The Royal Television Society – Is It Full of “Rangers Haters”? TV Journalism Award News

I have just caught up with news from last night’s Royal Television Society Awards Dinner. The area being lauded last night was Television Journalism.


Two names familiar to readers of this blog, and more so to followers of the “Rangers Story” were recognised for their work.

The full list of winners can be found here.

The two whom I want to mention are as follows:-

Drum roll please ….



First of all –

Nations and regions current affairs and news event

Winner: BBC Scotland Investigates: Rangers – The Men Who Sold The Jerseys, BBC Scotland

“The jury unanimously felt this was a superb piece of investigative reporting, presenting a complex story of financial chicanery, personal ambition and sporting hubris in a compelling and dramatic manner. The story, vividly told by reporter Mark Daly, captured the sense of loss and betrayal felt by Rangers fans and set the news agenda in the Scottish media for weeks.”


Well done to Mark Daly and to his team!

And secondly:-

Television journalist of the year

Winner: Alex Thomson – Channel 4 News, ITN for Channel 4 News

“The winner is without question one of the UK’s leading correspondents. With a portfolio of coverage from Syria to door stepping Kelvin Mackenzie over Hillsborough, to Glasgow Rangers, he displays great range and versatility with a knack for finding strong angles and compelling stories. He brings real authority and storytelling skills to whatever he covers.”


Well done Alex.

It was a great disappointment to me that I was not able to make the re-arranged Napier University session conducted by Alex and Mark. The chance to meet them would have been good. (And for the conspiracists out there, I have never met either gentlemen before.)

Of course I suspect that some Rangers fans, who believed that Alex only took an interest in the Rangers story because (a) he hated Rangers (b) no one actually watches Channel 4 News anyway and (c) that he was desperate to do something to raise his profile and became the innocent dupe for other “Rangers haters” will now feel vindicated and will proclaim that his campaign worked.

Most sensible people, and in that description I include many Rangers fans, will recognise instead that Messrs Daly and Thomson both brought great journalistic skill to a major Scottish story, and one which resonates throughout the sporting and business worlds.

(No! I wanted a picture of Daly AND Thomson, not Daley Thompson! You're fired! - Ed.)

(No! I wanted a picture of Daly AND Thomson, not Daley Thompson! You’re fired! – Ed.)

Congratulations again!

And, speaking for myself, having achieved third place in the Maley’s Bhoys Blogger of the Year Award, I am waiting for the Orwell Prize nominations to open for next year (as they decided not to have a Blogger of the Year this year). I assume that decision was because they wanted to take a break from Rangers hating, having given last year’s prize to!

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141 responses to “The Royal Television Society – Is It Full of “Rangers Haters”? TV Journalism Award News

  1. Michael

    A conspiracy by sevco haters

  2. Great to see these guys getting recognition for their work.

  3. cam

    The podcast of the Napier University is available and mick could put it up.
    I listened, and perhaps due to the questions being posed,but i was most unimpressed by both speakers.
    Very unconvincing.especially in Daly’s case.
    I only saw clips of Daly’s programme and can’t remember too much of it.
    This is a genuine question to folk who watched it and are aware of its contents.
    Is it still relevant in light of the FTTT verdict?As i say, a genuine question and not a snide remark.

    • Jamie

      I’m sure they wont lose any sleep over that….unconvinced…yeah you and your other 500million supporters 🙂

      • ecojon

        @arb urns

        You think he might have something to say about his Chairman being railroaded out of town instead of snide comments about something that could last at least 5 years unless the Murray Empire throw in the towel before then – which may well happen 🙂

        I well remember how they were certain that an appeal would never be allowed to go ahead and we were repeatedly told that Poone was nothing more than an idiot and didn’t understand the law like her male betters did.

        They ignored the balanced argument that an appeal was most certainly a possibility and just reacted as they normally do when faced with unpalatable truth.

        I don’t know about ‘Rangers Haters’ but I can certainly spot ‘Reality Haters’ 🙂

        • cam

          It is like being back at school when Eco surfaces with his feather duster,,,,”oh look boys there’s one of the other gang hiding over here,,,quick Jamie and arb get him!”
          What a weirdo.

        • Jamie

          EcoJon you should know by now that there’s nothing to see …move along!…cue the character assasination over the next few weeks how Murray (the other one) is an alcoholic or he beats his wife or he stole some raffle money from super!

    • arb urns

      very very relevant cam….

      There were 5 ebt’s the good people of the first tribunal found needed tax paying on , there was a goodly number of ebt’s the first tribunal was excused from looking at as they were admitted to be wrong pre-trial so to speak.

      I want my country to have a robust test if its okay for its footballers to run around in return for ‘loans’ each week. the tribunal system needs exhausted here. I think there might be three more to go before a thorough test could be said to have been completed.

      A genuine post and not a snide remark.

    • Budweiser

      fttt – pending appeal.

    • AntoniousF

      absolutely, and could be even more so when LNS presents his findings

    • mick

      You think that give the lack of information in the msm would have made him watch the video repeatly at the shocks in it or is this a reflection on cams stupidity with having his head buried in the sand because he read daly was timmy .

    • Driverjohn

      Three times in the broadcast, it is mentioned that the FTT will decide Rangers fate. That is to say, the purpose of the programme was to shine a light into the story of David Murrays empire, the reasons why Rangers ended up with so much debt, the dialogue between Rangers, MIH and HMRC and the Big Tax Case. The programme gave a factual account of the circumstances of the sale of Rangers to Craig Whyte. Were it not for the BBC, Rangers fans would have known little nothing about the wider circumstances of Rangers liquidation. Do you agree with that?
      This is why all us Rangers haters watched with utter disbelief as a majority of Rangers supporters saw the programme as an attack on the club. Quite the contrary. The BBC did Rangers fans a huge favour.
      Equally, the campaign to request an investigation into HMRC leaks minds me to think that Rangers fans wanted to be “kept in the dark” as opposed to being informed through fair means our foul, of the evidence presented to HMRC. To myself, I have found the the mindset of Rangers fans simply unbelievable. The BBC did not find Rangers guilty, but they did tell supporters the story the Rangers board kept hidden. For that they should be thanked.

  4. arb urns

    will never forget the night on rad scot ,hee hee hee it is i chico of the young clan standing in for jabba. a caller had chick skewered like a piece of lamb roasting on a spit over succulencegate and was turning up the Thomson Burner….. chick who obviously couldnt use four letter defence turned to all he could think of….. who is he , who is he anyway this guy thomson whose heard o’him…… tip toe english was chicks minder for the night…. oh he’s a serious journalist all right chick…. he’s been to wars and things…………………

  5. Bill Fraser

    Haven’t visited RM yet but the Bears must be fuming about last night. Possibly a couple of burning effigies outside Ibrox this weekend?

    Leggo’s been short of a good story in the last few days, having to dig up old rants from many months ago so I reckon he’ll have a field day with this one.

  6. ecojon

    Full praise to both for their professionalism and courage which puts many succulent local journos to shame.

  7. Congratulations also have to go to Peter Lawell for selecting these two worthy winners.

  8. Paddy Malarkey


    Rangers pled guilty to 30+ infractions(8 players ?) and the identities of these people are unknown , but some may be revealed in the verdict of Lord Nimmo-Smith’s seperate enquiry . The rest of the FTT verdict is under appeal ,so everything in the programme is presently valid – nobody has started singing .Do yourself a favour and watch the programme online – you could bring to others’ attention any parts that have no factual basis and are based on unreasonable conclusions or even obvious hatred .

    • Adam

      Can you provide a link to the 30+ infractions and 8 players please.


      • ecojon


        I knew it was too good to last – the missing link is back 🙂

        And what do you think of your chairman getting the chop Adam?

      • tykebhoy

        I’m sure you have a hyperlink to the TT findings. But why be petty about numbers. As has been pointed out many times a murderer cleared of 10 but found guilty of 1 and asking for several others to be taken into consideration is still a convicted murderer. How many cases of tax dodging were cheats FCC found guilty of and how many more did they ask to be taken into consideration (aka plead guilty) to?

        • Adam

          As far as i can remember, it was accepted that for 5 players, the administration was not as it should be and therefore accepted by the lawyers that there would be a liability.

          Thats quite a way off admitting to 1 murder but not 9, but carry on.

          • tykebhoy

            Guilty as charged then. TAX DODGING ADMITTED

            • Adam


              Loads of people make mistakes on tax. Year in, year out. Sometimes even to their disadvantage. Are they “tax dodging” or just getting it wrong ?

            • tykebhoy

              As you well know even the pornstar told them they were getting it wrong. Ignorance isn’t a defence especially when the fault has been highlighted

            • Adam

              Whats the pornstar going to say ? “I got it wrong, sorry”

              For the record by the way, im not saying what they done was right, just pointing out that it isnt clear cut as you make out.

              A 2 year hearing and split opinion backs my theory up.

            • tykebhoy

              Adam they pleaded guilty or whatever the tribunal equivalent is. Regardless of those they defended, they admitted guilt. What’s not clearcut about those?

            • Adam

              This wasnt a “court case” In real terms there was no Guilty or not guilty.

              The legal counsel conceded that in 5 cases, there was sufficient nexus as to create a PAYE liability.

              Many times in the past, i have received compensation from suppliers without prejudice. 🙂

            • @Adam

              “Loads of people make mistakes on tax. Year in, year out. Sometimes even to their disadvantage. Are they “tax dodging” or just getting it wrong ?”

              If Paul will forgive the imposition, my view of these “mistakes” can be found here:

              (Paul if I’ve overstepped the mark here let me know & I won’t do it again, honest!)

          • Adam,
            without peeking, I recall on a previous discussion on these pages you guessing that about ten occurrences of tax dodging was a fair guess, given that 5 were found in favour of HMRC (of all those contested), and some (an unknown number to my knowledge) were not contested. The illegality was for more than 5.
            It remains unclear how much might have been paid by MIH companies re these EBTs and what proportion this could be from the total original bill handed down by HMRC – unless someone knows better?
            But lets not forget – tax avoidance was attempted – aggressive tax avoidance that dresses wages up as something else – and failed. That entails the line between legality and illegality being crossed.
            I take your point that the long case (not least caused by the delay and obfuscation of Rangers) and split opinion reflects that the case was an example of the tax avoider doing so aggressively – walking the highwire strung across between legality and illegality. However, the opinion was passed only on those EBTs that were contested.

            • Adam

              I cant remember that. It may have been pointed out already, but where is the info on the uncontested cases ?

            • Adam,
              In part, thats my point …where is the info on the uncontested cases?

            • Adam

              My guess, is that its made up.

            • Adam,
              The FTT appears to be the source so its not made up. The FTT does not provide the info on the uncontested cases but it appears they do exist.
              See an exchange from these pages last November :-

              “Carl 31
              November 27, 2012 at 8:04 pm
              “It was conceded that advances in favour of certain players are taxable and liable to NIC,
              we have found that in certain other limited instances, there may be a similar liability.”

              I read more than the 5 that Adam quotes. How many more is an unknown.

              11 0 i
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              November 27, 2012 at 8:20 pm
              Mr Black, his 2 sons, Mr Red and Mr Indigo, all of which are Murray Group trusts.

              1 7 i
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              Carl 31
              November 27, 2012 at 8:37 pm
              “…players…” ???

              9 0 i
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              November 27, 2012 at 8:46 pm
              The players were the 5 named in paragraph 210 and the certain other limited instances are the 5 named in paragraph 211 which is the ones i named above.

              0 2 i
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              Carl 31
              November 27, 2012 at 9:02 pm
              Is it thus your view that ten (5 Rangers, 5 non-Rangers) is the full extent?

              3 0 i
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              November 27, 2012 at 9:08 pm
              From my reading of the entire decision Carl…..yes.

        • tykebhoy

          Adam and without prejudice. An unlikely combo.

          Wasn’t it more of a case of we will hold our hands up to this tax dodging, please be lenient on us if you think we were tax dodging in the rest?

      • arb urns

        its called the fttt opinion adam……. u have to be able to read it though and link it to the bbc spreadsheet of ebt’s.

      • @Adam

        As per the FTT Decision, there were 81 sub-trusts for RFC players. The FTT ruled on 50 (finding 5 liable for PAYE/NIC) which means there were 31 sub-trusts for which RFC/MIH admitted liability for same.

        Look back a couple of posts & you’ll find a comment listing the relevant page number(s); or you could try reading it for yourself…

        • @Adam

          For those lacking skills in basic arithmetic, that’s a total of 36 out of 81, ie 45% of the sub-trusts liable for social taxes.

          But it’s all the fault of a pornstar, allegedly.

          • Maggie

            Adam not doing very well for a “numbers man” is he rab?

            • cam

              Maggie, you’re becoming more like a female gang member with every post.
              You and Freco are like a double act,You identify the stranger in the group and turn up with wee sneaky asides.I’m getting worried for you.
              Did you read that book on anger management?

    • arb urns

      @cam fyi

      lookin at one yep just one o’ these ebt’s ( player) the guy who insisted the payment was part o’his contract muppetly. This would give you a total of £1.6bn evaded tax if applied as a mean to the number of ebt’s hector wants to challenge. now the player in question is defo 4th tier in the income stakes of GB’s footballers .

      money well worth having to support elizabeths’ regiments wouldnt u agree, a mean surely even u wouldnt want to send carson on another tour o’ duty in an old gers top an a pair o’ bill struths wi’ the studs missin.

    • cam

      Thank you,a reasonable answer to a reasonable question.

  9. dan

    I once sat on a voting panel for the RTS awards . They don’t hand out gongs willy nilly, so Mark and Thommo must have beaten off fierce competition. Well done to both of them. I’ll see what I can do for you in the future, Paul.

    • Jamie

      Yeah Keith “wealth of the radar”Jackson is demanding a recount….he is Scotlands journalist of the year you know

    • Maggie

      Wow ! Very impressive dan,voting panel for the RTS awards.
      You must be one of those “taigs in high places” that Mc Murdo
      et al blame for the demise of their football club.
      Excellent,keep up the good work sir. 🙂

  10. The BBC are a discredited organisation through financial mismanagement and biased reporting , big pay offs to discredited officials and covering up the sexual abuse of children , the mist heinous of crimes , they have no credibility whatsoever , if they told me the time I would ask for a second opinion ! But one question remains unanswered did individuals break the law in obtaining information ?

    • tykebhoy

      The RFC/TRFC are a discredited organisation through financial mismanagement and biased reporting , big pay offs to discredited officials , the mist heinous of crimes , they have no credibility whatsoever , if they told me the time I would ask for a secood opinion ! But one question remains unanswered did individuals break the law in obtaining information ?

      Fixed that for you to be more truthful

      • What have Rangers reported on ? What information have they obtained illegally ? AND WHAT HEINOUS CRIMES AGAINST CHILDREN HAVE THEY COVERED UP ?

        • tykebhoy

          Chico and Jabba regularly report factually incorrect info. Pretty much every time they write, type or speak.

          Ally encouraged illegal gathering of and dissemination of information

          I didn’t include the last one but seeing as you.ask,your pals on mcmurdo’s blog seem to have plenty of evidence that they are withholding from the appropriate authorities

    • mcfc


      HMRC hate us, BBC hate us, SFA hate us – who’s next RAC, WWF, UNESCO, WI, USSR ? You sad, sad, individual.

    • Did rangers break the law by withholding and shredding evedence? Did certain evidence only come to light as the result of a police raid aided by a battering ram and search warrant? Any illegally obtained evidence will be deemed inadmissable! Honest question Carson… Is the truth hard for you to come to terms with? It is a pity that the NHS has been deprived of so much needed funding. So you may have to manage your pain alone.

  11. Ppppppppps , good to see some praising thommo , but are they aware he has agreed Rangers are the same club and the history is intact ?

  12. ecojon

    Rangers International

    -0.50 (-0.63%)
    Feb 21 – Close

    Only 2 trades today – One of 30 shares and one of 1,000.

  13. mick

    hi all what good week for you Paul back in the saddle as you highlighted and awards for readers of the blog Alex and mark well done to them a wonder if it will be Perinial with a new admin On the cards with the split in the boardroom and imbalances never answered in the share debate

    • mick

      it’s league flag duty Sunday Dundee a have never seen such a close gap with the others it’s amazing to watch am wanting Motherwell to drop points this weekend then we beat them wed. At fir park that could bury it by mid march due to well being 2ed it’s well exciting this year and could fall round st Patrick’s day lol. While sevco cling to live in the 4tier

  14. arb urns

    @ adam 7.35pm

    so thats five murders u r admitting to and u r still looking for the bodies in the other cases.

    “loads of people make mistakes in their tax”……….. it wasnt the people it was rfc and the scheme they were operating……….. u kno the one where they told h to f off……….and evidence mysteriously vanished and the met had to break into computers to gather evidence………… sure u must have heard of it.

    • Adam

      Im talking about businesses. Also self employed people. The tribunal judges dont make a big deal about it in the overall context and it indicates that an agreement would be reached as to the value.

      Puting it another way, if oldco were still alive and those 5 cases were the only ones left standing at the end of an appeal, a paltry amount would be agreed and it would be settled like a run of the mill tax enquiry error.

      Liking it to murderers is a clever trick, but one that doesnt stand up to scrutiny im afraid.

    • mick

      Sred it bill at ibrokes confirms the fttt facts of hiding info registration and tax issues raised and admitted cheating not mistakes

    • arb urns

      i’d drop it if i were u adam u r heading up that river again. the dos scheme was over £4m in tax due so its not ‘paltry’. mr black from memory had £6m to be assessed so if a few million quid between friends is paltry thats fine but i’d rather it were in regina’s coffers.

      • Adam

        Mr Blacks earnings were from MIH were they not ?

        • tykebhoy

          if they were but he played for the deceased club then that’s case closed for LNS

          • Adam

            Yeah….but he didnt play for the club so it really is a non starter eh.

            • tykebhoy

              You know for a fact who mr black is?? Link please, or is it only you permitted to ask for evidence to be substantiated 😉

            • Adam

              Yes, i know for a fact who Mr Black is. Have you even read the thing?

              When you get round to it, im sure you will know who Mr Black is as well. 😉

            • tykebhoy

              Sorry to burst your bubble Adim and those of your fellow trolls but I simply am not that intrigued to read the whole document. I suspect given the amount it could well be a disgraced kbe but it could equally be a useless norwegian (not blue or a parrot)

            • The FTTT doc says something like, ‘Mr Black is a ….’ and explains what the role of Mr Black is/was in the MIH/Rangers organisation. I dont remember the precise wording, but I’m pretty sure he wasn’t a football player. I can make a guess at who he is, but I’m not totally certain.

              My guess is that the initial of his forename is in ‘dead’, but not in ‘alive’, and the initial of his surname is in ‘mince’ but not in ‘evidence’.

            • …and I recall that Mr Black, if he is who I think he is, was paid some £6m via EBTs by the club, rather than MIH.

            • Adam

              If that was the case, then the club is a victim of yet more financial wrongdoing by people in positions to do so.

            • @Adam

              February 21, 2013 at 10:21 pm
              Yes, i know for a fact who Mr Black is. Have you even read the thing?

              February 21, 2013 at 10:40 pm
              I cant remember that. It may have been pointed out already, but where is the info on the uncontested cases ?

              February 22, 2013 at 3:13 am
              As per the FTT Decision, there were 81 sub-trusts for RFC players. The FTT ruled on 50 (finding 5 liable for PAYE/NIC) which means there were 31 sub-trusts for which RFC/MIH admitted liability for same.

              Look back a couple of posts & you’ll find a comment listing the relevant page number(s); or you could try reading it for yourself…

              So either your 1st comment is disingenuous, or the 2nd is hypocritical.
              Care to enlighten us as to which is which?

        • arb urns

          the whole thing was hmrc v mih…… even the CURRENT president of the sfa up to the betty swollocks in the biggest tax scandal in scottish sporting history……..makes me sick.

          • Maggie

            “If that was the case,then the club was the victim of yet more
            financial wrongdoing”

            I thought the party line from Ibrokes is that Craig Whyte is to blame
            for everything,that “Mr Black” was a selfless servant of the club,who
            syphoned millions…oops,wee mistake there,should read ploughed
            millions of his own money into Rangers to bring you success beyond
            that which Celtic had achieved.

  15. I’ve got a feeling there will be more documentaries and news reports as Mr Green takes his club/company/shares and his 500 fans on a further roller coaster ride to the top. I wonder if anyone has a screenplay they are trying to punt. Would Mel Gibson want a starring role in another Scottish epic…. he’s a what? Well perhaps not.

  16. Hello hello Mick , ( i know a song about that ) I see your praising Thomson ? So what’s your take on him saying that the mighty Rangers are the same club , history and all ? Or do you just ignore that ?

    • tykebhoy

      What’s you take on your CEO and Chairman and his new Director of Comms both saying they couldn’t be the same club??? Of course my view is that most of what they say is bull but seeing as they now seem to have had a damascusian conversion it would be interesting to see whether their current version of the truth is more bull than the one they were evanglising last june/july

      • @Cartman. Thomsons not perfect. If as you say he still thinks the deceased club remains, history in tact.
        For the record. Do you still cherish all those titles & trophies collected by the former club while it’s sectarian policy was in full operation?.
        Tainted Titles anybody?

    • portpower

      45000 rangers impersonator fans watch a rangers tribute act every fortnight in the 3RD Division. Mighty! Mighty!

  17. Felpan

    Tommo played a funny trick in saying it was still the same club, he was referring to still the same old lies, hate, every one hates us. We are above the law, we hate everything Scottish Rangers. You didn’t pay your debt so you are not the same club.

  18. carson
    February 21, 2013 at 8:33 pm

    Hello hello Mick , ( i know a song about that ) I see your praising Thomson ? So what’s your take on him saying that the mighty Rangers are the same club , history and all ? Or do you just ignore that ?


    Sounds like he’s trying to appease Tribute Act fans to me.
    That or he doesn’t want someone else opening his mail for him.
    Anyway this guy explains the situation perfectly.

  19. Mick those videos are great , btw have you got Debbie does Dallas ? Just between you and me ! Nudge nudge wink wink .

  20. Tykbhoy , lord nimmo smith says it’s the same club , as do ueaf , as does the euro clubs association , NOW YOUR HERO THOMSON HAS SAID IT ! And if it’s not the same club why the f@#k are they paying someone else’s debt ?

    • mick

      If its same club what happened to the debt and if lns sees u as same expulsion maybe on the cards for cheating via side letters

      • To be expelled from this spiteful little country would be a god send , let the rest of the bitter little people get on with their twisted hateful little lives , then Rangers could apply for enrtry into a real league were our massive , loyal magnificent support would be appreciated , we would then look on in glee at that excuse for a league went about it’s business , but , ill tell you what Michael old bhoy , the hypocrites in the sphell and the sfa don’t have the balls they know who the real big club is and they know what they bring to the table , money , sponsorship ect , so go on why don’t you organise and push for Rangers to be expelled , please do it , I for one will sign your petition .

        • tykebhoy

          I thought you were a delusional dreamer but now I know you have even less of a grasp on reality

        • Ally McMoist

          “spiteful little country” – What an idiot. Spiteful for having the nerve to pull up tax cheats & expose them? “Twisted little peepil” – Aye,we know who the twisted ones are. Hypocrite of the lowest order.

      • Adam

        Its the same club all right. If not, why you bothered about a 4th division diddy team mick ?

        • mick

          Well sadam after 15years of financial doping and cheat by oldco a feel as the new team phenioxed out of the carcass of oldco apart from finding it comical a think it’s only right it’s highlighted how much the black sheep of Scottish sport be monitored and corrected when the cheating and bending of rules pop up

    • tykebhoy

      Paying someone else’s debt? Don’t think so. The facepainter, the corner shop, the engraver……… There are about 130 listed here who haven’t benefited from “paying someone else debt”

      The only debts sevco are paying are the ones that allow them to continue operating as a football team and it looks like sooner rather later they won’t have the funds to even do that.

      I repeat yor chairman/CEO and your new comms director said you aren’t the same club. Do you give them more credence than the “rangers hater” Thommo or not. Please don’t be confused now your mentor has switched his view on thommo lol

      • portpower

        With this 5 way agreement I wonder if it`s worded as follows.
        sevco are to pay in FULL the debts of the oldco outstanding transfer fees.
        We demand to see the so-called agreement.

        • Maggie

          Paying their footballing debts in FULL,I don’t think so.
          According to Rapid Vienna,Rangers owed them £975,000.
          Rangers paid them £715.000. That leaves £260.000 outstanding.
          Tho’ it seems RV taking what they can get and cutting their losses.
          I wonder if they know something we don’t re winding up order or
          the real state of “debt free,millions in the bank Sevco”

    • Scott Mc

      carson on February 21, 2013 at 9:54 pm

      Tykbhoy , lord nimmo smith says it’s the same club , as do ueaf , as does the euro clubs association , NOW YOUR HERO THOMSON HAS SAID IT ! And if it’s not the same club why the f@#k are they paying someone else’s debt ?


      Lol the football debts are peanuts compared to the overall debt as you well know.

      By the way have you got a link where UEFA say its the same club thay required a transfer of membership from one club to another?

      • portpower

        Rangers FC 2012 puts forward it’s case to Lord Nimmo Smith:

        “Rangers FC ceased to be a Club as defined in the Rules, and is accordingly not subject to the jurisdiction of the SPL.”

        The SPL, during the legal case involving Lord Nimmo Smith and Rangers FC 2012:

        “The SPL disputes that Rangers FC ceased to be a Club on on 14 June 2012, and argues that the relevant date is 3 August 2012.”

        Charles Green being interviewed on STV:

        “And for a man (Dave King) who is the second largest shareholder in the club, with 5%, to actually go out publicly and recommend that the creditors vote down the CVA, it seems to me quite unbelievable, because what we’re doing in that is saying the history, the tradition, everything that’s great about this club is swept aside.”

        James Traynor in his Daily Record newspaper column:

        “Rangers will slip into liquidation within the next couple of weeks with a new company emerging but 140 years of history, triumph and tears, will have ended. No matter how Charles Green attempts to dress it up, a Newco equals a new club. When the CVA was thrown out Rangers as we know them died. They were closed and a newco must start from scratch although their fans will insist the history will be boxed up with the strips and balls and carried into the future with the new club.”

        From the FIFA website on 26/12/12 on their Review of 2012
        FIFA article on (“Rangers go under”):

        “Rangers’ perilous financial position had been an open secret but there was still shock when, after 140 years of history and a world record 54 league titles, the club was consigned to liquidation in mid-June. The Glasgow giants were subsequently reformed as a new company and granted entry to the Third Division, Scotland’s fourth tier, which they currently lead by nine points with a game in hand.”

  21. Felpen

    This is so funny, Now all of a sudden nothing is worth winning in Scotland.. All the Sevco fans want into a ”REAL LEAGUE” but guess what….. They still want their ”History” even though it was won by another club, And the titles are from the ”NON LEAGUE” and spiteful little Country they hate, The SPL is a ”LAUGHING STOCK”………….. BUT WE WANT OUR FKUING TITLES….. The rage is growing and growing as life in the amateur league begins to take its toll,
    Great to have you back Paul, All you’re Sevco groupies give us the best laughs.

    • mick

      There shouting to cause a fuss cause there of our radar the a nonentity full of hot air thommos humouring them up for his next article lol lol

  22. Let’s cut to the chase , get the petition going I would bet that every Rangers fan in the best wee country in the world would sign it ! Would the rest of the scrounging wee clubs ? Or those at benefit cheats boulevard?

    • tykebhoy

      Carson why don’t you petition the SFA and the SFL for TRFC to cease playing Scottish football. For the avoidance of doubt the term playing is to very tenouos already

    • No need for a petition. SPL clubs voted not to have you! It was Chuckie who went crawling to the SFL which kept you here. Take it up with him. No doubt he can arrange another wee boycott. Keep more of the “blue pound” in your pocket for him to dip.

    • rab

      If every rangers fan in the best wee country in the world signed the hmrc petition ( which you would think they all would have ), then that makes around 37,000 rangers fans in Scotland. Maybe the free ticket lot could sign as well and take it up to 47,000.

      I thought there was hunners of millions of yous.

      ( did you see how i sneaked in a cheeky wee dig there, fellow tims 😀 )

      • ecojon


        The House of Commons authorities sussed the widescale cheating in the petition entries and took appropriate action and that is why the petition has been limping along for at least two months after an inglorious first few weeks of rampant cheating. I kid you not they were even heralding potential world records for the fastest petition to reach the 100k mark 🙂

        I hope the IP adresses of the cheaters are being handed to HMRC because seems to me that if you re prepared to break the rules of Parliament and the law then you are probably the type who would cheat on tax and HMRC should be checking on you IMO.

  23. Mick , LNS , has stated it’s the same club and I’m led to believe IF found guilty expulsion is a sanction open to him , how can you expel a club that doesn’t exist ?

    • mick

      Every1is allowed there opion and if that’s his fine it’s not mine

    • mick

      Under the 5way agreement yous are same club via pay debts and answer to liabilitys that’s all the whole world apart from sevcoians think it’s a new club via liquidation all the chat of entitys and club and company was to fool the bears there there look it is rangers tommys wrong now get your blinker on and check book out for your season ticket says gladiator green to the bears to fleece them and that’s the bottom line yous are being laughed at and that’s the bottom line sevco new club company the lot

  24. Michael , it is obvious to anyone that septic fans dont want it to be the same club as this is the only chance they have to beat 54 titles ! But , Rangers were formed in 1872 they became a plc in 1899 , 27 years of a difference , the plc went bust agreed , but what about the club that was formed in 1872 ? It is strange that you support thommo and are looking LNS to give you a result but you ignore their view that Rangers are the same club ! And I hate to burst your wee bubble but Rangers wore hoops before Celtic ! Copycats ! No f#@k you can keep them !

    • not nearly dead but really dead

      one more efffing time for gods sake, this goes to you and any follower of Dr Malcolm Crowe F.C…… a link ,any link from BEFORE 14/2/12 stating club and company were two seperate entitys, you find it and we,might begin to accept your daft theory.

      rangers firsts- to wear hoops
      – to have sectarian policy
      – to be awarded trophy in dressing during riot
      – to zombiefy

      yours in anticipation.

  25. JimBhoy

    McConville, lot of rangers boys on tonight expressing anti celtic like thoughts, i reckon you are a Celtic hater mate for allowing that to happen…

    • Raymilland

      Why it’s worth while to vet every blog (see below)

      February 20, 2013 at 9:26 pm

      Hove greyhound meeting;
      Thursday Evening 21 February 2013;

      Race 6 (20.50) (Trap 1) Lord Save Us
      (Trap 5) Join The Clan

      2x single £……. 1x reverse forecast £…….
      Fill in the blanks
      Put yer big Hoose on it, boost the funds!
      Enjoy yer pint BTW

      Result tonight
      20:50 Hove Thursday 21st February
      -1st 5 Join The Clan 8/1
      2nd 1 Lord Save Us 5/4 f
      3rd 4 Rackethall Ruso 5/2
      Forecast £26.47

  26. JimBhoy

    @carson you boys love playing both sides of the fence I reckon it will be your downfall when BDO get motoring… Paying oldco football debt, wrong, claiming to be same club might have a negative effect going forward especially as you have received monies for players owned by oldco.. Can’t have it both ways, some may exploit that… We shall see…

  27. George

    Why all this interest in Rangers? As Celtic Fans are you not more concerned with UEFA’s judgement on Neil’s Scot’s Law evidence of cheating on the football field. I mean surely you want to win games of the field of play. Rather than use hyperbole, individual legal opinions on the internet contrary to those through the law courts, individual viewpoints etc to win competitions. Or am I wrong? Support and write about your own team. Maybe you might have a full stadium. Even Cliftonville might benefit from you giving 90 minutes to the Albion (rarely mentioned) than all the repetitive drivel on here. Boring………

    • Felpen

      Yet you are here talking about Celtic supporters being boring!! Okay have I missed something? is this a Sevco supporters Blog! Or the rhabid papish, Rangers-hating Protestant-hating, British-hating fenian blog……….

    • Jamie

      Dry your eyes George!

    • ecojon


      For a start George you make a mistake by assuming football supporters on here don’t blog about their respective teams in other places – I know I do. This blog is not about transfer rumours, injuries, match analysis, football tactics and all the rest

      Your very presence here and comments reveals the obsession you have with Celtic and why shouldn’t you have – you could pick a lot worse 🙂

      But that’s the point George – it’s about freedom of choice and it would appear you wish to impose your limited viewpoint on everyone else – well it won’t happen.

      However, why don’t you write a guest post explaining why we shouldn’t be allowed to write here on a wide range of subjects. I’ll give you some help by pointing out that not all here are Celtic supporters which you appear to have wrongly asumed.

      • cam

        Thats the stuff, Eco old boy ,you do your site monitor routine.
        Do you get paid for your duties?
        I know you think i do, and that there’s an organised group of blog insurgents working furiously to make your cyber life untidy.
        Lets apply some logic to your childish theory.
        If the organised,financed insurgents disrupt this and other blogs,what would be the result?
        Go on,take a breath,ponder for a moment and think before you consult your text books for a reply.
        The waffle that takes place in here has no,i repeat no, effect on anything,other than wind ups between tribes.
        I think that you have lost contact with reality and that by rambling on in here that some goverment dept. actually takes heed of this site.
        Do you have actual contact with other human beings?
        Not cyber contact,but real, non inflatable people.I doubt it.

        “Oh sorry,i must dash,the Eco light is in the sky.There must be an intruder in the blog.I must go assist Paul, and pen a smiley infested,patronising syrupy monologue to hound this intruder away from my site”

        You never answered my question.
        You accused me of being a bigot and i asked you to clarify your remark,so get on with it,keep it short,don’t Google your material,don’t use canned laughter, immature smileys and explain yourself.

  28. The ‘Troll Team’ will need to try harder, if they are ever going to get a sip of that ‘luvin cup’. D-

  29. carson
    February 21, 2013 at 11:21 pm

    “But , Rangers were formed in 1872, they became a plc in 1899”,
    ———————————————————————————————–As you said the club incorporated in 1899 (ie. the club became a ltd company meaning that they are one and the same).

    Good way to shoot down your own argument.

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