Nothing to See Here – Move Along Please – Rangers Respond to Winding-Up Rumour

nothing to see here

WITH regard to stories circulating about Rangers and Orlit, the sums sought are insignificant and agreement has been reached subject to the necessary paperwork.

Rangers Football Club is capable of meeting any debts presented legitimately and we would like to stress to our supporters there is no threat to the Club whatsoever.

The matter is unworthy of further comment.

The above is the statement issued by Rangers tonight. (The photo is NOT from the Rangers release, nor should any implication be taken from the presence of Sgt Frank Drebin.)

A couple (seven or eight actually) of points arising from it.

First of all, Alex Thomson was spot on about the creditor and the action they were suggesting.

Secondly the statement does not dispute the allegation that the sum claimed is £400,000.

Thirdly calling that amount insignificant seems ironic, especially when it amounts to 7% of the price paid to buy all of the assets!

Fourthly, it provides confirmation that, in pursuing debts from companies a threat of a winding-up petition can be an excellent weapon.

Fifthly, one wonders if Mr Chan or any other parties connected with Orlit appreciate the insinuation that they did not present their debt “legitimately”.

Sixthly, bearing in mind that “the Club” is a collection of assets owned by a company (in this case Rangers Football Club Ltd) then, no matter what happened, “the Club” was not in danger, unless no one was prepared to buy the assets.

To suggest that the matter is “unworthy of comment” is a rather blatant attempt to close of the issue. One wonders how the media will cover it. It is an issue, even if only an embarrassing incident for a cash rich company claiming to be the biggest and best supported in Scotland, with the most money in the bank.

In the end, all’s well that ends well.

However it seems quite clear that if any other creditor is in a dispute with “Rangers” about a bill, then threats of winding-up, and a word in a suitable media ear, will get Mr Green to pull out the Ibrox cheque book!

Posted by Paul McConville



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60 responses to “Nothing to See Here – Move Along Please – Rangers Respond to Winding-Up Rumour

  1. Jon

    “The matter is unworthy of further comment.” shows a distinct dismissal but without the CG flair. I’m guessing this arrogance is JT’s sneering F-off.

  2. jim62

    Hoiw did the media cover a situation at a SPL club recently when a supplier threatened winding up over a bill of about £15k..”Insignificant”..”no threat”.


  3. Macduff

    Nail on the head, he who shouts the loudest gets paid. However once a PR machine tells you that there is nothing to see here, journalists should be all over this like a rash. I suspect that it is all true, but chuckles will be paying orlit as soon as he can. A quick check of the share price indicated that no-one is that worried.

    It does make a mockery of the ‘we are debt free’ line.

    As much as I would love it to be a valentines day mark 2, I suspect it is nothing more than a humongous PR disaster. Nice one Mr Traynor.

  4. Maybe there could be collection buckets positioned at all Scottish, senior football grounds this weekend – to help TRFC out of its insignificant financial embarrassment ?
    Well all these clubs are guaranteed to die if TRFC is liquidated… 🙄
    A la Sesame Street, today’s letter is ‘K’.
    ‘K’ is for ‘Karma’.

  5. jimmy white.

    Unworthy of comment! More like caught on the hop. Er, em er will you no just stop talking about the richest, biggest club in the country and I’ll… I mean all will be fine.
    Anyone for a fistful of shares? going cheap, cheaper by the day.
    yours honestly, chirpy chuckles cheap cheap.

    • portpower

      Where`s the sevco gone,
      Little rangers gone.
      Where`s the sevco gone,
      Little rangers gone.
      Far,far away.

      Last night I heard a sevco
      singing a song.

      Woke up this morning and
      the sevco were gone.
      Meep,Meep. YEH.

  6. Budweiser


    Unless my maths are totally wrong , then £ 400,000 approximates to 13.75% and not 7% of the £5.5M. that the assets were bought for last year.[ One of us will be getting a ruler over the knuckles from Maggie!].
    Again £400,000 is [according to my calculations] 12.5% of the £5m that rangers fans paid for shares in the recent flotation. Perhaps the RIFF will provide funds for legal reps to fight off the chinese takeaway.

    • Bill Fraser

      OMG You seriously need to go back to school. If you think that £400k is 1/8th of £5m then you ought to be bankrupt. Please don’t comment on percentages if you believe that 2+2=7.5948762!

      • Budweiser


        oK maggie , holding out my hands -ouch!!

        • Budweiser

          Honestly, I can do percentages. It’s the wee number divided by the big number multiplied by 100. Unfortunately I used a calculator and these modern new fangled gizmos are not my forte %.
          £400k is nothing to be worried about when there are rangers directors able and willing to lend £200k at the drop of a bowler hat, purely for the benefit of the team and company.
          It would seem that not all rangers fans are convinced of the ‘rangersitis’ of the management team.

          comment is 2597.
          From the comment:-“–so in exchangebfor £200k for 3 months and 4 days
          Mr. Amhed receives £28k cash profit plus 2.2m shares, valued at £ 1.54m
          – it would take IBM’s Big Blue to work out the interest in that.”
          See. easy peasy.

          • Ed

            Ahmed’s return would be somewhere around 3000% annualised. Chuckles would have been cheaper getting a payday loan from Wonga 😉

  7. nickmcguinness

    “There is no threat to the Club,” says Jabba.
    But does that mean there is a threat to the Company?
    What if Rangers International Football Club PLC indicate to the SFA and SPL that, as the parent company, they wish to be regarded as the new “operators” of Rangers Football Club?
    If the SFA and SPL agree to that, can they do anything if the “parent” allows one of its “children” – say, Rangers FC Ltd – to die?
    This could get very messy and nasty.
    But funny too.

    • Pogin

      Rangers FC Ltd is the ‘Company'(it’s actually the ‘Club’ but let’s just go with ‘Company’ so the Sevconians will refrain from throwing toys out pram in fit of rage) that holds the SFA and SFL memberships. If it dies then so does their membership(again lol), this getting familiar yet?

      The Sevs are being screwed for all their worth by Chuckles, but just like with Craigy Whyte, the only thing they’ll do is to lash out and threaten anyone who tells them about it.

  8. Fifa has started a new online system to report violations of its ethics code. …. BBC report …

    Now, hmmm ….. were do i start ……….
    Damn, seems the site is already log jammed !!!

  9. fisiani

    Creditor seeking winding up, failed share float, running at a loss, no prospect of promotion to a higher league, Wage bill exceeding income, Hardly the stuff of which sound investments are made of. The second administration is on the cards. Will it be a 10 point deduction for a new club or a 25 point deduction for it being the second administration of old club?
    UEFA say it is a new club. No Europe
    SFA say it is a new club. No entry to SPL.
    A new club with an ‘old’ history . What a joke. A three card trick attempt.

    Downfall 2 is being written.
    Will they be sold again for a pittance to another Zombie reviver to continue as the living dead.

  10. ecojon

    @willy wonka suggested we should look at McMurdos Blog which has labelled Paul as a Rangers Hater and Charlie Green as a liar IMHO.
    The terrible addiction of the Rangers-hating bloggers
    By Bill McMurdo | CRO Editor-at-large

    The poisoned pens (or should that be keyboards) of the anti-Rangers bloggers are pouring out more “revelations” about Rangers’ finances, this time the conjectured fall-out between Orlit Enterprises and Rangers Football Club Ltd, resulting in the now notorious “winding-up order” which Toxic Thomson, Phil Multi Names and Paul McConville are salivating over.

    It’s all a bit Groundhog Day, with the usual suspects poring over the minutiae of Rangers’ financial transactions, looking for that Pulitzer moment. 2012 revisited with the same fantastic claims and not-so-expert analysis.

    Arif Naqvi
    We have to accept that this is basically just these saddos’ addiction – a kind of financial porn habit where they keep looking for the killer blow against a club they despise with such bigoted venom that never seems to come.

    I am led to believe that it was Orlit Enterprises that introduced Arif Naqvi of Abraaj Capital to Rangers. Mr Naqvi invested £2 million in Rangers last year.

    Inept McMurdo who obviously doesn’t do any research or checking of facts before he swallows succulent lamb and spouts p*sh should check what Chuckle had to say About Naqvi on the Rangers FC offishal website and perhaps have the humility to correct his crap. I actually am beginning to wonder whether any Rangers supporters can count or read – I really do blame the schools 🙂 In any case another £2 million down the drain at Ibrox.

    CHARLES GREEN, Chief Executive stated: “I would like to clarify that in the case of Blue Pitch Holdings, the legal beneficiary is Mazen Houssami and not Arif Naqvi of Abraaj Capital. Mr NAVIQ IS A PERSONAL FRIEND OF MINE and I approached him early on in the process about a shareholding but HE HAS NOT PROCEEDED on the basis that the investment fell outside the core geography he invests in.”

      • ecojon


        I definitely don’t think Ally will be walking way not on £700K a year 🙂

        • tykebhoy

          depends whether hes been paid in readies and or pies or whether chico is just giving a million shares in RIFC per year 😉 If the latter shirley even ally will realise he’s on a bum deal

          • ecojon


            I reckon it will be shares as even pies cost more than 1p at trade and depending on the Ibrox temperature at the moment there might not even be any VAT to pay 🙂

    • Gortnamona

      “I approached him early on in the process about a shareholding but HE HAS NOT PROCEEDED on the basis that the investment fell outside the core geography he invests in.”

      Very good. Would some less sensitive soul that myself like to put that into the vernacular.

      • ecojon


        Some Rangers Haters at the time suggested that the very wealthy gentleman in question had indeed invested at least £2 million but that when the original investors were told that they were to be paid in an equity for cash swp that he demanded and received his cash back as per the original agreement.

        Now I have no way of knowing whether this is true or not or indeed of checking it.

        However the McMurdo outpouring of grief is either sloppy journalism on a par with the Record, Sun, STV or Glasgow Herald or he has been fed mince in the guise of succulent lamb from a man in Ibrox.

        However and we have to examine all possibilities – Was McMurdo correct and did Naqvi actually invest £2 million in Rangers. The interesting thing is that, as far as I know, Naqvi has never commented on the matter despite a number of people asking the question.

        The only person who has said that Naqvi didn’t invest is Chuckles. So it might look like a straight choice between the Yorkshireman and McMurdo’s version of events.

        But is it that simple? Let look in some more detail at the statement made by Chuckles who said: ‘“I would like to clarify that in the case of Blue Pitch Holdings, the legal beneficiary is Mazen Houssami and not Arif Naqvi of Abraaj Capital’.

        No one has ever said that Arif Naqvi is the legal beneficiary of Blue Pitch Holdings and I’m fairly sure that last Spring the SFA were probably given the name of Mazen Houssami as the legal beneficiary of Blue Pitch Holdings. What we don’t know and have never known is who are the individual investors that comprise Blue Pitch Holdings and that may well include or have included Arif Naqvi. Basically Mazen Housami as ‘legal beneficiary’ is the legal ‘front-man’ behind which the investors remain legally anonymous.

        Chuckles said that Arif Naqvi is a personal friend that he approached ‘early on in the process about a shareholding’. I struggle to see where Chuckles became a personal friend of Naqvi who is not only a fabulously wealthy inividual who founded an investment bank worth £40 Billion and who is regarded almost as Pakistani Royalty with numerous honours bestowed upon him by his native country and others. He has even been welcomed at Buckingham Palace.

        Naqvi and his wife have spent a lifetime since they were both students at the LSE in London working especially to help deprived and disadvantaged women and children all over the Middle and Far East by setting up charitable projects. Naqvi is based in Dubai and over the years has become the connfidante of Arab Rulers on financial matters.

        I have to be honest and say that I just never realised that Chuckles moved in such exalted company. Still stranger things have happened – possibly.

        And then the last section of Chuckles’ statement: ‘But HE HAS NOT PROCEEDED on the basis that the investment fell outside the core geography he invests in’.

        So what does that actually mean? Chuckles says that Naqvi was approached early on in investing – say £2 million – with his personal friend Chuckles. To Naqvi £2 million is like a Fiver to us so no big deal.

        ‘But HE HAS NOT PROCEEDED’ – what exactly does that mean? Does it mean that he did invest and at some stage changed his mind – perhaps because the deal had changed as I ruminated above.

        I will not waste any time on the phrase: ‘On the basis that the investment fell outside the core geography he invests in’. Seems that Chuckles thinks Rangers has a big Eastern market that isn’t shared by THE financial expert in the region or maybe just PR fluff that means nothing other than window dressing for a crushing blow.

        Returning to McMurdo – he does make the interesting and fascinating statement: ‘I am led to believe that it was Orlit Enterprises that introduced Arif Naqvi of Abraaj Capital to Rangers’.

        Why would chuckles not approach his personal friend direct and ask him to invest – why would he need to pay £400,000 to an introuction agency?

        The story just keeps on getting curioser and curioser and I predict even strangers turns on the long winding road ahead 🙂


        “Mr NAVIQ IS A PERSONAL FRIEND OF MINE and I approached him early on in the process about a shareholding but HE HAS NOT PROCEEDED on the basis that the investment fell outside the core geography he invests in.”

    • I am no expert in porn, please believe me, but what kind of porn does Mr McMurdo peruse that involves a ‘killer blow’. From the context he isn’t referring to the obvious. Is he watching something he shouldn’t?

  11. Den

    £400k is insignificant!

    I have worked for multi nationals with profits in hundreds of millions and you would be laughed at or bawled out for that comment.

    Not to panic they can always sell off a bit of that pile of Negative Goodwill. Deloitte LLP will be red faced if Rangers go down.

  12. ecojon

    @ willy wonka – thanks for the link btw you are a star circus turn 🙂

    No wonder you spout nonsense as well as carson if you swallow what is dished up on CRO as fact.

    Or is Chuckles telling porkies – did Naqvi invest £2 million and demand it back from Rangers? What would that say about his judgement re an investment in a Rangers run by his personal friend Charlie.

    Who told McMurdo that Naqvi invested £2 million – is this fact or fiction? If fact is McMuo saying Charlie is a liar?

    Or is McMurdo just a Rangers obsessive who won’t let the truth get in the way of an attack on anyone who questions the mighty Rangers?

    CRO garbage might be swallowed without question by the wonky willies of the Darkside but here we try to be a bit more careful with our research LMAO.

    • Adam

      It must be true. mick confirmed that all bloggers are not liars. 100% fact. 🙂

      • ecojon


        One thing about you Adam is that when you attempt humour we all know that the good ship Rangers has been holed below the water line.

        For a numbers man like yourself I would have thought there is a lot to ponder with the McMurdo intervention. Deflection through drivel is what we expect from your pal cam but I actually did believe you were a bit better.

        • Adam

          I have the same view of McMurdo as i do of Leggatt. Why would i try and ponder something i dont believe a word of.

          You really need to stop judging books by their cover.

  13. JimBhoy

    DID YE? AYE! Maggie reminded me…. Interview any shit celeb/irritant who has a soft sob story to tell and that response is purfik…. May just be a Scottish thing..

    Lot of discussion on finance tonight, but don’t go feed frenzy, chico and co have a ways to go yet but it will get bloody and the bears suffer more, i almost feel sorry…

    Chico will fuk a lot of things up for years to come…

  14. Englandshire will get interested in this story very soon….they have had indifference up until now……it will burst their Rainjurz bubble when a civilised country like England has a ‘slow news day’ and decides to run with this….can’t wait!!

  15. arb urns


    field gunner cams two way crackled in the crisp air.. come in cam come in cam… it was a voice cam knew only too well commander m from hq and he was under pressure cam could tell.

    whazzup echoed cam. under seige m advised hoards of singapore units dug in other side of edmistion and hurling bowler hats at the battlements.. fukin hard ones too smashin all the windaes and knocking all the lights out.they got capt j pinned in the ladies with his kegs at ankle height, we are a woman down too as j’s secy is missing presumed killed in action although she maybe with j as they normally have a gym booking around this time.

    heres the mission cam.. get back to base with £400k proceeds from a partial sale of your ipo shares. allied commander chico as you know is in qatar on forward reconnasence for the 2018 world cup looking at possible billets for the two general lee’s we will be sending there. in any case chicos shares are all locked in. agents clark engineering stockbrokers are expecting you and should have the package of ‘aye readies’ their commander chan is demanding to back off.however gunner cam be aware clarken may have been turned by double ageint urns now with the random battalion from coatbridge pissed off by the £75m raid we did on ‘bettys’. it is suspected urns has convinced clarken a.c. chico has indeed got 5m sahares at a p. just b fully tooled c and ‘ready’

    sally and the girls r not back fr pe at m park yet so they r safe and g i carson has been instructed to get out there at all cost and provide protection. however the wires this a.m suggest carson has bogged of to xanadu uni to study poetry so we cannot be certain the ‘settled squad is safe’ these singapore oddjobs are hard bees cam, they are warming up some kind of sling thing and lunching on cod liver oil and the orange juice… aha glory hallelujah… god speed gunner cam…….. tbc

  16. cam

    Damage control parties have been busy inspecting the glorious red brick walls of Ibrox after last nights heavy bombardment and apart from a clean up of various body fluids associated whenever Celtic fans congregate,there is nothing to report.
    The excrement being lobbed in massive amounts by the various ballista operators has been gathered for examination by UN germ warfare experts as a precautionary measure.Seemingly spending every waking moment of a random existence, venting your spleen at an organisation that administered a public humiliation to said ballista operator,can have detrimental effects on one’s health.
    Symptoms include delusions of adequacy,consorting with the criminally insane,paranoia,frantic twitter activity and an inability to present oneself for inspection.
    Intensive fact finding missions by sleeper agents have provided valuable info regards the collective behind the obsessive onslaught, but clever usage of convenient, mealy mouthed, Latin legal waffle has rendered reciprocal action ineffective.
    Seemingly the enemy are not prepared to bring their forces to the field for a resolution,but instead prefer to fire from cover and shout for their mammies when brought to book.
    Captain Traynor has been handed dossiers of identities and activities of the main players in the sneak attacks and counter measures are being plotted.
    Stealth and camouflage are vital to the enemy and exposure to the motivation behind the relentless dirty war is expected to bear fruit.
    The air raid siren has just gone off again,,,Agent Cam out.

  17. cam

    Captain Traynor has been contacted by Hollywood legend,George A Romero with a view to a major money spinning boost to the Ibrox coffers.
    Reports from downmarket sleazy strip joints frequented by Easy Company of the CFC screaming shoitehawks,US division, have led to the bold George looking to outdo Brad Pitts, World War Z blockbuster, by filming an epic Zombie flick in Govan.
    Mr Romero has had his interest piqued by Easy Company troopers, crack fuelled zombie ramblings.
    On a fact finding mission he noticed the ballista operators and ammunition carrying orcs milling around Ibrox and was reminded of his famous Dawn of the Dead film.The sight of undead,brainless creatures turning up at Ibrox, slabbering and intent on destruction has excited him.
    Captain Traynor is currently trying to locate the owners of the green and white clad lost souls,so as not to fall foul of copyright laws and have an internet weirdo cliping on the Gers.
    The possibility of hiring these willing extras for a few cases of Buckie is potentially a gold mine.
    Negotiations are ongoing.
    NB; the above satirical piece is not meant to offend wearers of green,ballista operators,slabberers,undead or the brainless.No zombies were harmed during the making of this film.The characters are fictional and any resemblance to real zombies is unintentional.
    Due to not being a hypocrite and having no shameless desire for a mainstream media publication to serialise any of my future work for thirty pieces of silver,i have no objection to anyone grassing me up to said media.

  18. cam

    The prize for the most fitting caption to the Frank Drebin picture is,,,,,?

    “My names McConville, Guv.It’s a fair cop i’ll come quietly,i never thought my random ramblings would have this effect”

  19. cam


    Video footage of Charles Green being lifted over the turnstile at the Cessnock subway station has been leaked to a watching world.
    Press crews from around the globe are gathering at as yet unnamed watering hole in the Barras.
    The owners of the cell phone that the footage was filmed on,a Keiran Aloysius McSpartacus,said that he had been stalking,sorry, following Mr Green for 4 months as part of his student thesis on “the effects of wearing a demob suit in a postmodernist landscape”.
    He saw a large chap in a Gers top greet Mr Green with a cry of “Chico ya dancer! c’mon wee man i’ll show ye how they dae it at the Beggardome”
    Mr Green was then hoisted over the turnstile and seen hot footing it with his new chum.
    The ticket kiosk attendant,who by an amazing coincidence happens to be Mr McSpartacus’s brother-in-law thrice removed by ankle tag,is said to be in a coma and his lawyers are seeking maximum damages from Mr Green.
    The lawyer cleverly has deduced, that as Mr Green was seen wearing the RFC club tie at time of dastardly deed,that RFC IL PLC and caicos, are accountable for his actions.
    An action for damages for £22.2 million has been lodged at the court of bevy Session and Harper MacLeod are following the case with a keen interest.

  20. ecojon


    If anyone has ever doubted the troll nature of cam it is there for all to see in his four consecutive posts of drivel as he attempts to destroy informed and objective debate on the blog.

    I hope he is getting paid plenty for his efforts which really are mince 🙂

  21. cam

    Well its time for bed, the site fire prevention officer,Eco is deploying thumbs and googling frantically to repel all invaders.
    Beware WALL-E, he is relentless and with one patronising, syrupy ,smiley can defeat all comers.

  22. Geddy Lee.

    I’m glad you see the funny side of this farce cam.

    I would imagine most sensible Rangers fans will be demanding answers from Green as to why this debt went unpaid, while he maintained the club was debt free.

    If they are “arranging” a debt repayment scheme,then obviously, there are not Millions in the bank just waiting to be spent. I hope these arraingments are in consultation with Chan, although that seems very doubtful if they have just taken legal action to recover this money.

    It would seem Green cares not one jot for the proffessional reputation of his new club, nor it’s future chances of
    gaining credit from a major bank.

    Then again, one swatch at his business history shows he doesn’t put much store in paying bills. Closing companys

    down is more his game.

    Surely now is the time for Green to announce your new shirt sponsers and producers. he said it would be this week
    and would cause great excitement among “the Rangers” fans. Of course, that was when he was speaking to a group of “the Rangers ” fans, and sadly we all know how extraordinarly easy they are to dupe.

    I imagine there won’t be a peep out of them this week, next week or even next year as they continue their incredibly childish beligerence concerning the state of their club, despite reality staring them in the face.

    pS any sign of the Missing 10 Million from the share offering?

    Any “the rangers” fans dare ask yet ? LOL

  23. cam

    We Gers have a life outside of our fitba club Geddy bhoy.If your fantasy came true tomorrow and all record of the Gers existence was deleted under staute of law,,,,i would still be laughing.
    You my friend would be bereft,greiving and still full of hate.
    I’ll talk more rubbish to you later and keep laughing.
    Pour some cold water on Freco,,,he’s getting het up.(inserts sad smiley)

  24. cam

    The fun part of typing a long, rambling, bile spewing, piece of bigoted drivel that is my specialty, is that poor Eco has got plough through it in case he can find some libellous,actionable section that he can run to the heidie with!
    Melons being twisted as we speak.

  25. ecojon

    @ cam

    I don’t read your cr*p I just run the tape measure over it.

  26. Geddy Lee.

    cam, can you show one post by anyone on this site that indicates the author “hates” “the rangers”.

    No of course you can’t. The sad fact is, “ra people” think everyone has the same mindset as them. They spout their vile filth, certainly on the Bear’s den Forum, in a proud, boastful manner. Many of them actually see it as a duty to speak only in terms of vile hate when discussing anything “not rangers”.

    Go check out the current thread on the BDF concerning Mad Man Brown. The initial poster is immediatley accused of being “Reeking” as the thread dares to be critical of the club. The guy is then subjected to the usual revolting , childabuse
    claims, and the usual stomach turning comments concerning Catholic Priests.

    The more the guy fights his corner, the worst the abuse he attracts. he finally elicits the odd apology, but even then , there’s a hand wringing attempt to explain the attack. appparently “we have to be vigil”.

    It demonstrates clearly how hatred has consumed the mindset of the fanbase. Any attempt to criticise Green, or even to ask questions, is immediatley attacked in the worst possible way.

    Sad and pathetic does not even begin to cover it.

    As for everyone else, you should not confuse “hate” with ridicule. posters here are only reacting to the sunami of ignorant, delusional, confrontation garbage spouted by anyone at your club asked for a quote

    Hate ? no sorry,

    Hate ? no sorry,

  27. Antonious F

    Maybe ‘The Rangers Fighting fund’ can dig deep to pay this insignificant amount or maybe that fund is for ‘oldco’ debts only.

    maybe they should start another fighting fund, ‘The The Rangers fighting fund’ perhaps.

    Given what has gone before you would think the those in charge at ‘the big hoose’ would want to avoid negative press, but like their previous tennants, they don’t seem to be able to help themselves.

    C’mon Gladys, dig those big ‘ands into those deep pockets and pay the bills. Remember what happened to the last custodian of the big hoose who didnt pay the bills?

  28. Geddy Lee.

    Cam, heres a hate filled mindset,

    The following was posted, literally a few minutes ago on the Vile bear’s den Forum.

    Remember this is 1 Gers fan talking to another after he has naturally been “outed” as a Catholic.

    I have had to heavily censure the disgusting language used on that site, as sadly their so called moderators
    see nothing wrong at all with vile hate filled paranoid abuse. It really is a very sad indictement of the whole club.


    “How the f**k am I reeking. That’s all you get on this forum. Too many paranoid c**ts in here.

    Read it again. I’m making a point that the sfa and the spl have with held prize money from us which I can only think
    is because we went into administration.But that shouldn’t matter and the money should be handed over to us.
    Although I have a feeling the moneys not there anymore.


    Get a fuc***g grip. Post something worth reading other than “reeking” ya reeking c**t!!!!!

    Cam, I defy you to point me in the direction of any other non rangers football site where such disgusting language is used
    by fans , especially when they support the SAME club, or where such a natural air of Hatred permeates the entire site.

    Over to you…..

  29. SairFecht

    Mibbe that’ll calm Cam cause he cann’ae cam up wi anythin – but he’ll probably jist cam back as Cam in camouflage.

  30. Pingback: Rangers “Winding Up” Story Emphasises That People Read What They Want to See, Not What is There | Random Thoughts Re Scots Law by Paul McConville

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