A Weekend of Coupon-Busters Shows Why Football Is So Popular! + Poll on Which Boss To Be Sacked First!

The great unpredictability of football shows itself yet again this weekend.

On Friday night Championship Millwall defeated Premier League Aston Villa.

Arsenal, one of the classiest sides in English and indeed European football, scrape through with a win against lower division Brighton and Hove Albion.

Non-league Luton beat Premier League Norwich, at Carrow Road, for the first win by a non-league team over a top division English club in the FA Cup since 1989!

MK Dons, a team with a great cup history (but wait a minute – does that now belong to Wimbledon FC) defeat Premier League QPR, who have just broken their transfer record buying an £8 million player. And they beat them at Loftus Road too!

The European Cup holders, Chelsea, defeated Bayern Munich, Barcelona and Benfica in the last 12 months, but can only escape with a draw from Brentford of League One.

Liverpool, one of the most successful teams in world football history, go down to Oldham of League One.

Leeds United, of the Championship, overcome Spurs from the Premier League.

And in Scotland, Celtic, odds-on favourites to do a clean sweep in Scotland, and in the last 16 of the Champions’ League, come unstuck to Saint Mirren (who are at least in the same division!). (And I can imagine a “Smart” man who is jigging delightedly at the prospect of a Hampden final for his beloved Buddies!)

And finally, in the League, the most successful club in the history of world football, with more money than any football team in Scotland, with more fans than any other team in Scotland, with a wage bill higher than that of all but 1 or 2 of the other 41 teams in Scotland, with a squad full of full-time players, and with many who have played international football, draw with a team of part-timers from Montrose.

Any one of those results would qualify as a “coupon buster”. That is why, no matter what the games might look like on paper, the matches have to be played on the grass!

Hail to the great unpredictability of football!

Mind you, the one predictable result is that a number of the managers of the unsuccessful sides will not make it to the end of the season, and for the rest there are undoubtedly calls on the phone-ins for them to be sacked.

No matter how unjustified, I have heard or read calls for each and every one of the managers mentioned below to be sacked following their sides’ games this weekend.

I have therefore decided to run a poll! Who will be sacked first? Not who ought to be, but who will be. Please note the choices should come up in a random selection – there is nothing to be read into the order in which they appear!

Posted by Paul McConville

NB For some reason, despite my best efforts, the poll will not allow me to include Arsene Wenger as one of the candidates. Maybe because his team actually scraped a win? Feel free to mention in the comments if you think he should get the vote.


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15 responses to “A Weekend of Coupon-Busters Shows Why Football Is So Popular! + Poll on Which Boss To Be Sacked First!

  1. Bill Fraser

    Suffice it to say that the name will not rhyme with “Fat Sally” This sad individual, totally incompetent when it comes to running a team of over-paid excuses for football players in the lowest division of the SFL;would bankrupt his present club if they had to pay out the three-farthings compensation he would be looking for if he was given the boot. Add to this the fact that they would find themselves without a manager for the foreseeable future and you have a match made in heaven. How would The The survive if they had to deal with a McCoistus Interruptus?
    Unfortunately, my money is on Paul Lambert. as the move from a tenement to a villa can be quite disruptive.

  2. it must be fat sally the rest of the managers the players
    were there but he bought the trash he is playing now
    what a guy although I wish he would be there for life
    for the TRFC FANS deserve him.and its the lowest of the
    football grade of football in the whole of the UK long may it last

  3. Idaho

    They can’t risk sacking Ally as this would rile the fans – pitchforks at Ibrokes methinks

  4. Arb urns

    Have u heard the one about the manager who lent out a young striker to a team two divisions ABOVE and in three games he scored more goals than the multi million pound strike force the manager had signed for his club pre season.Name the clubs,players and manager involved, coffee table with a broken leg to the first correct answer.

  5. RayCharles

    Bizarrely, it looks like it is actually going to be Paul Dickov.


    Apparently, the stunning result against Liverpool got in the way of his impending sacking although the axe may still fall today.

  6. portpower

    One of the amazing fact is not who will get sacked but who deserves their pay packet. The plate-spinning McCoist is untouchable. My vote is non of the above.

  7. Geddy Lee

    I certainly feel Wegner should get the chop. he seems incapable of rebuilding his team into a force to be reckoned with
    in the EPL, and this despite having untold millions at his disposal. Shocking.

    Rogers at Liverpool is also on a “shugely peg”, and not just because of the weekend’s results. They still look light years away from a team capable of even challeging for the title.

    Finally, congratulations to St Mirren. Took the game to Celtic from the off and over the 90 minutes, deserved to win (sob)
    I hope Celtic follow their example against Juventus (who drew again in the league at the weekend) and play without fear.

    As we saw at the weekend, anything can happen.

    PS wonderfull “Blooter” by the lad from Montrose. Unstoppable.

  8. cam

    I’ll give that poll a miss,i don’t get much joy out of unemployment becoming a spectator sport.Abstained.
    What a wonderful melon twisting shift last night.The Tic lads were obviously hoping i had choked on my Sunday dinner,but punctual as ever i turned up on Belisha duty and gave it laldy!
    I hear that Lenny was thrown out of his local pubs darts team due to his double and treble failures of late.
    The Tic fans who decided to drown their sorrows were in fine pishing form last night.I put in a request with the transport depot for a hovercraft instead of a van.
    I noticed a few of the posters attitude changing as the awfulness of the thrashing by the Buddies sank in.It seems that laughing at your old enemies misfortune can turn you into a “bigot” in here.Well folks, this must be bigot central!
    I must congratulate my fellow Bears good natured reaction to all of the traumas over the past year.A wee march to Hampden,a democratic boycott and a few angry letters to the editor hardly constitutes rampaging,pishing and pillaging through the streets.The “hordes” just keep turning up to watch our awful fitba team and this is infuriating those on zombiewatch duties.
    After watching the magnificent tennis final and marvelling at the fitness and conditioning of the players, it puts the football players in a poor light.
    90 minutes where a player can take a breather after one run,pathetic.All those gyms and sports scientists and the end result is Kevin Kyle or Michael Higdon.It reminds me of the hilarious sight of Lenny swapping shirts in a Euro tie and Souness trying not to laugh as a stone of unwanted blubber was exposed,,,no not his napper!
    BTW where’s oor Mick?,,,i miss the mad bugger.
    I hope his reading of the building drawings, he’s working on ,isn’t as bad as his writing.The poor guy could have entombed himself! If he can manage to get to a services cupboard and plug the wi-fi cable into the back of his napper we can send out a search party for him.
    Mick! can you hear us? knock three times.Oh hang on LNS has just cleared the Gers! Do you still want rescued?
    Leggo has another exclusive on the Celtic InflateAfan phenomom.The Commander is flawed in many ways but he at least brings us the news, rather than just commenting on it in a certain predictable fashion.
    Right then another look at big Stevie Thomsons goal, a right good laugh and a wee look in the mirror to see my bigoted face!
    pip pip!

    • arb urns

      careful with the samurai this morn cam ye sound awfay relaxed otherwise yer bigoted coupon could be a garroted one. Busy week on here for ye i’d guess either mickless or mickwith, wee rub down from miss tokyo recommended after the weekend ye’ve had.

      • cam

        Full of the joys of unrestrained bigotry and the Tic lads misery.LNS can do whatever he likes,the helicopters directional change cannot be altered.

    • Ally McMoist

      A few toppers…
      “,i don’t get much joy out of unemployment becoming a spectator sport”
      – Saint Cam claiming the moral high-ground or is it the stereotypical Sevconian superiority-complex kicking in?!
      Millionaire managers are hardly going to worry about being “unemployed” for a short while. Hardly begging-on-the-streets material.
      “The “hordes”(a historic sociopolitical and military structure in steppe nomad cultures such as the Mongols)-(Seems accurate enough!) just keep turning up to watch our awful fitba team”
      – The brainwashed & gullible “hordes” have paid for their half-price season tickets so they might as well get their moneys worth,if that’s what you want to call it?!
      Last but not least,this beauty..
      “I must congratulate my fellow Bears good natured reaction to all of the traumas over the past year.”
      – LOL! Good-natured death threats & good-natured blaming of everyone else & good-natured revenge promised on other clubs for not giving The mighty The Rangers special treatment? I must congratulate you & your fellow bears for giving me endless entertainment. 🙂

  9. Cregganduff

    Sad bitter little Cam, when will you ever grow up?

  10. Geddy Lee

    Cam, now come on . You know fine well that leggo is a complete lunatic, dealing only in sheer “Bambottery”

    His paranoid obsession with Peter Lawwel verges on the sexual. Even the knuckle draggers on the Bear’s Den Forum are embarressed by some of his rantings.

    If that is the source of your “news” then heaven help you mate LOL.

    Having said that, his diatribes are compulsive reading, and a fascinating look inside the mind of the average Sevconian.

    Indeed, I believe Glasgow University are basing a whole physcology module on his views LOL.

    • cam

      I can’t disagree with most of your post.The sexual element i shall leave to the two swordsmen and i shall keep my weapon out of harms way!
      Leggo is my go to site in the morning and it is here that by way of clever Enigma style encryption i receive my orders for the day.

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