Carson’s Thoughts on League Reconstruction

Carson posted this yesterday.

Bizarrely the plans for reconstruction might unite fans of all teams – on the basis that everyone thinks they are rubbish!

And, as an aside, people will have noticed the Albion Rovers influence on the glorious result for Annan Athletic at the weekend? Jim Chapman, the manager, is a former Rovers player and manager!


And as a second aside, Carson found a couple of posts in moderation yesterday, but not through censorship of conflicting views, but through use of a couple of words which failed to pass thru the filters.

Now, Carson, the floor is yours.


In reference to those seeking league reconstruction , one thing sticks out , before the mighty Rangers had their financial troubles there was no mention of reconstruction , it seemed to be a wee sweetener for the sfl clubs to shoe horn Rangers into div 1 with sanctions , correct ?

But the Rangers fans would not buy season tickets on the back of this stitch up , correct ?


And the sfl clubs to their credit said Rangers should go to div 3 , it was not the spl clubs as some are saying but the sfl clubs and Rangers fans who wanted Rangers in div 3 , then the brown smelly stuff hit the fan !!!!


Over the broadcasting Deal , sponsorship deal etc.

IF note IF the spl and its member clubs are in such a good state why reconstruct ?

If Rangers are in such a bad state why are some spl players breaking ranks to say the would like the big club in the top tier ?

Everyday on these blogs Rangers affairs are open to scrutiny but let’s look at the top tiers clubs , let’s scrutinise their finances and their ”attendances”.

I firmly believe it’s down to bewilderment that the mighty Rangers have the best attendances in Scotland , 22million in the bank , new kit and shirt sponsorship and are getting stronger by the day ….. but next season will be a massive struggle for some clubs in the burst ba’ top tier .

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246 responses to “Carson’s Thoughts on League Reconstruction

  1. mick

    love not hate that is the message he gave to the world

  2. Carson,

    Bravo! Good to see you put your views across.

  3. mick

    were is carson a cant believe we had a article by him and hes failed to show

    • cam

      The guys at the lodge have tied him up in front of a telly and are making him watch the 6-2 game as punishment for getting a thumbs up in here.

      • mick

        Cam you think he would make an appearance it’s the first time both cfc and rfc have agreed in a year of articles it’s unite for Glasgow to oust the sfa spl and sfl leaders once this happens we can get back to our slagging each other who would you like to see in there place ???

        • cam

          I know that Turnbull Hutton(great name) is a popular choice but one swallow doesn’t make a summer.
          Many known fitba men wouldn’t want to become administrators of the game and it would be difficult to just ditch the three musketeers and bring in new officials.
          Possibly get the current chairmen of all the clubs to hold a conclave and vote in a new Papa of Scottish football.

  4. Not long ago there was an article in the paper by Bobby Clark talking about his Scottish debut against Holland ,the msm slated Scottland for a 0-0 result against a “2nd rate footballing nation ” ,this was 1968 & 3 years later Ajax were sweeping up Europe with total football. 40 years have passed and the sfa have never come close to a programme for talent nurturing.

    The game is dead and has been for some years ,okay afc had a good squad in the early 80’s but by playing the Liverpool “British” way , primarly Brawn over skill, yes there are some talented players but hardly any of our teams ,including England ,has a squad that is comfortable on the ball with either foot.

    We should be moving the debate away from the fixation of what rfc are up to and focus on what is good for the game , 38 teams for a population of 5m half the league for starters.

    • cam

      100% agreed.but remember this is not a football forum although today it appears to be.
      This is a site dedicated to the legal aspects of topics that interest the host, big Pauly.
      The fact that the troubles of RFC involve many areas of law such as,company law,corporate,insolvency,the origins of pies,having two names,wilful misuse of a shredder,financial markets,legal entities,crimes against football,spelling and punctuation,employment law,racism,sectarianism,talking pish,space exploration,time travel,existentialism,misogynism,intellectual copyright,heritable assets,voodoo economics,laughing inappropriately and speaking ill of the dead.
      Now if you are still with me and aren’t looking for the first available exit,can i ask you,how do you eat your cream eggs?

      • Thought I posted on Carson’s blog on reconstruction , may have been long winded but my response was that we have too many teams in the league set up for the size of our nation ,my opinion is that the SFA & SFL must start to promote talent and distribute funds wisely this only can be done with reducing the mouths to feed .

        My cream eggs are eaten in one bite ,but up hear in the north east we couldn’t care less for colour ,creed or race , you could be purple with brown spots and be a Jedi, I couldn’t careless , on the other hand if your a fool , well that is a different story.

  5. No way I got mention ! Ya dancer ! Just in from work and I nearly missed my big moment , typical ! I would just like to thank her majesty the queen , the Dali lama , the chief rabbi , the grand antler bearer and the new pope for their encouragement and best wishes , it’s been a hard slog but now people are seeing the light that the esspeehell is indeed a burst ba and the next few years will be very trying I’m glad I could help , once again to you all thank you from the bottom tier , sorry of my swinging brick ! PS in moderation TWICE yesterday but some can come on and slag people off with sectarian slurs and nothing , maybe I’m just paranoid .

    • mick

      Hi Carson your the man and after ten al post a vid for you lol are you and cam up for doing a petition online for rangers fans for change at the top all the proposals are self interest for them to get big wages and con the fans more rfc must stand with the rest to get this to happen its time for change and it’s best rfc come on board and would lead to yous getting a good deal out it

      • cam

        Don’t want any deals out of it mick,just sack them!
        The shenannigans in the summer should have seen Regan in a taxi.
        I would make Doncaster walk home.

        • mick

          Th fans that are active in outing them would like rfc on board it’s vital yous have a voice in to feel part of it there out to fleece us more colt teams is final straw

    • mick

      Rad the article full you were in admin for certain words paul wrote

    • cam

      Paul is a forgiving hate filled, rhabid ,frickin son of a *@*&

      • mick

        Forget the banter what can rfc offer to oust the muppets that have killed oldco they knew about whyte being skint we can get back to our slagging matches 1s there gone

        • cam

          RFC don’t have any say as an associate member mick.

          • mick

            Yes but the fans do that’s how much they have done to yous the 5way agreement is a joke yous are worth more than that it’s time to get these ideots out as credit the other fans could ask for full membership were the consumers of the product it’s up to us if we don’t bicker we could make great changes

        • Mick, Jascam has posted a link to FIFA, to file complaints. (The Celtic network). It is very straightforward process. I urge every fitba’ fan, wwhatever their scarf colour to complete this simple process Please remember, English may not be the readers first language. A couple of full stops and commas won’t go amiss. sorry Mick, lol.

    • not nearly dead but really dead

      carson quote
      ” PS in moderation TWICE yesterday but some can come on and slag people off with sectarian slurs and nothing , maybe I’m just paranoid ”
      your right i agree with you (this is a day of firsts)
      we all thought it was ONLY ‘The rangers’ fans who could slag WHOLE sections of society and get away with it!

      democracy in action i guess?

      are you really suggesting there is some dark forces at play behind the scenes at scotslaw towers?

      who was it that poo-pooed such notions regarding the farce of these past months, the name is on the tip of my tongue……………………..

  6. Maggie

    Habemus Papam…..and a Jesuit too,be very afraid.:-)
    He had me at Sorelli e Fratelli,buona sera.

    • mick

      H Maggie a first Jesuit and he’s a immigrant and gets the bus to work humble am in my glory this is what the world needs he’s experienced hard times and will strive to combat poverty am delight and had tears in my eyes when it came to light a have never felt so good ever and feel a depression has been lifted of the world it’s great for universalism and his action will be 1of a man that is 3dimentionial a was praying for him at the telly the wife laughed a will pray for him every night

    • A “Jesuit” is top banana! Vanguard Bears Be very afraid 🙂

  7. Do you think he gets an awe day ticket ?

  8. Monti

    Welcome to Pope Francis I, HAIL HAIL to our new Holy Father,God bless!

  9. Well in there Carson, I think you will agree you provoked a nice wee debate, and got a good response.

  10. mick

    the more we debate adding Sensibility the more chance of change

  11. mick

    deus benedicat novi praesulis Franciscum primum cum longa vita et potest ipse conficeret, fines et facere mundum amare potius quam odisse

  12. JimBhoy

    @cam/mick this is the funniest thing I have read in weeks fellas…Paolo , i love this site, Good save Frannie 1 the holy father/..

    The quote:

    “I know it is in Latin mick but it doesn’t look much different from your usual stuff.”

    I cannot stop laughing at that… 2 Great posters/pals..

    • mick

      the whole sites pals as long as you dont mention rfc cfc things go well when its sfa ralated see we all share 1 thing in commen we are all feeling let down by the suits

      • cam

        A couple of weeks ago mick, a wee guy called Billy in a dodgy outfit broke yer heart, and now a wee guy in a dodgy outfit called Frankie mended it for you,,,,Bob Dylan would have wrote a song about this,me? i’m just blowin in the wind.

  13. cam

    Quite good coverage by the Beeb,if wee Frankie can get tore into that Curia mob,expose the disgusting sex perverts within the church and jail them,never mind that Canon law cop out, he will do for me.
    The Vatican bank scandals are probably no worse than any other corruption performed by that bunch of global bankers.
    More power to your elbow Frankie boy,,,if you do a good job i’ll take a wee pop over to Bellahouston and give you a round of applause.
    God bless.
    Me and Mrs Cam are celebrating Frankie’s election with a £10 Tesco meal deal,,,we ur pure quality and universial in our outlook.
    Pass me a profiterole sweetheart.

    • JimBhoy

      Live in hope for the good of mankind dude

    • I think we are all in agreement “disgusting sex perverts” should be arrested and tried in court, no matter where they are – schools, churches, sports, national broadcasters, even within families.

      Ditto banks – but the Vatican Bank was not exposed to the global banking systems in the same way as other global banks, its more an issue of Italian banking systems and links to money laundering for criminal enterprises, polititcans and corporations.

      Should be noted that Pope Benedict XVI did install a new head of the bank as one of his last acts – a German Lawyer – as well as previously ordering reform at the bank. He also promised to introduce measures that would ‘safeguard young people in the future’ and ‘bring to justice’ priests who were responsible for abuse. The Vatican then issued guidelines on how existing Church law should be implemented. The guideline dictates that “Civil law concerning reporting of crimes… should always be followed.”

      The previous Pope’s actions in both these areas should be applauded I think you will agree.

  14. mick

    alex thomson ‏@alextomo
    Frank The Pope. Apparently the NewPo will start off in the Third World and work his way up. We are the Papal

    alex is well funny

    • Budweiser


      Re. Frank The Pope.
      Perhaps at the next [ I know, Iknow. ] rangers v celtic match, both supporters will be waving F.T.P. banners? Isn’t universality wonderful?

      • cam

        Hi Bud,listen, don’t go looking for Papal approval before yer cup games.
        Just leave it up to big Stevie Thomson and you won’t need God.
        ps.glad we got last night “clarified” and if you need me to appear in your blockbuster as a super hero then give me a shout.

  15. JimBhoy

    @ Paul McConville, this has got to be the best statement I have ever heard on this site from two alternate factions, allegedly
    Cam and Mick rock

    “I know it is in Latin mick but it doesn’t look much different from your usual stuff.”

  16. mick

    is there a cam topic in it all for tomorrow lol

  17. mick

    headline celtic and rangers united agianst sfa

    • cam

      I’ll buy that for a dollar.Imagine Rayguns face if that happened?
      Did Tomo come up with that mick? Damn, that was good stuff. We are the Papal!!! brilliant!
      Right lads,me, Jimbhoy, carson and mick,,,meet up in the Counting House for a few Magners(boycott suspended) along to the Ally bar Duke st,doon to the Brazen Head and finish up in Stewart St for a lock in?

  18. cam

    Carson,on the day a new Pope was chosen,your post brought about a coming together of family that had a wee tiff a few hundred years ago.
    Not bad for a troll.
    Don’t bring religion and child abuse into an argument for point scoring between fitba teams and i’ll dance at yer wedding.

  19. cam

    JohnBhoy the site misses your input,so if you’re out there then get back in here and as tribute i’ll get back oot,,,,capische?

    • Maggie

      Hear,hear re JohnBhoy.I don’t half miss him “twisting your melon”
      Btw Capisce ( pronounced CAP EESH )
      God,my work here will never be done 🙂

  20. Ed

    Did anyone else see this tweet from the London Fire Brigade yesterday –

    If you see black smoke billowing from anywhere other than the #Vatican today, give us a bell, it’s probably not a good sign #Pope

    The world feels like a happier place today – it won’t last. I already see stories linking Pope Francis to the deaths of 2 Jesuit priests st the hands of the junta during Argentina’s dirty war. The anti-clerical movement is quick off the mark as usual.

  21. Raymilland

    Smoke signals over Hampden?

    Time for a clear out:

    Professional Game Board:

    Rod Petrie (Scottish FA)
    Jim Ballantyne (SFL),
    Neil Doncaster (SPL),
    Peter Lawwell (SPL),
    David Longmuir (SFL),
    Alan McRae (Scottish FA),
    Campbell Ogilvie (Scottish FA),
    Stewart Regan (Scottish FA),
    Sandy Stables (SHFL)
    Ralph Topping (SPL)

    Half the names on the above list should be removed from office.

    Scottish football supporters have the power to organise a stance that would force change of the top. The paying customer has the ball at his feet:


    Withdraw from commercial or social relations with (a country, organization, or person) as a punishment or protest.
    A punitive ban that forbids relations with other bodies, cooperation with a policy, or the handling of goods.

    Don’t take offence to the word boycott simply because that method of demonstration has been used by TRFC for reasons that you may not agree with.

    If that we want change, talk is a precursor to action; and as we all know; actions speaks louder than words.

    Hampden Park would seem to be the most effective means of withdrawal of custom. Unfortunately; the national team would for at least one game forgo the famous ‘roar’.

    Feel free to suggest any alternative form of protest; the time has come for action from the most important element of football; the supporters.

  22. Raymilland

    No takers?

    The situation is this; fans have the ability to create an unstoppable force to cause shift of personnel in office at Hampden.

    The only obvious obstruction is caused by the desire to support the national team; but where exactly has the decades of support and passion taken Scotland and the sport in general under the present Hampden regime?

    The bigger question is perhaps; how badly to we wish for dramatic transformation of the governing bodies of Scottish football?

    Have we grown so accustomed to the mire created by the lack of decisive leadership of the sport; that we prefer to gripe and hold onto our comfort blanket of despair?

    We can no longer gawp and accept the current set up as a permanent embarrassment.

    Do we trust the current incumbents to deliver a new league set up? Change must begin with a new governance of the sport; only then should restructure of the leagues be seriously considered.

    If the MSM don’t drive the duds out; then who should?

    • I reccommend a semi final boycott. An empty Hampden would send out a very loud message. All four fanbases, watch it in the pub, use the ticket and travel money to hire a hall, big screen etc. Make a party of it.! Invite SKY to come and see the efforts made, and elect a coherent, well spoken representative if they want an interview! Let’s take our game back. It’s our ba’

  23. Raymilland

    A question of trust:

    In my opinion Longmuir is the most untrustworthy of the entire pack; he has single handedly sabotaged league reconstruction; you would have to question his motives for doing so.

    • Grant

      I am no fan of anyone running Scottish football at the moment, but to say that Longmuir is the least trustwirtrhy is just nonsense.

      I dont see how he is any less trustwirthy than Doncaster or Regan.

      As for Turnbull Hutton, this is the man who basically accused the SPL and SFA or trying to blackmail SFL cubs last season, but now it seems because the SPL is going th throw his team a few scraps, he is suddenly all in favour of the proposed reconstruction.

      The idea of colt teams by Longmuir is ill timed, however I would imagine once the responses come back from SFL clubs today, then the idea will not be progressed.

      As for the SFL delaying reconstruction, well SPL clubs have not vored yet have they. How many meetings have they had with the only decision being made that they will progress the plan. The SPL have now scheduled a meeting to vote, it would not surprise me if that was delayed as were numerous votes last summer, until the SFL make their own decision.

      The SPL have said it is pointless them making a decision until the SFL do, surely the SFL can say the same judging by the resistance of clubs like St Mirren and Ross County to the 12-12-18 format.

      • Raymilland


        I agree that from the rogue’s gallery in charge at Hampden; it’s a difficult to choose the principal.

        I would not describe Longmuir’s late proposal as “ill timed”; his suggestion is calculated and aims to put a cat among the pigeons which will effectively kill any chance of restructure for next season.

        It would appear that the Hampden organisers shall delay their annual piss up in a brewery until further notice

        The consequence of the above will negate any need for the planned boycott of away grounds next season by supporters of TRFC (coincidental don’t you think?).

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