Guess Who’s Scheduled To Be On BBC Sportsound Tomorrow?

BBC Radio Scotland’s Sportsound is a venerable institution. All of the major Scottish sports stories have been revealed or at least discussed there.

Its list of presenters and guests is a veritable who’s who of Scottish sports broadcasting.

It has never been afraid to face the big issues, or at least come to them from an oblique angle.

Tomorrow the programme, to be presented by Stuart Cosgrove, will no doubt address the effects on Scottish football, one year on from Rangers entering administration.

Part of the show is planned to be about the impact on the story of social media such as blogs and Twitter.

And here is where the great reputation of Sportsound might be dented and the quality of guest lowered.


I have been invited on Sportsound tomorrow evening!

Maybe all the good guests are going to be out enjoying Valentine’s Evening with their partners. My wonderful wife is happy however for me to head off to Pacific Quay for which licence I’m truly grateful.

So, anyone keen to hear me should tune in tomorrow.

After 6 – 810 medium wave – BBC Radio Scotland – don’t miss it!

Posted by Paul McConville

NB My agent is already taking bookings for personal appearances. It’s amazing how many fetes need someone famous to stand still and keep smiling whilst being pelted with wet sponges!


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188 responses to “Guess Who’s Scheduled To Be On BBC Sportsound Tomorrow?

  1. Geddy Lee.

    cam, I take it you have read those e-mails.

    Are you publically admitting that you actually believe that traynor was lying to Whyte the whole time he was begging for a job?

    Have you forgotten the “wealth off the radar quote?”How do you feel about traynor using lies to try and infiltrate the club?

    Are you 100% sure he has rangers interests at heart?

    Or like the rest of them, are you waiting patiently for Charles to get back from his around the world trip (EHH it was champion) to tell you all what you think?

    Astonishing that after all you bears have been subjected to by successive owners that once again you bury your heads in the sand at the first sign of trouble.

    I’m afraid if this does all go horribly wrong, you will only have yourselves to blame(AGAIN)
    You should be demanding proper answers from Traynor, and not just pathetically swallowing his hopeless diatribes.

    “No surrender?” you lot really need to drop that slogan, as your behaviour makes a mockery of such a stance.

    May I suggest a new mantra of “Hear no evil, See no evil”

    • mcfc

      I am just a poor boy.
      Though my story’s seldom told,
      I have squandered my resistance
      For a pocketful of mumbles,
      Such are promises
      All lies and jest
      Still, a man hears what he wants to hear
      And disregards the rest.

    • cam

      My belief is that JT is a double triple agent who at present is reviled by Celtic fans.
      Once he unveils himself and reveals all that he has witnessed within the glorious confines of Ibrox he will become the darling of the mercurial Celtic mob,who will tell us all they knew that he was a ggod huy.
      Worst case scenario is that JT was angling for a job.
      I prefer not to listen to a fantasist like Thomson.
      Your faux concern for Rangers isn’t convincing and i think would be better directed at your managers team selection policy which has now seen you pumped out of two cups.
      No surrender.

      • Raymilland

        Playing football in the Champions League sure beats being humped over a barrel, no surrender? Keep biting on your bottom lip, the pain will ease.

        • cam

          I sense an aura of duelling banjo’s about you sir.Ever been in a canoe with some friends with the bottom lip advice?
          Next season should be fun when the players are sold,a couple of lesser signings and no qualifying for Europe.
          It will be a sea of green seats and mannequins at the Stade de Horsemeat.

  2. coatbrigbhoy

    I remember listening to a podcast way back then ,Jabba is asked about his claims that Whyte was a Billionaire, he laughs and then utters the words,
    A PR told us that he was,so we ran the story,
    ( sorry, no link to the podcast,maybe others listened to it at the time.)
    That’s all it took, The Daily Record ran it and re ran it, the new messiah had been found, for a £1, a new period of RFC 1872 domination was about to begin, the next attempt at 10 in a row was about to start and the bears were dancing in the streets,
    Funnily enough, no one called Rangers a newco when Whytes company WAVETOWER took over at Ibrox, alas Whyte Was the Skint Billionaire, SDM knew this ,he claimed later on to have been duped, a story largely ignored as it was a farce,
    The old board where ignored when they sounded the warning alarm, The fans did not want to hear it, a billionaire was taking over , Jabba and Keith had assured them,that’s all that mattered.
    Tonight THE Rangers will be running a documentary, The Rising, the zombies are going to tell us how they survived administration, truth and fact will no doubt be yet again twisted out of shape to fit the Ibrox new world order.
    Will the documentary feature Greens interview were he tells the world that without a CVA the clubs history will be wiped out,
    Green and Jabba two men who’s opinions change on the toss of a coin

    • portpower

      “The Rising.” More like “The 99 Effect.”

    • cam

      I bet you watch it with the teeth bared,lips pulled back,saliva dripping from the fangs,fists clenched, heart rate soaring and jelly dropped all over the floor.
      Doesn’t matter how long it takes, we’re coming to get you!

    • coatbrigbhoy,
      …but are they about to find out that the flour in the Rangers Valentine cake was not self-Rising, but simply plain?
      …will it just all fall flat and leave them with egg on their faces?
      …will the fans be left loafing about in SFL3 for another season?

    • Ernie

      To be fair to Paul Murray in that article he sounds just like any other fan, bitter and disappointed. That’s fair enough but he also has to accept that he was a director and not unfamiliar with that role. Even if he and his fellow directors were out manoeuvered or over ruled by SDM (also not unusual) he knows that the SFA had no part, never mind duty, to vet Whyte, or SDM for that matter. That scenario is one of the many red herrings that Sevco, Jabba and the like are successfully placing in the “perceived knowledge” file. Ok as fodder for the followfollow masses but not the real world.

      • mcfc

        @adam, @cam, @carson

        I’m sure this has been covered before – so you probably have succinct answers. Can you explain to me what David Murray would have done if dreamer/patsy/chancer Craig Whyte had not come along.

        How would DM have filled the Lloyds gap – if not with Ticketus or similar

        How would he have paid PAYE and NI with none of the expected Euro money coming in.

        If he had a plan for the above – why did he think CW had a better plan – that would protect Rangers better than he could.

        To this casual observer, Whyte took a hospital pass from Murray – and Murray wandered off and pretended it never happened.

  3. coatbrigbhoy

    Jabba is claiming he needed to provide Whyte with the entire story so Whyte could confirm the £15m figure was accurate,
    Would a quick Phone call,text or email with the words, It’s £15m your intending to spend,is that right or not, would that not have been enough,did Whyte really need to see the entire story prior to it going to print

    • Coatbridgebhoy, there is absolutely no value to Jabba’s claim that the $15m figure was a covert attempt at having CW confirm the figure. In his email to CW he clearly informs him, that the figure is not being quoted as coming from CW. CW not being arsed, about a “made up” figure, from an unknown source, is hardly confirmation! Thommo is proved correct that the article was forwarded for editorial control from CW. He asked for only one item to be removed, re the footballers comments. This was complied with, and in true master servant cap doffed styleeee!

    • Maes

      If jabba a real journalist he would have tape of the quote… but clearly he did not, so NEEDED to send email, so whyte could not deny £15m claim later…

      this sounds like whyte can sue DR, and jabba to hell and back, so any unattributed quotes, as email does not prevent lawsuits – as whyte does not confirm quote specifically if it – but says dont want to criticse player…..

      worlds apart.

  4. JohnBhoy

    Celtic announced their financial results a couple of days ago for the six months ended 31 December 2012. Turnover increased to £50.06, with a trading profit of just over £13m and a net bank debt of £0.13m (2011: £7.05m). The Rangers, despite claiming to be debt-free with “record-breaking” attendances, £22m in the bank and significantly reduced operating expenses e.g. player salaries, are trading at a loss. If they cannot make money with a full house, no debt and £22m in the bank, when will they? I wonder where their money went? Over to you Charlie…

  5. mcfc


    Good luck tonight. Give them hell – or just logic and accurate history – which seems to amount to the same thing for the Bears these days.

  6. BB

    ‘never been afraid to face the big issues’…yeah, apart from the corroborated lies emanating from the SFA chief exec at such a pivotal time in the game’s history, the breathtaking hypocrisy displayed by both the spl and sfa on various issues the last 12 months, the blatant bribery and blackmail offered up by the spl leadership that STILL passes by without comment from these so call truth seekers dilligently working on behalf of the public interest. In other words, the corruption at the core of the game that has poisoned the game’s environment for years to come, apart from these small matters, bbc scotland certainly do face the big issues. Particularly when they involve Rangers, the donly dirt worth digging itseems, whilstissfully ignoring concepts such as natural justice and prejudicing enquiries of course. Enjoy the love in tonight. Pity tommo couldnt make it a threesome.

    • mick

      with rtc back jabba texts cqn on the case of big news heres something about to break big LNS maybe or even worse dramas at mill o

    • arb urns

      BB…….. rangers did not survive administration…….. they went into LIQUIDATION……….loss of membership of the spl, sfa and sfl followed…….
      sevco/trfc…….. are back as ASSOCIATE members under concessions and conditions as a consequence…….thats all that happened.

      • BB

        when you appearing on live at the apollo matey! ‘thats all that happened’. all of the aforementioned in my post never occurred? Seriously?(then again, if the bbc is your ‘mark’er….

        • arb urns

          BB – as others have pointed out to you on this thread the ‘skullduggery’/’corruption’ ( hm bit strong a word) was designed to help the stricken rfc just nobody on rfc side could or can see it. what were the authorities and other fans supposed to do sit back and watch “the walkin away” from:-
          £m of debts
          ebt scheme
          dos scheme
          disrepute charge
          £millions of unpaid tax and ni
          £millions of debts to fellow football clubs throughout scotland and europe.
          haul in millions as a newco from tfr fees of tupe’d players.
          accept likely uefa/fifa sanctions against club and national sides.
          possible fielding of wrongly registered players via contractually wrong info.
          10 YEARS WORTH OF IT- for most of the above

          all for the ‘mighty gers’……. rock on

          • Cregganduff

            What destroyed Rangers was fiscal suicide driven by compulsive sectarianism. The need to keep defeating Celtic, a deranged jealousy of Celtic’s historic European Cup victory and Rangers’ futile attempts to emulate it.

    • tykebhoy

      Funnily enough I agree with most of that but remind me who would have benefited if the SPL had been bribed/blackmailed into letting in a new football club? The SFA/SPL officials certainly made enough attempts but the SPL held firm

      Who benefited from the natural justice that applied to Third Lanark, Airdrionians and more recently Gretna not being applied to another club that went spectacularly bust exactly 12 months ago today?

      Yep there has certainly been corruption in the game which has seen the SFA/SPL ignore and/or rewrite their own rules supposedly for the benefit of scottish football but in reality just to benefit one team.

      I wonder who has attempted to prejudice enquiries by asking for panel members to be named despite the fact he probably and definitely his employers knew the names

      • BB

        Erm, celtic would have benefited, a castrated rangers but old firm money assured nonetheless, along with tv (see blackmail) and sponsorship deals in the bag, but hey, its amazing what 20 million euros can do! No need for old firm money, more drippings fed to the poor, sfl street urchins fighting over lawwell’s ‘scramble’, and the battle cry of last summer- integrity over finance- is turned on its head completely. Its been said that passing through vegas is akin to a morality car wash, with the bribery lies duplicity and corruption thats went on at hampden this past year…..go figure. Yet the media, and most of the self righteous zealots that frequent places such as this turn away. ‘nothing to see here’ you’re not kidding folks. sometimes its not what people say, its what they dont, and what has obviously been permissable in the game recently to many, if not all media elements, as well as here, gives the impression corruption is fine. Morality? You’ve got to be joking.

    • BB, you are right tthat at the heart of all this was a web of conspiracy, corruption, blackmail, etc. And yes, it has gone wildly under reported and not given the copy it merits. What you fail to mention, is that it was all done to benefit Rangers. The same levels of corruption by the footballing authorities is now being afforded to Sevco. Non of these issues will be dealt with by the forthcoming Sevco mockumentary, nor will the part that Rangers, and now Sevco, played in the afore mentioned matters. However, I hope you enjoy your mockumentary with a wee beer and some very salty crisps.

      • Cregganduff

        Give it up, you are wasting your time.

        ” If you offer an opinion on Rangers? It cannot be honestly held. It cannot be neutral. It must be driven by an agenda. You are orchestrating, plotting, conniving.

        “Yet for some, the hands on the clock haven’t moved an inch.
        It’s still everyone else’s fault they are where they are. The architecture of their demise was never drawn by their own hand.”
        Gordon waddell – Daily Record -10th February 2013

        Says it all.

        • tykebhoy

          I believe you are correct. Our “everyone is a rangers hater” friend shares the name with a poster on McMurdo’s shite. So that’s two people who have recently started posting on paul’s blog who by coincidence share the name of regulars on mcmurdo’s site and coincidentally seem to be heeding mcmurdo’s directions too.

  7. dan

    Paul a final thought before your debut on the wireless. It’s said that if you’re debating with someone you should try and imagine them naked as it gives you a psychological advantage. But I’ve got an even better suggestion in case Cosgrove gets ‘aggressive’—-as he sometimes does—–being an old casual.

    Try and picture him as he was when he used to give those long rants to camera on BBC2s ‘Late Review’ ( I think that’s what it was called). He’d stand there, very solemn looking, dressed in black 501s, black leather waistcoat and black shirt ( pastels are frowned upon in arty circles as they connote frivolity and a lack of seriousness) and hold forth on some issue of cultural significance. Some of his monologues were really excruciating. Try it.

    • mick

      @dan or he could just whisper be nice and timmy or mick shovel hands will want a word with you for throwing coins in the 80s lol or would that make us Orc like or like those sevconians

  8. mick

    with rtc back there must be some big news about to break

  9. mick

    Rangers Tax-Case‏@rangerstaxcase

    Traynor “exposing and bringing down” Craig Whyte, 31 Jan 2012. 7 months late & only fortnight before administration

    welcome back rtc

  10. mick

    nice to see RTC back titian and fellow respected blogger

    • cam

      Whats the word on the jungle drums smoke mick?
      How’s OG Rafferty’s exclusive coming along?
      How many well defo,big hitting serious,bang on the money obsessed clatterers are lining up nuclear bombs today?
      Whats happening inside the hut?
      Do you think big Efe will have a word with fatboy Commons?
      How many scouts will watch big Vic and Hooperman against diddies for the remainder of the season?
      What happens inside Celtic’s environment to get Sutton and Hooper convinced that the refs and fellow professionals are out to cheat Celtic?
      Are martyrdom and paranoia infectious?
      Did you laugh at Broony the hardman getting ragdolled?

  11. Cregganduff

    ” Are martyrdom and paranoia infectious?”

    Let us hope not.

    And Cam do you really believe Traynor’s version? Honestly?

  12. Scott Mc

    February 14, 2013 at 2:29 pm

    Whats the word on the jungle drums smoke mick?
    How’s OG Rafferty’s exclusive coming along?
    How many well defo,big hitting serious,bang on the money obsessed clatterers are lining up nuclear bombs today?
    Whats happening inside the hut?
    Do you think big Efe will have a word with fatboy Commons?
    How many scouts will watch big Vic and Hooperman against diddies for the remainder of the season?
    What happens inside Celtic’s environment to get Sutton and Hooper convinced that the refs and fellow professionals are out to cheat Celtic?
    Are martyrdom and paranoia infectious?
    Did you laugh at Broony the hardman getting ragdolled?
    Lol a hun talking about paranoia.
    Think you’ll find that that is infectious over at the tribute act arena.

    • cam

      I don’t know you well enough to permit you to use sectarian insults towards me.
      Or in Glescae vernacular,,,shut it, clown!

      • Scott Mc

        February 14, 2013 at 5:54 pm

        I don’t know you well enough to permit you to use sectarian insults towards me.
        Or in Glescae vernacular,,,shut it, clown!

        Are you seriously saying that the word Hun is sectarian?
        It may be derogatory but sectarian! Naw I aint having that.
        By the way I am not Mr. Custard.

  13. Sky exclusive interview wi wee Craigy, live from Monaco, on soon.

  14. Cregganduff

    Just wondering who should play the part of the intrepid reporter in the inevitable film? Sean Connery, Robbie Coltrane, Chris Huhne?

  15. Bhody

    Can I be so bold as to suggest that you raise a few pertinent questions regarding Sevco’s finances since any comments from so- called financial experts appear to be somewhat less than impartial.
    Sevco appear to have adopted the same financial model as Oldco I.e spend more money than you take in revenue and to hell with the consequences.
    If I simply deal with the facts in Sevco’ prospectus.
    How is Chuck able to continue to make statements that Sevco have and had no debt when not e17 on page 65 of their prospectus discloses liabilities due and payable by Sevco of approx £8million including approximately£2 million due in respect of taxes and social security costs.In addition approx.£1.5 million is due on finance leases.Indeed at 31st August Sevco had only £4.2 million in the bank and would have been unable to pay their debt without th additional cash injection of approx.£5 million received shortly thereafter.
    Sevco’s running costs for the three months to end of August were approx.£5.5 million equating to annual running costs of approx £22million.
    Sevco’s season ticket sales per prospectus were approx £10 million.
    In the absence of Sevco providing more up to date figures or forecasts in their prospectus and forecasting other income of approx £7million,I’m probably being kind Sevco would still incur an operating loss of £5 million in its first year of trading n.b Sevco incurred £3.8 million loss in the three months to August.I would hasten to guess that Sevco would have ran out of money by March13 in the absence of a share issue in December.
    If Chuck implements the promise in the prospectus I.e spends £13 million of the money raised on upgrades capex etc,the balance of £7 million would have disappeared on running costs by thE summer of 2013 and would
    require to raise further funds by the end of 2013.
    Not a pretty picture.

    • lordmac

      even what you say, suppose they break even with what they have
      what have they got at the end of the day the most they will have is a float of a sort a £3million in house over draft that will get paid one part of the year then taken out, then when the accounts turn up put back in the end of the day it is only robing peter to pay Paul and then if the have another shares issue the start of with 3million short fall to make up once more and still nothing to show for it

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