Should Rangers Move to the Conference – by Ecojon

I think the possibility of Rangers moving to the English Conference is fascinating. Looking at the history it doesn’t take a crystal ball to see what’s coming.

Btw I should make it clear that if Rangers wish to leave Scotland then I wish them Bon Voyage and I hope the SFA doesn’t stand in their way if the fans agree. I would suggest that Rangers fans, in the shape of season ticket holders, should be given a vote – conducted independently – asking their opinion.

If there is say 25% clear majority in favour of moving then the SFA should let Rangers go subject to Uefa approval of course. But really I see that stage as more a battle between Euefa and the FA if they are also happy with the move.

Conference National is the fifth and lowest of the five nationwide English football divisions in England, below the Premier League and the three Football League Divisions. It is also the top tier of the National League System of non-League football with Conference North and Conference South forming the English sixth tier.

I have no idea where Rangers would start other than assuming at best it would be in Conference North or South where most of the Conference semi-professional teams are. But that could create problems with the three feeder leagues so Rangers might have to start in a feeder league

There are 68 club in the three Conference Divisions (excluding feeder clubs) and Conference chairman Brian Lees has said 18 of his member clubs expressed tentative support for a Rangers entry. Talksport polled 14 of the 24 clubs in Conference National and found 8 in favour; 3 against; and 3 maybe.

But back to crystal balls – Already the enemy ‘roadblocks’ on the Long March have been identified on the Darkside and I can only wonder how long it will take to arrange the boycott of those not wanting to make new friends of Rangers.

But the great thing is that issues concerning the Blue Pound would have moved furth of Scotland and we can watch the same old history of threats and aggression roll-on in another land. I think I can already hear a distant echo of Ally demanding the names :)

Think of all the happy hours ahead pouring over unfamiliar league rule books and having the secrets of the Vatican and it workings unmasked in the dark & distant recesses of lower division English football.


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182 responses to “Should Rangers Move to the Conference – by Ecojon

  1. Mcfc , forgot to mention in my previous post , city play in sky blue.

  2. mick

    Inferior goods demand falls as the consumer income increases cam weather they have the right ethics or not so there you go cam

  3. mick

    cams cupboards are full of inferior goods due to his believe in a mid evil work ethic your a worker 1 above unemployed all though intodays market this can change monthly .

  4. arb urns

    gotya charlie conference it is then, start in the evo- stik lge, great route to the epl wigan athletic were the champs (look at them now)………. it was 1970 charlie……..ah em okay then, theres a crackin derby in there though……… stalybridge celtic…….. brilliant c ya.

  5. mick

    a just read this there and had to share it with carson how many were at the game greenseats obession has come to mind

    The Evening Times John McGill waxed lyrical tonight with an article emblazoned ‘500,000 reasons for Rangers to be Cheerful’. Nothing wrong with that I hear you cry. They’ve received an offer of £500k for their entire first team and Charlie is doing cartwheels along Paisley Road West on his way back to Yorkshire. For those unaware Charlie’s a Yorkshireman.

    The squad value of £500k is as you all know way overpriced so instead John McGill focuses on every Sevco fans favourite topic this season. Yes, you’ve guessed it, attendances. The article advises their next home game will see Sevco “smash through the half-million barrier in home league attendances”. Again, other than an unhealthy obsession with attendances, no real worry as far as Celtic is concerned. Well, not quite. You see whenever an official or unofficial Sevco publication generates an article on attendances they somehow manage to bring Celtic into the discussion, normally to try and put one over their illustrious Scottish Champion and Champions League last 16 big time city neighbours. Normally, other than for comedy value we wouldn’t take much notice of a newly formed third division team but once our clubs name is brought into the equation to justify some half-baked pro-Sevco article it’s only fair we provide additional facts for completeness so here we go.

    Celtic “smashed through” the 500k barrier months ago when you include all home fixtures. In fact we haven’t just “smashed through” the barrier, we’ve continued on our merry way and smashed / broke / demolished several more as so far 785,000 fans have been to Celtic Park this season – Yes, we are closer to the 1m mark than 500k!

    Sevco on the other hand have had a total of 663,000 through their gates.

    Over 120,000 fewer fans than Celtic having played one game less.

    Celtic’s overall average gate is 43,635k per home game. Sevco’s is 39,037.

    If you remove domestic cup games from both clubs overall numbers – early round matches very few people are interested in for many obvious reasons – then this makes a rather significant difference. Celtic’s average jumps to 49,420. Almost 3,000 more home fans per game than Sevco. After the Hearts & Juve games in the next few weeks Celtic’s average will be over 50,000 per home game excluding minor cup matches.

    We will also “smash through the 500,000 league attendance” barrier ahead of Sevco (don’t let this get in the way of a Sevco good news story though) this weekend when only 35,000 fans is required to do this. As it’s against Hearts and is our first game in a couple of weeks it wouldn’t surprise me if we get around the 50,000 mark.

    For clarity, 51,000 would take our ‘league’ average above Sevco’s.

    And then for overall completeness it would only be fair to include cost of ticket prices. With Celtic playing in the top league average season ticket prices are in the £550 range. Factor in significant costs for the Champions League adventure and you are talking serious outlay.

    Sevco’s travels playing against fishermen, plumbers, joiners and men with full-time jobs outwith football sees a significant reduction in their season ticket cost. £200 will get you one of those or with a sleight of hand and dapper negotiation skills a groupon voucher may just close the deal.

    Don’t let Scottish football media agenda laden pish get in the way of reality.

    • Oh so your now a follower of the Scottish media then ? So what one of your many faces do you have in at the moment?

    • willy wonka

      Mick, where on earth are you getting the Parkhead attendances from ? The Daily Record ?

      Over 43,000 ?

      Lol………….. that’s all. Just Lol.

      • mick

        Willy a copied and pasted that from a Celtic media source part of the celticnewsnow media cooperation it’s factual and real figures we don’t do lies thats why the fans have the own media out lets we’re the biggest and best supported club in Scotland

        • Septics capacity is 60k correct ? So if their average attendance is 40k is that not 20k empty seats ?

        • willy wonka

          The Freedom Of Information data obtained from the police would tend to suggest that Celtic are indeed over-egging the actual attendances at home games.
          I’d say the main question is, ‘why’ ?
          To prop up the lie being spun by the Hampden gnomes and their puppetmaster that the SPL has never been in better shape maybe ?


        • Den

          The latest measure of success is the number of empty seats, that is beyond desperate !

    • portpower

      Attendance FC in the 4th tier. Irrelevant.

  6. Mick , you naughty naughty boy ! Good and ! You could not go to the games because ……. you were blogging about the mighty Rangers ! I gave you that excuse but it’s ok have another go , what about ……….I was on a peace mission the middle east ? and sorry I forgot to say , when calculating the attendance you are not allowed to use the Seville calculator or include police and stewards , foxes , midgies pigeons and pink elephants.

  7. Mcfc, sorry for wasting your time I only asked who you used to support when city ( the team in blue ) were pretty mince , sorry if I’ve upset you , and I’m not a silly wee boy I’m 5ft 1 1/4 ” but mummy says if I eat all my din dins up I’ll grow into this biggest boy ever , so there!

  8. @ Ecojon

    Ecojon would have replied sooner but just finished watching the football

    In response to you may I say I have enjoyed many of your takes on our sad we game called fitba and have come to the conclusion your a glass half full man not a pessimist.
    Football is a thinking man’s game on and off the field.
    Jose Mourinho once said ( ‘ When I go to the press conference before the
    game, in my mind the game has already started.’ ).

    You may be write on your analysis on Rangers fate, as there is a consensus
    of opinion the stress is getting to charlie he is a paradox of inconsistancy
    a good scottish phrase to describe him would be a ‘blow hard’

    cheers John

  9. portpower

    Jeez! What`s next uncle charlie? Criminals sponsoring criminals. Bus signs on the back of jumpsuits. Seek help uncle charlie.

  10. portpower

    I for one really hope they get their wish. They`ve always wanted to be english
    so I don`t see a problem.
    There`s a saying here in Australia that will be very appropriate for sevco.
    “Arrr no. Not another pommy poofter.”

  11. JamboCol1874

    Can’t see how Scottish football can maximise revenue when both the OF continue to use their friends in the media, notwithstanding Chucks more public slaverings than Lawell’s, to discredit the game by continually trying to seek exit strategies. Despite the chances of being allowed to play elsewhere, even medium term being minimal at best. And not helped by the ridiculous stance being attributed to the SFA President at the weekend. All comments which must bring the game into disrepute.

    Ogilvie must be removed immediately and SFA rules changed that as condition of continued membership, licence and approval to support a release to another association, with a suitable exit fee of say c. £50m per club. Oh and no colt or feeder clubs, or any entry to Scottish competitions permitted either.

  12. FeedTheBear88

    The last time the old rangers travelled to play a game of football south of the border was a champs league game im sure against Man United (competitive game), they where instructed (the travelling support) not to step foot inside the city of Manchester, instead all supporter buses where directed to the city of Bolton and held in the Reebok stadium until the Manchester police arrived to escort them all the way to old trafford and likewise after the game they where under police escort all the way out of the city.

    Why would anyone, whom in their right mind, invite or have  this new club with the old clubs supporters into their leagues and city(s)/towns..

    There is a wee fable you probably familiar with regarding the scorpion & the frog …

    The Scorpion and the Frog is a fable about a scorpion asking a frog to carry him across a river. The frog is afraid of being stung during the trip, but the scorpion argues that if it stung the frog, the frog would sink and the scorpion would drown. The frog agrees and begins carrying the scorpion, but midway across the river the scorpion does indeed sting the frog, dooming them both.

    When asked why, the scorpion explains that this is simply its nature. The fable is used to illustrate the view that the behaviour of some creatures, or WATP, is irrepressible, no matter how they are treated and no matter what the consequences.Its their natures.

    They are the reason Scottish football is sinking, they have stung the life out the game and continue do so..why oh why would anyone want them?

    Chawwels Green needs to be brought to task NOW within the Scottish media (wont hold me breath) otherwise the hatred and ill-feeling he is causing & stirring up is going to see sum poor individual(s) seriously wounded or possibly dead within our country.

    The shameleful mouthy imbecile is here to make himself and the investors a quick buck as we all know yet in a year or so time he will be off, and the country & Scottish football will be left to clean up the damage to our game and possibly God forbid the blood spilled due to his recklessness and lack of understanding of what is transpiring here in our game and country right now..

    I sincerley fear for what is on the horizon regarding the way he is pushing all the wrong buttons within his ‘customers’ to make a shilling, he is stinging them big time and in return they are going to do what is within their natures… and that is to lash out and sting the frog, that frog being some poor individual(s) going to watch their football team, it isnt just Celtic fans who now in danger, the hatred has now manifested itself towards numerous other clubs and their supporters..

    If English football has any common sense they will tell the scorpion(s) to go find another way of reaching the other side of the river..

    And if the SFA had any common sense they should have instead dealt with them properly when they had the opportunity to do so, now half way across that river they themselves have been stung and there is no return for them… 
    The scorpion is on the frogs back now and theres no turning back, shame on you’s all within the Sfa, Scottish journalism, politicians, the new rangers management/board, let the blood be upon your hands..

    I was hoping when they got liquidated that the decent bears within the fan base would have grabbed the opportunity with the FTP supremacy mob, and led them into a new dawn minus the hatred etc, fresh start an all, but sadly still the large percentage still scorpions trapped in the 16th century…#ScotlandsShamefulScorpions…

    • mcfc


      Interesting points. It makes me wonder how many loyal and decent Rangers fans will renew there season tickets now they’ve seen how things are working out. Maybe some, or many, will decide that having supported their beleaguered club this season with their cash – they are not so keen to support Green’s rabble rousing circus. Separately, the other day I was wondering where are all the rich and famous non-football Rangers fans ikn the public debate? Maybe they are keeping a low profile until the brand toxins disperse.


      Lulu[71] – singer and TV personality
      Amy Macdonald[77] – singer
      Tinchy Stryder[78] – rapper
      Simon Neil[79] – lead singer for Biffy Clyro
      Malcolm Young[80] – guitarist for AC/DC
      Angus Young[80] – lead guitarist for AC/DC
      Midge Ure[81] – singer for Ultravox
      Marti Pellow[82] – singer for Wet Wet Wet
      Andy Dunlop[83] – guitarist for Travis
      Dougie Payne[83] – guitarist for Travis
      Neil Primrose[83] – drummer for Travis
      Ian McCallum[69] – guitarist for Stiff Little Fingers
      David Sneddon[70] – singer-songwriter
      Leon Jackson – singer and former X Factor winner
      Alan McGee[69] – guitarist and record label owner
      James Arthur[84] – singer and former X Factor winner

      Film, Television and Radio

      Sir Alastair Burnet[85] – former journalist and broadcaster
      Lex McLean[86] – comedian
      Hugh Grant[87] – actor
      Katie Holmes[88] – actress
      Drew Carey[89] – actor and game show host
      Sir Sean Connery[90] – actor and film producer
      Sir Kenneth Branagh[91] – actor and film director
      Robert Carlyle[92] – actor
      Carol Smillie[88] – TV personality
      Kirsty Young – TV presenter
      Jim White[70] – TV presenter
      Jeff Randall – journalist and news reader
      Andy Cameron[69] – comedian
      Clive Anderson – comedian
      Jonathan Watson[69] – comedian
      Andy Gray[71] – TV and radio presenter
      Nick Nairn[69] – TV chef
      Gordon Ramsay – TV personality and celebrity chef

      • mcfc


        Let’s remember that although Green raised £5m from fans at the IPO – a minor miracle in my mind – that equates to just 10,000 buyers at most.

        • FeedTheBear88

          SDM tried a share issue also and failed big time..Also he had the for sale sign up for what 3 years and that failed to attract those mentioned above in your post..

          My personal opinion is SDM hand picked the ‘ patsy ‘ Craig Whyte to buy for a measly 100 pence after realising it had reached critical stage when a buyer or buyers didnt step forward..Who wants to put themselves out there as the leader who was in office while the rangers died, those above might all be supporters/fans, but they all probably got intelligent and experienced accountants/business advisors coaching them to the risks involved, not just finnancialy, but the nature of those scorpions…

          Once Green makes his benjamins and if he has left a steady ship and there is no dangers lurking like that of what the old rangers failed to overcome i think individuals such as mr Parks etc will take over, in the meantime i think the bears will continue to rally around Green, Green & investors will know when the tide is turning and they’ve milked the asset/customer cow DRY, (fan defiance ran its course)..then they will exit i believe for the emotional investors to take the helm.

          I doubt if any of the names ‘above’ will be involved, imo the majority of them only fans and not supporters by that i mean finnancial support..only my opinion of course..

          And the decent Bears, we all know some ie friends/relatives its them in all this i have genuine sympathy for, if the boot was on other foot i keep thinking, here by the grace of God go wee,Celtic!!

        • FeedTheBear88

          Forgot to add some of the lyrics to song sung by Kenny Rogers in 3rd para in my last reply regarding Green. ‘The Gambler’

          train bound for nowhereI met up with the gambler
          We were both too tired to sleep So we took turns a-starin’ Out the window at the darkness The boredom overtook us, and he began to speak He said, “Son, I’ve made my life Out of readin’ people’s faces Knowin’ what the cards were By the way they held their eyes So if you don’t mind my sayin’I can see you’re out of aces For a taste of your whiskey i’ll give you some advice” So I handed him my bottle And he drank down my last swallow Then he bummed a cigarette And asked me for a light And the night got deathly quiet And his faced lost all expression He said, “If you’re gonna play the game, boy You gotta learn to play it right
          ‘You’ve got to know when to hold ’em Know when to fold ’em Know when to walk away Know when to run You never count your money When you’re sittin’ at the table There’ll be time enough for countin’ When the dealin’s done

      • Den

        How reliable is that list ?

        it has Andy Cameron and Jonathon Watson down as comedians !

  13. Proud Scot

    If The Rangers move to English football then I would presume they would have to follow the path taken by FC United of Manchester?

    Starting in the North West Counties Football League, 2nd Divison (now the reserve division of 13 so they have a space available !!! )

    After all they keep saying they don’t want special treatment dont they?

    They’ll only be 10 seasons away from the top if they get promoted automatically as expected. Compare this to the awful 3 years they’d have to wait in Scotland.

    Ha ha ha ha

    Cheerio Sevco

    • Allfanstogether

      There is only one FA in world football that would accept sevco as a member norn iron, and the majority is fading.

  14. Gedy Lee.

    I don’t understand the problem. With an “estimated” 500 Million fans around the world, surely “The rangers” can pick and choose what league they play in.

    With adidas just about, nearly practically almost ready to sign a shirt deal worth 40-50 Million( Green’s figures so must be true) then surely they can expect a call from the Bundesleague any day now.

    Adidas better get their finger out though. The deal was being signed “In a matter of days” way back in September. It does not do to have the “second most influencuial figure in Scottish football” ( The Herald)
    kept waiting.

    Honestly, what a pantomine club these new guys are.

    PS not sure the English FA will be enamoured at their members being taken to court by this clown. An open armed welcome , no matter how many union jacks they are waving, seems miles off.

    • allyjambo

      In the very unlikely event that TRFC get into the Conference, I wonder if, to provide protection from the non-league cloggers, the FA would find the need to supply them with Premiership referees? Ian Black might just find that players in the lower leagues in England don’t have to worry about any backlash from angry bears at work, or their local pubs, should they break his leg in some over-zealous tackle, and if they think we don’t like them, just wait until they’re playing teams who see them as arogant Jocks with no right to be there! The more I think about it, the more I like the idea 😉

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