On Catholic Education Sunday – Re-Post of my Thoughts on Catholic Education

Today in Scotland is marked by the Catholic Church as Catholic Education Sunday. Our Parish Priest preached about the establishment in 1893 of one of the local primary schools – set up by the Catholic community as an answer to the grinding poverty of the time.

As Father said – today why should anyone be deprived the benefits of Catholic education?

And to those politicians who seek to eliminate Catholic education on grounds of “equality” and “social cohesion”, why not attack private schooling, where people are, to use the abolitionist argument, subject to “apartheid” based on money?

(For the avoidance of doubt, I do not advocate an end to private education, nor do I consider that different schooling arrangements amounts to “apartheid”.)

Is the problem one as identified by Durkheim? Namely that the establishment of a separate group is seen by the majority as an “opposition” even where that is not the intention of the minority?

Anyway, I thought that today would be a suitable time to re-post a piece I put on the blog in September 2012 regarding my views on Catholic education, and associated topics.

So here it is.


Last night I had the pleasure of attending the Welcome Mass for first year pupils at my children’s High School. The hall was full; the children and the adults sang out, although thankfully more in tune than I was; and Father O’Brien spoke to the children about how wonderful they were and what possibilities awaited them as they moved through the school.

Many teachers turned out, whether to participate in the service, to lead the singing, play piano, or to organise the tea and biscuits afterwards. Many pupils from sixth year in the school came out on a Thursday evening in full uniform to help and to be there as an example for the new pupils. Other pupils came along, where they had siblings amongst the first year pupils. The commitment of teachers and pupils to the spirit of Catholic education is vital.

After the Mass, during which the first year pupils prayed the “Our Father” in sign language, we heard from the head teacher, telling the children about the adventure which awaits them as they move through the school. We had also heard from the head of the lower school, who talked about having a diverse group of children, coming from eleven different primary schools, joining together to make one unified first year group.

Finally, we gathered for the aforementioned tea and biscuits; new first years spent time with friends they had not met until three weeks ago when term started; older pupils chatted with each other and with the youngsters. Parents got to meet parents with whom they will share their children’s passage through secondary education over the next six years.

Being the celebration of the Mass, not all of the non-Catholic children attended, although some did. However this week has seen all of the first year pupils “on retreat” learning about initiatives like Mary’s Meals, feeding the hungry round the world.

Last night was a fine example of what Catholic education brings.

That is not to say, of course, that such an atmosphere might not exist at non-denominational schools; I am sure there are many where it does. However it is clear that there is an ethos within the Catholic education system in Scotland which is about much more than even the vital task of training children for exams.

Over the years I have attended many events at the schools, both secondary and primary, where, for example, the pupils have marked the Holocaust in drama, poetry and song, much of which created by the pupils themselves; where Diwali has been celebrated in dance as part of a project teaching the children about India; where other faiths have been discussed and praised for the good they have done. There is a breadth of education, especially regarding religion and other cultures, which belies the attacks by the critics, who use what are offensive terms like “apartheid” redolent of South Africa, and “segregation” as if we were back in the Seep South of the United States in the years up to the 1960’s.

As the Scottish Catholic Education Service puts it, rather more formally than I did:-

Catholic schools are encouraged to show excellence in their work in ways which demonstrate a distinctive Gospel understanding of “excellence”.  This is based on a Christian anthropology which regards each person as being uniquely gifted with talents and capacities which should be developed to their full potential.  Success is not measured merely in terms of academic attainment but in signs of personal development and actions which show a commitment to meeting the needs of others.

The Charter for Catholic Schools has been developed to define the key characteristics of excellence which should be found in every Catholic school in Scotland. 


The Scottish Government too recognises the importance of Catholic schools, saying:-

The curriculum in Roman Catholic schools will build on the openness of Catholic schools to other young people regardless of denominations and faiths.


This statement goes a long way towards answering the critics who condemn the “segregation” and even “Apartheid” of the Catholic system. The history of the separate system of education for Catholic children makes clear why it exists even now. It was never about taking Catholic children away from their peers; instead it arose because the state made little or no proper provision, so the Church took up the task. Indeed, at the time Catholic education commenced, there was not much of as state to do the job instead!

Catholic education has been provided in Scotland for many centuries.  Its foundations were in the monasteries which first provided education in the middle ages and which heralded the foundation by Papal authority of three of the ancient Scottish universities at St. Andrews in 1413, Glasgow in 1451, and Aberdeen in 1495.

Catholic schools have existed in Scotland for as long as Catholic communities have been established in various parts of the country. Most Catholic schools were founded as Parish schools, funded by the local parish and often housed in the local parish premises.  A number of religious congregations founded schools to provide the benefits of Catholic education, often for the poorest communities.

Today Catholic schools in Scotland are public schools – designated as “denominational schools” because they were, from the 1920s onwards, gradually transferred from Church ownership to State ownership. The 1918 Education Act in Scotland guaranteed the following rights to the Catholic community:

  • Catholic schools were to be funded by the State and open to inspection by Her Majesty’s Inspectors;
  • as public schools, Catholic schools were to be open to all, but were expected to retain their own ethos and identity in order to serve the needs of the Catholic community;
  • any teacher appointed to any post was required to be approved by the Church with respect to their “religious belief and character”;
  • the local education authority was to appoint, with the approval of the Church, a Supervisor for Religious Education in Catholic schools.

Catholic schools today do not exist as an accident of history, the result of a concordat between Church and State in 1918.  They exist – indeed they thrive – because so many parents actively choose Catholic education for their children – approximately 120,000 of them.

The Catholic school is supported in its mission by the active partnership of the home, the school and the parish. Together, they provide support for the faith community, helping to form and develop in all a mature Christian conscience, in addressing the increasingly secular influences of popular culture.

Today, Catholic schools at primary and secondary level continue this fine tradition of Catholic education as a service not just to the Catholic community but to the wider Scottish society.

Catholic schools generally have significant numbers of non-Catholic pupils there, and this is not because of children being forced there because of catchment areas, but rather because parents recognise that there are advantages in the Catholic system. Indeed I have heard it cogently argued, though at too great length even for this piece, that what should be abolished, in the interests of higher standards of education and morality are not Catholic schools, but non-Catholic!

Catholic schools, much to the surprise of those who see them as a breeding ground for antagonism towards others, are actually arenas of great tolerance to all, respecting the fact that not everyone professes the Catholic faith. However the principles outlined in the Charter above will generally meet the requirements of parents of children of other faiths, and indeed of none.


Maeve McCormack is the policy and briefing manager for the Catholic Education Service for England and Wales. Last year she wrote the following in the Guardian regarding Catholic schools, primarily in England and Wales:-

It is a key part of the church’s mission to offer good quality education as part of our contribution to society as a whole. Catholic schools are always happy to welcome children from all backgrounds whose parents seek a Catholic education for them.

The Catholic church was the original provider of education in this country. From the Middle Ages onwards, the church took responsibility for teaching children. Central to this work has always been our dedication to providing education for the poorest in society. Following Catholic emancipation in the 19th century, the Catholic bishops of England and Wales prioritised the building of schools before the building of churches. Then, as now, the church’s commitment to education was strong.

We consider education to be crucially important as a means of forming the whole person intellectually, morally and socially and we want to help to give children as good a start in life as we can. Catholic schools strive to offer children a well-rounded education, providing them with a moral basis from which they are free to make their own decisions. The immeasurable benefit of a Catholic education is that students are encouraged to engage with the wider community and to make a positive contribution to society as a whole.

The current government, like previous governments, recognises the value that a Catholic education offers young people.

Catholic schools are inclusive. Our schools are more ethnically diverse than schools nationally (26% of students in Catholic secondary schools come from ethnic groups other than the “White British” category, compared to only 21% of students in secondary schools nationally). Recently published data also showed that Catholic schools have a higher proportion of students from the most deprived areas compared to schools nationally.

Central to this is the Catholic ethos and distinctive nature of our schools. Interestingly, in England around a quarter of pupils in Catholic schools are not Catholics and in Wales the figure is a third. As Baroness Warsi recognised in a recent speech, the provision of education is a major part of the Catholic church’s contribution to British society, part of a centuries-old tradition. We are proud to offer a well-rounded, high-quality education to almost 800,000 pupils and students in England and Wales: Catholics, members of other faiths and none.

Much the same can be said of the system in Scotland.


Does the system of Catholic schools promote sectarianism and bigotry, as is charged by critics? I do not believe so. There are always disputes between pupils of different schools – but this can be between schools and pupils of the same denomination, just a different blazer colour.

Do pupils from Catholic and non-denominational schools clash because of deep theological disputes about transubstantiation? Do pupils from the Catholic school taunt their non-denominational brethren over belief in pre-destination?


Instead the vast majority of religious bigotry in Scotland, and predominantly in the West of Scotland, is connected with the “religion” of football. The two temples of Celtic Park and Ibrox attract their congregation every two weeks, where the traditional “hymns” are sung.

It is of interest that the perception amongst some Rangers fans seems to be that all Celtic supporters are Catholics, and amongst some Celtic fans that all Rangers followers are Protestants. Whilst that historical backcloth can be draped over both teams, time moves on.

I would suggest though that most of the so-called inter-Christian violence and strife in Scotland is actually trouble between the two parts of what used to be called the “Old Firm”.

How many of those who attend each ground “religiously” also attend church or chapel? I suspect that most, on either side, of the ones who sing the loudest about the “enemy” are not sitting in their pew on a Sunday morning!

And whilst I do not claim to have carried out a detailed scientific survey, from reading contributions on the internet, those who frequent Rangers websites seem far more inclined to raise the issue of religion in a negative, disparaging and often insulting way about their perceived opponents, than other teams in reverse. I am sure that the percentage of non-Catholic Celtic supporters is much higher than that of Catholic Rangers fans.

This, when coupled with the overwhelming preponderance of Orange marches in the West of Scotland, over marches of any other type, suggests that the issues of sectarianism and bigotry, far from being fuelled by the education system, are in fact simply a function of people claiming labels for themselves and, as one vigorous Rangers supporting website states “Defending Our Traditions”.

Is this a blanket condemnation of the Orange Order and everyone in it? Of course not.

The Order in Scotland states:-

The purpose of the Orange Order can be summarised as:

To Maintain intact the Protestant Constitution and Christian heritage of the United Kingdom.

To cultivate Christian character, promote brotherly love and fellowship.

To expose and resist by all lawful means every system opposed to the mental, political and spiritual freedom of the individual.

The Protestant ethic is one of tolerance of other faiths and ideals. It is this tolerance and liberty that the Orange Order promotes and defends.

I suspect that these attributes and aims might not be at the forefront of the minds of all of those who profess to follow Orangeism, which is not to say that there are no members of the Order who do loyally follow the tenets of Orangeism.

Am I blaming all bigotry and sectarianism in Scotland on Rangers Football Club? Of course not.

Am I blaming all bigotry and sectarianism in Scotland on the various Protestant churches in the country? That would be wrong, and an insult.

Am I attributing the responsibility for bigotry and sectarianism directed from nominal Christians to other nominal Christians in Scotland on football? Let’s say that the people responsible have attached themselves to football as the most suitable and convenient way for them to give vent to their “traditional” frustrations.


To recap therefore.

Catholic Education in Scotland has a long and proud history. Catholic education, of course, is a joint effort, coming first from the parents in the home, and supported by the Church and the school.

The Catholic school system in Scotland is not an exclusive Catholic-only club, and the ethos attracts people of all faiths and none.

Generally the Catholic schools do a great job in educating the moral, as well as the intellectual, part of the child. Helping others and acts of charity form a large part of the personality of a Catholic school. The role of them is to send out people to spread the good news, both by word and especially by action.

Does this make Catholic education perfect? No. No system of education is perfect, but I have been happy and indeed proud to entrust my children to the Catholic education system.

Would I object if there were proposals to create the homogenised education system which critics of educational “apartheid” want to see? Of course.

Maybe some of the critics could attend events at Catholic schools, and meet the children and teachers and see in the flesh what goes on. Witness the culture. Observe the good emanating from the schools.

Then come back and try to argue that these schools are hotbeds of sectarianism and bigotry. I think it would be very hard to do so convincingly.

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  1. Tecumseh

    Is the Higgs Bosun a “fact” . .like the “factual” iPad that I’m typing this on . . Or your “factual” socks, underpants or simmit . .??

    I’m not questioning modern science . . .but most of us know something of the world around us . . Nobody anywhere knows it all . .and when it comes to the outer reaches of physics and the like . .then the Higgs Bosun for the vast majority will have to be accepted as handed down by the Priestly caste of Physicists . And taken on Faith as suredly as the Immaculate Conception was taken on Faith by Catholics . . Because as far as I know nobody has ever seen an actual Higgs Bosun . .all the have is some electrical impulse that fits in with their equations . . .for now . . !!

    And as time passes and the Higgs Bosun is taken for granted then there will be even more abstract and difficult concepts to grapple with that may leave Proffessor Higgs baffled and “doubting” that things could ever come to that point . .whatever it might be.

    When the young Malcolm Muggeridge was in Soviet Russia back in the 20’s he asked a seasoned American reporter what the truth was in the various Government press releases on Ukrainian harvest yields and so forth . .the old boy said . .”It’s all true . .except the Facts” . . .???

    There used to be a Fact much spouted . .thar Sir David Murray would only sell the club to the right person . . There is absolutely no doubting that Factual statement . . .and he did, in his view, at that time . .

    Remind me . . What happened after the Facts . . ???

  2. SairFecht

    Hot off Rangers Media (expletives deleted)

    ___ sake. There’s more to this than a simple appeal. THEY ARE GOING TO GET NO ______ MONEY, WHY CONTINUE TO PURSUE IT?!?!?!?!?!?!

    There’s a taig behind this somewhere, I’m sure of it.

    • Budweiser

      Also on rm
      nimmo smith referred to as Lord Negro [ well it could have been worse I suppose]. Other comment: —– ‘when will we be left alone?’. Also ‘high heid yin taigs’ to blame.
      You might have thought that they would be happy to exhaust all the due processes in the appeal system to completely exonerate their team. Perhaps not.

      • mcfc

        Second Tier Tribunal ? – surely this won’t end until it’s heard by the Fourth Tier Tribunal 🙂

      • ecojon


        Their taig comments never bother me but I have to say I hope that the Lord N comment is acted on legally. It is disguting and just not funny. But its just the general level of the scum at work.

        • Steven brennan

          The lord Negro comment is just some fool attempting to both humourous and nasty, they fail on both.
          I dont believe LNS is a negro but if he was would he be offended?
          Is that word now outlawed?
          I dont think it is and therefore see no reason to trace the fool who posted it.
          What it may achieve if LNS was a petty non educated twat, would be an extra fine in the final ruling.
          But as we on here know LNS is a highly qualified lord who will judge with complete impartiality. Question his ruling and you may see a backlash from officialdom but stupid name calling will not bother him at all.

    • ecojon


      What’s all this nonsense about a lowly taig? For such an important mission we’ve got the top man in the Vatican on his Ipad issuing the orders or is that just a load of papal bull 🙂

      • SairFecht

        I hope your comment has been sufficiently ‘edicted’ Ecojohn.
        Budweiser – my favourite over on the x-rated channel so far ‘All the more reason to get us out of this backwater.’ What? Britain?!

        • ecojon

          @ SairFecht

          I look at sites like RM and am struck not just by the low level of education of most of the posters but the low-life disgusting comments made as well as the all-pervading general hatred towards EVERYBODY although Catholics are high on the list to be fair.

          Of course we get a higher class of troll on here as I’m sure that chuckles recognised a long time ago that your ordinary ger foot-soldier wouldn’t know how to insult us.

      • Maggie

        Awh come on eco,everybody knows it’s Peter Lawwell to
        blame.Benedetto XVI might have to step in from time to time,
        but it’s Peter’s show. 🙂

  3. ecojon

    I see a distinct absence of our resident trolls – they must be away getting new memory cards fitted into the slot in the back of their head. Wonder what the new PR party line will be 🙂

    • Maggie

      Leggo will tell them tomorrow.
      Care to have a little wager on what it will be eco ?
      I’m prepared to guess that some unfortunate member of
      HMRC will be in possession of an Irish Catholic surname
      and ipso facto will be a Rangers’ hater and the architect
      of their downfall ( great title for a book there,wonder if
      anyone’s thought of it ) 🙂

  4. garry

    I’m a fully qualifed teacher of many years experience. I have a question: Is it fair that I am prohibited from teaching at one of the 53 RC state schools in Scotland due to my (lack of) religious belief?

    I may be wrong (I haven’t taught in Scotland for a number of years now) but as far as i understand all applicants to RC schools in Scotland now need to be approved by the local diocese. Is this really reasonable in 2013?

    • mick

      garry that would not matter all faiths teach in faiths schools although when the kids ask you what team you are just say thistle lol also as a dad with 2 kids at RC schools am not aware of this rule am a builder so may be a teacher could answer this for you or some 1 more in the know of the criteria

      • garry

        After a wee bit more digging…i can see that I was half wrong (or half right)…all applicants *do* need to be approved by the local diocese BUT you don’t necessary have to be RC – only that you have “religious belief and character”

        still rules me out 🙂

        • JohnBhoy


          Yes, church approval is needed and you are expected to support the views expounded in the Charter for Catholic Schools in Scotland (http://www.sces.uk.com/attachments/download/20/SCES-Charter.pdf). So, although you do not require to be a Catholic, you are required to have religious beliefs and to promote the teachings of the Catholic Church.

          In the absence of the above you can apply to non-denominational schools. Competition is tough, I know, but you have my complete respect. Teaching is a difficult and under-rated profession – time was their salaries were similar to those paid in the legal profession! – but the rewards are inestimable: the education of Scotland’s youth. Good luck Garry.

    • JohnBhoy


      Yes, it is entirely reasonable to conclude that a pre-requisite criterion for teaching in a religious school should at least require evidence of religious belief and character pertaining to that particular religion. In the case of the religion to which you refer, the clue is in the title: Catholic School. Current legislation supports this view:

      “A teacher appointed to any post on the staff of any such school by the education authority. . . shall be required to be approved as regards religious belief and character by representatives of the church or denominational body in whose interest the school has been conducted”.

      Remove the necessity for catholic teachers and it no longer becomes a catholic school. If you are of the opinion that there should be no such entity as a religious denominational school then that is a different argument altogether.

      • Maggie

        This is correct JB,but non RCs can and do teach in the secondary
        sector,but as far as I’m aware they’re inelligible for guidance posts
        and any subject involving pastoral care.
        It’s ten years since I last taught, as I changed careers,so things
        may have changed.

      • garry

        Thanks for the reply, JohnB…I was aware that there had been some legalities going on between Glasgow City Council and various teachers and had assumed that it had become nigh on impossible for a non- RC teacher to teach in a RC school – happy to stand corrected 🙂

        I s’pose my axe is with state funded religious schooling – but you’re right, that’s another discussion altogether…

        • Cregganduff


          ” I s’pose my axe is with state funded religious schooling.”

          Garry, Catholics do pay taxes.

          • tykebhoy

            Unlike a now deceased football club did for much of its last year of existence fact and allegedly for 10 years before that which the STT may make fact.

    • Maggie

      Not from secondary schools,but to be a class teacher in
      Primary you have to be a practising RC who holds a qualification
      to teach RE.If you are a specialist visiting teacher in the primary
      sector,then no,you do not have to be an RC.Neither do any ancillary
      staff have to be RCs.
      You will be welcomed with open arms Garry
      No bigots,despite what you may have heard.

    • Cregganduff

      ” I may be wrong (I haven’t taught in Scotland for a number of years now) but as far as i understand”

      Not good enough Garry, you should check your facts, before making allegations of this kind.

      • garry

        Mea Culpa but to be fair, there’s nothing I wrote in my OP which was wrong ie 1) applicants *do* need approval from the diocese and 2) I wouldn’t get a job in an RC school as I have no “religious belief or character”…

        but i know….”Garry must do better!”

    • ecojon


      I see Jabba has been airing his latest thoughts so no doubt they’ll be here soon with the modifications completed to their memory banks 🙂

      • Budweiser

        What happened to that geezer who was debating with you on HMRC leave to appeal? Something about appeal ‘only allowed on a point of law’ and there WAS NO point of law to appeal? Seems like there must have been one at least? Where HAS he gone?

        • Adam

          Hope that wasnt me 😉

          In all seriousness though, i didnt think HMRC would appeal. Was just a hunch but got it wrong. This will likely go on for years now unless Murray throws the towel in.

          • Budweiser

            tbh I can’t remember who it was! Just remember the arguments went on and on-good spectator sport. Thought that maybe whoever it was might give us an update on which point [s] of law he considered were being appealed, as there is nothing to indicate said points in the public statement.

            • ecojon


              It is difficult to know the point of law and HMRC have not published the grounds for their appeal nor would I expect them to. It must always be remembered that the appeal could be based on the grounds that the majority had misdirected themselves in law.

              As I have said, many times, I could never really understand the difference in emphasis placed on the written and witness evidence by the two opinions and the fact that the majority chose to make no comment on the minority dissenting opinion. It was as if they were actually creating a shoo-in situation for an appeal and I mean nothing untoward by that comment.

          • ecojon


            Well I didn’t have a hunch like you. I based my judgement on my understanding of the two decisions which I readily accept is not that deep in terms of personal law qualifications. But I have the advantage of a connection with an extremely knowledgeable tax law accountancy specialist who was able to answer some of the deeper legal issues involved.

            I have previously spelt out my reasoning on here in-depth and made what I considered to be very valid points which were rubbished by virtually all of the blue experts here who I doubt had even read the decisions let alone attempted to understand them in an objective fashion.

            Still this has a long way to go and I always said that HMRC were prepared to take this one all the way and they will. Obviously no one can foresee the final result but it will be interesting.

          • Den


            I don’t think that budweiser had in mind.

            It seemed to me that HMRC were committed to taking it further. A simple conclusion based on the fact that they had asked for leave to appeal.

            There seemed enough argument over legal interpretation to allow an appeal but that is not based on expert opinion, when lawyers get involved things leave me well behind.

            My first thought on them seeking leave to appeal was that MIH would be looking for a way out but they would never fold while there was a chance the leave would not be given.

            I think SDM or Whyte said that HMRC were prepared to take it the whole way.

            Two thoughts:

            Will MIH be able to field such a strong team this time?

            Could there be perjury allegations if HMRC win. Mr Red in particular, appeared to have sailed close to the wind?

            Final thought. Should we boycott this hearing as being under English Law it is ultra vires for this blogg.

          • Ian403

            Adam, Is there any ramifications for MIH now if they decide to chuck it?

            What I mean is, I remember reading, possibly on RTC, that the decision would be split & Murray & his Execs would be allowed their EBT’s as they were designed for guys at that level & not footie players.. I assume that Murray had every right to his?
            Is there any come back for Murray on a personal basis if HMRC win this appeal?

            If not, would it be a good time & for him to concentrate on the grapes & leave HMRC to do their worst?

            • Adam

              Not 100% sure but as it appears that this scheme was created and implemented by Group (MIH) then perhaps people may have a claim against them. Its a long long wait and see job for me.

        • ecojon

          @ Buweiser

          There was a few singing from the same hymn sheet but it was clear that they hadn’t a clue. The person you spoke of talked about the accountancy expert he knew that declared the whole industry was of the opinion that HMRC didn’t have a leg to stand on.

          My expert had a good laugh at that and said it was obviously coming from a PR outlet who didn’t have a clue but just an agenda and he hoped they were getting well paid for their rubbish.

          My guy doesn’t know what the final outcome will be but he is adamant that Hector will go all the way. I think in tax cases, from memory, that each side pays their own exes and that could well be a limiting factor on the Murray Group depending on how well they are weathering the economic situation.

          • Budweiser

            Not sure I understand ‘misdirected themselves’. Do you mean that they misinterpreted the case law they based their findings on, or that they simply used the wrong case law? Or something else entirely?

  5. Budweiser

    Comment on a St. Mirren website after the 0 – 3 dun u. game.
    ‘ Rangers will be spinning in their grave after that result’.

    • Maggie

      I love your people Bud 🙂
      Well done for last Sunday,I don’t mind losing to nice wee
      teams like the Buddies.

      • Budweiser

        Hope you’re still saying that after the quarter- finals, although tbh I can’t see celtic being that bad again. If the wee speedy goncalves keeps on scoring [ 4 in 3 games] who knows.

        • Maggie

          Unlike my bhoys I really don’t mind losing in cup games
          to the “wee” teams,as I think it’s fair that other teams
          and supporters have their day. 🙂

  6. John C

    Seen this wee cracker in here
    Referring to DrPoons opinion
    “She then specifies the amount being contested with direct regards to Rangers Football Club “Of the £46.2 million assessed, the sum of £36.6 million (PAYE £27.4m, NIC £9.2m) is on Rangers, and the balance of £9.6 million allocated variously among the other four group companies.”
    “Club” ?

  7. Seems to me a little lynch mob is forming again, lets go get those pesky non believers ( Mick words ) and string em up ! P.S. Margaret , I have answered you question , but again if you want me to emphasise , I never once on any occasion mentioned Roman catholic school , show me the text ? I mentioned schools in general , but maybe me being not intelligent enough ( your words ) I did not put it eloquently enough , and maybe my poor grammar , that you correctly pointed out , could have also contributed , so I will bow to your superior academic ability , on faith schools , I stand by what I said a child should be allowed to make up it’s own mind , not be told what to believe , what do the churches ( all faiths ) fear so much that they must teach children what they should believe , is religion fact ? If so who’s right , Christianity , Hinduism , Judaism ? They all surely can’t be right , but maybe you with your superior intellect can answer that ?

    • mick

      carson a think yous mention me as am laymen and mostly say the wrong things a give as good as a get with yous thats why yous dont pick on the academics as they would show yous up for what yous are daft you are a non believer and the way you blog am certian your a anti christ ,

      whats your view on admin 2 the phil article lol pmsl haha meep meep

      • Maggie

        Evening mick.you certainly do give as good as you get and suffer
        more abuse and insults that the rest of us put together as a result.
        I really admire you for not giving into it and how you always manage to
        come up with some good responses.You’re a very well liked and
        valued contributor,unlike those “mouthie trolls” as you call them.
        Lots of good stuff to come mick,cannae wait. 🙂

      • ecojon

        Btw mick – what have you got against the Academicals?

        • mick

          hi ecojon they really got up set last night when a called them anti christs lol

          a have nothing agianst hamilton and a hope they beat falkirk and get throw to the semis lol

    • John C

      They all exist and need catered for, why do you want to restrict the freedom of choice, soviet style governance is out of date.

    • Maggie

      Obfuscation!!!!!! STILL not answered.
      I think I said you weren’t smart enough,but
      not intelligent enough works too.
      Bill Mc Murdo not online,not available to welcome you back
      to your spiritual home?

      • Seems you’ve not answered my questions ?

        • ecojon

          Go Home troll 🙂

        • Maggie

          I’ll tell you what,you answer my question as I posed mine first,then I’ll most definitely answer whatever question is embedded in that
          self justifying drivel.

          In case you can’t remember the question,I’ll help you out by
          refreshing your memory.

          Your 1st statement on 31st Jan stated:

          Your 2nd statement on 3rd Feb stated:

          As these are clearly contradictory statements,I’d like you to
          tell us which one of them you ACTUALLY believe to be true.

          You,of course claimed,disingenuously not to be referring to” Catholic”
          schools in your statement I BLAME THE SCHOOLS,when absolutely
          everyone knows that you did indeed mean “Catholic” schools.

          There is such a thing as contextual clues that intelligent
          people use to discern the meaning from the context.I feel you
          perhaps are unaware of this,and think by omitting the word
          Catholic from your statement that makes it ambiguous enough
          to enable you to slip of the hook. Sorry no.

          As your full statement was about the alleged support for the IRA by
          an alleged member of the Green Brigade who was pictured,you finished
          your diatribe with the words I BLAME THE SCHOOLS,thus implicating
          Catholic schools in the promotion of IRA terrorism,well unless
          that fervent IRA supporter ( alleged) learnt this unsavoury behaviour
          at those notorious hotbeds of IRA support,a west of Scotland,non
          denominational school.

          So,we go from blaming some school or other,to most certainly not
          blaming any schools.
          I’ll ask again Which is it ?
          Like I said,not smart enough to even understand your contradictory
          statements,let alone defend them.

    • ecojon

      We all know what you are troll and no one is interested in what you have to say. Go away and change your name and try again.

      • Why do you keep replying then ?

      • Budweiser


        re: carson name change. Do you think he might be alex@the klublaklan. [in moderation]. No he hasn’t gone to the big blue heaven in the sky.
        I’m not into the tweeting thing, but in alex thomson’s tweet page today ‘oor’ alex@klub called alex thom a liar.
        “took your invitation up HMRC press office know nothing of any e-mail to you nor any appeal being granted leave to appeal yes,pussy”.
        mick you’re into tweeting- can you get full story? Seems like alex@klub hasn’t changed much except his name to carson.

        • ecojon


          You might be right but I have always thought that carson was a female – they really are a fine set of clowns whatever they are 🙂

          • Budweiser

            Re. carson being female. You may be right, but it’s the fist time I’ve heard of female attributes being described as ‘ a fine set of clowns’.

  8. mick

    its been a defining 48 hours in cyber space thommo reveals the tax appeal is on phil hits out with admin 2 just around the corner, and jackie mcnamara shows the tribute team how to play football and the bears are foaming at the mouth with there anger over it all and its only monday lol a cant wait to see what jabba and green come up with to rubbish it all lol

  9. Maggie telling me to get lost , and Mick calling me the anti Christ ! You couldn’t make it up ! Celtic fans , all inclusive all welcome, unless you believe in freedom of choice or you are the anti Christ, btw , can I change my name to Damien ?

    • mick

      talking of not answering questions are you going to comment on the winding up order thommo is tweeting about it to lol pmsl haha tesco time

    • ecojon

      And here was me thinking all the time that it was Damien LMAO

      • mick

        damien carson lol

      • tykebhoy

        Any info on respective market caps for the leaders of the first tier and fourth tier leagues? Someone who was obsessive on them seems to have gone quiet of late. Was wondering whether that’s because he’s finally got the message that it is far from the most important kpi, or if that particular kpi is sinking like a lead baloon like the company for his favoured plc

        • ecojon


          Funny you should say that – I have been paying particular attention to the last trade of the day for RFC and how the trade of a handfull of shares always seems to nudge the price up for just a few quid.

          I thought he was going to do a big piece on the AIM market and share prices as a post. Perhaps it’s taking him slightly longer than anticipated.

    • dryhope


      Happy to have you as a Celtic fan, you are most welcome. We are all inclusive.

      We’ll take those gifted with intelligence, and those less well off just the same.

    • Maggie

      STILL waiting! See above. Take your time,read VERY carefully
      and make sure you actually understand the QUESTION at your
      5th attempt.

    • dan

      Arseon you can change your name, like your team, by ‘died poll’.

  10. mick

    @alextomo Hi Alex, you hearing reports of Sevco in V deep trouble? Unconfirmed reports of a winding-up order over an unpaid bill.

    alex thomson @alextomo
    @ I am unable to comment as yet. But yes. I have heard.

    spivs the lot of them what a month were in for

    • Maggie

      WOO HOOO!!! ya beauty.
      God Christmas doesn’t half come round quicker every year.
      I feel I’ve just put the deccies back in the loft. 🙂

    • Budweiser

      see above post re. alex@ kublaklan. Can you get the full exchange between him and alex thomo?

      • mick

        kublaklan lol al flick throw and get it 1 momento

      • mick


        bud if twet you can join his followers and recive all his messages

      • tykebhoy

        While arson and publiclav are peas out of the same bigoted pod I don’t think they are the same. the latter was posting long before the former disappeared but was probably being groomed as the latest sacrificial lamb as the former was getting beyond his sell by date. I suspect willy wonky is the next in line to “take the torch” because the mcmurdo echo couldn’t avoid reverting to type

        • Budweiser

          ffs! don’t mention” taking the torch”!! You’ll have cam with his ‘rampaging hordes’ and carson with his ‘lynch mobs’ marching on ibrox, bomber broon at the head,screaming ” whaurs the deeds?”

  11. mick

    dont worry carson am sure the sfa will sort it out for yous lol

  12. I don’t no much about rumours or myths especially one from an alleged journalist who was quoted as being ” tarred with a sectarian brush ” by a newspaper editor , remember the sun pulling the serialistion of his so called book ?

  13. Go home ecojon ? Would you like to elaborate on that ? As I’m a British citizen were the f*#@ do I go ? On Scotland many cultures .

    • mick

      carson you have said that many times on here maybe ecojon thinks your still at work ???

    • mick

      On Scotland many cultures you really have let adam down with a typo error its one not on your taking a panic attack debating with the academicals its making you do typo errors lol

    • Maggie

      Oh the irony!!!! This from the man who enquired from Mr Mc Murdo
      if we ( the uk ) still had open borders,while implying that the
      descendants of Catholic Irish immigrants could avail themselves
      of this openness to go “home”.

    • ecojon


      I would suggest that you follow your team to whatever League will have them – don’t plan on it being a long stay however 🙂

      It’s obvious you will never be happy in the Scotland that many people of all faiths and none are trying to build and I only wish you to be happy rather than suffering permarage which will end up with you being medicated permanently.

  14. Seems some people come out in their true colours when challenged over some of their posts , comments of ” go home ” anti Christ ” non believer ” is this from the all inclusive club and ” it’s greatest fans in the world ” the same fans , were one of their own attacked a mother of three on a train when she asked them to stop singing sectarian songs ? Surely not ! Maybe it was a conspiracy , a set up , to give the green seat brigade a bad name by those big bad non believing anti Christ’s ! There behind you booooooooooooooaaaaaa!

    • tykebhoy

      True colours arson? You slip up regularly on here and show yours but you show them permanently on mcmurdos freespeechless monologue. That’s the home that’s been suggested you go to. Yes I know a monologue is one person but it looks like the borg weren’t fictional.

  15. mick

    the taxman phil thommo nightmare time agian for the permarage bears lol

  16. mick

    phils no a bigot jabba tarred him with that so the bears would not listen to him some bears on the bearsden thread about it are listening to him and want to know more about his story phil has been victimised the most out of all the media men

    • Adam

      Phil is a proven bigot. A proven hater. If any Rangers fan had wrote the “incubator” piece, Phil would have been chapping 10 downing street flashing his paid for badge.

      Its a pity really, because it is clear he has some decent contacts.

      He is our Leggatt,

      • mick

        phils not a bigot hes a balanced media man and pro world peace get real adam you know deep down you sound like jabba

      • Maggie

        Seriously! AGAIN!
        For the record I despise that incubator piece,completely out
        of order,but not even in the same ball park as some of
        the bile on Rangers’ sites. See I can do whataboutery too.

        • Adam

          Just the bile on Rangers sites Maggie ? Is there no bile on Celtic sites ?

        • Adam

          Oh….and thats why I dont go on those sites. The bile is beyond comprehension. Why anyone would want to seek out that bile and garbage on a rivals site is beyond me. Copying and Pasting from them should be banned.

          • mick

            the celtic media is not full of bile dont tar our media like yours adam you know am right on this and we can copy and paste what we want why you want to ban it so the world doesnt see what yous are about lol dictating the play or trying to agian adam ???

            • Adam

              Celtic Minded and the Huddelboard are full of bile just as Follow Follow and Rangers Minded are as well. Ive read enough stories and copy and pastes over the years to know and see this.

              As usual though, your specs prevent you from saying anything remotely bad about your club.

              In the words of Colonel Jessup “You cant handle the truth”

            • ecojon


              I see that as well as a new memory card that Adam has also been fitted with a new command module and is now promoted to: Gruppenfuhrer and we all know that he must be obeyed 🙂

          • Maggie

            I genuinely don’t know what is on any Celtic site,as I also
            do not go on them,but I daresay they will have their share of bile
            too.I read Phil Mac and did read RTC,because i was interested
            in justice being done re Rangers’ implosion.
            I will also never click on any links again.This is the only
            site I comment on,and I only started doing so because I was sick of
            my bhoys reading it out to me especially the funnies,so I started reading
            it for myself.Mr Maggie loves my interest in it as it keeps me
            off shopping sites 🙂

      • Maggie

        You mean Leggo is our Phil
        Or you could have said Phil is your Leggo.
        Don’t think you meant to claim Phil as “ours” ( yours )
        or maybe subliminally you did.
        I’ll let him know.

        Jeezo Adam! will you please get your past tenses and past
        participles straight. eg I wrote or I HAVE written.

      • dryhope

        The ‘incubator piece’ for those who have not read it, or those who have but failed to understand it Is a simple tale of how the innocent might become less innocent by means of indoctrination.

        The means of indoctrination in the tale are exaggerated to make the point.

        The victims and villains of the piece may not sit well with fans of Rangers in the way that the story unfolds. In fact they have been met with some disapproval.
        The wider truth however has not been met with any credible argument.

        There are football fans out there that have a distorted world view. They did not arrive in the world this way.

        They arrived with no view at all.

        The view they have was given to them, and can’t easily be taken away.

  17. I’ve got two thumbs up ! And I only gave myself one of them so who was it ? Thanks anyway , love Carson aka , Damien , anti Christ , non believer xxx

    • Maggie

      STILL waiting,tho got plenty of time,no rush,in your own time..
      I’ll keep reminding you as I know how busy you must be,patrolling
      the Govan streets,manning the Borders to usher out all the descendants
      of Irish Catholics,building a barricade to keep Tesco diggers away from
      Ibroakes Mark 2. Then you have your reading skills to brush up on.
      So no sweat,just whenever,I’ll check back later.

    • Steven brennan

      I do believe Mick has been telling you to ” give yourself one” for ages.
      Wonder where Charlie chuckles is hiding since Dundee united game

      • tykebhoy

        apparently he’s been drafting a statement saying leave us alone the tax case has nothing to do with us the newco. HMRC know this, the rest of Scottish football know this so why does he feel the need to ask HMRC to drop it?

        • mick

          RANGERS Chief Executive Charles Green commented: “All Rangers fans welcomed the First Tier Tax Tribunal verdict last November and will be disappointed that HMRC have now launched an appeal against their judgment.

          “The ruling of the First Tier Tax Tribunal does not affect the operations and the financial position of the Club as it stands today and the appeal will have no affect on us as this is an historic case for The Rangers Football Club plc (‘oldco’).

          “As HMRC stated last June when they decided to vote against the proposed ‘oldco’ CVA, no tax liabilities relating to ‘oldco’ would transfer across to the new company. HMRC have also reaffirmed this position to the Club’s tax advisers, Deloitte.

          “What the appeal does do, however, is cast a cloud of uncertainty and confusion over a situation that has already been ruled on and has taken a number of years to investigate.

          “There is no money to be gained by HMRC as the old company has been liquidated so you have to ask why they are pursuing the matter further when the original EBT enquiry took years to reach a conclusion?

          “I have written in the strongest possible terms to HMRC pointing out the futility of such an appeal.”

          In short, sevco are a new comapany and a new club formed in the summer of 2012 after the old club and company died.

          copied and pastie from celtic media why would we ban it when its so affective its a bloggers tool in the info age its like going fishing with no hooks barring copy and pastie

          • ecojon


            Only problem mick is that even the new Rangers fans don’t believe what he says 🙂

          • arb urns

            a man in the street commented
            all uk taxpayers of non rfc persuasion were disappointed at the fttt verdict last november and are pleased that hmrc have now launched an appeal against the judgement.

            the ruling of the fttt does affect the operations and the financial position of ukplc as it stands today and the appeal will have an affect on us all as this is a historic case for ukplc ( current co).

            As HMRC stated last June when they decided to vote against the proposed ‘’oldco’ CVA, no tax liabilities relating to ‘oldco’ would transfer across to the new company. HMRC have also reaffirmed this position to the Club’s tax advisers, Deloitte.

            “What the appeal does do, however, is provide a ray of hope and clarity over a situation that has already been ruled on against ukplc interests and has taken a number of years to investigate.

            “There is money to be gained by HMRC as there are thousands of ebts out there to be challenged and ukplc is a vibrant company that does have the time and resources to pursue these matters.

            “I have written in the strongest possible terms to HMRC expressing gratitude for their appeal on behalf of ukplc and wishing them success in the daily fight against possible tax evasion.

      • ecojon

        @Steven brennan

        I thought he was away trying to buy a couple of football clubs in Oz – apparently you can get them even cheaper than Sevco.

        • Steven brennan

          Why would he write in the strongest possible terms about something that has nothing to do with him.
          Oldco have in liquidation since halloween and his company whoever they are this week, have no connection to the tax case. So what is his problem?
          The tax case cannot strip titles from his recently purchased history
          They cannot rule against him in any way, Can they???

  18. SairFecht

    I mentioned the other day Leggo (in relation to the Politburo) and the NKVD – well, now he has had his ‘spies’ at Tannadice and is show-trialing a traitor on his blog today. The purge is coming, I tell you.

  19. Pensionerbhoy

    Good evening boys and girls. Teacher is here, so please take your seats and do stop shouting at each other in class. Now, all you nice little Protesters come and sit beside all these Roman traditionalists. That is it. Now you can talk to one another quietly and calmly. That way there is the slightest chance you may come to understand what each other is saying rather than just hearing NOISES from each side. Once there is understanding perhaps, just perhaps, mind you, there might be tolerance and with tolerance, my God, what a changed world it would be. Do I see carson in a handsome green tweed suit and Maggie in a lovely sky blue dress? Do I picture hand holding that was never imagined possible? Am I merely dreaming of an unknown Leonardo in which ecojon is blessing the couple’s new found togetherness? And Mick, do I hear sincere prayers for for the health and happiness of all?
    Or, dear friends of all faiths, beliefs, orientations and none, has my wonderful dream of a brand new day been simply shattered by some angry, inconsiderate and unfounded “verbals”? My schooling has mattered in my life. Yes, it has influenced my thinking and set me standards. Most of all it gave me both the tools and the topics to consider in my relationships with others. I hope, though, it is my interaction with other human beings that has finally shaped my attitudes towards them. I have always tried to recognise differences and constantly try to acknowledge them even though I do not hold with them. If I have no respect for others nor receive any from them, how can I possibly know respect for myself. If there are those of you who would like a mirror to the soul, you are welcome to mine. Perhaps I should warn you first that you, like me, may not be well pleased with what you see.

    PS Granddads have earned the right to rebuke especially when the young get out of control.

  20. Adam

    Back kind of on topic, what is interesting in the religion debate is that no-one appears to have an issue that Protestants or Muslims cannot be the Head Teacher of a Catholic School or indeed be the Head of the Catholic Church for what seems like obvious reasons, yet people still have an issue with the fact a Catholic cannot be the Supreme Governor of the Church of England.

    Is the case with anyone on here and if so, can you explain the difference.

    • mick

      all this talk about schools takes me back to the food issue when a was wee a liked the carmal cake and custard the mash ,meatballs and green cabbage when you look at the food now its like fast food unhealthy and unfilling most kids cant wait two be old enogh so they can nip out to there local greggs or chippy ,the food issue is important in school as it can determine the focus of a kid also is it time we installed water at work in classes for staff and kids would this make them cleverer an other concern of mine is the social issue in a ressesion breakfast club and free milk although this is kind of of topic it affects all faiths and with the country gripped by ressesion and run by torys we all know it will be ignored my head at primary would not allow any kid to leave unless the greens were ate on a more fun note if you crave school fish with red dressing (similiar to a special fish supper) you can get it at the starbar friday afternoon under a 5er for three course pure glesga and clean and fresh produce and the staff are nice if your in town and its nice weather its a 2 min walk to eglinton toll its like a pub that serves dinner school food

    • Scott

      or indeed the monarch. A catholic has never been PM either but it would definitely be a problem because he or she has to advise the monarch on Church of England appointments.

    • Gortnamona

      “Catholic cannot be the Supreme Governor of the Church of England.”

      I really don’t see why not. In fact I propose Martin McGuinness for the job, as he has proved adaptible enough in the past. From head of the IRA to joint First Minister of N. Ireland and damn near President of the Republic of Ireland. Furthermore as we can hold dual citizenship over here, both Irishmen and Brits, dual religious affiliation, prod and taig should not be a problem. Then we would really have a monarch for all the people.

      Shoite forgot about all the others in our multi-cultural society.

    • Jamie

      or become King/Queen

  21. mick

    a forgot to add if you were in the star bar and closed your eyes and shut your ears you could compare it to londons chelsea soup kitchen

  22. Sorry for my absence , double episode of corrie , did you miss my poor intellectual points , grammer and just plain poor standard of education , sometimes I just feel grateful to be in contact with such intellectually superior humans , now Margaret , for the last time ( until the next ) at no time on any post have I referred to any race , religion in a derogatory manner , you say I inferred ? Well if your looking to be offended there is a good chance you will be offended , I also did not refer to thomsons book , I was referring to the other gentlemen of that great piece about the incubator , marvelous piece don’t you think ? So I think I have answered your question , but if you want me to say something derogatory about Roman catholics I won’t and haven’t , now can you answere , do you think that children should have a religion instructed to them as part of the curriculum or should they have a choice and be able to make their own minds up , yes or no will do , if you give a long winded answer I may not be intellectually capable to understand , your intellectually inferior , non believing anti Christ , Damien.

    • mick

      “I just feel grateful to be in contact with such intellectually superior humans” ,now carson you no am modest so please stop talking about me

    • Gortnamona

      “do you think that children should have a religion instructed to them as part of the curriculum or should they have a choice and be able to make their own minds up , yes or no”

      Carson as a matter of interest, what age do you think this question should be put to them?

      • I don’t think there should be some kind of age limit on such a question , yes teach children some firm of re, but why must they make choice ? Let them know all the facts on all religions and let them decide when they want to , is that unreasonable ?

        • Gortnamona

          “Let them know all the facts on all religions and let them decide when they want to , is that unreasonable ?”

          So, do we get in one broad minded teacher who can impartially convey the good and bad points of all religions? Or do we bring in teachers from each religion (how many religions do you contemplate)?

          I have had some experience of teaching and am just finding my way on this one. I have a few more questions, but I think we should take this slow and steady giving it some thought.

          • I have stated that I don’t think a religion should be chosen for child , but if you give them a broad range of religions over their school years ( that’s why I said what’s the rush ) and let them decide if they want a religion and if they do want a religion what one they want , what are the major faiths afraid of ?

            • Gortnamona

              Sorry Carson
              You have to deal with the practicalities of implementation. Too many people with well meaning Utopian schemes who haven’t even begun to think them through.

              Another few questions
              At what age do you think a child is capable of understanding religious concepts in any meaningful way?
              Isn’t parental influence going to be a major problem?
              What steps, if any, should be taken to neutralize it and give children proper freedom of choice?

            • I never said It would be easy , but we put men on the moon , so if we are going to educate children in religion we must give them the choice , I think the people who make up the curriculum could introduce this with the help of the major faiths , but , do the major faiths want children to have a choice ?

            • Maggie

              I’m afraid the “people who make up the curriculum”
              have beaten you to your brilliant idea of giving “children a broad
              range of religions over their school years”
              I posted a piece on 31 st Jan appraising you of this information,
              dear,dear,things are worse than I feared on the reading front,
              or is it retention you have problems with.

              I’m about to answer your other question.
              Yes I do think parents have the right to have their children
              educated in their religion of choice,either in a denominational
              school or church or Sunday school or synagogue or mosque
              or temple as they see fit.They are their children after all and they
              are responsible for their welfare and if they feel their child
              would benefit from instruction in the religion adhered to by them
              then it’s no one’s business but their own.
              If, on achieving adulthood,that child wishes to abandon said religion,
              or take up one they studied in school,then that s no one’s business,
              but that individual.

              Now your turn: do you think parents have the right to have
              their children educated in maths,English language creative and
              functional writing, science,foreign languages and expressive arts,
              or should children decide this for themselves too in carsonworld?

              Now your turn again: answer the question I’ve been asking you
              for two days.

        • Pensionerbhoy



          It is obvious from many posts on here that adults know little facts about any religion so how in the name of all that is holy can we expect kids to know about all? The one sure thing I have learned about Catholicism is that the longer you are part of it, the more complex the understanding. I am certain there are many in other churches that would take a very similar view.
          At least you are keeping me up late and interested with your comments. A change from all the “greetin” that usually goes on here. There was so much whimpering earlier I though I was in a creche rather than a school.

          • Pensionerbhoy


            This was intended as a response to your question “Let them know all the facts on all religions and let them decide when they want to , is that unreasonable ?” which now seems to be way up in the big blue yonder above.

    • Maggie

      Dear God Corrie! Figures!
      Answer the question you were asked,not the one you
      THINK you were asked.

      • ecojon

        @ Maggie

        He or she really is a cracker – I really do blame the schools 🙂

        • Maggie

          Now are you sure,do you maybe have another
          contradictory opinion,maybe along the lines of you certainly
          do not blame the schools. 🙂 🙂 🙂

          • Maggie

            Eco,I’m stopping now with him,it’s too easy,:-)
            “After all tomorrow is another day…..”
            And there’ll be plenty coming down the pipe I think.
            I hope there’s some Chico time tomorrow tho’ my fave.

            • Pensionerbhoy

              “I hope there’s some Chico time tomorrow tho’ my fave.”

              Going by his final post tonight, it looks like eco is going to give you your wish, Maggie. One would suspect you have a thing going with this man if one did not know your real true love is carson 😦

          • ecojon

            @ Maggie

            Clever ghurl – Gold Star and top of the class.

            I was, of course, referring to Home Schooling 🙂

      • Budweiser


        Bloody hell maggie! You must have been a terror as a teacher – you’re scaring me! You know he can’t answer the question – just let him off with some lines or something – ” carson promises to be a good boy and not make contradictory statements”. You’ll have to help him with his spelling and grammar though.
        Cant remember the latin for teacher – was it domina? Does that make you a dominatrix? Right. ok. sent to bed early.

  23. dan

    Maggie, sorry it took me so long to reply but I’ve been a bit busy. Re Tecumseh, I knew that Sherman bore his name, and one can only assume that was because Tecumseh was such an impressive character. I only came across him when I needed to do some research into Chief Joseph of the Nez Perce, and became so appreciative of the Native Americans that I began to work backwards. This is why I love to watch those early Western movies wherein the ‘Injuns’ were just blood thirsty savages that chased stage coaches, scalped decent folk, or staked them out over ant hills in the desert. In short, people that needed shooting by the ‘Dook’ and co.. You just have to laugh—-unless you are a descendant of ‘them redskins.’

    • Maggie

      I had some vague recollection that Sherman’s father had some
      connection to Tecumseh,so Googled him and I was right (yeah,
      memory still working )There was no actual link,his father just admired
      I love a good John Wayne film,especially all the ones by John Ford
      classics! The cornier the “Dook” is the better I like the film 🙂

      If you have an interest in Native American,you’ll know of
      Chief John Ross of the Cherokee,who was part Scottish,fascinating
      story,I can’t remember much detail other than he led the long march of
      his people to a reservation,think he was duped( a lot of it about)
      by President Andrew Jackson.
      I’ll leave the Googling to you dan,and I’ll check up on John Ross

    • You just have to laugh—-unless you are a descendant of ‘them redskins.’

      Even some of them laugh. I have an American friend, Eddie, who is part Cherokee. Despite being a Vietnam veteran who now runs his own emergency response business and works closely with US government security programmes, Ed proudly displays a bumper sticker which reads,
      “The Cherokee Nation – fighting State Sponsored Terrorism since 1492.”

  24. dan

    Anyone hear the Jabbajabber tonight? The man’s writing was shite, but his interviews are possibly worse—–one interesting point though, when he spoke about ‘The Rangers’, he never used the term ‘us’, it was always ‘they’. Mmmmmmm? Why that distancing I wonder?

  25. ecojon

    @ dan

    Very good point – the little tells always tell so much and that’s why they call them ‘tells’.

    Jabba has sunk from being King Clown at the Record to a mere jester at Chico’s Court. It’s quite a fall from being the Voice of Scottish Football to being a ground floor gopher and bagman for the Great Orator of Ibrox even if you hve a fancy title. Still he will have the comfort and security I assume of a very long term contract 🙂

    I also have a feeling that the continuation of business as usual by Hector will be making a lot of people, who came out of the woodwork when it looked as though the BTC had gone away, will be starting to get very agitated.

    • Adam

      His interview only highlighted something i have been saying for days…….he is clueless.

      Always was on the BBC. Always will be at Rangers and beyond.

      He is in a long line of “football journalists” who simply havent got even the tiniest idea of what is going on but think they talk a good game.

      • ecojon


        You’re a bit of a Johnny Come Lately again 😦

        I have been saying the same thing about Traynor for nigh on 20 years and I’m sure he knows exactly what I think of his journalistic abilities or lack of them.

        Many journos at the fag end of their career turn to PR as a soft option but for it to be one you have to pick your employer very carefully.

        IMHO Jabba has chosen unwisely and I wouldn’t be surprised if he already knows that. As the pressure builds his press releases and any public statements he makes should be entertaining to say the least and I await developments with interest.

  26. Margaret , not once have I mentioned catholic or people of Irish origin , show me the line were I used these words ? Maybe it’s you that has the problem understanding or reading , so again show me the words catholic and Irish ! Again , if you looking to be offended maybe you will , your intellectually inferior pupil , Damien ( non believing anti Christ ) p.s. the best thing about a dook film is the good guys always win in the end ! Semper paratus .

  27. ecojon

    @ carson troll

    If you were clever you would be gone. We all know who and what you are and no one is interested in your hatred or what you have to say. You just don’t have the educational ability to mask your bitterness although you obviously believe that you do.

    Personally, I blame the schools 🙂

  28. Garibaldi

    Sectarianism is not taught at a School or at Church, it is taught in the home or the Community that the person has been brought up in. Today in Scotland it is not as obvious based on a person’s name or where they live as to what Religion they are, I still go to Mass on a Sunday not as a duty but because I enjoy what I hear & to me the Christian faith taught in all Christian Churches is more important than ever based on the ‘anything goes’ society we live in. Sadly the people who shout the loudest with Sectarian views simply wear there ‘religion’ as a badge and wouldn’t recognise their Minister or Priest if they walked passed them in street.

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