Does Anyone Check Charles Green’s Statements Before He Makes Them? An Occasional Series

Following on from comments some, including me, have made about the declaration by Mr Green that his company is presently loss-making, I see from the excellent Bill McMurdo that a statement has been released by Mr Green “clarifying” matters.

It reads:-

“We are a public company and have to publish accounts at both the half year and full year stage. Everything will be laid bare. The trading position of the company up to the float was in the prospectus. There is absolutely nothing to hide and all will be disclosed.”

Who can have any argument with that? After all, as he says, the company will publish accounts at 6 months and one year. Although as this is the company formed in November 2012, even the six-month accounts will take a wee while to arrive.

However I wonder if the prospectus which is still on the Rangers official website is the same copy about which Mr Green is talking. You will note that he says that – The trading position of the company up to the float was in the prospectus.

I have looked in the prospectus. The figures contained in it are from the incorporation of Rangers Football Club Ltd (formerly Sevco Scotland Ltd) until 31st August 2012.

The float of the new company (in fact of the newco number 2 to take over newco number 1) was in December. Up to 31st August the “new” Rangers had played 7 competitive matches. Between that date and the float they played 16 more.

Is it impolite to suggest that Mr Green’s statement is slightly, and undoubtedly inadvertently, erroneous?

He might say that, as the statement was not on the official site but through Mr McMurdo’s site, that it was taken out of context or misinterpreted. However the quote above is the entire statement shown on the site. It would seem odd if Mr McMurdo would misquote a statement from the CEO clarifying financial matters. It would not be typical of Mr McMurdo for that to have happened. Therefore Mr Green must be mistaken.

It does not take much for readers and listeners to notice when Mr Green is mistaken, and it seems an all too regular occurrence.

Mr Whyte’s Achilles heel seemed to be the completion of official paperwork. Is that of Mr Green the challenge of making correct statements on these financial issues?

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38 responses to “Does Anyone Check Charles Green’s Statements Before He Makes Them? An Occasional Series

  1. JohnBhoy

    Below is an exhaustive list of Charlie’s predictions that have come true:

  2. Bobo

    The excellent Bill McMurdo !!! There’s a sentence I never thought I’d read. Excellent at what ? Allowing sicko perverts to continually mention child abuse on the blogs he is allegedly moderating. Clearly he gets a kick out of these disgusting comments or he would block them from appearing on his pages. A disturbed individual.

  3. cam

    I’m quite happy for Chico to keep banging away with anything he likes within legal boundaries.The guy is off the cuff and if he makes an odd faux pas,big deal,nobody got injured in the process.
    The great thing about this site especially is that Chico knows everything he utters will be microscopically examined and commented on.
    Chico Barnum is an entertainer in a dull backwater and its certainly not impolite to scan his every word and cross reference it with reams of handily placed research material.Its not impolite to ask the questions that are of crucial importance to many,especially in here, and to encourage debate as to the real or imagined motives behind his statements.
    No,impolite would be the wrong word.
    I can imagine if i had been requested to have a chat regards some public comments i made regards someones financial intentions and decided to remove those comments after said friendly legal chat, then i would possibly peruse that chaps public utterings quite closely,just in the off chance that he would need a rudder correction.
    HMS Rangers is sailing on and repelling all boarders,polite or otherwise.

  4. Steven brennan

    Does anyone check Charles Greens statements before he makes them?
    No they dont, but he should realise that an awful lot of us do after he makes them.
    He must believe his advisors when they tell him , we are all semi literate liars and half wits.
    At his peril!!
    As your post is called An occasional series, that should warn him to haud his toungue for just a second.
    Keep it up Paul.

    • cam

      Has he committed a crime? has he broken financial regulations? I’m obviously not qualified to judge, but i’m sure that if he has, then letters and e-mails are en route to the appropriate authorities.
      Are you advocating the withdrawal of Chico’s right to free speech?
      I think that Chico and his advisors are not too concerned about receiving a “warning” from anyone in here.
      At his peril?
      Methinks that you have spent too long in the frontline of bampottery Steven, and over estimate your fire power.
      HMS Rangers has new thicker armour and sneaky torpedoes will be met with charges of depth and reasoning.
      Now arrange a damage control party and get that St Mirren Exocet hole patched up.The Italian navy have your Mary Rose on its radar.

      • I,ve never seen an armour plated shredder before! Can you post a picture of it?

        • ecojon


          There was only one and it was a special order for Ibrox. I am told that the so-called armour was actually heat shields to dissipate the immense heat generated from running it flat-out 24/7 for 10 years.

        • cam

          No, but i can send you a copy of the FTTT verdict that along with the St Mirren result is causing so much pain,perhaps similar to accidentally putting your hand in a shredder.

      • Maggie

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        dear friend Ms Oprah Winfrey.Today’s page seemed to offer
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        Now don’t say I’m not a very caring,sharing cyber pal.
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        Cheaper that your hallucinogenics 🙂

        • cam

          I passed on the Oprah advice Maggie,,,she’s a silly wee wummin,unlike you.
          I see Lenny has all by himself raised the subject of the transfer window and Hooper.Its very plain that he has been told to talk this up as CFC have to sell their players due to the wage bill and the comong storm.
          The CL money will paper over the cracks this season but next year will be different.
          Tell mick to spout his rubbish in this post so micheals post is left to the folk with more than two brain cells,,,myself included!

          • Maggie

            Oh dear,has mick gotten to you already ?
            Lenny has to talk up Hooper,yeah I can see how
            he’d have to do that as poor Gary’s really not got much
            going for him,bit of a shame really as he’s a nice wee
            laddie.I’m sure he’ll improve 🙂 🙂 🙂 extra
            tells me I’m not reaching my smiley quota for the month
            and I’d better up my game or I’m out.

  5. Ernie

    Is it possible to have a revrsee/negative Achille’s heel? i.e. all but the fingerprints are a weak point. This guy is, or would be in any other country, a media godsend.
    However, it really doesn’t matter what is blogged on here or even reported in the media (aye right!) this guy has the followfollow mob in his pocket. Jabba’s book will be interesting but there’s a much better retrospective to come out of this from someone not to mention the workshop case study. I hope it keeps going through the close season, last summer spoiled us.

  6. daily fable

    has he broken financial regulations? – yes he has (he presented an unapproved prospectus to investors without FSA approval)
    2. He has also stepped over the line on occaision (to benefit no one but himself)
    I’m obviously not qualified to judge, – your not
    nobody got injured in the process. – people could lose money

    • cam

      1; your opinion
      2;your opinion
      3 already stated
      4;speculation and clutching at straws really very hard!


      • daily fable

        1, Is a fact FSA have already made this public…you probably blanked it…
        2. No … Your club has already been censured for his remarks
        3. Noted
        4. Like previous shareholders lost money in the forced liquidation. Today operating at a loss, reconstruction will see them spend 2 years in SFL3 hard to see fans pay more than present costs for ST’s

        • arb urns

          come on cam 3hrs 30mins and no reply r u held up in a five setter or something in the final of The Murray Park Open. funny i never had u down as a small balls man would have put u more in who’s the longest in the shower brigade.

  7. Maggie

    “Does anyone check Charles Green’s statements before
    he makes them?”
    Being a little disingenuous Mr Mc Conville.I think we both know the
    answer to that is a resounding NO 🙂

  8. ecojon

    What some half-wits who post on here don’t seem to realise is that as CEO of the private limited company TRFCL chuckles could broadcast any moonbeam that found its way into his cavernous brain space.

    When he became the CEO of Rangers International – a public company with shareholers – the ball changed. He has to be extremey careful about his public utterances and the effect it might have on the Plc especially with regard to the shareholder interests.

    TRFCL is a subsidiary of Rangers International and would appear to be currently the sole generator of income for the Plc. Perhaps chuckles thinks he can still make any statements he wants about TRFCL. Perhaps he thinks that by not saying which of the two companies that he is referring to when he makes his statements that this offers some kind of protection.

    I suppose I am lucky in that I don’t know what goes on in chuckles’ head and I am thankful for that. However I have no doubt that the outpouring of contradictory nonsense from Ibrox will continue until more Bears wake-up and really question what is actully being said or not as the case may be.

    There are signs that some Bears are doing just that – maybe they just want to watch football and don’t want to spend their life marching, picketing, boycotting, signing petitions, launching individual and group legal actions, searching the universe for a league that will take them in and continuously being told they are victims of a world-wide Vatican plot. They are now even being told which way to vote in the independence referendum. World Domination is a heady concept but helluva tiring for the foot soldiers.

    Individual freewill and action also appears to have been subsumed into group speak and a group interest and we all know where that could eventually end with only a tenuous connection to football. On a brighter note perhaps North Korea has a spare slot in a football league. Worth a try? Watching the warped ‘reality’ of some supposedly pro-Rangers posters on here I think they would fit right into serving the Dear Leader and hanging on his every word as they are doing so well in their apprenticeship with chuckles.

    What interests me is that the majority of pro-Rangers posters on here aren’t of the enlightened Bear variety but from the bile-driven end of the spectrum. I really wonder, with quite a few of them, who pays their wages because all their efforts are aimed at dispupting or destroying this site often in concerted manner.

    But their actions and abuse of Paul’s open-door policy only strengthens the resolve of others to ensure that debate can take place here and hopefully we will hear more from the Bears who, at some stage in the future, will need to rebuild their club.

    • cam

      Savaged by a dead sheep. Long winded balderdash from the saddest creature in bloggsville.

      • BB

        Agreed. Eco doesnt do irony by the looks of it. He mentions north korea. Mmm… Let’s see. rangers have a ceo for the first time in living memory who actually has the minerals to stick up for the club, who has the audacity to highlight some of the glaring hypocrisies permeating the game from authorities and commentators alike. Yet this is classed as ‘bile’? For once, rangers have a chief who isnt afraid to air an opinion and eco and friends go and get all totalitarian on us! So much for freedom of speech and thought. Yeah, north korea’s more suited to eco methinks. Next!

    • @They are being assimilated by Chico and Jabba (The Blue Borg!)

    • daily fable

      When the tribute act finally draws its last breath and the finger pointing starts,,, be interesting to see who will be blamed … The shame of liquidation the brassneck of playing in SFL3 seems to have been washed away and forgotten…. the old tenant died, the house and its furniture were sold and a new tenant has moved in… the decoration is the same … but the name on the deeds is new

  9. Carl31

    an interesting article indicating that football financing issues are spreading out to a broader agenda. To me this indicates that politicians see the wider damaging social and economic effects.

  10. alexander

    In Charlie Chuckles,it is becoming obvious, that while the Golden Bowl is not completely Broken, it is certainly Cracked!…just a wee bit of mumbo jumbo! don,t take it to serious!

  11. Timmy7

    From the last blog but I couldn’t let it go unchallenged.
    willy wonka
    January 29, 2013 at 12:27 am
    Afraid you’re looking at that one sideways on.
    Whyte stole money from Rangers [amongst others] and used it in an attempt to keep the club going.
    ‘Rangers’ didn’t benefit.
    Whyte TRIED to benefit.
    If somebody breaks into my house and steals my possessions which he then sells to buy drugs, does that make me a drug dealer ?

    Willy Wonka you are saying Whyte stole money from rangers (amongst others) to give to rangers. Of course rangers benefitted (in the short term)
    As for your housebreaking analogy; maybe you were in cahoots with the burglar to commit insurance fraud. What he does with his ‘cut’ is up to him, but you’re still a thief.

  12. jockubhoy

    It IS someone’s job to check chuck’s chattering, but is the PR formerly known as Jabba up to the job? The uncharitable might say a diet of lamb at the feet of the former Rangers supremo and producing “puffery” on the pages of papers, seems not to have prepared him for the requirements of director of communications for a plc… As I say, some folk are uncharitable.

    • @jockuboy

      Did you not notice that he is now to be known as JAMES Traynor, as opposed to his byline on the Daily Rager? This naturally elevates the total arsewater he used to produce for that rag into the equivalent of the Thoughts of Chairman Mao?

      At least he thinks so…

  13. Sweeney Hughes

    What if someone broke into my house and stole all my money,then used it to pay my rent for the next 6mth, paid my leccy bill, filled my fridge with delights from the M&S foodhall, bought me a 42″ smart TV, bought me a nice care with tax, insurance and petrol for a year and booked me a fortnight in the Algarve??
    Wit Then EH!!!?

  14. ecojon

    @Sweeney Hughes

    Ah you’ll never be a successful Spiv – what you do next is claim your insurance!

  15. Sweeney Hughes

    It’s amazing what you can buy nowadays with a couple of quid and a brass neck!! ;O)

  16. Sweeney Hughes

    Even one of them new fangled motor cares!!!

  17. Sweeney Hughes

    I was lurking when I read willy wonkas post and was going to let it lie until Timmy7 brought it up. The point I was making was if Craig whyte had walked into asbestox, sold every share, bike and Lucozade bottle he could lay his hands on, threw it in a pot with all the income tax and VAT, stolen all the National Insurance contributions meant for hospitals and hospices from all the players and staff put it all together and started a ‘Breaking Bad’ style meth amphetamine lab deep in the bowels of asbestox……….willy wonka would have damn good a point!!

  18. joedimagio

    why does he always talk in 3rd person terms all the time,arrogance?

    • Maggie

      It’s one of his endearing personality quirks 🙂
      Well endearing ( irony obvs ) to me.
      I’m keeping a running’s my favourite part
      of Chico time.

    • portpower

      uncle charlie lets all know that he`s the Illeism man.
      Illeism is also a device used to show idiocy, such as the character Mongo in Blazing Saddles, e.g. “charlie like candy” and “charlie only pawn in game of life.”

  19. KennyG

    Charles Green is the worst thing to land in Scotland since Rodolf Hess.

  20. david

    You are a sad pathetic individual, bankrupt, disgraced, unemployable.
    And you have the cheek to criticise others.

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