A Conundrum Regarding Orlit Enterprises and Rangers

Maybe someone can help me with the answer to this puzzle?

As readers will know there was talk last week about a possible winding up order against “Rangers” in connection with a debt alleged to be due to Orlit Enterprises.

Following the reports three statements appeared on the Rangers website. They can be found here, here and here.

The statements state, admit or suggest the following:-

  • There is a debt admittedly due to Orlit by “Rangers”.
  • A part of the debt is disputed.
  • Some of the invoices presented to Rangers regarding this were not legitimate.
  • There has been a “spurious” request for money.
  • Settlement has been agreed with only the “final wording” to be signed off.
  • If raised in court the action will be defended vigorously.
  • Rangers are paying more than they think is due, but less than has been demanded, for fear of giving critics ”an iron bar” to hit them with.
  • Rangers will not pay out even £1 if it is not merited.
  • Rangers will not pay anyone who comes along with “invented” invoices.

I want to make clear that I have no knowledge of whether the Rangers position or the Orlit position, or some combination thereof is correct.

Let’s take an example to see if I have got this right.

Let’s imagine there is a major company called Charlie’s Beetroot PLC (thanks cam).


Charlie’s Beetroot PLC engaged Orville the Duck Enterprises to source additional beetroot for them, payable on the basis of how much beetroot was located.

Charlie’s Beetroot PLC took over what was a poorly run Beetroot company, known for cost over-runs and excessive expenditure in an effort to surpass Les Betteraves de Paris, Das Rote Bete Munchen and Real Remolacha de Madrid.

Orville sent in various invoices to Charlie’s Beetroot PLC.

Nothing in this piece should be taken as implying any wrongdoing on the part of the odd creature shown above …
Or on the part of the duck!
(Sorry Mr Harris!)

However, after careful scrutiny by Tim Jayner, former Chief Beetroot Editor of the Daily Root newspaper, Charlie determined that some of the invoices were “spurious”, “invented” and “illegitimate”.

Charlie prides his beetroot corporation on being careful of every penny, and no longer will overspend on foreign beetroot pickers.

So, against that backcloth, and upset by having Orville’s representatives speak to Channel Beet News about the dispute, what would Charlie be expected to do?

A          Tell Orville where he can go – and I don’t mean up to the sky…

B          Pay Orville what is legitimate and also report Orville to the Strathclyde Police Serious Crime Squad

C          Pay Orville what is accepted as being due, and also reach an agreement to pay some, but not all, of the “spurious”, “invented” and “illegitimate” invoices.

D          Send round the heavies to give Orville a “beeting” (ho ho!)

A still pic of Charlie's Beetroot PLC's "heavies"

A still pic of Charlie’s Beetroot PLC’s “heavies”

Option C seems a rather unrealistic one, although possibly the position has been muddied by Charlie himself being away at the European Root Veg and Pickling Association meeting in Las Vegas.

To come back to reality, why would Rangers, unwilling to pay anyone £1 to which they are not entitled, agree to pay a creditor anything billed in “invented and spurious invoices”?

Something seems odd.

Maybe I should get crinkle cut beetroot next time.


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  1. Hey Carson. . .why don’t you go away and try and educate yer ain folk?
    You really are a frightful bore.

    • ecojon

      @last poster

      Leave our pet parrot alone she loves beetroot and is a protected species because despite spending tens of million of HMRC dosh on them they remain endangered and are expected to die out soon.

      There are very odd sitings of them over Copland Road but even those are becoming less frequent 🙂

  2. mick

    well what a weekend we had after the week were jabba outed his self as a mad blogger and and an nonentity in sport a wonder what this week will bring ?

    • ecojon


      I predict a huge rise in beetroot sales with a corresponding increse in the volume of pish emanating from Ibrox.

      • mick

        @ecojon because there season is over they are bulling any1 that mentions them negativly deluional or what am still waiting on the scotzine news andys confident and waiting to run it so should be good its lie after lie from thyem the deal is a mess and untangling and jabba knows it

        • Adam

          “andys confident” – Is that a recent change in status as he didnt seem so confident a number of hours ago according to someone.

    • @mick

      I’m sure you’ll agree that the most hilariously ironic part was that he had another pop at “internet bampots” ON THE RANGERS WEBSITE!!

  3. mick

    the whole week derived from the phil article which was quickly shot down and dismissed as bigotory bt thursday it was msm news having a look back at the week you can clearly see the west coast hacks are still on the lamb and the bears dont like the bloggers looking at there situ forensicly ,they are going mad the wheel is of the jabba propaganda road show

  4. ecojon


    After a careful view of the futures market I can only say with regard to beetroot: BUY BUY BUY.

    It’s the next BIG ONE don’t be left behind stuck in the big pie trap 🙂

    • ecojon


      I see a deluded troll appears to think the SFA have the bottle to sue Wee Craigie for £200K. Sounds like paper talk and Darkside delusion. I think there’s much more chance of wee Craigie suing the SFA for £40 million.

      But his tapes are priceless and may well prove to be an exocet when the time comes so that even beetroot-stained bricks with a Grade 1 protection rating might be reduced to dust 🙂

      PS: I know they’re not actually Grade 1 but you know how touchy they get if they have to admit they aren’t No 1 so it helps them just to play along with their fantasies.

      PPS: Imagine having arseon as a cage mate 🙂

  5. cam

    best news in weeks,,,The SFA are gonna sue Whyte for £200,000 fine,,,get in there!

    • tykebhoy

      And then when they find they can’t collect it from him they are going to collect it from the company they still have influence over? Or is that the holding company of a different club?

      • cam

        Paul will do a blog on it, and if there’s a chance that the SFA can use a local bylaw from medieval times, to recover the money from the RFFF then you’ll hear about it first in here!

        • mick

          cam will you be shouting for celtic on tuesday night so scotland can up its rankings in euro spots

        • tykebhoy

          I’ll spell it out in simple terms.

          Craig Whyte was a walter mitty a la Michael Knighton at Man Utd. I haven’t delved too far into Duff and Duffers accounts for the period he was in charge but I see little evidence of him having taken a salary (unlike Chuckles). As Paul has repeatedly blogged, to date there is zero evidence of Craigy scarpering with a swag bag. All monies that he authorised witholding from HMRC and other creditors therefore went into the former RFC and ensured they saw out the 11/12 season without a massive firesale in the transfer window just over 12 months ago.

          Rangers fans were made aware of Craigy’s Walter Mitty like tendencies but chose to ignore it due to his wealth off the radar. If it is proved that the wealth is so far off the radar that it doesn’t exist then the SFA CAN chase the club. Also remember Ticketus and investigators into goings on at Collyer Bristow and Pritchards may also be chasing this wealth on top of his ex wife. I think the SFA may have more chance of collecting from the club or to be more precise its holding company if of course its the same club.

          Only time will tell whether Chuckles is any better for Ibrox than Craigy was but on face value ir seems Craigy cared about the club whereas all the evidence points to Chuckles caring more about his and others close to him’s wallets

      • ecojon


        He’s gibbering again and slabbering beetroot juice I see.

        • cam

          Did you notice how Adam put his mitts up when he got a number wrong?
          Try putting yours up,,,it is liberating.

        • cam

          Why can’t i get the image of you dressed up like the fairy godmother applying thumbs with your pinky raised out of my napper?
          A grown educated man obsessed with thumbs!!

      • Yes, I can see your logic. Miner A works down a pit where there’s been a lot of foul language so a swear box has been put in place.
        Miner A has been stealing money out of his workmates lockers(not as sick and far fetched as it sounds, there’s a lot of sick people around) so he is asked to attend a disciplinary hearing where he swears a lot before being sacked. He leaves without paying his ‘fine’ into the swear box.
        Miner B, who has never swore in his life, is delighted to get a new job down ‘t’ pit and is happily working away, even though a lot of his colleagues make life difficult for him.
        During this time the pit owners have been chasing miner A for the money to pay his swearing fine with no success.
        so they have a meeting with their lawyers and decide in their wisdom that miner B should pay said fine as he’s now doing the job of miner A. He starts at the same time and goes home at the same time so it’s perfectly logical.
        The lawyer hastily types a letter out to miner B stating that he has been swearing for years and deserves the fine.
        Of course, miner B doesn’t have a leg to stand on and pays up willingly.

        • Den

          Now if miner C was in line for the job due to having the track record and certificates required (while miner B doesnt) but miner B met with those who allocate the mining roles and does a deal with them to assume certain liabilities in return for a sordid stitch up.

          If miner B then tried to renege and blame everyone that would be different.

          You know I always thought miners were honest salt of the earth, honest types!

        • Den

          Why are you interfering in an internal mining dispute.

          Haven’t you got your own jobs to worry about, oh no just attacking the miners at every turn.

          Obsession doesn’t cover it, would you worry if it was a surveyors office?

          No way!

          But a wee mining dispute and your all over it like the miner hating bigots you are.

          Obsessed I tell you obsessed, miner hating bigots.

        • coatbrigbhoy

          Did miner B sign an agreement to pay off any and all fines outstanding at the pit owed by miner A as a condition of getting into the pit ?

          • Ernesider

            Miner A cleaned out the swear box before he left and ran up unpaid bills in all the local shops. After getting the sack he went home, went to bed, got up the next morning, put on a new set of overalls, went to the mine and claimed he was miner A’s identical twin brother Charlie and the most loyal miner in Scotland, he would like the job his brother had left in such unfortunate circumstances, but unfortunately he was in no position the pay his brother’s bill. The boss give him the job.

        • dan

          Man, that is the fucking pits of a post. Fuck me!

  6. JohnBhoy


    The official The Rangers website is lamenting that no one has completed their online questionnaire and that, as a result, questions still remain unanswered. The questions, and sample answers, appear below.

    Q1. What was the real reason that the SPL clubs en masse said no to newco?

    (Saying it individually would have taken too long.)

    Q2. Why did the SPL not hand over the prize money [The] Rangers won last season?

    (Perhaps your invoice was not legitimately presented – see Orlit v The Rangers).

    Q3. Why did the SPL and SFA demand that newco pay oldco’s debts?

    (Oldco says that you took the shirt off their back. Besides, also demanding that oldco pay your debts is taking ID theft too far.)

    Q4. And why did they threaten Rangers with the prospect of not playing football at all unless they agreed to an unlawful transfer embargo and a carve-up of TV rights among other sanctions to gain SFA membership?

    (Alas, the threat not to play football came from The Rangers and, bless them, they were as good as their word.)


    • ecojon

      @ JohnBhoy

      I need clarifiction on Q3. Was that an Adidas shirt chuckles was referring to?

    • Considering that they played the whole season, paying neither paye, nor ni, they have a cheek to even ask, let alone expect.

      • What difference does that make to the finishing position?
        Was the paye and ni due to SFA?
        The logic in these comments only make sense in rabid rangers haters heads.
        Truly obsessed. It’s so common now I think they’ll have to have a specific name for ‘rabid rangers hating obsession’

        • Not paying paye or ni is illegal. Are you happy that Rangers only completed the season by not only asking the players to accept a massive pay cut, but then had the nerve to pay them this reduced wage, with the money they had previously embezzled from them? No wonder the players walked away. You sound like you are fully supportive of Craig Whyte.

          • How did you deduce that I’m supportive of CW from that? How odd.

            • tykebhoy

              Up until 12 months ago you will have been fully supportive of CraigyBhoy. At the moment you appear fully supportive of the GreenBhoy. Don’t play with matches you’ll get your fingers burnt 😉

            • CG doesn’t own Rangers, I’m sure his employers would have something to say about him doing a CW. And making out you are just concerned about Rangers and Rangers fans is just pathetic. The bile and hate filled obsession is sickening, get a life ffs.

            • tykebhoy

              I’m not concerned about Rangers I’m concerned about what your mates Regan and Doncaster ( http://allabouttheblue.wordpress.com/2013/01/09/the-sfa-honesty-harmony-transparency-and-corruption/ ) did to preserve the name last time round and may do next time round (near future).

              Not the owner no, but is he not CEO of the holding company and chair of that board ( a bit like Craigy) and then chair of the board of the holding company’s holding company (not like Craigy)

            • Linking my own blog as though it proves your point?
              You really need to get a life and stop obsessing about Rangers, you’re obviously quite ill. You should get help.

            • @marc payton

              “The bile and hate filled obsession is sickening, get a life ffs.”

              Care to point out the above-mentioned in the blog? Oh wait, you can’t find it? Quelle surprise.

              Are you alex@thekublakhan in disguise? Or maybe just a follow follower of McTurdo, parroting accusations which cannot be backed up when challenged? We demand to know (© Ally McCoist)

            • Eh, is the blog not about Rangers?
              Seems a bit obsessive to blog about a team you don’t support but that’s just how everybody else see’s it. It’s perfectly normal in your bile filled little world of hate. Chin up 🙂

            • @Marc Payton

              “your bile filled little world of hate.”

              I’ll ask again; where is your proof? You know nothing about me, nor I would wager most of the commenters on this site so, unless you can provide proof to back up any of your pathetic accusations I suggest you try another tack cos this one’ll get you nowhere.

            • You love a “quote” eh?

              The proof is the fact you hang about on blogs about Rangers ,written by Rangers haters and batter away at your keyboard getting angry about Rangers.

              Do you see now? Pathetic.

            • Marc,

              I appreciate your interest in the blog and your comments.

              You mention the blog is written by a “Rangers hater”. As I write most of it, then I assume that is a comment about me. Did you read my piece where I made it very clear that I am not a “Rangers hater”?

              And I would not appreciate anyone else being rude by pointing out that you Marc are “hanging about” on a blog which you perceive to be full of Rangers hate and haters.

              I welcome all views.


        • tykebhoy

          Lets see shall we. Had Craigy being paying PAYE and NI then by last January Rangers would definitely have been trading while insolvent. In order to pay off the increased overdraft, that would never have been permitted anyway, Jelavic would have to have been joined on the departure list by all of the “bunch of traitors” that didn’t TUPE 5 months later and more to save on the wage bill and pay off that additional debt. As already proven this season a team without Naismith, McGregor, Davis and Whittaker would have struggled to win a match between January and May. They struggled anyway but did win a few which certainly put them in a better league position Oh and they wouldn’t have been able to attract mercenary like characters such as Shiels, Tempeton and Sandaza in the summer.

          Are you McMurdo’s pet tortoise btw? It took you a long time to get here

          • Eh?
            I made the mistake of reading one of the obsessed blogs as I came across it on twitter. I had no intention of “getting here”. Some of you need serious help(I’m not even joking).

            • tykebhoy

              You don’t have to hang around. The air will probably be a lot fresher when you have gone

            • cam

              Quick, get out while you can! Every time i try to leave a big ball of air stops me.
              Tell the authorities! help!

            • Did I also mention it is against SFA rules? CW was found to be in breach of these rules regarding paye and ni. That is why I assumed you to be supportive of him. You are correct saying the monies were not due to the SFA. But they do have rules regarding them.

            • You mean like Hearts have been, many times?

            • tykebhoy

              Difference is Hearts was always short term and they always coughed up when the threat of a winding up order was mentioned. I wonder if another errant football club will cough up in the face of a winding up order. We know its predecessor withheld monies collected as social taxes over an extended period, something UEFA frowns upon hence its policy of the host FA not issuing UEFA licences to member clubs in such circumstances. Another favour messrs Regan and Ogilvie managed to wangle for an errant club

            • You fairly obsess over the UEFA/FIFA/SFA rule books eh?
              Are you one of the tax experts as well.
              Pathetic little man.

            • Sweeney Hughes

              The crux of the matter is that amongst all the other cheating with the use of side latters to pay players with taxpayers dosh, as was pointed out by the FTTT as being against every rule of the game RANGERS then deducted National Health Contributions from ALL its staff and instead of paying it to the NHS at a time of severe cut backs in public services and the money desperately needed to help pay for childrens hospitals, hospices, nurses pay and poorly funded cancer treatments, decided to, in what must be just about the most despicable act perpetrated by any football club ever in the history of the game, STOLE that money to put into the pockrts of millionare football payers to live in the lap of luxury!!
              Then you have the sheer brass neck to come away with all this pathetic whinging whining victim bs. You’ve shown yourself up for what you really are and it ain’t a pretty sight, a national disgrace and a shameful stain on the history of Scotland as a society
              Hell slap it intae ye!!!

            • You seem a little angry. Are you not embarrassed sitting there on your computer raging and obsessing about a team that has nothing to do with you?
              And don’t pretend you care about children’s anything or you’d think twice about the club you probably claim to support when you’re not thinking, writing and talking about the Rangers.

            • And as for a stain on society…..Ireland’s shame, Scotland’s burden.

        • Jamie

          Are you Carson in disguise?

    • arb urns

      a postcard of answers:-

      1. eh u went bust
      2. eh u went bust
      3. eh u went bust
      4. eh u went best and to deter anyone else from trying the same ‘scam’

  7. mick

    as they did not meet the required criteria plus fan presure stopped them getting in
    thats a tough 1 bdo would be on this for creditors pot surely also oldco had libilitys pending this would cover it
    to limit outside interferance ie uefa fifa
    it was up to them if there was to be a newco they created it via there rules ,the transfer embargo was to stay as it broke uefa codes of outside courts and the tv monies was part of deal for entry with out accounts it was sevco must go on at all costs they had no insurance and should have been called sevco in there first match its a pheniox via the sfa

  8. Joe

    I think the main problem with the bears is this, they hate been seen as comical, and can’t stand as being looked on as ridiculous comedy characters. It’s not really their fault though they have been getting fed a daily diet of utter pish for years. They were led to believe they were the richest greatest bestest club in the whole world, most award winning and Oscar worthy littered with golden globes and grammys and mobos. Years of this has had them strutting about like glaswegian Mussolinis with puffed out chest and big stuck out bottom lips. The papers were littered with stories about how great it was to be a Ger and how they were so rich they could double treble and quadruple outspend every team in Scotland neigh the world. We were all graced with the photos of grinning Murray the Gordon Gekko of Scotland who was living a life of luxury on loans and credit. When Rangers won we were all greated with the grinning sychophants Chick young and Jabba all laughing about how great the Gers were and how sucky everone else was. All those puff pieces of yesteryear and look at the poor fools now, what they have failed to realise is that a massive custartd pie with extra egg was tossed at them over a decade ago and because when it finally made contact said pie was terminal no-one is allowed to laugh. The first days of death they all admitted it and were rightly gutted they blamed Murray and whyte in equal measure and quite rightly so but the narrative didn’t suit the vision of how they see themselves so they quickly changed the it, they couldn’t blame Murray anymore or they would have to admit that everything won under him was a sham so poor old Craigy boy took the brunt of the blame even though it was terminal when he got it for a wooden quid coin. It has been one massive disaster after another for them followed by cringe inducing stories the deluded fools refuse to believe therefore no-one else is allowed to repeat them, even if the turn out to be true. They stand with their backs to an explosion at a chinese fireworks factory saying things like jog on timmy nothing to see here without a hint of irony at their dead situation. In the olden days they would have been allowed to forget such a disaster because all we had to call them out on their bull was the odd letters page and phone in where you were either ridiculed or cut off for hinting at the truth. Now we dont need those things we have places like this were we can come and read the measured honest truth and the hate it they try and turn it into something else it isn’t, just so they can try and shut us up by using words like bigotry and hatred because thats all they really know themselves or understand. Anyone who dares speak a truth they dont agree with is immediately tarred with a sectarian brush. Even if the person saying it doesn’t care about stuff like that and has only ever really seen it being dealt out from the hands of rangers supporters. They come on here accusing people of things they didn’t do or saying the sight is something it’s not without mentioning the utter bile and complete hatred of their own moronic sites all you have to do is spend about three minutes looking on one before finding something so completely offensive you have to get off it quick. I think as long as they keep denying relevant facts and the truth the story will always be interesting and worth chasing. I just like it because it’s really funny.

    • cam

      Joe, i think there might be some good stuff in your post but without the paragraph spacing i can’t read it.
      Gives me a sore head.

      • Joe

        You’re right mate but computer kept crashing and kept losing what I was writing so just belted it out as fast as I could.

        • mick

          @joe cams illiterate sevcoian you dont have to explian yourself to him your right in the above post there hurting and know scotland is laughing at them every fan site has a joke thread about them its been a year of lol at sevco green and sally now jabba it just gets funnyer and funnyer theres no end to it

    • Phew! Hard work Joe. I see what your saying, but the current situation is down to one organisation. The SFA. I am not talking about their death, that was suicide, but now. Every avenue of argument, debate, and excuse is closed to their claims. The whataboutery door is shut firmly in their face. This is down to one organisation. The SFA! They have no argument for where they are now(within the rules of the game). This has resulted in the frustration they feel, and is a direct product of the SFA bending, breaking, and making up rules in a mis-guided/miscalculated attempt to salvage them. So many rules have been contradictory to existing rules they can never prevail. I remember a Fred McAuley joke on mock the week. He was talking about swearing at football matches. He described a situation whereby one man’s frustrations got the better of him, and he stood to remonstrate with the ref. He was so frustrated and lost for words, all he could shout was “Feckin..Feckin,……BOOOO! That is where Sevco fans are. The SFA have caused this, and should be held accountable. Charles Green is actually encouraging this frustration, and to an extent the SFL. There are decent Sevco fans, who may be lost to the game now. There are decent fans who have been reduced to shouting “Feckin Boooo!”(only worse). This is an over-spill of the “90 minute hatred”, and is becoming a problem not left in the stadium after the game. The SFA & Charles Green should hang their heads in shame.. Unfortunately, there seems little can be done with regards to either. We know why CG does what he does. The SFA have provided no suitable reasons for what they have and are doing. If they had applied rules without fear or favour, the current situation would not exist! Sevco fans have shown, to their credit, they will follow a tribute band(I don’t mean that sarcastically) so what was the problem with declaring it officially. I know it has been fun winding them up, as they would have enjoyed in reverse. There is no reason to expect that, in reverse, some of our support would act like they do now. Frustrated.! And it is all the fault of the SFA.

  9. dan

    Will all and sundry please get off Arseon’s back! This is a man who cooked for his country when in the Catering Corp, I’ll have you know! A man who still lowers his apron to half mast (cook’s apron, not THAT kind of apron) on 11-11-11. This is a man who has served (meals) for his country, so show some ‘Respec!’ Please! FFS!

  10. STILL ! No condemnation of the unsavoury posts regarding Presbyterians , ” Huns ” ect , were are the holier than thou brigade ? We ( the people ) have all day , so in your own time .

    • Ernesider

      Unsavoury – not pleasing in odor or taste
      He probably picked up that word in his Cooking Corps days.

    • Maggie

      Sorry,were you speaking there? Just hearing white noise.
      Is it really you carson? How did you escape from remedial
      reading comprehension ? Oh I see,you used the skills you
      learned in the army catering corps.What’s that? You
      tunnelled your way out using a potato peeler.

      I see remedial reading not been very successful.
      I’m still seeing basic mistakes….. ect incorrect.I think if
      you had attended what used to be called a “High School”
      you would have been exposed to the wonders of the language
      of Vatican city…..Latin. Now Latin may be a dead language,
      no carson,not dead like Rangers,but dead in the sense that it
      is no longer widely spoken,well apart from in Vatican city.

      A working knowledge of Latin not only aids one in the understanding
      of English ( and look where that deficiency has gotten you) but
      also makes the acquisition of a foreign language considerably
      easier,but one step at a time carson,you just concentrate on
      mastering English,then we’ll talk about French or Italian.
      Now back to ETC,yes that is indeed what you meant to say…..
      this is an abbreviation of et cetera which means ….
      and the rest ( of such things) So are we clear on that one.

      I note you’re still using “were” instead of “where”….seriously!!!
      How MANY times do I have to tell you about that one?
      God I’m SO sick of giving you all this free tuition,I wouldn’t
      mind so much if it actually didn’t fall on deaf ears.Get that
      potato peeler out and dig your way back into remedial reading
      class and do not let me hear anything else from you until
      you’ve passed with flying colours.

  11. tykebhoy

    squawk squawk

  12. Would AGAIN like to commend jimbhoy for his best wishes to sandy Jardine , very much appreciated , but , sadly an isolated post , but when the late Mr Sean Fallon passed away Rangers boards full of condolences , as one poster a while back put it , Celtic , the classless club.

    • Vega

      Let’s be honest “mate” you don’t want to commend anyone of a Celtic persuasion, you just want to take a pop. I seriously doubt anyone one here wishes Sandy anything but the best. I certainly hope he makes a full recovery. Less of the attempted point scoring though eh?

  13. tykebhoy

    Has mr Jardine succumbed to his illness?

  14. Squawk squawk , yawn AND SILENCE .

  15. Adeste Fideles

    Do we have Mr Traynors recent blogs to thank for the Daily Record biting back via this post on their website:


    I’m kinda shocked they actually published this.

    • JohnBhoy

      Jabba’s public display of bitterness towards his ex-profession and former colleagues was a serious misjudgement. It’s payback time and it will all end in years for Jabba.

    • ecojon

      @Adeste Fideles

      A very strong piece by Gordon Waddell – Chuckles will be wondering why he’s paying Jabba the big money if he can’t control the media.

      The Record have obviously decided to throw down the gauntlet on the boycott front and dare Rangers to do their worst.

      We live in increasingly interesting times.

    • Den

      That has a bit of an edge that wasn’t there previously but without straying from the facts.

      Rangers threw down the gauntlet, it has been picked up.

      Could get really dirty, with a lot of juicy revelations.

      The case study continues.

  16. NLO

    Official statements from Rangers clearly accuse Orlit of “harassment” and presenting “invented” invoices. As I understand it both are common law crimes within Scotland. However, I’m fairly sure that “harassment” with regard to an alleged debt can only be committed against an individual and not a registered company (The Office of Fair Trading issues excellent guidance to companies who wish to pursue a consumer debt legally). On the other hand presenting an “invented” invoice is clearly common law fraud, whether presented to an individual or a registered company. I would therefore urge Rangers to report this serious matter to the police.

  17. I’m still here , waiting …………….

  18. Budweiser

    There’s a parrot standing about in a waiter’s uniform outside. I think you should contact the RSPCA.

  19. Joe

    Just to go off topic for a minute I was in the supermarket last week and there was a person selling books for a charity, so I had a look at what was on offer and came across the book Chickenhawk by Robert Mason. It is the true account of a pilots tour of duty flying the Huey helicopter in Viet-Nam. I had read it before but thought what the hell it’s for charity it might be worth another read. It’s actually a brilliant book and if anyone is looking for a good read look it out.

    • JohnBhoy

      Joe, The Short-Timers (Gustav Hasford) is another good one. Sounds like the life and times of The Rangers but it’s actually a book about grunts in Vietnam. Later made into the film Full Metal Jacket.

      • Joe

        I have read that and also Dispatches, you should check out the 13th valley by John M Delvechio. Or in Pharoah’s army by Tobias Wolfe, it starts where his other book This boys life finishes.

        • Maggie

          @Joe & JohnBhoy
          This Boy’s Life was a fantastic film.I had Leonardo di Caprio
          marked out from then to become the actor of his generation.
          He was incredible in it.
          Am I correct in thinking the director of the film,
          Michael Caton Jones is a Celtic supporter?

          • Joe

            @Maggie Yes you would be my advice to you would be watch this boys life and then read In Pharoah’s army it’s a brilliant book.

            • Maggie

              I’ve already made a mental note to read both This Boy’s Life
              and the follow up.I’ve got a big backlog of books waiting to be
              read,but I’ll def read those two and get back to you Joe.Thanks

          • JohnBhoy

            Maggie, This Boy’s Life is a cracker and MCJ is indeed a supporter of the Bhoys. He dedicated Rob Roy to Jock Stein.

            Watched a lovely French film tonight, Untouchable.

  20. Ah , the blessed Margaret has resurfaced , now my greneaaerrr is to be attacked , she may well be more intellectually advanced than some , but , she still has to condem ra sellicks terrorist supporting ” minority ” or the sectarian slurs in the last few days by the holier than thou brigade , does agree with them ? She says she is no longer in our education system , I honestly thank the good lord that someone with such bitterness and bile in their bones is no longer in contact with impressionable children .

    • not nearly dead but really dead

      a carson quote “First class again bill , it seems that these vile uneducated giro cashing leaches on the backs of descent British citizens know no shame”
      and theres me thinking he was talking about that ex- team from govan

      perhaps we can have A MUTUAL APOLOGY from all who indulge in sectarian language/racist/bigotry or does that only aply to ‘them’

      ah fug it ,im bored of this. keep demanding for an apology, just like you keep insisting the dead club is alive. NO ONE IS LISTENING

      • Are you a Giro cashing , hoodie , trackie wearing leach ? If not what have you got a problem with ? Now st ecojon and the blessed intellectual mags will you or won’t you condem / agree with the slurs on Presbyterians ? Or the use of the ” hun” word ? Or the a attack on non denominational schools ? I have all the time in the world , when your ready , in your own time , no pressure ……………..

  21. Carson.

    A couple of things.

    First of all, as Tom Petty once sang, “the waiting is the hardest part”.

    Demands for apologies left, right and centre don’t really get anyone anywhere, do they? And a forced apology? What is that worth?

    The nature of a discussion forum like this is that things are quickly moved on from, and people harking back demanding apologies for things gets no one anywhere, as most readers won’t know what you are on about.

    By the way, this is NOT directed only at you, but as a general point. If a post or comment offends you, or you think that it traduces you or yours, then let me know as per the side panel at the top of the page and I will have a look.

    I do NOT moderate comments in advance, so I depend on people helping out. I do my best to read through and edit as needed, but managing to do that for each and every one would take away from my time obsessing about Rangers! 🙂

    Secondly, do you post on Mr McMurdo’s blog as Carson, or as Carson’s Army, or indeed have I confused your identity here with someone else entirely over there?

    Many thanks,


  22. Everyone,

    There comes a point when banter could cross the line of acceptability.

    Let’s all draw a line under perceived slights in the comments here and start the week in 23 minutes with a clean slate.


    • I have not demanded an apology , but maybe have crossed the line sometimes in exposing hipocracy , you , Mr mcconville as with mr mcmurdo must be congratulated for letting people of different views an outlet , but , I will always play devils advocate , it’s too easy to expose the intellectual bigots , but soooooooooooo much fun .

      • Ernesider

        If he had a brain he would be dangerous.

        • “mr mcmurdo must be congratulated for letting people of different views an outlet”

          If that is really the case, then why does every single comment I try to put on his posts deleted?

          Just to be clear, each & every one has been reasonable, polite and non-insulting. However they don’t fit in with the sycophantic/sectarian/grossly insulting drivel he allows.

        • ecojon


          And has lost his memory as well as he/she doesn’t know what they post as on CRO or wish to keep it secret – I wonder why 🙂

  23. dan

    Maggie, Johnbhoy and co, loved the literary references—-although when I make them on here I’m accused by ‘A Person I’m Not Allowed To Mention’ (I was going to call him a Person In A Serious Huff till I noticed the acronym for that wash P.I.S.H) of being pretentious. But I’m not, really. The references come to me as easily as not thinking comes to him. But I would like to recommend the work of James Lee Burke, an American crime writer of the very first water. His plotting is not the best, but his powers of description and characterisation are excellent. I will try and take up your references—be they pretentious or not.

    ps Johnbhoy—have we met per chance?

    • Ernesider

      “But I would like to recommend the work of James Lee Burke, an American crime writer of the very first water.”

      Yes Dan he’s quite good. I read the first four in chron. order a few years ago, not sure why I stopped there. Working my way tru Jo Nesbo and Harry Hole at the moment, but I will go back to Burke.

    • dan

      johnboy, a silly question that, how could you possibly know. Ever been in the Babbity pre match?

    • Maggie

      We love a literary or movie reference on here,especially mick.
      It’s what keeps me coming back,well that and ripping it out of
      carson.Oh and music references creep in too,see Paul’s Tom
      Petty reference ( Tom one of my all time faves btw )

      I’ve been re reading The Great Gatsby in preparation for
      the Baz Luhrman film.It was a book I had to study as a student
      and I fell in love with it and with Fitzgerald in general,I re read
      it every so often and still find more in it. I hope Leo doesn’t
      disappoint in the new film.
      It’s most definitely NOT a gritty crime thriller,which I also like,
      tho’ not too gritty.The Girl with the Dragon Tattoo trilogy was my
      last gritty read.
      I’d take being called pretentious by the trolls as a compliment dan 🙂

      A line from Gatsby very apt for Sevconians

      And so we beat on,boats against the current,borne back
      ceaselessly into the past.

  24. Cregganduff

    Your going back a bit Joe. Except for the Choir Boys I couldn’t clearly remember much. So went to Amazon to jog my memory. The Black Marble was to me hilarious though my sister hated it. Read 3 or 4 others usually fairly gritty stuff. Maybe even more so Elmore Leonard L A quartet.

  25. gav

    Ha ha. Cheers Paul. Heres hoping if you write a book at somepoint you dont expect it to be serialised in Farming weekly. The root vegetables there will surely object to your obvious anti-beetroot bias and cite this artical as evidence that you are a longtime member of some secret greens only coalition hellbent on the demise of the misunderstood purple root. Hopefully you will receive payment for said serialisation, and a full page ad promoting the publication before the editor., farmer billy, bends to rabid root pressure and pulls the publication in a fanfare of mock condemnation of your support of little gems

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