Some Highlights From the Rangers Website

I have been very busy recently, so have not been able to indulge my “Obsession” ((c) some Rangers Fans) by reading the finest football club website in the country –

However, having a few spare minutes, I had the chance to see if any nuggets (gold rather than chicken) were there for our delectation and delight.

And, guess what! There are!


Charles Green – known to Sheffield United fans as “The Man Who Sold the Team” – was talking today about selling naming rights to Ibrox. One line in the piece from the official Rangers website struck me as ironic. It is not a quote from Mr Green, but as it comes from Andrew Dickson, one of the crack team of writers assembled under James Traynor.

The sentence is:-

Green spoke yesterday of being restricted to doing one-year sponsorship deals with other companies due to uncertainty about the club’s status within Scottish football going forward.


Why ironic?

The greatest uncertainty presumably comes from those who state that Rangers should leave Scottish football … such as Mr Green!


Next comes a piece which shows that Rangers are on course for yet another world record – this time for the most apologies ever received in one season by a sporting outfit!

As the site states:-

PETERHEAD boss Jim McInally has officially apologised to Rangers for inappropriate comments involving one of his players on social media.

Steven Noble had been involved in an incident during the match where his left boot caught Sandaza on the cheek which was badly injured against Motherwell last September.

Another Twitter user said: “Not often a Celt gets to kick a Ger in the face and not get lifted”. And the full back responded: “Ha ha. You got it in one that’s the only part of the game I’ve watched back”.

Former Dundee United star McInally contacted Rangers today to officially apologise for the actions of his player.

He said: “On behalf of the club I want to apologise for the comments made by Steven Noble on Twitter.

The Peterhead boss was also disappointed by an article in a local paper which portrayed him as being critical of Rangers.

Two things. First of all, Mr Noble’s joining in with the joke was insensitive at best. Bearing in mind Mr Sandaza’s injury, it was an unwise thing to say. The club apologising was clearly an effort to conclude the matter. I note though that the Aberdeen Evening Express has reported:-

A FOOTBALLER today revealed his family’s fears after receiving threats on a social networking site.

Peterhead’s Steven Noble has been the victim of hundreds of online attacks after a comment he made on Twitter.

On the back of the exchange of tweets, Steven, from Paisley, was subject to threatening, sectarian and racist abuse.

I suspect that being at the sharp end of one of the Twittersphere mobs with electronic pitchforks and blazing torches is a penalty far out of proportion to the offence he caused.


What action has been taken so far in relation to the “threatening, sectarian and racist abuse”? We shall see. Whilst the likelihood is that people engaging in such abuse would claim to be supporters of Rangers, the club (or even the company which owns the company which owns the club J ) itself can have no responsibility for electronic idiots amongst its acolytes.

Secondly the reference to Mr McInally being “disappointed by an article in a local paper which portrayed him as being critical of Rangers” is an odd one. Presumably the implication is that he was NOT critical of Rangers. In which case why is this included in the piece about an apology?

However, it seems that Rangers are well on the way to surpassing the record set in 1962 by Montevideo Wanderers in the Uruguayan Second Division for the most apologies received in a season by a football team!


And (almost) finally …

As well as re-naming Ibrox, Mr Green is looking to expand it.

One might think that, when unable to secure anything more than a one year deal with sponsors because of uncertainty about the future in Scottish football, it is profligate to plan ahead for ground expansion, but instead it is clearly a prudent step to take now.

CHARLES GREEN has revealed he has discussed the idea of expanding the capacity of Ibrox Stadium with manager Ally McCoist.

Green expects that hunger to increase as the Light Blues move through the leagues and hopefully take their place back at the top of the Scottish game and in European competition. There are no concrete plans in place to develop Ibrox further at present but the chief executive has ideas of how it could be enhanced.

“One of the reasons for bringing institutional investors into Ibrox is if and when we get to that position – as I’m confident we will – those are discussions this board will happily have.

“That would substantially increase the stadium’s capacity and we wouldn’t be frightened of doing that once we know we’ve the demand. The top league in Europe would deliver that.”

Presumably the purpose of having institutional investors was to have them invest? Would the plan be to go back to them (and to the fans who bought shares) with a further rights issue to fund stadium expansion?

Maybe the expansion of the ground could be achieved by selling debentures to the fans? After all, that was how the Sir David Murray owned company funded its creation of the Club Deck. And the fact that the Debenture holders lost their “investment” in the liquidation of the company was clearly an unfortunate happenstance.

I am sure though that Mr Green’s successes in turning Rangers around from a  company worth £5.5 million in the summer to one knocking on the door of the “top league in Europe” and all of this in seven months, would mean that the fans would have no hesitation in writing more cheques to support the team and its ambitions.

And maybe the plans to increase capacity might get pushed up the agenda ahead of those to build a railway station, create new licensed premises, and build a pitch of gossamer borne on the horns of 500 unicorns (no – hang on – that was Sir David’s plan to complement the Super Casino).

Remember the Super Casino planned for Ibrox?

Remember the Super Casino planned for Ibrox?


And absolutely finally …

I offer with no comment this gem:-

CHARLES GREEN insists the time has come to heal wounds rather than allow rifts to continue growing for the sake of saving Scottish football.



Back off to the salt mines for now.

But after my brief hiatus, I will be back soon with more of my nonsense – after all, when such noteworthy material emanates from Ibrox, it is only right that it be publicised as far as possible.

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161 responses to “Some Highlights From the Rangers Website

  1. Paul you spoiled the week, thought “they” had disappeared in northern snows of the highland wilderness, its been blissfully quiet for a week without any of the usual BS from them.

  2. Mark Murphy

    And “the club is trading at a loss…” By the way.

    • I wonder where the losses are being made. Surely not on excessive salaries to top employees, inflated player wages, or paying back “loans”. Surely Charlie is aware that “loans” at Ibrokes need no re-paying! Aw well! Looks like the war chest is gonna cop it, Dear dear, never mind.

  3. Classic brilliance Paul. You’ve done it again. When it comes to Mr Green and Rangers these days I am lost for words at the utter hypocrisy that comes out of the Big Hoose. They live in a world of their own. They still think they are The People. Well, they’re not and the sooner they realise this the quicker they will get back to the real world. Thanks for the read. Superb.

    • cam

      Still angry,still obsessed,still 2nd best

      • Maggie

        Still in liquidation,still in the 3rd Division,still facing charges of
        cheating,still delusional.

        • cam

          but carefree Maggie and happy!

          • Ally McMoist

            You’re happy & everyone else is angry??
            What have we got to be angry about & what have you got to be happy about?! I assume your happiness has nothing to do with football as i can’t see where the happiness is playing in the 3rd division & papped oot the Ramsdens & League cups by diddy teams? As for obsessed, my Rangers-supporting friends are overly-obsessed with attendances & obsessed in trying to convince me that the new Rangers are the same club as before. Is there some denial gene Rangers supporters seem to have that baffles the rest of us?

  4. Careful now guys, the scary face of riplc (Craig Whyte facemask) will haunt us all for eternity. Need to be very careful now anytime we post anything to upset them.

  5. Geddy Lee

    I was astonished at the unedited version of Green’s comments during the renaming meeting where he admitted he had “No chance” of renaming the stadium or getting a sponser while in the 4th Tier, and that firms were only interested while they were in the SPL. naturally, the laptop loyal edited that out of their “highlights”.

    Amazing also that there was no uproar on the Bear’s Den site either. If the fans are going to just act like mute sheep, in a pathetic attempt to save face, then Green will continue making fools of them.

    They have however noted his new “Lets be friends” approach now he’s made a fortune out of the share issue. There is uproar on the Bear’s Den forum at the very notion of “Forgiveness” LOL. Especially with all their imaginery enemies (Regan, Doncaster Lawwel etc etc etc) still firmly in place.

    It’s the first sign of cracks in a beautiful relationship as Green has totally misjudged the current mindset of his shareholders. They are not for mending bridges until they have had their “Revenge” and are once again the top team in Scotland, back losing in Europe.

    Oh Dear. Should make an interesting chapter in the upcoming Traynor /Green tome that will be hitting the stores soon. LOL.

    • Charlie is not bothered about fans opinions when there is “A bit o’ brass t’be made”, He will soon inform them, and the msm, of their new opinions.

    • ecojon

      @Geddy Lee

      I think you miss that the most important thing to come out of the meeting from the Bears’ perspective is that despite any renaming of the stadium the seats will remain blue 🙂

      Not one fan sked why it would appear tht the flotation only appears to have raised £10 million according to the tweeting of Rangers stalwarts who were at the meeting. In a fair world the fans who invested over £5 million should have 50% of the club on the £10 million figure but they only have a few per cent. Och well that’s obviously why I’ve never worked in the City.

  6. Very confused to read that riplc will not be turning in a profit this year according to Chucky, why on earth not when they have the largest uptake of season books for 3 seasons and all the additional income WITH NO DEBT TO SERVICE. Where is all the money going Chucky? Or did you get your figures wrong again?

  7. Geddy Lee

    He also claimed they had sold 9000 LESS season tickets than last year. Something again the MSM refuses to report.

    • ecojon

      @Geddy Lea

      To be fair it was actually 9,000 of the old Rangers support decided not to renew their STs. I think that was the fear trigger that forced Rangers to sell-off season tickets for the bargain basement price of just over £200 on average. A 25% churn in support in one year could well qualify for another world record IMHO 🙂

      Easy to sell things for no profit but usually much harder to get the price up and retain sales.

      Still perhaps a lot of the decent fans have actuaally gone and that is why the Darkside and even here from trolls that the language and attitue has become so vile towards Scottish Football in general and Celtic in particular.

  8. Geddy Lee


    I urge you to go read the synopsis of his comments at the re-naming meeting kindly published on the Bear’s Den Forum.

    They are even more remarkable than the Transcripts from Toronto and Nor’n Iron.

    They differ totally from what the fans read via the MSM. I cannott fathom , for the life of me, why “Ra People” allow him to get away with constantly changing his position on every single issue.

    This would NEVER happen at Celtic.

    • COYBIG

      @Geddy Lee

      Are you telling us that you don’t believe Charlie Green, the big handed Yorkshireman who calls a spade a spade? Why would he lie? It’s not as if he’s trying to make any money out of it…oh wait.

    • Will do Geddy,

      need more laughter fodder. Soon be issuing more shares as a means to keep them going til the end of the season, wait no he can t do that for another 5 months can he………!

  9. paul, on the debentures issue.
    if a former debenture owner was to go to court for the loss of the debenture money, would that be classed as a “footballing debt” and therfor, have to be paid for by mr green as part of his 5-a-day/way agreement?

  10. Thomas

    Please save us Charles!

    How much dung can a human swallow before they realise they are worshipping a horses bottom?

  11. Hoopybhoy

    I am still confused as to why the deadybears think lawell is our chairman And does green still want to compare books at the end of the season lol

  12. JohnBhoy


    The Rangers has set a new world record. The only club in the world in Govan to trade at a loss despite having: “world-breaking attendances”; the “best fans in the world”; a club that “if [they] were in the Premier League only Manchester United would be bigger”; a “five million global fan-base”;a potential “TV audience of over 530m”; no debt; and an intergalactic film star as their PR supremo.

  13. Maggie

    “We have to heal the wounds” Priceless,Chico at his best.
    Let’s see how that pans out then,shall we.
    Maybe he could start by healing the wounds inflicted on
    Dundee United.

    Very disappointed to see that he only referred to himself
    in the third person on two occasions,well according to the
    article in the Daily Mail anyway.You’re slipping Chico!

    Don’t want to be accused of continually using the same material,
    but this bears another little outing:
    “Time wounds all heels” Groucho Marx

    • To heal wounds, they should lower their flags, and march to hampden, stopping at every house to beg forgiveness for 140 years of cheating and tyranny! Then, before you are allowed to leave the courtroom, Your CEO must present himself, here! In front of our SFA rulebook, put his head between his legs, and kiss his own arse!

    • Pensionerbhoy

      I was wondering where the wooden spoon had got to when I went to stir my porridge. I hope yours was not too lumpy, Maggie 🙂

    • JohnBhoy


      And here are some of Charlie’s soothing ameliorating words to heal those wounds:

      – “We are Rangers and we are better than these others”
      – “We have shown the whole world how different we are by filling this stadium with 48,000 and 49,000 people when SPL clubs can’t fill their stadium.”
      – “When Stewart Regan, Neil Doncaster and David Longmuir stood on the steps at Hampden and had their picture taken, the Three Musketeers were saying…”

  14. Are you allowed to trade at a lose in your first season as a new football club?

  15. Geddy Lee

    Must make a correction to my previous post. 9000 fans did not renew their season tickets although the slack was taken up at bargain basement prices.

    Anyone looking for me I’ll be in hiding in case Jabba comes to sort me out.

  16. COYBIG

    I think Charlie’s got a wee bet with someone, on how many lies he can get away with before anyone in the MSM questions him. Here’s another one that was in the Scottish Sun today:

    “Green was impressed by the way Newcastle renamed their stadium The Sports Direct Arena and brought in cash to buy Demba Ba for £2.7million before selling him to Chelsea for £7m.

    He said: “The cash they used for the naming rights of St James’ Park was used to acquire Demba Ba.

    “That is an illustration that, if you can use the money well, it will bring further money in.””

    The truth is that Newcastle signed Demba Ba from West Ham on a free transfer in June 2011. St James’ Park wasn’t renamed The Sports Direct Arena until November 2011. Whoever Charlie’s got the bet with may as well just pay out now.

    • ecojon


      I have to confess to not knowing the truth but from memory the major gripe about the Newcastle renaming, carried on all their fans forums, was that no money was paid by Sports Direct to the club for the renming.

      It wasn’t just the name change but also the financial rape and pillage taking place. Of course I could be wrong and chico could be right I mean afetr ll he has a lot of form on this.

  17. Geddy Lee

    Johnboy, he blames the losses on keeping on so many staff. He claims he could turn “the rangers” into a profit making club tomorrow but that it would be a “Bloodbath”.

    Next season should be fascinating, especially as he has resurrected the claim of asking Ashley if he can buy/loan some of his players. He will need all his powers of persuasion to convine an EPL player to settle for the kind of wages he claims he will be paying.

    Naturally, there’s not a peep out of “Ra People” LOL.

    Sheer bampottery.

    • COYBIG

      @Geddy Lee

      I don’t think Super Ally would want Tiote or Cabye. They wouldn’t get game ahead of Elbows or any of the Wonderkids. 😀

  18. arb urns

    ” its amazing camera crews from all over the world want to be with us ” they cant believe you are making a loss with 40k plus bears in your den every 2nd week charlie when you are in the 4th division too. just think how much u can lose next season too, 3 yrs is hard porridge sir.

  19. Geddy Lee


    I hear they are both tee-total as well. Can’t see them fitting in that dressing room. LOL

    • Maggie

      @Geddy Lee
      Fear not,Sally and Durranty can train them up.
      Have you forgotten about their apprenticeship under
      HRH Walter,and also what bloody brilliant coaches they are?
      Oh and let’s not forget how well Gazza fared under their
      tutelage.World class!

  20. Frankie B

    Ah right. You read every recent story on the Rangers website and blether on about various of them but it’s not an obsession.

    • It’s like Formula 1. Dull, characterless, and based on money! Still watch it in hope of a really good crash though. F1 has cleaned up its act though and often disappoints. Fortunately, Sevco hasn’t and is a veritable feast of manglement!

  21. Pensionerbhoy


    I see you have set your own world record. 21/2 hors into your blog and a single thumbs down. One would think there was an anti new team majority posting.

    • Pensionerbhoy

      Just ignore the Mongolian I just wrote above. It is well seen i have not been up for two and a half hours. That’s retirement for you.
      Two and a half hours into your blog and NO thumbs down would make a little more sense but would not be any funnier.

  22. Pensionerbhoy


    This blog is equivalent to an internet Mock the Week. I have some sympathy with Michaelk1888 “Paul you spoiled the week, thought “they” had disappeared in northern snows of the highland wilderness, its been blissfully quiet for a week without any of the usual BS from them.” but must add I thought both sides were somewhat subdues when it came to the law. Is there something out there to hide? No chance of that now that Maggie is back on form. I am off for my tin hat and bullet proof string vest before the cock crows over cam, Clarkeng, carson and the others. I can hear shelling in the distance already.

    • Maggie

      “Maggie’s back on form” Why thank you kind sir.
      Well,Chico is my specialist subject,I just love it when it’s
      Chico time.It IS like a much better version of Mock the Week,
      as you so wisely point out.”Such fun” as Miranda’s TV mother
      would say.:-)

      • Pensionerbhoy


        Good morn – oh, the Angelus has been and gone and I forgot to beat my breast. Hell’s fire for me then. Good afternoon. I do not watch Miranda as I have enough on my plate with the wife without someone else her size joining us even via the TV. By the way, you know what they say, love often manifests itself in open conflict. Has Chico been on his knees yet? Or are you just stringing him along for his money :).

        Actually, I hear an angelic voice calling me to lunch. Better obey since I paid my five bob to the priest to do so.

        • Maggie

          And you better get yourself out to buy some flowers,
          because I predict when Mrs PB reads what you said,
          you’ll be in big trouble.

    • Clarkeng

      My male chicken crowed many hours ago and I have been waiting whilst earning my meagre existence for the delusion driven anti-bear phobia to reappear.
      The other only crows now when receiving attention.
      Didn’t take too long – did it.
      Being a Celtic fan must be really boring these days as they don’t seem to have anything to say about their own club.
      I mean i know the grass always looks greener over the fence but FFS Pb surely there is some minor imperfection needing the attention or discussion of the great unwashed which would stop them fretting that Rangers will one day be back up there.
      Anyway all this unwanted and unwarranted attention seems to me to verging on criminality and they definitely have previous for it.
      They are guilty as charged!!
      Bring back capital punishment ………for mick ….. he never uses them.
      For the rest of them……..if it makes them happy……. but beware a lawsuit based on breach of our Yuman Rites and defamation of the Right honourable CG could be swifly winging it’s way to Mr McConville.
      And his frilly pink garment will not save him then.
      Have you seen the price of petit chablis in Tesco?

      • Pensionerbhoy

        @ Clarkeng

        I knew you were feeding the chickens all along. I just wanted you to take a tea break and post something. I need to hurry as my lettuce is getting cold. For the moment I will restrict my reply to Celtic have little new happening. Everything is tip top but I am grateful for your concern. It is funny that no one has much to say when all is going swimmingly. As for shopping, well, I am an Asda man myself but I see ours down here is in a bit of a petit shambles too.

      • Maggie

        …”being a Celtic fan must be really boring these days as they
        don’t seem to have anything to say about their own club…”
        Mmmm what’s to say?

        We’re not in liquidation,our “tribute act” ( thanks mick ) not in
        the 4th tier of Scottish Football,we’re not about to face charges of weapons grade cheating,we didn’t default on millions of pounds of
        debt,our young talented manager and the team he built are being lauded throughout Europe for their skill and tactics,resulting in us being in the last 16 of the CL.We also beat Barcelona as you might have heard.

        We were just being polite and considerate of your feelings Clark,as
        we know how easily offended you are,and we don’t want to rub
        salt into your many.many wounds,but you did ask.

        • Clarkeng

          I thought you had deserted me because of my touche the other day as it was not an eclat.
          Thank goodness we can still communicate.
          Yes I did hear you had beaten Barcelona and I think it is scandalous they wont let you have the big cup again because as we all know you have already beaten the best team.
          However rules are rules.
          I genuinely appreciate your politeness and consideration Maggie but contrary to some peoples opinions I am not at all easily offended.
          I de stress every day counting down to my next holiday in the sun and it wont be long now.
          I just dont like people who spout opinions which are not based on fact or which they know to be untrue.
          Nobody likes liars do they?
          I confess ( see that comes from having had a mum who was RC ) to treating said sad people with disdain and intolerance.
          I know it is not the Christian thing to do and I should just wash my hands of them but I am only human.
          As for rubbing salt into my wounds dont worry I can take it.
          In fact it would probably ellicit a YES, YES YES louder and more sincere than Meg Ryan could ever give.
          Have a good weekend – mine starts in fifteen minutes.

          • Maggie

            As if I’d fall out with you Clark when cam and carson are well
            ahead of you in the queue,only joshing,I’m not Violet,I try not
            to blacklist anyone 🙂
            Enjoy your weekend and watch that touche éclat,it’s a bugger in

            • Clarkeng

              Thanks for that – you too.
              I thought it might make my eyes more attractive but I am not sure it will withstand the tears of laughter I get every time I visit here.

  23. John C

    Number of times Tinkerbell FC have finished against ten men – world record

    • cam

      LMAO,,,its the referees,,,,again!

      • John C

        So you’ve played 21 games and finished against tem men 10 times, where else but Scotland.
        Grade one refs for a fourth teir club, unheard of, then again only Grade one refs know how to arrange games for Tinkerbell FC
        Another world record.
        I expect denial and scorn it’s the only response you cheats know.
        For a change, how about identifying any other country in the world with a similar policy, I don’t think even Juve were accommodated with grade one refs while they were in serie B.
        Go on try and explain

        • cam

          Tell you what, why don’t your manager and fans and club officials create an atmosphere whereby through fear the refs have to withdraw their labour,,,only in Scotland,land of the downtrodden martyr!
          Absolutely loving your pain John.

          • John C

            You know you are lying but we can expect no more for you I suppose.
            The refs went on strike because they were not happy about being exposed as cheats, dougie dougie remember that ?
            The only one to emerge with any integrity was the honourable Mr Craven, the SFA are so corrupt they expelled the only man who told the truth.

            • cam

              The Dougster didn’t cheat,he crapped himself after firstly awarding a penalty to Celtic and then changing his mind.Why if he wanted to cheat the Tic would he even think about awarding a pen?
              Then he realised by looking at the enraged Tasmanian devil that he was in for an ear bashing.Thats when he made his mistake,he fabricated a story to get himself out of his self inflicted mess and dragged Mr Craven into it.
              Only in Scotland could the paranoia of CFC create an atmosphere where the refs felt threatened at their place of work.
              Excuses,greetin,blaming,whinging,,,,its the Celtic way!
              Mr Daly could do a documentary on it,,jeez what am i saying,,its the CBBC i’m talking about!
              I’m in such a good mood today that i hope your pain only lasts till the Gers get back to the top and the refs get bullied again by the rage virus.

            • John C

              Ha ha ha, the lies don’t work, he was caught cheating and dismissed from his position for cheating, revisionism is pretty much your stock response, and only the weak minded lost boys take any solace in your whoppers.
              Your old clubs exposure showed exactly which club fosters a culture of intimidation, not a single charge brought against any Celtic supporters, in fact the SFA were shown up as liars again when the honourable Mr Craven rubbished their claims of supporter intimidation, while your lot are pretty much appearing daily in the law courts for the same charge.
              As I said no pain here, in fact I can hear that old crocodile of administration tick tocking back onto the scene.
              We’ll be sitting quiet when Tinkerbell dies
              We’ll be sitting quiet when Tinkerbell dies

          • John C

            No pain here, I’m loving it
            Tinkerbell FC need you to clap your hands if you believe
            Clap your hands cam
            This has got to be the best season since 67
            Maybe even all time, I don’t know any Celtic supporter who is not having a right good laugh at your pain. In fact, I think I can go as far to say every club bar Tinkerbell FC are having a laugh at Tinkerbell FC’ expense.
            Tinkerbell FC with Chuckles Pan at the helm and the lost boys following them at never never land.
            Aye am hurtin ha ha ha ha ha ha ha .

            • cam

              I’m in such a jolly mood that i’m going to throw you back in John.It wasn’t nice seeing you dangling from my hook.All that thrashing around like a mackerel is undignified, but again thats a Celtic trait.
              Swim along now John and grow up to be a happy bottom feeder.Tune in on Sunday morning and shout on the greatest Scottish sportsman since Chris Hoy,Allan Wells,David Wilkie,Ken Buchanan,Jackie Stewart and Stephen Hendry.
              Take two paracetemol and avoid things that get you angry.

            • John C

              Is that the best you can do, your hook ha ha ha, methinks its a desperate man that ignores your obvious failure to appreciate you’ve lost 😮
              Tick tock, tick tock it’s happening all over again, and again you are dismissing the warning signs, silly billy.
              They’re fooling you for a second time and you’re too stupid to shame 😮
              George’s gonnae get you
              George’s gonnae get you
              Will Celtic supporters intimidate George Galloway or will it be Chelsea supporters again 😮
              Tinkerbell FC running at a loss and I can’t see the creditors being caught twice, they at least know not to be fooled twice.
              Looking forward to seeing big Charlie Mulgrew on Sunday right enough.
              Angry me ha ha ha, I will need those paracetamol though for my aching sides 😮

  24. Geddy Lee

    Maggie, what worries me is that the latest rumor to come from the “Big Hoose” is that “Wee Bazza-Ned” may be returning as a player coach. Magnifenct stuff!!! Suire to have neil Lennon quacking in his boots. LOL

  25. Ignatius

    “CHARLES GREEN has revealed he has discussed the idea of expanding the capacity of Ibrox Stadium with manager Ally McCoist.”
    He told him to stop eating the pies!!

  26. Geddy Lee

    OK, serious legal question…….

    Green and his “Financial Director” are at least 2 of the board who’s contracts state they are entitled to a 100% Salary bonus should “the rangers” get promoted.

    With League reconstruction, will winning the league be classed as a promotion for bonus purposes? We are talking a combined total of over half aMillion here . Money incidentally, that a loss making company surely can’t afford.

    • Pensionerbhoy


      If they do it is no big deal. A loss making company can still legitimately hand out bonuses. Whether that is ethically correct is another matter. In practice they are simply added to the existing losses, “In for penny, in for pound” as it were. However, Charlie’s bonuses pale into absolute insignificance when compared to banks in recent years as do his loses. But then, does size really matter? My wife………, lets just leave it there cause she knows nothing about finance.

  27. JimBhoy

    Chico chuckles writes.. “But we have a kit manufacturer and we have a kit sponsor. They will be announced very shortly and I’m sure the fans will be happy with both.”

    Time for that orange shirt sponsored by orange, 7% of the world’s population waiting with baited breath on this announcement.

    Jabba also has some creative media money spinners soon to be set out, Maybe Rangers TV dinners.. Or maybe a tie in with Apple as they had a tough week, a new hand held device only showing rangers games and rangers minded websites, the Apple Orange.. with Bluenose capability.

    Good to see McCulloch in the papers thru the week stating there is no difference between the SPL and division 4 in Scotland, no difference to him no doubt as he picks up his SPL wages…

    • COYBIG


      On the kit manufacturer, when did Adidas change their name to Macron? I’ve also heard Green’s done some good BUSiness in regards to the kit sponsor.

  28. Geddy Lee

    Clarkeng, have you any opinion at all on the ever changing claims of Green?

    Are you prepared to admit in “Open court” that you are happy with his tenure so far, and his “Plans” for the future?

    Are you guys allowed independent opinions, or have you got to wait for the post to arrive to find out what you think?

    • Clarkeng

      @Geddy Lee
      Au Contraire.
      I have already in previous subjects expressed my opinion.
      It is this :- So far Green has been able to achieve virtually everything he has set out to do and as a result of this Rangers have entered a period of relative stability when compared with over the last year.
      His language is sometimes a bit off the mark but as I have also pointed out when wee Fergus came to Celtic he was equally incomprehensible at times and after taking advice employed my friend Peter McLean.
      The benefit you Cetic fans have at the moment is hindsight even if it did cost £50m plus.
      BTW i have said that before as well.
      There is still much to do and he needs to be given time to make things happen and as I have also said many times on here if or when facts are actually known then I will be happy to develop my thoughts and my opinion.
      It has actually been quite fun watching the nonsensical comments which this blog attracts and you guys seem intent on redefining everything Green says or reinterpreting the spaces between what he says.
      This not “Open Court” this is more akin to a kangaroo court and reminds me of one of those old movies where the guy is wrongly accused and eventually proves his innocence.
      On here opinions are treated as arguments and you guys do not normally want to hear mine as they do not fit with your mindset.
      Thanks for asking though.
      But that does not bother me half as mush as some idiot spewing verbal which maybe an opinion but is not based on fact.
      Present company excluded.
      No today has been about chilling and enjoying without the need to be arguing about things.
      Friday is POETS day and I am eagerly looking forward to my very expensive petit Chablis.
      Tomorrow of course is another day and then………..

      • Clarkeng

        @ Geddy Lee
        As a wise man – my late dad – once told me :-
        “Better to keep your mouth shut and look stupid than to open it prematurely or without thinking and proving it”
        Here endeth the lesson for today.
        Chin Chin

        • COYBIG


          “As a wise man – my late dad – once told me :-
          “Better to keep your mouth shut and look stupid than to open it prematurely or without thinking and proving it””

          Why didn’t you heed his advice then?

          • Clarkeng

            Ah Coybig I have asked myself that question many times indeed.
            Never have I felt the need to ask someone like you.
            That my friend is the rod and staff of my comfort.
            I take it your Dad never gave you any advice?

            • COYBIG


              “Ah Coybig I have asked myself that question many times indeed.”

              Clearly not enough times tho.

              “Never have I felt the need to ask someone like you.”

              Aw fuck! I was just going to ask you if you wanted to play 20 questions. Ah well…

              “That my friend is the rod and staff of my comfort.”

              That attempt at a euphemism is a bit worrying. Next time, make sure you close that other site your looking at, before writing anything on here.

              “I take it your Dad never gave you any advice?”

              He does actually. Last week he said an Arsenal, Man Utd double was a good bet and I should lump on. Good job I didn’t…

        • Maggie

          ….. There’s still much to do and he needs to be given time
          to make things UP …. oops honest mistake there sorry.

          FYI. Cin Cin,Italian for cheers. Letter c when followed by the vowels
          i or e in Italian has the English pronunciation “ch” but not the
          English spelling. Prego Signore.

          • Clarkeng

            @ Maggie
            There you go again – always the linguist.
            I stand corrected once again.
            You may beat me but please don’t hate me.
            Ciao the noo

            • Maggie

              Of course not,or as I’ll say when I’m in Torino for
              the return leg of the last 16 of the CL….
              Certo che no signore. Ciao

      • John C

        Virtually everything he set out to do
        Except get Tinkerbell FC into the SPL
        Except get Tinkerbell FC into SFL 1
        Except get sell the full quota of shares in the public issue
        Except have a vote in league reconstruction
        Not what I’d call virtually everything

        • arb urns


          chicos achievements ” virtually everything he set out to do”- MAKE A LOSS !!!-starting out the way you mean to continue is on page 1 of every ceo’s coaching manual c- watch this guy very closely c very closely- when the octopus follows the trawler !!

          • Clarkeng

            @arb urns
            How much of a loss did CFC post last year?
            How much in losses were posted by other SPL clubs last year?
            I see the unwashed on here speculating or should I say hoping that Octopus are Ticketus are still in there but they will need to get their money back from CW or wait until the liquidator completes the litigation against CW and Collier Bristow to see if they will get anything back through the unsecured creditor route.
            I also see speculation that CW still holds the deeds to Ibrox etc.
            This is all nonsense.
            The assets were owned by the club/company and sold on by the administrators.
            What CW tried to do was to place a charge on the assets that in the event he or his company were owed money from Rangers that he had a mechanism to ensure he would get it back because the debt was secured on the property.
            In the event CW owed Rangers money therefore the charge or security has no effect and is worthless.
            Even if he had been owed money whoever became responsible for it would simply be able to pay the debt off to redeem the charge.
            The fact that he had a charge might have enabled him to seek for the assets be sold on to allow payment but would not give him the right to automatically seize the assets.
            The assets would not have changed hands to become the property of CW but would have been sold by the liquidator to raise funds to pay off the creditors.
            Because of the charge CW and/or his company debt would be secured and paid in full provided there were sufficient funds raised.
            Obviously unsecured creditors would get what was left if anything.

        • ecojon

          @ John C

          And it would appear from reports of Wenesday night lose £10 million from the flotation. I’m sure those tweeters couldn’t have been Rangers Haters but who knows – they’re all over Scotland these days 😦

          • Clarkeng

            Tut tut eco.
            You seem to have gone native.
            Or is it the Stockholm Syndrome.
            Dont be believing all the rumours being put about by the hordes of the great unwashed.
            Check the facts.
            Form your opinion on what is known rather than what is speculated or hoped for.
            By all means state your wishes.
            Lets try to maintain a level of sense in the postings on here otherwise it will just degenerate further into a tims tirade.
            Paul will have to seek permission to change the name if it keeps on like this.

      • Ally McMoist

        “Rangers have entered a period of relative stability when compared with over the last year”
        Anything is a step up from liquidation, i suppose.

  29. cam

    After 4 hours of classic sport with fair play,no diving,cheating,whinging a Scot beats the greatest tennis player of all time.
    What a refreshing change from the utter garbage that gets everyone riled up at in this nuthouse.
    Go on Andy,,what a player and a nice guy.A total credit to his family and his country.

    • COYBIG

      Well said. Well done Andy Murray! Let’s hope when the final’s finished he has to go hunting about in his bag for his sponsors watch again.

    • arb urns

      a fine compliment re our countrys finest modern day sportsman cam.

      with all these qualities he’d never fit in down ebt way , sure his nic is fully paid and utd, his coach gets paid, elizabeth r receives her shilling too i’d imagine.he will pay his newspaper bill, florist, caterer (pie man), bar bill,wine merchant, lawyer,agent and every hamish,moira and angus that is due aye a “refreshing change ” to qoth.

      he doesnt really have one of the qualities needed to be a bear. keep up your missionary work on the SIDE as an envoy for chicos wound healing !!

      loads to do cam loads to do.

    • Maggie

      Never thought I’d EVER say this to you cam: Agree 100%

  30. cam

    They say i’m mad!,,you lot spent your morning bumping your gums about the Gers when Andy was acheiving one of the greatest sporting victories of all time.
    Thats beyond obsession.
    This site should sell its naming rights to Calvin Klein.
    I can just see Eco doing his Brad Pitt voiceover,,,”IMHO Obsession by Calvin Klein is the scent of champions”

    • COYBIG


      “This site should sell its naming rights to Calvin Klein.”

      Maybe it should. And it would probably get more money than The Rangers are going to get for renaming Ibrox, Ashleys Sports Direct Arena. That’s a long name ain’t it? It’ll probably get shortened to ASDA.

  31. COYBIG

    George Galloway. That is all…

  32. Geddy Lee

    wow CAM,

    That is fantastic news. Would be brilliant to see him take the title and prove New York was no fluke.

    What a fantastic achievement, made all the sweeter by having Lendel (My favourite player) coaching him.

    • cam

      He will have a real battle against Djokovic a fantastic athlete and a real sportsman.This guy plays to win like no other but a gent in defeat.
      I was a Connors man myself, but Borg was a legend.
      Imagine a young Scots lad arthe top of one of the world of sports biggest events.
      Ricky Burns also and its Burns night!
      I’ve got a lump in my throat.
      Big Ivan has really toughened Andy up,he can’t look up to his mammy for help now.

    • Den


      I now I am being pedantic but whether he takes title or not New York was no fluke. Another one would be great and prove he is great player.

  33. Geddy Lee

    Clarkeng, I only take account of what is said when a “The rangers” fan is giving live updates, as they did with the twitter feed when Green was in Toronto, and again “as it happened” at the recent rebranding meeting.

    There’s no doubt he said those things. Just because they have been steadfastly ignored by the Laptop Loyal does not mean they are untrue. On the contrary.

    I must say,I find it astonishing that uyou could have any confidence in a man who@s position is constantly changing.

    Had this been happening in a club down south, the English media would have made mincemeat of him. He’s clearly a charlaten.

    Trying to equate Green’s ramblings with what Fergus said is desperate. The cracks are beginning to bappear now , especially after Green had the audacity to talk of mending bridges.

    • COYBIG

      @Geddy Lee

      Your missing the point completely Geddy. As long as the seats remain blue, nothing else matters.

      • Clarkeng

        That would be the bluebells that are blue.
        If you remember the seats used to be red, white, yellow and blue.
        Who cares.

        • COYBIG


          Who cares? Emm…your fellow The Rangers fans seem to care very deeply about the colour of their seats. Why else would they ask Charlie if the seats would remain blue, rather than how a club that’s just took in £22m can be running at a loss?

        • Carl31

          The newbells are new?

    • Clarkeng

      @Geddy Lee
      You might be astonished but rest assured there is a cure for premature ejaculation.
      Not that I am suggesting you are a sufferer.
      Just saying it is very early days.
      I will wait for the fat lady.

  34. John Burns

    Les Gullibles were taken in by Minty with all his talk of building Super casinos, while he was running up almost £100 million in debt – they were taken in by Craig Whyte, who finished the job that Murray had started and bankrupted and liquidated the club.

    Now Green comes along with a lot of guff about a dubious share flotation, talk about having three billionaires on board(July), also having done a strip-deal with Adidas, when in fact he now tells us that it is a little-known Italian company Macron – more rubbish about renaming the stadium.

    He says yesterday that the club is running at a loss and he could have made a number of people redundant, but hasn’t – of course it is running at a loss, the £10 million black-hole is still there.

    Now he comes out with more ‘pie in the sky’ talk about adding 10,000 to the stadium’s capacity – where’s the money coming from this and, when is the essential repairs program (£6M) going to start?

    Part of the ‘phantom’ share capital was to be used for stadium repairs – wasn’t it?

    Why do they (Les Gullibles) keep believing in charlatans – probably because they have no option!!!

    • Clarkeng

      @John Burns
      What constantly amazes me on here is that you guys have such superlative level of insight into whats going on at Rangers.
      Truly amazing!
      Oh you dont ?
      Who would have thought it!

      • John C

        It’s natural to pay close attention to cheats and thieves
        Just think of us as the store detectives.
        Remember it was our initial obsession that exposed your club to public scrutiny, remind us all how that turned out ?

        • Clarkeng

          @John C
          FFS John do you mean to say the loonies are now in charge of the asylum.
          Your obsession seems to be ongoing.
          Think it might eventually be all going quiet over there.
          The fat lady is not even on stage yet.

          • John C

            Can’t you remember what happened ?
            Is this another fat lady clearing her throat


            Session: 2012-13
            Date tabled: 14.01.2013
            Primary sponsor: Galloway, George
            Sponsors:Campbell, Ronnie Hopkins, Kelvin McGovern, Jim
            That this House notes that the owners of the club now playing in the Scottish Third Division called Rangers claim that it is the same club with the same history as the liquidated club also known as Rangers; further notes that 14 million in VAT and PAYE was withheld in the run-up to administration by the previous Rangers; further notes that the club is now cash-rich through a share issue which raised in excess of 20 million; condemns the use of insolvency laws to avoid paying tax owed; and calls on the Government to take steps to reclaim the outstanding monies from Rangers and to bring forward legislative proposals to prevent clubs and companies sidestepping their liabilities through liquidation and then carrying on trading with effectively the same name and in exactly the same business.
            I’m pretty sure the loonies have been in charge until we got involved, a bit of sanity is now being imposed on the asylum and were only now finding out how crazy things have been.

            • Clarkeng

              @John C
              Gorgeous George and credible are a world apart.
              He never seems to be able to get anyone to take him seriously.
              You did?
              Oh well in the words of his second wife Amineh who I was friendly with when she was studying here at Glasgow Uni ” George is a pompous arse who is only in it for the money”.
              Sorry cant do the Jordanian accent but anyway.
              But here is a question for you – name one act of parliament promoted or even supported by GG that has ever made it to statute?
              Take as long as you like.

      • Allfanstogether

        One does not need insight to see through green.

        • Clarkeng

          You’ll be the man with the x ray eyes then.
          Seriously you need to change that nom de plume.
          Something like “allfanswhohaterangers” would seem more appropriate.

    • Maggie

      @ John Burns
      Does Sally know about this “pie in the sky” ?

      • Maggie

        Oops that question mark should have been inside the
        inverted commas.Thought I’d better make a correction there before
        the self appointed,grammar,punctuation and spelling policeman
        cam picks up on it.
        I know,I can’t believe it either guys,that’s the 2nd mistake I’ve made
        since posting on here. I’m losing it 🙂

  35. Pensionerbhoy

    I am doing a quick dash round the blogs before having a go at shovelling sna.

    Geddy: the tin hat is on so I am going to say this. I agree with your principals but I am not so sure I would act so differently if Celtic were in the same situation. If you love something you will hold on to even the thinnest straw.

    To all the tennis fans, especially the fanatical cam, well done Andy. I bet that brought a smile to your face. How about trying to keep it there, son. And here was me going to try and bring down your fever, cam. I do agree with you, though, he is a real credit to himself, family and Scotland.

    Clarkeng: I refer you first to my comment to Geddy but would add that from the start, I believe all Celtic supporters knew what Fergus McCann intended. Once his plans for the club were set out in the public arena, everyone knew where he was heading even to his specific time limit as CEO and his intention to withdraw his investment return when he left. However, I do say that not all the time was everybody confident he would achieve his ambitions not, may I say, because they were unachievable or far fetched, but because the task he took on was so enormous. Granted, in the early days, many of us did not even know who he was, where he came from or what he had. Future events, however, proved that without doubt, he had not attempted to dupe the fans. If Charles Green’s intentions are the same, he has not, as yet at any rate, reached that convincing stage in the process. Believe it or not, I think there are a lot of Celtic fans, in spite of the claptrap on the internet and elsewhere, who have a genuine concern for future of Rangers supporters but are gradually withdrawing that sympathy because of the lack of challenge to Mr. Green. Easy Rider comes to mind.

    Maggie: My destiny was always in the mire. That is why my wife married me. She knew she had me trapped. I do not need flowers as she is the bloom of my life – mind you she drives me to a tipple now and then. The big secret I keep from her is that I love her like no other except maybe that old grumpy face I see in the mirror in the mornings. Even if I say it myself, he is a corker. If I was not in danger of being arrested I would be tempted to kiss him while shaving :).

    arb urns: If only she could measure and she wears bottle base glasses 🙂 Have you ever experienced reverse erection? (Sorry Paul and ladies, of course).

    To all the others: It is interesting to see the cinders have come into flame again as everybody tries to chase “the blues” away. Though not always enjoyable, it is undoubtedly entertaining to witness the verbal toing and froing. One side clearly enjoys pitching with fast balls, a lot of curve balls and the odd sneaky slider to boot. The other prefers batting and is happiest when in a scoring position, attempting a sacrifice fly or even making a squeeze play. It is just a pity that the game is often played with muddy balls and slinging preferred to pitching. In the end, however, all hits may simply be about point scoring rather than tactical advantage. One hopes to pitch the other into oblivion while the other attempts to whack the other into silence. I have much sympathy for the umpire, Paul.

    The fly-past is over and I am heading for the hanger.

    • Clarkeng

      We both know where we are coming from.
      It is where we are going to is the mystery.
      Anyway I have had a fun and flippant day today and am now stopping work for the weekend.
      It has all got a bit serious on here again today but who cares.
      Once youve cleared the snow head on down the pub.
      You will find me there.
      I’m on Tennents, Magners for you?
      Have a good weekend Pb and pass my regards to Mrs Pb.
      The woman must be a saint!!

      • Pensionerbhoy


        I am not a pub or a drinker these days. I had my turn at one time but the legs give way too quickly now. However, I am not averse to a good Iron Bru with my tea. So here’s to you and a good weekend. You simply can not appreciate them when you retire. As for the wife, I do know she leaves a ring round the bath but whether that is a halo, I would not want to comment. She has a habit of leaving stars round my head with the rolling pin too, if that counts? Take care with the drink. Tennents tends to be overrated.

        • Pensionerbhoy


          I presume you guessed I was never a pub. That was simply wishful thinking. I am not a pub goer these days is what I meant to say. I think the notion of downing a good Magners just went to my head.

          • Clarkeng

            Of course I knew exactly what you meant.
            Its these other feckers on here that baffle me.
            BTW the tennents went down a treat.

      • JohnBhoy

        Enjoy your weekend Clarkeng.

    • arb urns

      a fine read pb somehow didnt think u would be keen on the wee ‘blue’ one to slip out of reverse. enjoy your weekend. ye need guid eyesicht tae see oot they bottle windaes ye ken.

      • Saucepot

        Have we missed the two pearls from Charles Green about the stadium renaming rights as quoted from his meeting?

        1. “I personally will fight for the Ibrox name to be in that new title.” Fight whom exactly, himself?

        2. “I’d never ask a taxi driver to take me to the Fred Bloggs Arena. I’d ask him to take me to Ibrox.”. Nice sales pitch from the CE which should help attract plenty of bidders for the renaming rights!

  36. Tommygun55

    Eh,the chuckster stated that Sevco are 9000 season tickets down on last season?
    Well not according to the ‘graph’…,was it not more like 90? Why has no one brought him up on this.

  37. Tommygun55

    Sevco been trying to escape to england cos they think their mob will spread their ‘love’ around and eventually ‘enhance’ the EPL.
    Actually the real reason they are leaving is the fact that they are going to have the piss royally ripped out of them everywhere they go,especially by the fans in the SPL…forever, it is a scenario they have no stomach for.
    Observing the plan by DU fans to wear
    Craigy masks and the nature of the riposte from the Sevco supporters trust bloke,tells me that the precedent is now set and will continue,unabated….forever,parp!

    • Ally McMoist

      I can see a generation of future kids supporting other clubs.What young kid would want to be associated with The Rangers when they will forevermore be regarded as cheats by everyone outside the Rangers “family” & that they didn’t even have the decency to admit they cheated but instead blamed everyone else? True, wherever they visit their new found “friends” & old enemies they will be mocked, be it with grim reaper outfits, cardboard coffins, Craigie masks (i must now get my hands on one of these since the Islamccoists have revealed how “offended” they are by it!), or by all the new songs their short-suffering fans of their (new) club will have to endure. There are a multitude of these songs waiting to be aired. Maybe that’s the real reason for the boycott at Tannadice??

  38. ryan

    Which company actually runs celtic it would appear that its CELTIC F.C LIMITED but this was incorporated in 2001 thought history cant be transferred??

    • Clarkeng

      Its actually a PLC.
      Their share price is currently 58p down from 61.5p making them worth £45m.
      In the last 3 yrs trading they have made pre-tax losses of £9.2m.
      Its funny to think that a 3rd Div club has a share price of 86.5p and is worth over £46m.
      I recently advised CFC fans to sell sell sell at 61.5p and take the profit.
      Others on here disgreed and were convinced the shares would continue to rise.
      Who is sorry now?

      • tykebhoy

        Well that’s potential gratuitous alienation for you. The share cap of Rangers International is currently massively over stated and will reduce when all those shares bought for pennies or gifted start flooding the market. Still a tidy profit for Chuckie and his Institutional Investors though. All they have to pray for is that the tie-in ends before trading while insolvent comes a ‘nocking.

        As for your question on other’s losses, that is mainly due to servicing debt. Courtesy of offloading the debts of the predecessor club and according to Chuckie a good cash flow then the tribute club , also according to Chuck, is debt free. Running at an operating loss with no debt to service sounds like the road to insolvency to me

        • cam

          Fact is ,that the continued existence of an uncompetetive Gers team ,reduced to playing youths,free transfers and journeymen over the next 20 years but still attracting crowds ,would still be enough for the enraged obsessives to get their knickers in a fankle.
          For me,the game is indeed truly a bogey.I never want to see Rangers play Celtic again at any level.The sheer hatred that oozes from the east enders has convinced me that the old rivalry is best left in the bin.
          I wonder if the plastic socialist,Galloway could promote a bill that in law keeps the teams apart and sociologists/scientists could study the results of keeping two elements that by themselves are harmless, but become dangerous when combined.

          • Tyke Bhoy

            If only TRFC were trying to play only youths and journeymen etc.

            12 months ago RFC bid £6m for Grant Holt despite the fact they could barely afford sixpence.

            The new club hasn’t really learnt has it. No offloading of the high wage earners that did TUPE and bringing in Sandaza and Templeton along with plenty of talk of targets despite the fact its still over 11 months before they can sign anone not just out of nappies.

            As for hatred, look in the mirror. Anyone that disagrees with the SFA and SFL gerrymandering is hated as a Rangers hater

          • Ally McMoist

            I believe you won’t have nearly as many fans if you remain a diddy team for less than 10 years,never mind 20. Remember the pre-Murray era?
            “The sheer hatred that oozes from the east enders”
            It’s all one-way hatred according to Cam.
            “I never want to see Rangers play Celtic again at any level”
            Scared of losing to a world record scoreline perhaps?

        • Clarkeng

          The sales of shares and the price of any sales is regulated by the AIM so I dont see your point but obviously share prices can rise or fall.
          As to whether they are massively over valued I disagree.
          As Rangers rise through the divisions again the revenue streams will only increase and provided the costs are managed then this will result in strengthening of the position.
          Cash reserves will increase and these will work through to the balance sheet in the form of current assets.
          Also the value of the home grown players will increase showing further strengthening.
          As the revenue increases so the value of the fixed assets like the stadium, training ground will increase and translate itself in stabilising the share price.
          My forecast is that they will fall back slightly to about 82.5p after the lock in period expires which may or may not generate selling.
          There is clearly still a great deal of potential for further growth at Ibrox so my expectation is that any shares will be snapped up quickly.

          • Tyke Bhoy

            Do you really believe in any of the crap that someone has provided for you to paste?

            Which divisions would it be that TinkerbellFC will rise up through? Your CEO doesn’t seem to know in which country or fantasyland they exist!!! Also given that a team of full time professionals seem to have a bit of difficulty beating part timers unless they are one man down I can’t see a team that your CEO can’t afford will easily progress through any leagues as he will have to dispense with players he can’t afford to do without! Will he revise his salary to income target or just continue to run at a massive loss? Either way it won’t do much for the share price will it nor will it add anything to the current assets and the fixed assets are already at a world record level for the current incarnation because without investment they can only depreciate and current investment levels are bearly covering working capital

            • Clarkeng

              I was just saying to someone earlier on here that my opinions are often unwelcome as they do not fit the tim small mindset.
              Sorry dont understand a word of the next part.
              Try re-arranging the words to form sentences that might help.
              Lastly thank Christ you are not my accountant your arithmetic is not very good.
              And unlike yourself joining in the Tims Tirade on here I only post my opinion when I can back it up with fact.
              The big losses are being made over there.

            • tykebhoy

              As I suggest I don’t believe they are YOUR opinions. Most of what you post is provided for you even if you agree with some of it.

              A clue for you a full stop (.) after a string of words IS a sentence, so I take it you don’t understand mine. Hope this is dumbed down enough for you.

              Charles is upset he won’t be involved in talks about restructuring Scottish leagues despite in recent months fantasising about playing in English or even international leagues.

              TRFC fielded a team of full time professional footballers yesterday. Not for the first time this season they failed or struggled to beat team of part timers or even amateurs. This despite the fact that in getting on for half of the games the part timers haven’t even finished with a full team. Hardly a recipe for storming up the Scottish leagues if Mr. Charles decides to stay lol.

              Under Mr. Charles financial model he can’t afford the team Sally sent out yesterday. However Sally can’t afford not to have them given better quality will cost even more . Can’t see the current squad storming the next two divisions given the quality of part timer will improve.

              So when the transfer embargo ends willMr. Charles rip up his model and therefore operate at an almost certain loss or will he just leave Sally to flounder in the mid reaches of theSFL? Whichever it won’t do much to the shareprice!

              As for that share price. It is currently arteficialy high. Individuals who could not afford the minimum investment are trying to buy from the limited number who could and are prepared to sell some. Soon the institutional investors will be able to sell. The market will then be flooded with shares bought at well under the price paid by the initial individuals and the price will drop even to a level where some of the institutions might make a loss in the penny arcade.

      • arb urns

        @ clarkeng

        I am not crazy about hoops, but u r talking a load of hoola .

        I am not crazy about TRFC either but a first year loss after what you have been allowed ‘to walk away from’ is a tad disrespectful and careless. pro-bono advice get that octopus out to sea asap.

        The Juventus game alone will probably see £9.2m nestling in the Hoola Hoop Bank C.

        • Clarkeng

          @arb urns
          Hoola lotta facts on hoops in my post.
          Suggest you take a wee course in commerce to distract you from the nasty thoughts you are experiencing – take your mind off all bad things going round in your head.
          The markets are available for all to read on the net and as of this morning at 7.00am the figures I quoted were correct – fact.
          It is possible that CFC share price does not reflect any of this years success as the accounts have not yet been posted but that is where it stands currently.
          Three weeks ago in post to ecojon I used the very words SELL SELL SELL – fact.
          Also pointed out the last time CFC shares were above 50p was five years ago – fact.
          Octopus are unsecured creditors – fact.
          CFC shares have fallen back as I forecast they would from a 5 year high despite the CL success and the fact that the SPL is virtually guaranteed – fact.
          CFC have posted losses over the last three sets of accounts in excess of £9.2m – fact.
          If you want more information just ask I will show where to get it.
          A third div club in Scotland has a higher market capitalisation than the “successful” CFC – fact.
          What was your point again – I dont think I can quite see it.

          • arb urns


            your last eight words are yours and rangers problem. the ones who could and did see it have all gone, wallets bulging. craigie possibly bulged his wallet till the keg needed changed. take care in your delusionment if having a higher market cap than cfc floats it for you fine by me. I cant help you any more save to say with time on your hands read between the lines .


            • Clarkeng

              The stock exchange delusional??
              Suggest you check it out.
              Just google CFC share price then Rangers share price.
              Done that?
              No apology necessary I put it down down to not knowing the difference between what you know and what you dont.
              Is that self delusion?

        • Clarkeng

          You dont believe?
          More so you cannot find any facts to discount my opinion so rather than say nothing you resort to the usual on here.
          You lot are so predictable it does not matter how well your own team do it only matters how badly Rangers might do.
          You clearly do not understand how the Stock Exchange works in the AIM and I suggest you do what I do.
          That is read and research before posting meaningless drivel.
          My research so far reveals that CFC have lost over £9.2m over the last three years.
          That is substantiated by actual results posted by CFC at Companies House.
          Your opinion is based on?
          Thought so.
          Absolutely sweet FA.
          If it makes you feel better keep on posting in this fashion.
          No dont be embarrassed I insist.
          If you need any help putting it into sentences just ask but I warn you I charge per hour for tutoring.
          You should have paod more attention at school.

          • Clarkeng

            BTW it is flattering you think I am using others to write my posts.
            But no they are all my own work and are only posted once the facts have been verified.
            You should try it.
            It can be quite uplifting.
            Especially when you see some of the crap posted on here.
            Yourself incuded.

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