“For The Greater Glory of God” – Well Worth Reading

My good friend Martin is a writer whose blog I have recommended before.

Yesterday he discussed the election of Pope Francis.

His piece starts:-

“East Kilbride Bus Station isn’t really the sort of place where one would usually expect to undergo a life-changing experience, but I suppose it was good a location in which to learn that one’s Pope is now an Argentinian Jesuit as any other.”

I highly commend his piece, which can be read in full on Martin’s blog here.

I can also acknowledge that his predictions about the “Brito-centric” coverage have been spot on.

The scene of Martin's life-changing experience

The scene of Martin’s life-changing experience





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12 responses to ““For The Greater Glory of God” – Well Worth Reading

  1. Monti

    Excellent piece Martin & thanks for bringing it to our attention, when Francis I appeared on the balcony, i immediately sensed a calmness & power eminating from the man, i believe he will bring people together through his work & develop the Church & it’s standing in the world. It has been an inspired selection by the conclave & will empower the church through stability. God bless the Pope & Argentina!

  2. bignic

    Thanks for sharing Paul. Great writing Martin

  3. Almost agree Carson – you left a country out……
    God bless the people of Ireland, Scotland, Wales, England, The Malvinas and Argentina

  4. Budweiser


  5. Paddy Malarkey

    What about the people of Northern Ireland , Carson ? Remember it is Great Britain AND Northern Ireland .

    • Ah Paddy! You’re just trying to stir up trouble.

      Everybody knows the Huns are British, so adding ‘Norn Iron’ is superfluous.

      Gawd Bless her Queeness Elizabeth 2.


  6. Monti

    And may god bless the Tax payers & those who smite the EBT’S……

  7. Joseph

    Thanks Paul. Great read. I just love this Pope.

  8. yakutsuki

    Prayers needed for sensitive souls that get upset by TDs. Note: If you sow thorns in life, don’t expect to reap roses.

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