A Message to Commenters – Calm Down Dears!

No. This is not an advert for e-sure, nor an hommage to the late Michael Winner.

Instead I would like to appeal to my commenters to follow Mr Winner’s advice.


I was going to email the people to whom I am referring, but not all have left genuine email addresses.

As I have often said, it is the exchange of comment and discussion here which makes this blog what it is.

Gratuitous insults are not called for – nor in fact are non-gratuitous insults!

Such sentiments are unhelpful

Such sentiments are unhelpful

All I ask is that people extend each other, and the rest of the readers some courtesy. If I from time to time get a bit scunnered reading some of the comments, then I wonder how those not as connected to the blog as me feel (and that of course includes everyone else in the world apart from Mr WordPress).

I do not want to go down the road of having banned words, phrases and commenters. In one chat with RTC he told me that he had literally thousands of comments sitting in moderation. That becomes a full time job. I have better things to do with my time than to spend my life moderating the comments (after all I need time to spend obsessing about Rangers). 🙂

If I printed off all the comments, moderation would be a bit like this!

If I printed off all the comments, moderation would be a bit like this!

So, as an executive decision, the following statements are to be taken as Gospel on the site and we do not need people to harp on about them – ok?

Supporting the cause of a united Ireland and organisations which espouse that cause DOES NOT mean that the supporter necessarily approves of killing children.

Supporting that cause DOES NOT mean that the supporter should be packed on a boat across the Irish Sea. It is perfectly possible to support a united Ireland or Irish independence without being Irish, in the same way as it was possible to support independence for East Timor without being Timorese, or for Palestine without being Palestinian.

Supporting the Orange Walk DOES NOT mean that the supporter necessarily approves of killing Catholics.

Monti does not live in the Falklands. He said it as a joke.

Comments like this are unhelpful too

Comments like this are unhelpful too

References which are, or appear to me to be, insulting for the sake of it will likely disappear along with the comments they are in.

So – we do  not need to hear about “the unwashed” or “stupid huns” or indeed “stupid” anythings, unless there actually is a context within which it makes sense to mention such phrases.

This book is about a Hun

This book is about a Hun

This is another acceptable use of the term

This is another acceptable use of the term

There are some commenters who annoy others – and as such are branded “trolls”. We do not need that to be pointed out. If you have decided that a commenter is trolling, just ignore them. Pass over their comments like the God of Israel on the first Passover Day (but do not go slaughtering the first-born either.)

I am sure that most regular readers could draw up a chart showing which specific commenters others have a problem with. But there is no need to do so.

If someone does not like posts by cam, carson, david, ecojon, mick or Violet (to pick some random examples in alphabetical order – please do not be offended if I have mentioned you, or be offended if I have not – nor am I suggesting that any of the people mentioned are trolls) then either ignore them …


… or else engage in constructive and civilised debate.

Some blog commenters have a healthy disagreement over the continuation or otherwise of Rangers

Some blog commenters have a healthy disagreement over the continuation or otherwise of Rangers

One reason for the open comment policy is that it allows people to guage the value of what a commenter has to say. For example, if I blocked everything that a stupid person said, then they might think they were being censored and it would not be apparant to people that it was being done because the commenter was being stupid! (BTW that is an aceptable use of the term – but it should not be taken as necessarily applying to anyone specific … except of course for …

I have followed the advice of the late Mr Reeves ...

On reflection I have followed the advice of the late Mr Reeves …

That way we can maintain the reputation of the blog for sensible discussion, prompted by over long and nit-picky posts by me.


Thank you!

And a Happy Easter Triduum to you all!

Easter Triduum

Posted by Paul McConville




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66 responses to “A Message to Commenters – Calm Down Dears!

  1. mick

    well said Paul its time we stopped annoying each other and engaged in debate and the wife has updated my screen with red line coming up on typo errors so am well up for academic debate with no deflections . HH

  2. Ian Taylor

    As a relatively infrequent visitor to your blog – and a Gers fan to boot – I’d like to say how much I enjoy your writing!

    Intelligent and informative – it’s a shame that we haven’t had someone with the same intellectual and professional insights rooting for Rangers fans over the last few years!!

    Oh……….and I love some of the photos used – they really do make me LOL (as they say!).

    • Billy Blackburn

      That is one of the tragedies of the Rangers Bloggers . and I read a lot of them, is that the just regugetate the “victim” card and the fact that it is all the cabal`s fault. If there was anyone with the sense of Paul then perhaps others could view their predicament with more compassion. I do refer mainly to Leggo, and Graham of the Rangers standard. I must confess that Bill McMurdo seems to be conducting himself in a more conciliatory tone in his recent blogs. This of course maybe the influence of his exchange with Paul recently.

      I am a Celtic supporter who honestly misses the derby game and look forward to playing Rangers in the near future whether it be in the cup or the SPL but I doubt it will be in the conference

      • Monti

        Billy you say you miss the derby game & so do many of us,however it was more important to me that Rangers (IL) were made to start in division 3,( this being a new club & not a full member club) no audited accounts etc,SPORTING INTEGRITY had to prevail over finance! Do you agree?

    • Monti

      Evening Ian, could you confirm to me Rangers are a brand new football club who are just a few months old & have won nothing in it’s short history, or do you believe it’s the same club as before liquidation, 54 & counting etc?

      • Monti,

        I won’t speak for Ian, but just to let you know, I don’t agree with the suggestion Rangers is a new club. I think, all things considered, it is the same “club”.

        I have written this a couple of times since last summer, but thought I would reiterate it now!


        • GWG

          If that be the case Paul~~~~ then they should have no problem paying the hundreds of creditors and what’s owed to the taxpayer.

        • Monti

          I don’t agree with you Paul,Liquidation to me means the game is over,the original club stops dead in it’s tracks,it’s entire history concluded at that point! What does liquidation mean to you Paul?

        • Monti

          If it’s the same “club” as you say Paul, why are they in division three? Why are there multiple creditors out of pocket? Why did the players leave? Why aren’t they full league members? Why don’t they have three years audited accounts? Charles Green said it all Paul ” if a c.v.a fails it’s all gone” come on then Paul,in what way is it the same club?….post liquidation?

          • I’m with Monti Paul, Why did they not get a 10 point penalty for starting the season while in admin,? why did they not bye through the early cup rounds? Sort bud, Theyz deid,! Very very bucket kicked deid!

      • cam

        I wouldn’t wish liquidation on you Monti,,,,,54 brain cells and counting,,keep on keeping on.You may reach Cro Magnon levels before the next asteroid strike.

    • Ian Taylor
      March 29, 2013 at 6:22 pm

      As a relatively infrequent visitor to your blog – and a Gers fan to boot – I’d like to say how much I enjoy your writing!

      Intelligent and informative –

      it’s a shame that we haven’t had someone with the same intellectual and professional insights rooting for Rangers fans over the last few years!!

      Perhaps we do now Ian.

      Let’s hear more from you.

  3. Thank heavens for that have been entertained informed and educated in equal measure by your blogs Paul and the comments thereafter ,in the last few days /weeks I’ve been saddened by the levels of vitriol and unecessary bile .How can we keep our minds open if we treat those with differing views to our own so offensively .

  4. It is also an extreme rarity to find someone on here acknowledging that they have changed their view, even if only slightly as a result of an opposing post. It might even be considered a sign of maturity.

  5. Thomas

    Ocht! ya spoilsport!
    I was linning up a ‘rake o abuse’

    Ahm away to have a word wi masel.


  6. Thanks Paul ….. was soooooo close to packing this blog in …. was seriously considering that just the other night …..

    But then I knew I could’nt resist my genuine anticipation of the conclusion to cam’s foray into theology and all thing’s vatican ……….. come on cam …. have prepared a defensive divergent tactic with a counter post …………..

    As cam says …….

    Ad hominem in habitius tu quoque in excelsior ………………. LOL

    And No ….. I will not camslate it …… funny as it is ….. I might be first in Moderation/Exclusion ……………..

  7. mick

    its been a massive week in Scottish football for all the wrong reasons with Dunfermline going near to wall as you can redundancies and green slicing his back room staff the share drop and a deafening silence from SFA and SFL and still no comment from Vince Lunny about the bill and songs at England via sevco ,

  8. Sad westerners. Politely putting. Give up the religious nonsense. Yer ruining a good bit o banter wi yer gash.

  9. Monti

    I only said Jehovah………pmsl! Paul you have my word from now on I’ll be an Angel!

  10. joratim

    Could not agree with you more Paul.

    During my time on the HUB, always insisted that all Celtic sites should be above the nonsence that others come out with.

    You are showing the way and all true Celtic people will be behind you. Let us now, following this great article of yours, show the football world that we only speak out in favour of truth and justice, and in return all we ask for is fair play from those who control the media.

    May be that I am asking to much:


  11. cam

    Praise be and thank the lord,,hallelujah my brothers, let there be peace in our time.
    Moses McConville left his dwangs behind,cleared his noggin and left the field clear for this stud to resume spreading chaos.
    Monti and carson, please leave the Irish thing in that country along with child abuse point scoring.
    If anyone thinks that child abuse is a subject to be used to back up their argument regarding a football team or a faith, then they saunter through this life without the grace of God.
    It was a damned good tactic by coach McConville to lead the team out on a financial/shares play, but the forementioned chaps would not be deterred from their debate of who had God on their side.
    Paul, a good shepherd tends to his flock, and my library book on blogging etiquette states quite clearly that you have been remiss in your duties.
    You must decide whether you’re up to the task of maintaining a legal career and running this site simultaneously.Ring rustiness is not a valid excuse.
    I must warn you that a mutiny is Bounty happen if you take anymore holidays without passing the reins onto Eco.
    Now to address your randomosity.
    The troll word was used along with stupid and slaughtering,in far too close a vicinity to my name for me to accept this as random.
    Your subliminal methods of casting me into the blogging wilderness will not work and only provoke a MAD response.
    After consultations with friends in MIT,i have a phrase that if inserted in one of my tirades,will decimate this site.
    If anything happens to me and i don’t send a keyword to my offshore e-mail account,this phrase shall be transmitted globally, and whilst i’m sunning myself with a cheeky Margarita holdings in an undisclosed location you will find that you’re legally married to mick,that Violet is your daughter,that your next door neighbour is carson and i’ve assumed your identity.
    Patience my illuminated friend!
    My mole in Via Carducci, is working night and day and something is bound to pop out soon.

    • Monti

      Err,I have never used ‘child abuse’ for point scoring & it wouldn’t cross my mind to do so,don’t lecture me Cam & if I want to talk about Ireland I will! If you can’t control your feelings when it comes to all things Irish,like Paul said,move on to the next comment… Ok!

  12. madmo67

    Well said Paul thanks. Was getting bored with a lot of the vitriol on both sides. Enjoy reading the blogs and debate on this although don’t yet feel confident enough to participate in the debate. Some very clever and funny people on here so will be great if the dross is ditched.

  13. cam

    Can we have a caption competition, a la, Have i Got News For You?
    A weekly prize of a night with Monti/carson would be fun.

    • mick

      Cam it’s unfair tagging Monti with Carson ur trying to rock the boat there looking for a negative response

      • Monti

        Mick,Paul has asked for a change of direction,in terms of the standard of comments,I’m not going to bite tonight but I am calling it a night,I can feel my new found goodwill dipping dramatically, so until the morn I bid you goodnight! HH!

      • cam

        You my old amigo,are an imbecile if you go to the dark side,,,Monti is without grace,,,in the name of the Christ i cast him out!

    • Fra

      @Cam. I believe I could have a splendid night socialising with many on here, Monti, Mick, Maggie et al, although the distance to achieve this goal would stretch Paul’s budget somewhat. Alas, if I was lucky (or unlucky) to be the recipient of winning a night with certain others, I could not guarantee there wouldn’t be blood spilled (this is humour, so treat it as so)

  14. Paul, I don’t think I was ever in any danger of stopping reading your trenchant articles but of late I have wearied of reading the comments, laced as they were with abusive nonsense. I admire your forbearance and tolerance but I feel that some serious and interesting contributors have slipped back into the shadows and may be lost to this excellent blog for good.
    I hope your admonition is successful but I fear that like the blue-green algae which suffocates ponds and waterways if left unchecked, the only thing that works is constant pruning and cutting back to let healthy life, or in this case contributions, grow.
    I know this might seem a bit rich for someone whose own contributions are vanishingly rare but I’d rather see the comments going back to something like the quality of your own pieces, even if fewer, than the inane vapourings we have been treated to recently.
    A happy and peaceful Eastertide

  15. Monti

    Noticed someone on a previous blog gave me a thumbs down for wishing Stilian Petrov all the best in his fight against Cancer…….lost for words! Night folks!

  16. Budweiser

    Solar Pulse.

    A week ago I experienced , what in effect, equated to a ‘Solar Pulse’.
    Now, to my unscientific mind set, a ‘solar pulse’ was a flare up of solar activity, which would send a ‘firestorm’ of particles in Earth’s direction. which would bombard Earth’s atmosphere knocking out satellites and electricity stations – in effect, making us electricity free. I never really believed it could, or would happen,except in purely hypothetical or sci-fi terms.
    We had decided to ‘ beat the easter rush’ and have a quiet long weekend on Arran with old friends – arriving on thurs 21st and partaking of mucho vino d’ovaltino.
    On awaking on fri 22nd – SOLAR PULSE!!!!!
    We were on the west side of the island, and had three or four inches of snow.
    No electricity, so not a major problem. Arran is used to power cuts, usually ranging from 2 mins – 5 hrs. Our friends had a multi – fuel stove [ wood and coal] and a gas hob. [ no natural gas – so butane gas bottles ] and loads of candles plus a camping gaz light.
    However, no elec light, no hot water [ for showers/baths etc] – all water had to be heated on gas hob. No phones,internet,radio or tv – no communications except by personal contact.
    1st thing on fri morning – we need to buy coal! the local coop would only take cash transactions as their tills were down. The banks were the same – no cash machines – no electronic transfers. Cash was king! We scrabbled about to get enough cash for a bag of coal – £9.95!
    cheques were not acceptable,even with bankers cards. [This changed as the situation became clearer]. Until sat morning when mobile generator was set up in Lamlash cash was king! The local co-op would not [ could not ] sell any ‘chilled’ or ‘frozen’ foods. This included milk which had been chilled for more than 4 hrs. I personally watched customers ‘walking out’ with milk and bread to feed their families which the coop were legally unable to sell. The amount of frozen and chilled food discarded was a disgrace.
    The people most affected were the local ‘housing association’ tenants who were ‘all electric’ ie elec storage heaters – no gas allowed here.
    We left o sunday night and our friends were reconnected on mon night.
    The people on Arran were brilliant, they helped each other – there was no catholic/protestant/celtic/rangers divide. They just helped each other. People whose freezer had melted took their food to the fire station to have the food cooked for their neighbours. It was a real community effort and reaffirmed my faith in human relationships

    • cam

      Machrie Bay teahouse sell lovely banoffee pie,the sheep are docile and accept Paisley pattern wellie boots without much struggling,,,so i hear.
      If you’re in a Monti free zone,,,my advice is stay there until my exorcism is complete.
      There could be blood!

  17. cam


    In the words of the inimatable Ferris Bueller,,,this ones for you!


  18. Paul,

    Although I’m sure he wouldn’t remember, many years ago I actually had the pleasure of meeting Dr. Chris Kelly (no relation, to my knowledge) when he was World Debating Champion, and still doggedly holding on to his native Australian accent; he was a very poised, pleasant and accomplished young man who has developed into an even more accomplished older one.

    In media circles, he seems to be the ‘Go To’ guy for late Empire stuff (he is particularly impressive on the reign of Constantine), a point when systems were breaking down and everyone was so well-educated that nobody had the slightest clue about practical matters – such as either how to pay or collect taxes.

    Gibbon blamed all that on Christianity, of course, but then again Gibbon was wrong about a great many things.

  19. cam

    For your next blog Paul,may i recommend a connection between RFC and global warming,the deification of Chico,the perils of three stupid people following a bright light in the sky, and why broadband subscription in the Falklands isn’t a good idea.

  20. Fra

    Paul, as a latecomer to your blog, I salute you. I have found it to be very informative in many ways. Many of the postings have been interesting with a very simple easy to read style. The Vatican posts have, I found, been extremely educational to a lapsed catholic like myself. Living on another continent, your blog sums up what I miss about Scotland. However highbrow the discussion may be, Scots have their own inimitable way of saying it like it is. This won’t be evident to most but is very evident when you live outside the bubble. Nothing, or very little, offends me, and I admire your stance on freedom of expression. Many other bloggers seem to want their egos massaged or simply don’t allow feedback. This applies to both sides of the divide. Many of the posters are like a breath of fresh air in the censored world of the net. The cross-section of views makes your blog one of, if not the, best in the cyber world. Keep up the good work and I will try to contribute more although my utterances may not always be up there with many in terms of quality.

  21. mulsiebhoy

    So Paul, to you they’re the same club…simples!. I’ve always been one to see both sides of a measured/reasoned argument, but in this case, I think you’re either falling victim to apathy ( let’s move on! ) or more worryingly…it’s in your interest to toe the party line. Good luck in the future with your muses, cheery bye HH

  22. portpower

    Well, we`re all to be angels? Fair enough. So sevco will now become charlie`s angels and that would make sally Bosley. No more we are the people but instead Go Get Them Angels?
    Happy Easter one and all.

  23. Monti

    Morning all,
    . Just musing over Paul’s statement last night that he believes Sevco are indeed Rangers & that Rangers are ” all things considered,still the same club” mmmmmm not sure I get that,I mean why if they are the same club did Charles Green have to buy the History? Anyway I am quite clear in the fact that Rangers died & their history was concluded! Would like a thumbs up from everybody who feels The The Rangers are a NEW CLUB WITH NO HISTORY….i will take a thumbs down as confirmation,like Paul you believe Rangers (IL) are the same club.

    • Monti

      P.S. The person who gave me the thumbs DOWN for wishing Stilian Petrov all the best in his fight against Leukemia, I suggest you get professional help. You are seriously ill & should not be among the wider society until a rehabilitation course has been concluded. Real people, real football people respect each other when it comes to a players health or a player loses his life, it hurts me when Celtic have lost players who have passed away, we are a family,I remember being at work the day Tommy Burns died,he was a hero to me when I was growing up,because he had a passion for Celtic that was clear for all to see,his life was Celtic & I feel the same way…my boss that day told me to go home & he would see me tomorrow,I’ll never forget that act of kindness ( he was also a Rangers fan), I felt for the Rangers fans when they lost Davie Cooper, a fantastic player with a wand of a left foot R.I.P.Davie cooper! It doesn’t matter what team you support, Norrie McCathie at Dunfermline to Phil o ‘ Donnell at Motherwell, R.I.P! We are football people, we are human beings! So as i said the guy who thinks a thumb down is the correct way to respond to a message of goodwill to a cancer sufferer,seek help pal! In the name of ,Tommy Burns,Davie Cooper,Norrie McCathie Phil O’ Donnell! HH!

    • Fra

      @ Monti. I am with you on this one. Surely if I liquidate a company, then that said entity is dead. Most observers agreed until someone came up with the idea that somehow the club is different from some other part of the business. Surely, if they didn’t die then they would be liable for the debt accrued.
      Now, I am not saying the same supporters shouldn’t follow the club playing out of Ibrox but it cannot just become the same rangers. This notion is morally bankrupt. So therefore Dunfermline could be liquidated, call themselves Dunfermline international, shed the debt but keep their history, the ground and their playing staff if they so wished.
      This is how I viewed the happenings in Govan and it sticks in my throat when I hear Mr Green say they have no debt and also 20 million in the bank. How does the creditors feel about being shafted then find the shatters openly gloating about how they’re loaded.
      If this was a new company, then fair do’s. They died therefore so did the debt. I,m certainly no expert but what has transpired in rangers demise definitely has an iffy smell about the whole scenario.
      If this is the norm in business circles, then the law should be changed to stop this shafting of the little man

      • Monti

        Also when Duff & Phelps took over as Administrators NO major earners were pushed out the door….the Administrators actually tried to RECRUIT s player,Daniel Cousin pmsl?????

      • Monti

        Duff & Phelps acting as administrators actually tried to RECRUIT Daniel Cousin??????????/? Totally corrupt!

  24. Dave S.

    Any chance of a ‘yawn’ button to go with thumbs up and down – it would be handy for the is it a new company theological debates.

  25. I guess the old debate about the continuation of Rangers Football Club will never really go away.
    It’s a debate that’s looking a little tired; I doubt there has been many converts among the football fans one way or the other. For what it’s worth I think they are the same club. Others take a different view.

    Rangers may or may not have “died” but the debate certainly has.

    In a way that’s exactly how it should be, football fans are nothing if not partisan. Watching a game of football has its pleasures but a large part of the theatre is derived from taunting the opposition fans.

    In this regard Rangers fans are in for a rough ride – though I’m sure they will cope and give as good as they get.

    Wherever Rangers play their fans will doubtless be serenaded by chants about their club being dead and colourful variations on the theme. They in turn can respond with titles won “54 and counting”.

    Given what sometimes echoes around football stadiums on match days I’m happy to note that we finally have an issue on which football fans can passionately shout about. An issue on which they will never agree, yet an issue which in the great scheme of things is harmless. Well…mostly harmless.

    Short lived debate will become enduring banter.

  26. Monti

    Passing through Montrose this morning, a lot of shop keepers pulling the shutters down & closed signs being placed in the doorways, local residents have their curtains drawn & peering through slats in drawn blinds,tumbleweed rolling around the high streets…..approaching flute music & shouting could be heard amongst the slamming of doors & bolts being attached………..

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