Scotland’s “McLeveson” Proposals Could Cover Every Blogger In The World!

We saw publication at the end of last week of what is already being dubbed “McLeveson”. This Scottish response to the Leveson Report makes remarkable reading. Contained within its urbane and staid language are proposals which could lead to regulation of all bloggers and tweeters in Scotland, where they comment, to any extent, on news of any sort and “gossip” about the famous.

The suggestions could see people being hauled in front of a Regulator to answer for tweets or blog posts, even where they were simply re-tweeting something else, for example.

In addition, there are worrying cost implications. Indeed the suggestion seems to be that all “significant news publishers” may have to chip in for the costs of the Regulator. The proposed definition of “significant” does mean only the major newspapers in Scotland. No. It could be me, or you, especially if you comment here or on other sites.

And we have another example of the apparent wish of the Scottish Government to extend its reach far and wide, as detailed below.


Lord McCluskey is a very distinguished personality. His long career in the law and politics makes him one of the most eminent Scots of recent times. From his service as a prosecutor and a QC, to a short time as a Sheriff Principal; from five years in the Wilson Government as Solicitor-General for Scotland to sixteen years full time on the Bench in the High Court and Court of Session; from being the first serving judge to deliver the Reith Lectures to chairing the Scottish Football Association disciplinary hearings on occasion: Lord McCluskey has seen it all and done it all.

In recent years he has become one of the “great and the good” summoned by governments who want an independent review of an issue (and there is no doubt about his independence).

In 2007 Prime Minister Gordon Brown appointed Lord McCluskey to propose, along with the Bishop of Oxford, new rules regarding political donations.

More recently First Minister Alex Salmond called upon His Lordship to chair a panel of experts considering how Scotland should interact with the Supreme Court (this being at the time when Mr Salmond and Mr MacAskill seemed to want to go to war with Lord Hope).

And now Lord McCluskey has his name all over “McLeveson” – the report prepared for consideration by the Scottish Government prior to a formal decision by Holyrood on how Scotland will deal with the issues raised by the report in England prompted by the phone-hacking scandals.

It is fair to say that the reaction to McLeveson has been less than enthusiastic.

The full report can be read here. Expert Group on Leveson in Scotland

The “Expert Group” consisted of five members. As well as the former judge who chaired the discussions, we had the following

  • David Sinclair – Director of Communications at Victim Support Scotlandformer President of the National Union of Journalists and former assistant editor of The Herald
  • Professor Neil Walker FBA, FRSE, Regius Professor of Public Law and the Law of Nature and Nations at the School of Law, University of Edinburgh
  • Peter Watson, Senior Partner of Levy & McRae and Visiting Professor at the School of Law, University of Strathclyde
  • Ruth Wishart, independent media production professional, former assistant editor of the Sunday Mail, Scotsman and Sunday Standard

This was a high powered panel, and no mistake. The legal side was well-covered with three legally qualified members. The world of journalism was represented by Mr Sinclair and Ms Wishart, but also by Professor Watson who has acted for many media organisations over many years.

The “victims” too were represented. Mr Sinclair’s present role put him in that position and Professor Watson wore his third hat, as someone who has represented or is indeed still acting for individuals who consider they have been unfairly maligned by the media using tactics which are wrong, if not criminal. One of his prominent clients is Sir David Murray, and following the outcome of the FTT Professor Watson released a strongly worded statement on behalf of Sir David making clear that the businessman wanted to pursue vigorously the illegal, as he saw it, disclosure of his tax records.

Lord McCluskey too has never been afraid to be controversial. From suggesting, just after his retirement as a full time judge, that heroin should be legalised, as criminalisation had not worked, to his comments on Human Rights legislation, he has never been a shrinking violet.

The judge had commented as follows:-

I warned in the Reith Lectures in 1986 that the Canadian Charter – copied from the European Convention on Human Rights – would provide a field day for crackpots, a pain in the neck for judges and legislators and a goldmine for lawyers. Prophetic or what?

In relation to the 1998 Human Rights Act he said:-

Somebody suggested to me that it was a bit like sailing in the Titanic toward a legal iceberg. My own fear is that the better simile is with an avalanche; all we can hear at the moment is a distant roar, but it is coming and we are going to have to struggle to avoid being buried in new claims of right.

And he added:-

One last point about the judges in the 21st century. As a result of recent legislation by parliament, the judges have been given an entirely new jurisdiction. They can in effect overrule the elected parliament. For there has been introduced into our law a revolutionary instrument of change, a Trojan Horse. It goes by the splendidly attractive name of The European Convention on Human Rights. The new powers given to judges may require us to look again at the qualifications, experience and training required of our judges.

And he concluded:-

The consequences of the enormous changes effected by the Scotland Act and the Human Rights Act will be emerging for decades to come. The legal landscape will be profoundly altered. Are we ready for it? I doubt it.

It is fair to say that Lord McCluskey was not a fan of Convention Rights!

(As a footnote, his statements above led to the successful application in a criminal appeal he was hearing for him to be excluded from the process, and for the matter to continue before a differently constituted court, as his statements seemed to suggest that, as regards the Convention, there was not the appearance of impartiality.)

So we can be sure that Lord McCluskey is not one for refraining from speaking his mind. Nor indeed are the other members of the group.

What Did The Group Propose?

The Executive Summary can itself be summarised as follows.

We have proceeded on the fundamental principle affirmed in the Leveson Report, namely that the terms and conditions of press regulation should not be prescribed by statute. Any bodies forming part of a new regulatory system must be independent of the Legislature and of Government as well as independent of the media.

We have suggested that statute would provide a basic underpinning to ensure (a) that, in future, news-related material would be regulated … by an independent, non-statutory, Regulatory Body of a character to be proposed by the press; and (b) that there would be created a separate independent body (the Recognition Body) with responsibility for ensuring that the independent Regulatory Body complies at all times with the Leveson principles and essential recommendations.

We accept, but build upon, the Leveson conclusion that the Regulatory Body must have guaranteed jurisdiction over “all significant news publishers”. The principal difference between what we advise and what others have proposed is that the jurisdiction of the Regulatory Body must extend by law to all publishers of news-related material.

No publisher of news-related material should be able to opt out of that jurisdiction.

Funding for the system should be settled by agreement between the industry and the Board of the Regulatory Body, taking into account the cost of fulfilling the obligations of the regulator and the commercial pressures on the industry.

… all important institutions in a democracy, including public institutions … and … social institutions such as charities, Churches and Trades Unions, are subject to the Rule of Law and to the particular statutory jurisdictions and restrictions enacted by the elected Legislature for each of them; yet they preserve their independence and freedom from political interference in the carrying out of their functions.

We also note that, in some democracies, including Iceland, Denmark and Ireland, subjecting the press to the limited jurisdiction of an independent, non-government regulator is compulsory or is secured by the prospect of direct legislation as the alternative.

We have little confidence that the voluntary ‘opt in or opt out’ model proposed by Leveson would work―whatever incentives were devised to encourage publishers to opt in. But if, contrary to our view, it was decided that publishers were to be allowed to opt in or out of the regulatory system it would be necessary to provide, by legislation, mechanisms similar to those suggested by Leveson.

If the London negotiations fail to produce the necessary statutory underpinning for a Leveson-compliant Regulatory Body with universal jurisdiction, then Scottish Ministers may consider introducing legislation separately to ensure that those resident in Scotland can be adequately protected from abuse of the kind that the Inquiry identified and examined. We believe that it would be possible for the Scottish Parliament to achieve that object by legislating for the regulation of news–related material circulating in Scotland by any means including electronic publishing.

What Does This Mean?

Leveson did not want to create statutory press regulation. He desired to see a Regulatory Body independent of government and of the media.

A free and independent press is vital, according to Leveson, in a democracy.

The system should also protect journalists, as well as citizens covered by the press.

The Group saw a need for a statutory Recognition Body to oversee the non-statutory Regulatory Body. Thus the Regulator itself is not acting under statute – there is therefore no legislative control of the press. But, where the regulator is to be overseen by a Recognition Body which is statutory and whose goals and rules are, one assumes, to be laid down in statute, then surely this is statutory press control, but in a less obvious way?

The Leveson proposed “opt in, opt out” system was rejected by the Group. They saw the potential for a major media group not to participate as devaluing the process. And, if there was a statutory body to oversee the Regulator, people could not simply opt to ignore the whole system without bringing it into disrepute.

Indeed, if a “significant” publisher decided to opt out, this would lead to the Regulator failing its responsibilities to the Recognition Body and ultimately to its closure!

So All The Scottish Press Will Need to Comply?

Here we see some fine legal footwork. Leveson recommended that all “significant news publishers” be covered.

The Expert Group considers this and later provides a definition of that phrase.

At para 38 it states:-

Defining to whom a jurisdiction in a statute is to apply is a common problem. … The draft DCMS ‘Royal Charter’ document referred to earlier … defines “relevant publisher” as meaning (a) a person (other than a broadcaster) who publishes in the United Kingdom: a newspaper or magazine containing news-related material, or (b) a website containing news-related material (whether or not related to a newspaper or magazine)”.

What is clear from the definitions contained in that DCMS document and other recent proposals is that, in principle, all and any news-related publisher may be considered significant for present purposes, since all and any may be capable of causing the very harm which Leveson is committed to addressing. We agree with that position.

At para 40 it states:-

We do not see how it can be undemocratic to compel news-related publishers to accept the jurisdiction of a Leveson-compliant scheme that they have helped to devise … The scheme cannot be Leveson-compliant “if it (the Regulatory Body) does not cover”―i.e. have jurisdiction over―“all significant news publishers”. The way to achieve that is to require all news-related material (as defined) to be subject to the same Standards Code: to repeat, it is a question of jurisdiction, not of voluntary membership of a club.

Para 41 says:-

Nearly all other pillars of democracy are subject to a substantial degree of legislative regulation without the loss of that independence that is vital. They cannot opt in or out of the jurisdictions created by the Legislature to regulate their activities in the interests of democracy. It is difficult in a democratic society in which news-related publishers enjoy extremely wide freedoms to justify exempting them from regulation, in a very limited field, by a body that meets the Leveson specification, not least in the light of the recent failings of the printed press when under a loose, voluntary system of self-regulation.

Para 42 has the Recommendation as follows:-

In summary therefore, we recommend that it is for the Legislature to specify the criteria for determining which news-related publications are to be subject to the jurisdiction of the new independent system of regulation by a Regulatory Body proposed by news-related publishers to prevent serious abuses of the kind that that Leveson has identified. It is for the Legislature to ensure that all those who might, in future, perpetrate such abuses are subject to the jurisdiction of the independent Regulatory Body.

Para 43 addresses Funding:-

While we agree with Leveson that it would be for the industry and the Regulatory Body to agree the basis of funding, there is no sensible escape from the conclusion that all who publish news-related material should be subject to the same regulatory jurisdiction. That does not necessarily mean that all who publish for example on-line news blogs must subscribe to the running costs of the regulatory system.

What Might the Legislation Say?

Helpfully a draft Bill has been attached to the Report.

For today’s purposes the most relevant parts are in clause 8. It states, in part:-

In this Act, “relevant publisher” means a person (other than a broadcaster) who publishes in Scotland—

(a) a newspaper, magazine or periodical containing news-related material, or

(b) by electronic means (including a website), news-related material (whether or not related to a newspaper, magazine or periodical).

(2) For the purposes of subsection (1)—

“broadcaster” means—

(a) the holder of a licence under the Broadcasting Act 1990 or 1996,

(b) the British Broadcasting Corporation,

(c) Sianel Pedwar Cymru,

“news-related material” means—

(a) news or information about current affairs,

(b) comment about matters relating to the news or current affairs,

(c) gossip about celebrities, other public figures or other persons in the news.

(3) “Gossip”, for the purposes of this Act, includes assertions of fact about the private or family life of any persons mentioned in subsection (2)(c) if the information published is calumnious, defamatory or scandalous.

(4) A person publishes “in Scotland” if—

(a) the publication takes place in Scotland, or

(b) the publication is targeted primarily at an audience in Scotland.

So the draft suggests that anyone, other than a “broadcaster” as defined, who publishes “news related material” will be treated as a “significant news publisher”, no matter how small their circulation is.

Under that definition I would be treated as a “significant news publisher”. The draft legislation and the Report make it clear that any publisher is by default viewed as “significant”.

Any website, Facebook page or Twitter feed publishing news, or comment on news, or gossip, would be covered. The “publisher” would then be liable to being proceeded against under the Regulatory procedures, and a failure by the Regulator to do so could lead to action against the Regulator by the Recognition Body.

One can well imagine the reaction of motivated people if any “opposing” blogger or message board could be complained about to a Regulator!

Bearing in mind that, for example, we have seen Rangers fans seeking thousands of signatures for a petition demanding action against HMRC, one could easily see a situation where fans of one football team automatically complain about almost anything written by or on behalf of their perceived opponents. Any Regulator in such a position would undoubtedly grind to a halt almost immediately.

In addition, and of particular concern, is the suggestion that, once it is recognised that all news publishers are “significant” and require regulation, then these should all be considered for meeting the costs of the Regulator.

The draft legislation, as do the Report and Leveson previously, all recognise the vital obligations of the State under the European Convention on Human Rights to permit freedom of expression.

How does potentially levying a bill on anyone who blogs or tweets about news accord with this? Such a “Leveson Levy” would, almost certainly, be subject to a challenge. After all, under the Scotland Act, the Human Rights Act has direct effect and the Scottish government cannot legislate contrary to the ECHR principles (except in limited circumstances).

Bearing in mind Lord McCluskey’s views of the Human Rights Act, one wonders how much consideration to such an issue the Group gave. It could be very embarrassing if there was separate Scottish legislation, but that this was delayed by legal challenge for long after the English scheme was in place!

The Long Arm of the Scottish Law

One of the most remarkable pieces of the proposed legislation is contained in Clause 8(4) of the Draft Bill. It continues a recent trend of the Scottish Government extending, or seeking to extend, its powers across the globe.

I will repeat it here:-

(4) A person publishes “in Scotland” if—

(a) the publication takes place in Scotland, or

(b) the publication is targeted primarily at an audience in Scotland.

For print media this definition is workable. For electronic media it is, respectfully, not.

Helpfully the draft does not further define subclause (a). The existing law on electronic publication is unclear. On one view publication takes place where the author or publisher sits at his laptop and hits “send”. On another it is where the servers which contain the “publication” are situated. A wide interpretation, adopted especially in English libel law, is that publication effectively means being able to read the piece in a particular jurisdiction.

Therefore, on that definition, any electronic publication anywhere in the world which is capable of being accessed in Scotland would be “published” here and fall under sub-clause (a). Thus we have the complaints that the Group is recommending that the entirety of media organisations (except for broadcasters) and tweeters and Facebookers and bloggers, as long as they are commenting on news or gossip, would be required to be subject to the McLeveson regulatory procedures!

Sub-clause (b), thankfully, seems to suggest that such a wide interpretation is not what the Group intended, as long as electronic publication is being contemplated by the authors. If the wide definition of publication in sub-clause (a) is applied, then, for electronic publication, sub-clause (b) is unnecessary.

Let’s take an example. The Des Moines Register, for example, publishes print and electronic editions. The print edition is not available in Scotland. Now it would be very difficult to argue that it was targeted “primarily” at an audience in Scotland. However the website of the paper is accessible here. Does it mean that the Des Moines Register needs to meet McLeveson standards?

What about bloggers? Paul Staines of the Guido Fawkes website has made it clear that he sees no way in which his site, hosted in the USA as I understand it, and run by him, an Irish citizen, can be covered by Leveson in England. But, on the definition in the draft Bill, I think he would be covered by the tartan version. Having seen his excellent performance when giving evidence to Leveson, one would almost look forward to Mr Staines taking on the Scottish regulator.

Normally of course one would not think that Holyrood wanted to cover the whole world. However, as I have written before, the extra-territorial extent of Part 1 of the Offensive Behaviour at Football and Threatening Communications (Scotland) Act 2012 covers offences allegedly committed by anyone who is habitually resident in Scotland if watching a football match on TV anywhere in the world, as long as a Scottish team is involved. The possibility exists that, for example, a Scot working for a year in Tierra Del Fuego could find himself summoned to his local Sheriff Court to face a charge of Offensive Behaviour if, when watching a match between, for example, Celtic and Dukla Pumpherston on TV in a bar, he sings a song seen as “offensive”. This could be the case even if there was no one there who could be “offended”.

Maybe this, combined with the Expert Group’s extra-territorial ambitions, signified Mr Salmond’s intentions – today, Holyrood – tomorrow, independence – next week, THE WORLD!!!!!

(Just joking, First Minister!)

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  1. cam

    Now then, i would be confident in stating that the leading,award winning blog site commenting on RFC’s tax affairs would have been the RTC site.
    So i would imagine that the creature behind that site would be being asked just how they came by their info.
    I would also imagine that any sane person would have ensured that they were fully protected from any alleged wrong doing.Some observers commented that the RTC blogger was probably a group of like minded individuals with various areas of expertise in tax law,company law and staying on the right side of the law law!
    Now i think i’ll go have my porridge,,,,anybody fancy a plate?


    A number of questions arise…
    In the event that the law has been broken, in what way might it have been broken, and who would be the culprit(s)?

    What might have precipitated action by Strathclyde Police? Anything new?

    Has any preliminary evidence been put before Strathclyde Police, other than what is already in the public domain?

    If not, why would the police act now? Could this be viewed as the establishment attempting to chase down individual(s) from the blogoshpere, at the behest of a knight of the realm?

    How is this viewed alongside McLeveson?

    Will Ibrox get raided again?

    Will HMRC offices get raided this time?

    • cam

      I think the answer is quite obvious.
      SDM’s tax affairs are his confidential business.If this has been leaked then the leaker should be questioned.If evidence is found of criminality then charges should be brought to Bear upon the leaker and the wheels of the legal system can get turning.
      Popcorn and cola time mick!

  3. cam

    Adam,Clarkeng,willy wonka,Andy,carson,Alex,,,mount up,,,,,we have a little unfinished business to attend to,,,anyone got a rope?

    • Raymilland


      You will need a good strong rope for a tow to the scrap yard; you should ask Charles Green for his high wire; he won’t be using it for much longer…

  4. cam

    If SDM’s lawyers get a result after a police investigation and a person or persons are charged and convicted of any wrong doing,then my LNS barbecue will have nothing on my next celebration.
    I’m not gona fall into micks trap and pre judge the outcome.You would have to be a complete idiot to leak confidential data and leave a trail behind.
    I wonder if Tesco are doing any good party food and drink deals at the moment?

  5. cam

    If, and it is a big if,confidential tax documents of RFC were leaked and used to debate at length the possible implications for RFC,namely massive potential tax liabilities,possible administration and insolvency.Would this widely publicised debate, which made RFC appear as attractive an investment opportunity as barbecues in a nudist colony,be held in any way responsible for the problems at Rangers?
    The public trial of RFC had taken place and SDM bailed out with indecent haste and sold up to the CW thing,who closed his eyes and drove the train to the station where most of his companies end up.
    Hearts and Dunfermline are staring down HMRC’s shotgun barrel and are looking for an exit,Rangers found that someone had closed all the exits.

    • Raymilland


      SDM put the barricades up that caused all exits to be barred; it took the City of London Police Constabulary to break them down.

      Another attempt to rewrite history and deflect blame; worth a lot more in legal fees…..pass the bbq sauce.

    • I have faith in Jim Leishman, he is no business man but he could sell snake oil to Chico!. The Pars, like Rangers, will continue.

    • The Rangers exit door was staring them right in the face and had a huge sign over it saying,”Settle your creditors bill,Pay your taxes, Live within your means, and Stop cheating. They chose not to go through it! At least the sign was there last time I looked, but I believe it has been whitewashed over now. A wild eyed man in a paint splattered orange top was seen running from the scene. Witnesses sais he “reeked of BBQ smoke, before disappearing through a nearby mirror…A mirror in which the culprit had no reflection!

    • arb urns

      cam do you think mr ‘black’ from the fttt has settled up yet wi’ hec as messrs rae and mure invited him to so do.

      same train different driver…. buffers and scrappers next season for the old loccomotive i’m afraid……. mind you there might just be some hope … did ye catch the immortal lines ower the weekend….. “I sat him down and explained we are going in a different direction next season”…. yer fav player gone in a puff o’ mutual consent……painfull entry for chico in the compensation ledger though…… cheque books ready again for the ‘andrex’ share certs if a ‘bear cull’ is to be avoided. its yer only hope c.

      looks like the cubs no gettin in the den next season another empty honeypot for the greedy yorkshire green bear.

      • cam

        Ally might find that the train has left the platform without him.
        Big Tel might be stamping some folks tickets at Auchenhowie shortly.

      • mcfc

        Seriously, if TRFC were promoted to the new second tier – how would they do on the pitch. From everything I’ve read – without major surgery and vast spending – they’d be a total embarrassment – slaughtered frequently and permanently baffled. But Mr Charles Green would be happy – cos he’d have more season ticket money and the share price would probably hold up reasonably well until December when he could cashed out. Bears – have you forgotten that green is a wolf in bear’s clothing. What big hands you have grandma ! ! !

    • hancock

      @cam “if the leaks made Rangers unattractive to potential buyers”.

      Imho I dont think the “leaks” would have made any difference to a buyer. David Murray would have to disclose ALL relevant paper work and possible problems to the buyer anyway. All the “leaks” would have done was get the fans debating / arguing on the rights/ wrongs of such a scheme.

      • cam

        The RTC site had Gers down for £50mill?
        Anyway it is being dealt with in the proper fashion,get the polis in,gather the evidence,check for criminality and take it from there.
        SDM has his reputation to protect and he has the lawyers to do just that.
        If anyone’s electronic prints are found where they shouldn’t be,then i’m gonna be laughing for ages.

        • hancock

          DM distroyed his own reputation by the way he done business, remember you were found GUILTY. Granted not to the extent that was portrayed on the blogasphere ( appeal pending by HMRC ). Guilty on the small tax case DM didnt contest that 1 ( but still didnt pay it). Untill you can see that you will never be able to move on . Guilty on side-contracts with no punishment worth speaking of either . Police involvement in possible leaks in HMRC is right , and if it’s proven the jail for whoever was invovled . It wont effect the people blogging about it as they didn’t leak the info in the first place =)

        • Monti

          Maybe through your tears of laughter you might spare a thought for all the creditors your rancid club has bumped,in a recession,difficuilt times for families,small businesses & the economy,your club stole multi millions of tax payers money to gain a sporting advantage,your answer is to laugh???? I hope you go for your wages one day & they aren’t there,will you laugh then? Your club stole money from soldiers in Iraq & Afghanistan,denying those brave men & women,up to date equipment,your answer? Just laugh & laugh,but on remembrance day we’ll give out free tickets to soldiers,have them parachute into the stadium & have big guns going off!!!! You couldn’t make this shit up! Your dead club has broken the Scottish game,your new club is an abomination,you have no licence,no audited accounts,no money,your adult fans are buying kids season books & your giving away free tickets?? What charity did the Dundee utd share go to? I thought chuckles was giving away £1m for a fan hitting the crossbar at half time, Sevco are the most hated football club in Britain & it’s all your own doing!! BBQ? I hope the meat is undercooked!

  6. cam

    One fine night a drunken Rangers staggered out of the Hubris Arms and took a wrong turn. A gang of keyboard warriors who didn’t like the weekly pumping their fitba team were suffering at the hands of this bloated, debt ridden chancer,decided to jump said Rangers.
    They got tore in with their lassie slaps and sleekit digs but the wee fearties ran away when Plod turned up.The patient ended up in hospital on life support, big Davie a lifelong pal, stopped paying the medical bills and did a runner cos the docs all thought Rangers was a goner, and Davie’s other affairs needed sorting.
    Davie met a guy in the pub playing the puggy wi washers and sold Rangers doon the river.Craigy brought flowers and orange Lucozade and told Rangers he would get the best help needed.Craigie’s medicine was hard to swallow and when the bottle was done he said i’ve got two witch doctors who might help,Dr Duff and sister Phelps stuck plasters on gaping wounds,rubbed haemorrohoid cream on Rangers’ tonsils and looked for a miracle.
    An American specialist had a look and recommended some chemotherapy,an Asian chap promised much but delivered nowt.The pals of Rangers ran about like headless chickens but their arms were short and their pockets were deep.
    In stepped Chico MD.He told Rangers to stop greetin,to get up and start fighting back.He had to turn off the life support machine and leave Rangers in the care of the big man and yea truly, Rangers rose from the dead.
    Chico got Rangers down the gym,back into training,got him a new suit and pointed out the detractors.
    Rangers remembered everything that happened that night, and one by one got up close and personal with the gang bangers.
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      Pictures of Saddam Hussein hiding doon his wee hole come to mind as the Camster heads out to bring joy to the guid folk of Glesgae toon.
      A lovely discussion this morning with Virgin media’s marketing people has resulted in the phone being slammed down when i told them that their super duper broadband wasn’t waterproof and doesn’t work in the bath.
      Some folk have no sense of humour,i’ll deal with Sky later, after a few sherbets.

    • Cam, that’s the movie version, the animated Peppa Pig Porky Pie cut, for the younger viewers, big lassies, and people who think Rambo was, “Pure dead brullyant”….The truth is the patient died, and its stuffed remains can be viewed in all its orange tap(where is it BTW?) technicolour gory in weakly, joolie jar entry matinees.

      • cam

        Noo haud oan jist a minute pal,,,,ur you tellin me that Rambo wisnae fur real???
        You’re pure haverin man.
        BTW,,do you think Frankie will give Arty C sanctuary in the Vatican?

        • Raymilland


          With Daniel Day Lewis in line for the lead role in the story of Glasgow Celtic, it is rumoured that Charles Green has bought the rights to the classic French film; le ballon rouge; his version will require an obvious change in hue of the subject matter.

          With so many rotund candidates; the role of the ‘blue balloon’ is still to be determined.

          At 1.15 of the original version you may observe the gang bangers to whom you refer in your post; the last few seconds of the posted movie clip would leave the viewer in doubt regards the survival of the balloon.

          To be continued….

          • Raymilland


            • Raymilland


              Note at 3.25 the balloon is ejected from the chapel; the updated version shall be in keeping with modern openness of the church; their door is always open to all colours and creed of balloon.

              Amen to that.

          • tykebhoy

            Rangers Tax Case – RTC

          • Doh! It’s just when you say it out loud.! Aye, he,ll get in nae bother. If the bankrupts can take the SFA for a wee run about in Glesga, I think it follows that the Vatican can pull a few wee favours down in Italy. TBH from your point of view, it may be better to let sleeping dogs lie. Arty knows alt o stuff, and he might enjoy his day in court. His pension plan suitably replaced by a book deal and a free season ticket for life! Right next to a host of global glitteratti, like Sean,Rod, and Billy. and a host of others.

          • tom

            youre kiddin’ arent ya’ . that’s why we’re here , no?

  7. mick

    FAC plans the fightback
    Published on Wednesday 20th March, 2013 by Celtic Trust

    Statement from FAC meeting held on 18 March 2013

    Fans Against Criminalisation met on Monday 18 March in response to recent events. We now release the following statement detailing our future plans:

    Back in October 2011, 2000 Celtic fans rallied at George Square in protest at the Offensive Behaviour at Football Bill that was proceeding through the Scottish Parliament at the time. We argued then that the Bill and the disproportionate policing we had begun to see at matches was criminalising football supporters. Events since then, culminating in the scenes we witnessed on Saturday when police attacked fans on the Gallowgate, have only served to prove us right.

    Fans Against Criminalisation is an independent umbrella group comprising the Green Brigade, Celtic Trust, Celtic Supporters Association, Affiliation of Registered Celtic Supporters Clubs and Association of Irish Celtic Supporters Clubs, representing thousands of Celtic fans. As well as recent events, the groups who make up FAC also discussed the issue of meetings which took place between Celtic and two of the supporters’ organisations in November 2012 at which videos were shown.

    The issue was discussed fully and all sides were able to give accounts of what happened. It was accepted by all sides that while the way it was handled was not what is should have been but there was no malice intended and no incident like this would occur again. We then moved on to discuss how we would respond to what has happened and restart our campaign against the criminalisation of the Celtic support.

    All groups were in agreement that now, more than ever, we need a united front of Celtic fans against not just the Act but also the wider issues of police harassment and the disproportionate policing we see in our stands and now on our streets. We have organised the following public events and we call on all Celtic fans to support us:

    Saturday 23 March: 12-2 evidence gathering session
    At a venue (to be announced) there will be an opportunity for anyone who was present on Saturday to come and give a witness statement which will be compiled to produce a full report on Saturday’s events. These statements will allow us to respond to Strathclyde Police’s defence of their actions without revealing names or contact details of the witnesses. There will also be an opportunity for people to provide this information online. We call on those who were directly involved to make a formal complaint to Strathclyde Police but we recognise that many people won’t feel able to. We will support and assist those who do make a complaint while taking evidence ourselves from those who don’t wish to.

    Tuesday 2nd April: protest/picket (venue to be announced)

    Saturday 6 April, Rally and Demonstration in George Square 12pm: launch of a petition to call for an official inquiry into the police action

    Wednesday 24th April, Demonstration outside the Scottish Parliament and submission of the petition

    what great news the celtic in unity helping the ultra kids or GB i for 1 will be going to all events and will be signing the petition and would ask all fans of all clubs to do the same there kettling tactics broke a 15 year old girls ribs next time it could be worse so thats why its vital we join together agianst the evils that surround our club

    Fans Against Criminalisation

  8. cam

    That Peter Kearney chappie is a difficult guy to get a hold off.
    I’m trying to get an answer to my question regarding sin.
    Is sending an off colour e-mail a bigger sin than sexual impropriety?
    I realise the guy is busy trying to depict the west of Scotland as some kind of Mississipi Burning proddy style film set,but i wanna know if moving heaven and earth to have the Shugster sacked is more important than ensuring that no more inappropriate behaviour is dealt with by using a large broom.

    • Raymilland


      “A delusion is something that people believe in despite a total lack of evidence.”

      “The essence of life is statistical improbability on a colossal scale.” – Richard Dawkins

      From the above; I think Richard has had a look at the books at Ibrox. You’d better start praying.

    • He’s sti in the confession box with Murray. He’s been in there for weeks now! The alter bhoys have been dropping in with pizzas and curries twice daily. Reinforcement eats may be required, but to date PK has listened dutifully to the task in hand. A Tesco till machine ticker tape printer has been requested to keep track of the number of hail Mary’s and Rosary’s Murray will need to perform to cleanse his soul. A task he may not complete before his maker comes calling. BetFred are giving decent odds on eternal damnation……….They are gonna give him Sevco back!

  9. mick

    Cam the average age of a gber is 14 it’s kids FFs it’s like the 80s babe crews without the violence there the best behaved ultras in Europe not just celtics but scotlands other teams they were not wearing masks it was raining and they had hoods uP the kids love it it makes them feel part of something non violent and peaceful the police hate the idea the statistics prove this so there you go cam kids having fun that’s all it is

    • mick

      C.A.L. @ cam trolling about kids and there right to free speech and protest is beastly

    • cam

      Good god,the scary thing is,is that you believe that!
      Wee harmless kids of 14 gamboling along the streets singing hymns and spreading rose petals on the ground!!
      Mick are the clouds pink and fluffy in your reality?

      • mick

        Cam the gb are harmless a see them go to and thro to Celtic most weeks a was in the gallowgate and seen more police than ave ever seen then clocked a small group of kids it is mental and would have needed no more than 6 Police to deal with it the main issue was on the road big wow walking on the road if any thing the young kids will no the score quicker via these actions

  10. cam

    mick the average age of a combat soldier is n n n nineteen

    • Budweiser


      Like the topic of this particular blog, there is a warning at the end of the article ie. ‘It is an offence to record a phone call , except for personal use.’ Could be trouble IF Sandaza cares to follow it through.

    • hancock


      It’s getting a bit clearer why Chico wants, no NEEDS to get fast tracked up to the top tier. The story itself is no biggie , every one works for whoever will pay the most coin ( almost everyone anyway ). Whats interesting is the fact that if they’ve all got similar deals to Sandaza he needs more money coming in . If they’re losing 1m quid a month now , what’s next season gonna bring when all the big players ( LOL ) wages are to go up a few more grand each a week? Ah lucky i’m not allergic to jelly n ice cream =P

      • mick

        Well spotted it’s a bigger wage bill lol next year enjoy the journey of the trian hitting the buffers at 100mile an hour agian
        At every1 violet is a bigot and in my eyes is the most twisted commenter a have ever debated with troll is to good a word

  11. Monti

    Sevconians really are thick? Stupid Huns,stupid Huns.. .they still think Dodgy Dave is walking away from this (no pun intended),why is Chuckles Green begging to get promoted? I thought he accepted the decision as part of the dodgy deal to get his zombie,tribute act playing(sic) football in division 3? I thought it was an adventure? do they not like the adventure anymore? They still haven’t to this day provided audited accounts? They don’t have a proper license? He has offered a bribe to SFL clubs,this HAS to be against league RULES? SEVCO ARE A NEW CLUB,HAVE NEVER WON ANYTHING…IN 8 MONTHS,THEY AREN’T ALLOWED TO SIGN PLAYERS,THEY HAVE NOTHING TO OFFER! PMSL,LMFAO,HAHA,HEE HEE! ……WE ARE INDEED THE PAPAL! GOD BLESS THE POPE!

    • Monti

      And you have the nerve to call me a bigot. It’s time Paul stepped into to stop this kind of thing.

      • mick

        You are a violent bigot with a child like manner your the only person to mention violence at pubs you constantly abuse the Irish your racist to and you are a liar with no credibility as you stated on here you a hearts fan then mentioned your a zombie fan of sevco

        • mick

          When did I mention violence in pubs. And when did I mention I was a fan of RFC? Violent? This really is getting out of hand. Show me where I abused the Irish and show me anything racist I have said.

          Is this an attempt to induce fear in me, because it is working. I have never read such an abusive post and if you do not apologise I will refer the matter directly to Paul.

          • mick

            When did I mention violence in pubs.
            you mentioned to me getting kicked in a pub thats violent

            when did I mention I was a fan of RFC? Violent?
            you mentioned you had to get the map out for rangers away games

            This really is getting out of hand.

            Show me where I abused the Irish and show me anything racist I have said.
            you were saying NL is northern irish and not irish thats racist and a whole lot more

            Is this an attempt to induce fear in me,
            what kind of reponce is that you deluded

            lets see what tonights commentors think tu racist and violent troll
            td nice and should be wheeled out by msm to speak for rangers and am wrong

            • mick

              no reply to the above then vi thats cause its factual evidence

            • mick

              so there you go vilette in 3 hours 9 people so far have agreed with me
              so the majority view on here is your a racist and violent troll 9/10 bloggers commenting via tu and td have voted this

    • mick

      well put monti you really are 1 of the papal

  12. Monti

    No Matter what the Police do,or the Politicians say,The Green Brigade are here to stay,would like to see them try & kettle 60,000 on a march…….

  13. mick monti

    I have asked Paul to look into your posts.

    • mick

      that sums you up

    • Monti

      Pmsl lmfao! Good for you, I’m sure Paul will look also at your posts & question some of your comments,you are a bigot,you despise Catholics,that is clear. I’m not going to back down to silly wee bigots like,you & Cam! I think that’s the problem,isn’t it? Running to Paul when it gets hot,” ooh Paul,That Monti & Mick are standing up for themselves,that’s not allowed is it? I mean aren’t Catholics meant to be second class? & know their place” Mick & I are not the only one who can sense your hate filled anti catholic bigotry,I’ve worked beside people like you,sleekit & evil! P.S. I don’t live in the Falklands,I live on the Falls road,where there are no Zombies! Go on then run away telling stories…..

      • mick

        they like to get timmy in to trouble no matter what the situ thats in there genetic make up

      • cam

        Monti old bhoy ,your credibility is shot to pieces.
        There’s me thinking that you’re an Argy deep cover agent, frolicking amongst the sheep,looking out for Belgrano MK11 and all the while you’re sitting in a wee room in Belfast fulminating in your fury.
        Damn it, and i liked you too!

      • david

        So you are a self-confessed liar as well a halfwit.

  14. mick

    why is that then bill?

  15. Paul

    I have read mick’s responses and all I can say is that if this is the standard this site has sunk to I want nothing more to do with it. There is no wit or intellect in mick’s posts only the verbal equivalent of throwing a brick through my window. It is truly disgusting.

  16. mick

    It seems you have no real understanding of what I write.a understand what you write your a violent troll with a evil streak this is my view in dealing with you

  17. Bill

    This seems to be the mentality of the type of person the GB are keen to groom. Hence the security services keenness to put a stop to them.

  18. mick

    you mentioned jokingly violence me being kicked in a pub that is extreme not me you ,

  19. GWG

    “Violet Carson
    March 20, 2013 at 5:44 pm


    I have read mick’s responses and all I can say is that if this is the standard this site has sunk to I want nothing more to do with it. There is no wit or intellect in mick’s posts only the verbal equivalent of throwing a brick through my window. It is truly disgusting.”

    do I detect a whiff of bullying & threats here?~~~
    good job Mick hasn’t written a book… eh

  20. cam

    Time for my Kissinger style diplomacy.
    Violet,you must develop a thicker skin when engaging some troops in here,the violent,vilette stuff is a play on your name as i’m sure you realise.Sticks and stones,,,,
    Mick is totally bonkers and the rock upon which any Leveson style mind control will be dashed.Celtic man through and through, his cuddly nature will prevail and i’m sure you will both kiss and make up.
    I don’t want any fights starting without me!

  21. cam

    I quite like that description of mick’s posts.
    The verbal equivalent of a brick lobbed through your window.
    My stuff must be like those nuisance calls about PPI.I’m gonna keep sending you all junk mail till i hear screams of stop!

  22. cam

    It is always fun when the MP’s play to their respective galleries in the Rangers ,Celtic tribal nonsense.
    Michael McMahon stands up for the poor oppressed bhoys and Brian Donohoe makes sure of his re-election by growling like a Bear.
    I may stand for office.I shall work on my manifesto and present it to the hoi polloi for debate.
    I shall call my party the Taxation And Devolution Gers Alliance.
    Ooops mibbes naw.

  23. Budweiser


    All the above going on: and I’m the one ‘in moderation’ – what’s going on?

  24. dan

    More of the same shite from Superboreboard. Global warming, plagues of locusts, a mass outbreak of boils, frogs, and other nasties, can all be avoided if we just fast track Sevco into the Premier League. Honestly, I pish my Tenna Man’s listening to the buffoon Gordon ( I know where you’re coming from) Dalziel, and Andy ( I played for Celtic) Walker, but the hoot-ometer really goes off the scale when the Sevoconians come on and try to portray themselves as victims. Do these poor fools not realise how pathetic they sound? These are the same bozos who, a few short months ago, were telling us how wonderful it was down in the turd division, but now that they are being offered a continuation of their ‘love-in’, they suddenly don’t seem so keen. Why not, I ask myself? As one caller said, the teams in the Premier League would be playing the same teams in the, er, Premier League next season. But while Dalziel ‘could see where the caller was coming from’, er—-it wasn’t quite the same as Sevco having to go to Elgin etc etc.

    But give him his due, that wee devil Jim Delahunt threw a wee hand grenade into the proceedings when he made a point that (ahem) myself and others have made on here, towit, it follows from the logic of the ‘fast trackers’ that neither Celtic or Newco could ever be allowed to be relegated from the top flight. In short, we would have a corrupt league (the polite word is ‘dysfunctional’).

    Needless to say Dalziel ‘could see where Jim was coming from’ ditto ‘ex-Celt Andy’ but er—um—-er—-hmmmm—welll—–‘wait a minute, that could never happen, anyway,’ was the rather desperate response. So there you have it. Nether Celtic or Sevco could ever be relegated because—it would never happen! So, eat shite all you followers of diddy teams that would be allowed to be relegated should the situation arise.

    Seriously, it would seem that these people would rather have a decaying corpse than a slimmed down, vibrant and healthy body. As far as they are concerned, fairness, justice and the rule of law are just plain fucking stupid if it keeps Sevco out of the top flight.

    I personally think fast tracking Sevco would kill the game, as fans of other clubs would not see the point in participating in a rigged league.

    • ” other clubs fans would not see the point of participating ” REALLY ! Pmsl, hahahahahahahahaha hahaha , lmfao hshahahhahahagahahahHahahagahah , stop it ! ! Rotfl ! Hahahahahaha

      • dan

        Arseon, what the fuck is that all about? You are just such a tube! Ask yourself this question, Klutz! Why is Chico so desperate that he’s openly trying to bribe his way out of the turd division. You are heading for the shiter once more my friend. And I am fucking lurving it!!!!!


        You see. Anyone can hit the repeat keys——but it doesn’t take away the paaaaaaaaaiiiiiinnn!

    • Raymilland

      Re Clyde 1’s Superscare Bored

      Mark Guidi throws a few curve balls; but does anybody know who the big pitcher is?

      Guidi tells every caller to look at the big pitcher.

      Its time for Guidi to bring in a closer; in the case of TRFC; it’s certainly a tough save.

      Three-Strikes-You’re-Out policy should apply to the SSB panel; ‘all hat, no cattle’ comes to mind. Their scratching their heads while looking for a “mechanism” to allow TRFC back into the top tier. Although next season would be too soon; not enough time to allow TRFC to strengthen their squad to compete at the top FAIRLY ffs!

      The suggestion from SSB panel is that TRFC should ‘arrive’ when it suits them.

      At least with ‘Off the Ball’; Cowan & Cosgrove deliberately play for laughs. SSB is beyond a joke.

  25. mick

    @dan the div3 is rigged the lifting of the transfer embargo the penaltys the red cards the refs from spl the finicial doping of having the 2nd biggest wage bill in scotland to beat plumbers and post men its a fixed league and thats only in the first year of sevco and not mentioning oldco

  26. I have every sympathy for the green seat brigade wanting to parade on her majesty the Queens highway and being stopped by her majestys constabulary , so l have a suggestion , change your attire and stop walking about like tramps !! Put on some nice , clean well pressed suits , white gloves and a bowler hat ! Now that’s what you call a march ! Always works a treat , don’t you agree montit ?

    • mick

      we dont judge books by there covers

    • Monti

      Pmsl lmfao,tell me Carson, what happened to the male rape at Windsor a while back? A member of the royal family allegedly participated in the attack? Don’t hear much about this in the MSM? Any ideas?

      • cam

        Ooops Monti,i think someone might be in touch with you shortly.

        • Monti

          Why? This was a story that ran on international news? They like to report on abuse in the Catholic church, so I’m asking a pertinant question regarding this incident that allegedly happened??

          • cam

            Put up the article then please.

          • cam

            You can’t back up your post can you Monti?
            Bit of a Hugh Dallas moment there for you old bhoy?

            • Raymilland


              In 1888 the Jack the Ripper murders – MSM cover up…Nuff said?

              PS Brother Walfrid had an alibi; he was busy plotting the downfall of RFC.

            • cam

              Monti has gone awfy quiet,,,tis easy to talk pish,tis hard to substantiate it.
              Loon ball propagates an urban myth that is actionable and nowt happens??
              Which member of the Royal family allegedly participated Monti?
              What’s your source?
              Why can’t i find it on international news sites?
              Are you going to voluntarily retract that statement or will i make you?

            • hancock


              dont think you’ll find any info on major news sites ……… try you tube .

              Curiousity got me looking and F*** me he’s right

              big brother is watching so I aint saying no more go look for yourself .

            • hancock


              ps …….. i’m not suicidal , just in case i’m swinging from a tree shortly =P

            • cam

              somewhere on you tube there’s a video of me and Angelina Jolie,,,,nuff said.
              I’m not going into you tube with that search in case two butlers in balaclavas kick my back door in!

            • Monti

              Type In ‘ Burrell affair’ & I’ll be expecting an apology……stupid Huns……

            • hancock


              Paul Burrell ?

              Thats not the one I was watching last night (will check it out though) dig deeper and you will find some one MUCH higher up than that .

  27. mick

    sevco are doomed there is no leg up and if this happens it will cause mayhem via a diddie uprising the wee teams oldco bullied for years its a detested product most scots would rather eat findus beef products than watch rangers not because there teams crap similiar to ratner 2£ earrings
    but becuse of the steech of coruption from green and everything that has happened its a obcilete product and has no global appeal and never has

    • cam

      Findus’ lawyers shall be in touch shortly mick.
      All this talk of leg overs and diddie’s has me concerned for you.What do the guys on site call you when you have your earrings on?,Michaela?

      Rangers have that aura of class and dignity about them that the Tic can never match.
      Celtic are reduced to hawking themselves around trying desperately to convince unsuspecting folk that they are jolly craicsters,oppressed by the establishment.
      The dafties in the GB associate themselves with any “rebel” group like the PLO,Che Guevara,PIRA and anything anti British.
      Get them down to the EPL and watch what happens when the patriotic Englanders watch them turn up with Argentina tops,singing songs about scum that slaughtered children in Manchester,London and Birmingham.

      • mick

        living in the past makes you bitter,cam englands celtic bar the kings road a go to england lots you would like to think that your view of an english man is outdated and is so last centuary your stuck in the dark ages

        • cam

          The English don’t mind us Jocks and get a good laugh at our tribal nonsense.
          Just watch what happens when the locals have it explained to them what the GB are rabbling on about.
          Celtic v Chelsea???? Millwall,Arsenal,Spurs,,,please let it happen and let the genie out of the bottle

        • cam

          Lol mick,the Irish are the world beaters at living in the past.

      • hancock

        Rangers? ….class, dignity …. some one sew me back up my sides have split from all the laughing

  28. Mick , the mighty Rangers don’t want a leg up its the rest of the esspeehell that are bricking it because the sky deal was for one year with the possibility of an extra three , we are quite happy , quite content to work our way up , but septic , the league chumps are playing to 30k fans ! That’s 30k empty seats ! So we’ll look know with interest at what happens next season when they have no European fitba, us ? Were in it for the long game are yoooouse ?

  29. Budweiser , I’m in moderation for sfa ! And montit can call people stupid Huns ? Comon Mr Paul what the f is going on ?

    • mick

      Alloa chairman Mike Mulraney has laughed off a demand from Charles Green that Rangers be fast-tracked through the leagues.

      The Ibrox owner has called for the champions-elect to be promoted to the second level of the proposed 12-12-18 set-up from their current place in the fourth tier.

      Alloa are currently in the hunt for their second successive promotion and Mulraney insists his club will try to earn their place in the First Division through results on the pitch.

      Mulraney said: “My reaction is one of mild amusement. Wouldn’t it be lovely if we all got to dictate which league we play in next season?

      “Rangers are trying to bat for what is in their interests. They are entitled to put forward their case. I am entitled to ignore it.

      “Alloa won the Third Division last season. Does that mean we deserve to go up two leagues? If we win promotion we’d go up on merit. That would be fair.”

      The Scottish Premier League clubs will meet at Hampden Park on April 15 to discuss the next move in implementing the proposed new set-up.

      copy job from sky greens well the joke of scottish football its diddie team after diddie team skelping him down its comicial to watch what every1 forgets is that sevco are to move up year by year on merit to help the lower leagues and gian respect agian throw the travel of div3 2 1 it would not be fair if 1 small club misses out on the blue pound lol no small club wants to miss it

      • Mick , what part of …… WE DON’T WANT FAST TRACKED CAN’T YOU GRASP ? I’ll happily watch on as the espeehell goes from strength to strength , btw Will you be renewing your season book next season ?

        • cam

          Celtic can’t sell season tickets anymore.
          Under the sale of goods act the season can’t finish in December.
          Why pay hundreds up front when you can pick any one of 30,000 empty green seats on the day?

          • Monti

            Celtic have had more season tickets than the stup.. I mean Rangers (IL)/ for more than 15 years now…..that is a fact! I hear adults at the asbestos dome are buying kids season ticket books? As well as cooking the books with fake record attendances pmsl lmfao,come on BDO, I’ve not given up Ibroke will be a Tesco yet! If there is an asbestos issue at Castle Dracula,safety certificate must be compromised,surely? Pmsl.

        • If you don’t want fast tracked, what is Chicco bumping his gums about? BTW, will you be buying shares in the next floatation?

        • hancock


          tell old big ‘ands that then

      • cam

        Thats Mike and Paul on the proscribed list.I’ll have a Blackthorn please and a Midori with bitter orange!

      • That will be Alloa on the boycott list then! I hear Mulraney is now on the “list for special attention”. That’s a bit strong considering all he said was, ” We welcome the chase”.

    • Monti

      They are stupid tho…. Pmsl

    • cam

      Ignore the daftie,,he uses that nice wee man Frankie as a tool in his rantings.

    • Monti

      Stupid Hun …….

  30. With immediate effect, all plumbers in Scotland will begin an immediate labour strike. Union leader, Lee K Tapp, said his members have simply had enough! The PASG (Plumbers Against Sevco Gubbings) chief explained that his members are being singled out for victimisation by this bigotry. facing their noble trade. A member, who wishes to remain anonymous said, “It’s a joke man, A hud the tyres o ma van slashed, just coz a sevco wiz tellt a wiz playin gainst them oan Seterday. A canny even play fitba coz o ma gammy leg.n a poor wummins hoose goat floodit!. Lee K Tap further outraged about the name calling in the street and general bad feeling eminating from the public at large. For the avoidance of doubt, he forcefully stated, ” Our members would never lie down against Sevco”. It is more likely to be the sparks and brickies.
    He went on to say that this strike action was not being taken lightly, but when the MSM constantly blame us every time Sevco get a narrow win through a dodgy penalty, it was the only course of action available to them. We did consider a protest march, but the polis would probably just “kick wir heids in” he moaned.

    • cam

      Ballcocks,you have went round the bend.Just because Rangers are flush with cash and the Coyote has to keep an eye on the washers.
      Your shower are under pressure and Rangers will be back to turn the screw and drain your resources.
      Once Ally signs the Mario brothers we will pull the plug on you.

  31. mick

    ALL CELTIC FANS AGIANST THE BILL am getting ready for the 6th of april FAC march george square be there or be square lol 1oclock rock a wonder what the police will think when the young kids turn up with there das and uncles lol

  32. cam

    Ok Paul,forward the cheque please.
    Single handedly i have driven this insanity to the agreed target levels,so pay up or i’m serving you a wind up notice.

    • Paul disputes the invoice and will not pay a penny more than the agreed sum. He will not give in to thieves and terrorists.

      • cam

        Right! that just bloody well enough!
        Hun,currant,bigot,racist,cross dresser,zombie,fascist,tax dodger,idiot,fudd,bad speller,coward,zealot,flute abuser,Tesco trailer trash and undercover agent Orange,,,,, i can handle that.
        Now i’m a fricking terrorist just because i want my bill settled?
        I’m a creditor of Paul,i’m a face painter,i’m an ambulance driver,i’m a soldier with no bullets.
        Ultimatum time,,,if my fee isn’t paid in full then one of two options will kick in.
        I shall raise an action in the European Bloggers Tribunals and produce my side letter to Billy Nimmo who will adjudicate on my registration and eligibility.
        Or i shall withdraw my labour and speak to Fraser Wishart.
        I demand justice!

        • Unfortunately, having made a case study of your complaint, I find you eligible for only the basic entry level of justice.
          This is based on the Scottish system.
          Close all businesses with immediate effect as you are now trading insolvently. Mr Paul’s moderators will be in touch at their earliest possible convenience to negotiate a p in the £ settlement after they have taken all the £’s.
          You may be aware that the moderators of Mr Paul have been very busy tonight and a backlog of cases has resulted. Processing your claim could take upwards of 10 years.
          In the meantime, we advise you do not speak of or bring to light any of the facts surrounding this claim to the MSM, as this may be subjudice.
          To keep in line with the level of justice your entitlement warrants, wefurther advise you remain locked in a dark room pending the outcome of said claim.
          This is by way of a tax saving to the public purse, as we then only have to deploy 200 constables to contain this potentially volatile uprising.
          A complaints procedure, regarding your justice level award, is available to you on line at www. table and four chairs to support but naebody cares . com. Please remember to fill in the compulsory sections, which include both primary AND secondary schools attended.

          • cam

            I must forewarn you as the offended party of the first part ,hereafter referred to as the Camster that under section C paragraph 4(i) of the Scots Sewerage Act 1690 that you are talking keech.
            Time barring is the tool of the under qualified and i must question your authority to adjudicate on this matter on the grounds of cronyism.
            Your attempts to muddy the legal waters with scholastic whatabuggery is in direct conflict with Human Rights legislation, addendum 2012, Zombies in society.
            Ad hominem in habitius tu quoque in excelsior.
            If my pigeon Larhall latin serves me correctly that translates as;may the sins of a thousand GB members infest your jockstrap.

            • Mr Cam,
              Further to previous correspondance, a thorough review of your claim has been undertook and a decision reached.
              After consultation with both the Benefits To Comments,, and Worth To Comments, departments, It was found Mr Paul had no case to answer .
              This information was related to our Loans Not Service dept, who ruled that the invoice in question, was indeed a non repayable service.
              As a subnote to this it was added that LNS was being lenient in the extreme regarding this as a service in the first instance. Bearing in mind the conclusions of both BTC, & WTC.
              As such it is ruled that no blogging advantage was gained by Mr Paul, by your melon twisting contribution, and your claim is dismissed forthwith.
              May I take this opportunity to advise you, that in any future claims, phraseology, such as “talking leech”, and “whatabuggery” will not be tolerated. Such phrases are easily interpretated by the layman. To use such easily understood phrase could result in a terminal situation for the legal profession.
              To use your vernacular, “We are lawyers FFS”, and need to make an honest buck.
              However, our legal team, did find your attempts at an occasional Latin insert highly amusing, but you were badly let down, by the simple easily understood message in your claim. It will simply not do Mr Cam, and we consider the matter now closed.
              Any further issues you may have regarding this matter, should be addressed to our dept of Unworthy Talk & Tittle Tattle.

  33. cam

    In other news,,,
    The budget came just too late to snare the mighty Gers.

    • Budweiser


      in other news.

      I see that the ‘Horror ‘ genre author, James Herbert has died.
      It is a little known fact, that Mr. Herbert was fascinated by everything concerning ‘the Ibrox Story’, and that his books were a thinly disguised cover for this obsession.
      His first book ; The Rats.
      Followed by : The Fog. [ Co -Author – Duff & phelps ]
      The Dark . [ Co – Author – D. Murray ]
      The Survivor . [ Co – Author – A. Mc Coist ]
      The Jonah. [ Co – Author – C. Whyte ]
      The Secret Of Crickley Orange Hall .
      Fluke . [ Co – Author – W. Smith ]
      Lair . [ A history of the ‘ Bears Den,]
      Nobody True . [ Co – Author – J. Brown ]
      Others . [ Co – Author – Ticketus ]
      Once . [ Originally titled – Only Once – Co Author BDO ]
      Once 2 . [ Still to be published ; Co – Author – C . Green.]
      Once Upon A time – ———————————————–.

  34. Budweiser


    Ok, A joke is a joke. That is three ‘ in moderation’ all addressed to cee- a -em. Heh, heh, wonder if that will get through the firewall?

  35. cam

    This site has gone to the dogs!
    If Paul isn’t gonna take it seriously anymore then i’m taking over.
    All that faffing about in chambers has left his flock to mill about talking nonsense.
    I want the debate back on track,i want that helpful feature that let you see the most recent commentors.
    I want to fly my red,white and blue Spitfire and shoot down the enemy.
    As an advocate of chaos,i suggest that on a weekly rota the site is ran by Monti,mick,me and carson.
    I’m giving it my all here and what thanks do i get?
    Mrs Cam has got me to dress up as the Pope to do the housework!She likes men in uniform and i must say i do like the airy feeling downstairs.

    • Careful where you stick the hoover Cam!.

    • Raymilland


      McCoist believes promoting Rangers would benefit the game in Scotland.

      “If moving us into the second 12 means that there will be such a benefit then surely it has to happen.”

      If that Rod Serling was resurrected from The Twighlight Zone; and appointed Chief bummer of the SFA; in so creating a parallel universe in which Ally awakes from his nightmare and find TRFC in Division 2 next season; I would be grateful if that you could present an argument that would support Ally’s claim?

      In your opinion; how would such a maneuver benefit every club in Scotland?

      Over to you Camster…..

      • Raymilland, You seem to have stumped Cam on that one. Maybe if he concentrates on the sudden leap from part-time to semi-pro fitba’, and the subsequent joy and merriment injected into the game at coupon checking time, it will help him find a suitable response.

        • Raymilland


          I’m sure it’s a temporary glitch; the next shift worker operating the cam keyboard has not turned in; one man can only work for so long without sleep.

          Maybe a collective effort is required to punt the idea of TRFC being the saviour of the sport in Scotland.

          I would hope to receive a more serious response than Carson’s howl at the moon.

      • cam

        That was Ally’s statement which you have taken out of it’s context.
        He referred to Hearts and Dunfermline being financially rooked and probably means that if Rangers were playing them sooner again, then they would benefit from Scotland’s biggest travelling support.
        Do i agree?,,,no.
        Do i see the logic in the rest of his statement regards winning a league and not being promoted?,,,yes.
        Do i care what CFC fans think about anything from fitba,politics,science fiction and curly perms?,,,no.
        Happy to play by the consensus of SPL/SFL clubs thanks very much.
        Would love it to be the principle tenet of reconstruction that Rangers never have to play Celtic again.The hatred emanating from that place is overpowering.

        • Raymilland


          I won’t waste our time by offering a differing opinion from yours; although I would agree entirely with your point in regard to ‘our’ two clubs never meeting again; especially if that would over time dilute the animosity between the supporters.

          The ‘Old firm’ culture is a blight, which, if cannot be toned down; perhaps it shall be eradicated by natural decline. Sadly for our society; it perhaps needed one or the other club to falter or even, God forbid, fold entirely.

          I would forgo the fixture completely. Inadvertently; Mark Guidi is right; its time to consider the “bigger picture”; that being whatever benefits the general population long term (not the football supporting section of society).

          Only with no sectarian divide could it truly be said that Scottish football is in rude health.

          I would not encourage the fixture to be played out while in a cauldron of hate; all in the name of entertainment, for subscribers of Sky Sport?

          • cam

            Yup,it is a shame after many years of reasonable footballing rivalry that it has come to this.
            It would be a fascinating social experiment if Rangers no longer existed in any form.
            After 20 years of Celtic winning the league in front of 20,000 die hards with nobody to channel their hate towards,Glasgow might be a better place to live.
            Ban all those stupid Irish related marches and build tennis academies and better track and field facilities.
            Football was the beautiful game and when Barca and Brazil strut their stuff it still is.The rest,,,,,,,yawn.

  36. Kris commons , rod stewart , Charlie mulgrew ” WE WANT THE BIG TEAM BACK ” they are on their knees ! Not even one year without the big club and they are in tatters ! What are they going to be like when 30k of the green seat brigade don’t renew their season books ? And no European fitba ? And no games against the big club ? 40 quid to watch Inverness on a freezing wet Wednesday night ! Bring it on ! …… hey cam you got any popcorn left from your party ?

    • Raymilland


      Is that the best you can offer?

      In the real world; how would bending the rules to suit TRFC benefit Scottish football?

      If you think TRFC should continue ‘the journey’ by following the prescribed route via legitimate promotion; then just say so.

  37. ecojon

    I see we have either another Chuckles memory problem or a possible delusion. He said the other day that Stranraer supported the Rangers reconstruction/promotion plan.

    Stranraer have just come out and said they don’t support the Chuckle’s plan the Stranraer position wasn’t comparable with what is being suggested this time round.

    I don’t think I have ever seen as many misleading statements or possibly memory lapses from any football boss in my life or indeed the CEO of any company.

    Oh well wonder what the next laugh will be and meanwhile deluded Bears still believe what’s being fed to them via the Ibrox PR machine – they ought to start looking at other news outlets to get some balance or possibly the truth. But of course they can’t because everything other than the Rangers official line has been boycotted 🙂

    • mcfc


      If my club was leapfrogged – I’d be getting together with other leapfrogged clubs to sue the new combined SPL\SFL. Green is making fools of TRFC and guaranteeing that they will be disliked by every other club for decades to come.

      But why would he do that? Maybe he has a more pressing need – perhaps to keep admin at bay – or perhaps to maximize his big pay day – or maybe both.

      One thing is for sure – he’s not acting in the long-term interests of TRFC.

      Wake up Bears the porridge is being stolen from under your noses.

    • Ecojon, I am actually beginning to feel a touch of sympathy regarding these poor souls. It has reached the stage in Scotland, where even clubs of limited stature, are gleefully sniggering at the inane thickness of these unfortunates. In years to come, we may look back in shame, at how politically incorrect we were, in our treatment of, what can only be described as….Mugs.
      In future times, they may have an “ism”, an “itis” or a simple “disorder” to call them by. But until science gives us that name. we will have to stick with what we have.
      Apologies…..Did I say “sympathy” in the first paragraph?…..I don’t know what is wrong with me today! I meant loathing and hilarity in equal measures.

  38. Raymilland , if you had noticed what I’ve said on many occasions especially to Mick , I DO NOT WANT FAST TRACKED , I can not make it any clearer , it’s the mob who didnt want the mighty Rangers that are having second thoughts , if everything’s ok why reconstruction ? If everything’s ok why even mention the big club ? I have three season tickets for Rangers and I would seriously consider giving them up if Rangers were put in the top tier , I and thousands of Rangers fans are quite happy on our journey , we’ve planned and are at ease with the long game to be played out but as I asked Mick are the teams in the espeehell ? Attendances are shocking , sponsorship is drying up , is there a sky deal for next year with the same amount of cash ? Less cash , less sponsors , it’s not great is it ? So let us get on with our journey , why even talk about us after all were an insignificant fourth tier club so why do we get so much attention ?

    • Raymilland


      You’d best go extra large on the popcorn, hold onto the empty buckets, you will soon need them for the next big fund raiser.

      It’s your own demise that you are celebrating.

    • mick

      carson the spl is stronger this year and in no way shape or form been hampered by rfc dying its roughly the same with euro spots up for grabs its buzzing its the most exciting league in years celtic are struggling to cope with the buzz and are not romping it as the table says when u get back yous will be religated as the teams have emproved big time every1 in the spl is happy and content there is great games all over scotland every week no 1 misses rfc or celtic and deadco games only green and his band of zombies

    • Maybe you better ask The Green Messiah what is going on then! You, the fans don’t want it. Fair enough! You may be dafties, but even you can see you will lose more than you win.
      Sally says he wants it….but he must really be bricking the prospect of another C.V disaster! So that only leaves your illustrious leader who wants it. Maybe he has seen the books or something weird like that. Maybe he is running out of lies to spin(doubtful) Or maybe….just maybe…..He is starting to credit the less gullible bears with some intelligence and in the words of The Who, won’t be fooled again!

      • mick

        goodafternoon barca hope you weeks going well dont forget sally pie face has 500thou tied up in it green fleeced him and he bought the job lol he has to or he will lose big time also hes on penny shares and all that

        • Howdy Mick. Your right! Sally is doing well out of it £ wise. But once he is pumped…that’s it! Finito. Sign on! He will never get another slot, and its doubtful tv will take up to much of his time. He is hardly going to make a knowledgeable pundit! Lmfao! I’m afraid its the cold wilderness of obscurity for him!

    • cam

      100% agreed.Why is it us Bears who have to educate these dullards.
      The three stooges can think up a plan next year and make it 10-10-2-500 for all i care,total trumpets stealing a wage.
      Rangers will keep growing stronger,the finances will be moulded to our circumstances,get shot of the high earners,forget the SPHELL,forget about those nasty things in the east end.Develop youngsters,improve the scouting network,take 50 years if need be and watch as the obsessed still rabble on about a wee third div. team.
      Coyote chops can pray for another lucky draw to get some Euro cash or it is the fire sale of the century.The big wages are crippling them and the reserves could beat the rubbish that’s on offer.
      Mick has lost touch with reality,,,the league is buzzing??/ ffs it’s his heid that’s buzzing.
      The radio talk ins are dying through lack of interest and the Sky contract will be in the bin.
      I mean,how can anybody look at Dumbcaster and take him seriously,Regan? what’s he for?
      The Glasgow Rangers will stay strong and laugh at the other clubs struggle, just as they enjoyed their kickfest at us.
      I don’t want that to happen,but if it does then will the muppets in here try to blame that on the Gers too?
      Carson,buy your own bloody popcorn after stealing wee Vi from me.
      While i was doing the dusting i started reading the label on the furniture polish and contacted the makers and had an interesting conversation about beeswax,static electricity,house dust,asthma and cross dressing,nice guy that Martin Sheen.

      • Raymilland


        It would appear that TRFC are mere mortals after all; no quick fix; Power Rangers superheroes are a spent force.

        Not even an attempt to justify the garbage being reported from Green & McCoist.

        Although you may just have found the perfect pitch for McCoist’s next gig; that Mr Sheen advert is made to measure for Ally.

        “Mr Sheen Shifts Shields & Shines in Sheconds.”

        On second thoughts; maybe he’s better taking the pledge?

  39. mick

    @ecojon well said the gezzers a nutter and a comical joke the lol for me in it is that sevco existance is on his shoulders lol the more sinister side is the msm still giving him a platform with question ,nothing has changed print wise but scotland now knows the true extent of the dodgey dealings of them all ,the radio clyde shows these days are laughed at as is the crap in the paper the online media has changed everything over the last 2 year and the joe blogs sees wright throw them ,we can only guess when green will sink the company that owns the company that owns the club either way it will only be him and his backers that walk away smiling the everything is ok nothing to see here is is well in over drive agian

  40. mick

    sevco are doomed bleeding 1 mil a month but hay dont worry the whole business model is resting on sales of orange strips lol the bears will buy 1 to wear and 1 for the wall next to there king billy photo lol problem solved ,its a failed sporting venture by crooks endorced by the governing bodys of the sport its the sickest thing ave had to watch in sport ever ,the good thing is a can sit back and not get upset if away teams score as hay theres always next week and win at all costs is the the thing anymore all so there is great atmosphere at games and every1 bar these new sevcoians are happy bums on seats is up statisticly money wise its going well for all every1 feels good bar sevcoians who suffer mass bi polar via delutional press releases via green its lol at sevco forever until green sinks them in the river lol

  41. Mick , old bhoy I think you’ll find that 30k of your mates miss the mighty Rangers that’s why liewell started ” bring a FIEND for free Saturday ” and they still couldn’t sell out ! Priceless ! Next season is gonna be sooooo funny ! Cam gonnae hurry with that popcorn !

    • mick

      carson bring a m8 was a xmas pressie its 30 quid a ticket 17 for kids so there is no worrys in our camp each match has roughly 13000 wekly ticket sales +the ST money so were doing great hibs aberdeen dunutd all doing well its yous that have the half empty cup no us or spl celtic is full lots so no worrys yous are giving tickets away free to make 5p on a pie via each customer yous are the nesbitts of glasgow greens subjidery companys and we criagy get most of the profit

  42. mick

    thats the planning consent for the rallys sent of good luck to FAC and april is a big month for justice for fans a will be trying my hardest to make all events the young fans need the adults and academics to voice there concerns as the last to have been kind of negitive but with all the fans together the auld brigade and the green brigade am sure the snp will take notice of the issues raised what we witnessed that week was the police showing there hatred for celtic youth those batons were drawn for our kids blood to spill shocking and sick and well needs delt with academiclly via the groups that represent the perants of thses kids attacked in broad day light and kettled in to a blind spot at a bridge its all over twitter that a young girl broke 3 ribs in the crush caused by the police the children and people in wheel chiars were put at risk to as well as the mums and dads present although the march was most young gb it had been advertised via online media as for all to attend its what a would call a family event to show kids how to protest peacefully then oldbill jump out 20 vans and steam in not right

    • Constant reminders to the young bhoys not to react to provocation will not go amiss Mick. We were all bhoys once with more bottle than brains at times.

      • mick

        barca the young lads are well behaved and most academicfor there age the ultra scene is misunderstood via msm a would bet on them behaving well and all others there was no reaction to the provocation at the weekend so this backs up how well they can handle things and shows there mature mentally under pressure

        • I don’t doubt you Mick. It only takes a handful of subversives to get a ball rolling. And not necessarily football related subversive.
          I remember travelling down to Big ‘Ands land during the miners strikes and an awful lot of stuff was going on totally unrelated to the strikes. An agenda on every corner..
          As I said, more bottle than brains sometimes!

        • david

          Sure, they will all end up at St Andrews or Oxford.
          Or possibly Barlinnie…………………….
          Poor wee innocent souls merely preaching their revolutionary ideals, what great me Che and Gerry were, etc.

    • cam

      arrests for drug misuse,breach and police assault,,,lovely kids in that dysfunctional family,,,,i blame the parents.
      The police would love to release the video footage but due to the upcoming court appearances can’t

  43. JimBhoy

    @Carson Do Zombies class as Fiends? A fiend in need is a fiend with deeds… Come to think of it Craigie Bhoy Whyte has been quiet of late… 🙂

  44. JimBhoy

    Is it just me or does it seem that the last thing talked about in supporting a Scottish football team these, is actually football….!!

    • mick

      the admin is killing the game no 1 is picking up on whos comeing throw whos of form its all green and sevco and scotland is doomed with out them
      football the last thing on there minds as sevco are crap and there cup is half empty

  45. mick

    jim we still have not seen the deeds talking of deeds what you make of bomber picking a fight with timmy goalie rab douglas after 300 games for dundee bomber throw bigotery has ruined his career there sick or what

    getting back to the deeds it was not in the shre overing as a asset and was worded but not saying owned its fishy just like dunfermline and charllote 18 the msm are turning a blind eye

    • JimBhoy

      @Mick I hadn’t read the bomber story, haven’t done much of anything due to mad work commitments recently.. I will track that down Big Rab is an old drinking pal of mine when I popped out in Lanark frequently..
      I did like the Sandanza story and the ranger follow up launching probes etc… Was anyone really that surprised that he plays in the lowest Scottish league fr the money and he would rather play in a nice warm country for more money??

    • cam

      That comment about John Brown ditching an injured keeper who can’t kick the ball,being in any way connected to religion,is probably the stupidest thing i’ve ever read in here and i’ve read my own stuff!
      If McLeveson became reality you will be working o/t to pay your fines.

  46. Oh mick , you ALWAYS make me smile , ” the espeeheel is stronger this year ” …… Dundee hibs announce a cut in transfers and ask the ex manager to take a pay cut , hearts are on their erse , no league sponsor for next season , question mark over the sky deal cash for next season , the chumpions crowds are down 30k FACT and they cannot give tickets away ! ….. aye Mick it’s F #@&ING magic ! And for the last time WE DON’T WANT FAST TRACKED and that’s just what’s happened in the first season !

  47. cam

    Do you actually think before clattering?
    You have just insinuated that a football manager has deliberately engineered a way to get rid of a player because he is Catholic!!!
    I haven’t a clue what religion Rab Douglas is and don’t care.If Bomber hears this shoite you will be shouting where’s ma heid!

  48. JimBhoy

    @Mick Bomber is hated even by the Dundee fans it seems, Big Rab will be there long after Bomber gets his marching orders.

    On a footballing front that rangers game on saturday was the worst game I have taken in this year. Total lack of quality, in a game won by a badly taken penalty. A lot of my rangers mate turned over to the Everton game they told me.

    So Kevin Kyle is away, Shiels out for the season, maybe that’s what will save big Sandonkey from being shown the exit windae… I hope so because he is utter p!sh, that half hearted diving header attempt he had at the weekend looked like a man who just did not want to be there, backed up by Tommy the cabbie… he he!!! 🙂

    On fast-tracking, jeez that would be the worst thing for rangers right now, they would spend a few seasons in that first division IMO…. I cannot see league reconstruction happen at all because Longmuir ‘the good guy’ has delayed things way too much trying to get his rangers pals up a division. He will end up at Ibrox some day, part of the Green Brigade, chico that is.

    • mick

      @jim tommys great he sometimes comments on the net work a listen to all his shows (seek the truth reject false hood )hes a celeb now via sandza but was well celeb status before within the bampots ,brian stockbridge is his mate and imran he chats and texts them his m8s from the media are astronomicale the msm are slateing him lol

      bampot of the month gos to mister tommy platinum gold or good friend and brother well done

      hes a top gezzer with a heart to match his name

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