suffix) will buy Dunfermline, tranfer The Rangers assets to be known herein as The The Rangers-lin.

    It will still be the same club, same history, same everything, as the SFA and SPL will fail to submit a comprehensive briefing pack for any enquiry arising. (how many trained legal minds at both organisation??)

    No wait a minute, that would be outrageous!

    P.S Paul, you allegedly can’t move in the SFA / SPL offices for supposed ‘trained lawyers’. I suspect their legal training comprised of watching the boxed set of Ally McBeal. (not to be confused with Ally McBeal-ing yesterday, in the dugout watching his side draw AGAIN!)

    Prosecution and Defence at Glasgow and Strathkelvin SC should be grateful they aren’t in daily practice.

    The DAFC theory is in jest, but if it were to pass Chuckles could move Amazon fulfillment from Dunfermline to Ibrox. Then he could legitimately stand up at the start of the season and say he managed to shift 50,000 books to supporters.

  18. cam

    Recently Bill McMurdo asked a very relevant question.He wondered what the pay off was for folk who blog incessantly about Rangers in a negative manner.
    Paul insists that his interest in legal matters is maintained by the various aspects of law that RFC’s transgressions involve.
    Clattering my rubbish takes up way too much of my time, and now that the main battles are over and the Celtic side took two whuppings with their usual lack of dignity,then my time will be better spent elsewhere.
    Paul’s time,along with PMacG’s,Mr Muirhead’s and whoever runs the TSFM site is obviously best concentrated,still,on the million and one past ,present and future sins committed by anyone, in anyway,the least bit connected to Rangers.
    PMacG got a book deal out of it but blew his chance at the big time by letting his bigotry be exposed by the MSM.
    Paul has mentioned a book and who knows there might be a film deal?
    As Mr McMurdo asked,what is the pay off to spending huge chunks of your life obsessed with something that you don’t actually like?
    I’ve spent months in here twisting melons,provoking reaction and rubbing the two whuppings right in the face of the crazy gang.
    I’ve strayed from the permitted path a couple of times into the moderation route and smiled whilst watching some true disciples throw allegations of criminality around like confetti.
    There are, it seems,still some uncomfortable truths that are best left unspoken.
    Lately, i have seen the true nature of the beast, that is the genuine hatred of Rangers and all things perceived to be connected to it.
    It is ugly,nasty and toxic.Hanging around a swamp isn’t good for the soul.
    Eco,who likes his site to be free of bile spewing bigots paid by outside agencies intent on destroying it,,,,,,old chap,,,trust me,i did all this for free,and it was damned good fun.
    Don’t celebrate just yet though! I shall pop in now and then to extract more melon juice.

    • paul

      dear deluded ,Happy 1st title day. One and counting.Goodbye btw melon juice is oh so bitter but hey.

    • Fra

      Cam…Nobody paid me. I do it all myself for free and I’m loving every minute of your struggle. TICK TOCK TICK TOCK

    • Ed Paisley

      A wise man once said “the opposite of love isn’t hate, it is indifference” , albeit he said it in a very different context. Nevertheless, fans of the team now playing at Ibrox should be flattered that the people of Scotland have taken such an avid interest in their lower league toils. Let’s be frank, outside of Scotland nobody cares about the death of Rangers. Happy Easter everyone.

    • gortnamona

      Cam wrote
      ” PMacG got a book deal out of it but blew his chance at the big time by letting his bigotry be exposed by the MSM.”

      No! The bigotry came from the Orange/Rangers/Protestant collective who threatened to boycott the rag. The Sun retreated in cowardly fashion.

      Ugly nasty and toxic is a very good description of the Protestant/Unionist/Orange clique that ruled Northern Ireland for over fifty years and showed the world how to put bigotry discrimination and gerrymandering into practice. Rangers are a foul by-product of historical anti-catholicism and of that evil political malpractice.

      And be in no doubt it was the rottenness of the political system in Northern Ireland and the refusal of successive British government to do anything about it, that led to the formation of the Provisional IRA, rather than great wish for an United Ireland.

    • Ian403

      Such a strange post,, coming from an unrepentant defender of the indefensible. what have you achieved exactly?

      We have enjoyed a laugh or two & some of your posts have been good… But.

      RFC(IL) are gone & THE Rangers winning the 3rd Division title to add to ones Mr Green BOUGHT of ONE POUND does not come near any sort of victory.

      It would appear he is running into stormy waters with his Sevco creations inability to balance the books & McCoist has proven beyond any sort of doubt that he will never be a Football Manager.

      Are you going before the smelly stuff hits the Fan?.

      • Maggie

        My first day back after being incredibly busy with my real life,and
        what do I read to make my Easter joy complete?
        Cam is departing !!!!! My cup runneth over.
        Now guys,what do we have to do to rid ourselves of that imbecilic,
        possessor of a single brain cell, no, not Fat Sally,though he does fit
        the description,but Carson the village idiot and future member of
        “Her Majesty’s Inspectorate of Schools” …. well,he is unduly obsessed
        with blaming “the schools” for all the ills perpetrated on society,so
        I feel he is just the man for the job.
        Answers please to Maggie @ thanksbetoGodandHisBlessedand

        • Maggie

          FYI Paul,that’s my REAL email address.I didn’t want to give it
          out initially as I thought it was a wee bit rhabid and Papish,but now that I
          know that you too are rhabid and Papish I feel it safe to throw caution
          to the wind 🙂

    • parmahamster

      “The genuine hatred of Rangers and all things perceived to be connected to it.”

      What, like the SashBash against Linfield at the DebtDome?
      On a night when there will be a potential promotion decider at Firhill?
      A game advertised as “The Blues Brothers” or “Brothers In Arms”?

      You know cam, “hatred” really may not be strong enough to describe how I feel about your club’s antics lately.

    • I guess I will not be so popular on this blog by stating that you will be sorely missed cam …… but then I’m not on here for the popularity stakes !

      Like yourself cam, I have my own purpose …. those are personal and very private…………… I have my own message to get across elsewhere …. time is limited, yet so much to do….. ownly those closest know my purpose … and there is not even consensus there !. ………… Of all posters on here, yourself, Adam, possibly Eco and JB have qualities that I genuinely recognise ……….. Adieus

      Like yourself, my energy needs to be focused elsewhere …… but with occasional visit’s ….. maybe even occassional short posts ?

      Paul …… nothing to do with the new policy …. fully support it …. and email address is genuime (you are in Illustrious company of that one …. )

      One Hell of a Blog ……. Keep it up …… I will refer it when and if I can …

      Cheers ………………. newtz

    • who the f@@k do you think you are with a head as big as yours you might not get through the doors YA F@@king BIGOTED WANKER

  19. Ed Paisley

    Whyte was in a desperate rush to have D&P appointed administrators. Presumably because he thought he would have some influence over them through his association with Grier (despite the Chinese Walls assurances).
    Now we have the new Rangers with no debts and cash in the bank with Craig Whyte lurking in the wings. And of course, the protracted administration has yielded D&P an enormous fee. The biggest loser is the public purse in unpaid tax, NIC and VAT – with potentially a further £25m irrecoverable when HMRC wins the EBT case.
    Yes, the punishment was to lose the moral (if not legal) claim to 150 years of unbroken history. But that is not enough – the team playing at Ibrox must not be granted any special concessions to jump up the divisions. Lets see Rangers build a new team based on financial probity and a respect for the principle of fair play. Then they may earn their right to sit at the top table alongside a wonderful and globally admired Celtic FC (1888).

    • Ed Paisley

      140 years!?!!

    • Ed, I think that is all anyone asks! The fact that Rangers could not keep pace with Celtic in the past using a straight bat, points to them having no chance in the future.
      Only with an incredible amount of “Ahem! Goodwill” from the CSFA, will see them rise through the ranks, quicker than the money runs through their fingers.

  20. Monti

    Off Topic: Thought the ref at the game today was abysmal for BOTH teams, St.Mirren had a goal WRONGLY chopped off & Samaras HANDLED the ball in the area,St.Mirren should have had a penalty. Wanyama’s challenge merited nothing more than a yellow & I hope the club appeal the decision,the St.Mirren player DIVED for the penalty & the decision to award a penalty was ridiculous! Celtic WILL win the Championship soon, but the fans deserve a bit more style & application on the park! P.S. Was a bit disappointed with some of the chants coming from the St.Mirren fans today,especially after Celtic had honoured the club pre kick off!!!! HH! Carson could you refrain from verbally abusing Catholic schools please!

    • Budweiser


      Can’t find anything that I disagree with in your comments. The ref today was atrocious.Wanyama should never been sent off, the St. Mirren ‘disallowed’ goal was a good goal as izaguerre shoved Dummet into Foster, Saints penalty was a joke – but hey,we’ll take a point and be happy with it!

      • Monti

        I’m sure you will m8 & I don’t grudge you it! HH!

        • Maggie

          @Monti & Budweiser
          Me neither,think the ref was trying to undo his errors by giving
          the penalty,what a numptie he was.
          Give my regards to Mrs Bud,tell her I’m still working on a plan
          with my gal pals in the SAS to free her from the attic 🙂

          • Budweiser


            What on earth was Mr green doing at the game? Watching some decent football for a change? Or perhaps ,in lieu of the fact that he has suspended his chief scout, he was there to ‘ eye – up’ some players? – Hooper or Wanyama perchance? Maybe not.
            There are however, some Saints’ players who might interest him ! Goncalves has been linked to Celtic, and Saints can’t afford him. Dummet and Conor Newton are on loan from, guess where? Newcastle!! yes the same Newcastle where chico has all the ‘ connections’ and were going to get up to 9 loan players. To be clear, I would be extermely disappointed if ANY Saints players considered a move to rangers.

            • I would be disappointed too Budweiser. You are a good wee outfit, on a roll, and trying to play the right kind of fitba.
              It is widely accepted that players will move onif there is a better deal on the table. I think this is the case in all walks oflife. That is where Sevco throw up an unusual wee conundrum. Normally, a better pay packet represents a rise in standard, not only in the level of your team mates, but also the level of competition.
              I think that by the time Sevco are able to sign, realism, and Chiccos grasp of the purse strings will be firmly in place. Gone will be the panic buying seen at the start of their journey, and a more measured contract will be all that isaavailable at Ibrokes. (Maybe Neil Murray has been looking at players out of budget and off brief). They simply cannot afford to pay SPL wages, and if they try to, it will be curtains for sure.
              I think Sevco will be looking for better bargains than whatever the Saints are paying towards the Newky players at the minute.
              The clown was just having a photo shoot and trying to hang on coat-tails again. A purely parasitic appearance.
              Re today’s game(yesterday now). On balance of play, I think a draw was a fair result. But the ref was a disaster. 11 players on the park would have seen us through though. Don’t worry about players moving to Sevco! If they do, they are not worth keeping.!…….Nae ambition!

            • Budweiser


              Just reading that chico was there at the invitation of Saints chairman Gilmour ! I personally wouldn’t trust gilmour as far as I could throw him. He was forced by the fans to vote against rangers going into Spl .He has been trying to sell his shares for years and would take a penny anywhere he sees one. To be fair, the fans buyout last year was effectively scuppered by all the uncertainty and shenanigans at Ibrox. Gilmour is widely distrusted by a majority of fans – why invite Green to Paisley? Something smells and it’s not the state of Denmark !

            • Maggie

              I thought he might have been eyeing up Mr Lennon,Danny,not
              Neil 🙂 Either that or he came to get a look at your big cup 🙂

              Your team’s been great this season,it would be a shame to lose
              some players,or indeed Danny Lennon,to Sevco.
              I’m continually amazed that any young player would think he’d be
              advancing his career by signing for The Rangers.
              Of course they could consider being under the tutelage of that great
              footballing guru,Sally as worth the move 🙂

            • @Budweiser, I was keeping a wee eye on the buy out at Love street. The Sevco debacle caused uncertainty within the game, and it was understandable it was deferred. I hope it is not a complete derailment though, and will happen in the future.

            • Budweiser


              It would seem to be ,either , look what we have on offer, or ,come reconstruction, we have been ‘good guys’ and please don’t boycott us! Gilmour wants out and he doesn’t care who he associates with – makes me sick!

  21. Paul, I am glad you enjoy blogging about law and football. There appears to be a lot of ammunition en route in that direction.
    Although the situation at the Pars may not come with the same high profile as the Rangers/Sevco debacle, there is certainly enough smoke suggesting they may overlap and merge. Hopefully the Pars fans can unearth more info regarding the alleged Murray connection, via mysterious off shore companies, and Masterton’s alleged loans secured against the assets, the terms of which appear very favourable.
    It would also be very interesting to hear the views of Bryan Jackson throughout the admin, and his views should a liquidation route be the only option.
    I for one am very puzzled as to why an admin process is indeed necessary or sought, when such an easy path of liquidation and a GIRUY to the creditors is available for a fraction of the fee.

  22. Monti

    Sir Alex Ferguson moved his clocks forward at 1:09 am…….

  23. Monti

  24. Monti


  25. lordmac

    will bryan jackson now follow duff and phelps and make a bid for sandaza

  26. Monti


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