The Daily Record Tries To Ingratiate Itself With Rangers and in Doing So, Does a Dis-Service to Sandy Jardine

Following upon last night’s “call to arms” by an unnamed writer at Rangers (who is suspected to be Jim Traynor, Director of Communications) a further statement came out under his by-line.

I will return to that later however.

Before that I want to comment upon a piece in today’s Daily Record.

Newspapers all across the globe face challenges to their profitability, and even their existence, as a result of new technology, citizen journalism, the increased pace of life, and shortened attention spans.

In Scotland, and probably most acutely in the West of Scotland, there is an additional hazard. Editors need to be aware of upsetting one, or indeed both, of the footballing powers (at least in terms of supporters’ numbers) Celtic or Rangers.

Editors are well aware of what happened to the circulation of the Sun on Merseyside after its coverage of Hillsborough. Whilst thankfully no issue here has had anything like the same importance in terms of press/public relations, there are frequent calls for boycotts.

According to Mr Google, there are, for example, 214,000 search results for “Rangers boycott ‘Daily Record’” and 5.1 million for “Celtic boycott ‘Daily Record’”!

One of the topics of discussion as the Rangers Tax Case continued was why the Scottish media failed to address what seemed to be topics of interest, and as a result the term “succulent lamb” entered common usage.

Clearly an editor, conscious of his bottom line, will want to tread carefully, neither alienating one side nor the other. I do not envy the task. At various gatherings I attended, and as part of conversations with journalist and observers, it was suggested that the commercial bias of the press in the West of Scotland was towards Rangers, simply because the associated fan base was larger than that of Celtic. I do not believe that that was applied as a conscious policy, but rather that it might have influenced decisions about coverage.

All that having been said, it seems, to pick the Record as an example, to have fallen between two stools. Neither Celtic fans nor those of Rangers seem to have much good to say about the paper (or at least the vocal internet fans don’t).

This week saw the pressure heighten even more following the Record’s front page coverage of the Orlit v Rangers dispute. The angry reaction from the Rangers side to the Record having the temerity to re-hash the Rangers press release seems rather odd to me. It fits perfectly what I also posted about yesterday in connection with people reading what they think someone is saying rather than what is actually said.

In fact, on objective reading, I cannot see anything in the Record piece which ought to have been objectionable to Rangers, except for the existence of the article itself.

Maybe coincidentally, or perhaps in an effort to reclaim some of its lost ground, the Record features today articles based on an interview with Sandy Jardine.

Mr Jardine addresses his present health problems, and I am sure everyone reading this wishes him the very best in his recovery.

However, he also is quoted talking about the players who left “Rangers” in the summer. That is what I want to focus on.

Now, Mr Jardine was a distinguished servant of Rangers, Hearts and Scotland during his playing days, and has been involved with Rangers for a long time since then. Nothing I say below is intended to be a slight to him, nor should it be taken that way.

My point is that the Record, possibly in an effort to regain ground with its Rangers supporting readers, has printed comments from Mr Jardine, seemingly without the writer of the piece pointing out or at least questioning what seem to be mistaken assumptions. I reiterate that I am not objecting to the sentiments Mr Jardine expresses, but rather to the unquestioning way in which they are reported.

To the article therefore (with my comments in bold):-

SANDY JARDINE watched elderly people give up their pensions and kids go without pocket money in a desperate effort to keep Rangers float. That’s why it left him sick to the pit of his stomach when he watched the millionaire stars they idolised walk out on the club in their hour of need.

Allan McGregor, Steven Naismith, Steven Whittaker, Jamie Ness and Kyle Lafferty were among a group players who opted not to transfer their contracts from oldco Rangers to newco. As a result they could sign for anybody as a free agent while Rangers were denied any possible transfer fee.

For better or worse the players had the choice of accepting employment by the new owner or not. That is their legal right. And as far as denying Rangers a transfer fee, is that not what Mr Green is still pursuing?

Jardine believes their departures were the most saddening aspect of a truly depressing episode.

I wonder how many of his fellow fans would agree.

He said: “I think the players who left in the summer took advantage of the club. I’m quite vociferous in my criticism of them and that was a huge disappointment. Everybody was making sacrifices and I got to see first hand what they were over the past year.

I might be mistaken, but I have a vague memory that, under the control of Duff & Phelps, Rangers and the players agreed for there to be temporary, but sizeable, reductions in wages for the three months or so from administration starting until the end of the season. This was done to enable Rangers to make it to the end of the season. Figures were discussed at the time suggesting that the wage bill was reduced, for those three months, by 75%. The millions of pounds thus saved enabled Rangers to fulfil its fixtures.

Mr Jardine was closely involved with the club at the time. One assumes he spoke to players. Is he unaware that they took wage cuts?

It is also the case that these were wage cuts, not deferrals, so the money not paid, was lost to the players.

“When we set up the Rangers Fans Fighting Fund there were people sending in their pension along with young kids sending in their pocket money.

And despite the sterling efforts of the RFFF in raising several hundred thousand pounds in the period until Mr Green’s takeover, that would have been dwarfed by the money saved by the players taking pay cuts (and pay cuts which they had no obligation to accept!)

Indeed any player who refused to accept a pay cut would have been entitled to walk away as a free agent if the administrators had forced it on them. No one did.

So the fact that pensioners put in their cash and small children gave up pocket money is admirable. However I suspect that very few fans, if any, gave up 75% of their wages for three months when the future of Rangers was in the balance.

“It was hugely saddening to see certain players take advantage of the situation for their own personal gain. I don’t have to name them because they know, and all the fans know as well, who they are. They denied the club of some desperately needed income. The fees from their transfers would have gone a long way to rebuilding the club.

I think the time line has been forgotten somewhere.

From March to May/June the existence of Rangers was in jeopardy. During that time the administrators could have slashed costs by making substantial numbers of employees redundant. They did not.

They could have asked the football authorities for permission to sell players outwith the transfer window. They did not.

Instead they asked the players to accept huge salary cuts. The players accepted, and the team made it to the end of the season.

By that stage, at the end of May, Mr Green’s company, Sevco 5088 Ltd, had been named by D&P as the preferred bidder, and indeed had binding arrangements in place whether or not a CVA was accepted by creditors. So by that point the danger was over.

Therefore the decision of players not to move to the new employer, Sevco Scotland Ltd (Sevco 5088 Ltd somehow having disappeared from proceedings) had no effect on the survival of the team. By the time the players left, the team was saved!

The person who was affected was Mr Green. After all, for £5.5 million he thought he was buying assets now valued at almost £100 million (and which had been valued at in excess of £100 million not long before) AND rights to sell off players which would have brought in £8 million, £10 million, £15 million?

“Given what we went through that was the most disappointing aspect of it all for me.”

I suspect Mr Green was even more disappointed!

Of course, nobody took advantage of a vulnerable club more than Craig Whyte. And Jardine feels the only way to bring proper closure to the whole sorry saga is for the disgraced owner to be put behind bars.

For what, one might ask? For “damaging” a football team?

He said: “Unfortunately these types of cases normally take a couple of years to process. I just hope that for what he did he pays the proper penalty and that goes for anybody else who was involved in any wrongdoing. I would hate to think they got away with that.”

I do not know Mr Jardine’s expertise in these matters. If he is hinting that Mr Whyte engaged in criminal activity, then it normally takes many years for such matters to be investigated, prosecuted, determined, appealed and finalised. A couple of years would be remarkable.

I think it is fair to say that Mr Whyte has paid a penalty already. He is a figure of ridicule and has had his personal life and circumstances splashed across papers, TV and the internet. He is at the sharp end of various civil court actions, and has been the subject of bankruptcy proceedings, although this was resolved by agreement.

If criminal activity has taken place, then it will be dealt with in the normal way.

However I am still unsure of exactly what “crimes” Mr Whyte is alleged to have committed.

And as far as the non-payment of taxes is concerned, I have still never seen anything suggesting that Mr Whyte pocketed the unpaid tax and ran off from Ibrox with it. Instead the millions he withheld from the tax man were used by Rangers before administration, and by Duff & Phelps afterwards, to allow the football team to get to the end of the season.

Put most simply, if Mr Whyte had engaged in a fire sale of players in January 2012, then this would have slashed costs and allowed him to pay the tax bills he had run up at Rangers. Instead he kept all the players, apart from Mr Jelavic, and it was the unpaid tax which funded Rangers, and then the costs of Duff & Phelps, to the Green takeover.


Maybe the reporter on the story could have mentioned that Mr Jardine’s recollection of the time line seemed a wee bit off. Maybe he could have been asked about Mr Whyte’s dealings – as Mr Jardine was employed at Ibrox at the time.

However it looks as if this story is being put out there in an effort to reassure wavering Record readers that the paper is on the Blue side.

As a result we have an article which is unfair to Mr Jardine, to the players involved and indeed to Mr Whyte.

I suspect it won’t make much difference to the Record readership however.

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386 responses to “The Daily Record Tries To Ingratiate Itself With Rangers and in Doing So, Does a Dis-Service to Sandy Jardine

  1. cam

    For anyone who stoops as low as calling a seriously ill man, a hanger on and a crawler,here’s a wee bit of fresh air.

  2. Budweiser


    WE CAN STILL WIN TREBLE says manager Lennon!!!
    TREBLES R US manager claims!!

    St Mirren manager Danny Lennon in an exclusive interview with ‘Random Gazette’ exclusively reveals exclusively his exclusive take on the Buddies ‘Triple Honours Campaign’.
    In the exclusive serialisation in next weeks ‘Random Gazette’ , manager Lenny, Leonardo. the leoniser,Lionheart, will spell out, exclusively, how the brave, plucky, underdog,battling, Saints will win the triple crown in Scottish Football.
    1:- How we gubbed celtic.
    2:- How we are gonnae gub celtic again
    3:- How we widda gubbed rangers if Dun. U hidnae gubbed thum furst.
    4:- How if celtic lose there next 8 matches and we win all o oors in every boadyelse draws or loses then — hey presto wur the champeens.

  3. JimBhoy

    @calm cam boy

    • cam

      Nah Jim,the freak calls a guy who is seriously ill, a hanger on and a crawler! WTF.
      Is that what a lifetimes experience and a wordly view bring to the debate?
      The guy is a f*cking half wit.

  4. cam

    Another day in McConville Towers ends, and Maggie is upset at Clarkengs innuendo,Coybig gets Ffricking bloody pissed fricking off,mick is harassing Tesco workers,Cams medication isn’t working,willy’s willy goes wonky,Steven gets hissy due to a cow backfiring,mcfc does the boring thang,Adam racks up some good figures,Clarkeng,manning up and admitting shares armageddon,Cam gets emotional by streuth!Jimbo’s social life and absinthe consumption hits new heights,carson slots a few penalties into the onion bag and we all still want a lock in.

    And then Eco does ma frickin bluddy skull in and has a swally and calls a cancer patient, a crawler and a hanger on.
    Cam,heads for garden shed and hits the heavy bag.

    Eco,when you sober up, say sorry and then STFU for a days contemplation.

  5. Budweiser



    European football has been plunged into turmoil over ‘ which black and whites’ will gub celtic first! St. Mirren claim they have done it first in the league cup semi-final. Juve claim that their impending gubbing holds precedence as it is in the Champions League, St. Mirren counter claim that they will gub celtic once more in the Scottish Cup. Further confusion reigns as Juve claim ” Which Lennon are we playing against? Who are playing in black and white strips? We demand to know which Lennon we are playing against!

  6. dan

    Is it me, or have Bam and co’s posts become a bit dark? Remember when it was all so light and undergraduate-ish? Except for Eck at the Kublakhan, and Carson who have always been a bit dodgy—Adam seems to be the only rational one left—sorry for this accolade Adam. Good night all.

    • cam

      When i get a few bevvies and make cryptic posts about not crossing the wrong people and folk getting shot,then thats when it gets a bit dark sonny.
      Any more smart arse comments?
      Do you want me to re post your nights work?

      • Budweiser


        Anyone with cancer deserves our sympathies. It’s difficult , for me at any rate, to even try to bring this into any football concept. I can see why Paul brought this particular issue to the fore, but I really wish that he hadn’t as it seems to have brought out a latent nastiness in people .Please, please, get a grip,honestly it’s only a gem a fitba.

        • cam

          Bud,read the worldly wise ,educated post by the man for all seasons and get back to me.
          Eco, i always regarded as a gent,way above this disgusting comment.
          Bevvy can be the only excuse, and the fact that his usual speedy retort is not forthcoming, reinforces that theory.
          I totally agree with your sentiment as to the wisdom of the original post and up until Eco’s stupidity, kept my usual idiocy within the bounds of reason.
          Its not me who needs to get a grip here.

      • Steven brennan

        The tu was me again,

      • Cregganduff

        ” When i get a few bevvies and make cryptic posts about not crossing the wrong people and folk getting shot,then thats when it gets a bit dark sonny.”

        You’re a real scarey gent cam. Maybe a little more water in the whisky.

        • cam

          If you wish i’ll re post Dans post to me back in November.It was he who had too little tonic in his gin that night.
          Get your facts right and then get back to me.
          In fact here you go.

          November 30, 2012 at 12:18 am

          Bam! Where have you been? I’ve missed you! I was feeling down today.But then you came on with your sanguinary (look it up) post on Newco. But, you could be right, you know. I hear they’re courting some prominent Scottish businessmen to invest. But beware, Bam, as Honore de Balzac (look him up) said: ‘Behind every great fortune is a great crime.’

          You really are a tube, Bam. You, and yours, are about to be shafted mightily, and you’re waltzing towards it with your pants round your ankles. Ah well, don’t say you weren’t warned.

          (Sorry some of this is a bit cryptic, but there are serious people out there you wouldn’t want to cross. I mean, my goodness, where I live shots have been fired at poor doormen standing outside a pub! What kind of people are we talking about here? Hmmmmm?



          Rate This

          Got any more input on this now plumduff?

          • cam

            As i say,treat this place like a pub and think before you open your yap.
            I asked the bold Danny bhoy to expand upon his cryptic post but the babycham cocktails must have got the better of him and he went silent running for a while.
            Every now and then,probably when the missus lets him out ,the babycham starts talking, and he does his Bam thing and tries to engage me.
            Out of respect i’ve told him i don’t wanna drag down the site by engaging in cardboard gangsta rapping.
            See below post for resolution.

            • Gortnamona

              Ecojon’s post was at the very worst, slightly insensitive. Anyone, with a little bit of dignity, who objected to it would have posted a few words registering their feelings, pointing out the aforementioned insensitivity and leaving it at that.

              But not you cam. In post after post you have to register your grief, your indignation, your outrage, your nearly complete mental breakdown and retreat to your outhouse/shed to ponder ’man’s inhumanity to man.’ Until, surprise surprise, who is centre stage? Not Sandy Jardine, but Cam the poet of the perplexed and persecuted, with his agenda of doing harm to this blog.

              Sandy Jardine’s attack on the players who left was cowardly and despicable. As for you Cam, your true nature can be clearly seen in a small exchange which took place yesterday. As has been said, masks do slip.

              Big Ed
              Personally I have great respect for Steven Naismith. He is a good player and I know that he is an active supporter of the Glasgow homeless charity Loaves and Fishes. He is a very fine young man and a credit to Scotland. And no, I’m not his agent

              I’m glad to hear of his charitable efforts. An ex work colleague of mine of the green persuasion didn’t rate him and his father. I hope he lives long and prospers and stays away from Ibrox and shuts his yap regards the Gers,,,he is a non person in that regard.

              Again nasty and cowardly, but showing the real Cam. Rangers always Rangers, every action and statement in life must be judged, not on its own merits, right or wrong, honest or dishones, but as to how it affects the ludicrously named Mighty Gers.

              So dry your crocodile tears and ‘shut your yap’ as you so elegantly put it. Or maybe for the umpteenth time remind us of the bhoys who pissed on ‘The road and the miles to Dundee.’

              Cam wrote – “Eco, i always regarded as a gent” – Now that did make me laugh.

          • Cregganduff


            Just have a word with your low life friend Carson who posts that catholics live in dirt surrounded by cats and I might start to believe you are sincere.
            I take at least as much offence from that as you do from ecojon’s post. Would you like to comment sonny.

          • Cregganduff

            Poor cam
            Did you really feel threatened by Dan’s post?
            ” Wee, sleekit, cow’rin, tim’rous beastie,
            O, what a panic’s in thy breastie!”

            Your sense of humour like your sense of decency seems to come and go depending on who is the target and how it suits your agenda.

            ” As i say,treat this place like a pub and think before you open your yap”
            Rich considering all the childish drivel you have posted here.

          • dan

            Bam! And you took that to mean what, exactly?

        • ecojon


          He is very scary when he doen’t take his meds – imagine living with him 😦

    • Cregganduff

      But Adam
      That’s only by comparison.

  7. portpower

    While sevco try to billow forth, will the current players be tarnished a traitor for walking away in the season to come?

  8. cam

    Cam heads for his counting house at high noon to tick off his coupon,glass of scrumpy in hand his CAB is open to all comers.

  9. portpower

    Apparently Charles Green has made a huge mistake. He was heard to have said that “Juventus are welcome to the use of Murray Park.” This rumour has been found out to be false. Their was a big mix-up in communication between Green and Traynor. It has been revealed that Kilsyth Rangers F.C.
    have been given permission to use The Rangers facilities before their crucial cup draw against Kinnoull Juniors F.C. this saturday. Kilsyth Rangers F.C. will stay for the week to train.
    Mr. Green has contacted Juventus to apologise for the inconvenience.
    The Rangers International F.C. wish Kilsyth Rangers F.C. all the best on Saturday. If Kilsyth Rangers F.C. are successful Mr. Green informed the club they are more than welcome to use the facilities for the next round against Kelty Hearts J.F.C.
    An official statement is available on their website.

  10. I thought folk bought the Daily Record to pick horses from the back pages and wrap fish suppers in the rest. You mean to tell me people actually read it too?

  11. dan

    Nice wee result in the highlands. But despite that I’d worry if Big Tel ever got the Sevco gig. Oh, and Bam, I’m still waiting on an answer to my question?

    • cam

      Ok clown,i asked you at the time to explain your self confessed cryptic post, but the drink that you were taking to drown your sorrows at the FTTT verdict must have made you pass out and probably forget.
      Den,another commentor asked you to explain the meaning behind a ramble that include,you have been warned,people getting shot and crossing the wrong people.Those were your words.
      Amongst some other pretentious crap you learned in a polytechnic course.
      Since then i’ve completely blanked you,but you keep trying to engage me in your sad attempts to spout more pretentious crap.
      I don’t make a habit of conversing with daft wee boys like you.
      You’ve had your answer and now you’re blanked again.
      So you can carry on with your Bam routine unhindered.Don’t let your hatred consume you sonny.

  12. COYBIG

    @willy wonka

    “Stop making up rubbish. Even now you can’t face the truth.”

    Who’s making up rubbish? I can’t face what truth?

    “Nowhere did I make fun of his name. I called him ‘ten names’. Some of the names he has previously used are listed above. I’ll get you the rest if you want or need. ‘Paranoia’ Lol. From a Sellik fan too.”

    Read ALL of this. Not 1 half, not 2 thirds, ALL of it (the key word being IF):

    I wrote, “IF you’re not writing/making fun of someone’s surname because of its origins, then that can be seen as racist.”

    Now, IF you had read that the first time I posted it, then in your next post you could have wrote, “No, I didn’t not write/make fun of his surname because of its origins, I was referring to the fact that he’s used 10 different surnames over the years.” And that would have been that.

    But no, you decided to think that I called you a racist when I didn’t, hence my use of the word paranoia. Now I don’t know how serious you take all of this, but I come on here for a bit of banter, a laugh and a debate. There’s no ill feeling from me towards you, if that’s what you’re thinking.

    • willy wonka

      What are you on about ? Here is what you posted initially –

      “Are you a racist or are you just thick as shit? It’s not that hard to type someone’s surname. And Alex Thompson’s a useful idiot? What the fuck does that make Jim Traynor then? And your new club has admitted the debt, so are The Rangers liers as well then? Are The Rangers now part of the Timmy conspiracy?”

      Read it twice so you understand it. Where is the ‘if’ ?

      • COYBIG

        @willy wonka

        I was referring to the comment I posted in reply to you saying I called you a racist, when I didn’t.

        RE my comment that you’ve reposted: I didn’t imply anything. I asked – Are you? So it looks like even tho you’re good at spelling, you’re pish at comprehending. Either that or you’re just a wee shit stirrer.

        Wait a sec’…will you be able to comprehend the definition of comprehending?

        • willy wonka

          ” Are you a racist or are you just thick as shit? ”
          Again I’ll ask you to point out any hint of ‘racism’ in any of my posts [on this thread or elsewhere].
          There IS NO racism in my posts. I’m not a racist.
          But don’t let that stop you.

  13. ecojon

    I saw varied frenzied remarks about me from cameo and eventually reched his original post which I have replied to. But I have also copied it here in case cameo thinks I am ashamed or retract anything I have said. Btw cameo you ascribe my comments to drink last night however I leave people with ‘normal’ minds to read my various posts last night and judge my sobriety.

    Indeed I think most on here would have a good laugh if they actuaall knew what I was doing in the earlier part of the evening 🙂


    Twist away – Jardine does have a serious illness which may or may not be life threatening because of the medical advances made in recent years. I have no detailed knowledge as to his medical condition and whether he is in remission or ‘cured’ of his illness or still undergoing treatment.

    I have several close friends and one relative currently ‘in remission’ from cancer and what has struck me is that after the initial and I believe almost inevitable ‘bitterness’ and ‘why me?’ they have come out the other side with the realisation that all our time on earth is limited and that they have been given a chance to say, do and tidy-up a lot of things that people who drop dead don’t get.

    In a way they have reached the mind ‘plateau’ where lots of older people arrive at which recognises the inevitability of death, including their own, and some even come to welcome it although I am blessed with good general health and have yet to reach that stage. As I have mentioned here before I practice no religion although I do have Buddhist leanings which hopefully will help sustain me when my time comes through the knowledge of how I have lived this life.

    One thing I have noticed in my way through life is that people actually ‘Staring death in the face’ – to use your rather emotive tabloidese – are seldom in a position to give newspaper interviews.

    Sandy Jardine has made a fairly bitter attack on his former colleagues which I believe to be just plain morally and legally wrong and which creates physical danger for the players involved but then I am entitled to my opinion just like Jardine is to his.

    His medical condition doesn’t play any part in this except for mischief-making by lowlifes like yourself. Indeed from what I think I know about Jardine he would be the last person to use his illness to excuse or justify his comments.

    I think it is entirely relevant to pose the question as to whether he would have made the comment if he ws no longer with Rangers and I will repeat what I said: Leaving aside medical considerations – He has to hang-on as he ain’t going to get a better billet at this stage in his career. That means he has to do what we all have to do at some stage as employees and that’s crawl’.

    Jardine may well see his attack as his way of showing ‘loyalty’ to his club but at the end of the day he is the only one who knows what is in his heart. I hope he lives a long life and it may even be that in the fullness of time his attitude and opinions will change and I hope it does but that is a matter for him.

    Interestingly he came under attack on the Darkside for giving an exclusive interview to a ‘scum’ anti-Rangers newspaper with many declaring it should have been an exclusive on the Rangers FC site.

    So, much as I have compassion for all human beings and animals, I have to be realistic and restrict my actual activities to supporting children, mainly in Africa, receive health care and education. Being on limited means restricts my financial contribution but I know that every little relly does help.

    And it all stretches back to a fragment of the Catholic side of my education and upbringing and the Pennies for Black Babies which certainly isn’t PC today but I’m sure some will catch my drift.

    Every life is precious to me and of the same value as Sandy Jardine, my own and that of my children although obviously the pain of grief is sharper the more that you know someone. It’s one of the things that becomes clearer with age especially when thousands of children die every day, as do their parents, in countries ravaged by war, disease and famine.

    These are the people who truly face death every day often with absolutely no assistance and you cameo cheapen the phrase with your manufactured rage to suit your paymaster.

    • cam

      If carson had made your comments regards Tommy Burns,you would have been all over him like a rash.
      That self righteous waffle above won’t deflect my opinion on you.
      You have serious control issues to deal with and you’re in the Dan club,,,blanked.
      The good news is i’m only sticking around for wee Nimmo’s proclamation and then i’ll leave you to hunt down anyone with a different view and do your freak thing in peace.

  14. COYBIG


    “I think you are missing the point. Its nothing to do with origins, or Irish sounding, or the way it is spelled, or the way its said. Its the fact he has changed his name time after time after time, hence “10 names””

    Thanks. I know that now. But I didn’t miss any point. I worte, “IF you’re not writing/making fun of someone’s surname because of its origins, then that can be seen as racist.” The key word being IF, as in – IF that’s the reason. Thanks to you, I now know that wasn’t willy wonka’s reason. It was all a misunderstanding and I don’t know about willy wonka, but as far as i’m concered, the matter is now finished.

  15. Big Jock, Newcastle

    Such a distinguished legal eagle like yourself will be aware of the grey area of law regarding Craig Whyte’s initial purchase of the club. It is certainly no surprise that a fellow crook like yourself (Defamation towards you Paul, see you in court) sees no wrong in Craig Whyte’s actions. Your obsession knows no bounds, you are however a complete irrelevance that wishes to become some sort of Martyr like Ill Phil. I don’t think you are worth the physical attacks you crave, our club and our people do not so surrender. Unlike your heroes, we will fight til our day is done. Lie down and grunt you filthy bigot.

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