Rangers “Winding Up” Story Emphasises That People Read What They Want to See, Not What is There

Rumours were swirling about for a few days about a debt due by “Rangers” to somebody from “the East”. Details were hard to pin down, but there was frequent mention of a winding-up order, or at least the possibility of one. Phil Mac Giolla Bhain was at the forefront of the story, although, as is often the case, his reportage was dismissed by those who ought to have paid more attention to what he had to say.

Alex Thomson of Channel 4 News took matters further and he heard from Orlit Enterprises that they claimed to be owed £400,000 by Rangers as the balance of its fee for introducing investors to Sevco Scotland Ltd (now Rangers Football Club Ltd).  He was told that an application for a winding up order was the last resort, but a step Orlit were on the point of taking.

After Mr Thomson blogged about this, and mentioned that, despite efforts to elicit same, there had been no response from Rangers, there came various additional reports and comments.

What I am interested in, and writing about in this post, is that follow-up reaction.

Rangers did not issue a response till several hours after the report by Mr Thomson. That response was short, although not particularly sweet. I blogged about it last night here.

It was clearly an attempt to stifle the story before it spread, but it was too late. Was this because Mr Green is doing his impression of Phileas Fogg (© David Leggat) and travelling around the world?

I blogged about the connections between Mr Chan Fook Meng, a director of Orlit and Mr Green.

Various Rangers-related bloggers manned the barricades to defend their team, even though, if one actually read the piece by Mr Thomson, and my own comments, you would see that the defence being mounted was against charges which were not actually being made!

This was shown most clearly by today’s Daily Record.

After the last line of Rangers statement last night saying that the matter was “unworthy of further comment”, the Daily Record covered most of its front page with the story today. Now the story made it very clear, as Rangers had said, that the football club was not under threat. It made clear that it was Rangers position that an agreement had been reached.

The Record said that, in relation to Mr Thomson’s comment that Orlit felt that a winding up order was the only option left to them, there was “no evidence that a winding up order had been served” nor was there any evidence found by the Record of an application having been made at the Court of Session.

But Mr Thomson did not say that such an application had been made. Instead he was reporting the creditor as saying that that was the only option they felt they now had. Whilst it does not take long to prepare and lodge such an application, I am sure Mr Thomson would have made clear if he had been told that the order had already been sought.

So the Record checking to see if there had been such a petition presented to the court, whilst good “belt and braces” journalism, was looking for something which no one had actually said existed!

The Record report, other than that point, seemed to be very straight, making clear Rangers position. That however did not prevent demands for boycotts of the Record from some of the websites supporting Rangers, presumably for having had the temerity to report that there had been a dispute, as indeed Rangers own statement admitted.

The plot thickened today when the BBC reported that, despite what Rangers had said about an agreement, Orlit claimed that there was not one.

BBC Scotland understands no agreement has been reached between Rangers and a Singapore based company, Orlit Enterprises.

That is despite a spokesperson for Rangers saying a deal had been reached subject to paperwork.

It is thought two disputed bills amount to around £400,000.

BBC Scotland understands Orlit Enterprises are investigating the possibility of raising a winding up order against the company which currently runs Rangers within the next seven to 10 days, if the dispute continues.

As well as the BBC report, and that of the Record, the story was in the Herald, and the Scotsman, and on Sky’s website, and STV.tv, and Eurosport and …

One of the major criticisms of former ownership groups at Ibrox has been the supposedly lax response to perceived slights from “Rangers haters”. Mr Green had promised that these would be taken on, and this, as have many of his declarations, seemed to please the fan base.

However, on this matter, and as detailed in a blog by Alex Thomson published as I write this piece, the Rangers PR machinery has produced a performance far worse even than that of the Rangers football team at Tannadice at the weekend!

The one area where, at first sight, the counter-blast seemed to be working was amongst the online Rangers supporting presence. Various Rangers fans acted as if in receipt of Commissioner Gordon’s “bat signal” and rushed out a defence as soon as there was official word from Ibrox.

However the message was not a uniform one.

For example, the wittily named “Celticnewco” site stated :-

“It is my understanding that the club was indeed hit by a winding up order for a sum in the region of £400k.

“The club, to my understanding, did not agree with the invoice and challenged its value and payment date.  After some to’ing and thro’ing Orlit Enterprises issued a winding up petition against the club. (a tactic regularly used in the business world to force anothers hand)”.

All very well, except that the writer’s suggestion that issuing of a winding up order is “normal” is by no means correct, and secondly, his sources were wrong – no such order had been issued (and Mr Thomson had not said that it had!)

Bill McMurdo, who often blogs sensibly regarding Rangers-related matters, managed to honour me with two mentions in two days!

First of all he commented:-

The poisoned pens (or should that be keyboards) of the anti-Rangers bloggers are pouring out more “revelations” about Rangers’ finances, this time the conjectured fall-out between Orlit Enterprises and Rangers Football Club Ltd, resulting in the now notorious “winding-up order” which Toxic Thomson, Phil Multi Names and Paul McConville are salivating over.

It was reported that Mr Arif Naqvi invested £2 million in Rangers last year.

So Rangers owe Orlit money?

Wow – what a story.

To quote the irrepressible McConville on his blog:-

“With no knowledge of the details of the invoices and the apparent dispute, it would be wrong to take this as a sign that Rangers are in financial difficulty.”

You said it, Paul.

Ecojon has already commented here on the apparent discrepancy between Mr McMurdo’s comments on Mr Naqvi, and those of Mr Green, who denied there had been such an investment.

It is also ironic that, in a piece designed to complain about people like me writing about the matter, Mr McMurdo manages to quote me – to agree with me – and still to find time to criticise me for writing about it!

Surely, if I was the “Rangers hater” and “poison pen anti-Rangers blogger” Mr McMurdo suggested I was, then I would have been announcing to the world, based on nothing at all, that they were dooooomed! Rather, I pointed out that the issue was an embarrassment but not a sign of Armageddon.

And today Mr McMurdo continued:-

Today’s edition of the Daily Record is a perfect example of how low the standards of journalism have fallen in this bigoted wee country. The Record’s article on “Rangers in crisis” is a shoddy piece indeed and is clearly both mischief-making and muck-raking designed to damage the reputation of Rangers Football Club.

The article refers to thoroughly discredited journalist Alex “Toxic” Thomson’s blog on which he writes about a “winding-up order” issued to Rangers from Orlit Enterprises,  a Singapore-based firm contracted to find Far East investors for the club.

The Rangers-despising triumvirate of Toxic Thomson, Phil Multi Names and Random Ramblings Paul McConville all blogged on the matter in their usual hysterical way, all three desperately hoping this would be the killer blow to Charles Green’s regime. Clearly the Daily Record has picked up on this pants-wetting excitement.

Meanwhile, back in the real universe, the sad news for Rangers-haters is that the club are very relaxed about the bill, which they admit exists but is just part and parcel of routine business dealings at the club.

In fact, I am led to believe that the real bill is half of the amount cited.

That shouldn’t deter the haters from having their moment of glee reading the Record’s appalling attempt at smearing the good name of Rangers with their propaganda.

Never let the facts get in the way seems to be the journalistic philosophy of the Daily Record these days.

Now, maybe Mr McMurdo read a different edition of the Record from the one that I saw. Maybe he saw something in the Record piece to justify mentioning it as proof of this being a “bigoted wee country”. Maybe he read a different blog on my site from the pieces I wrote about the issue, because I did not see myself as being remotely “hysterical”.

Also today the Rangers Standard had a piece referring to Celtic’s “unofficial blogging network”. (Maybes there is one, but I am n ot party to it – my “secret source” is Mr Google!)

So what does all this tell us?

First of all, as is actually agreed in the blog posts today by Alex Thomson, Bill McMurdo and the Rangers Standard (TRS), this issue is a PR disaster/own goal/debacle/dog’s breakfast (choose whichever best describes the matter).

(I suspect that Mr McMurdo and TRS might not appreciate being told that they are in agreement with Mr Thomson!)

Secondly it emphasises that, to sections of the Rangers faithful, anyone, whether a national newspaper, award-winning journalist or long-winded blogger who writes anything about Rangers which is perceived as negative (even if it is not) is a “hater” and in the pockets of Celtic.

I suspect that that section of Rangers supporters will not pay heed to any suggestions I make, but this behaviour contributed, it seems, to the ruinous few years Rangers have had under Sir David Murray and Craig Whyte. People, supporters of Celtic and of other teams and of none, pointed out the problems inherent in the Murray years as the banks squeezed the fiancés to which he had been given access. It was pointed out that the economics of football in Scotland meant that Champions League income was essential to survival unless dramatic changes were made. These suggestions were ignored as being prompted by malice, jealousy or “hatred”.

When Craig Whyte appeared, whilst some Rangers supporters did question his credentials, most did not, and in fact seemed to take him to their bosom on account of the numerous times that writers, bloggers and commentators pointed out that things seemed not quite right on the night with Mr Whyte. The perception seemed to be that, if people were saying anything negative about anyone involved with Rangers, that must be ignored. And so the descent into administration and liquidation accelerated …

In the Orlit story, the Record’s front page made clear that there was “no threat” to Rangers – indeed this was an exact quote from its own release. The Record story could almost have been written by James Traynor in his new role as head of communications at Ibrox. Yet, the mere fact of reporting it proved enough for boycotts of the paper to be called for – for having the temerity to turn the Rangers press statement into an unquestioning front page piece!

And the Rangers statement too did not, on my reading, correct anything that Alex Thomson had written. In fact it is he who has sought to correct Rangers, on the basis that he is being told that, despite what Rangers say, there is no agreement yet!

I can well understand why some Rangers fans want to accept every word that emanates from the listed façade of Ibrox as Gospel truth. However, that unquestioning “obedience” and Pavlovian response cannot be to the club’s advantage, can it?

And finally (and I accept this is a mischievous suggestion) will Mr McMurdo and the writer of the piece in TRS be assailed with criticism for having pointed put exactly the same observation as Alex Thomson – namely that this is a PR disaster?

Posted by Paul McConville


Whilst Mr Leggat has not yet published comment on this issue, I await his pearls of wisdom with interest. He will, no doubt, have some wise words on the mess (although that reminds me about the comment on one unnamed author “his words are fine, but his sentences, paragraphs, pages and chapters are rubbish!”)

Only joking Mr L – pip pip!


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45 responses to “Rangers “Winding Up” Story Emphasises That People Read What They Want to See, Not What is There

  1. Pogin

    Shut up McConville with your factually correct articles, blogs and observations, can’t you see our heads are firmly buried in the sand, where we’re happy for them to remain?

  2. Michael

    No wonder Murray was ragin’. The banks “squeezed the fiancés” 😉

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  4. mcfc

    And there’s more – latest attempt at PR from Jabba


    Absolutely astoundingly bad PR management – unless you think PR means Puerile Retaliation. This would be too ridiculous as a John Cleese “What not to do” Public Relations example.

    It this is indicative of the level of professional competence at Ibrox then the fun will just keep coming until Admin II.

    BTW does anyone else smirk when they read Andrew Dickson’s job title – Head of Administration – good to see they are planning ahead – he’ll be busy soon.

    • Glazert Tim

      Looks like a standard Jabba ‘fact hunt’.

      No…. Wait a minute, think I spelt that wrong, this predictive spell check Damn!!!

    • The Hidden Fortress

      ‘In the past…Rangers…[were] mugged by money grabbers’ ! Like the local newsagent ? Or the face-painter ? The police, St John’s ambulance service…? ‘Integrity’…don’t make me cry with despairing laughter…

    • Skinny

      I cannot believe that a listed company would print such a statement on their own website. Talk about airing your dirty laundry in public!
      Or am I reading what I want to see?

      RE: Winding up:
      I had to check this, apologies for the c’n’p:
      “The Winding Up Petition dates from the presentation of the Petition at the court offices, when it is lodged. A first Order is given. This first order is the authority to serve and advertise. At the same time it is “walled”. Walling literally means that the Notice is pinned to the Court Notice board for all to see. It should be noted that the minimum debt is £1500 in Scotland.
      The Respondent has 8 days to lodge defences but there is NO delay period for advertising. The Petition is advertised at the same time as service. No opportunity is given to negotiate time to prepare a CVA proposal document. Instead the bank accounts are instantly frozen and the road wide open to liquidation.
      One unfortunate side effect of this loss of grace period is that a petition may be issued maliciously and so damage the company.”

      Not something to be taken lightly then, or so ‘glibly’ dismissed. Short-termism nearly always ends badly.

    • “However, because it has become clear Rangers cannot rely on basic honesty, decency or integrity…”

      Yes, Traynor used those words.


  5. Glazert Tim

    I was speaking to a friend of mine who procures paper and materials from the vast paper mills in Singapore. Interestingly he was having serious issues booking freight space on container ships for the next few weeks.

    Just a thought, how many container ships would be required to send £400 k of ‘ginger bottles’ to Singapore?

  6. Who says there is no such thing as bad pulicity

  7. mcfc

    @Jabba (we know you read this 🙂 )

    I’d like to suggest some light reading that might help you understand your predicament – John Kennedy Toole’s Pulitzer Prize winning “A Confederacy of Dunces” which draws it’s title from Jonathan Swift’s comment: “When a true genius appears in the world, you may know him by this sign, that the dunces are all in confederacy against him”

    • The Hidden Fortress

      O Fortuna, Fortuna !! A dancing stripper and her singing parrot feature in that novel. Perhaps similar characters could have been employed to distract attention from ‘agreed’ debt in the debt-free zone…

  8. mick

    what a cheek they have the online media via phil broke a story it made national news before the record mentioned it and when they did it was negative about the bloggers same old deflect nothing to see here green could have politely called channel 4 and spoke its not every day a 4 tier club make ch4 news the fact he has not been in telly means things are not good as hes hiding the whole msm are behind the bloggers agian this only galvenises when it comes to facts there first the exposure via it is positive as people will look in at the articles thats the last thing msm want

  9. cam

    The amount of time it takes to even read the posts never mind research and run the blog does, to any “normal” person, suggest an obsession way beyond a natural curiosity.
    A book deal may fuel the research and a handy serialisation would certainly drive me to talk even more crap than i currently do.
    Keep scenting the bait and release the hounds!

  10. ecojon

    Having read the offishal press release from Ibrox I have to defend Jabba and say I don’t believe he could be responsible for such a strange concoction. I realise he has no PR experience and was only a sports hack but even in the Record canteen he must have rubbed shoulders with real journos and picked-up a few pointers.

    No he just couldn’t have written it.

    The thought did cross my mind that the Rangers site had been hacked by the Tiny Tic but a quick perusal of their usage of grammar and language rules them out as being way above the level displayed in the press release.

    The release will certainly go viral in the Scottish media industry and may even make its way to PR weekly and probably become a lecture topic at media and PR colleges of how not to do.

    Whoever wrote it was obviously personally and emotionally involved and this can warp judgement and professionalism. What is it they say about a lawyer who has himself as a client or whatever.

  11. JohnBhoy


    Let me see if I understand Jabba’s gibberish. A company makes a “spurious request for money” to The Rangers. Rather than accede to that false request and give the club’s money away to “anyone who comes along with invented invoices”, The Rangers will instead only pay an “agreed” amount for bogus invoices. Accordingly, The Rangers will cough up money for this fraudulent invoice for the simple and obvious reason that robustly defending a winding-up order will only give succour to enemies of The Rangers.

    Chan: You owe us £400,000. Gie us it.
    Charlie: By ecky-thump! It’s nobbut a mention. Tek’ rod out-yer-arse and get thee fuck off!
    Chan: Naw! We want oor money.
    Charlie: Appens as meb’be. T’debt ‘t in’t in t’tin. Tha get thee t’fuck!
    Chan: Whit the fuck are you oan aboot? Gie us oor money!
    Charlie: Tha’s nowt so-queer as folk. I want raised ont’ darn train. Fuck off tha ‘n thee!
    Can: You know you owe us the money and we want it back, so gie us it!
    Charlie: I don’t gi a chuff. If tha’ dances wi’ devil, thal’ ge’t pricked wi’-is ‘orns. Fuck thee off or I’ll slap thee-daft!
    Chan: OK, whit dae ye think of a winding-up petition? Tell that tae fuck off!
    Charlie: ‘e-ya! What’ tha think’tha doin’, tha freetn’d mi ter deeath. Ah-reet kid, tha noz where tha’s muck the’s brass.

    Despite protestation from The Rangers, there’s trouble at t’Mill:

    – £400,000 is not a small amount – even half of that is not insignificant – particularly for a club that takes a handout from the RFFF to pay a legal bill;
    – The threat of a winding-up order is a serious matter, particularly for a club that was created out of liquidation;
    – It raises questions about newco’s strategy for dealing with creditors, particularly for a club whose old doppleganger died as a result of its disastrous debt management strategy; and
    – It is a PR disaster, particularly for a club that recently hired, at great expense, a communication guru with an intergalactic reputation.

    In the meantime, Charlie writes a letter to HMRC saying he doesn’t like them and to reprimand them “in the strongest possible terms” for chasing rich people for money.

    Chuffin’ ‘eck, Charlie ‘n Jabba. Tha’s mekkin’ a right pig’s ear o’ that.

  12. campsiejoe

    Irrespective of whether or not this is a financial crisis for Sevco, what is beyond all doubt is that it is a PR disaster
    They have made a pig’s ear of the whole thing, and you would have thought that in their first major financial test, they would have tried to inspire some confidence in their ability to deal with it in a professional manner
    Instead we have their PR department fronted by an ex hack from a redtop, sending out a call which will appeal to the lowest common denominator
    Goodness knows what AIM and investors will make of this cack handed attempt to control the situation

    • JohnBhoy

      Completely agree campsiejoe. Jabba’s out of his depth. The first club statement raised more questions than it answered while the second club statement was a meandering, petty attack on imagined enemies. If The Rangers want to be treated as a big club then they should behave like one. The question their fans should ask is this – would Celtic allow themselves to get involved in a public spat with a creditor and Internet bloggers?

  13. mick

    the far east is not commenting that means the wheels of there legals are in motion so it will be intresting to see how it gos jabbas a nut nut in the same league as leggo his ramblings are mental and he knows it anything for a bit of lamb

  14. Absolutely astonishing statement from Rangers, simply unprecidented …… enough ammo there to feed the very bloggers it attempts to chastise …. and almost in sync Paul and Alex Thommo release posts …. expect some interesting comments on the back of this.

    SOme quick initial observations (have not fully digested full stories yet) ….

    Rangers Official Statement – (on payment)
    “That would be reckless in the extreme and suggest that nothing has been understood from the past when Rangers were in effect mugged by money grabbers.” ………… simply unbelievable statement considering what Rangers did …………. A Complete PR own goal …. could/should have been stated better after the Red Mist had cleared …. the actual point they are making is quite valid.

    Alex Thommo on Official C4 site – Dares to mention the ‘possibility’ of ‘promissary notes’ ….. OMG, now what’s been in the BlogoSphere is going mainstream …………

    A Complete PR disaster …………. whoever is responsible for writing and publishing this statement should be immediately s@#k*d by Rangers before they do any further irrepairable damage. The shareprice is stuttering and Next Tuesday has already been described as Extermination Day by two renouned journalists !!!

    PS Leggo, McMurdo, RFC et al ….. i have copied the source quotes …. so don’t even bother ……

  15. mick

    spl setup sfl div 3 income 10 mil speculating price rasied by shares mils in wages mills in oldco debts its all outs and yes some ins but not what they need 200 staff on wages to the cash cow is drying up as we type bleeding like oldco

  16. Driverjohn

    And all the while, those big name sponsors (Adidas, Nike, Vodafone, Greggs et all) are beating a path to Govan to be part of the Rangers family. Desperate to lap up the publicity and goodwill that is the very essence of Newco Rangers.
    But seriously, it really makes you wonder what a sponsor would be getting into bed with at Rangers. From Boardroom to pitch, the club is a shambolic image of how a modern football club should be run. Puerile tantrums and angry rhetoric, led by a trumpet who backs a boycott, and then attends the event himself. Despite the heavy threats to take action, I have yet to see one person ‘named’ by Charles Green as having wilfully damaged Rangers (#defamationlaw). The reason being there is no one to blame bar themselves. What should be a club leading from the front in terms of football and good governance, is now reduced to freak show appeal.
    God help them.

  17. Jamie

    This seems to be the percieved wisdom on FF

    “Never trust a thing that comes out of a fenian bastards mouth the only thing a fenians mouth is good for is sucking the priests boaby”

  18. arb urns

    surely this cannot b an official club statement, the site must have been hacked and they have no way of getting this statement removed.it just has to be, even carson could have made a better job of scribbling something to deflect this.

    jabba here’s what a hard nosed business man would do with this if he was on firm ground, reduce the invoice to the amount thats due pay it and send the bloody thing back in full and final.thats if he was on firm ground as you seem to think you are !!. happens every day in thousands of boardrooms throughout the world. wise up man you are in the big ugly scene now and it gets worse believe me. succulence is off the menu.

    the devil is in the detail and a big part of the trouble here is the service this invoice appears to be rendered for.

    • That’s it ! ………… can be the ONLY explaination ….. Their site has been HACKed …….. just like RM was recently …. a few times ….. a lot …. claims then that it was from the far east ………. maybe it was that (not so) mysterious Dan San ……. curious that he is Singaporean ………. Now before anyone goes off on one, I am NOT making any suggestions ………….. PS anyone does know of his whereabouts could they contact Eurapol ………… LOL

  19. Jamie

    A direct quote attributed to Jabba.

    But why is it that so many continue to write or broadcast that this club is a new club when it is the owners who are new? Is it a lack of basic intelligence or is it something more sinister”

    He obviously doesn’t do irony

  20. frisnit

    I wouldn’t normally point out a typo (especially an auto-correct), but this one does put an amusing spin on it.

    “pointed out the problems inherent in the Murray years as the banks squeezed the fiancés to which he had been given access”

    I wouldn’t trust Murray with fiancés or finances 🙂

  21. horny toad

    Another well structured read Paul. Can I say for the Record that due to my new interest in reading blogs-I have finally been able to stop buying the chip paper that the MSM throw out.(pun intended)
    For any Currant Buns reading said blog,Paul isn’t talking about the tasty Russian dessert-but the blog is just as sweet IMHO

  22. allyjambo

    Stating the obvious, I suppose, but it’s clear to me that Green, in appointing Traynor as head of communications, is only interested in keeping TRFC supporters, at least the ones with their head deepest in the sand, onside. Surely a CEO of any company, let alone one who knows his company will, for a long time hence, be under extreme financial scrutiny, would aim his PR output at those not so easily persuaded that ‘all is well’. Rational statements are the order of the day for any business that finds it’s dirty linen is being washed in public, but belligerant rants only lend credence to the suspicions of “trouble at ‘mil” and give fuel to those who might wish them ill. The two statements put out on TRFC’s website read to me like something written by someone ‘not in the loop’ who, with very little to go on, has felt compelled to attack, as he has nothing to use in defence!

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  24. …”the Rangers PR machinery has produced a performance far worse even than that of the Rangers football team at Tannadice at the weekend!”


  25. “Meanwhile, back in the real universe, the sad news for Rangers-haters is that the club are very relaxed about the bill…”

    They’ll relax themselves into liquidation 2.

    If we weren’t already all too aware of the lengths the Zombies will go to and the lies they are prepared to tell in order to obfuscate the pain of their mortal wounds, the ramblings of McMurdo, Traynor, and co would make you question their sanity.

  26. “The amount of time it takes to even read the posts never mind research and run the blog does, to any “normal” person, suggest an obsession way beyond a natural curiosity…”

    Only to those who read only comic books.

    Short attention span.

  27. Joe

    I suppose it’s easy to relax about a 400k bill once you have point blank refused to pay it. You can just say things like “Yer no getting yer money” made famous by the guy who managed the bay city rollers and old Rangers before they died, or “ye can sing for it” like billionaire Craig Whyte probably never said. A new day a new cringe for the demented newconians. And a hilarious laugh for the rest of us, I wonder if wee Ally will end up in the papers again saying things like “Who are these people we owe massive amounts of cash to” “I demand to know who these people are we are bumping, so I can avoid them”

  28. Mick67

    TRFCPLC will pay what’s due to paid but I guess their repayment plan will be £5 per week at the Salt Market! Don’t worry bears your first birthday is only a few days away Happy Birthday from a Happy Tim.

  29. jjbhoy

    here we have a non story that became a story and when the real journalists out there,and there are a “few”,push for a story we then have jabba the butt and his incessant ramblings based on a team that died in a galaxy far far away even going on record(RAG)to say,and i quote,THE RANGERS ARE THE BIGGEST TEAM IN SCOTLAND,james you are a fat banger and need help. GLASGOW CELTIC 1888-PRESENT are top of the spl by 18 points,tomorrow we play juventus in the last 16 of the champions league and very good young players with an excellent sell on value but things are that good at CELTIC we now don’t even have to sell and today announced an increase of 71 yes 71% increase in profits due to the champions league campaign. On OUR HISTORY,first old firm game played we won,last old firm game we won,largest ever cup win in britain,7-1 scottish cup final,outright winners of the empire exhibition trophy,the coronation cup and the fairs cup,FIRST team in scotland to win nine in a row(no financial irregularities on the way)FIRST TEAM IN BRITAIN to win the european cup,we have brand new training facilities, a 60k all seater stadium,fantastic plethora of business men at the helm some even from the uk govt and a scouting sysytem to die for…WE ARE CELTIC,BIGGER BETTER and VERY VERY strong where it matters…. and news just in from sky sports…net debt at CELTIC…£130,000… now jabba geez a come back fae that an al buy YOU a succulent lamb dinner. P.S.GLASGOWS GREEN AND “WHYTE”!!!

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