“Déjà Vu All Over Again” – Reaction to the SFA Arbitration Panel’s Rejection of Rangers Claim

I mentioned the rejection of newco Rangers claim for compensation for breach of contract from the players who refused to accept a TUPE transfer from oldco to newco last summer. This was despite Mr Green taking a rosy view of proceedings before the decision was issued.

The reaction on the Rangers website was an appropriate one – stating the import of the decision, but that the claim would continue, with the relevant papers already having been filed.

I noticed that today’s blog by Mr Leggat provided one reaction from a Rangers perspective, which seems, from a cursory glance, to meet the approval of other fans of the Ibrox club.

For those who do not know, Mr Leggat is a respected journalist and author of many years’ standing, who now blogs on Rangers, and primarily on the injustices, iniquities and evils being inflicted upon his favoured team by all and sundry. His views might not be accepted by everyone, but they are rarely dull.

As background the SFA Arbitration Panel is made up of members from a list of willing participants from football, business and the law. It operates on a cab-rank principle – people get chosen in turn for cases, rather than being specifically selected, although conflicts of interest would disqualify a member from sitting on a Panel should that exist.

The Scottish football authorities came up with this as an idea to avoid the problems inherent in the previous system, and as pointed out by the late Paul McBride QC, where committees of SFA members would consider these matters. The SFA decided after hearing the criticism to establish an “arm’s length” system for these matters.

An early decision was taken that the identities of the Panel members would not be made public. The aftermath of the “exposure” of the Gary Allan QC-led Panel which found Rangers and Craig Whyte “guilty” of rule breaches and imposed a transfer “embargo”, which included alleged threats to him and his fellow Panel members, (whether or not these were ever serious) justified the anonymity.

Of course one of the issues in that case was Mr McCoist’s demand to name the panel. Whilst he maybe did not know the names when he made the demand (and I am not suggesting he did) his employer had been an active participant in the proceedings so there was no doubt that “Rangers” knew who the Panel members were. Unlike the Wizard of Oz they did not sit shrouded behind a curtain!

Does Mr Leggat imagine that the SFA Panel hearing looked like this? With the judges hidden behind the curtain on the right? (I make no comment on the curtain being green)

Does Mr Leggat imagine that the SFA Panel hearing looked like this? With the judges hidden behind the curtain on the right? (I make no comment on the curtain being green)

So why does Mr Leggat believe that the newco Rangers TUPE claim lost and what does he want done about it?

First of all, to give a proper analysis of the decision (and I accept I sometimes jump to scrutiny of the outcome without the full reasoning yet having been published) one needs to know the reasons for it. Maybe Mr Leggat has a copy of these reasons and if so publication of them would be a service.

However, without the judgement to hand, it is very hard to offer a worthwhile view of the basis for the decision.

Mr Leggat believes that the decision is purely and simply a result of SFA bias, manipulated by certain individuals in Scottish football. That is a theory of course. It is not one with which I agree, but it seems to be prevalent amongst some Rangers fans.

Where the title of this piece comes in, being a quote from the wonderfully loquacious Yogi Berra, is in Mr Leggat’s demands for action.

As he says:-

So, just who were the three not-so-just men who robbed Rangers of what was rightfully theirs?

The fact is that Peter Lawwell and Stewart Regan’s Scottish Football Association, where Lawwell’s Hibernian pal, Rod Petrie also holds sway, refuse to reveal the names who made up their latest version of the Kremlin’s Politburo. If Justice delayed is Justice denied, then Justice in secret is no form of Justice at all. At least, not in this country, where the guiding principle of the legal system is that Justice must be seen to be done.

Not, however, at Peter Lawwell, Stewart Regan and their Hibernian pal, Rod Petrie’s Scottish Football Association where the guideline is secrecy at all costs. Where principles do not apply. Where the rule of the Kremlin holds sway. Mind you, we all know how it ended for the Politburo.

One might excuse the hyperbole in comparing the administrators of a sport with the rulers of a police state which, over many years, locked up millions of its citizens without trial, executed many more, and caused the death of countless more by starvation and disease, through policies founded on idealism rather than reality.

The Soviet Politburo poses for the cameras

The Soviet Politburo poses for the cameras

The leaders of Scottish football gather on the steps of Hampden

The leaders of Scottish football gather on the steps of Hampden

After all, hyperbole is the stock-in-trade of many journalists.

But is Mr Leggat not aware of three things?

First of all, did he not read of the issues which arose as a result of the “exposure” of the Gary Allan panel?

Secondly, is he not aware that Rangers were represented at the Arbitration Panel, and indeed Mr Green was clearly there, if not for the whole proceedings than at least at some point!

Maybe Mr Leggat could ask Mr Green when next engaged in one of his Ibrox book-signing sessions to tell him who the members of the panel were. After all, Rangers know!

Thirdly, the whole point of the case, at this stage, is to determine which “Rangers” if any, is entitled to pursue the case. After all, we have oldco, newco and “the Club”, all of which are seen, for some purposes as separate entitles. Even Mr Green has never sought to argue that the three form a Trinity, being three aspects of the one entity. Mr Green has  no desire for newco to be seen as anything to do with oldco, except as the succeeding owner of the Club.

Journalists who voice their opinions, as Mr Leggat does, will engage in writing designed to attract readers (after all, could you imagine a newspaper written entirely by me? Goodness, no!). However it helps if the pieces have a connection to reality somewhere. (One might say that his piece has worked, as I am writing about it.)

I do not mean to suggest that Mr Leggat’s views are those of Rangers. Clearly they are not, otherwise he would have a platform on the official Rangers website. Equally they may very well represent the views of only a few vocal fans. I simply do not know.

However the piece I refer to today, if followed by the multitudes, would take us back down the same road travelled last year.

I think everyone would agree that that would not be a good thing!

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235 responses to ““Déjà Vu All Over Again” – Reaction to the SFA Arbitration Panel’s Rejection of Rangers Claim

  1. Don’t know if this has been raised previously…
    For my sins, I confess to reading Leggat’s blog – for amusement only.
    However, since the beginning of January his articles have significantly improved, [relatively speaking], wrt to grammar/spelling, and his sentences now generally make sense. He also seems to have cut back on the annoying
    habit of repeating the same sentences – but with slight variations.
    Reassuringly though, the articles’ content continue to be consistently mince. 😉
    So, is someone else writing his blog: is someone ‘ghosting’ for this ex-journo ?
    Is another, recently retired, ex-journo, [and I use that phrase very loosely], possibly helping Leggat ? Pure speculation on my part I hasten to add…

    • cam

      Exactly Stevie,reading these blogs is for amusement.This whole debate re Rangers v Celtic is allegedly an entertainment business.Its just a small part(or should be) of any sane persons life.
      Its becoming like Lord of the Flies in here.
      If i don’t get a grip i can see me doing my Travis Bickle routine outwith the confines of my rubber room.
      Leggo is good for the morning cornflakes,followed by Random insanity and a roll in bacon.
      I always take on board Eco’s sermon for the day and try to make it to midday before the voices in my napper take control of my typing finger.
      Shouldn’t be too long now till all this is over and this creche for societies budding megalomaniacs can return to normal.

  2. mick

    @steve BC maybe jabba has him round for a nightcap and article fix and what ever else grabs there fancy if you know what a mean being politically correct

  3. Adam

    “domestic abuse” allegations and libel lies

    “in prison” allegations and libel lies

    Paul, why do you allow this ?

    Is this what this blog is about now ?

    People should get a grip !

    • tykebhoy

      Paul allows it because unlike Carson’s favourites McMurder and sticklebricks there is freedom of speech on this blog even though the definitely not lamented publiclav or was it somatkhan tied to insinuate the opposite in every post

    • ecojon


      Since they let the Masons in it has gone down hill IMHO 🙂

    • cam

      Adam. i advised you before not to pit your numbers brain against micks assault on language.
      Mick is a 00 and is licensed to run riot in here.
      The first rule of Random club is to suspend logic.

    • Adam

      Absolute lies. Again, i would ask Paul who was on throughout that period to confirm his view. I have never stated on here or RTC that i was up in court or going to court.

      You can hide behind the fact the blog has been taken down, but you should remember there is still cached views and anything can still be obtained with the right permission.

      You should be very careful here mick.

  4. cam

    Good lord it was all going quiet and then mick went tonto!
    Moderation for you mick,get on that naughty step.
    Never mind rule 99,Chico being foiled in his quest for some compo for the five traitors or Leggo.
    I just noticed how Paul has tagged his blog post.Barking,David Leggat,professional troll and paranoia,,,,brilliant!

  5. mick

    maybe it was another adam that had court but as my mind serves me right mostly am sure it was you !!

    • cam

      Think about it mick,if you apologise then Bar-L is off the menu.The foods nae good and you won’t get wi-fi due to the nature of your offence.
      Eco will come visit you and launch your appeal and talk you into more trouble.

      • mick

        or a could head for the roof and absail down the telephone line then simmy down the post its connected to and head to rio with adam and arrange packages

        • cam

          Mick,Adam has contacted me to represent him and like big Clint Eastwood i’m quite happy to be a hired gun for both of you.
          Now where were you on the evening of Feb 1st and do you have an alibi?
          Paul.not being a specialist in crimes against blogging, is happy to let me proceed under his supervision.
          My preferred defence for your good self mick is diminished responsibility and a faulty spell checker.
          I’ve checked the extradition regulations with the Central Amazon courts and arranged a short stay for you with the Invisible People tribe from The Emerald Forest.
          Adam, being a Gers fan is not allowed to visit the rain forest just in case the big screen fails and it all kicks off.

  6. cam

    Mick,as your brief,i must advise you to stop talking.I must warn you that anything you say and later depend on in the pub can be used against you.

  7. mick

    deja vu coo coo the convict

  8. cam

    Mick this ones for you!

  9. Just to remind everyone – the first paragraph of the note at the top right of this page says:-

    Thank you for dropping in to my blog. If you choose to comment, and I am very glad if you do, then please keep your language restrained and be respectful generally and to other commenters.

    If we want to textually abuse each other, then please do it elsewhere!

    A bit of decorum please!

  10. cam

    I’m off to bed,too much laughter isn’t good at this late hour.

  11. Budweiser

    Football Gossip.

    Former captain of Ukranian minnows Speyshel Komishen , Nemo [lordy] Smith is seeking a move to Spanish side Sporting Integro. Capt. Nemo was quoted as saying ” I’m fed up being on the bench and used as a super sub”.

    As the the tranfer window crashes down. Random Rangers manager Pauly [jaws] Mc Conville has given us an exclusive scoop on the ‘behind the scenes’ goings on at Random!
    We can reveal, due to our unrestricted access to all areas, the following amazing events!
    Adam has returned from his loan spell with Brazilian club Rio de Incommunicado! Adam stated that he just wants to play regularly and he’s ‘ not here just to make up the numbers’.
    Tensions are still evident in the dressing room as I witnessed in the following exchanges. Left winger, and part time erotic writer, JohnBhoy ,greeted maggie and new recruit violet , as they were exiting the showers hand in hand, with the words ” lez be friends?”. In the ensuing commotion JB slipped on some soap and inadvertently displayed his fearsome sliding tackle. In the ensuing melee Random’s new signing attempted to introduce himself to maggie and vi saying,-” wiily wonka?”. Apostophe off!! maggie cried.
    Meanwhile wine connisseur cam was huddled in a corner nuzzling at the neck of some blue nun. carson was wearing his dress uniform – a fetching wee black number.
    The new shirt sponsor was revealed as the pigeon fanciers dating web site ‘Doo Pleez Us’.

    • cam

      Bud returns from a week on the Paisley plonk to entertain us.Great result by the Saints how do you think you will get on in the final?

    • Maggie

      Have you forgotten that I Tupe’d ( that aberrant apostrophe’s for
      you Bud ) over to the Hollywood XI at the insistence of Big Gezza
      Butler and Rod the Mod Stewart …….
      Sorry JB they made me an offer I couldn’t refuse 🙂

  12. Cregganduff

    Was finishing off a Jo Nesbo and missed the excitement.

    Check this out – best football interview in a long time.


  13. portpower

    Mr Leggat click your heels and support your new team at Tannadice Park?

  14. mick


    edited by Paul – with the exception of mick’s comment below

    and thats my last post on adamgate

    • Adam

      Still lying. Understandable considering you have been exposed.

      • Adam,

        Let’s move it on.

        Hopefully sorted now, and we can focus back on the real villains!

        Choose from any, all, none or some of the following:-

        The SFA
        The SPL
        The SFL
        Craig Whyte
        Sir David Murray
        Sepp Blatter
        Peter Lawwell
        David Leggat
        Moses McNeil
        Brother Walfrid
        Alex Rodriguez
        The Sunday Mail
        The BBC
        Pope Gregory the Great
        Grandmaster Flash
        Professor Moriarty
        The Phantom Raspberry Blower of Old London Town
        Joe Dolce
        Walter Smith
        Walter Scott
        Walter Wall Carpeting
        Evil Edna

        NB – The above list is merely in jest, and it should not be taken as an insinuation, implication or accusation of any wrongdoing of any sort at all, by any party named. (With the exception of Joe Dolce – Shaddap Your Face was a criminal record!)

        • Maggie

          I haven’t laughed SO much since Dundee United scored in 15
          Must say I have it on good authority that Walter Wall Carpeting
          had them all floored…..I know,I know, not my best work,but was
          I’m in a hurry and puns not really my forte.

        • arb urns

          how did ‘The Phantom Belisha Beacon cleaner of Edmiston Drive’ miss out on this oscar nom list. He will b gutted not to have made it to the Honeypot Awards Night and a walk up the ‘blue carpet’

        • Clarkeng

          Shockeroony …….I dont even get a mention??
          FFS need to try harder!!

    • mick


      Adam-gate is over.


      • mick

        well said paul desending in to whataboutya deflects from the topic ,today is the dundeeutd game and the bears are on “scabwatch “cameras and all sourced at the bearsden ,let wish all the fans that travel to dundee today good luck and a safe time there and on there way back we live in a free country and for the word scab to be mentioned at a soccer match is mind boggleing to me ,also a will say sorry to adam sorry adam and a would ask him to lighten up a bit although the topics are serious we can have a bit of banter and baiting to nicely of course a have no doubt in my mind adam is an outstanding member of the community but he gives nothing away as to what he does so me speculating about it is done in jeist ,

        • cam

          Aaaaw mick, i wanted to represent you in court to take my mind off the skelping Utd are gonna give the kids today.
          I think Monday will bring the LNS result and you’re either gonna be swinging your hammer or being the site plank.

  15. mick

    a Media House plant mada

  16. mick

    A WOMAN who killed her partner with a glass told police she had suffered months of domestic abuse.

    Natalie Scott hit James Dornan with a wine glass after he attacked her in March last year.

    Dornan – a serial criminal with a conviction for violence – was discovered dead in the flat in Stirling the next morning.

    After she was arrested Scott told cops her 18-month relationship with 33-year-old Doran had involved “physical and mental” abuse.

    The mum of two was found to have injuries consistent with systematic domestic violence.

    Scott, 27, was originally charged with murder. But yesterday at the High Court in Glasgow she pleaded guilty to the reduced charge of culpable homicide.

    The court was told Dornan had more than 30 convictions and was jailed for housebreaking in 2011.

    The police were involved in a number of reports of domestic violence between Scott and Dornan.

    But these did not result in a prosecution as the mum was “reluctant” to make a complaint.

    On the day of the killing in March last year Dornan was so drunk he had to be escorted by the police back to the couple’s home in Maitland Crescent, Stirling.

    The court heard an argument later broke out between the couple and Dornan was said to have attacked Scott.

    She then struck out with a wine glass she was holding, causing it to break.

    Blood-soaked Scott fled to a friend’s home where she said she had been “leathered” by her boyfriend.

    Scott went back to her flat and found Dornan alive lying on a bed.

    She returned the next day before phoning her friend to say Dornan appeared dead.

    A 999 call was made but nothing could be done to save Dornan, who died from multiple wounds.

    Judge Lord Turnbull deferred sentencing for reports.

    why would the police return a drunk domestic abuser to his house should he not have been taken to the cells this is a tragic case here should there be achange in the law were if you have a known criminal record and druck you have to sobber up in the cells also if there is constant police calls for men abusing there women should a atomatic in terdict of 12months be issued after to calls even if no charges are brought forward its time scotlands legals sorted this out as not only women men and children are at risk but incompetence is resulting in death ,am not for soft sentances when death is involved but this is one case were a would like to see a probation order and a review of our whole domestic abuse procedures as it has failed both the victim and the accused here

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