Rangers Stadium Naming & Sports Direct by Ecojon

I might be totally off track but the news about the proposed renaming of Ibrox rang a few memory cells in my old noddle.

I have no intention of looking at the pros and cons of renaming or rebranding an established stadium as I truly believe it is a matter for fans to decide on unless club finances are critical and there is no option.

It would appear from press reports that Charles Green is meeting Bear reps at Ibrox tonight presumably to ‘sell’ the idea. Press reports also suggest it’s virtually a done deal with Sports Direct owner Mike Ashley.

Obviously there is a bit of history with Ashley and the fury created with Newcastle fans at the way St James’s Park was submerged in a forest of Sports Direct signs. The old name is back again but a sour taste has been left in the mouth of fans and this must worry Rangers management.

The MSM seem to indicate that the Sports Direct offer for Ibrox naming is a three year deal worth £1.5 million with a bonus if certain targets are achieved which could apparently add another £1 million.

However, back in July 2012 ‘The Rangers FC Ltd’ (TRFCL) and ‘Sports Direct’ entered into a joint venture shareholders’ agreement to operate ‘Rangers Retail’ (Rangers Retail Ltd) with TRFCL holding 51% of Rangers Retail which will produce, supply and sell branded goods including to Rangers Ibrox superstore and the club’s online webstore. Sports Direct is responsible for day to day management, accounting and retail-related services to Rangers Retail.

And this is where my memory cells jangled because Sports Direct through its affiliate ‘Sportsdirect.com Retail Limited’ apparently provided a £1.5 million draw-down facility to Rangers Retail for 5 years with interest being capitalised. Money drawn-down will be secured by a debenture from Rangers Retail over all its freehold and leasehold property.

I don’t know what freehold or leasehold property that Rangers Retail might hold to secure the debenture. But now I am left wondering whether the £1.5 million for the Ibrox stadium name change is new money or is it the £1.5 million draw-down facility previously agreed and secured by a property-backed debenture.

There are other legal implications in the Rangers Retail deal which might interest Bears as Sports Direct, in a Rangers Retail deadlock situation, has the legal right to buy-out the TRFCL shareholding in Rangers Retail for a fixed-price of 50% of the profit made in the previous 12 months.

TRFCL and Sports Direct can each appoint two directors to Rangers Retail and if they end-up in a deadlock situation the matter is passed to the senior management of TRFCL and Sports Direct to resolve and if this fails a buy-out is triggered.

Following a buy-out, Rangers Retail would pay a royalty to TRFCL for certain exclusive worldwide intellectual property rights in return for it producing kit and branded products at cost + 10%. Mandatory share transfer would also take place where either SDI or TRFCL changed control or a default event took place such as insolvency or valid termination of the intellectual property licence.

The information above comes from the ‘Rangers International FC Plc’ AIM flotation prospectus and it’s possible this may have altered in a month but I haven’t noticed any announcement to that effect.

On the situation of announcements I also wonder if I have missed an announcement on the payment of £1.5 million + Vat re the Albion Street Car Park due apparently on 15 January to the Head Tenant. I’m assuming that everything is on course with the purchase of Edmiston House where an £80,000 deposit was lodged with the balance of the £800,000 + Vat purchase price due by 28 February.

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106 responses to “Rangers Stadium Naming & Sports Direct by Ecojon

  1. Dhougal

    This is ridiculous ………i’ve been laughing fae last February !!!!!!

    • cam

      And the refs are happy as well,even Lenny doesn’t have those, “seagull that dropped its chip eyes”.
      Has anyone studied those flying rats eyes?,,,evil looking things!
      My vote is for the Achilles stadium,we play football of the Gods and slayed Hector!
      Nae heel clicking now,,play clean!

      • Maggie

        Back on the hallucinogenics ( ha ha,got it right ) I see.

      • arb urns

        that would make u atilla of the achilles cam not bad eh….. now because hector has an away goal from the first leg the slayed is incorrect as above. chico intends to nip down the deed poll office as often as these signing on people you are so fond of cam so make sure you take a patent out on The Lazarus Lane stadium name..

      • portpower

        Language, hector.

  2. john

    I find the whole kit producing comment to be interesting cost plus 10% .. but does that mean the sports direct will design and produce (somewhere cheap n not so cheerful) Sevco FC kit? So no big Adidas or similar brand…. but a kinda Asda chosen by you thing? probably costing a pound to make giving them ermm not a lot… Most license agreements are not cost plus a % but are a % of wholesale cost of item…. so could cost a pound to make a shirt but a fiver to buy in in Sher Bros and then tenner at retail in Patels emporiums aka Sevco direct…. #justsayinglike but with 100 billion world wide fans eager to purchase said goods who am i to dispute the king of spin ,,,,

    • Carl31

      The strip could be white with blue stripes top and bottom akin to the Tesco value or Tesco basics range or somethingorother of yesteryear.

  3. TheBlackGoose

    This is becoming a tad tedious now. Inconsequential & unsubstantiated sh}t stirring ramblings. Your previous (shall we call them) “suppositions” were discredited but still you plod on publishing whatabouteries about Rangers much like the MSM you so despise.

    Ah well. Gives you something to do on days you are not in attendance at the Suplementary Benefits office I suppose.

    Why not turn your seething hatred & jealousy agenda into a more positive approach to your current sad life? You will feel all the better for it. Sadly I suspect hatred & jealousy has already consumed you as your inane bile filled writings prove.

    Best wishes to you on that.

    • Steven brennan

      To whom do you refer.

    • Steven brennan

      Sorry but i couldn’t let your post pass.
      What a tirade of abuse, do you assume that everyone is on benefits?
      You however are a turgid eejit
      The facts will be recorded and you thank God will not.

    • ecojon


      I agree it might be a lot of horseshit but it all comes from the Rangers AIM flotation document and if it’s good enough for chico then it’s good enough for me. I assume you agree with everything that’s in it and btw you can have a dispensation to keep your blue seats at Wonga Sadtium 🙂

      But just keep looking it and see what’s coming – we welcome obssessives here so you’ll be right at home 🙂

      But I’m glad to see that you are a regular reader of mine and I’ll look out for you down the Social.

  4. cam

    As mick would say,,what a morning its been ,Leggo sorts out the titles,Andy beats Federer,Paul starts to unravel and the bhoys are in a right grumpy state.

  5. JohnBhoy

    Mike’s Ashes

  6. Geoff

    To be quite honest, I cannot imagine that these companies get anything like value for money against what they lay out for naming rights.
    As an example, if Charles Green was to strike a deal seeing their stadium renamed to Ryanair…would there suddenly be a massive uptake in the numbers of flights from the blue half of Glasgow?
    Would there be a corresponding drop from the green half?
    I don’t understand the appeal for the named company, especially if it’s a company with a poor reputation, or where a majority of fans were against the idea.
    Of course, since all the Sevco fans would continue to refer to the stadium as Ibrox, what benefit in a name change?
    But that’s a question for ‘history’ buffs also…

    • ecojon


      I think from my point of view it alway goes back to the difference in naming a new stadium as opposed to an Old One like Ibrox where existing fans will always use the old name.

      The problem is that everyone else, in a fan sense, will use the new name as a wind-up.

      However, from the meeting of the 300 Bear leaders on Wednesday night it seems that Wonga Stadium is fine as long as the seats stay blue. At the end of the day it’s not my decision and should be that of Rangers fans but they appear to have passed the parcel – so charlie can do what he likes and we all know what charlie likes – loads and loads of Wonga 🙂

  7. Pensionerbhoy


    Sorry, but I would have been lost even in old money. If I had your financial know how, I certainly would not be surviving on a basic pension – under threat! On the other hand, maybe the auld shrinking heid canny take it these days. Thanks for trying, though. It is always appreciated. I seem to be more comfortable in courts and prisons.

    • ecojon

      @ Pensionerbhoy

      With regard to courts and prisons it all depends what side of the bar you are on IMHO 🙂

    • ecojon


      I think we might be the only ones who remember the wooden thrupennies 🙂

      • Pensionerbhoy

        Listen. I remember the copper farthings, About a thousand made up half a crown. I wonder how many for an Ibrox season ticket?

        • 120 farthings half-crown

          • ecojon


            Correct tommie an it’s obvious you an pensionerbhoy must have been toffs – half crown indeed? Hauf croon itwis 🙂

            Now what about the groat bet you don’t remember them – how many in a shillin?

            • JohnBhoy

              Morning ecojon.

              Answer = number of goals scored in last ever old firm game.

            • Eco there is3 groats to a shillin

            • Maggie

              @Eco,PB & tommie20
              What is this half crown / hauf croon you speak off? 🙂

            • ecojon


              hauf a croon was 2 shillings and six pence in old money and a silver coin. In today’s money it is 12.5 pence. There was 4 half crowns in 10 shillings and 8 in 20 shillings (£1).

              The groat was a trick question in a sense because it ended before 1900 although my gran still had a few. I honestly don’t remember what the value was.

              But I remember the silver sixpence and hunting for it in the Xmas pudding and before that it was the silver thruppeny which I vaguely remember and it was replaced I think with the wooden thrupenny which wasn’t wooden but was a cheaper metal mix but much bigger and thicker. Indeed the strong guys at the time used to bend them between three fingers for a free pint in the pub – you ought to have seen the veins standing out on their head 🙂

          • Pensionerbhoy

            I was robbed for my Craven A then? Wonder if the b*****rd’s still living.

            As for groats, well I went off them when they started doing florins nightingales instead of cheese. As you can imagine, I was on the horns of a dilemma and, by God, it was sore!

            To be honest, I am a bit more brain dead than usual this PM. And only English crap to look forward to on the tele. Where’s the noose?

            • ecojon

              @ Pensionerbhoy

              I believe the noose is hanging off a truss at Ibrox but no seems to be sure if the steelwork will take the strain of the drop.

    • ecojon


      You’re right about my financial know-how. I’m an expert at spending money 🙂

  8. Is this leading us to a paraphrase of Donald Rumsfeld from Chuck Green :
    “As we know, there are known Owns; there are things we know we Own. We also know there are known unOwned; that is to say we know there are some things we do not Own. But there are also unknown unOwned — the ones we don’t know we don’t Own.”

  9. Cam…..If you believe the rantings of failed journalist Leggo aka Pishedstainedalky then you deserve all you get when Chuckles right royally shafts you.

    • dan

      Good old gorgeous George, he’s forever giving them a good slapping. I listen to his show on Talk Shite, and love it when ‘wan o’ ra peepul’ come on. Some of Georgie’s put-downs are simply precious.

      • Maggie

        I too have a great fondness for old GG,he certainly doesn’t hide
        his allegiances.He’s a complete and utter chancer,but he’s our
        complete and utter chancer. George for First Minister. 🙂

  10. Walking around town in a replica football shirt has never struck me a a good look. It’s something I would never consider.

    Kids can get away with it but an adult, particularly one who looks a little ungainly, would be well advised to consider an alternative.

    Branding is important with kids in ways that I’m probably to old to understand.

    The Nike swoosh and Adidas stripes can be highly valued mostly as a result of association with sporting greats and something hard to define, lets call it cool.

    Perhaps it’s an aspirational thing that applies to the young and leaves the old behind.

    Sports Direct advertisements draped around The Sports Direct Arena may well represent an exclusive in selling replica Rangers shirts and other merchandise.

    But it lacks something, it has the scent of bargain basement about it. It’s not easy to make that seem cool, and that’s a problem.

    • Maggie

      …. and something hard to define,let’s call it cool…..
      Yes I do believe that’s what the “kids” are calling these days

  11. its only a one year deal to start with its money for nothing in my opinion.the money for wherever company take up the deal will hardly be out of pocket its advertising for there business.I was never a fan of leggo but the last wee while has been bang on the money.

    • John C

      Or if you read the article,no money for nothing 😮

    • ecojon

      @ Derek

      Or should I call you leggo – fan of one of the most vile bloggers on the internet. And if you are now a fan what were you before when he was making seriously personal attacks on Charlie bhoy?

      I doubt if the cardigan will provide an effective suit of armour when the chips are down.

      • eco,

        looks like we more or less went for the same thing at the same moment, something of a pincer movement though unplanned…sorry Derek no harm intended.

    • Glad to see leggo has some support. When did you sign up. Was it when he stopped deriding the snake oil salesman and bought a bottle himself?

      • ecojon


        I think it was after he drank the bottle. Apropos of nothing – I see that Buckfast have just announced bumper sales today 🙂

    • portpower

      If you can’t find your blog or are seeing an error page, we’re here to help. There are several common reasons for a blog disappearing, and we’ll walk you through each one and how to resolve the problem.

  12. More of the same. Newcastle may be unhappy with Mr. Ashley, but they are now one of the biggest clubs in the world – see Deloitte’s report. Could someone on here answer a question which is bothering me, why is it that RFC manages to get 35 thousand fans to an away game and similar numbers at home. Could it be that whilst a minority are knuckle draggers, the vast majority are truly loyal to their team in it’s time of need. Why not analyse that, I am sure we would all learn something.

    And, Maggie, when did I say anything about blacklisting anyone – evidence please.

    And, again, when I was an anklebiter living in a small town where the team occasionally made it to the big time. My parents would not allow me to play out on match days when Rangers came calling, mind you, the same was true when Celtic came calling.

    Enfin, some on here confuse cash with profit. If I have £10m in the bank but sell an item which cost me £2 for £1 then I am trading at a loss. The real impact on cash is trading long term at a loss and that is where I will be watching.

    • JohnBhoy

      “… its time of need…”

    • lord mac

      rangers fans can not stop supporting there club if they slacken of at all
      there will be player and staff cuts just now rangers are working on a £3million a year loss that will have to be sorted out, what is expected to happen just now is they can about hold out till the new season tickets money comes in, but that is only going to act like an overdraft working in between years, where the books can be shown to be 3-4 million etheir way as balanced books go, but should there be no cups and extra games next season it will spell disaster and there might be a second share issue needed or buy a new brick once more that again could come into play for another Christmas present £10 a go
      having no debt might not be the cry in few months

      • Lord mac,

        perhaps club deck two will provide a readily available solution. With 500 million fans waiting to get in, Ibrox could easily be expanded to produce off the radar wealth.

        That the seats at the furthest tier might need to be equipped with radar to enable the fans to determine events on the field, would in no way provide a barrier to enjoyment of the game or the happy parting with cash for the privilege.

    • John C

      Which away game did Tinkerbell FC bring 35000 to this season ?

    • ecojon

      As we all know stats can be twisted to prove whatever we want. One has always got to beware of clash in the pans and keep remembering that not all that glitters is anything more than just moonbeams.

      Personally I would think that Newcastle may well be on a downward spiral in relative terms. However to actually reach an informed conclusion as to whether they were one of the biggest teams in the world then I might wish to consider whether on the park performance should count in any way or whether revenue should be the sole decider.

      But in revenue terms Newcastle seem to be heading down the plughole as back in 2002-03 they had £139m revenue whereas the top club revenue was £251m By 2011-12 Newcastle had dropped to £115 revenue compared to the top club revenue soaring to £513m.

      A casual look at the figures would ensure that I perssonally would not buy any Newcastle shares even if they are a top club because they certainly seem to be losing out not just in top league positioning but in revenue raising.

      Of course these two indicators IMHO and also IMPO may not tell the whole story but then perhaps those who obviously know much more about Ashley’s ssuccess story might be able to help out 🙂

      Deloitte Money League.
      Newcastle Position
      In 2002-03 it was 9th Newcastle Rev £139m No 1 Rev £251m
      In 2004-05 not in top 10
      In 2004-05 It was 12 Newcastle Rev £129m No 1 Rev £276m
      In 2005-06 it was 13 Newcastle Rev £124m No 1 Rev £292m
      In 2006-07 it was 14 Newcastle Rev £129m No 1 Rev £351m
      In 2007-08 it was 17 Newcastle Rev £126m No 1 Rev £366m
      In 2008-09 it was 20 Newcastle Rev £101m No 1 Rev £401m
      In 2009-10 not in top 31
      In 2010-11 it was 25 Newcastle Rev £98m No 1 Rev £480m
      In 2011-12 it was 20 Newcastle Rev £115m No 1 Rev £513m

    • Steven brennan

      What you blethering about?
      Did the sevco’s take a large away support to queens park?
      That is the only possible way they had the number you claim for an away game.
      And while we are at it if you are selling your tickets for 2&6 you will get sightseers/ rubberneckers

    • portpower

      8 year manager contract?

    • Maggie

      I’m pretty sure you blacklisted eco,more or less.

  13. ecojon

    @ Violet

    Who says: ‘Could someone on here answer a question which is bothering me, why is it that RFC manages to get 35 thousand fans to an away game and similar numbers at home’.

    Why don’t you give Paul a guest post on what you think the reason is and we can all comment and I’m ure it would be of interest to Scottish Football in general – Easy to ask ‘whatabout’ much harder to present a reasoned argument or explanaation for or against a position 🙂

    • portpower

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  14. Now that Charlie has sided with the peace movement and placed a pretty flower amidst his receding grey locks.

    It’s fair to say, the times they are a changin.

    The San Francisco Rangers have become enlightened and call to all in Scottish football to join the love in. It is the age of Aquarius and the sun rises on a new dawn.

    Make love not war, is the new mantra. I’m sure there are many who will wholeheartedly embrace Charlie as a lover.

  15. lord mac

    you all have Green marked UP as daft, he wants the fans to turn up and watch the game on there ipods, at an extra £2 per game when asked what do they get for that, he SAYS they get to see the MUG written across there forehead.

  16. ecojon

    @ Jamie

    Can’t wait for Jabba’s book with all the exclusivess that obviously never appeared in the paper that paid his wages. I wonder how many chapters the book will have on chico’s broken promises?

  17. JimBhhoy

    ok ok fuk this media aholes ask questions…. selling the ever eroding paper pulp is not just reporting shit, ffs….ask questions ya fukin numpties for all not just the celik…… more stand but 9k down wtf. ipo 2£M7k and rangers are losing money wtf? McCulloch says its just like the premier, aye on your wages ya ass.. name the stadium but mention ibrox ffs get a grip….. Helllllllooooo fukin ooooo

    • JimBhoy

      ok ok fuk this media aholes ask questions…. selling the ever eroding paper pulp is not just reporting shit, ffs….ask questions ya fukin numpties for all not just the celik…… more stand but 9k down wtf. ipo 2£M7k and rangers are losing money wtf? McCulloch says its just like the premier, aye on your wages ya ass.. name the stadium but mention ibrox ffs get a grip….. Helllllllooooo fukin ooooo

      sorry wrong dude….

  18. JimBhoy

    When chico’s book comes out i will read it. it will win the fiction award for the year….. chico rocks..

  19. John Burns

    Can I ask – what has happened to Leggo?

  20. I just pointed out the wee while hes been correct with some of his blogs.he won’t get near the club in my opinion he wasnt on his own in being anti Charles green.the way he gets his points across sometimes is wrong that’s just me I’m a rangers season ticket holder for nearly 30 years can’t be arsed with all the religious pish its got no place in the game in my book.if these reconstruction plans go through I genuinely think Scottish football could be dead to many question marks about it in my opinion how you expect a team with a team with a first division budget to compete against a team with a premier league budget never mind 4 from each league.are they going to charge premier league prices or first division prices its a joke you know what it will get pushed through because clubs won’t give their fans the chance to have their say this time.must dash got a game to go and a few lager with my name on them.

    • ecojon


      Yea if you don’t hurry you’ll miss leggo’s pre-match book signing. I make my judgement on the history of what people post and I know leggo’s vile history even though he has removed his attacks on chico which were more personalised an vicious than any I ever saw from a Celtic supporter.

      Now leggo blogs that the sun shines out of chico’s ersium. But he continues his nonsense. I was going to ask why you have washed-up here but then I remembered you can’t tell leggo how wonderful he is because he doesn’t allow comments on his blog.

      As to being correct I suppose if you are brainless and paranoid you might delude yourself into believing that but if you wish to discuss the rantings and ravings of the deluded you might find the Darkside more to your liking as we try to be objective on here with fact-based debate in the main mixed-in with the usual football-type banter.

      I can’t think of a site further away from the poisonous fare dished-up in leggo’s dreamland than this one.

    • portpower

      It`s only a suggestion that`s out there for next season 12-12-17.

      • portpower

        forgot to mention. my pals in london media told me about the Scottish league reconstruction and they heard it from their Granny.

  21. ecojon


    I wondered if this was you posting on RM:

    DelightfulDennis – Loyal Bluenose
    Posted 21 December 2012 – 11:19 PM
    I thought his article yesterday about McNally was outstanding. Great to hear that bampot has been silenced and was forced to make an apology for making up lies about our support.

    Today’s blog (leggo) was interesting. I agree with most of what he said. There does appear to be a small element of our support who are more interested in fighting with each other rather than helping the club.

    Much as I disagree with the way a lot of RM arguments are presented they basically showed you the door because of leggo’s attack on the ‘enemy within’ which RM believes included them.

    Perhaps its better that I just note what a few RM poster said about your support for the failed journo’s blog – you sure you’re not leggo btw?

    ‘You (DelightfulDennis) agree that eg RM posters have been coordinating attacks on the RST scheme? Nonsense. Just because lots of us won’t sit by and let them talk shite in this site doesn’t make it a concerted attack, nor does it make us the enemy when we’re advising folk to own their own shares in Rangers, rather than the shambolic deal they offered.’

    ‘I mean, come on, ffs Leggo and the RST trying to blame anyone for division in the ranks is incredible. Leggo, where the fuck do you start with this complete riot of a man, told us all not to buy into anything but the troo bloo knights, said CG was a Snake Oil Salesman, Shadowy figures chapping doors, yes he gives it to the mhanky mob, but fuck me … get a grip’.

    ‘My opinion of Leggo has always been the same, called him a nutter on various threads. That may be a bit cruel though, he is certainly consistent in being inconsistent! Too many policy changes for me to admire him’.

    ‘Leggo is a deluded old jakey and the RST are a bunch of c*nts.
    Anyone who wants to blog about this can knock themselves out.’

    ‘The club would not care in the slightest about his blog, most likley result would be that he removed it himself due to sheer embarassment at his ramblings, or that his friends at the ‘excellent RST’ felt it wasn’t good for their PR and attempts to make nice with CG.’

    There are 14 pages on the RM post with many many more comments about what RM posters think of leggo who is, after all, one of their own.

    If you seek to rehabilitate leggo then you might find more fruiful soil for your missionary work at RM because I can only think of one other poster on here who regularly reads his blog and comments on him and she tends to be ignored.

  22. arb urns

    what r the odds of a gable endie being sent back to montrose today to fix an emergency repair on his mothers roof before the 90 mins are up at the ‘whatever its to be called’ stadium.

    • cam

      Give the slate on the roof a straight red Rabbie.None of that two yellows faffing about.

      • cam

        An extra shift polishing the belisha’s tonight for me.Bills to be paid and welfare budgets to top up.
        Finish in time to watch Andy slogging it out with Novak.Sports highlight of the year so far.
        The fitba equivalent of Scotland beating Italy in the semis and facing Brazil in the final.Don’t toe poke the first set Andy,you will just get him angry.

        • arb urns

          ah if only all bears were as honourable as sir cam paying into the kitty when the tin comes round, the higher rate too i hear cam ,wee 5% coming off soon though i heard. nice one

          Maybole fur yer **** for the lads tonight c. if we c u atop a belisha post coital will give ye a wave.

    • portpower

      Carn the 10 men.

  23. portpower

    uncle charlie said “swally will be knocking my door? and I`ll give it to him.”
    You have to laugh. “swally get behind the beads.”

  24. John C

    I see an earlier a price of 1/100 offered by the bookies for a Montrose red card has been taken down by the bookies no longer taking bets,does that make Montrose the dirtiest football team in the world ?

  25. lord mac

    i can get over the rangers claims they are saying while they used ebts
    and such like they then say it was Celtic that threw most leagues away
    but why are rangers sending a memo to lord nimmo stating they lost more game to Celtic while using the ebts yet they cant grasp, by using the ebts
    it meant they where denying hearts or dundee a 2 place there argument doesn’t hold up i say if they had not used EBTS they wouldn’t have finished any closer than fourth place

    • ecojon

      @lord mac

      I read the memo and I can guarantee it will go viral in Scottish legal circles. What an utter embarassment and I feel sure it must have been a child who penned it. I hope it didn’t come from one of the legal eagles pad by RFFF or maybe I do 🙂

      It will need to be kept from LNS in case he has a hernia through laughing while reading it and the hearing has to be postponed. I noticed that the posting of the memo was accompanied by the usual vile comments and threats.

      Old story, if they can’t win by legal threats the old methods are employed by a section of the Rangers support. No wonder 9,000 of them didn’t renew their STs last year.

      Also note the swell of unrest about Ally’s management skills or rather lack of them and the team’s performance appears to be growing with a lot of posters saying that they can’t take much more of the football on offer.

      Football fans can be a very demanding bunch and even a breath away from winning SFL3 it isn’t enough to satisfy. I wonder just how much the prospect of doing it all again next year is starting to sink in.

    • JohnBhoy

      Unfair competitive advantage is not the concern of LNS; the tribunal is focussed on alleged undisclosed payments to players, resulting in the improper registration and fielding of those players. If Rangers breached the rules then they should receive the normal punishment, together with the consequences of that punishment, irrespective of the benefits or otherwise of their alleged practices.

      A side-letter to LNS showing the match results against one opponent does not alter that position one iota. Otherwise the performance of ineligible players would have to be taken into account when determining guilt or innocence on matters of registration.

  26. ecojon

    And what a cracker Andy is playing in Melbourne.

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