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What Will Lord Nimmo Smith’s Commission Decide? You Choose!

According to the SPL:-

The written decision of the Commission appointed in relation to RFC 2012 Plc (now in liquidation) and Rangers FC and chaired by Lord Nimmo Smith will be published on Thursday 28 February at 12.00 noon.

Luckily I should be by the laptop at that point, to provide dense and opaque analysis of the decision! 🙂

But, purely for fun and not intended as a scientific exercise, I thought I would offer my readers some input.

What do you think the outcome will be? Continue reading


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Internet Security Tips from Rangers Media and A Picture Quiz from Vanguard Bears

I was directed by a friend to two websites which I was told, intriguingly, might be of interest – one because of some important information regarding internet security, and the other which apparently had an interesting picture quiz.

It was rather a surprise to see that the links to which I was being directed were from the Rangers Media site and the Vanguard Bears fansite. (The latter is a website supporting Rangers which bears, no pun intended, the slogan “defending our traditions”).

Now, you might ask, why mention what I am going to refer to? The simple reason is that it astonishes me what misconceptions people have about others. This is signified by the absence of any response (apart from one which was factually unsound) to my request for someone to direct me to proof of my “Rangers hating”. Continue reading


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The Resignation of Cardinal Keith O’Brien – A Sad Day

Cardinal Keith O’Brien has resigned. The only Scottish Cardinal was due to step down shortly anyway because of the guidance that Scottish bishops step down from that role aged 75. However after the story on Sunday in the Observer (not the Scottish Catholic Observer) alleging that the Cardinal, 30 years or more ago behaved “inappropriately” towards 4 men, 3 of whom are priests, and one who resigned his ministry, His Eminence took the decision, approved by Pope Benedict, to bring his departure as Archbishop of the Diocese of St Andrews and Edinburgh forward. He will not attend the Conclave to elect a successor to Pope Benedict. Continue reading


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I WON’T LIE TO YOU – JohnBhoy Reflects on Ally McCoist’s Favourite Phrase

By JohnBhoy from the comments on the previous thread:-


Ever notice that Ally McCoist precedes many of his comments with “I won’t lie to you”. He tends to do this when he doesn’t want to lie to us. Examples:

– On Lennon Closing the Gap
“I won’t lie to you, it’s a little bit disappointing…”

– On Signing Target Broznek
“He’s a player we were looking at and – I won’t lie to you – we were sort of interested in but there were no specific bids made and I didn’t have any contact with the player or the agent.” Continue reading


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A Bit of Trumpet Blowing and a Thank You

This post is entirely self indulgent …

Well, not entirely.

I want to use it to thank all who read the blog, who pass it on and who contribute to it.

I see this morning that February 2013 is the month that the blog has had most hits. Not February 2012, when Rangers went into administration – not June 2012 when Sevco Scotland bought the “assets and business” of Rangers, nor October nor November 2012, as Rangers geared up for its share issue. Continue reading


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