Mr Green Gets Angry – 16-10-16 Good – 12-12-18 Bad! “Gers Should Quit Scotland”!

A flurry of activity on the official Rangers website with Charles Green’s reaction to proposed League restructuring in Scotland. I will look at one aspect of it for now. As you will see it indicates how quickly things can move in the business world, and how unforeseen developments can possibly de-rail vital financial planning.

Mr Green is quoted here, under the balanced headline of “Gers Should Quit Scotland” as saying:-

“I haven’t read anything other than what is in the press and if that is what we have sat here eagerly awaiting to transform Scottish football, my advice to the board of Rangers is the quicker we can leave Scottish football the better.

“I can’t see anything that is going to transform the finances, the status or the excitement.”

“On first glance, of course, there is nowhere for us to go because FIFA have made their feelings known on cross-border leagues.

“However, we have noted the comments of Standard Liege recently and what Peter Lawwell said at his AGM a few weeks ago when he discussed the changes in Europe.

“Hand on heart today there isn’t an option but that doesn’t mean we shouldn’t start looking for an option.

“If all we have to look forward to over the next four years is more madness then we would be failing as directors not to explore the alternatives.”

I wonder if he recalls the Share Prospectus, issued as long ago as 7th December 2012 – 34 days ago. What did it have to say about the possibility of Rangers pulling out of Scottish football?


The Prospectus for Rangers International Football Club PLC stated the following:-

There is currently some uncertainty about the financial stability of certain Scottish football clubs and the proposals for the structure of Scottish football in the future

The Company understands that the SPL are reviewing whether the SPL should be split into two divisions and that the SFL are considering a proposal for one league body and three leagues of 16, 10 and 16 teams respectively which would result in the end of the SPL and the opportunity for colt teams to participate in the league. The uncertainty in relation to the financial stability of certain Scottish football clubs and the proposals for restructuring Scottish football present a risk for the Company in relation to the manner in which the league and cup competitions will be structured in the future which may have a material adverse effect on the manner in which broadcasting and other revenue streams can be monetised by the Company.

However, this risk is mitigated by the fact that any restructuring of Scottish football may enable the Club to return to the top division of Scottish football sooner than currently anticipated and to therefore benefit from access to different sources and levels of income.

Following 1 September 2013, the Club will also seek actively to enhance the playing staff in order to maximise the Club’s chances of a return to the Scottish Premier League for the 2015/16 season. Under the current league structure, 2015/16 would be the earliest that the Club could return to the Scottish Premier League, although these timescales could be accelerated should there be a restructuring of the Scottish Football League as described in paragraph 5 of this Part VII.

Recent and proposed changes to structure

There has been significant press speculation regarding restructuring of Scottish football including potential tie-ups with other domestic leagues. The Board believes that the coming years may see some significant changes in the structure of Scottish football and that the RFCL Group and the Rangers Group are well positioned to benefit from these should they occur. However, the Board has no certainty that any changes will take place, nor the form that any restructuring might take.


Now I am sure that Mr Green feels that the change from a proposed 16-10-16 system to a 12-12-18 one fundamentally alters the balance and makes the proposal to leave Scottish football essential.

Charles Green hears news of the new re-structuring plan for Scottish football

Charles Green hears news of the new re-structuring plan for Scottish football

Is it impolite to ask why no mention of this dramatic step was mentioned in the prospectus? After all, when engaging on a hugely successful share issue, as it was, would investors, rather than fans, want to know that there was a possibility that the new company would withdraw the football club owned by the company which was in turn owned by RIFC PLC from its primary, and indeed for now, sole market?

And bearing in mind the references in the prospectus to a return to the SPL for 2015/2016, surely the proposed restructuring would still leave that goal in place?

It would be unworthy to suggest that Mr Green had gone in a huff. Did he expect, and indeed does he feel he had been led to believe, that restructuring would get Rangers back to the top flight more quickly?

One wonders what might have been said in confidential meetings with prospective investors about the return to the top tier. Clearly Mr Green could not commit to an earlier return, as the decision was one for Scottish football, rather than for Rangers, but might this in some way be damaging to the conditional financial projections laid out to the City investors?

Sadly, not being party to the confidential discussions, one can only speculate.

One feels sorry for Mr Green that he has clearly been let down by the proposed seismic change in the football structure. After all, if there had been no restructuring, then Rangers in season 2013/2014 would have been playing in the third tier of Scottish football, whereas, because of “the fiendish plan concocted only to frustrate Rangers by the Lawwell-Doncaster-Regan cabal” (© Mr Leggat) they will instead be playing in … the third tier of Scottish football!

And, in case anyone wonders, there should be no suggestion taken from this piece that the investors were not made properly ware of this as a potential risk factor, on the basis that re-structuring is mentioned in the prospectus, and there was obviously no inkling that the dramatic change of plans from 16-10-16 to 12-12-18 would take place.

I will have some more comment on some of Mr Green’s observations…




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  1. JimBhoy

    Sally still suffering from foot in mouth disease… He has had a blinder of a week for his inane comments, more below… He believes they should have their transfer ban removed and gives great reason (below) why?

    Punishment= club going into sequestration. Losing league/SFA membership as a consequence and a new entity applying for and receiving an associate membership at the bottom rung of the football ladder.

    The Ibrox gaffer, who watched his side defeat Berwick 4-2, yesterday, said: “They’re changing the structure within the league and the punishment (SEE ABOVE) is going to stay in place.

    “But if it was changed in the summer and the embargo lifted we wouldn’t need to wait till September 1. (ANYONE HAVE A CLUE?)

    “I think it is an SFA ban though. Having it lifted is certainly a fair shout – to us anyway. (REALLY, I WONDER WHY?)

    “We’ll see what happens in the coming weeks. (SEED SOWN IN THE RANGERS FANS HEAD LET THE INTERNET BAMPOTTERY BEGIN)

    “We’ll need to look at signing guys who really want to play for the Rangers jersey. (THE ORANGE ONE!!?)

    “So the signing ban might not be the end of the world. You’d know you were getting boys who are totally committed. (IE, WE PAY TOP DOLLAR TO PLAY TEACHERS, SHOP WORKERS AND POST-MEN)

    “Getting players in last year was a ridiculous scenario. It might not be as ridiculous this year but it’s still looking like it’s going to be pretty difficult.”

    — Going by Sally’s signing prowess and great tactical awareness i am sure all rangers fans want an end to the transfer embargo and would love Ally to splash their invested, hard earned cash on some big names to match up to the teachers, shop workers and post-men in the Scottish third division.

  2. Paddy Malarkey

    What about the possibility of RIFC applying to join IFA ? They already have a natural constituency there ; lots of their fans already do the travelling for games; would be a tremendous boost for a struggling economy; they would probably achieve entry-level qualification for European competition every year. Or is it about the money ?

  3. mick

    ” As British as I am, nobody loved playing for Scotland more than me.”
    A quote from fat Sally via msm today what a numbty comment does this mean there is unionist scots in our national side not trying hard as its not a uk team what a head bangger of a comment Britsh this knuckle dragging nut nut does not know the meaning of the word never mind have the right to say hes it numbty

  4. mick

    judging by the reponces on here and else were in cyber space a would say its 50 50 for the 12 12 18 i for 1 like it as it gets more small teams up in to the top league and is a bit of justice for dunfermline who were ill treated and robbed of there place via rule breaking by sfa and oldco .

    also PL is for it and NL so if they are both endorsing it then so am i with 12 teams there will be more of a buzz and it gives small teams more money so its a win win

    there is massive debate about us(celtic) leaving scotland to am not for it as we are a scottish team and should play here if there was something to fill the viod left by us going then a would consider it but at this moment in time am not for it as it could put teams to the wall and could destory local jobs via income streams going else were also who would want chealsea up twice a year and there like we have enogh drama from sevco types never mind this lot up smaching pubs and buses

    • cam

      Trust me mick,CFC leaving would be the best thing to happen to Scottish fitba ever.
      The paranoid club and its fans have created a horrible atmosphere for decades which is now boiling over.They are like an unwelcome guest at a party who doesn’t really want to be there but just wants to ruin it for others.
      The whinging,greetin routine is boring now and when referees are assaulted at work and at home its time to bounce the bad bhoys out the door.

    • cam

      The Coyote fought tooth and nail for years to stop teams vetoing Old Firm plans.Now the Gers are not in the SPL he will do anything to stay in control with the added bonus of another wee sly dig at Scotland’s greatest team.
      One should never judge a book by its cover but one look at the Coyote’s coupon tells me everything i need to know.
      He is a chameleon with bad karma.

  5. mick

    Just seen that Rapid Vienna announced that the Forces of Darkness have not finalised their payments for Jelavic. They offered to pay 60% of the fee and were told to f off and Rapid have hired lawyers to get the full payment. Another lie from the Darkside and all it merited in the Mail was a 2 inch column,when are the journalists in this country going to grow a set and tell the truth about this sham of a club. green said he paid all debt more lies

  6. How can septic possibly play in England ? They hate the English monarch , they hate the armed forces they are offended by their flag , they sing songs praising the murderers of it people ! Yes the fa would welcome them with open arms ! The only plausible action would be for Rangers to go south and leave these bigoted wee teams to get on with their miserable existences , as I have said Rangers can not be associated with clubs with dubious history’s who’s brand is toxic and will only hinder our future.

    • Cregganduff

      ” as I have said Rangers can not be associated with clubs with dubious history’s who’s brand is toxic and will only hinder our future.”

      You may be totally ignorant as to the proper usage of the apostrophe, but you have a great sense of humour.

    • cam

      I’ve pointed that out for years to the poor misguided martyrs but they genuinely don’t see the irony of their wish to take their poison down south.
      Imagine the first ref they don’t like getting scudded by one of the jolly craicsters bru money.
      The English fans would cotton on to the folk singing and the Coyote and his band of freedom fighters sporting choir would be chased up the road.
      The EPL don’t need our brand of “rivalry”,they viewed the Old Firm games with amusement and treated it as a day out at the Coliseum.

    • mick

      not true carson there is more celtic fans in england than scotland ,due to our celtic back ground and universial appeal so get your facts right ,your comment proves you are stuck in a twisted forgotten about past .Celtic is english irish welsh and scottish were a team without frontiers so you can take you twisted comments and sick them were the sun dont shine

  7. Thank you cregganduff , for you post it is very much appreciated .

  8. mcfc

    In the blizzard of “headlines” from Ibrox, did I miss the condolences for the poor chap who took ill at Ibrox and subsequently passed away yesterday.

    Shame on you Traynor, McCoist and Green.

    On their behalf may I express due respect and condolences.

    • cam

      Rather a tawdry little remark sir.Knowing Ally he would be in contact with the family and the Gers look after their own.
      Into the corner you go and face the wall for the rest of the day.

    • Adam

      I would have thought that rather than spending your time taking cheap snidey digs at a football team who play in a country where you have never watched a game, you would be spending the last hour or so actually watching “your team” play.

      Ach well.

      • mcfc

        what a silly comment – how do you I’m not – plonker

        • cam

          Let me see,,,mmm,,, i’m watching my team the mighty Gers while i’m on my laptop typing snide comments about something i know nowt of, in a foreign country.Nah, that doesn’t scan for me.Guilty,take him down!
          Not much of a City fan are you?

          • mcfc

            what are you talking about man ?
            2-0 to City – Kompany just sent off
            is that good enough for you

          • mick

            cam scotland is not a foreign country and mcfc is as much part of this country as you and me you fool dont listen to them mcfc there pig ignorant and dont know how to debate or communicate with people outside there burst bubble thats why you would have noticed they are laughted at any were they go its a backwards cult laughted at the world over total twats

            • mcfc

              @mick – thanks for your support mate – without even trying, I seem to have got right under the skin of cam (the joker with a nasty temper) and adam (the intellectual with logical blind spots). Fear not, their silly little boy jibes are like gnats on a rhinos arse. They’ll have to try a damn sight harder than that to get a rise 🙂

          • mick

            cam that comment is border line racism

        • Adam

          Forgive me. I just cant ever imagine writing about someone in the Welsh 4th division whilst my team was playing a Top side on telly.

          Then again, i would never spend any time writing about a 4th division team in a country where ive never watched a game of football, game on or not.

          • mcfc

            let me explain – if you check my post it was 4:50 – that means HALF TIME for a 4pm kick-off. Then I managed to spare 5 seconds to read and respond to your comment – the silliest I’ve read for a very long time. Must try harder – not half as smart as you think.

      • mick

        adam thats a rude thing to say and similar to the move along nothing to see here yous have been spouting for years the whole worlds welcome here you cant vet people via your ill inconsider comments and pick and chose how pops by your Superiority complex holds no bounds and makes you look sad as (swear word)4 letters begins with f

        • Adam

          Im not vetting anyone. Everyone is free to comment. I just find it very strange that someone who “supports” man city has so much negative things to say about a Scottish team. Its even stranger that his “team” are playing but instead of concentrating on a very important game(first time City have been 10 points behind Man U in 2 seasons) he is taking cheap and utter claptrap digs at Ally McCoist, a man who has showed in the past that not even the Great Glasgow footballing divide didnt prevent him from showing his respect in death.

          Rather than pulling me up, you should be pulling him up mick.

          I wont hold my breath.

    • mick

      cam and carson and adam did not mention it ,just like the late hugh adam there twisted to the core ,there has to be a military connection before the show respect

  9. Cheap and low comment mcfc .

  10. cam

    Darrell King ex Evening Times actually did LNS’s work for him by decreeing that the EBT system could not be called contractual payments but merely loans.
    It was rather good of oor Darrell to leave us with that parting gift of wisdom before he left for pastures new.
    He was the best commentator on Clyde SSB and managed to get many bhoys seething with rage.Anyone who does that is worthy of promotion.
    The police and Samaritans are getting reinforcements in place ahead of the LNS rubber stamping of Darrell’s proclamation.
    Once wee Craigie gets to choose which kind of bracelets he would like snapped on him and some financial chappies down south get a visit from Mr Cohen,the final pieces of micks Tesco jigsaw will have disappeared for ever and the fantasy world of the bloggers will be awash with tears.

    • mick

      cam you have learned nothing here the issue is weather they were deleared via registration and we all know the were not due to the 3 judges saying so in the fft report which is still live so there you go

      • cam

        You haven’t read the teachings of Chaiman Darrell properly mick.
        He has declared that a loan is a private matter which does not have to be declared or made part of any contract.
        That is the law mick and “the battle is over the titles are safe”.
        Tesco will have to wait Michael.

        • arb urns

          cam the money didnt leave ibrox as a LOAN it left as a PAYMENT into a players EBT by way of a side letter which the ‘shaded crimson’ lady converted into a LOAN which rangers were meant to have no control over. LNS has a big job on.

  11. mick

    a see none of our resident sevconians mentioned the comment by sally about trying hard for scotland although hes britsh ???

    • Adam

      Can you clarify what you want me to comment on. As far as i understand, Ally is both Scottish and British. What was it the 4th division manager said that has your knickers in a twist this time mick ?

      • mick

        adam cam and carson the sites shame teaming up on MCFC about him being english and commenting on scottish soccer know wonder the whole country skelped them black and blue and hid the cloned team they follow in the bottom tier at least the wont be shaming the UK abroad for a while while celtic and who ever takes the euro slots can restore some respect to our image damaged via there thuggier such a sad and twisted cult scotlands shame is the only why to discribe them

        a would just like to highlight to MCFC that your presence on this site is gladdy welcomed and on behave of every1 a would like to say sorry for these nutcases and there stance as you can see this is why its vital that scotland and the rest of the uk keep a close eye on them as they are sick in the head and bullys

        • cam

          No mick,i advised him that his silly little remark about a deceased person was out of order.Its none of his business and to use that tragic event as a means to point score over some folk he knows nothing about is pathetic.

        • Adam

          This from a guy who once claimed on here that this was a Celtic site and told someone to F*** off.

          You actually couldnt make it up.

          mcfc – of course you are welcome. mick is talking utter nonsense. As usual.

          • mick

            adam adid not cliam this site as celtic a did say f off and the commenters were mostly celtic minded so get you facts stright or f o

  12. cam

    As mick says this site is very edumacational.
    I have learned to; cut and paste, i’ve discovered new phrases like ad hominem which i think would allow Jack the Ripper to form a neighborhood watch scheme,recognise that even if the elevator doesn’t reach the top floor with some folk then they still contain pearls of wisdom,i know that absolutely nothing of this earth will change the mindset of the hardcore Tic fans,i’m more aware of internet decorum and how anyone, even a lawyer has to be careful of what they type,i’m aware that i need hours of intensive psychotherapy,that smileys are really silly and that folk who use latin aren’t necessarily intelligent.
    I’m still learning and like any machine when i become self aware then you better watch out!
    I’m liking this new Eco, who has obviously resolved to start the new year in a more noble Marquis of Queensbury fashion and leave the grubby little cagefighters to their own devices.

  13. mick

    at cam a just hope hope LNS reads this site as he is more likely to expell yous after you treatment of nutral commenters if it was a trian or a pub yous would have violently beat him thats your true colours ccoming out today all right

    • cam

      Michael you are getting silly now and are obviously in a bad mood.If your good lady gave you mucho trouble for trawling perv sites then you can’t take it out on us.
      50 lashes for you my son,,bite down hard and don’t show the pain,,,i think that what those SM sites advocate!

      • mick

        cam there you go agian trans are not pervs you racist ,you really are mental ,sm we all know yous love military says it all ,o how do you know the wife would react in that way may be shes a jordan type lol

    • Adam

      Deary me. You truly are beyond the pale.

      • mick

        adam as you are aware there has been lots of gender jokes that week via cladyas greens statement about the sex discrimination ,a posted some trans things and thats why cam is saying the wife seening it might lead to me gettoing a whipping he used the word perv a was just highlighting in the mordern real world out side the bigotdrome that that would be seen as racist calling them pervs a then went on to highlight MS seems more a sevcoian thing after all the military dramas that go on there uniforms seem to be the in thing am sorry to disappoint you but am hetrosexual and quiet comfortable with it so sorry your wrong agian as its not beyound the pale

  14. mick

    at cam and adam did yous pay all of oldco s debts in europe remember green said he did as it was part of the licencing condition on yous being aloud back in via folding and going in to liquidation and forming a new club and company ,is this true or is green telling porkies agian what is the story on it

  15. mick

    a will answer for yous hes lying unchallenged as read link below

    so at what stage will the licence be provoked and will compliants to uefa burst the sfa and sevco bubble via this and LNS inquire its getting rather serious the licence issue has issues

    • cam

      To quote the incubator man defeats any argument you put forward.I won’t click on the link when i see one of that creatures aliases beside it.
      In these matters i find it more peaceful to agree with your take on it.
      If Chico brought the deeds round to your house you would say they are fake.
      You won’t believe the verdict in the BTC and if the appeal isn’t permitted or the verdict is upheld you still won’t accept it.
      You are very touchy today mick,,,if you want to lie on my couch then Dr Cam will listen to your story after he has stocked up on nitrous oxide.

  16. mick

    I won’t click on the link when i see one of that creatures aliases beside it.

    msm sevconian mindset installed via jabba

    • cam

      If you wish to read the thoughts of a man “tarred with a sickening sectarian brush” then have fun mick.
      Google him and read all the good and bad opinions and then if you wish to hail him then thats your choice.
      I’ve made mine,he is not worthy of the term journalist.
      I’ve heard more sense from guys in the pub.

      • mick

        more prove cam has a msm mindset us of prase “tarred with a sickening sectarian brush” am sure its jabbas own words they quote from jabba lol pmsl

  17. Adam

    @ mick 6:41

    You did make such a claim. Here is exactly what you said:

    “adam most traffic to here is from a celtic www addy and you do this blog no favours pauls not looking for favours its a celtic minded debate your deluded”

    Yes thats right. “A CELTIC MINDED DEBATE” and i do it no favours by posting or being there.

    Your hypocrisy knows no bounds.

    • mick

      its celtic minded due to lots of celtic minds on not all but most ,you are deluded the fact you put all that together proves it and your Superiority complex just calvinises it

  18. cam

    Mick you’re taking a hell of a whipping today mate,,time to get out of this kinky dungeon before you get the gimp suit slapped on you.
    Ive gotta go to work now with the image of mick in latex burned into my napper.
    This is gonna be some shift tonite.
    Mick use vaseline on the lash marks.

  19. mick

    so its just the usual cam and adam adding nothing to the debate but bollcks what about ya you think they would have at least commented on the jelivic non payment anything negative about sevco the blinkers go on and the browse by it what a joke pair of jokers in the sevcoian pack

    • Bill

      I’m sorry but where does it say anywhere that Rapid Vienna say they have ,or have not been paid in full .Can’t find it anywhere. Greens statement was that they reached settlements .

  20. Bill

    The silence is links then .

  21. mick

    bill the the name change to sports direct arena just went throw so not only did rangers die so did rangers stadium name
    and the above is the new shirt supplier the vatican own a big of it oh greens in trouble there lol pmsl
    other clubs in scotland doing deals with the shirt supplier
    Brechin City

    so its more lies addidas was more greens moonbeams a would check the deeds if a was a sevconian as its been nothing but lie after lie from him since he got here

  22. John C

    Club dead
    Why are a new entity being allowed to hornswaggle supporters of the now extinct club and being encouraged to do so by the media, they are living a lie.
    Such cognitive dissonance will only lead to mental health problems.

    • Bill

      I wanted a link concerning Jelavic and Rapid Vienna ..I really want to read it fo myself. No sign of it on the web .

      • mick

        it concerns green and rapid and the licence the 5 way deal as as non payment is a breach of this and could lead to the licence revoked also theres the lord hodge issue all this same club how does this affect the deal and debt left behind what a year of drama we are in for its all over the web if you look right rapid issued a statement and contacted uefa

  23. mick

    @JC thats easy to answer as green has to have them thinking its same club so they dont spit the dump and not turn up to get ticketus there money back also the msm would not want timmy and declan laughing at them being died there as thick as 2 planks of wood instead of calling them sevcoians from the sports direct arena a might just call them 2 scaffold boards nailed together

    ra deeds ra addiadis deal paied the debt no worrys then a

  24. mick

    when alived in london when having a bit of craic with the cockneys they call each other mackrel when a seen the new shirt deal a said that is about right for them macrons lol pmsl not exactly the same but well similiar

  25. Bill

    Glad i’m not a football supporter lol .

    • mick

      bill ask phil were he got his info he will state and tell you nuj member always on the ball with all things soccer do it via comments on article he will tell you the source it was in the mail to

  26. Bill

    I’m asking you . he seems to be a a link .

  27. Carl31

    An interesting article from Will Hutton.
    I guess this also applies to Scotland…

    • ecojon


      What an interesting article!

    • Den

      Good article
      The UK is a soft touch.
      For decades we have allowed foreign companies to buy ours and when things get tough they lay of the British workforce because it is cheap and easy.
      Contrast this with the US, most foreign companies find it a very tough market to crack, many have foundered in the attempt.
      The UK swallowed the free market message, the US gave lip service but stayed protectionist.

  28. mick

    here its below

    the daily micky
    cladyas greens cliams to have paid all the footballing debts is 1 lot of crap a source revialed last night he was over heard laughing with itialians that the vatican were shareholders in the newshirt deal and that all the footballing debts were not his but he took the money and put it off shore along with all the share money so he could make a quick exit if the sevconians found out about ticketus also he he was heard to have been saying drunk as a fart what a gulliable lot they never ever got back to me about the deeds swollow swollowing the wine drunk he revialed he was sick of the site of them and that fat sally was a complete pie muncher and that whyte was right it was him that killed oldco due to his failure and miserable show in europe he also said that he was buying alexadrias house from in in some what part of a money laundering deal so he could give him a smaller contract ,other news from scotland the whole country is still laughing at them as they have to stay in div3 for a other year and and cant except they are the newest club in britian and are basicly a nonentity

  29. dan

    Honestly, there is much fun to be had ahead, believe me. I don’t even listen to their results on the park anymore. Off the park, and off-the-cuff Chico stuff is so, so, much more interesting. As it goes on I’m reminded of that excellent film (and book of that name by proper journo Phil McG) ‘Downfall’, where what goes on inside the bunker bears no relationship to events in the real world outside. Absolutely fkcuing loving it!

  30. mick

    @dan the renaming of the stadium riots then the title stripping then up pops lord hodge with criminal charge for green whyte and d&ps lol this year will be more comicial than last then ticketus cash in at auction lol tesco time

  31. mick

    bill the story is real has green told the truth did you ask phil email rapid you want to believe its pxxh such a horrible word to use on a blog it was in a paper today as your masked slipped at the site of phils blog am not posting it

  32. mick

    bill hes not paid also the shirt deal and sports direct deal is real to a dont need a rest you need to wash your mouth out with soap and lay of phil hes well liked in cyber space get your news here and stay a week ahead of the msm

  33. arb urns

    wow not only is chico rejuvenating and revitalising scottish football with the blue pound.. he is sorting out the piigs problem in the euro too… irish group co shirt sponsor, now we r told italian shirt manufacturer… dodgy greek defender propping up the hellenic banks… always injured spanish striker sending loadsa dosh back home to mamma…. portugal must be wondering when its their turn…. after austria perhaps….. is this a repetition of the dundee utd ..oh no u havent

  34. mick

    lol pmsl haha you could not make this years delights up charlie must have seen them and said well that what they call us that will do for me lol

  35. Bill

    @Mick You seem to be branding me ,I dont support any team because i cant afford to ,I love watching football ,particularly Scottish football, I want Scottish teams to beat everybody .i have Rangers , Celtic and Aberdeen skelpin european teams on my pc and JJ is the greatest player that ever lived..forget maradonna or messi or ronaldo . xxx

  36. k

    And the monkey looked up!!! when you add it all up , and is it any wonder that the monkey is confused. it all makes pe3rfect sense.

  37. mick

    since your a true fan bill heres the link

    you will have to go in to google translator and change the lingo

    bill this is a link for all fans to debate its worth joining and well worth a comment anything in the media or breaking online is debated and viewed by lots of guys like your self its called the TSFM and is well up there as a must site for bloggers like paul and phils its well balanced and asks the right questions

    • Bill

      It says the debt was who said it wasn’t .

      • Adam

        LMAO – Only mick could go on and on and on and on about something then when he is forced to produce evidence, he produces something that backs up Greens statement. LMAO

        As i say time and time again, you really couldnt make this comedy gold up.

        So to summarise Rapids lawyer confirmed that an agreement has been reached and that they are on the right track.



        • Actually, to be fair to Mick, according to my Google translate, the article confirms the money hasn’t yet been paid. It does confirm also though that settlement has almost been agreed, and that Rapid are confident of a “happy ending.”

          The end of the article is quite fun:

          “There could be a happy ending for the Rangers. The proceedings concerning tax liabilities has been discontinued. The allegations of an official were false. “Maybe he was Celtic fan” jokes Edlinger. “We have heard in the process that even the return of the Rangers in the top league is possible in the summer”

          • ecojon


            I wonder what big mouth claimed: ‘The proceedings concerning tax liabilities has been discontinued’.

            Throughout my personal and professional life I have let people lie to me and let them think how clever they are until the time arrives when their duplicity is revealed.

            That isn’t because I take any pleasure from it but it’s nice to alert the more gullible to the kind of people who are out there. Should HMRC be granted leave to appeal then Edlinger might well reassess the info he was fed. Wonder how well succulent lamb translates?

            Still, let’s hope Strathclyde’s finest contact him to enquire where he got the information about the official who lied – that might prove very interesting as we all wish the truth to prevail, don’t we?

            • allyjambo

              We all know Green tells lies, some very big, and easily spotted lies. The fact that Scottish football’s governing bodies choose to let him get away with these lies, unchallenged, doesn’t make them any less lies. He gets away with it publicly, how much easier must it be when done privately or when those lies are told to people with no real interest in knowing the truth. The fact is, as ecojon points out, people in business tell lies, it’s part of doing business in many people’s psyche, and it’s often easier to accept lies, as truth, when these lies don’t affect you, or your business, because it makes it easier for you to justify your actions. If Rapid Vienna are prepared to accept a proportion of the money owed, it makes no difference to them that they’ve been told a pack of lies about TRFC’s position, as long as they get the money agreed. They can then ‘sell’ the agreement to shareholders and supporters in a way that suggests they’ve made it with an honourable club that has unfortunately fallen on hard times, rather than one that has cheated a great many people, including Rapid Vienna.

              This is yet another example of the way Ogilvey, Reagan et al, in collusion with the MSM, are facilitating Rangers’ recovery by allowing these lies to go unchallenged.

              I wonder just how welcome Green would be at this upcoming ECA meeting if the SFA were to tell them that what Green says isn’t always particularly accurate?

            • duplesis

              The article doesn’t disclose where the information came from – Phil Mac Giolla Bhain seems to have lots of contacts at Rapid though – maybe it was him?

              Agree re the investigation: I imagine Edlinger will be quaking in his boots – particularly if HMRC and Strathclyde police show the same efficiency and competence in coming for him as they did when tracking down the party who leaked confidential information about the Rangers tax case…

  38. k

    Our Amertican friends are late home tonnte

  39. k

    Moderaton that is a first go on the untermensch

  40. k

    Do not get me wrong Mr Mcconnville.. Peace and love to all,, wot else can i say???

  41. k

    Let us face it Scottish football did a lot better on in on in on in days gone bye…. fuck ash pitches …..fuck size 5 balls mitre balls …….cmon the scottish boys>>>> FCUK THE MSM FUCK U ALL. That is all i have got to say cept fuck the old firm.

  42. ecojon

    Premier League chief Scudamore slams the door on Rangers’ bid to move south

    Where next – is there football let alone life on Mars?

  43. cam

    Wow,thank the lord i went to work!
    Mick has excelled himself with a veritable tsunami of p*sh.Another commenter thinks that mick is a computer program and my mickonese vocabulary couldn’t cope with the ramblings of a man who is unravelling day by day.
    Mick for Gods sake reach round the back of ur napper and pull those wires out,you are in danger of being sucked into the matrix.
    That surreal rant about Chico in a pub could see legal action being taken against a parrot in a pet shop if it spouted it.
    Take Bills advice,have a rest before you get a visit from the Old Bill and get slapped with a big bill.

  44. ecojon

    Jim McInally encourages supporters to sue if league revamp gets green light

    McInally raises a lot of interesting questions for which answers are required.

    • cam

      Here’s an alternative.Send the SPL trophy round to Parkhead now,let them keep it for ever.Let CFC represent Scotland in the CL in perpetuity.Exclude them from the league set up and cups,all the other clubs can pay a percentage of gate receipts to the Coyote on the understanding that he shuts up and keeps his team away from the rest of the country.
      Don’t send any reporters round cos he will just ban them,award the usual manager of the month,player of the year etc to anyone connected with CFC and eventually they might just take the hint and go away!

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