Random Thoughts Blog – a Change to Email Policy

Readers will be aware that, from time to time, the comments can become a trifle heated. Sometimes this generates excellent arguments. Sometimes it generates light-hearted banter. Sometimes it generates abuse and insults.

Rather than go down some formal “registration” route, I will use the facilities WordPress already provides, and which are in use already, but with one change.

Commenters will be aware that, when you first comment, you are asked for some info, including an email address.

If it appears to me that the email address given is invalid, then your commenting privileges will be suspended until a valid one is provided.

Your email addresses will NOT be passed to anyone else and would only be used by me to communicate with you regarding the blog.

(Or to promote sales of my blog-related merchandise: umbrellas, kettles, and ready meals – all on a “Random Thoughts” theme – coming soon – or not at all).

If you receive an email from me in the next week or so, then this is simply me checking that your email address is valid.

It is not necessary to reply, but feel free to do so if you want.

I am always happy to hear from you!

All the best,


NB – I have added a summary of this to the right hand side of the page.



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38 responses to “Random Thoughts Blog – a Change to Email Policy

  1. Michael

    gies a kettle

  2. Carl31

    …Random Thoughties and mince for the ready meals?

  3. It is a pity that you have to waste your time like this. The new Pope, that nice Mr Lawell and the Green Brigade have so much work for you to get out. I hope you don’t let it interfere with the master plan. Our efforts must stay on schedule, especially now that the Jesuits running the show.

    • Sweeney Hughes

      The usual insensetive boorish rant from the sevconians to start as per.
      To blaim the best and most succesfullCEO in UK football, best books in the game, His Holy Father The Pope, the Green Brigade and the Jesuits for the not so sudden death of rangers football club,although expected, shows a shocking disrespect in it’s choice of targets as they continue to pull these names from thin air rather than face the truth and have the balls to name the man who virtually brought rangers oldco to its knees and eventual demise,………………………………….do you think Neil Lennon has no feelings at all?

  4. Budweiser


    You mentioned in an earlier blog about ‘ false e-mail addresses’. I demand total disclosure! Who are these people? Why is there no transparency here?
    Name the false e-mailers !

  5. Monti

    Allymccoist@fraybentos .pie.roll.uk

  6. cam

    ‘Tis nearing the end of days.
    The big issues surrounding the much anticipated death of Rangers have been blogged well past their sell by date.
    The dossiers on tax law,company regulations,administration,pre pack agreements,CVA’s and FTTT’s are now gathering dust.
    The barrack room lawyers are drifting away and the great army of Arty C are returning to civvie street.A whole new bunch of conscripts are being brought in to bolster the organised retreat.
    These mercenaries don’t have a code,they are the frustrated followers of a false god.
    Soon they will have no one to battle but themselves as all reasonable debate has left the building and it has now descended into high farce.
    The juiciest insults only have effect if someone is there for them to be directed at,otherwise it becomes pointless.
    A shot across the bows of the bickering ones has had no effect and now names are being taken,,,so it has come to this.

  7. Raymilland

    Easter Sunday Mirror in resurrection story;

    ‘PM David Cameron backs Rangers and Celtic move to England’

    Easter Monday’s fish & chip paper.


  8. Budweiser


    All that and rangers are still in div 3. And maybe next year as well? Although recent developments [ 1st div spl 2] may mean that the SPL, could cherry pick clubs to form a SPL2 . What is your thinking on that? I think that chico would bite the hand off anybody who offered him spl 2! Or is it still ‘we welcome the journey’ etc ?

    • cam

      My thinking is that the SPL/SFA can re postion the deckchairs as much as they like,,,their ship is sinking.
      Idiots who maintain that the SPL is in robust health are just that,,idiots.
      Led by Rangers haters,they will try anything to keep the Gers under their pathetic control.
      Rangers should follow the current petty rules and slog through the divisions.If other clubs suffer through their absence then thats tough luck.
      If Sky and other sponsors shy away from the least attractive sporting package they have on their books,,too bad.
      Rangers got themselves into their current plight,the fans will get them out of it.The clowns who administer the game can take their deals,their Lawwwell led schemes, and shove them.
      Chico doesn’t have the desire to slog through the divisions,he is looking for revenue streams and realises that some fans wil tire of watching the current dross.
      Rangers as i’ve said before can use this time to get themselves re structured,with a sound financial basis,better coaching and scouting policy and football ethos.To speed up a return to the tribal warfare with the east end Viet Cong may be sound business but will be a serious long term mistake.
      Rangers must steer a path away from Celtic,whose fans are lost in a sea of hatred and obsession.

      • parmahamster

        “The Lawwell-led schemes…”,

        Why does every maniac Sevconian think that Peter Lawwell is the guiding force in Scottish football right now? This is the man who is barely tolerated by the majority of his own club’s supporters – how in the hell can he influence the rest?

  9. Monti


  10. Monti


  11. Alasdair Bush

    Please feel free to email me. I admire the depth of analysis you put into your posts. Keep up the good work.

  12. Paul

    I’m ditching my broadband in the next few days, so log-in details will change; then again I use my wordpress account to log in anyway; will I need to re-register to leave comments?

  13. Fra

    Paul, could you send me an e-mail as I live in a remote monastery high in the mountains of Northern Tibet and have taken a vow of silence. I don’t have any contact with the outside world so your warped sense of humour keeps me going and reminds me of how things used to be in the bad old days.

    Your blog and my tattoos on my knuckles saying ‘Fleeto Ya Bass’ are the only remnants of a bygone age. For the educated among you, yes I am the proud owner of twelve fingers. Could I also plead with you to stop being so tongue in cheek with your humorous blogs as the senior monk heard me guffawing loudly and threatened me with expulsion if my disgraceful behaviour persists. So, on this fine day, I wish all my fellow men love and charity and look forward to this correspondence I feel I richly deserve for what little contribution I give to society as a whole.
    Yours Insincerely
    Brother Fra

    • As I’ve said before start practicing Buddhism and the middle way.
      All this guff from the west coast regarding religion has got be believing that Glasgow bucks the trend and all the houses of worship must be brimming full come Sunday , funny I haven’t seen any planning applications for any new churches

  14. Monti


  15. Richboy

    I don’t get this. I have gone to every email and website mentioned above and found that they are all connected to bearsden@rangersmedia.com.govan.

    Apparently Chas has decided to saturate the internet with every website/facebook page/twitter account/email account/etc that truthfully reports the status of The rangers Football Club inc 2012.

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