“We Can Only Play With The Cards We Have Been Dealt” says McCoist as 55th Title Won

Despite the stresses and strains imposed on his team by their lack of resources and only having a mere handful of international capped players, Rangers today achieved the goal for the season – victory in SFL3.

And for all of his critics, surely Ally McCoist’s achievement in his being the first team in Scotland to win its league (apart from Queen of the South in SFL2) will vindicate Mr Green’s decision to keep him as manager, despite the sceptics. And more so, to bring him on board as a major shareholder.

As any fan of football knows, it is the result that counts – not the way in which it is achieved – and as for all those critics who suggest that a team with the second or third highest payroll in Scotland, and a squad of full time players, should be beating teams of plucky part-timers by many goals each week, they clearly underestimate the quality of football present in SFL3.

After all, expecting a team whose annual payroll exceeds that of all of its combined opponents, and that by a factor of 3 or 4 at least, to dominate fails to appreciate the problems caused in playing against such highly motivated professionals.

No one, in this day and age of organised defences and fit football players can expect, for example, to beat opponents by an average of two goals per game (except of course for Queen of the South, whose goal difference of 63 in 31 games simply reflects what must be the poor standards of SFL2 by comparison with SFL3 and the abundance of resources available to the Doonhamers.)

Following today’s goal-less draw with Montrose, which maintains Rangers’ unbeaten run since losing to Annan earlier this month, Mr McCoist said:-

“I thought first 25 minutes was our best period of the game and that’s when we could have and should have scored. We had some decent opportunities during this time but things went a bit flat after that.

“The positive thing is that it was our third clean sheet in a row but the disappointing aspect is that we did not create nearly enough in the second half.

“We really don’t have two strikers at the moment because I don’t think Kal Naismith is an out and out striker and we obviously have the problem with Fran Sandaza while Kevin Kyle has left us and Andy Little is injured.

“We just want to get over the line. Of course we wanted to win the game but that point might just win us the league. I can understand the frustration from everybody – and we are just as frustrated – but we can only play with the cards we have been dealt.

“It’s a disappointment when you don’t get the results you want but that’s when you have to work very hard to turn things around. We have had two goal-less draws which is disappointing but we are one point closer to the Championship.”

As he says, it was one point towards the Championship, and indeed the winning one!

So, after all of the criticism he has faced and, with only the “cards he has been dealt” Mr McCoist joins the esteemed ranks of Rangers League Championship-winning managers

He has achieved the much sought-after 55th League win.


Who can doubt that, next season, with the chance to sign free agent players who will be eligible to play after 31st August, and with £20 million in the bank, Rangers under Mr McCoist will clearly be among the favourites to win SFL2 (if there is no reconstruction). Fortunately too, in that event, they would not face the challenge of Queen of the South, whose resources and assets have combined to give them such an overwhelming advantage over their SFL2 competitors this season.

Ally McCoist must look with envy at Palmerston and the riches which have allowed Allan Johnston and his assistant, Sandy Clark, to dominate SFL2.

Maybe, if there is reconstruction, Mr McCoist will have the chance of revenge against Queen of the South. After all, earlier this season they were held by Rangers to a 2-2 draw at Ibrox in the Ramsdens Cup, only scraping past their lower division opponents on penalty kicks.

Next season, with his squad re-inforced, and with the chance to play pre-season games, surely the plucky SFL3 champions will be in position to give a good account of themselves in whichever league they find themselves in.

And surely, for mastering the challenges he has faced with putting a team on the park, coping with resources less than any Rangers manager in recent history, and “playing with the cards he has been dealt” Mr McCoist is a certainty for manager of the year in SFL3. Any other decision would be a scandal, being in mind that his team has surged to the title before the end of March in such convincing fashion.

Posted by Paul McConville (in his sheepskin overcoat)






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147 responses to ““We Can Only Play With The Cards We Have Been Dealt” says McCoist as 55th Title Won

  1. jim62

    How can Ally be expected to produce donminating football in a league where a team like Stirling take £4500 a week and use that to pay the wages of 22 folk on a couple of hundred a week…Ally had to use all that money just to get one player!!!

    Stirling are clearly cheating and the authorities should do something to help poor Ally.

  2. Raphael's Legacy

    Its a great feeling as a life long GER to think that very soon BIG Lee will be lifting the SFL3 trophy for Glasgow Rangers FC. “Though the streets be broad and narrow we’ll follow we will”, take a bow Glasgow Rangers FC you were down but you’re most certainly on the way back up now, regards, Barry

    • Not down far enough, squeezed in and given every advantage which they still cannot take advantage of, needing other clubs to lose to be declared champions of the lowest senior division in Scotland, yeh that deserves plaudits………………………….not!

      • Sweeney Hughes

        Gonegratulations the bares!!!!

        If the The rangers supporter are happy with another 0-0 draw against a part time team, AGAIN (sorry Paul), after a perfectly good goal was chopped off their opponents, AGAIN (sorry AGAIN Paul) unable to score one single solitary goal in 5000minutes* of fourth tier Scottish footbal, (17yr old schoolboys, PMSFL!!) only to find out they had won the fourth tier of Scottish football through another team getting a dodgy penalty against another team of guys working a 400hr* a week, getting petrol money and training after an 80hr* shift and then to proclame that the team bus went crazy celebrating…………..then I’m just tickety-boooooooooooooo!

        Speaking of which, are sevco the first team in the history of football to be BOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOed aff in their first ever title winning game?

        Those world records are fair piling in!

        Happy Easter one and all.

        *Using Challs’ ‘a quarter of the worlds population are sevco supporters aye ready to dig deep’ calculator.

    • portpower

      Seriously, who is the captain of sevco?

  3. John

    Congratulations to Mr McCoist and The Rangers in the achieving their first, of no doubt many successes in the future. 1 and counting.

    • Fisiani

      Congratulations to Queen of the South and to The Rangers.
      The Rangers, in their first ever season, have won the lowest tier in Scottish football and will be eligible to try to win the lowest division again next year if they manage to overcome Montrose, Elgin, Queens Park etc to reach the playoff.
      The only problem is that The Rangers bank balance next year will be 12,000,000 pounds less than it is today.

  4. HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHa………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………….the mighty rangers…………….what a joke!!!!!!

  5. Ian Taylor

    Sarcasm and all that…………!!

  6. Coyote Briggs

    Congratulations Sevco on your 1st trophy.

  7. ocuilte

    It is a great achievement by this new club to win their first trophy at their first outing. No matter how much money they used they still had to do this with no experience of life in professional football.

  8. Coyote Briggs

    PS- A Snickers bar will always be known as a Marathon. Opal Fruits, well i don’t even know what they’re called now!

    Sevco/ Rangers, hmmmm……. you decide.

  9. Btw it’s not the 55th title its 54 time champions of Scotland , 33 fa Cup winners , 27 league Cup winners and division 3 title winners , I would have thought the Muppets of savilleco could have worked that out , I blame the schools whatever schools they attended .

    • Richboy

      Carson you are a disgrace of a human being using references to child abuse as part of your comment.Hang your head in shame.

      Paul, apologies for the ad hominem attack but surely the reference to saville in regard to Celtic fans is exactly what your recent post was all about.

    • Sweeney Hughes

      Did sevco pubs celebrating this big win cam?

      Please tell me they did!!!

    • portpower

      1=1. carson.

    • Ian403

      I blame Charle Green,.

      HE spoiled the Fantasy World all you Delusional People live in by Admitting THE Rangers had never won them, Had never even played in the SPL…. That he had used his Own ONE POUND Coin to buy all the Honours of RFC(IL) & HE owns the History… I wonder if he will sell them back when he goes?

      THE Rangers have ONE 3rd Division Trophy to their name, is the amount of BOOING they received while winning it a World Record?

  10. Frankiebhoy

    Is that a tuppeny gobstopper or your tongue protruding from your cheek I can see Paul? Either way I think you’ve probably just stole the lead story from some of our illustrious msm’s Sunday spread.

  11. Congrats to RFC on winning title ……..

    First pic of CG getting his hands on his first trophy ……. something familiar about it though …… http://wp.me/a3lmKV-3

  12. GWG

    On winning the lowest Division in Scottish Football in their first year


  13. First , small step on the long road back to our rightful place as Scotland’s premier club , the mighty Rangers , now in Scotland third tier and STILL the only story in town ! We look forward to laughing at your empty or half filled stadiums next year when slitty eyes charges you 700 quid to watch Patrick , Inverness , st mirren ect ! While the mighty Rangers go marching on , getting stronger and stronger while our haters disappear like snow from a dyke , NULLI SECUNDUS, WE ARRA PEEEEEEEEEEPPPPEEEELLLLLLLLLL !!!

  14. Play with the cards you have been dealt! Aye right! The SFA have been doing the 3 cup pea trick ever since the original club died. If you tried to enter my casino Sally, a muscle bound Armani suited baldy guy would boot you down the stairs.
    Casinos do not tolerate cheats, and obviously have more scruples than our governing body. It kind of puts the corruption of the SFA into perspective.

  15. chris byrne

    Well done Ally and the Kings of the Turd

  16. dan

    What about that Arseon? He is just plumb loco! What I like about his posts though is they tell you just how much the Sevconians are really hurting. Keep it coming Arseon. I’m lurrrrrving it!

    • Now listen here fran , you savillconians have to get this into your thick heads, your a support act for the big club , your a nothing story , just look at how much attention we get in division three , sorry division two compared to the rest of the dead wood ? Can you not understand that ? It’s simple even you with your limited education should be able to grasp that , listen……..we are the story …… we ara peeeeeeeeeeeeeppppeeeeeeeel

  17. The history of Scottish football has seen many unusual events over the years but if prises were given out for surprises then Rangers surely take the title.

    Who would have thought that one day we would see millions of pounds lavished on winning the 4th tier of Scottish Football?

    Most successful football teams have more money than their competitors or at least comparable wealth.

    In this case the money spent looks a little unseemly and may yet turn out to be a costly possibly damaging extravagance.

    I’m sure many Rangers fans will whilst enjoying the success be quietly hoping that the club has the claimed millions of pounds tucked away in the bank, ready to be spent on the next phase of making friends on the long road back to the top.

    It’s a long road indeed and the bus fare would make your eyes water.

  18. Arb urns

    Look … I was given a very tight budget of only being allowed to lose £1m a month at the start of the season .what our young team has achieved in these circumstances is nothing short of remarkable. A will sit down with Charles and discuss the losses budget needed for next season to continue this amazing rising of our put upon club . Am sure Charles realises we will need to lose even more money next season if we want to keep progressing. Am building something here a really am”………… Really ally ?

  19. chris byrne

    If Ally can win the league by losing 1 million a month just imagine next season when he is losing 2 million a month….surely a cup or two in that!

  20. o’ for the gift to see ourselves as others see us, Rangers are just a joke
    a team born from sevco, a clone made from a seed a sevco seed
    A team with no roots, No history, Fans who belong in disneyworld not the real world.
    Fanny you are just like your daddy. Need I say any more.
    Had a hard night last night lads, sorry for the truth, feel better now.

  21. ally said today that we got another clean sheet this week and would like to thank the ref for his help and will not forget him but where was he when we needed a goal or a penalty so sorry for montrose to not get the perfect goal they scored

  22. Ed Paisley

    Stop being such a daftie and grow up will you?

  23. cam

    Yup, it’s a slow news day on the financial front when Paul has to don his sheepskin to have a wee dig at the mighty Gers.
    Rather embarassing for Celtic,with their multi billion squad that they are still to get over the finishing line behind Rangers again.
    I can just picture the scorn on the faces of the “we’re not obsessed” brigade as the Gers keep on keeping on.
    The scary thing for the obsessed, is that if Rangers went out of business tomorrow,the shares were bogus,they are losing £500million a second,Craigie owns Ibrox,Ticketus own the next 1000 yrs season book money and whatever other fantasies the mad squad can think up,then Rangers fans would turn up at Glasgow green to watch the biggest team in Scotland.
    That is the thing that sticks in the gullet of the dafties who spend hours each day,researching juicy tittle tattle to feed to the lemmings.
    Title party will be next week due to mucho overtime,i’m greasing the wheels of the economy while the panic attack brigade are sticking their mitts out for a handout.
    Anyone have a clue how much the SPL had to pay Harper MacLeod and Billy Nimmo’s hole in the head gang?
    Now there’s something to research!

    • I’m still waiting on Mick breaking news and orlits winding up order ! Muppets one and all , I blame whatever schools they attended .

    • cam
      March 30, 2013 at 7:59 pm
      “Rangers fans would turn up at Glasgow green to watch the biggest team in Scotland”.

      The fans started this season in a fit of enthusiasm, but as the fare they saw on the field of play deteriorated, so have the numbers of fans attending games, in spite of the free tickets.

      With McCoist in charge again next season, and against stiffer opposition, they will struggle even more and the fans will disappear.

  24. Ed Paisley

    Lets be fair to Ally. They’ve had SFL3 tied up for ages and human nature means you take the foot off the gas. I do believe Ally has a superior grip on tactics and he is clearly an outstanding motivator. Alistair McCoist is also a person of unquestionable dignity and unimpeachable morals. Finally, he is a good looking fella who is actually quite svelte in real life – the tv puts adds pounds to you as we all know.
    So I for one am looking forward to Ally taking Rangers into SFL2 (and the hopeless diddy keeping them there for at least two seasons).
    So Alistair McCoist – you’ve git my vote fella!

  25. Come on Fran , HOW MUCH YOU GONNA PAY NEXT SEASON FOR YOUR BOOK ? 700 quid for Patrick or Morton ? Pmsl …. or is slitty eyes going to have to cut prices to fill those laughable empty green seats ?

    • notnearlydeadbutreallydead

      You never did reply.how much you would pay. Not ‘any price’s but a concrete answer.
      We demand to know!

      • We demand to know ? …. you are so masterful ! …. I’ve told you whatever they ask my three Will be renewed , no problem , the joys if full time employment , what about you ? You sound worried and as if your trying to compare ? Do you think the green seat brigade will pay through the nose for the mince in the espeehell ? Or do you think the missing 30k will stay away ?

        • notnearlydeadbutreallydead

          You keep answering me as if I am a Celtic fan. Yet every time you mention them
          Your as obsessed a Charles ‘mention celtic’ Green

        • Spuds

          I’ll pay whatever, wouldn’t care less, the SPL is a better show without Rangers or it’s fans, whether it’s the new one or old one.

    • notnearlydeadbutreallydead

      Slitty eyes?
      Shall we add racist to bigot as your tag?

    • dan

      Here, Arseon, I’m not sure about this but by ‘fran’ I seem to remember you’re referring to me, and I take it that passes for ‘wit’ in certain dark quarters. If I am right , then the answer is that for my season book I will pay whatever it costs to give me the privilege of watching the wonderful, solvent, tax-paying, law-abiding Glasgow Celtic. That great club that my Irish forefathers founded and that, despite a century of discrimination, bigotry, and ‘honest mistakes’ managed to win every honour this wee bigoted country tried to deprive them of, and even went away and brought back The Big Cup, a feat that Oldco never managed to achieve in their history 1872-2012. But as I have said earlier, keep your inane nonsense coming because———–fuck me I’ve just remembered the clocks go forward and I’m wasting zeeeeez time on a tool like you ! Fuck off, I’m away to bed to dream dreams of the wonderful Glasgow Celtic lifting the SPL crown!

  26. mick

    Sally should hang is heads in shame the amount of mistakes by the special refs put in place via it being live games even today goal chopped of the big wage structure allowed via lifting the transfer ban to let them sign players it was blatant rigging within the rules what a joke 55 we will see what ASA Say about that consumer law bench markers They have stolen image rights of Celtic ASa will prove his

    • Ah , Michael talking p@$h again! First things first , what about the winding up order by orlit ? Secondly the transfer ban was illegal , thirdly it’s not 55 titles it’s 54 , 33 Scottish cups , 27 league cups and a division three title , so ra sellick still only have 54 to beat , think your up to it ? And on image rights ra sellick don’t have a fu@#$ng image !

      • mick

        Yur the curren bun you should be telling us what’s hapPening over at the bigot sevco dome are the sevcoians asking about the bill or is it your not allowed to mention it lol

      • tykebhoy

        You CEO didn;t accept it was illegal when he was party to the “5 way agreement”, Are you saying the 5 way agreement is illegal or null and void. If so welcome to the “Dallas dream scene” as Sevco have just played a season they were not entitled to play. No promotion but expulsion!

    • mick

      They have have broken consumer marketing laws via claims to a dead debt ridden club tianted by tax cheats and dodgy financial doping kePt quiet

  27. lordmac

    this is now rangers worse time, and they dont know it as yet this is the start of fans that will fall away after next week this is when the 1million a month then becomes 1.2 million of a loss all the way till the new season books
    are got in, and what persentage tickutus takes from them or david king could be a short fall of 1.5 per month for season 2013-14

  28. notnearlydeadbutreallydead

    Arsonic, Is really showing his true colours tonight.
    I can’t think why the gloating? Then again its probably to rub people up about the success of his ‘franchise’ over other clubs .
    Is that- ‘(insert team) HATING’ and BIGOTRY. surely not?

  29. So I’ll say it again I will renew my three season tickets for the temple of football , will the green seat brigade ?

    • I didn’t catch you saying it first time around, but to be honest I’m not sure anyone will renew your “three season tickets” other than yourself.

      Nice try though!

      • tykebhoy

        He/She is probably taken a great leap of faith too because £14m in losses between now and then suggest the ned of next season may be a step too far

    • Ed Paisley

      Why is it always three tickets? You know they do gastric band surgery on the NHS now? Go easy on the choco eggs tomorrow.

    • alexander

      At least your honest Violet!

    • notnearlydeadbutreallydead

      My apologies
      I come back to you on this when the Season ticket renewal comes out.
      I’d love your input on respective prices and what you get for it

  30. Mick , can ra sellick not be breaking the law by claiming to be ” the greatest fans in the world ” when only 30k of them turn up and some of them had free tickets ? PMSL.

    • You would need to ask one of the world’s governing bodies who granted that illustrious accolade upon us.
      What do you think of Sevco, having just won the league being Boooooed off the park?

      • notnearlydeadbutreallydead

        At least they weren’t singing from the lovely ‘song’ book.
        Now that’s progress
        Thank you Mr lunny

  31. Raymilland

    If you’re gonna play the game, boy, ya gotta learn to play it right.

    You got to know when to hold ’em, know when to fold ’em,
    Know when to walk away and know when to run.
    You never count your money when you’re sittin’ at the table.
    There’ll be time enough for countin’ when the dealin’s done.

    Now Ev’ry gambler knows that the secret to survivin’
    Is knowin’ what to throw away and knowing what to keep.
    ‘Cause ev’ry hand’s a winner and ev’ry hand’s a loser,
    And the best that you can hope for is to die in your sleep.

  32. faza2010

    Good God, I’ve copied and pasted this thread (so far) and posted it to all my mates down here in Kent (Celts, bears and English club fans). The overriding response is; who is that f**king lunatic with the spelling and grammatical style of a 6 year old and how long has he been medically misdiagnosed?

  33. faza2010

    Good call Tykebhoy!

  34. faza2010

    ………….How did you know it was Carson I posted about? 😀

  35. god bless lenny

    Mcoist would be better of playing cards coz that side hes built would struggle in d2 qos would put at least three past them. How does it feel being champions but not champions of scotland is tht not a strange feeling

  36. Monti


    • Ed Paisley

      You wonder what David Murray will be thinking as he sits skulking on his vinyard in France.
      This is the guy that destroyed Rangers because of his desperation to measure up to Celtic. Instead of the European Cup they are getting the diddiest of the diddy cups.
      I bet Murrays wine is sub-standard too because everything he touches seems to turn to shit!

  37. Montrose 0 Rangers 0

    Congratulations to Rangers 2, the tribute act, on winning the 3rd division championship.

    Manager Ally McCoist, widely held by those in the know as the finest coach of his generation, showed an acute tactical awareness in his club’s latest away fixture at Montrose, dashing the home team’s cunning plan to snatch all three points.

    Montrose scored a perfectly good second half goal, but the referee wasn’t fooled and wrongly chalked it off.

    Master manager McCoist had angrily lashed out after last week’s fixture at the club’s inability to have more than a 22 man playing squad, and claimed that it wasn’t enough and he needed more players.

    When it was pointed out that all the other clubs in the division were subject to the same rule he cleverly replied…”That’s different”, and the smart arse who made the silly statement looked foolish indeed.

    After the game McCoist re-acted to the team being booed off the field of play.

    He said…”I can promise the supporters we will bring in the nine or ten players we need for the start of next season”.

    The club can only sign free transfers until January 2014, a point seemingly over the heads of pundits on Radio Clyde today who, in an attempt to back up McCoist’s claims, enthusiastically, although inaccurately, assured the tribute acts fans that eight, nine or ten players would be bought for the start of next season even though they are banned from doing so by the SFA.

    It is thought that negotiations with the SFA on the matter are at an advanced stage and the problem should be solved amicably in favour of the new 3rd division champions.

    Three cheers for the red, white, and blue!

    So there we have it.

    The future’s bright!

    The future’s orange!

  38. Monti

    Just seem an add in my local paper

    £35,000 – £ 40,000

    So I phoned them up & said ” the answer is £5,000″!

  39. Budweiser

    St Mirren were the first team to win one of the MAJOR trophies this season. We look forward to our next task of overtaking celtic in the league, beginning tomorrow.Understand that we will be unveiling our ‘ new secret weapon ‘ — Puri tomorrow ! He will not be currying any favours with the ref, will be tikkaing all corners,his nan will be watching,will never walk aloo,drinks vin d’ aloo, and will kiss the bhaji on the jersey.

  40. Good luck to you Bud.

    Er…next week!

  41. GWG

    & talking about Tribute Acts~~~~

  42. Budweiser

    On ‘off the ball’ yesterday Tam Cowan suggested that rangers buy the Queen of the South team. They had already won the sfl2 by a considerable margin . They were managed by two ex rangers players [ alan johnstone and sandy clark]. They had experience of winning sfl2 with very limited resources and could save rangers a fortune on wages. Only problem. What to do with the fat pieman? And his staff?

  43. Congratulations to the Sevco Tribute Act on winning the Turd Division title.

  44. Big Tee

    Re: This Carson fellow.
    Just to state the obvious, there is nothing worse than being ignored.

  45. Tarnowo

    Well done Paul.
    The realities of the situation laid bare .
    With journalism like this , why are you not writing for one of Scotland’s finer newspapers .
    Having thought about it , this type of article is no longer welcome in churnalistic circles , as it challenges the fiction peddled as reality produced by the MSM in our deluded wee nation .

  46. Tarnowo
    March 31, 2013 at 7:29 am

    Well done Paul.
    The realities of the situation laid bare .
    With journalism like this , why are you not writing for one of Scotland’s finer newspapers .
    Having thought about it , this type of article is no longer welcome in churnalistic circles.

    Poking fun at Rangers 1 or 2 has never been welcome in journalistic circles…

    • Tarnowo

      Poking fun or just being honest about the circumstances .
      Either way it would appear the truth is being ignored .

  47. Alexander Doherty

    Re carson
    Such joy on winning D3 title if you can manage to hang adout you might win a 2 title
    The joy of the first title must feel great for us it was so long ago .long ago when there was a team called what was it? Yes rangers long gone


    Sevco win the division LOWER than QoS, with a budget 120 times GREATER than QoS, with a WORST record than QoS.

  49. portpower

    Hollow 1st 4th tier league championship win. There`ll be an echo in ibrox next season. sevcos` war cry next season will be Cooee!

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