Random Thoughts – My Annual Blog Report for 2012

WordPress is kind enough to generate an “annual report”.

It is quite scary to see some of the stats it shows up. Fortunately it does not disclose how many words I have written this year, or else I would have a marker for how much time I could have spent doing other, more productive, things!


First of all, the report tells me about visitors:-

About 55,000 tourists visit Liechtenstein every year. This blog was viewed about 2,900,000 times in 2012. If it were Liechtenstein, it would take about 53 years for that many people to see it. Your blog had more visits than a small country in Europe!

In 2012, there were 484 new posts, growing the total archive of this blog to 591 posts. There were 475 pictures uploaded, taking up a total of 36 MB. That’s about a picture per day.

The busiest day of the year was November 15th with 27,962 views. The most popular post that day was Internet Rumours.

It is clearly entirely coincidental that the busiest day was following the discussions between the lawyers for the Rangers Football Club Ltd and myself about removal of certain posts from the blog.

The report then tells me what were the most viewed posts in 2012.

Regarding comments, my most commented on post in 2012 was, ironically, If the Comments Here are Getting You Riled, Consider Haudin’ Yer Wheesht for a Wee While

Every one of my commenters is greatly appreciated. The blog’s life comes from all of the readers who chip in with comments, suggestions, jokes and video clips. It would be a quiet place indeed if no one engaged in the conversation! I am glad that at all times we remain civilised in debate.

The commenters on the site engaged in reasoned debate on the question of the continued existence of Rangers Football Club

The commenters on the site engaged in reasoned debate on the question of the continued existence of Rangers Football Club

A special thank you goes to the “old faithfuls” who have been prolific in their participation and involvement.

These are the 5 most active commenters, and all should take a bow:

  • 1 Ecojon 3615 comments
  • 2 mick 3120 comments
  • 3 cam 838 comments
  • 4 seeujimmy 756 comments
  • 5 Adam 602 comments

In 2011, the most prolific commenter was The Black Knight, with 52!

How things have grown!


I have no intention of stopping my blogging in 2013, and will always manage to find things to write about – they will interest me, and hopefully some readers too!

Once again thank you to everyone for looking at the blog this year.


Posted by Paul “Old Father Time” McConville



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71 responses to “Random Thoughts – My Annual Blog Report for 2012

  1. Mark Murphy

    Aye, Happy New Year to you and yours. See…well…read you next year.

  2. Al

    dont always agree with u Paul, but all the best for the New Year and look forward to many more of your articles in 2013.

    Hail Hail

  3. Blackswan 1012

    A happy new year to you and your family Paul. Your blog has been thoroughly entertaining and most importantly informative. The wide range of topics has kept the blog interesting, but of course the unwinding story of Rangers in whatever format they are has proven to be most controversial, amusing, aggravating, childish, and septic (the comments, not the post). More power to your elbow, I’ll be an avid follower during 2013. Cheers from Ghana!!!

  4. Happy New Year and many thanks for an interesting and entertaining blog.

  5. Don’t always , in fact seldom agree with you but at least you allow free debate unlike some, so, a good new year to all !

    • lordmac

      Carson i have never seen you with as many thumbs up 5 my god hope
      you dont beat your record in 2013 lol all the best for 2013 to all the bloggers and readers.

  6. Vincent

    Looking forward to reading you in the new year. Many thanks for all your efforts this year – its been essential reading.

  7. Joseph

    Enjoyed every minute of your blog Paul. In have never missed one, so looking a forward to an interesting year ahead. Thanks for the work that you put in and thanks to the other commentators. As a main media outlet ths is the way forward

  8. jim62

    Keep it goiing in 2013…Happy New Year when it comes to one and all

    Was just wondering today whether Charles Green condones a staff member of TRIFC plc using an official twitter feed to call Celtic fans “uglies” and “halfwits”??….would like to think that any Celtic employee who did similar would be looking at a P45

  9. mick

    goodevening every1 and a happy new year to you all ,thanks paul for allowing us all to post our thoughts on the topics you provide ,heres to the new year the(hmrc v mih) upper court drama, the LNS report the TSFM and there quest for a new board at the sfa a think we have a massive year ahead with the perinial wave of the yearly tunsunami coming from ibrokes

    also ■2 mick 3120 comments hay not bad for a man prone to typo errors lol happy new year to every1 and heres to another 3120 comments in the year ahead

    also thanks for the education every1 its been a massive year for all in scotland soccer wise and paul and all the commentors have left the msm looking north korean like and started a new national media source which people from all teams trust thats the main thing we have taken is the truth


  10. JimBhoy

    All the very best for 2013 Ladies & Gents… It’s been a pleasure Paul.

  11. Your declaration that you have no intention to stop blogging in 2013 fills me with happiness and worry. Happiness that there will be more delicate prose to read, but worry at the time it will steal! All the best for 2013.

  12. Thank you Paul and a happy new year to all.

  13. Cheers Paul and here’s to a great new year!

  14. Jim62, you could not just help yourself with the last dig of the year eh ? For your p45 comment please refer to Mr Anthony stokes

    • mick

      @carson we only play stokes as his da hates the queen lol pmsl happy new year 🙂 the stokes must stay campiagn starts here lol

    • mick

      @ carson financial doping is same as match fixing no matter what jabba says so mind LNS report in early feb lol a see the fft appeal has been hushed throw lol and over the last few days fifa has said there dead lol

  15. Strachan McMaster

    Gentlemen and (ladies),
    We now look forward to the biting satire that is Only An Excuse this Hogmanay eve…
    Or – you can tune into the RM thread on Sir Alex Ferguson’s appearance on SS4 last Saturday. A range of incisive opinion ranging from Sir Alex being a true bluenose (Still) to being the biggest Judas for taking MUFC up to Aberdeen for Neil Simpson’s testimonial. The range of comments is breathtaking in its’ attempt to enhance TRFC’s reputation by association with (probably) the greatest club manager ever.
    Notes to G51 loyal –
    1. Read his biography.
    2. Read his comments in the press about The Old Firm during his tenure at Aberdeen.
    3. He turned down the chance to be your manager.
    4. His comments “supporting” Ally in his difficult times at the club are the easiest throwaway comments when you are at the pinnacle of football.

    In terms of tenuous celebrity endorsement – what is next? A celebrity chef who played for Rangers?

    Oh wait….

  16. Bill Fraser

    A very happy and prosperous New Year to you, Paul, your family and to all of those who read and comment on the blog. We don’t always see eye-to-eye but then, if we did, there wouldn’t be any need for this blog or for football. “Vive la différence!”

  17. Michael, dear bhoy please do not start 2013 the way you finished 2012, hmrc have not been granted an appeal , only seeking leave to do so , and I take you know LNS verdict already ? The way you did with the ftt ! And I was only having a giggle about septic closing their top tier due to UNDER- crowding , but I think it could catch on , what do you think ? No need to thank me .GENIUS!

  18. My favourite posters on here have been Mick and Cam, both of strong views, but opposing, and both with incredible humour. I think that says it all for your blog Paul. The truth will set us all free. Happy and peaceful 2013 to you and yours.

    • mick

      happy new year wills thats nice of you to say that about me and cam over the course of the year a would say now that the site is balanced in its views its not pro celt or pro sevco but there is massive debate by both fans a think its the only academic site in the whole country were celts and sevco have a polite bit of banter with each other although people from teams all around the world log on for scottish fitba news it has a large amount of people logging on for the craic to which is what blogging and sharing news is about ,although the blog is academic as its legal thoughts there are lots of intermediates rubbing shoulders with outstanding academic minds which in turn learns each other its a education on here for any1 that takes part no matter what there iq is ,with msm in a ozymandias state and sales in there papers going down the blogs have a great future as all fans in scotland want the truth and are feed up with lies the lies from the msm killed oldco as well as the crooks in suits that thought they were untouchable (the ebt boardmembers) weather your sevco celtic hibs no matter what club you are we all are feed up with the lies thats why the net has taken over from the msm and papers heres to a new year were we get the truth and the sfa get there comeupens for killing west of scotland football via turning a blind eye to side letters

    • JimBhoy

      @Willmacufree… I would also like to shout out for Ecojohn, JohnBhoy, PensionerBhoy and BRTH…. Top class blokes and an excellent read..

      Happy New Year to all.. And another wee shout out for all those in health and care working jobs who have to work today to look after the ill, old and infirm…

      I know a care worker who has only had one weekend off in December plus Xmas day and who was out at 6.15am this morning like all other days tending her elderly clients. This person tried to see out the OLD last night and gallantly lasted ’til 11:30pm before having to hit the sack and thus missed her man and 2 of their kids see in the NEW with a glass of sparkling Shloer… This person has two clients, ladies in their late 80s, whose families don’t want them for lunch on this special day, so this minimum wage care worker has bought them lunch (from her own pocket or maybe her mans 🙂 ) and will cook that and supply them a wee bit of bun and some shortbread and most importantly a wee bit of company. Her man often refers to her job as a hobby (my bad) as it barely leaves her with pocket money and she loves what she does… So raise a cuppa to the people who we may inevitably rely on to look after us in our Autumnal years.. In stark contrast to the scum who add nothing to society except misery to others and who know how to work an unjust tax system so they pay less in tax than some care workers… My attempt to show that this wee story was something to do with various previous discussions.. 🙂 Have a great day everyone and a very happy, peaceful and prosperous 2013…

      • cam

        Well said Jim,,,there are lots of unsung heroes out there,without whose deeds society would be much poorer for.
        The old adage of passing on an act of kindness holds true and my hope for Scotland in the future is that we welcome every person from everywhere, who comes to this, still great wee country and contributes by hard honest work and bringing a bit of their culture to ours.
        A big melting pot of all creeds.colours and beliefs,,,,i have a dream that one day my three children will not be judged by the colour of their fitba scarves but by the content of their character(apologies to MLK)
        And when this happens, when we allow freedom to ring, when we let it ring from every village and every hamlet, from every state and every city, we will be able to speed up that day when all of God’s children, black men and white men, Jews and Gentiles, Protestants and Catholics, will be able to join hands and sing in the words of the old Negro spiritual: “Free at last! Free at last! thank God Almighty, we are free at last!”
        Happy new year everybody
        Now where did i put that absinthe.

        • Arb urns

          Top drawer posts . may 2013 be a happy tax evading and avoiding reduction or elimination year for all , and Celtic win the CL but lose the SPL and finish runners up in the two cups . May rangers rejuvenate reformed….. Che that absinthe’s good stuff cam.

          • cam

            It is against all natural laws of karma that a team can win the CL by being good at corners and having a Greek who cheats to win games,,,take the money and run

  19. TommyBhoy

    I would like to thank you Paul for the constant intelligent,trustworthy blogging by yourself, and with addition,the other P from across the water.
    It has been enjoyable,inciteful and a true joy to be a part of.Reading you and Phil’s blogs has been excellent.Growing up in the west of Scotland from my eyes has been a constant battle,with everything Orange and blue and purple too.The internet is slowly stripping them bare, outing the troglodytes, has never been so much fun.
    2012 was a great year for us all,let us pray it continue in 2013

  20. g mckinlay

    I work as a postman and delivered a few letters to rangers shareholders from BDO. Any ideas what they contained ?

  21. Townheadbhoy

    Thank you for your posts Paul, I have enjoyed reading most of them along with the comments, some of which have been truly astonishing, denial is alive and kicking in today’s “Scotsman” piece on Ally McCoist. Dignity?

    All the best for the coming year.

  22. Brian

    Long time observer but first time poster, happy new year to one and all. Has anyone seen Ecojon as he appears to be posted missing of late. Keep up the good work all the bloggers and posters as it’s mostly good humoured and fills in some of the dull time in between work and snoozing time….. Finally cheers to Paul for educating me and probably many others in the finer points of law that would normally pass right over my head.

  23. Ash

    With such impressive statistics would it not be a sensible course of action to contact Charles Green with a view using his undoubted talent to identify and maximise revenue streams?

    Use the profit to sponsor Rangers maybe?

  24. Censorship of the truth is so 2012 isn’t it PC……lol

  25. Geddy Lee.

    The news that you are continuing your blog Paul is a great way to start the year.

    One thing though, don’t let the VILE RM Site keep getting away with the torrent of disgraceful, ignorance laced abuse that they throw your way on a regular basis.

    There are already warnings on that site that it has been reported and is being monitored, yet nothing ever seems to get done about it.

    The so called Adinistrators do nothing about the language used . You can see also that the unionists are using it as another outlet to attack the SNP and all things Scottish.

    They have a Labour MP as one of their main cheer-leaders , this despite him being a
    fanatical anti royalist. Not that any of the knuckle draggers that infest that site would be aware of that, something Davidson has quickly cottoned on to.

    Anyway, I hope one of your new year resolutions is to do all in your power to bring the RM site to heel, and to get rid of the VILE Bears den Forum once and for all.

    Oh Happy new Year one and all.

    Come down on them like a ton of bricks, using the full force of the law , if the VILE abuse continues.

  26. Hi Paul, …. suggestion …. With so many great posts to muse, adding a Recent Comments section to the sidebar (Widgets) would be really useful so readers can see where users are currently (ahem) debating rather than usually tracking only latest Post. Just a thought. Would definately bring alive older Great Posts that warrant further debate ?

  27. cam

    I see Commander Leggo has forecast a PR offensive which will have the hand of JT all over it.
    Its long overdue that the dignified silence approach was updated in these less than dignified times.
    PR,image,style over substance thats the world we live in today,where total nonetities become”famous” and sound/vision bites rule.
    The drip drip attack on the Mighty,glorious Gers by its enemies in places of ill repute has gone on unanswered for too long.
    JT knows the targets and its time, as the song says to take back the city!
    My campaign for a statue of Chico to be erected in George Square begins today.In keeping with this technological age an interactive 3D experience would be most suitable.
    Those dulcet Yorkshire tones booming out,massive money grabbing bronze hands,demob suit and one finger raised in the direction of Hampden.
    Recent advancements in cloning could see me offering genetic material to Dolly the sheeps creators and a whole army of Cams infiltrating media outlets worldwide,spreading the gospel of the resurgent Gers saving Scottish football from oblivion and halting the mind control of Coyote Pete(AKA Dr Evil).

    • JimBhoy

      @cam I hope 2013 is good to you mate..

      I noted old sticklebrix calling out some more enemies earlier, we should draw up a list of enemies to the rangers, infact the reverse, we should draw up a list of who/what is NOT on the hit list, it would be easier…

      I read his previous posts on his Hogmanay/NY day memories and it sounded like anyone who was not of the presbytarian persuasion could not have possibly celebrated that period in any traditional fashion…

      Sad old git…

      I like the idea of a statue to chico I would suggest he would have a pair of running shoes on, and one arm extended, hand out on the take with the other arm behind his back holding a dagger.. 🙂

      Personally i cannot wait for jabba to get started this would be a blog all of it’s own imo…The Jabba Jibberish journal. 🙂

      • cam

        Ditto to you and yours Jim
        I couldn’t find Leggo’s site, i don’t know if he has been cybered into another dimension,but after some detective work i have tracked down the bold yin so i can read him whilst munching on the brekkie.
        It will be interesting to see JT at work and if not being in the limelight is to his taste.
        I think Paul is up to a weekly column in one of the daily’s.A sort of a Judge Judy meets Shug Keevins.
        I wonder id this is the year that one of mick’s predictions comes true?
        God forbid!,that Tesco mob are using the fuel companies price rise policies,,pick a number,double it and and ten per cent.Robbing banditos!

        • Arb urns

          Can c the bold c on that statue cam bandana,qpfc strip, ball bag marked swag over the shoulder, mask, cardboard hitch hikers notice m74 ilkley moor. B careful with jabba ,to support one football team that goes into liquidation is unfortunate to then switch to a second liquidated club is careless could jab a b the first man in s football to do the liquidation treble.

        • Gortnamona

          Always willing to help.


          “mens insana preaching to the corpore non sano”;

          • Gortnamona

            ” Rangers will be adopting anything but a low key and softly-softly approach to the club’s many enemies in the coming twelve months.
            In fact, I can confidently predict, that 2013 will be the year which will see Rangers adopt a hard line approach to those who have previously got away with murder when it comes to trashing Rangers.”

            Time to put up the shutters, get the pikes out of the hay-loft and man the barricades? Naw not really, just the same shite I have been listening to all my life from politicians of different hues addressing those who are incapable of thinking for themselves.

  28. alex (@thekublakhan)
    Your comment is awaiting moderation.
    January 2, 2013 at 9:51 am
    Censorship of the truth is so 2012 isn’t it PM’c……lol

    0 0 Rate This

  29. Grab the Grass

    A Happy New Year to all the posters here and clearly to the many thousands more who just read. Having stumbled on this blog at the start of the rangers collapse into administration I have posted occasionally and read many of the comments which are now a little more balanced in the comments which arrive.

    My only plea for all and a new Year resolution is for all to keep insults and comments to a minimum, PAUSE FOR THOUGHT before hitting the Reply button and rise above the one line reply. I believe one of the sucesses of this site is that replies are more often than not of decent lenght and make or respond to a number of comments or issues. More of the same please.

    Whe in doubt use the following stress management tool I have printed out and keep close to me

    Picture yourself near a stream,
    Birds are singing sweetly in the crisp cool mountain air
    Nothing can bother you here,
    No one knows this secret place,
    You are in total seclusion from that place called the world,
    The soothing sound of a gentle waterfall fills the air with a cascadeof serenity,
    The water is clear.
    You can easily make out he face of (insert suitable name here) whose head you’re holding under the water.
    There now – feeling better??

  30. Have the green seat brigade announced their attendance for today’s match? Or are they fabricating one , allegedly.

  31. mick

    carson why you so intrested in attendances whats the point ,a know your sevco your a new club in div3 the 4th tier of scottish football why you so fixated on celtics attendance a could see the point if yous were in the spl
    maybe after all the cheating that has been going on by the old club rfc just maybe that is a reason for tims not going it is certianly not to do with the team maybe if peter lawell had demanded there was no tribute we would have had a full house every week or maybe if yous paid your taxes it would have been full for the game we usually play with your dead cheating moronic club
    theres lots of ifs and buts but we know 1 thing it will be full for the juve game even if no1 gos were still on to a 30 to 40 mil win fall so theres no need to worry were top of the league by 9 points and are in europe next year so that will cover any loses due to the ripple affect of oldco cheating for decades so there there carson dont you worry no matter what happens yous will be irelevent for a long time to come lol

  32. mick

    carson a forgot to mention yous are scotlands blacksheep not in div3 on merit also the sfa let yous fiancially dope it before the embargo took hold yous are the most tainted club in the world things will never be the same for yous yous are vineto as billy big bhoys yous are the most laughted at group on earth lol a could go on and on but a dont want you smaching you screen and hitting the wife as yous are well known for domestic incidents if the tic get 1 over yous

  33. Touchy, touchy, Michael dear bhoy , just asked a simple question , and you have the cheek to say I’m obsessed with a club in another division , REALLY, and were was the cheating that took place ? I thought the ftt found in Rangers favour , do try to keep up old bhoy .

    • mick

      the cheating is via the side letters am not LNS so cut the lies the side letter were mentioned by the three judges in the ftt which is only at half time (appeal)they agreed not all monies were shown to sfa so thats cheating old bhoy hahaha am well keeping up thats why a have not bought a paper for months as a would think like you obsessed a did not call you that a said fixated which you are the cheating is real and has been proven in a other court although LNS has his own mind am sure he will be full of integrity in his own findings

    • willy wonka

      Must admit I had a wee chuckle at Mick having the brass neck to criticise someone else with being obsessed,

      Still, he did manage to avoid the point being made by you.


  34. Michael , there is more of chance of her indoors giving me an uppercut , but domestic abuse is no jokes , just ask Tyrone Dobbs ! It was just a simple question my friend , were you at the game ? If so you may have the attendance , well you seem to know everything else, the fit result, lns verdict, who commits domestic abuse , so come on tell us go on go on go on go on.

    • JohnBhoy

      carson, it is normal at the conclusion of a football match for football fans to enquire about the score or how the team played or how a particular player performed but to desperately seek the precise attendance figure is oddly pedantic. Is this for a school project?

      I was at the game and the attendance was 48,002.

  35. Ah, sadly my school days are long behind me, but it was only a question, usually at the big games the attendance is announced over the tannoy , I was only curious to see how sell out Saturday was going , so it’s good to see it was only 12k empty seats , thanks for you time.

  36. Seems Thomson had a wee pop at the underclass at the Dundee game, also seemed to kick the zombie nonsense into touch , and also was happy to wait on lord n s ,and his verdict unlike the legal tax experts and custodians of sporting integrity lynch mob.

    • mick

      carson whos the underclass theres no under class at celtic were 1 big classless club your showing your mantallity there the rest of the uk think yous are trialier trash if you want to start that

      • cam

        Hah mick,you have admitted it!,,,CFC are classless!,well said,its always best to start the new year with a wee confession.
        When the desperation to win, results in players cheating and fans celebrating cheating, then class has truly left the building.
        If it comforts you to say “the whole world laughs at you,,,”the galaxy knows you are trash” etc then you keep repeating that mantra.
        The whole world couldn’t care less about RFC,CFC and the 2nd rate product that our football has become.
        Now Andy Murray ready for an assault on the grand slams is something to get excited about.One of our true world class sportsmen,whose talent and work ethic puts any daft wee immature fitba player to shame.

  37. Gortnamona

    DEL BOY I see ICI dropped a point.

    RODNEY TROTTER Yeah. Chelsea dropped three on Wednesday

  38. alex (@thekublakhan)
    Your comment is awaiting moderation.
    January 2, 2013 at 4:47 pm
    alex (@thekublakhan)
    Your comment is awaiting moderation.
    January 2, 2013 at 9:51 am
    Censorship of the truth is so 2012 isn’t it PM’c……lol

    0 0 Rate This

    0 0 Rate This

  39. cam

    It seems that the pictures and reports of the Dundee festival of p*sh haven’t gone down too well with sponsors.
    In my new role as guardian of advertising integrity it is my duty to fire off letters to current sponsors of football and express my dismay at hundreds of urine filled.mask wearing, drunken neds being associated with the beautiful game.
    I mean,ask yourself if a company wants its product associated with displays like that.
    On the bright side i understand that Tena Lady have contacted Coyote Pete in a bold sales initiative and that large rubber pants are now a part of the GB members outfit.
    I can see stadium naming rights being looked at soon.
    CFC,,,125 years of unbroken p*sh.
    Stade de Orina.

  40. cam

    HMRC are seemingly taking a keen interest in the attendance figures at the Stade de Orina.
    The grey area of tax relief on inflatable companions is being studied by officials in a darkened room whose door only opens to sweat stained tired looking civil servants who are obviously struggling to get on top of this delicate situation.
    The crux of the matter seems to hinge on the legal definitions of “relief”.Can a football club claim tax relief on an inflatable whose entire purpose is solely to provide relief,which in turn raises the spectre of Gratitious Relief.
    Many experts in this field who can be consulted in internet forums are predicting that this test case could go all the way to Brussels which is the only location that could supply the vast quantities of hot air required to sustain a long legal debate.
    On a related point it seems that the Greek version of the inflatable, quaintly titled, the “GoGo Giorgios” has developed a fault.It appears that with over exuberant usage it “goes down” in the box too easily.
    Lenny has apparently kept this model on at Lennoxtown for one to one training sessions.

    • Adam

      What would happen if the opposite was true. IE, lets say 60,000 fans turned up for a match but only 43,000 of them were declared ? Would HMRC get anything from the 17,000 who paid their dues but “werent at the match”

      If not, would this be morally correct or incorrect ?

      Would it be considered as an example of financial doping ?

      Would people ask for a retrospective investigation into years of false attendances in the interest of sporting integrity ?

      Would the team be considered as cheats ?

  41. JimBhoy

    Old Sticklebricks, the qualified footballing coach, seems to be singling out another potential fella as a foe of the rangers, Ian Black one of their ain… He may soon be put on Sticklebricks wall of hate… I hope he has a big wall… Maybe after exhausting investigation he has found out one of Black’s relatives doesn’t go to the right school. I suppose it gives Lawell and odious creep a break. Sticklebricks was right in one thing, Black should have walked after trying to break the ankle of his opponent. I wonder if there will be an SFL investigation into that as it was nicely captured on TV..

    Chico has missed an opportunity IMO to have a superb double act in Jabba and sticklebricks at Ibrox, surely the combination of these two very talented individuals would fast track the rangers and their more zealous fans back to their rightful place in society (as they see it), the early 1900s maybe…

  42. cam

    Dammit,,, if the Wee Rovers don’t pick up their game Scottish fitba will miss out on one of the most eagerly anticipated clashes of all all time
    Plans to put on half time entertainment for charitable causes at the planned Rangers v Albion Rovers game for next season have been jeopardised by Paul’s teams woeful performances in Div 2.
    Leggo is in full training for the all in wrestling match against “too tall Paul” that was planned for the Ibrox game with a possible tag team rematch being organised for Cliftonhill.
    Giant Haystacks Traynor was gonna team up with Leggo and various names were being suggested to assist Paul.Mick the mauler,Stonecold Eco,and Hulk Brogan Rogan Trevino.

    • BB

      Cam, if it’s entertainment your after then read ‘dug wi’ a bone’ that is tommo’s latest blog. Forget the impending re-arranged fixture at napier that was of course postponed due to the floodlights failing on the ftt, my showbiz mole reliably informs me there will be a guest appearance soon on LIVE AT THE APOLLO!

  43. excellente paulo, lectio divina, coram deo laboramus

  44. or should i just say dominus vobiscum

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