Predictions for 2013 – Remember, I thought the Mayans were Right! – Part 2 – Sport and Politics

By the way, I didn’t think the Mayans were right.

The Aztecs however…

Anyway, moving on..

Some more wild guesses and predictions for 2013!


Celtic will win the SPL.

Lennon SPL

Celtic will not win the Champions League.

Dundee will be relegated from the SPL.

Albion Rovers will, sadly be relegated to SFL3.

Manchester United will win the EPL.


Everton will win the FA Cup.

Harry Redknapp will save QPR from relegation.

Harry Redknapp tells his player that one more goal is needed

Harry Redknapp tells his player that one more goal is needed

Blackburn will sack another manager before the end of the season.

Martin O’Neill will be sacked at Sunderland.

Paul Lambert will be sacked at Aston Villa.

Rafa Benitez will be sacked at Chelsea.

Roberto Mancini will be sacked at Manchester City.


Arsene Wenger will not be sacked at Arsenal but will step down.

American Football

The New England Patriots will lose the AFC Championship game to Denver in a shoot-out at Mile High Stadium.


The Super Bowl will be played between the Green Bay Packers and the Denver Broncos, and the Broncos led by Peyton Manning will win.



The New York Yankees will make a major and unexpected trade before the season starts.

The Yankees will be seen as too old and not good enough, but will still make the post-season.


A National League team will win the World Series.


Tiger Woods will win a Major this year.


Rory McIlroy will win a Major this year.

Louis Oosthuizen will win a Major this year.

McIlroy and Oosthuizen

McIlroy and Oosthuizen

I will play golf and fail to break 100, losing at least 6 balls in the process. (But it is a particularly hard crazy golf course I will be playing on).


No one will watch the World Championships following the retirement of Hendry and the sabbatical of Ronnie O’Sullivan.


Andy Murray will win Wimbledon and another Grand Slam.

Andy Murray will not win Sports Personality of the Year.


Roger Federer will win a Grand Slam.

Rafael Nadal will miss all the Grand Slams with injury.


Scotland will not win the Six Nations.

France will win the Six Nations.


England will defeat New Zealand, will beat Australia in the Ashes series in the summer and lose to the Aussies in Australia next winter.

Mitchell Starc will take 35 wickets over the 2 Ashes series.


Alistair Cook will score 4 Test centuries this calendar year.

Sachin Tendulkar will retire from Test cricket.

Scotland will not win the Clydesdale Bank 40 competition.

Many cakes will be delivered to the Test Match Special commentary box, and Henry Blofeld will see a bright red bus going down the Harleyford Road.



We will become fed up with politicians talking superficially about the pro’s and con’s of independence.

Alex Salmond and Johann Lamont debate the distribution of Scotland's oil wealth should independence be achieved

Alex Salmond and Johann Lamont debate the distribution of Scotland’s oil wealth should independence be achieved

We will become even more fed up with the sniping between Prime Minister Cameron and Ed Miliband.

Prime Minister’s Questions, and First Minister’s Questions will continue to be full of sound and fury, signifying nothing.

The Coalition front bench prepares its response to the Opposition

The Coalition front bench prepares its response to the Opposition

The Lib Dem – Conservative coalition will continue, despite ever-widening gaps between the parties.

The press and politicians will end up at loggerheads over post-Leveson government control of the media.

The BBC will face a constant year of attacks which will lead to it becoming ever more bland, for fear of offending the press or politicians.

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126 responses to “Predictions for 2013 – Remember, I thought the Mayans were Right! – Part 2 – Sport and Politics

  1. Absolute fekin belter…….definitely one for moderation when thieves fall out and all that ……………..lolz

  2. JimBhoy

    I predict an Orange strip for rangers in 2013…

    • dan

      A suspicious person might think that result was dodgy. Are there Far Eastern business types involved with Sevco. I here they like a punt.

      • mick

        well spotted dan a thought that to well similiar to bruce gobilia in the 80s ,the fact last week the msm were saying get all your dosh on a clean sweep of points its a breeze how much was put on this ???and then the next week a og to kill the world record set by gretna ,the betting scam might be closer to home never mind the far east lol if you catch ma drift

  3. mick

    no matter what the div3 is as tainted as the last 10 years trophys they had won ,as the embargo was lifted for 3 month that was to allow sally time to financially dope and win the 4th tier of scottish football via high wages on a scale never seen before all those millions spent on players and wages proves it was another similarity to WWF ,even this has not went well as the plumbers and bus drivers of div3 seem better than any of sallys wonder signings and they have been left needing help from there 12th man the ref its a farce the whole of scotland is laughing at them cheats then cheats now cheats forever thats if they survive once greens backers want there cash back its more of a joke now more so due to the helping hand they are tainted for ever due to massmedia (theinternet) as the whole world is watching the cheats and cheating week in week out there the joke oof sport forever mention them anywere out side ibrokes circles and the first thing you here is cheating cxxts then you here loud laughs lol

    • cam

      Just a wee thought for the statisticians amongst you,,,the wee Red book will list all of Lennys SPL titles and they will have an asterisk denoting that they were won without the presence of Scotlands biggest team,,,poor guy will have that downgrading his career for ever,,,damned asterisks.

  4. mick

    for any1 in 2 minds weather rfcil are still alive read the above statment and clearly highlights the club is as dead as a dodo this proves there was no holding company and the club is dead lol

    a was wondering why green would 1 day say the history dies with liquidation then the next state hes wrong it can only have been to promote his holding company (the international 1 )so he could fleece the bears of there dosh with the roof caving in and inflation getting higher and revenue being eaten up via crap players on high wages how long will it be before we have a cash crisis at the ibrokes agian is this why theres a sudden need for reforming the setup ???

    • cam

      The mighty Gers still seem to be upsetting you mick,i’m wandering around looking for all these folk laughing at the tainted,rigged,fixed,cheating ,doped,ref assisted Gers and i can’t find any!
      Maybe its just all in your very vivid, blog site conditioned, biased mind or maybe you’re just peeved at all the good news coming out of Ibrox.
      The Mayans were nearly right,the world did end in 2012,,,for the CFC fans and other Gers haters when the FTTT verdict landed.
      Too much humble pie on top of all that jelly has obviously made you sick.
      The Gers lawyers have a heat seeking missile primed for LNS after rotund Rhod takes a seat.
      The only cash crisis thats gonna occur is next season when Lennys overpaid diddies don’t qualify for the CL and the Coyote starts the fire sale which will push Lenny out the door to begin his new career of relegating various English teams before obscurity beckons.
      Mick will buy his missus Calvin Kleins Obsession
      The Ibrox DJ will play Animotions Obsession to wind up the Tic bhoys
      The refs will protest at any league reforms that the bankrupt mob think up to get the Gers back in the SPL.The referees will demand that their 3 years of safety before the rage virus kicks back in is not jeopardised.
      Police will intervene to ban the wearing of masks to evade detection of illegal urinating.
      Nobody will be banned from Parkhead for any offense,,,ever.
      Coyote Pete will introduce a latex tax to stop folk lifting their inflatable Johns over the turnstiles.
      The Gers title winning party will be better than CFC’s
      Mark Daly won’t make a documentary investigating the activities of the GB ultras.
      Tommo will still talk mince
      Big JT will continue exposing the Gers enemies in the PR war.
      Eco will return from the Turks and Caicos with a container load of paperwork regards Margaritas.
      The firm that makes the banners the GB like to smuggle past the watchful eye of the Parkhead stewards!!! will go bust now that nobody cares what they do or say anymore.
      Jonathan Watson will end up on Lawwells list for poking fun at Brother Walfrid.
      A tabloid newspaper will grow a pair and tell Coyote Pete that they won’t send anybody to CFC’s press conferences until he apologises to Hugh Keevins.
      Any or all of CFC’s world class £20 million players will sign for EPL teams and never be heard of again.
      Someone at HMRC will be receiving some nasty news from an Edinburgh legal firm.
      Chico will be in the running for a Nobel prize.

  5. john k binnie

    I predict Mick still won’t be able to punctuate sentences or spell properly. I blame the schools.

  6. cam

    Surely if Coyote Pete is gonna be consistent with his banning orders then Mr Platini will be standing outside Parkhead with Shug Keevins.
    The guy just stuck a dagger in CFC’s CL hopes and did more damage than a diehard Tic man like Shug but the Coyote is playing his smarmy Euro PR game.
    I would just love a Daily Record sports journo to turn up to interview the Coyote and ask his views on all things fitba and then say “do you know what Pete i don’t care what you have to say,,,you’re banned!”

  7. Gedy Lee.

    cam. You guys really are obsessed beyond all reason with Celtic .

    Your getting like those lunatics on the Bears Den Forum. Check out today’s load of paranoia with Dartagnan preparing to expose (In his new book) how Celtic have the whole of Scotland in their back bin thanks to the “Evil” Peter Lawell.I can’t wait to see him smacked with an injunction.

    Priceless stuff but please, don’t bring it here.

    Mystic Paul, no prediction for Sevco’s share price by year’s end? LOL

    • cam

      We are now entering the age of “succulent salmon” journalism where the Dark Lord can ban certain journos with impunity for penning views he doesn’t approve of whilst sucking up to the UEFA bigwigs to present his club in a positive light.
      Don’t read Bears Den forum and you don’t see the irony in your injunction remarks.
      Its called internet bampottery, where the new age MSM are being exposed by the downtrodden martys that are the Gers.
      Who wanted RFC in the SPL with crippling sanctions?

    • cam

      In fact i haven’t finished with you!
      Anyone connected in the slightest way with RFC past or present is forensically examined,discredited and ridiculed and you have the audacity to object when someone has a pop at Coyote Pete??
      Please don’t bring it here??
      Are you gonna use a banning order on me?
      I’ll go find out about Dartagnan’s book and if i find anything offensive regards Mr Lawwell i’ll send him a copy so he can get his legal pals a bit of business.
      I don’t know if its still Harper Macleod that CFC are employing.

  8. Geddy Lee.

    Cam, you guys have NOTHING on Lawwell and you know it. It’s merely yet another attempt to aportion blame away from Ibrox and to somehow involve CELTIC in your old club’s demise.

    I too await Dartagnan daring to put his paranoid, hate filled ramblings into print. Lawwel’s lawyers will be down on him like a ton of bricks.

    PS is it really true that “the rangers” showed a half time video of Charlie, Ally Walter and all singing God save the Queen in the boardroom?. The heaving hoards over on the Bear’s Den are demanding to know where they can buy a copy.


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