Scotland’s “McLeveson” Proposals Could Cover Every Blogger In The World!

We saw publication at the end of last week of what is already being dubbed “McLeveson”. This Scottish response to the Leveson Report makes remarkable reading. Contained within its urbane and staid language are proposals which could lead to regulation of all bloggers and tweeters in Scotland, where they comment, to any extent, on news of any sort and “gossip” about the famous.

The suggestions could see people being hauled in front of a Regulator to answer for tweets or blog posts, even where they were simply re-tweeting something else, for example.

In addition, there are worrying cost implications. Indeed the suggestion seems to be that all “significant news publishers” may have to chip in for the costs of the Regulator. The proposed definition of “significant” does mean only the major newspapers in Scotland. No. It could be me, or you, especially if you comment here or on other sites.

And we have another example of the apparent wish of the Scottish Government to extend its reach far and wide, as detailed below.


Lord McCluskey is a very distinguished personality. His long career in the law and politics makes him one of the most eminent Scots of recent times. From his service as a prosecutor and a QC, to a short time as a Sheriff Principal; from five years in the Wilson Government as Solicitor-General for Scotland to sixteen years full time on the Bench in the High Court and Court of Session; from being the first serving judge to deliver the Reith Lectures to chairing the Scottish Football Association disciplinary hearings on occasion: Lord McCluskey has seen it all and done it all.

In recent years he has become one of the “great and the good” summoned by governments who want an independent review of an issue (and there is no doubt about his independence).

In 2007 Prime Minister Gordon Brown appointed Lord McCluskey to propose, along with the Bishop of Oxford, new rules regarding political donations.

More recently First Minister Alex Salmond called upon His Lordship to chair a panel of experts considering how Scotland should interact with the Supreme Court (this being at the time when Mr Salmond and Mr MacAskill seemed to want to go to war with Lord Hope).

And now Lord McCluskey has his name all over “McLeveson” – the report prepared for consideration by the Scottish Government prior to a formal decision by Holyrood on how Scotland will deal with the issues raised by the report in England prompted by the phone-hacking scandals.

It is fair to say that the reaction to McLeveson has been less than enthusiastic.

The full report can be read here. Expert Group on Leveson in Scotland

The “Expert Group” consisted of five members. As well as the former judge who chaired the discussions, we had the following

  • David Sinclair – Director of Communications at Victim Support Scotlandformer President of the National Union of Journalists and former assistant editor of The Herald
  • Professor Neil Walker FBA, FRSE, Regius Professor of Public Law and the Law of Nature and Nations at the School of Law, University of Edinburgh
  • Peter Watson, Senior Partner of Levy & McRae and Visiting Professor at the School of Law, University of Strathclyde
  • Ruth Wishart, independent media production professional, former assistant editor of the Sunday Mail, Scotsman and Sunday Standard

This was a high powered panel, and no mistake. The legal side was well-covered with three legally qualified members. The world of journalism was represented by Mr Sinclair and Ms Wishart, but also by Professor Watson who has acted for many media organisations over many years.

The “victims” too were represented. Mr Sinclair’s present role put him in that position and Professor Watson wore his third hat, as someone who has represented or is indeed still acting for individuals who consider they have been unfairly maligned by the media using tactics which are wrong, if not criminal. One of his prominent clients is Sir David Murray, and following the outcome of the FTT Professor Watson released a strongly worded statement on behalf of Sir David making clear that the businessman wanted to pursue vigorously the illegal, as he saw it, disclosure of his tax records.

Lord McCluskey too has never been afraid to be controversial. From suggesting, just after his retirement as a full time judge, that heroin should be legalised, as criminalisation had not worked, to his comments on Human Rights legislation, he has never been a shrinking violet.

The judge had commented as follows:-

I warned in the Reith Lectures in 1986 that the Canadian Charter – copied from the European Convention on Human Rights – would provide a field day for crackpots, a pain in the neck for judges and legislators and a goldmine for lawyers. Prophetic or what?

In relation to the 1998 Human Rights Act he said:-

Somebody suggested to me that it was a bit like sailing in the Titanic toward a legal iceberg. My own fear is that the better simile is with an avalanche; all we can hear at the moment is a distant roar, but it is coming and we are going to have to struggle to avoid being buried in new claims of right.

And he added:-

One last point about the judges in the 21st century. As a result of recent legislation by parliament, the judges have been given an entirely new jurisdiction. They can in effect overrule the elected parliament. For there has been introduced into our law a revolutionary instrument of change, a Trojan Horse. It goes by the splendidly attractive name of The European Convention on Human Rights. The new powers given to judges may require us to look again at the qualifications, experience and training required of our judges.

And he concluded:-

The consequences of the enormous changes effected by the Scotland Act and the Human Rights Act will be emerging for decades to come. The legal landscape will be profoundly altered. Are we ready for it? I doubt it.

It is fair to say that Lord McCluskey was not a fan of Convention Rights!

(As a footnote, his statements above led to the successful application in a criminal appeal he was hearing for him to be excluded from the process, and for the matter to continue before a differently constituted court, as his statements seemed to suggest that, as regards the Convention, there was not the appearance of impartiality.)

So we can be sure that Lord McCluskey is not one for refraining from speaking his mind. Nor indeed are the other members of the group.

What Did The Group Propose?

The Executive Summary can itself be summarised as follows.

We have proceeded on the fundamental principle affirmed in the Leveson Report, namely that the terms and conditions of press regulation should not be prescribed by statute. Any bodies forming part of a new regulatory system must be independent of the Legislature and of Government as well as independent of the media.

We have suggested that statute would provide a basic underpinning to ensure (a) that, in future, news-related material would be regulated … by an independent, non-statutory, Regulatory Body of a character to be proposed by the press; and (b) that there would be created a separate independent body (the Recognition Body) with responsibility for ensuring that the independent Regulatory Body complies at all times with the Leveson principles and essential recommendations.

We accept, but build upon, the Leveson conclusion that the Regulatory Body must have guaranteed jurisdiction over “all significant news publishers”. The principal difference between what we advise and what others have proposed is that the jurisdiction of the Regulatory Body must extend by law to all publishers of news-related material.

No publisher of news-related material should be able to opt out of that jurisdiction.

Funding for the system should be settled by agreement between the industry and the Board of the Regulatory Body, taking into account the cost of fulfilling the obligations of the regulator and the commercial pressures on the industry.

… all important institutions in a democracy, including public institutions … and … social institutions such as charities, Churches and Trades Unions, are subject to the Rule of Law and to the particular statutory jurisdictions and restrictions enacted by the elected Legislature for each of them; yet they preserve their independence and freedom from political interference in the carrying out of their functions.

We also note that, in some democracies, including Iceland, Denmark and Ireland, subjecting the press to the limited jurisdiction of an independent, non-government regulator is compulsory or is secured by the prospect of direct legislation as the alternative.

We have little confidence that the voluntary ‘opt in or opt out’ model proposed by Leveson would work―whatever incentives were devised to encourage publishers to opt in. But if, contrary to our view, it was decided that publishers were to be allowed to opt in or out of the regulatory system it would be necessary to provide, by legislation, mechanisms similar to those suggested by Leveson.

If the London negotiations fail to produce the necessary statutory underpinning for a Leveson-compliant Regulatory Body with universal jurisdiction, then Scottish Ministers may consider introducing legislation separately to ensure that those resident in Scotland can be adequately protected from abuse of the kind that the Inquiry identified and examined. We believe that it would be possible for the Scottish Parliament to achieve that object by legislating for the regulation of news–related material circulating in Scotland by any means including electronic publishing.

What Does This Mean?

Leveson did not want to create statutory press regulation. He desired to see a Regulatory Body independent of government and of the media.

A free and independent press is vital, according to Leveson, in a democracy.

The system should also protect journalists, as well as citizens covered by the press.

The Group saw a need for a statutory Recognition Body to oversee the non-statutory Regulatory Body. Thus the Regulator itself is not acting under statute – there is therefore no legislative control of the press. But, where the regulator is to be overseen by a Recognition Body which is statutory and whose goals and rules are, one assumes, to be laid down in statute, then surely this is statutory press control, but in a less obvious way?

The Leveson proposed “opt in, opt out” system was rejected by the Group. They saw the potential for a major media group not to participate as devaluing the process. And, if there was a statutory body to oversee the Regulator, people could not simply opt to ignore the whole system without bringing it into disrepute.

Indeed, if a “significant” publisher decided to opt out, this would lead to the Regulator failing its responsibilities to the Recognition Body and ultimately to its closure!

So All The Scottish Press Will Need to Comply?

Here we see some fine legal footwork. Leveson recommended that all “significant news publishers” be covered.

The Expert Group considers this and later provides a definition of that phrase.

At para 38 it states:-

Defining to whom a jurisdiction in a statute is to apply is a common problem. … The draft DCMS ‘Royal Charter’ document referred to earlier … defines “relevant publisher” as meaning (a) a person (other than a broadcaster) who publishes in the United Kingdom: a newspaper or magazine containing news-related material, or (b) a website containing news-related material (whether or not related to a newspaper or magazine)”.

What is clear from the definitions contained in that DCMS document and other recent proposals is that, in principle, all and any news-related publisher may be considered significant for present purposes, since all and any may be capable of causing the very harm which Leveson is committed to addressing. We agree with that position.

At para 40 it states:-

We do not see how it can be undemocratic to compel news-related publishers to accept the jurisdiction of a Leveson-compliant scheme that they have helped to devise … The scheme cannot be Leveson-compliant “if it (the Regulatory Body) does not cover”―i.e. have jurisdiction over―“all significant news publishers”. The way to achieve that is to require all news-related material (as defined) to be subject to the same Standards Code: to repeat, it is a question of jurisdiction, not of voluntary membership of a club.

Para 41 says:-

Nearly all other pillars of democracy are subject to a substantial degree of legislative regulation without the loss of that independence that is vital. They cannot opt in or out of the jurisdictions created by the Legislature to regulate their activities in the interests of democracy. It is difficult in a democratic society in which news-related publishers enjoy extremely wide freedoms to justify exempting them from regulation, in a very limited field, by a body that meets the Leveson specification, not least in the light of the recent failings of the printed press when under a loose, voluntary system of self-regulation.

Para 42 has the Recommendation as follows:-

In summary therefore, we recommend that it is for the Legislature to specify the criteria for determining which news-related publications are to be subject to the jurisdiction of the new independent system of regulation by a Regulatory Body proposed by news-related publishers to prevent serious abuses of the kind that that Leveson has identified. It is for the Legislature to ensure that all those who might, in future, perpetrate such abuses are subject to the jurisdiction of the independent Regulatory Body.

Para 43 addresses Funding:-

While we agree with Leveson that it would be for the industry and the Regulatory Body to agree the basis of funding, there is no sensible escape from the conclusion that all who publish news-related material should be subject to the same regulatory jurisdiction. That does not necessarily mean that all who publish for example on-line news blogs must subscribe to the running costs of the regulatory system.

What Might the Legislation Say?

Helpfully a draft Bill has been attached to the Report.

For today’s purposes the most relevant parts are in clause 8. It states, in part:-

In this Act, “relevant publisher” means a person (other than a broadcaster) who publishes in Scotland—

(a) a newspaper, magazine or periodical containing news-related material, or

(b) by electronic means (including a website), news-related material (whether or not related to a newspaper, magazine or periodical).

(2) For the purposes of subsection (1)—

“broadcaster” means—

(a) the holder of a licence under the Broadcasting Act 1990 or 1996,

(b) the British Broadcasting Corporation,

(c) Sianel Pedwar Cymru,

“news-related material” means—

(a) news or information about current affairs,

(b) comment about matters relating to the news or current affairs,

(c) gossip about celebrities, other public figures or other persons in the news.

(3) “Gossip”, for the purposes of this Act, includes assertions of fact about the private or family life of any persons mentioned in subsection (2)(c) if the information published is calumnious, defamatory or scandalous.

(4) A person publishes “in Scotland” if—

(a) the publication takes place in Scotland, or

(b) the publication is targeted primarily at an audience in Scotland.

So the draft suggests that anyone, other than a “broadcaster” as defined, who publishes “news related material” will be treated as a “significant news publisher”, no matter how small their circulation is.

Under that definition I would be treated as a “significant news publisher”. The draft legislation and the Report make it clear that any publisher is by default viewed as “significant”.

Any website, Facebook page or Twitter feed publishing news, or comment on news, or gossip, would be covered. The “publisher” would then be liable to being proceeded against under the Regulatory procedures, and a failure by the Regulator to do so could lead to action against the Regulator by the Recognition Body.

One can well imagine the reaction of motivated people if any “opposing” blogger or message board could be complained about to a Regulator!

Bearing in mind that, for example, we have seen Rangers fans seeking thousands of signatures for a petition demanding action against HMRC, one could easily see a situation where fans of one football team automatically complain about almost anything written by or on behalf of their perceived opponents. Any Regulator in such a position would undoubtedly grind to a halt almost immediately.

In addition, and of particular concern, is the suggestion that, once it is recognised that all news publishers are “significant” and require regulation, then these should all be considered for meeting the costs of the Regulator.

The draft legislation, as do the Report and Leveson previously, all recognise the vital obligations of the State under the European Convention on Human Rights to permit freedom of expression.

How does potentially levying a bill on anyone who blogs or tweets about news accord with this? Such a “Leveson Levy” would, almost certainly, be subject to a challenge. After all, under the Scotland Act, the Human Rights Act has direct effect and the Scottish government cannot legislate contrary to the ECHR principles (except in limited circumstances).

Bearing in mind Lord McCluskey’s views of the Human Rights Act, one wonders how much consideration to such an issue the Group gave. It could be very embarrassing if there was separate Scottish legislation, but that this was delayed by legal challenge for long after the English scheme was in place!

The Long Arm of the Scottish Law

One of the most remarkable pieces of the proposed legislation is contained in Clause 8(4) of the Draft Bill. It continues a recent trend of the Scottish Government extending, or seeking to extend, its powers across the globe.

I will repeat it here:-

(4) A person publishes “in Scotland” if—

(a) the publication takes place in Scotland, or

(b) the publication is targeted primarily at an audience in Scotland.

For print media this definition is workable. For electronic media it is, respectfully, not.

Helpfully the draft does not further define subclause (a). The existing law on electronic publication is unclear. On one view publication takes place where the author or publisher sits at his laptop and hits “send”. On another it is where the servers which contain the “publication” are situated. A wide interpretation, adopted especially in English libel law, is that publication effectively means being able to read the piece in a particular jurisdiction.

Therefore, on that definition, any electronic publication anywhere in the world which is capable of being accessed in Scotland would be “published” here and fall under sub-clause (a). Thus we have the complaints that the Group is recommending that the entirety of media organisations (except for broadcasters) and tweeters and Facebookers and bloggers, as long as they are commenting on news or gossip, would be required to be subject to the McLeveson regulatory procedures!

Sub-clause (b), thankfully, seems to suggest that such a wide interpretation is not what the Group intended, as long as electronic publication is being contemplated by the authors. If the wide definition of publication in sub-clause (a) is applied, then, for electronic publication, sub-clause (b) is unnecessary.

Let’s take an example. The Des Moines Register, for example, publishes print and electronic editions. The print edition is not available in Scotland. Now it would be very difficult to argue that it was targeted “primarily” at an audience in Scotland. However the website of the paper is accessible here. Does it mean that the Des Moines Register needs to meet McLeveson standards?

What about bloggers? Paul Staines of the Guido Fawkes website has made it clear that he sees no way in which his site, hosted in the USA as I understand it, and run by him, an Irish citizen, can be covered by Leveson in England. But, on the definition in the draft Bill, I think he would be covered by the tartan version. Having seen his excellent performance when giving evidence to Leveson, one would almost look forward to Mr Staines taking on the Scottish regulator.

Normally of course one would not think that Holyrood wanted to cover the whole world. However, as I have written before, the extra-territorial extent of Part 1 of the Offensive Behaviour at Football and Threatening Communications (Scotland) Act 2012 covers offences allegedly committed by anyone who is habitually resident in Scotland if watching a football match on TV anywhere in the world, as long as a Scottish team is involved. The possibility exists that, for example, a Scot working for a year in Tierra Del Fuego could find himself summoned to his local Sheriff Court to face a charge of Offensive Behaviour if, when watching a match between, for example, Celtic and Dukla Pumpherston on TV in a bar, he sings a song seen as “offensive”. This could be the case even if there was no one there who could be “offended”.

Maybe this, combined with the Expert Group’s extra-territorial ambitions, signified Mr Salmond’s intentions – today, Holyrood – tomorrow, independence – next week, THE WORLD!!!!!

(Just joking, First Minister!)

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  1. hancock

    New world order anyone ?

  2. ecojon

    A lot of food for thought in this and looking at the panel the glaring weakness is the lack of internet savvy people on it. Obviously some of them have a level of internet expertise but none are leading internet publishers or accepted experts.

    I try not to sound ageist here but the committee members are all getting on and even if they have a smattering of internet experience I really wonder if they have any real depth of understanding of the whole ‘culture’ at work especially among the young.

    I also wonder where the committee sees the dividing line between ‘news’ and ‘comment’ on internet news by posters other than the original poster such as Paul.

    I realise this might touch on ‘retweeting’ aspects but tbh if the original tweet is offensive or legally actionable then a ‘secondary’ broadcaster or disseminator has always been as ‘guilty’ as the originating source IMO – when I mention ‘tweet’ I am not just referring to twitter communication btw.

  3. robertg

    GNmnmpph hwbwdjhwqhjeuiquuwd

    (Muffled comment).

  4. As “ecojohn” states, the committee are a bit short on skilled drivers on the information super-highway! I can foresee a pile-up

  5. It seems, on first reading, that legislation originally intended to put some form of shackles on the press, and arising from considerable misbehaviour of Mr Salmond’s buddy – Mr Murdoch – might, in effect, place much more
    far-reaching encumbrances on the blogosphere, with not much change to the MSM.

    So, the gutter press delve illegally into the private affairs of the McCanns, and hack into the phone messages of Milly Dowler – but this somehow leads to this Scottish Government coming up with proposals that may restrict, control, and place a levy upon ordinary bloggers?

    Even if your answer to the above is ‘not quite’, it does seem that a straightforward attempt to enact Leveson recommendations does not appear to be the only motivation for the ‘McLeveson’ Press Regulation proposals, IMO.

  6. jocky bhoy

    Celtic’s fanbase includes the Irish and Scottish diaspora and was estimated at 9m as far back as 2003, NewGers (presumably more of the Norn Iron & Scottish disapora) have an estimated potential ausience of 500m. Given Scotland’s opulation is only, what 6m?, clearly sites relating to Celtic and NewGers cannot be described as “publication(s) targeted primarily at an audience in Scotland”.

    Job done 🙂

  7. mcfc

    Off topic – but I think my internet may be broken because I haven’t heard any guff, bull, bluster or bollox from Charles Green in many days now. I’ve spoken to my ISP but they say everything is OK – . Is anyone else experiencing the same phenomenon ?

  8. Robert D Bruce

    These proposals are totally unworkable and will be scuppered at the first attempt the law has at imposing any sanctions on bloggers, tweeters, facebookers etc.
    I can accept, as most people will, that there are some outrageous, libellous, defamatory, not to mention sectarian, vile and threatening comments posted on some social sites, but where there has previously been a contravention of existing law the people who have posted such comments have been taken to task.
    If the law is changed to include comment on news stories where say a celebrity, takes exception to some comment a bloggers has made regarding their appearance, their lifestyle or their choice of partner and demands a Levenson stile apology or takes court action; then I am quite sure that we could see millions of social media accounts repeating the comment and rendering the action in-actionable through sheer weight of numbers.
    I wonder too, what action if any, the new law could take if someone posts something to your facebook wall which is deemed actionable. As it is being rebroadcast, so to speak, from your account, could you be liable even though you are not responsible for its origin.
    Will all publications electronic or otherwise be scrutinised and be subject to censorship before they can be published. Who will be the arbiter?
    Are we all Doooooooomed???

  9. We are living through a period of aggressive social engineering that has accelerated faster than at any time in the history of mankind. The tools of propaganda which were once entirely held by governments, are now available to others and governments are running scared of the WWW. This is not a back street printing press, or pirate tv or radio, which they can close down or monitor.
    Freedom of speech is a thing they like us to think we have, but what we say been has always only been permitted at the discretion of the powers that be. A law has always been available to curtail, or silence it, or an eminent “whatever” to debunk it.
    I don’t believe it coincidence, that at a time of disarming the populations of the world, the world’s police forces are becoming more militarised. It is an obvious side effect that when the power of speech is removed from society, then society will invoke its power to act!
    The social engineering is at play through all walks of life, and an obedient populace is being “trained”. As an example, I have to place no smoking signage in all areas employees can enter. Why? The no smoking in the workplace law has been given wide publicity, and is common knowledge. I do not need to post, “Do not stick a screwdriver in your mates eye” signs, or, “no kicking in the Donegals” notices. I will not be personally held responsible if someone chooses to do these things, but allowing my staff to smoke….I can be fined or imprisoned! Why has it suddenly become my responsibility to “lie” my workforce, and uphold a law I do not agree with?
    In the no smoking incident above, the government clearly demonstrates it has a measure of control over me, and does so! For no other logical reason than quite simply, it can!
    However, with the WWW. It cannot exercise that control. I am not the most computer savvy type of guy the world has ever seen. In fact, I am a bit of a Numpty in that department. I am aware though, that as the victim of an attempted Identity theft, anonymity can be pretty much guaranteed on the web, and all attempts to trace the “New me”, where fruitless, but could be narrowed down to a continent.
    I have no idea how this “masking” of the trail was performed or what “kit” was required. I am sure that some of the computer savvy posters on here know, and may even be able to perform such a trick. I do know that this “trick” puts the Gary Glitters up the authorities, and not merely for the reason of defending my bank account!
    They must truely believe they are farting against thunder on this matter, but I feel that their attempts to grasp hold over the power of the WWW. will fail. A new industry will be born, whereby some form of masking technology will be readily available to download, or run like an anti viral disc, to protect the users location or identity. Such devices are already available to I.D. fraudsters, so it is only a matter of time before they become general purpose if one feels the need.
    To the governments of the world, trying to control the web users I say, ” GIRFUY.!”

  10. timtim

    People in Cyprus who have not done anything wrong, who have broken no law, have not lived beyond their means or taken on debts they could not pay, will be punished, by having their money taken from them. And that money will be given to the banks who did break the law, did take on debts they could not pay and they will not be punished.
    People in Scotland who have not done anything wrong, who have broken no law, have not lived beyond their means or taken on debts they could not pay, will be punished, by having their money taken from them. And that money will be given to Rangers FC* who did break the law, did take on debts they could not pay and they will not be punished.
    Every taxpayer in Scotland has been forced to pay for the crimes of Rfc*
    Every saver in Cyprus has been forced to pay for the crimes of the banking cartels.
    Orwellian justice at its finest

  11. Geddy Lee.

    The printed press in Scotland is an absolute disgrace. I have no problems with any legislation that helps to stop them printing the kind of anti Scottish garbage we see on almost a daily basis in the Record and the laughably titled Scotsman.

    Constantly printing the ignorant, self loathing rants of greedy, incompitent and mostly corrupt labour wretches , is not reporting the “news”.

    Absolute garbage the pair of them. It’s not surprising I suppose with both of them English owned and nothing but Labour mouthpieces.

    Hopefully, their collapsing circulation will see their English owners pulling the plug on them once and for all.

  12. Geddy Lee.

    Anyone scared of some kind of Scottish “big brother” government need only open a foreign based web address and post until your heart’s content.

    The laws of free speech are still in place, and seem reasonably clear to me.

  13. Budweiser

    It would seem that the Westminster parties have struck a deal – to be announced today in parliament.

    • Maggie

      Oh there you are Bud,did you “throw a sickie” then? Own up !
      Well done yesterday,thoroughly deserved win, ‘mon the buddies.
      BTW Mrs Bud’s brilliant,luvin’her. Hand that computer over to that
      woman immediately 🙂

      • Budweiser


        Short answer – yes! Like many others in Paisley last night! I am soooo unwell. btw After last nights calumnies, Mrs Bud has been again, locked up in her attic.
        ps. What do you make of Mr Verde’s latest?

        • Maggie

          Release that woman immediately or Dr Heidi and I will come
          to Paisley and do damage to yon big cup that your team won 🙂

          Re Signor Verde….the usual Sevco spiel of what they deserve etc,
          so sick of it all now Bud.I’m most definitely not a conspiracy theorist,
          but on recent evidence of non punishments for crimes committed,
          Chico will probably get his way.Shareholders happy,bears happy,
          Sally STILL their manager,so bit of a result there for the rest of
          2nd Div or whatever they’re going to be called,and a bit of a result
          for all us mockers,still plenty to laugh about at the Bigotdome.

          btw I don’t know who wrote the Press Release,but it most definitely
          wasn’t Chico.
          How do I know this? He didn’t once refer to himself in the third person
          that’s how…I’m deeply disappointed.
          .I think Imran,Brian and Malky have gotHIM chained in the attic running up a batch of Orange tops 🙂

          • Budweiser


            Ah, Maggie, Maggie, Maggie. What can I say ? Poor Mrs Bud . I think the medical term is ‘ while the balance of her mind was disturbed ‘. Did I tell you she was originally from Glasgow? Explains a lot , in my unjaundiced, impartial, fair minded and unbiased view . She has read eco’s views on Bhuddism and decided [ purely unilaterally] that ‘ a retreat ‘ in the attic to meditate on her vows to ‘ love , honour and obey ‘ and what they really mean is the best course for a year or so.
            At the moment, she still seems to be struggling with the old , tomato – tomatoe syndrome. eg. ‘ you say priapus I say criapus ‘ .

          • Budweiser

            Maggie ;-

            There have been, to say the least, some disparaging remarks about Hearts fans on here recently. Can I just say that I thought the atmosphere was absolutely brilliant on Sunday. Loads of kids, who had a great time and a great family feeling.
            Before the game, in central Glasgow, we walked into a pub which had mostly Hearts fans. There was banter and ribbing but mainly just football supporters having a good time. After the game, we were approached by a group of Hearts fans, and thought oh,oh. They came up and shook our hands and said ‘well done’. We said that they should have won it in the first half. They said ” shoulda ,coulda, didnae! We all agreed that it was a great game [ except fot the result ] and five great goals were scored.
            Point is I suppose, that football supporters are villified for chanting etc, but the Hearts fans I met were a credit to Edinburgh, Hearts and Scottish football.

  14. Would this restriction also extend to the posting of video footage, such as is available of the police tactics towards the green brigade on Saturday, easily accessible on YouTube. This offers no comment, opinion, or anything else other than an accurate portrayal of the events which took place.

  15. I feel a modified version of this is long overdue. On this and other sites people have written views that so and so is a crook etc. etc. It’s time they were made to exercise some restraint. I agree that the whole thing could become unworkable but the odd prosecution now and then might concentrate minds.

    Could someone tell me what it is the Green Brigade were marching about? I have read Wiki. and know something of them, but what was their specific problem? And, to the poster on another thread, Mr. Lennon is not an Irish Catholic, he is Northern Irish.

    Finally, despite all the fierce discussion on the old guy at the top, I can see little on the old guy in Durban with the interesting views on what constitutes a crime and what an illness. Shouldn’t some on this site be taking him to task for his remarks. Does anyone here see a parallel between this old guy and the other old guy who lasted only a month. I hope events are not to be repeated. I am clutching my cosmic teapot in prayer.

    • Violet, if somebody calls me a crook, and it turns out to be untrue, I can take action against them under current laws. I do not need new ones. This scenario of new legislation, is like the attempts to foist upon the British public the compulsory carrying of I.D. cards.
      How do I get an I.D. card? The only pheasible way, would be to turn up at some government centre with…..that’s right! You guessed, I.D. Unfortunately currently available I.D. does not supply, with a swipe in a P.D.Q. machine, anything and everything they wish to know, and plenty more besides. Who would have an appropriate PDQ, ? The police, DHSS, traffic wardens, lollipop ladies!
      It is all about infringements on civil liberty!
      Like the attempt by government to legislate against “legal highs”. This law will fail, as drugs will evolve infinitely quicker than any law possibly can. So what is the point in constructing an unenforcible law! What is the point when current laws already exist. The only point I can see is to try to exert a level of control over the web ! It is not to defend you or I against the possible threat, that somebody may say something “not nice” Another attack by big brother to infiltrate on our already over monitored lives. Pure and simple!

      • Barca

        Thank you, I agree. But my concern is that the blogosphere is being used in a kind of unrestricted way and people feel free to say anything they wish. Things which if said down the pub directly would attract a sharp rebuke and if they were written in the MSM would attract an action. People should clean up their act and maybe a prosecution might help that. But your big brother point is well made.

        • There is another side to that coin though Violet. The internet can be a great leveller! If someone were to rip you a new one, then in blogs you are free to return the compliment.
          In the pub scenario, especially your local (lol) that may be a luxury denied. If anything the WWW may actually favour the physically weak, but intellectually superior.
          At the moment, the WWW, is the only source of news, info, data, free from state control. To meekly offer control over on the back of some trolling or slander. First will come the proposed legislation, then will come licencing, vetting, and curtailment of who can “own” a website.
          It is important to ask why, globally, it is the only uncensored info highway, and why a government would like a measure of control.
          I have a healthy approach to government which is quite simple. Trust nothing they say or do, and suspect them in everything they say or do!

      • Marching on Together

        “if somebody calls me a crook, and it turns out to be untrue, I can take action against them under current laws” Yep. You can (1) play the national lottery repeatedly until you win; (2) sue the person who called you a crook; (3) give all your national lottery winnings to the the lawyers.

        • Yes, It can be expensive, but if it was untrue, and I could prove so, I would expect my costs to be met by the accusor !

          • Marching on Together

            Ah, the innocence of one who has not yet been engaged in litigation. It is a commonly held belief that if you win, you are not out of pocket, as the loser pays the winner’s costs. Sadly that is not true, as the awarded costs rarely come close to anything like your actual costs. So even if you win, unless you get awarded a wacking great sum in damages, you are likely to be out of pocket. And if you lose……….

            Perhaps Paul might explain it at length far better than I could?

            • Too true MOT, As in anycourt action, there are no guarantees. Whether that be in civil or criminal court. Either way both could prove expensive in terms not only of time and finance, but commitment!
              However, the avenue to pursue exists if the commitment is there. I do concede that wealth can determine how long an action will be protruded and fortune would favour the wealthier party. That is the way of things. Silence or lies can all be purchased. But this fact actually backs up the argument that governments should have no censorship abilities over the only form of media, which they do not, and cannot control. As I said, the WWW is a great leveller,where wealth or physical attributes play no part in any debate. I would happily defend a charge of being a crook on a blog, and be equally happy of a retraction or apology. If I was really bothered by it.

    • Monti

      No he is an IRISH CATHOLIC, even if you don’t like that,ACCEPT IT!

      • Monti

        Mr Lennon is no more Irish than I am. And, I couldn’t care less that he is a catholic. Though for many on here being a catholic seems to be what defines them and for you seems to define Mr Lennon.

        • Monti

          And for Muirhead & Mckenzie & all the other rats who have abused or assaulted Neil Lennon, THE ONLY REASON THEY HAVE ATTACKED HIM FFS,take your head out the sand & admit it! You say it doesn’t matter to you that he is Catholic,but you were quick to jump on the ‘Irish catholic’ accurate statement I made! That says a lot to me about you & your wee bigot sevconian pals!!!!

        • Den


          Are you saying that Lennon was not born in Ireland, I thought he was from Lurgan.

        • @ Violet How Neil Lennon defines himself is of no concern of yours.You seem very keen to pin a union fleg on him & others who might be born in a British administered jurisdiction, but choose not to define themselves as British. I’m Scots Irish, but my allegiance is to Scotland, “not Britain”. You can insist till yer blue in the nose that I’m British, but it is my perogative as a free thinking human being to define myself.
          Britain! Not for me!!!!!

          • david

            You are not remotely Scots-Irish, please do not hijack a term describing the Ulster Scots who are settled in Appalachia, etc.
            You are a Scot of Irish extraction but most importantly A FELLOW SCOT.
            I agree with your allegiance, GOOD ON YOU.

        • jocky bhoy

          If Lennon is not more Irish than you, Violet, he must be equally or less Irish than you – simple algebra. Hope you enjoyed Paddy’s day. Whopper.

    • Steven brennan

      The GB were looking to march in protest at the continuing surreptitious surveillance tactics and random harassment of their group by the strathclyde police.
      Mr Lennon is an Irishman whether he is from the north or south.
      And finally what are you alluding to about” old guys”
      If you are referring to the new pope please say so. And just for the record, I dont believe you when you said ” I hope events are not to be repeated”
      Your distaste at the mere mention of the pope is abundantly clear as is your inability to say Neil Lennon and not Mr Lennon.
      I would also like to hear your views on the conduct of Strathclyde police with regard to the event in the gallowgate at the weekend. I am sure it will be well balanced.

      • Steven Brennan

        I have no distaste of the Pope. I have no distaste of Catholics. I do though, have a distaste of all organised religions. The fact that you cling to beliefs that I and the majority of others have rejected is a matter for you. But I am not sure I need to give you respect for being wrong.

        Re. Mr Lennon, if you look back you will see that I call others Mr Green/Mr Traynor etc. You seem to be in some kind of bunker defending all things Lennon, Celtic, catholic. I am still waiting for someone on here to give me their views on Cardinal Napier. In the current climate, I would have thought some would be keen to distance themselves, but it is possible for me to conclude that you support him given the number of TD’s I got for even mentioning him.

        I have no view on the events in the Gallowgate, because I know nothing of them. All I did was ask a question about why they were marching and you answered that.

        Paul – you need to ask yourself, if this site is fulfilling what you wanted for it. The Random Thoughts philosophy seems to have grown and modified into a clone of a Celtic website. Through the sheer demography of it there is no balance and that which is present is ‘shouted down’. Had a non catholic bishop offered the views of Cardinal Napier and were the Green Brigade the Blue Brigade I wonder what the reaction would have been. Ten or so Blogs lauding the Catholic Church in one way or another is not conducive to the attraction of a balanced readership in the West. It’s up to you, but you might soon be preaching to the choir.

        • As a 60+ Celtic supporting Catholic, strangely enough I tend to agree with Violet in all her observations with the exception to her distaste for organised religions. There is a danger of this excellent blog being hi-jacked by my fellow Tims. Whilst the content and level of discussion is higher than those we see on tradition football web-sites, it is supposed to be relating to “Random thoughts on Scots Law” not an educated version of the Green Brigade’

        • Steven brennan

          I think you have mistaken me for a catholic, I have no religion and have only posted what I Thought regarding your post.
          If you do refer to all as Mr / Mrs then I apologise, like you I jumped to a conclusion.
          Regarding the cardinal I sincerely hope the new Pope has the strength to deal with all that is rotten in his church including the cardinals ( plural)
          On a different note, Paul can only start the debate it is up to the contributors to take it on.
          There is most definitely a bias toward celtic but if you dont like it then dont read it. Their are plenty of posts on here that I gloss over if I dont like them.

        • Maggie

          @Violet Carson
          As you asked Violet,I’ll give you my views on Cardinal Napier :
          I condemn his views without reservation.They are abhorrent to
          me,as I’m sure they’re abhorrent to our new Pope.

          Hope this satisfies you Vi,though I have my doubts.

    • “Mr. Lennon is not an Irish Catholic, he is Northern Irish.”

      Is Neil Lennon Irish? Yes, he is.
      Is Neil Lennon Catholic? Yes, he is.

      Ergo Neil Lennon IS an Irish Catholic, and the views of a narrow-minded bigot like Violent Carson are immaterial.

      • Rab
        From Wiki:
        “A 2008 survey found that 57% of Protestants described themselves as British, while 32% identified as Northern Irish, 6% as Ulster and 4% as Irish. Compared to a similar survey carried out in 1998, this shows a fall in the percentage of Protestants identifying as British and Ulster, and a rise in those identifying as Northern Irish. The 2008 survey found that 61% of Catholics described themselves as Irish, with 25% identifying as Northern Irish, 8% as British and 1% as Ulster. These figures were largely unchanged from the 1998 results.”

        So even in self identification 39% of Northern Irish Catholics define themselves as other that Irish. Do we know if Mr Lennon is one of these after all he did play for NI. Your assumption that he is defines himself as Irish is borne out by probability, but my assumption that he is Northern Irish is based on the country of his birth and the country he played for and captained. (Incidentally, given the selection criteria
        for the Republic team it is possible that he might have been qualified for them and chose NI).

        I have no wish to pin any flag on him. I do not care about him, but you seem desperate to pin the Tricolour on him. I prefer a world where he manages Celtic and no one knows his religion nor assumes his national allegiance. If that makes me a small minded bigot then so be it.

        • Monti

          so be it it is then,but you are a bigot of that there is no doubt…remember WE ARE THE PAPAL!

          • Monti

            The word sad comes to mind. And if your final 4 capitalised words are not redolent of bigotry I don’t know what is. You will note that at no time have I promoted any religion except of course my beloved Spaghetti Monster, but you seem happy to shout PAPAL from the rooftops. This is a site about the law and should not be a forum for you or anyone else to promote religious views. Paul runs it, but he has opened it up to what he hopes is a cross section of views. All this one-sided religious nonsense diminishes that cross section. Soon, or so you hope, you will only have the like minded to debate with. It will look like one of those Rangers forums people on here abhor.

            I do not hail from the West and I have no love for RFC, but on here if one merely expresses a view that attempts to see the other side and falls short of ‘Rangers are scum and so are all connected with them’ one is called a bigot and catholic hater and grouped with those who sent parcels of hate to Mr Lennon.

            I was at Hampden on Sunday and was one of the few who stood and applauded St. Mirren when they received their trophy and with me were a number of members of my family. How many CFC supporters would stand and
            applaud RFC and vice versa. What many in Scotland cannot quite understand is that there is life outside RFC and CFC and outside the religious background in which they are respectively steeped. Some on here seem to have the sins of the past firmly to the forefront of their minds and ideas, the Battle of the Boyne, the Easter Rising, the partition of Ireland and so on. These are historical context they are not a philosophical basis for supporting a football club. In 1914
            a number of Hearts players volunteered for Service in the war, as did a number
            of players from other teams, but with Hearts it seemed like the whole team. No self respecting hearts’ supporter would wish to tarnish their memory by shouting about it at a football match. Would that CFC and RFC supporters thought the same way.

            • Monti

              And Many Irish Republicans fought for Britain at the Somme,but mention Irish republicanism & some on here give you a thumbs down before even reading,i am Catholic & Celtic and they are dominant parts of my life,I am also a father who is dedicated to family & work. I discriminate against no one,or their religion,their colour or what team they support. I enjoy engaging with people who attack the Catholic church or Celtic,that’s me. If people comment accurately & truthfully I will hold my hands up & not argue,if bigots spout their anti catholic,anti Celtic stuff,I will always argue,it’s right,it’s proper & I like it. I still think you are a bigot.

            • In response to your misty eyed view of the superior moral fibre of Hearts fans consider this. After leaving the Scottish cup semi last May which Hearts won in the last minute. In order to get home I had to walk past the end where the Hearts fans were situated. I live about half a mile from Hampden & the “whole” way home I was subjected to “Fenian bastard”, “peado”, “priests bum boy!” & had the back of my coat covered in spit, for good measure.
              I think your suffering from “pious wee team” syndrom

          • david

            In your mind only.
            Violet appears even-handed to me.
            Hows the weather today in the Falklands, you know, the place where you reside?

        • You actually brought it up Violet. Your assertion that you don’t care about his identity is patently untrue, judging by the size of your posts on the matter!

        • “I do not care about him, but you seem desperate to pin the Tricolour on him.”

          2 questions for you Violent:

          1. If you “do not care about him” then why bring his name into the thread?

          2. Wasn’t it YOU who went off on one on an earlier thread about the fact that Neil Lennon’s tracksuit has a Tricolour on the collar?

          Then we have “So even in self identification 39% of Northern Irish Catholics define themselves as other that Irish.” Yes, and the other 61% define themselves as Irish, so what’s your point exactly?

          I have spent more than half my life living outside the land of my birth, but I consider myself 100% Scottish. Not British, or “White Other” (as appears on so many forms,) but 100% Weegie and proud of the fact.

          As for your last sentence, it is much more than that which makes you a small-minded bigot; try reading back some of your own posts.

          • Maggie

            What is it with people and Neil Lennon’s training attire?
            I suggest that “Mr Lennon” avails himself of a “gentleman’s
            gentleman” to advise him on his dress code and to avoid any
            more wearing of tops in a “sectarian manner” with the collar
            Yes rab, this is a comment I saw on some vile Rangers’
            supporters’ site last year.
            I would no more read a Rangers’ supporters’ site than I would ever
            support their hideous, bigot ridden club,but someone posted a link
            to it on here.

            • @Maggie

              For all the “I’m a Hearts fan” shtick, VC did actually comment on NL’s apparel being somewhat “distasteful” to put it mildly, on a recent thread.

              I would read back & highlight it, but no way am I trawling through his/her drivel a 2nd time.

              Talking of “2nd times” I notice he/she has yet again gone silent in the face of a reasoned, logical challenge to the nonsense spouted by him/her. Wonder why?

      • Neil Lennon is a human being
        I’ve no religious beliefs but maybe those at the extreme ends should study Buddhism, in particular “The middle way” .
        I think this ideology was practiced with great success by the sfa,spl & sfl last year

    • Don’t current libel laws cover this.
      They’re protesting about previous incidences of police harassment.
      Glad to see you’re concerned about the wellbeing of the new leader of the R.C. Church.
      And I’m a Western Scotsman

  16. Paul,

    your post will take a little time for me to digest. The implications are huge, not just for publishers that most individuals would recognize as such but also for bloggers, those who comment and tweeters.

    My first thoughts are concerned with how all this started – the phone hacking scandal.

    Phone hacking by various news organisations or those working for them has rightly caused a degree of public outcry against it. No one wants their phone hacked, that at least is for sure.

    If there are ineffective laws to prevent it or at least prosecute those who do it then perhaps a simple answer would be to make better ones.

    Of course from time to time the police may find phone hacking a useful tool in preventing crime or even acts of terrorism. It seems clear to me that such powers could be granted by a court if evidence for its necessity was presented and accepted within a well designed framework.

    The phone hacking scandal may well turn out useful tool silence or at least limit opinion. I note that thus far nothing that is being proposed deals effectively with the initial problem.

    Under the proposals, is phone hacking less likely?

    • JimBhoy

      @Martin didn’t the police use phone hacking to catch the boys who sent Lennie et al the hoax bombs… What would happen if they guys got off with that and some other convicted, the cops have effectively infringed on the civil rights of a couple of guys off the street… Taking that precedent the feds can hack anyoes phones with the minimal of justification in the name of trying to put a case together for some made up crime…

      • JimBhoy

        I am in no way saying that crime was made up BTW, take the Green Brigade or any other group the feds believe are brewing up trouble can they hack the lead members phones thru some meagre justification… Where does it all end. I use the GB not knowing much about them but it being a contempory news example.

        • JimBhoy, I don’t think we will ever know the true extent of how much “listening in” Plod and other agencies indulge in. It is a fact though, that give them a power, and they will exert that power to the max, and in some cases beyond.
          In the case of hacking into the deluded bombers phones, I think that is more along the lines of identifying a John Doe, using dental records.
          They need to know who the John Doe’s dentist was, and the dental records merely confirm what was already known.
          To try to gain control over internet use, when, the press illegal hackings could have been prevented, simply by a voicemail PIN number is unbelievably flimsy. But it does go a long way in showing how much governments want that control.

      • I believe that the ‘hacking’ was done legally. As opposed to the newspaper stuff.

  17. The phone hacking scandal may well turn out to be a useful tool to silence…etc.

    Gawd I hate typing into this wee box.

  18. portpower

    I`m off to the shops for 2 cans of beans and a ball of string. Sign language will be made a compulsory subject at schools next(the kids will need it). It`s a pity shredding machines can`t be called to the stand.
    Mao Zedong wept.

  19. Marching on Together

    If this legislation is passed, then Paul you can kiss goodbye to your and many other blogs. As we have seen repeatedly, if legislation is intended to remedy an evil X, then the legislation is always drafted to stop X, plus to be on the safe side Y. The police then interpret it to cover X, Y & Z, and apply it in way that was never intended by Parliament (the use of anti-terror legislation to ‘police’ football fans is a classic example).

    Lawyers then advise their clients that to be on the safe side, you should not do X, Y, Z , A , B or C, and the professional complaining public start insisting that D, E and F should be covered as well.

    The current proposals, fuelled by a bunch of celebs and the rich and powerful, who want to keep the press muzzled, should be thrown in the bin.

    For a different perspective, try this:

    Sample: “Too many people on all sides have accepted the central myth of the entire post-phone hacking debate: that the UK press has been too free to run wild, and needs to be reined in or straitjacketed in some way. Their various proposals only differ on what form the new constraints should take. The truth is, however, that the British press is far from free or open enough, even before a new regulator is appointed to teach it a lesson. Press freedom and openness is already constrained by more than 50 different laws, and by a conformist culture of You Can’t Say That. We need to begin from the position that our society needs greater freedom of expression, not more formal and informal constraints on what can be said or read.”

  20. This is a sham. The “expert” journalist are not experts. Furthermore, they are retired and the group should have included present-day journalists. Bet your bottom dollar if Ruth Wishart and David Sinclair were young and still in the profession they would have fought this tooth and nail. After all, they fought everything else during their journalist career. Hypocrisy rules. It would be interesting to know what they are being for being “expert”.

    • ecojon


      I think a very accurate point on Sinclair & Wishart.

      I probably wouldn’t have picked wee Peter either and maybe gone for Bonnington or even better there are 2/3 ex journos who have qualified as solicitors and could have made a reasonable choice with a view on each side of the fence.

      I’ll need to check and see whether there’s a list of witnesses as it would be interesting to see who the panel spoke to.

      • Fra

        Didn’t Tommy Sheridan train as a solicitor. Now there would be a cat among the pigeons with him on the panel. Would be very interesting indeed.

  21. cam

    Have no fear of McLeveson legislation.One week of ploughing through mick’s comments will utterly defeat any attempt at blog control.
    I get the feeling that the various camps besieging Ibrox are wearying.It is becoming more difficult to keep the troops focused.
    A week of Papal blogs and an attempt to debate matters far more important than a 3rd division team, failed to capture the imagination.
    Comments have fallen sharply,there are mutterings of the “tax dodging cheats” being immortal.
    The mob with pitchforks are growing restless.Who can rally the troops for one more assault on the beautiful red brick facade?
    Chico is lying low,BDO are still analysing mick’s phone calls for tips on how to avoid triple dip recessions,big Tel is awaiting the call and the Vatican might be getting a call from Hectorius.
    Pesky tax collectors.

  22. Monti

    Off Topic: 10 years on since the illegal attack on the people of Iraq,tens & tens of thousands of INNOCENT Iraqi’s murdered,men,women & children murdered for a few barrels of oil! God bless those Iraqi families who suffered. The world is a better place without him,but not at the cost of INNOCENT people! An utter disgrace!

  23. cam

    With Benny’s retirement and Frankie’s appointment,the big news lately has been all things Papal and i must thank Paul,Henry Clarson,Willy Wonka and others for guiding me to the path of enlightment.
    The Vatican and it’s politics and behind the scenes activities are utterly fascinating.
    Worthy of a blog site all of it’s own.
    I am now an obsessed obsessive.I have Papal fixation disorder and it is itchy.

  24. cam

    By jingo,i wonder if this might go to a FTTT Italiano style.

    how do you feel old bhoy,having your namesake putting the Vatican in a fiscal squeeze?

  25. cam

    Three folk who won’t be sharing my large donner kebab,salad and sauce have their say.

  26. cam

    Just a thought,,,if due to non payment of tax and possible side letters with the Berlusconi chap,this could mean that the church fielded ineligible cardinals.
    Get Billy Nimmo in there,he will sort it out.
    Financial poping if ever i saw it!

  27. arb urns

    gosh cam what u been havin for paddys day. careful sir excomm from the lodge beckons. next u will be eating spinnach, brocoli and cabbage with yer stew. pea and ham soup for starter and mint ice cream for pood. washed down with a cup of green tea. smoked haddock before the rest and play days could also b on the menu and if yer obsessed obsessiveness obsesses ye’ll be in that walfrid restau afore the season ends.

    recom cannestan for yer thrushy bits if it gets too bad !!

  28. cam

    I think the itch may be due to the DNA implant from Illuminati HQ.
    I am now armed and fully trained for my next melon twisting extravaganza.
    I shall thole the itch,pain and suffering focuses the mind for the coming apocalypse.
    Carrots,strawberries,blueberries and plain ice cream for this busy Bear.

  29. timtim

    Beware of those implementing sledgehammer laws to crack the nut
    What I am seeing is totalitarianism that threatens us all in order to supress a very small minority.
    Could we have envisaged that the “land of the free” would pass a law that allows the state to imprison an individual without recourse to a lawyer ,without trial and without limit of time on the “suspicion” of involvement in terrorism. This is what the Patriot Act in the USA has done.
    Only North Korea can match them with that degree of dictatorship.

    The internet has given the people a voice, the cosy world where only the MSM was the voice of “truth” now has competition .
    What was once controlled has now been freed, the truth can now be
    communicated without approval from the director General of the BBC or the Editor of the Press and can reach thousands if not millions.
    The name of the game is control , controlling what people hear and read
    allowed the powerful to keep the people ignorant.
    Without the internet and people like Paul and RTC giving us the evidence
    then the passage of Rfc* into the SPL would have been unhindered, Chic and Traynor would explain to us what “really” happened and the majority would have swallowed it hook line and sinker and moved on to pastures new.
    The truth shall set us free and the truth is, that is the last thing those in power want.
    vive la revolution!

  30. Ed

    Noam Chomsky tells us that news output has been dominated by the message of the wealthy elite since the 1950s due to the power of the advertising dollar. In addition, the public agenda is being set by right wing “think tanks” who are saturated with cash from mega wealthy individuals (such as the Koch Brothers in the US who have spent $60m on groups denying climate change).
    The message of these people is one of rampant consumerism and the subjugation of the innate human traits of compassion and community and protection of our environment. How else can you explain our supine acceptance of the bailout of the banking billionaires or, more locally, our acceptance of 33% of kids in Glasgow living in poverty (over 50% in some wards in the east end).
    The greatest challenge to the hegemony of the wealthy is the new media and that is why they are seeking means of censorship and control. There must be protections against libel and trolling and stalking of course, but what Roy Greenslade describes as the horizontal new media is a bright new future for all of us and we should defend it with all of our might.

    • Marching on Together

      Chomsky is a lying f*ckwit.

      As for $60 million spent by the bogey men of the American left, that is a fraction of the $150 billion and counting spent by the state controlled apparatus world-wide to brainwash us all into believing it is as they say on global warming..

      • Your assessment of Chomsky is childish. Chomsky says nothing new, but he provides us with a level of detail that enhances our understanding that the only genuine concerns of the powerful is to maintain their power.

        • Marching on Together

          Try reading, for example, “The Anti-Chomsky Reader” by Collier & Horowitz, which details Chomsky’s fraud and mendacity in various areas. My assessment of Chomsky was not childish, but was highly accurate. He is not worthy of any more detailed refutation.

          • dan

            As a big fan of Chomsky I would love to hear your detailed refutation. Let’s start with ‘Failed States’, where was the mendacity in that? Or maybe we could try ‘Hegemony or Survival’, as I found that particularly convincing. And I’ll tell you what, rather than ask for a detailed rebuttal I’ll let you off with just stating the premise of either work and telling where it is fallacious.

            • Maggie

              You are SO the man,dan. Go’n yursell,get him telt.
              Noam Chomsky rocks,he’s my older man crush 🙂

      • Scots

        can only laugh at that really

        • Maggie

          Yeah me too !!!!!!
          God I just love that last line “He’s nor worthy of any more detailed
          refutation” Oh the arrogance…..
          I was going to post more,but you know what,why even enter a
          debate someone who actually posted that comment.

          • Maggie

            Just heard,Prof Chomsky retreated to his office at M.I.T.
            to cry, as he’s devastated that some two bob commenter on
            a blog based in Scotland thinks ” he’s not worthy of refutation.”

            That fair made my evening yesterday.The self reverential comments
            of some people on this blog give me a better laugh than,well,nearly
            everything Chico Green and Fat Sally come out with.
            Oh,OK “I did lie to you” nothing’s funnier than the Chico and Sally

      • FairBairn

        I have only seen Noam Chomsky on ‘You Tube’. He seems to me to be a decent thoughtful person.

      • MOT,
        Chomsky has many detractors, with most of them missing the point, agenda led, or just basically right wing neo-con idealists.

        When did this ‘state controlled apparatus’ start spending its money, because I remember the early 90s and before when the western governments all opposed GW theory, and subsequently CC science?

        I find your $150 billion figure difficult to believe – any source to link?

        • Marching on Together

          The point about Chomsky is that too many agit-prop left wingers are willing to throw his name into a debate in the expectation that everyone else will go whooooo, Chomsky, you cited his name so your argument must be correct, without any real understanding of the man or what he stands for.

          By state controlled apparatus, I mean the governments of the world together with all the bodies funded by or controlled by them, from at least the 1992 Rio UN conference.

  31. Late entry ! Congratulations to Budweiser for the Cup win great game and comiserations to the lovely , articulate and intelligent violet .

  32. arb urns

    @ecoj @9.59

    agree hardly a collection of thoroughly modern millies. must be so frustrating to be young having yer starting time on here *ucked up by a bunch of *ankers. now its proposed some real ‘success stories’ are to sit in a room stare at eleanor rigbys jar and ‘rain on the freedom and expression parade’.

    probably tell us its totally unreasonable to expect to be able to see how an opinion can be constructed at a tier tax tribunal and how one person can write two pages more than two people together in reaching their opinion and what think you can debate it in an open forum !!! preposterous………

    or how an independant commission can construct a verdict out of sticky black plastic and cardboard and conjoin registration and elligibilty as if they had been having an affair since ‘man walked out of africa’.

    ruth wisharts ‘ gulag archipeligo’ has a ring methinks…..

  33. Raymilland

    Oh what a tangled web we weave, when first we practice to deceive! (

    The latest unconstrained report:

    Rangers chief executive Charles Green has argued his club should be promoted into the second tier of Scottish football if a new 12-12-18 structure follows their inevitable Irn-Bru Third Division title triumph.

    Latest comment from Charles Green:

    “We obviously support the creation of a single league body as anything that can be done to streamline the byzantine structures of Scottish football should be welcomed.”

    “My rationale is that when Rangers are promoted, the lowest league will return to where it was in terms of revenue generation. A Rangers Colts team would add value to the league and other clubs would see their home gates enhanced significantly by Rangers fans, particularly those who lived locally.”

    “I would also be prepared to guarantee other clubs (in a new bottom tier with colt team included) the ticket revenue equivalent of 300 Rangers fans turning up for matches.”

    “The SFL has shown real leadership in proposing this initiative although it should be pointed out that this was not the result of lobbying from this Club. This is an SFL initiative and is genuinely practical in that it would result in bringing much needed additional income to the game.”



    Of, relating to, or characterized by intrigue; scheming or devious: ‘a fine hand for Byzantine deals and cozy arrangements’.

    Mr. Green & Mr. Longmuir are as snug as a bug in a byzantine rug
    (and that ain’t no idle gossip).

  34. Paul

    Doesn’t the “Offensive Behaviour” bill already allow for extra-territorial prosecution?

    “10 Sections 1(1) and 6(1): offences outside Scotland

    (2) As well as applying to anything done in Scotland by any person, section 6(1) also applies to a communication made by a person from outside Scotland if the person intends the material communicated to be read, looked at, watched or listened to primarily in Scotland.”

    Did mean to raise this at the time, as surely it means that if I were to post/tweet something to my brother-in-law or niece (both TRFC supporters & resident “up the road”) that others may find offensive I could be prosecuted (I don’t currently live in God’s country)?

  35. cam

    In other news,,,,
    Colleagues of mine in the bio-science dept at NASA have been studying the soil samples collected by the Curiosity rover and have noticed methane emissions peaking in a not so random fashion.
    On closer inspection,these peaks seem to have occurred during tea breaks where my colleagues were perusing the latest bulletins from Random Thoughts.
    Linguists,Theologians and politicians have been drafted in and it appears that we may be witnessing First Contact with a primitive life form that apparently communicates by talking out of it’s arse.
    When exposed to works of Shakespeare,Dickens,Whitman and David Leggatt there seems to be no reaction,but when debate regards Gratuitous Alienation and the Market Cap takes place the samples kick into action.
    A safe environment in Antartica is being prepared for exposing the samples to the musings of Phil MacG.
    A different reaction apparently occurs when exposed to micks posts and peaks of pheromones are detected instead.
    It would appear that the life form would like to have micks babies.
    Ok,over to you Lord McCluskey.

    • Raymilland


      A football club with a gestation period of one season; a helpless embryo, which climbs from the bottom tier to the nipples; there it grabs on with its mouth and continues to develop, often for weeks or months depending on the species.

      Some species exhibit over ambition and fly the coop prematurely.

    • arb urns

      u in an ‘incubation period ‘ or summit cam ?

      • cam

        Only a few more melons left to twist then i can count my skulls like trophies.
        Once the Craigie boy is in bracelets,the BDO great white hope has gone and some sweetie wives who like to obtain confidential info and speculate upon it(allegedly) are dealt with then it is game over.
        I may host my own site where fellow obsessives can fixate upon Vatican intrigues,the tax affairs of major Celtic shareholders,novel methods of disposing of 30,000 green seats and the fascinating machinations of Glasgow City Council.

        • arb urns

          u can do it all from the safe offshore haven of ‘camersay’ cam to be outside these ‘mcleveson’ guys. mrs cam could open a wee tea and crafts shoppy
          and u run yer blog in the kilnhouse out back as ye mould and fire the ‘charles green memorial mug’ furra punters.

          Cam BamPottery sounds an appro name dont ye think.

          Bear Tea with a slice of Twisted Melon Cake please waiter.

  36. Ed

    Further to previous comments, is Chico Green keeping out of the public eye because he has run out of whoppers? Have the tales of £100m turnover and profitability outside the top league finally stretched the plausibility of the true blue/Green believers? How long before we see the lit torches pursuing Chico like in the old Frankenstein movie? Or maybe Charles is in Rome drumming up support from the Vatican RFC supporters club (well there are 500m worldwide). Come back Charles – we miss you.

  37. mcfc

    HURRAH – Charles is alive and well and living in dreamland – as he offers the SPL/SFL community the opportunity to demonstrate craven cowardice and overt corruption whilst destroying any myth of Scottish football integrity in one deft move. Promote The Rangers now !!!! Why wait for next season – they’ve already won the league – soo do it now so they can spread their largesse far and wide – then bugger of to England at the first chance – you know it makes sense.!!!

    • cam

      A noble attempt to get the blog onto proven ground my fine friend from Madchester,but the armies are no longer necessary now that the battle is over and the zombies have won.
      The knights of the Orange table have jousted well in defence of Hunalot and the enemy are vanquished.
      Pubs are issuing banning orders for the local bores who attempts to debate the finer points of tax law,TUPE,articles of association and newco/oldco.
      Soon now you will be issued with your demob suit and be given travel expenses to allow you to return to debate the economic insanity of the EPL and the gruesome Manc twosome.
      The Glazers novel methods of financial hide the pea are worthy of your attention.
      You may stand down.

      • mcfc


        Not so fast my man – desperate words from a desperate Green – Admin II beckons – no season ticket price increase – no bear interest in 18 home games against plumbers – no miracle transfers to improve performance – no professional manager to replace the confused one – no escaping basic arithmetic – no escaping Scotland – Charles will crash the new train before HMRC UTT have the chance. Enjoy !

  38. cam

    I must congratulate Strathclydes finest on their adept handling of that bunch of masked Ultras who obviously are suffering some form of attention deficit syndrome.
    Anyone who feels the need to hide their faces and conceal their identity,is always worth challenging and exposing.
    Illegal marches which cause alarm and disruption are subject to the laws of the land and i do hope that the masked crusaders managed to control their bladders this time.

    • mcfc


      That guy from Singapore – did he get paid. Or is he hanging on until TRFC are insolvent – the winding up order will have more effect then. Maybe he’d prefer to teach Charles a lesson he won’t forget – rather than battle for the £400K – which after all is peanuts to him.

      • cam

        Latex masks to disguise the players as Messi,Best,Beckenbauer etc will keep the fans happy.
        50,000 mad Bears shouting abuse at plumbers and taxi drivers sounds like a good day out.
        RFC cannot go bust,,,it isn’t allowed under Scots Law.
        The Singapore guy can sling his hook and the only winding up taking place will be the Bears laughing at Lenny next season.

        • arb urns

          “RFC cannot go bust,,,it isn’t allowed under Scots Law”

          b hell cam hav ye missed the first one…… this is like in the movies… u know….jaws 11…. return of the ….. rocky returns…… hector returns….
          RFCIL the sequel…. theres’ loads more….. THE UNRISING starring jabba the phut.

    • Steven brennan

      Tell us your real name then!

  39. mcfc


    being asleep dreaming sweet dreams won’t stop the train crash.- but keep the snoring down – others are still awake.

    • Ed

      Charles is keekin’ his pants as we used to say in Paisley. How much is the cash down to now? If it is still £22m Mr Stockbridge then you need to take that plastic bit off the display on your calculator.
      Rangers can’t afford another season in the wilderness. Pissin’ about with the valuation of the brand or the heritable assets disnae create cashflow.
      Big ‘ands thought he’d make an easy killing but it aint working out according to plan. At least he still gets his £7k per week plus benefits for a bit longer.

    • cam

      ‘Tis our train set,if we crash it then others can put their carriages in mothballs as there won’t be enough passengers for them.
      All attempts at derailment by vandals have failed and the Great Title robbers were left greeting on the platform.
      Choo choo

  40. mcfc

    Even dishes best served cold require some preparation.So, if I was an inscrutable Singaporean gentleman with an axe to grind and a £400K invoice unpaid, I’d be asking myself “when’s the best time to start the winding up order?” My rough estimates might look like something like this:
    A = balance at start of year
    B = season ticket sales
    C = Puma + BlackThorn + Sports Direct revenue for the period
    W = football debt payments
    X = negative cash flow @ £1m/month
    Y = capital expenditure on repairs and capital ventures minus new revenue generated
    Z = transfer spend and annual salary bill change.

    Maybe May 2013 – before the season ticket money comes in.
    A B C W X Y Z balance
    best case 21 0 1 3 5 1 0 13
    probable case 21 0 1 3 5 2 0 12
    worst case 21 0 1 3 5 3 0 11
    Conclusion: No – too soon.

    Maybe September 2013 – just after transfer commitments
    A B C W X Y Z balance
    best case 21 9 3 3 9 2 0 19
    probable case 21 7 2 3 9 4 5 9
    worst case 21 5 1 3 9 6 10 -1
    Conclusion: No – too soon.

    Maybe November 2013 – before Green can cash out.
    A B C W X Y Z balance
    best case 21 9 4 3 11 4 0 16
    probable case 21 7 3 3 11 6 5 6
    worst case 21 5 2 3 9 6 10 0
    Conclusion: Yes – probably collapse the share price – worth a punt

    Maybe May 2014 – before season ticket sales
    A B C W X Y Z balance
    best case 21 9 5 3 17 5 0 10
    probable case 21 7 4 3 17 7 5 0
    worst case 21 5 3 3 17 9 10 -10
    Conclusion: Very good chance of club administration – but it’s personal with Green

    So let’s go for November 2013 then !

    • cam

      This voodoo style economics has been tried by RTC.
      What you and others fail to comprehend is,Glasgow Rangers are indestructible.
      All normal laws don’t apply.We exist due to the will of the people.
      You may as well use the Greek alphabet for we are Alpha and Omega,there are none Beta,forget all that Pi gate, cos we don’t care one Iota.

      • mick

        Glasgow Rangers are indestructible.pmsl they died its a spiv op in div3 tributing what a zombie cam is proving to be with no fast track sevco are dommed to go 2 admin2 this is reality bleeding 1 mil a month with spl set up and wages and struture green forgot about fan power the “diddies” they will mobilise agian the sevco product is the most disliked sports product on earth its hated and tainted and the fact there has been no contrition any shape or form for there old co actions then there is no way they should be allowed back also the a&e in glasgow is enjoying the break from the mayhem inflicted on celtic fans by permarage violent bigoted rangers a hope they die twice and any football fan feels the same cover up and white wash after cover up and white wash has enbedded a nationial hatred of them sevco rot in hell thats what a say the whole kabal is in over drive to get them back as every1 knows there doomed even if they did get back in 3 year they will be the spl joke team and struggle as they are skint with no talent doomed to fail

      • mick

        RTC is safe and so is his sources stv are on the lamb and throw out the last year have nailed the product to the sinking sevco mass hail hail and the sevco ship is taking in water at a pace they cant handle so its a sinking ship but hay dont mention it go after rtc that will keep the zombies happy

    • mick

      @mcfc well done with the predictions nov. seems right as they are starting to drift just now from the bigotdome (ibrokes) greens only in the paper and on the telly wanting prmo for his own gain his perks on winning league and moving up are his own aims for personal wealth the fans are waist deep head first in sand fools the lot of them and the joke of sport for supporting a team that is cloned out of the worlds most cheating football club provan via the LNS and guilty verdict and fine a white wash if ever there was 1

  41. dan

    Just listening to Superboreboard there with DJ and Mark Baddy. You could scarcely make it up. We’ve just to forget Oldco’s crimes and let them back into the Premier League. DJ actually said Oldco had been ‘found innocent’ of everything. One poor guy came on and valiantly tried to put the case against Oldco being fast-tracked, but he was told that his ‘attitude’ was what was wrong with Scottish football–honestly they actually said that.

    Now, far from being angry by this demand for double think, I welcome it. For if anything tells us what the true state of affairs at IOUbrox actually is, it’s this: they’re f-cking desperate. I mean, you would think with Jabba and Longmuir on board they would have armed their lackeys in the media with an argument that was at least a tad sophisticated. But just to say they have to be fast tracked because the have to be fast tracked, really won’t do. I think fans of all clubs should be watching developments very carefully. For if they get fast tracked, then we will have a league that is officially corrupt. We Celtic fans won’t even be able to wallow in our paranoia any more as the graft will be too, too open to allow us our little pleasures.

    Let’s hope FIFA are watching, as I understand their rules prohibit promotion on grounds other than merit.

    ps and doesn’t Francis 1st make your heart beat with pride and fill you full of hope for the future? God bless you Holy Father.

    • Monti

      Perfectly put Dan, they are a disgrace,then,now & always will be…..GOD BLESS THE POPE!

    • Raymilland

      Clyde 1’s superscare bored has no credibility; it’s a soapbox for the self preservation society.

      The skewed logic of their propaganda machine is to constantly deride the calibre of football in Scotland; while bleating of falling attendances; their remedy is all too simple; allow TRFC to leapfrog their way back to the top.

      The bending over backwards to accommodate TRFC is the core issue; the public has absolutely no confidence in the way the sport is being run. The aftershock from a decade of malpractice by directors at Ibrox will reverberate for years to come; the damage is not solely felt in Govan. It is now time to restore credibility of the sport; which is the only selling point to the paying customer

      Setting aside TV deals and sponsorship; the need to attract football supporters back through the turnstiles is fundamental to the stability of every club. That will only happen if it can be shown to be a level playing field for every club.

      To fast track TRFC would completely isolate fans and result in ghost town stadia around the country; except of course for one particular stadium in Govan. The office bearers at Hampden need to consider whether that’s a price worth paying?

      Your local radio ‘football phone in’ also needs customers; I say; let the feckers speak to themselves.

  42. It’s inevitable that censorship of t’internet is going to happen, IMO.

    Whilst the Chinese are currently not too subtle about employing armies of people to actively censor Chinese users’ access, Western politicians will try to be cute, whilst of course, saying that freedom of speech will be upheld, blah, blah, blah.

    In the last year we also had in the USA an attempt to bring in censorship ‘under the radar’ via the SOPA & PIPA Acts. Those complaining indicated that, for example, the police could ‘arbitrarily’ take down internet content – like videos posted on Youtube about ‘Gallowgategate’ last Saturday.

    Also, in December via a UN Agency, the International Telecommunications Union, member states are looking to implement censorship which can be applied globally. Naturally, countries like China and Russia are quite keen. And whilst the UK & USA will publically denounce such ideas, these governments will use and abuse the powers to serve their own purposes – like using and abusing Anti-terror legislation to snoop on people for relatively trivial reasons, or as a general ‘catch-all’ response to justify unreasonable behaviour by the authorities.

    The politicians have always controlled/influenced the established MSM, but they are desperate, IMO, to control all these Internet Bampots. 😉

    • Bang on Stevie, they won’t be happy until a WWW, MSM, is all that is available, and a law is passed giving them the right to kick in your door because you have “read something”,

  43. mick

    the bampots are well on to them them being the thiefs at the banks and board members that abuse there position but rather than gather evidence of the mih and hbos coniving to con millions via sport they go after the man who mentioned tax being rtc this country is backwards and is a police state were the handshake crew pull the strings in media law and every other department you can imagine its a man or women reporting the biggest sporting tax scandal which is halftime in terms of win or lose (at the upper )
    what does our police do investigate the whistle blower and no1 reporter on it sick or what ,was todays announcment to stop charllotte 18 being investigated held at the britsh virgin islands theres lots to this and we are only scraching the surface it gos back decades hail hail and keep the faith the more we mention that we are not going to sit back and turn a blind eye the more desperate they become just listen to green and the msm there desperate and know admin2 is reality the police are wanting a riot the way they handled saturday was sick they were gutted the kids dident lash out baying for your kids blood thats what was provan on saturday the internet has exposed them and there media spin makes them look backwards and daft

    • cam

      Police did a great job keeping the rabble under control.The public can go about their business without their day being ruined by mask wearing Ultras.

  44. mick

    the justice man in the snp is a ex holigian himself hes the last person you would want in charge of justice weather found guilty or not guilty this man is a thug and how he holds high office is a joke

    • david

      What is a “holigian” ?

      Not half as bad as a certain ex-Glasgow Lord Provost who was jailed for robbing pensioners and tying them up.
      Was also frequently seen at Parkhead.

  45. mick

    The Scottish National Party is playing down the arrest of a senior politician before the England versus Scotland Euro 2000 match at Wembley stadium.

    Kenny MacAskill, an MSP and the party’s transport and environment spokesman, was held on suspicion of being drunk and disorderly.

    He spent the entire duration of the match, which Scotland won 1-0 but lost on aggregate, in the cells after being apprehended by the Metropolitan Police.

    There are no hard feelings and the incident is closed
    Kenny MacAskill
    The Lothians region MSP was neither charged nor formally cautioned by officers and the party said for that reason he was not being disciplined.

    Mr MacAskill, who is a lawyer, has issued a statement, in which he said: “There was a simple misunderstanding on the way to the ground.

    ‘It won’t put me off’

    “I was neither cautioned nor charged and was released as soon as the match was over.

    “I was really fed up going all the way to Wembley and missing the famous victory, but it won’t put me off going to future games.”

    Mr MacAskill: “Slightly boisterous”
    He added: “I appreciate of course that the police were being extra-vigilant in their approach to the Wembley match. There are no hard feelings and the incident is closed.”

    Publicity vice-convener Nichola Sturgeon, MSP, said: “The SNP expects high standards but Kenny MacAskill hasn’t breached any rules.

    “What we have here is a simple misunderstanding. Kenny wasn’t charged or cautioned, he wasn’t even warned. I is not guilty of anything.

    “I think in the circumstances the matter should really be drawn to a close.”

    ‘No incident’

    SNP business manager in the Scottish Parliament Mike Russell said: “As far as the party is concerned there is no caution, no charge and no incident.”

    The MSP is a keen member of the Tartan Army and was on his way to the fixture which England won 2-1 on aggregate, with another SNP member, Bruce Crawford.

    Scotland lost on aggregate
    A colleague said Mr MacAskill, 41, had been “slightly boisterous”.

    It was understood that the incident took place close to the stadium.

    Mr MacAskill was asked to go the police station but rejoined his travelling companions soon after the final whistle.

    He was told of the Scotland goal by a police officer while he was being detained.

    ‘The great Satan’

    Alongside his political and legal duties, Mr MacAskill, who is married with two children, has part share of a bar in the Estonian capital Tallinn.

    He once jokingly referred to the England football team as “the great Satan” during a party conference speech.

    The MSP is a member of the Scottish Football Association’s travel club and a regular at Scotland away fixtures, often organising overseas trips for fellow members.

    He has been one of the party’s most effective front bench performers in the early days of the Scottish Parliament and has been tipped as a future leader.

    Most recently he subjected Scottish Transport Minister Sarah Boyack to a robust attack over her proposals for Scotland.

    He has been viewed as coming from the “fundamentalist” wing of the party which has been critical of leader Alex Salmond’s “gradualist” approach to independence.

    for a man to go to london and get the jail is sick a have never in my life been nicked by oldbill in my life at a match or round about 1 this geezer is a nutter and a thug the met are very liberial in policing and would only lock you up if you were deemed a danger to others or yourself am a builder and have never been nicked at a match something the justice minister cant say hes a clown and a joke

  46. JimBhoy

    Longmuir – credibility lost… Like the other 2 eejits.

    Polis cost you and I a fortune at the weekend,

    Chico backs up what Turnbull Hutton said last week, longmuir in bed wi Rangers..Put us in mid division we will bribe the lower division with colt team revenue…

    Why did longmuir give out the League cup medals versus 2 spl clubs IMO the other 2 were at interviews… I hope…

    Old sticklebricks is right corruption rife but he deflects the truth bringing in the names of vague journalist who we all know cannot print one iota of truth based on proper investigation..

    rangers should not be in the mid division because that game i witnessed on Saturday showed me they are a fekin Junior team at best. I watched under 14’s in the morn, rangers and then 2 Glasgow juniors play in the afternoon and the rangers game was the worst by far… Had a beer wi 4 of my rangers pals saturday night and 2 were glad their bowling club couldn’t get the game, one gave up supporting last season and one switched over to watch Everton..

    If rangers do get up a league they will be mid table for a couple of seasons from what I see and they cannot afford anything else

    • Budweiser


      Why Longmuir?
      It’s an sfl cup.

      • JimBhoy

        @Bud Ah suppose, always thought it was a League cup, maybe hung up on the 2 teams playing who were from SPL..He was cringeworthy regardless.. Makes a mockery of a league cup with 2 separate leagues…. Will it get better, will it fuk..!!!

        • Budweiser


          That was why last year Longmuir was able to declare , that no matter the result of the ebt/ hmrc case or Nimmo Smith commission, rangers would not be ‘stripped ‘ of League cups.

        • Budweiser


          According to some sources,Longmuir was trying desperately to arrange ‘a lunch’ between chico and lawell recently. what was he trying to achieve? – a meeting of minds? It could only be to engineer another stitch – up to the benefit of rangers imo. What in earth has Longmuir got to do with anything connected to the SPL?
          Thanks to you and all others for their congrats and good wishes.

      • JimBhoy

        And well done fella…. Well deserved couple of near misses but the best team won imo…

  47. JimBhoy

    Did i see a new rangers top with their sponsor, was it on the back of the shirt…Eh!!! Why no badge at the front showing their new top from Puma and their sponsors…. MMMM Fekin weird after they announced this weeks ago….No Bears raising that question? Was I mistaken..? Orange away top coming soon???

  48. JimBhoy

    This is JimBhoy’s Dog Jinky blogging, no need to have opposable thumbs, I like ipad keyboards better, however, proper general legal censorship of tinternet/ blogs etc will be impossible..If they push for this they would be as well taking 10% of everyone’s bank account in the UK just to pay for heating the courts..

    Army of censors 24×7 putting potential cases to the feds and lawyers when we have internet cafes, hotspots, shared pcs and other devices thru every house in scotland, jinky is typing this now, on web cam on this time stamp, prove NOT!

    JimBhoy’s boy found his ipad was being used for FB abuse by the his boy’s pal when he stayed over, the ipad is JimBhoys, who gets prosecuted, how is that proved..Waste of court time..

    Alex salmond worries me, apparently a bit of a bully but i have fuk all confidence in anything he does, i hate politics generally, this is Jinky and JimBhoy says wars are the games of the politicians esp after we both watched that program last night on afghanistan and i had my eye on an afghanistan hound albeit I don’t like hairy bitches..

    JimBhoy taking me for a walk, woohoo, ah sh!t throwing me out the back garden…JimBhoy look fwd to yellow grass in the summer..

  49. cam

    Another lovely morning brings the joyous news that the sneaky little mole in the big tax hole is a wanted person.
    Strathclyde’s finest and their electronic squad will be giving some folk their very own squeaky bum time and i’m loving every minute of it.
    If a very serious crime has indeed been committed then hopefully the full weight of the legal system will be brought to Bear upon the sweetie wife.
    As we all know if you use your leak confidential info it should mean that your works pension goes straight oot the same window as your sleekit little backside.
    Mr Dallas sent a cheap little e-mail,using his employers computers and got the heave ho and a Mr Kearney of the Catholic press office was very vocal.
    Don’t seem to be hearing too much from the bold Peter in these days of crisis.Probably thinks that battening down the hatches and waiting for the storm to die down is best.
    C’mon the polis.
    I wonder if the investigation Bears fruit and the tax info that was leaked might result in Orwell,schmorwell moments?

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