Horses for (Main) Courses – by me on the Clarity Law Blog

A story of apparent deceit, alleged financial misdeeds, secrets being revealed piece by piece, and risks of litigation and damage to health.


Anyone who thinks this post is about any football teams should be ashamed of themselves.

Instead I have penned a few words about the horsemeat scandal.

You can find the piece here at the Clarity Law Blog or by clicking on the logo below.


If you don’t read it now, I will “nag” you till you do!

(Sorry – be warned, the post contains horse related puns.)

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21 responses to “Horses for (Main) Courses – by me on the Clarity Law Blog

  1. cam

    CFC surely have a solid case with the Mo Bangura signing.
    They thought the label said pedigree striker and bought a donkey.

  2. mcfc


    If someone was to take a supermarket to court (small or otherwise) would the supermarket be obliged to reveal transactions recorded against loyalty cards – which would be proof of purchase – if no consumption ?

    In consumer heaven – supermarkets would already be writing to affected consumers offering some form of reparation. Or perhaps sending a massive bill if they can pin down Shergar to a particular batch of burgers.

  3. driverjohn

    I work for a major listed food company PLC. There are no quality control checks done on raw materials that enters the factory. The supply chain works purely on the ethos that if every supplier involved carries out their own quality control, their is no need for this to be duplicated when it is recieved at destination. That is, “has this meat been QC’ed Mr Supplier?”. “It sure has,” (in a Homer Simpson type voice.
    “Well that’s alright then”.
    And that I’ll bet is at the root of this scandal. Simples!

  4. I recall hearing on a radio prog (BBC R4) about a reporter who begun investigating what happens to old racehorses after retiral (an animal welfare angle) and discovered animals entering the food chain.

    He found that some animals of a low race class in the States would be shipped to Mexico where, avoiding US FDA regulations, were slaughtered. Some that were uncontaminated with the horse painkiller ‘Bute’ (we have a whole island of that stuff here in Scotland) would make it past FDA back into the US, but the Bute contaminated stuff was shipped to Europe.
    The meat would make it into the European meat markets via countries named by the reporter as France, Ireland and former Eastern bloc nations.
    I didnt think too much of the story, because the idea might be undesirable, but I figured our FSA must have checks in place to ensure we get what we pay for in uncontaminated form.


    I now note the areas of Europe that investigation is centred around since the story broke into the main news channels, and expect a trail will lead to Mexico and the US eventually.

  5. mick

    great read agian paul a have a Consumer Studies moudule part of a nc and they are liabile as the supply chian they had was wrong and the labelling wrong so that breaks consumer law via this

    even if the seller was unawear of the content they are still liabile as the information on the packet was wrong a was the class rep on the course to lol
    via this course a have never in my life at work ever been liabile or walked past a hazzard

  6. … and do you know why the Mexican gave his wife contaminated meat??


  7. rab

    Roses are red
    Jabba is fat.
    I was laughing so hard this time last year.
    I almost shat.

  8. mick

    as a consumer we dont reilise the amount of law and legislation that gos in to a food product what a can work out is how they manged to get away with it maybe we need dna labs in all food process factorys checking the meat before it gos to prodution stage if a was young agian a would want to do this as a career as it will be the new thing coming and the scandal its self proves theres a lack of it and this part of food tecnology will be getting lots of money thrown at it and will be around as long as process food is with us its sad this can happen as its people struggling to make ends meet how consume it mostly maybe this is why the goverment agencies were negligent as well

  9. rab

    Roses are red
    Campbell is conflicted
    When craigy waves his floating charge
    do sevco get evicted.

    • mick

      Phil MacGiollaBhain (@Pmacgiollabhain)
      14/02/2013 15:39
      I just heard a well placed little whisper that the LNS inquiry is nearing a verdict.

      roses are red violets are blue LNS is coming for you lol

  10. mick

    if any1 thinks that butcher meat at the butcher is expensive if you go and tell him you budget he will do you a parcel no matter how low the amount fresh food is cheap and lasts in a freezer people dont need to nip down to iceland and stock up they can go to fruit shop and butcher leave supermarkets for crisps biscuits and snacks and tins a remember in the early 80s food was fresh then capitial popped up mcdonalds and the process revealution took of its unhealth and for the lower paid sad and a legacy of the torys and eu policie on price fixing food and not mass producing food via farming grants for not growing or breeding

    • Tecumseh

      I had two steaks a year apart in a Glasgow eaterie . .tasted nice, but could only eat 40% of same as their was a huge tendon or such like running through it . .never complained, paid up . .but twice bitten I won’t ever go there again
      I consulted my brother in law, a butcher, he said sirloin has a tendon running through the meat at some points, but this should have been removed by the butcher . .then my brother in law said . .” it might not have been beef at all . . .!!!” ..when he worked in a particular meat preparation place for the hotel / restaurant trade in Glasgow they got carcasses and joints in that the staff suspected where. . .bush tucker, basically . .from all over the place. . .!!!

      We went to a “gastro pub in Northumberland last summer . .again I ordered a sirloin which had exactly the same tendon running through it as the steaks I had in Glasgow ..this time I did complain . .you should have seen the look on the manageresses face . . poor thing was so embarrassed . . .I told her all about the Glasgow bush tucker . .she offered me a full refund . .but I declined, she still had staff to pay and the service was good was just the meat was Okapi . .or some such

  11. I feel sorry for all the people who lost their jobs at the meat processing industry in Scotland just recently, no wonder their jobs went, when such underhand competition is going on. Forget trying to take the hirelings to take the blame. Heads should roll at the highest of levels, the processed food industry, the ministry in charge is it agriculture and fisheries still? This is the only way to make sure that the letter of the law is obeyed. Hit the ‘suits’ and their pension funds and then they will make sure everybody behaves, it is after all there where the buck stops. It is only a matter of time that one of these food supply problems causes serious lasting damage to a large part of the population.
    On a lighter note, some years ago I left the brewing industry and I can assure your beer, and this goes for all around the world, is checked at every opportunity.

  12. PeterC1973

    Paul, I remember that City Bakeries very clearly! I think it’s now either a Paddy Power or a Ramsdens Pawnbrokers!

  13. Tecumseh

    Hoses for Courses menu.

    Starter: Terrine au Aintree. Method, hide behind Bleachers Brooke, when a faller lands in front of one rush out and quickly remove the still warm liver, serve with rocket ( the nag deserves a speedy end it never got in life) . .sorry ..and a red berry jus

    Main Course: Ragout and Bone de Harold Steptoe: Methods, as Samson has passed on these last forty odd years nip down the Tesco and rummage in the bins for a packet of De Luxe horse burger au Escofier . . . .it will contain some beef . . .but by the time you work your magic with the old spices . .you’ll have your dinner guests eating from you’re own nose bag …they’ll never guess.

    Desert: Summer pudding de Seabiscuit. Method: marinade some horseradish in two tons of sugar when sweetened spread generously between two rounds of Victoria sponge and add a touch of gaeity by garnishing with horses ears.

    Finally wash down with Napoleon Brandy due Mareschal Neigh

  14. scott

    Just like to point out cattle are no longer fed antibiotics. They are treated with them as and when they are required.
    At the moment it appears as a fraud on the poorest in our society, a down right disgrace.

  15. Jamie

    Horsemeat! makes a nice change from the horseshit the MSM feed us daily

  16. Grab the Grass

    When I lived in the middle east for a while I used to go to the odd restraunt / cafe where there were no menus, or at least non that I could read. The choice from the waiter was “meat or chicken”, “What is the meat?” ” Is meat” came the reply. “I’ll have the chicken…”

    The real issue here is that like many industries, consumers have no real idea what goes into the product and where it came from.and this is reminiscnet of the John West tinned salmon fiasco from many years ago – (1978) – where it transpired that most people thought John West were in total control from catching the fish to deleivering it to the shop. It transpired that they had simply bought a batch of product from a cannery producing it for a number of suppliers and for a while it devasted the industry. The key difference was that people actually died due to botulism poisioning whereas as far I know no one has even presented with any ill effects whatsoever. As Pual says, so many of the so called “meat products” actually contain a low percent of what we would normally regards as “meat”, but instead is the scrapings (literally) of the carcasses and all the other parts that most people don’t want to think about but that can, legally, be regarded as “meat” as it came from an animal.

    The food industry, and that is what it is – an industry – is dependant on trust and systems and if they break down, as they clearly have, then we either have to accpet it or accpet higher prices to cover all the testing that will now be called for.

  17. cathars

    your a so called lawyer, whats your legal viewpoint on this, seeks-immunity-protection-from-italian-president,
    Go take a look in write a legal blog about your anti christ.

    rea reason hes resigned eh.

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