My Budding Media Career Cruelly Delayed – I’m NOT on Sportsound Tonight

The dreams of stardom – today, Pacific Quay – tomorrow, the Beechgrove Garden!

Being waited on hand and foot by media executives, and pursued by them to front their latest projects.

Maybe even the next step – Hollywood, or at least River City!

All these hopes lie crushed in the dust.

I will not now be appearing on BBC Radio Scotland Sportsound this evening.

I thought, in view of all of the kind words I had received since mentioning it, that a wee post would be useful to explain what has happened, and also I will make a couple of predictions.

First, the “history”.

After mentioning my arrival on the media stage yesterday (when the stardust seemed so near …) I was made aware that some people seemed a little bit upset by the prospect of me appearing on the radio.

One commenter on a Rangers-supporters website (and of course I cannot say for certain that the person is a Rangers fan – he could be masquerading as such) knew where the blame for my appearance lay:-

“Opus dei at its most destructive. Hiding in plain sight.”


“The bhigots Broadcasting Corporation strike again. This needs the club to hit them had in the courts. It’s the only way to stop their crap”

Another gentleman seemed rather upset at the prospect:-

“McConville is confirming his appearance in his blog. I wont link it here. Makes me puke that the BBC are seeking to antagonise Rangers fans and the club in this way.”

And another:-

“Has this been confirmed – If so its a disgrace. What purpose has this scumbag to Scottish football.

The BBC are now really taking their hatred of Rangers to a new level.

This is the point of no return”

The last comment tells me something. After all that the commenter has seen over the last year, or longer, to suggest that, in his eyes, the BBC “hates” Rangers, my appearance is the “point of no return”? Either my malign influence extends its tentacles far and wide, or the commenter needs to calm down. After all, why should the prospect of a radio show which Rangers fans do not listen to, as far as I am aware, disturb them on an evening when they are celebrating the anniversary of entering administration?

I was confused by a brief and to the point addition to the thread:-

“Is it some kind of schumbag extravaganza ?”

Sadly that commenter did not shed further light on his thoughts…

And we had another on similar lines to one before:-

“The Bigoted Broadcasting Corporation Scotland. FACT.”

On another site the original commenter made his position clear:-

“Obviously selected for his impartiality and probity, a disgraced solicitor and rabid Rangers hater offering up pearls of wisdom on how courageous, he and his fellow conspirators were in spreading lies and propaganda over the internet.

If BBC Scotland thinks this inflammatory nonsense will in any way bolster their failing parochial hate driven organisations listening figures, then they are even more deluded than I ever imagined.”

A concerned citizen chipped in with the following:-

“If true, and this reprobate does indeed show up on bbc (no doubt being paid for his time) a well written letter of complaint will be on its way to the director general. I have had enough of these clowns spouting their biased, libelous one sided nonsense at the license payers expense. I’m truly sick of it.

Brittney, Cosgrove et al, you will be reading these pages to satisfy your sense of self importance, so just to let ye know,  you are a fuckin disgrace to the profession of journalism. True journalism is all about finding the facts and presenting them unedited and honestly, not twisting the facts to suit your own personal viewpoint. Take a look in the mirror and ask yourself honestly, do you like the man you have become?

Fukin 2nd rate the lot of ye, and I’m being generous at that.”

After a lengthy comment containing the text of a letter a commenter was sending to the Sun to protest at my appearance on the BBC, we then had the following:-

“It seemsto be the policy these days, the only policy to introduce anyone with a history of septic loving and Rangers hating on.

I don’t expect him to say much until he gets his feet firmly planted under the table. Other than bleating about septic, endlessly, the the rest of them.”

In case I missed the point, a later writer summed up his description of me as follows:-

“McConman is a rhabid papish, Rangers-hating Protestant-hating, British-hating fenian bastard.

Perfect for the BBC”

After a wee rant about Stuart Cosgrove, I was mentioned again:-

Now, it’s McConville. Cosgrove loved, worshipped the Rangers Tax Case blog, he was distraught at it’s sudden demise, thousands of cyber pages pulled within hours of the First Tier decision. Tonight, it will be happy nostalgia, Stuart and Paul can wallow in the warm waters of Rangers hating whilst once again offending Rangers supporters’ sensitivities.

We should find out the name of tonight’s show’s Producer, ultimately it is the Producer who decides on the guests. Let the Producer know you are offended.

And then we have:-

Isn’t it just an amazing coincidence that in this massive story about Rangers they never invite anybody who represents the club or the fans to such a forum?

Now that last comment is an interesting one. When the BBC produced who asked me on spoke to me, he mentioned that he was trying to get someone to represent the Rangers viewpoint, but that either the people were unavailable because of other commitments or were not taking his calls, or getting back to him.

I had been asked on to discuss the social media aspects of the story. I am seen by some as being in the knee-jerk anti-Rangers camp, or as my friend quoted above said “rhabid papish, Rangers-hating Protestant-hating, British-hating fenian bastard”.

I do not agree with him, but the social media angle clearly has at least two sides to the coin.

So it is entirely proper that the discussion be “balanced” if possible.

Secondly, the Plans Change

Unfortunately I have received a call an hour ago from a friendly BBC Radio Scotland Producer who has told me that, as a result of not being able to get someone on to “balance” the discussion, they are dropping it from tonight’s show.

One of the Rangers bloggers, Chris Graham, was, I was told, originally unable to take part because he was going to be in London.

He tweeted that he had been asked to appear and had declined as he was unavailable, and then was asked again, according to him, to replace me on the panel, but refused because of the makeup of the discussion.

I can well understand why a veteran, comparatively, of TV studios like Mr Graham would be asked on instead of a novice like me – with one 5 minute segment on Good Morning Scotland a few years back, when clearly no other lawyer picked up his phone.

Now, I don’t know who else was to be on the programme other than the presenter, Stuart Cosgrove. I see one site suggesting that the discussion in that part of the show was to consist of Mr Cosgrove, myself and Andy Muirhead of Scotzine.

Now, if Mr Graham is correct, and I have no reason to doubt what he says, he was asked to come on to replace me, but refused due to the makeup of the panel?

In any event I suspect that the people who could have commented on the social media aspects of the Rangers story will be glued to their televisions for the exclusive Rangers TV production documenting the fall and rise of the greatest football team in the history of the galaxy”.

As the helpful BBC Producer also made clear, there is no place in the BBC for allowing contributors to dictate with whom they are willing to debate. It is not for the guests to tell the broadcaster how to make up their panels or present their programmes.

That seems to imply that that was what the BBC thought Mr Graham was doing (and if the inference I have drawn is incorrect then I apologise).

Thirdly, what are my predictions?

Number 1 – I predict that, as soon as this blog post goes up, there will be crowing and celebrations on the basis that the “rhabid papish, Rangers-hating Protestant-hating, British-hating fenian bastard” is being deprived of the “oxygen of publicity”.

This will be seen as a vindication of the power of the fans and indeed an embodiment of Jim Traynor’s recent call to arms.

I do not believe for a second that the BBC decided to withdraw my invitation and drop the segment of the show because of pressure from Rangers fans.

Number 2 – some people will believe however that that has happened, and I suspect a few commenters on here might make that very point.

Fourthly, does this mean anything?

I must say that the prospect of the chauffeur driven limousine with the drinks cabinet filled with champagne coming to collect me for the show and then bring me back home* was a pleasing one, and I am said not to have that chance, but you never know what will happen in the future.

More importantly that that (what, more important than the limo) there are some serious points to be made.

How does the BBC deal with a situation where the representatives of one view refuse to engage with those perceived as being their opponents? What happens next time the BBC try to have this same discussion? Who will be “acceptable” to the Rangers spokespeople?

I do not believe that this is part of any concerted plan. I think that the suggestions that Celtic are behind a carefully crafted strategy of using Twitterers and bloggers to get the official view from Parkhead across unofficially is nonsense. Yes, I am sure that there might be one or two who have close connections, but does that make me, for example, part of the “plan”? No it doesn’t.

Equally I do not think that instructions went out from Ibrox on the “orange phone” telling everyone to refuse to engage with the BBC on this. If it did, then that is actually a real story, and I do not believe it happened that way.

What is interesting is a comparison of the reaction to my proposed appearance with that to the proposed serialisation by the Sun of Phil Mac Giolla Bhain’s book, Downfall. Phil’s interview in the Sun provoked a huge and angry response from Rangers fans with, as an apparent result, the serialisation being pulled.

(I am writing what is a lengthy piece regarding that episode and the misrepresentation by some of the Press Complaints Commission verdict, which will appear, at some stage [if I ever finish it, that is].)

There is no comparison in scale between what Phil endured and what I have received, and I am not suggesting that there is.

However, the wiser spokesmen for Rangers (and I mean in an unofficial sense) made it clear after the fact that it was not their aim to prevent free speech, or to deprive Mr Mac Giolla Bhain of his right to make his views known, but that their aim was simply to make sure that readers knew of his views, or at least what his opponents characterised his views as.

On the same basis I suspect that wise heads of the blue persuasion will appear saying that of course it was never anyone’s intention to prevent me speaking, or to have me dropped from the programme – instead they just wanted people to know that I was a “rhabid papish, Rangers-hating Protestant-hating, British-hating fenian bastard”.

(By the way – another prediction – someone on one of the sites I have referred to earlier will say that me repeating that phrase shows that it has “got to” me and that the “truth hurts”.)

The friendly BBC man said that he hoped they could organise the discussion, or one on similar issues, in the future, and I agreed. He assured me that the BBC would not back down to threats or campaigns, and I believe him.

It would be ironic if, at 6.20pm tonight, I turn on Radio Scotland to hear a discussion about the social media impact on the Rangers story! (But I am sure that I won’t.)

So the orders for the speedboat and for the open topped Maserati have been cancelled – the jars of caviar and the bottles of Krug have gone back to the shop, and tomorrow, rather than being PAUL MCCONVILLE – RADIO PERSONALITY, I will still be only Paul McConville – “rhabid papish, Rangers-hating Protestant-hating, British-hating fenian bastard”.

Posted by Paul McConville

  • The reference to the chauffeur driven limousine etc was said in jest, before someone tries to embroil me in a BBC extravagance story. The plan was for me to take the train to the Exhibition Centre and walk across the bridge – glamorous, eh!


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162 responses to “My Budding Media Career Cruelly Delayed – I’m NOT on Sportsound Tonight

  1. Paul McConville RP RHPH BHFB ….has a certain ring to it, and with some proffesional development, we can get you chartered….

  2. LNS , verdict due imminently , word on the street is Rangers cleared of any wrong doing and the good judge has ordered , as a punishment , anyone who doubted , smeared or had a pop at the mighty Rangers to attend septics home matches for the rest of the season wearing a septic scarf and bunnet , also no leaving early as no excuses will be accepted or the offender will be issued with a season ticket for next season , seems a bit harsh to me but if you do the crime ! P.s. Maggie where is my valentine ?

  3. Carson, the word on the street will always be pro Sevco,,,,because that is where you all live.

    • You really know how to hurt someone , I’ve /we’ve got feelings , ok I’ll admit it , I sleep on the streets , I eat from dustbins , I wear old smelly clothes , I’m skint with little or no prospects , but hey ! Look on the bright side I don’t support septic , every cloud eh ?

    • Cregganduff

      ” Carson, the word on the street will always be pro Sevco,,,,because that is where you all live.”

      And in Carson’s case, to be more exact, the gutter.

  4. Paul Cochrane

    Since Graham blocks anyone who posts facts on his twitter about how Green and Traynor both said Rangers were dead, maybe he asked for a ‘block’ button on the live discussion and took a hissy fit when it was refused?

  5. Eddie

    I’m no theologian, but it never ceases to amaze me that those who profess to be Christian suddenly forget the teachings of Jesus, namely-tolerance, compassion, understanding when another has differing view points. The fact that your tone seemed to remain, at least to me, jovial throughout your response Paul is all the more admirable.

    Free speech is a universal right many have died for, to treat it with such disdain is criminal. Socratic debate is a founding tenet of democracy, ” I know that I know nothing”, debating opposing views is a vital way of learning.

    Truly disturbs me how intolerant to dissenting voices large parts of our society are, we can but hope the likes of Paul and Henry Clarsons debate earlier this week or Hitchens v Galloway of the past prevail and we can continue to disagree and learn respectfully.

    Somehow I very much doubt it.

    The if you are not with us you are against us mindset appears to be winning.

  6. Vega

    So when news broke of administration Gordon Smith, Rangers Director of Football was shocked yet for Chris McLaughlin, BBC reporter it was far from a surprise.

    Finger on the pulse.

  7. Michael

    This makes me sad. I thought Scotland had changed. I knew how frustrated I was with BBC Scotland last year. I felt helpless when my numerous complaints about their output were batted away. It cut me that a publicly funded organisation continued to employ people who had not played their taxes. Now I am sad.

  8. Michael

    Played = payed = paid

  9. ■The reference to the chauffeur driven limousine etc was said in jest, before someone tries to embroil me in a BBC extravagance story. The plan was for me to take the train to the Exhibition Centre and walk across the bridge – glamorous, eh

    – – – or you could walk across the water paul . . .

  10. celticbhoy

    carson word on the street is your a zombie is this true

  11. Words do not fail me ………….BUT…………….???

  12. Paul,
    A smart move may have been to stay quiet and when you appeared unannounced ..we would have been gobsmacked but delighted and then listened to the Podcast later..
    .That would have avoided the mass of the comments from the tragi comedy delusionists society ..but…whilst that may have been easier on you personally…..the fact that perhaps in your excitement that you publicised it..has exposed for all to see here in the 21st century the inner brutal primal biases in all its anti-glory..lock stock and barrel…of the deluded and their co-conspirators in the media..
    That we all pay for it doesn’t bear commenting on.

  13. Scott Bhoy

    I would assume that the person who used the F word is currently being traced and will soon be arrested pending trial and sentence for sectarian abuse. Hold on, verdicts in, Not Proven!!

  14. See Mr Thompson is keeping his powder dry regarding sevco. Who owns your new club Zombies?

  15. Den

    Interesting response to your appearance but not surprising is it?

    What is interesting is that no one was available to provide a counter view. It is not like other bloggers are afraid to take issue with you in their blogs.

    The tactic seems to be to vilify any individual identified as against Rangers and leave the more volatile fans (a minority but a noisy one) to continue the attack. It is clear that they will take on the task to harass any broadcaster who refers to the targeted individuals.

    This approach certainly galvanised the less cerebral among the fans, however to neutral observers and more balanced Rangers fans it will be seen as an irrational and short sighted policy.

    By hiding behind bombastic rants and viifying even mild critics Rangers are losing credibility outside their most insular fans.

    The key thing is not to let them set the agenda and to concentrate on what this blogg does so well. We’ll thought out articles with (mostly) intelligent comments.

    • Jamie

      Is it the minority? I used to think think that but the evidence suggests otherwise…..where are all these moderate decent Sevco supporters we keep hearing about. As for the three amigo’s in here, nothing but apologists for the Graham & Leggats of this world.

      • Den


        I believe it is the minority, a vocal, unrepresentative and abusive minority.

        We have more than 3 trolls on here, unfortunately they are a fact of life on the internet. Ignoring them becomes easy after a while, they have nothing worthwhile to contribute and are very repetitive.

        Like i say we don’t want to let them set the agenda. This is a place for peole who are interested in learning about current events: not closed minds.

        • Jamie

          A minority wouldn’t get a newspaper serialisation dropped or a planned radio broadcast pulled. Speirs was fond of referring to them as a significant minority…..I believe they are a significant majority and everyday just reinforces that view….I wonder if any of the troll brothers were defending Paul on McMurder’s blog they are so fond off.

          • @Jamie

            Not possible as McTurdo’s last 3 blogs have been closed to comments. Wonder why?

          • Den


            We could debate the majority/ minority thing for ages but I think that we would both agree that there are a large number, too many, in the vocal and abusive group.

            Such people can have an effect out if all proportion to their numbers, especially if their passions are stirred by rabble rousers and those who could moderate them are either failing to moderate or appear complicit.

            I think at the moment some bloggers and opinion formers are being very irresponsible in the language they use and symbolism they invoke. The old trick of building passions to fever pitch and then slipping in a caveat that, of course you were only suggesting sanctions within the law, can be seen over and over again. The emotions stirred up have to go somewhere.

            The club could be a moderating influence but recent communications on their website have certainly been a bit belligerent and, in my opinion, I’ll judged.

            For myself I like to try to understand the different arguments and tend towards people who don’t advocate extreme positions and show an openness to counter arguments. I have found this site to suit me very well. Paul writes very thought provoking blogs, the site is open to everyone. When things get a bit rowdy the message is tolerance and respect.

            I think it is valuable to have a site like this, where you can get away from the rhetoric and crude insults (we do a better class of insults). I go on about it far too long as you can see.

  16. I understand that the Rangers F.C are playing on Saturday and I would like to wish them all the best against the newcomers to Scottish football who go by the name of Sevco. Seemingly this new team have aspirations of becoming a big team. Can’t see it happening though. I watched them play a few weeks ago and they looked like a horde of zombies.
    Still, the world loves a trier!

    C’mon the B’ Ranger’s!

  17. JimBhoy

    Just thought I’d mention…. My boy’s team play at Broadwood a couple of hrs before the rangers take to the field…The main event. Life at the bottom division huh!!!! 🙂

  18. JimBhoy

    @last poster check my earlier post, under 14’s get first go on the broadwood pitch.

  19. Joe

    Hi Paul checked with the BBC bigwigs about your radio cancellation. It turns out it had nothing to do with you but more the story. It turns out everyone is sick hearing about the boring sevconians and their plans for lower league domination.
    Apparently they only really exist second hand in conversations in blogs, and the majority of people in the country have forgotten all about them so they dont really warrant any kind of a story anymore. Unless it’s about cheating and ripping people off or not paying their taxes but that only falls under the humour category.
    And their complaints of which there are many all get bounced into a room 101 where no-one ever bothers to read or listen to them. They cant recycle the letters because more poop comes off them, they cant listen to the recorded phone messages because their ten pences keep running out before they can complain. And their emails all go straight to spam.
    They explained that this is why the sevcos are all forced to march and boycott, because otherwise no-one would ever hear or see them.
    They are even losing the gaelic tv ratings war coming in 58th behind lots of tv shows about sheep and farms and fishing and knitting, and also big fat gypsy wedding.

  20. portpower

    Well you get that with the big jobs Paul. And there I was ready to sneak into the fancy hotel with your groupies. Ready to party all night, throwing the tele through the window and driving the rolls royce into the swimming pool. Oh well it`s only rock-n-roll but I like it. I hear Chris Graham wants to cancel easter because he`s going to Xanadu that weekend.

  21. JimBhoy

    @Steve Brennan Good luck mate…. I actually finished up tonight as a coach hence my reference to my Boy and his team mates, my last expedition to Broadwood was watching my nephew play for livie against airdrie in the challenge cup final a dozen years ago, nice wee stadium and a great day out..We play often out cumbernauld way…..

  22. dan

    I have to admit I was a bit surprised when Paul was invited onto the Beeb. I don’t doubt Stuart Cosgrove and Jim Spence would have been ‘bealin’ when that section was pulled, but hey, it is BBC Scotland.

    I remember I was in the old BBC Scotland premises in Queen Margaret Drive (says it all, really) on May 22nd, 2003. And as I sat there in the foyer I thought I had been transported to the set of The Stepford Wives. Everybody was walking about with a big grin on their face. I couldn’t understand it . Then I overheard a conversation: ‘Did you watch the football last night?’ And came the reply; ‘Yes. Wasn’t it wonderful!’

    The ‘football’ in question was of course the UEFA cup final between Celtic and FC Porto. On another occasion I was in a pub in Glasgow in the company of a Beeb Scotland journo, and they had recently been reporting on the misdeeds of a Scottish bishop—I think his name was ‘Roddy’. I pressed the journo to answer the question’ Wasn’t that clergyman’s indiscretion reported with ‘glee’. Eventually he agreed ‘Yes it was.’

    Now, as we were having this conversation, no more than a few feet away was a very prominent member of the legal profession, married, and noted for his singing , and a female Beeb journo, who were having what Private Eye used to refer to euphemistically as ‘Ugandan Negotiations.’ But did the journo I was talking to think that liaison might be worth a bit of exposure? Did he fkuc.

    Same old Beeb Scotland, I fear. The foot soldiers might be willing—but the higher-ups—no way.

  23. lordmac

    i am trying to comply anemail that all scottish fans could copy and send to the sfa one that will be a fair view for all concerned feel free to comment



    as you can understand, it has been allged and has now gone sixteen months, please correct me if you think we are wrong on our presumptions but as the case of the big or small tax liabilites, we the fans wish to refrain for that issue, as we do not have a issue with it. We are only interested on the rules of the Scottish Game, there are many granted, but we feel as supporters should feel, there are not that many that should have taken this length of time to execute, we the fans are growing very wrestless, as some on the well known forums are saying the committee are not taking it serious enough, that i am sure is a wee bit to near the bone IMO, we feel we can not let this go as putting heads in the sand is not the way of the scottish fan. We like things out in the open, it might be an ENGLISH trait
    but i am sure, you have heard when in rome, you will find that is the way we like it
    if Rangers have broken the rules they should be banned as like all cheats in sport that we can understand i know loads of there fans would except that, hard as it is, but they have pride and would
    like to be given a chance to return after a few years exile. with there integrIty intact, the longer this takes the more guilty the party become to the scottish fan, i hope you do not find be to brashof me, but time is getting on hope to here from you neil or your secretary

  24. JimBhoy

    Paul, would have been good to hear ya fella, not totally surprised it did not happen, no disrespect to rangers fans but some of the things posted here , cos i don’t read rangers blogs, has been absolutely obscene… I know that is not proportional since most of my family follow the gers but ffs don’t post venom when you are off kilter. If you are not loaded up you are a sick a-hole who does not deserve to have the vote.. never mind the use of a keyboard….

    I like the ramblings of some of the rangers boys on here, total quality and banter is brill, i dislike the reference to them as trolls… I could have a beer and a good night wi most of the bloggers here regardless of persuasion.

    We’re all Jock Thampson’s bairns.

    The reason we get such a varied response to this site is simply because we all LIKE being here.. Obsessed with the guy who gives us this forum to talk sh!t really..

    McConville we salute you pal.. Me for one have enjoyed this site the past 10 months or so…

    Anonymous blogging brings any and all to the table, as a man, on saturday who will be closer to 50 than 40 i reiterate that those who you wrestle with in posts may not be of a similar experienced age to yourself.. You know what I mean..

    Lastly, Paul we need you on podcast fella! 🙂 Good night all…

  25. Joe

    Charles Green has unveiled this years rememberance day celebration Newco style –

  26. cam

    A magnificent “off the radar” piece of investigative journalism by Keef Jackson in todays Celtic View.
    Ticketus,Whyte,the SFA, its all there and much more satisfying than the rubbish spouted by the discredited Thommo.
    Craigie is now feeling a little breeze blowing through his designer slacks in sunny Monaco and hopefully a force 8 blows him all the way to the big hoose.
    How do you like yer porridge Craigie?
    Paul Murrays spectacular revelation that the SFA were fully informed regards Whyte will put wee Stewpot back in the frame and if ever a guy dodged a bullet it is this bumbler.
    Chico big hands is back,the tide is turning,LNS will update us soon on the admin error of the contract farce and the info the agents of orange are feeding back to JT will soon show results.
    I’m in talks with Chico regards a wall of shame to be created, where the names of the ballista operators and the ammo loaders can be displayed with some witty additions to provide a wee giggle at their expense.
    Lest we forget.
    The admin party was a huge success and i won first prize for my Eco impersonation.Dressed seductively in a smoking jacket,cravat,spandex leggings and 4″ heels, smoking my meerschaum and clutching a copy of the FT,i gave a heartfelt rendition of a little known Buddhist fable relating the efforts of a young goatherd struggling through rampaging hordes of bile spewing poetry haters, to deliver a fresh batch of newly baked smileys to the poor and needy.There wasn’t a dry eye in the house and IMHO it was the performance of the evening.

    • portpower

      How do you like yer porridge Craigie?
      How do you like yer porridge Craigie?
      With frontier sugar and my fag lit from peat fire.
      When all else fails we are the corner stone of the people.
      Do we sit to the side and watch the helpless heart bleed?

  27. Pingback: Andy Muirhead on Why Our Invitations to Discuss Rangers on Sportsound Were Withdrawn | Random Thoughts Re Scots Law by Paul McConville

  28. cam

    The side panel where the recents tweets are shown can lead you into a strange world inhabited by Hairy Bawed Ginger nutted folk who like to pollute the airwaves or fibre optics with guff that makes my ramblings look like a seminar on local goverment finances.
    If we don’t all get a grip on reality then the supreme being,whatever his name is, might just give that asteroid a wee nudge in our direction.

  29. Alex Williams

    Paul for what its worth i do not think calling someone a fenian bastard is right,it is everything that is wrong with this country on both sides.I read your blog and you make some valid points and do not offend me in anyway.I am a Rangers fan and have been for over forty years.What i would say is that if people like you who have some influence could maybe look into what happened at Rangers in a nuetral view instead of pandering to the plastic paddy sort of people who appear here (i do not mean everyone),it would give you a more of the moral high ground and would maybe not give people the opportunity to label you as one dimensional.There is a good story there if someone digs enough and if someone like yourself took the time to look into it, i think it could maybe let people see that we all don’t hate each other.I would also like to say for the record that i am half irish carry an irish passport and im very proud of my irish heritage.

    • Thanks Alex.

      A lot of the problem seems to be that there is a perception of me amongst some of your fellow fans which would be dispelled by reading what I write!

      As Andy mentions in his piece, most of the details of Mr Whyte’s dealings were revealed by bloggers and internet journalists before the main stream press ever touched the topics.

      The comments being made about me now are the same as were baing made about RTC and Phil Mac Giolla Bhain last year and before. Pointing out the flaws in the people who owned or ran Rangers was seen by some (and I mean some, not all) as evidence of “Rangers hating”.

      When one points out that, if RTC and Phil, amongst others, had been listened to before Mr Whyte took over, that whole sorry epsiode might have been avoided, the response is along the lines that they were only commenting to make trouble, and if they had known that they were right, then they would have stayed quiet to harm Rangers! I think that George Orwell called that “double think”.

      I am still waiting for someone, anyone, to answer the question I have posed a number of times in recent days.

      If I am the Rangers hater I am made out to be, can someone point out anything I have written which provides evidence of that?

      On the other hand, there seems to be a default position for some that anyone who is critical of Rangers is automatically a “hater”.

      There is no argument against such logic as that.

      Please keep reading and feel free to contribute. I try to encourage this to be a place for all views and it is all the better for that.


    • not nearly dead but really dead

      much as i enjoyed your post , could you expand on ‘neutral view instead of pandering to the plastic paddy sort of people’ comment. cos as far as im aware if we didnt come to these kind of blogs we would be none the wiser about the goings on down govan way, neutral or otherwise. and as been posted by such journalists as alex thomson , nuetral views were not going to happen in the MSM, no ……far from it!

  30. Alex Williams

    Hi portpower im glad you enjoyed the post,the people i was talking about are the ones the claim to be Irish though the only link they have is that they knew someone from donegal I do not hate anyone i support my team and that is it.I hate bigotry in any form i think calling someone a fenian bastard is disgraceful just as i find the term hun the same.It is strange when you look at it that Celtic and Rangers fans have so much in commom.We both think certain newspapers are biased against us and we think certain people in the media have an agenda against us,perhaps it is because we are so alike that some supporters hate each other so much.

  31. George Collins

    Ridiculous to stop you going on,on the basis of there being no-one to “balance” the programme. Isn’t it usually the case that if someone from an organisation declined to be interviewed for the BBC, they went ahead and aired it anyway – making the decliner look even worse?

    Roy Hattersley was meant to appear on Have I Got News For You, but didn’t show for it, so they replaced him with a tub of lard (what they thought was the perfect replacement for him). Why didn’t they do the same for The Rangers?

    Place your suggestions as to what is the most accurate stand-in.

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