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Merry Christmas to All!

Hi everyone!

I wish every one of my readers the very best of the Christmas season when it starts tomorrow.

Enjoy yourself, but remember, all things in moderation (that’s especially for you Alex!)

It is a pleasure and a privilege to see so many people reading the blog, and I am delighted to see so many contributing too, with comments and posts. Continue reading


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Is £52 million a Fair Price for a Lower Division Football Team? The Sale of Leeds United

After long and tortuous negotiations, the sale of “Leeds United” finally was completed yesterday. As the new owners, GFH Capital, announced:-

GFH Capital has today been unveiled as the new owners of Leeds United Football Club following completion of the acquisition on Thursday night.

The announcement was made at a press conference at Elland Road on Friday where GFH Capital Board Director, Salem Patel and the company’s Deputy CEO, David Haigh revealed their plans for the club.

The Dubai-based bank finalised the deal following an initial 33% investment on 21st November. Patel and GFH Capital Managing Director Hisham Alrayes will join the club’s Board of Directors in the coming weeks alongside Haigh who took up the position earlier this month.

Acknowledging the backing of Leeds United fans during the takeover, David Haigh said: “We are delighted but also honoured and proud to be the new owners of Leeds United Football Club. Over the past few months we have received more than 4,000 emails of support and have been overwhelmed by the positive reaction of fans during the process.

“We see this as a huge opportunity to revive the fortunes of Leeds United both on and off the pitch. The atmosphere on Wednesday night against Chelsea was sensational and we look forward to bringing more of the same to Elland Road in the future.” Continue reading


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Some Thoughts Post the Rangers Share Offer – by Den

The spin will be that the issue was a success. I would say that green and co will be very disappointed, £5m shortfall is very significant.

The fans for all their clamour, for all the club PR hype and the slightly heavy legal threats to, off message, commentators have only taken half of their allocation.

I guess it is understandable given that the fans have paid out for STs.  Mr  Green and his board weren’t to know that were they ?

These are tough economic times, typical that recessions happen just 4 years before your share issue. Such bad luck !

The Prospectus didn’t arrive on time to a lot of potential Investors. Who could have foreseen postal delays just before Christmas, who could have allowed a bit more time? Continue reading


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CHRISTMAS: A TIME TO GIVE – Guest Posted by JohnBhoy

There is never a better time to be a child than at Christmas. The cornucopia of festive pleasures: glistening snow on Santa’s rooftops; good-natured snowball fights; sparkling Christmas trees adorned with colourful baubles and silver bells under the glow of tiny twinkling Christmas lights, draped in shimmering tinsel; sentimental films and hidden tears; Christmas Carols full of merriment that lift the heart and heighten anticipation. And when Christmas morning finally comes, the shrieks of delight and scramble to open presents!!


Equally, there is never a better time to be a parent of young children than at Christmas. The childish fun in searching out the Christmas Tree and box of decorations. Teasing out the toys to be got from Santa. Imagining Christmas morning and the sheer happiness in your child’s eyes as every package is opened. The games, where Dad always cheats and gets caught out. The forgotten batteries! The half-eaten selection boxes. The self-satisfaction in giving your own child the Christmas that you had, or never had. The quiet, blissful peace at night, when the mince pies have been eaten and all the family is sitting in the warm afterglow, huddled together and content.


In Newtown, Connecticut, presents for 20 children and their four teachers and the school  psychologist will sit unopened. Continue reading


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Rangers Shares Open at 75p per Share – Nearly 200,000 traded in first 2 hours

You can follow (follow) the Rangers Share price here.

As at 9.56 183,949 shares traded in the first session of trading, having opened at 75 p per share, and climbed to 76.5 p.

So, if all the share sales were by the same subscriber, they would have made a profit of around £10,000, based on a purchase price of 70 p per share.

Any fans hoping to buy shares at a lower price today will be disappointed after the successful flotation yesterday, although now there is no requirement for a minimum spend of £500.

So there is still time for fans to get their hands on a share or two as presents to go in the stockings of their Rangers supporting loved ones!

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