Rangers Shares Open at 75p per Share – Nearly 200,000 traded in first 2 hours

You can follow (follow) the Rangers Share price here.

As at 9.56 183,949 shares traded in the first session of trading, having opened at 75 p per share, and climbed to 76.5 p.

So, if all the share sales were by the same subscriber, they would have made a profit of around £10,000, based on a purchase price of 70 p per share.

Any fans hoping to buy shares at a lower price today will be disappointed after the successful flotation yesterday, although now there is no requirement for a minimum spend of £500.

So there is still time for fans to get their hands on a share or two as presents to go in the stockings of their Rangers supporting loved ones!

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  1. lord mac

    we had the blue knights the white nights every night and not one of them allowed a fans buy out, and let it be sold for 5.5 even the hearts fans are getting treated with respect from there board allowing them a buy in to there club and here we have the rangers fans treated as numptys 500k short when they could have had it ( ALL ) just goes to shows the board of Bain and Greig and Johnston had little faith in the bears and Green has just cut them from a deal once more. I find this quite amusing

    • ecojon

      @ lordmac

      Actually I find it quite sad epecially as, even if they had managed to put up the £10 million, Ranger fans would have had absolutely no say in the running of the club.

      It seems that the seat on the board wrangle is also moonbeams because the Board involved is a football board and not the main board of Rangers International Plc.

      So the fan rep will sit on the board of a talking-shop that has no power over the cash or direction of the company. Of coure they can talk and make recommendations to the main board. They can even object to main board decisions.

      But there will be no power and there never will be and that is the lost opportunity for Rangers fans and possibly the biggest insult ever perpetrated against them by their succession of money-centric owners.

      • iain

        Remind us what the fan representation is on the Celtic board.
        I feel sure there must be at least some sort of representation…you obviously feel so strongly about it

        • Clarkeng

          Surely for the £50plus milllion paid to Fergus the fans have at least one seat on the board.
          Well doesnt it just go to show – but wait I can hear Fergus’s words ringing in my ears.
          Naw………. naw……….. it’s the wee man singing.
          Money, Money, Money
          I’m so funny
          I’m a rich man now.

        • lord mac

          WHAT part of this thread you do not under stand, i had said why did rangers not buy the club they knew all about Celtics woes, yet you let it slip we where right all along, and tried to get you to take your head out of the sand so as, you could have owned your own club but it now looks like yous are all to thick to take instructions, as it now stand RANGERS are on the first rung of the ladder, and I can not for the life of me, ever see your ladder getting extended.

          • Clarkeng

            Thread this understand not.
            Sand in my eyes.

            • MrNice

              Rangers International Football Club plc (AIM:RFC), the holding company for the Scottish football club, was informed on 19th December 2012 that, on the same day, Phil Cartmell (Non-Executive Director) purchased 25,800 ordinary shares of 1 penny each in the Company (“Ordinary Shares”) at a price of 76.5 pence. Pursuant to this transaction Phil Cartmell is interested in 25,800 Ordinary Shares representing 0.04% of the issued ordinary share capital.

              whats this mean…?

        • Dano

          when clubs are run competently, there is no need for fan reps.

  2. lord mac

    the only reason rangers are mention in the UEFA rankings it was noted they played
    in the season 2011-2012 that is the only way that they get a mark up
    of points
    but that will disappear in may 2013 from the books

    • lord mac

      good report there we await to see Rangers do the paper shuffle.
      hope you can call again to explain, why the fans never got the chance to buy there club, after all. you had seen how it worked for celtic

      • iain

        When did Celtic fans buy their club??

        • Clarkeng

          Aw cum oan Iain!
          They gave wee Fergus £50 odd million to buy it oot.
          Keep up wi the gemme.
          Foul !!!

          • Clarkeng

            Naw Iain.
            Not oot right – they still do not have a say on what big Dermot does wi the loot.
            But ah hear he has a bookies – so he could be puntin it.

          • @clarkeng

            “They gave wee Fergus £50 odd million to buy it oot.”

            Not so; however much Mr McCann left with, it’s a matter of record that the fans put in £9m (which btw is about double what the The Rangers fans did.)

        • lord mac

          you all elected to follow follow the wrong guy, charlie is piping away at
          your dosh. can you see any new build getting done at ibrox maybe a shop well that will help the company shareholders but not the team

    • Alex

      And no one is interested. One wonders what the reaction on this site would have been had these accounts been those of RFC.

      On another matter, the Market Cap of RFC is around £49.5m and at 76p a share I make that around 65m shares held. If the assets are valued at around £100m I make it that on break up value the shares are worth around £1.66. Of course there are many other ways to value shares, but with such a new trading position most of them would be unreliable as is break up value (who but the most rabid on here wants to see them broken up). But, as a guide to value 76p looks OK. Mind you, time will tell as will events.

      It would be nice if people on here could debate share value and where I might have gone wrong, but it is unlikely given that there are brighter more shiny things to debate like whether or not Mr Green really meant he would not join the SPL (almost certainly something said in haste and anger, which no one, except some of those on here, really believes).

      • widowtwankie

        I did find that quite interesting.
        It’s certainly a good deal for the convertible cumulative preferential share holders.
        One of the hidden ways that joe punter gets creamed.
        On the other hand, it is always more fun dancing on someone else’s grave.

        • ecojon

          @ widowtwankie

          Think on the bright side – if chico hadn’t already thought of it he knows about it now 🙂

          • Clarkeng

            Thats it!!
            The song!!
            Ah remember noo!
            “Always look on the bright side of life”
            Dah Dah Dah Dah Dah Dah Dah Dah De Dah
            They started singing that right efter wee Fergus f…..d off wae aw the geld.

        • Allfanstogether

          Everyone who bought into Celtic’s original share offer received
          50% preferential shares & 50% ordinary shares, Whats the problem?

      • @Violet Carson

        “whether or not Mr Green really meant he would not join the SPL (almost certainly something said in haste and anger, which no one, except some of those on here, really believes).”

        If it was “said in haste and anger” then why did he repeat it?

    • thenamesGerard

      I have some of the preference shares which this document talks about as part of the scandalous hidden debt of Celtic. I don’t own a lot of them but don’t grudge them to those who bought them, as I did, to save the club and rebuild it, safeguarding and becoming part of, its illustrious history.

      When Fergus McCann made shares available to Celtic Supporters, the offer was for 50% of the shares to be issued as preference shares and 50% as ordinary shares. Only the former are guaranteed a dividend. I seem to recall Celtic fans took up this offer to the tune of £14M (I may be wrong here ) but certainly over subscribed the offer. An opportunity recently made available to and on the whole spurned by millions of Rangers fans. Admittedly their offer was on poorer terms and offered no opportunity to get the guaranteed dividend on offer to every cletic investor in that initial share offer. Mr McCann also organised financial assistance for those who could not afford to pay in one lump sum. I would suggest there are at least two lessons in this for someone looking to attract a high level of buy in for a share offer.

      Back to the task in hand. Presumably that means there were £7M worth of these shares on the market at one point. I am not aware if subsequent share issues also gave the opportunity for investment in preference shares, but if the figure is £9M then it would appear to be the case, unless the share price has risen. given I have no intention of selling my shares I do not bother to check the share price.

      I understand preference shares can be converted to ordinary shares, I have never taken up the offer as it didn’t seem to make sense. I receive a dividend every year to the tune of about £16. I take my dividend in ordinary shares rather than as a cheque. It is declared in my tax return but as tax is charged before I even receive it, there is no liability. I have no intention of cashing in my preference shares and so it seems that I will continue to be part of Celtic’s scandalous hidden debt for ever and ever,

      I have no idea why this share capital shows as a “hidden debt” perhaps on of the better accounting minds on the blogg can enlighten me. Is it simply because there is a standing offer to buy the shares or convert them to ordinary shares?

      • widowtwankie

        Also Interesting.

      • ecojon


        I had intended to give a reply very similar to your own but thought I would have a look at the blog involved. One look at the previous list of posts on it was enough to convince me that the truth would be of no interest to the writer so I didn’t bother.

        It’s really amazing how they have recently become so rabid towards Fergus. I can only surmise it’s because of the differences between him and chico which will grow much more apparent as time passes.

        • Doc

          I thought it may be worth looking into until I discovered that David ‘Leggoland’ Leggat is one of the financial experts the site uses

      • Clarkeng

        Aye yes done well!!
        Ah’m sure the wee man appreciated every penny.

      • Allfanstogether

        I also take my dividend in ordinary shares as i am sure most Celtic Minded would.

    • Clarkeng

      Are these shares really a loan that will never be paid back?
      Is this legal?
      Have we not heard about this kind of thing recently.
      Ach it’s only £9m hidden in the small print FFS!!
      You know they are always open and above board with everything.
      Aye right!!

    • Carl31

      Nice to see a link and some semblance of a point in one of your contributions rather than the usual vacuosity.

      I found the link interesting and for that I gave you a ‘thumps up’. Whodathunkit? I go in an instant from skimming your usual pointless posts of no interest – to, not only reading it and the link, but also giving a tu. Tis indeed the season and all that.

      The content of the link is interesting, but I would point out that the accounts of the club are in the public domain. They are there to be read. I fail to see how they ‘hide’ a debt or liability when they are fully published.

      The headline says hidden debt, then quotes the publicly available accounts.

      Are we to expect further links such as this? … providing us with … er … no insight whatsoever?

  3. luoanlai

    I think we need to make a distinction with all of this cash sloshing around at (insert name here) stadium.

    On the one hand we need to look at people who have made money FROM The Rangers. A lot of 6 figure salaries knocking about there, plus all expenses of course. Some outrageous fees paid to directors for short term loans, I think it was a 50K fee for a 200K loan. Obviously CG will be pretty happy with his shareholding at 1p per share. Other mates of Charlie got a sweet deal at less than 70p per share. Institutional investors will be looking to get their cash back out, plus a wee bit more. They probably also got the pot sweetened with a discounted price.

    Has anyone actually made money FOR The Rangers in all of this? Except for the fans, who as ever are the only ones that seem to be putting their hands in their pockets.

    Shares close about 4% down on their 78p peak yesterday. What happens if they settle well below 70p in a few weeks time? Well, it’s not a problem if you got them at 1p is it?

    • Luoanlai

      And, what happens if they settle at a few pence above 70p. Until anyone answers the question I have been asking for weeks, I will assume that in an IPO it is ILLEGAL to offer shares to particular classes at below the offer price.

      Some of the earlier investors might have been given their shares for FREE and thus by your reckoning will be even better off. But on set up, shares can be bought or given for all sorts of reasons, live with it.

  4. ecojon

    Aberdeen chairman: No one will be ‘invited’ into new league set-up


    Oh dear Chico has rude awakening – what did he say for the flotation? Mr Green said that a number of factors were starting to work in Rangers’ favour. Among them talks to restructure the Scottish leagues should enable Rangers to return to the top tier a year earlier than expected.

    • Grant

      It does not neceesarily hold that the SPL reconstruction plan will go ahead.

      • ecojon

        @ Grant

        That’s true and even if it does I really wonder if they can make the deadline for next season. One good thing about reconstruction is an opportunity to start with a new rule book which can only be a good thing.

        At the end of the day I think the SFL scheme will end up dead in the water.

        • I am not sure if any of the schemes will go through to be honest.

          The SPL has dangling a carrot in front of 1st Division teams, whihc they obviously might nibble at, but I cant se where the SPL would get the money from, they can hardly stay afloat as it is. Their is also a lot of resentment from within the SFL against the SPL after the attemted blackmailing last summer.

          Having said that, I can’t see the SFLbeing agreed either.

          Only time will tell.

          Not a chance anything will be in lace for next season, judging by the speed the SPL and SFA operate.

    • We believe nothing that MrGreen says, but everything that Mr Milne says, interesting.

      What is it, Mr Green says that we will not return to the SPL, but now it seems you acknowledge that RFC want to return to the top tier and your gripe now is that it will not be as soon as Mr Green wants. Can you really have it both ways?

    • Budweiser

      didn’t DU. chairman say much the same recently? So that will be two td’s already and they haven;t even agreed to a restructuring yet.

  5. The sphell is a deadman walking just like the mutton molesters…lol,

    All things in moderation …lol

  6. JohnBhoy

    Neil Patey, a football finance specialist with accountancy giants Ernst and Young, speaking about the The Rangers share issue: “… £23million owned by Green and the previously existing shareholders, with £17million pledged by financial institutions.” Still only a pledge then.

    • I rememebr a few post where Patey was being slated.

      The 17million was indication od the shares the investors wished to buy. I would presume that these shares have now all been bought as Rangers are now on AIM.

    • ecojon


      So when is pledge not a pledge? When it’s Mr Sheen 🙂

    • Is this the same Mr Patey that this site has often rubbished. Unless Mr Patey has a lot more inside info. than the rest of us, he is in no position to speculate on the nature of the Institutions Investment. By the way, you might like to look up the meaning of pledge, I’ll help ‘commit by a solemn promise’.

      • JohnBhoy

        As an acclaimed author with a global readership I’ll take no lessons on the English language from you. Did fans of The Rangers not pledge to buy over £10m worth of shares? Stop being bitter and take a lesson from Cam and Andy on how to respond to posts.

        • ecojon

          @ JohnBhoy

          You still writing that Gideon Bible 🙂

          Btw I thought the last pledge mentioned by chico from Rangers fans was £22 million and that was after they had plenty of time to weed-out the Celtic-minded who jist wanted to give their city neebor a wee helpin’ haun in times o’ trouble.

  7. ecojon


    HARGREAVE HALE LIMITED have notified they hold over 5% of Rangers shareholding as on 18 December with 5,022,000 shares which represent 7.7148% of voting rights.

    4,700,000 of these shares are held for unit trusts operated by Marlborough Fund Managers Ltd, for whom Hargreave Hale Ltd manages the investments on a discretionary basis. The remaining balance is held on behalf of other discretionary clients.

  8. JohnBhoy

    Ya beauty! Battle of the giants: Celtic v Juve. So much European football to look forward to in the next decade.

  9. JohnBhoy

    Good luck to Tito Valinova, coach of Barcelona, who is undergong cancer surgery.

    • ecojon

      @ JohnBhoy

      Just sent them a mesage wishing Tito well and saying what a great night it would be for the clubs and fans to meet in the final 🙂

  10. JimBhoy

    Is it just me or do people actually care how the rangers share price is holding up..?

    • ecojon

      @ JimBhoy

      It isn’t it’s slowly slipping 🙂 However no matter what happens price-wise it will take 1-3 months to get any firm ideas where it i heading. What is more interesting is to see what the original investors will do.

      It would appear that only one largish bloc of shares has been traded so far. Tbh there is much more of interest going on than watching the paint drying on a ticker tape.

      Especially on a day like today when we get news of the big challenge ahead. Whatever happens I’m sure the Bhoys will do not only Celtic well but Glasgow and the rest of Scotland. And let’s not forget the extra money we will be able to get for Scottish football not to mention the prestige value.

      We have no divine right to win anything but even as a non-believer I think a wee tweet to the Vatican wouldn’t go amiss – Hope he’ not supporting Juve 🙂

      If he is we’ll just need to rely on the bhoys and as long as they give their best then, as always, I’ll be happy. But you know what they say: ‘You’ve got to be in it, to win it!’

    • mcfc


      Let’s be fair here – the share price is holding stable above the launch price. Now that may change in the mid to long terms but I think you’ve got to admit that CG has judged the market well – as a very experienced IPOer. Personally, I’m amazed he managed to flog £17m to professionals – even though “Great & Good of London” is pushing it a bit. Sometimes he’d be better just keeping his mouth shut.

      12:47:51 75.60 92 69.55 O
      12:38:56 77.00 10 7.70 O
      12:38:37 75.60 500 378.00 O
      12:37:39 75.60 62 46.87 O
      12:24:22 75.50 5,000 3,775.00 O

      • mcfc

        just occurred to me who should be advising CG on a more nuanced, dignified media persona – Jabba

      • ecojon

        @ mcfc

        It’s holding above launch price 🙂

        But it is slipping towards launch price but I totally agree with you that means absolutely nothing. If it goes to 35p then capitalisation figure also collapses but will that affect fans – probably not in the slightest.

        Will it worry future institutional investors in a fresh floation who will have a full year’s accounts by then? Mibbes aye, mibbe naw. It depends on what new profit story is spun and whether it is believeable or not to them.

        I think you and I have probably got a good idea of the mid to long-term future of this flotation but Time will Tell and, in the meantime, it might add to increased sales in Celtic shares since football shares have again apparently become the darling of institutional investors as some would have us believe 🙂

        • mcfc

          long term I think it will slump – based on an imbalance of those who want to sell Vs those who want to buy expecting a rosier future and improving financial prospects. Is there a short market in AIM shares? Is so the shorters will be paying close attention.

          • dan

            Do ‘short’ transactions appear as ‘sales’ since the shares to be shorted are ‘borrowed’ in the hope that they decline, then can be purchased at the reduced price and given back to the lender? A genuine question.

        • Econ,
          I am too busy at present other than to have a cursory glance at the latest comments. The market capitalisation of the company is very important in relation to raising new money by way of placing more shares. Any new shares would have to be placed at the going rate at the time, so a 35p share placing would dilute the existing shareholders 4 times which is pretty serious. Battles and wars Econ!

  11. Somebody buy you sevco shares .You seem to be taking a swipe at most comments,if you read the comment @JohnBhoy said he had sent a message.So lets wait for your uptight response

    • ecojon

      @ Hector_1888

      Nice to see you post. I see you are quite good at reconnoitering the landscape 🙂

      • Hi eco
        Life being life and the west coast divide makes agreement on most things nigh on impossible.Just because people don’t agree with a poster there is no need for snide comments when the original post was obviously not read or maybe not understood but to make it a point because the name was misspelt is petty to say the least.Hope they never misspell or mistype anything as it would be total meltdown

  12. @JimBhoy
    Quite agree couldn’t care less what price the shares are but it does seem that some people don’t want anybody to pass comment on the biggest financial meltdown in Scottish Football history.They would have you believe nothing happened over the past year and feel uncomfortable when the spotlight is on them.Have they something to hide

  13. JimBhoy

    Gers chief executive Charles Green confirmed: “Of the £22m, £10m is put to one side for Ally.
    “Of course, we can’t buy players at the moment, we can’t do that until January 2014.
    “But, between now and then, we’ll also have another season’s worth of season ticket sales so the cash position will increase. We’re not saying it’s £10m and only £10m. There is perhaps another £20m there.

    £10m to spend on a team in Div 3 or 4, another record I fear… Aye Chico we believe ya… Goian and Bocanegra out on loan…! Why was that again?

    £22m minus the £3m to get you there might see you through to the next payday, after all the cronies get their bonuses, nothing more nothing less.. However selling the stadium name might get you another few quid… Anything else to sell? For a team in Div 4 to have a firesale kinda says it all to me… floating pitches, walkway to the moon anyone..Short-termism…

    • ecojon


      As I said, it will be interesting to see if the Plc Board knows anything about putting up to £30 million aside for players. We know that only a few investors were told this and those were the ones on the institutional road shows.

      I would have thought that if the Board had agreed to this pre-flotation then they would have ensured, what is by far the biggest potential ibvetment to be made by the club in just over a year, would have been flagged-up in the AIM Propectus.

      But maybe I’m trying to apply commonsense and fairness to the AIM gambling casino rules.

  14. JimBhoy

    The Celts could not have got a better draw, a bit of a revenge mission. We will take them… See y’all at Wembley.

    • ecojon


      All the UK teams face hard ties – but are there really any easy ones when you get to these heights in European Competition?

  15. mcfc


    Wrong side of the bed this morning ? 🙂

  16. JimBhoy

    “If we believe that because we have £30 million in the bank that Charles Green should go and lie on a beach for two years while it gets frittered away, I’m quite happy to do that but I don’t think that’s right for the club. ”

    If the owner of the company I worked for made this comment I would begin to worry, surely his job has only just started?

  17. JohnBhoy

    Violet, you are beyond contempt. As someone who has witnessed cancer in my family any wishes of good health that I offer are genuine and not “vacuous”. Shame on you.

    • ecojon


      I know you expressed the same sentiments for Sandy Jardine as did I and many other non-Rangers football supporters who have the basic decency & humanity to separate real life from a football game.

      Some people fail the basic humanity test and eventually they show their true colours and it doesn’t take decent people on here very long to spot the hidden agenda at work.

      As I said just the other day: ‘For some people goodbye is not for ever’. I will now add the sentiment: ‘Unfortunately’ to that.

  18. JimBhoy

    @Eco i am glad we avoided the Germans I think we will progress, sooo looking fwd to it..if we get to the Semis we will have amassed around the same £££s as the rangers IPO….Without selling the family silver…

  19. JohnBhoy

    When a post stoops to the utterly contemptuous level of accusing one of false sympathy for someone undergoing cancer surgery then it is time to assert a sense of self-dignity and depart the scene. Some posts I regret making – particularly to Cam who is a decent chap – but not this one.

    I wish everyone a Merry Christmas when it comes. Paul, your blog was fun while I lasted.

  20. JimBhoy

    @mcfc couldn’t agree more mate…Tis the season to be jolly, which reminds me I have a bottle of marsanne chilling in the fridge and no training tonight, jeez!!! Decisions decisions? 🙂

    Soon: Me, Jinky the mutt, Billy Joel and a nice bottle of white.. Bliss…

  21. JimBhoy

    @Eco I think you meant JohnBhoy mate, i am pretty thick skinned… 🙂 I hope to hear more from you both, I enjoy reading both your posts very much..

    • cam

      I can do better Jim,,,i’m just thick! and i’m not pretty!

      Everybody must get back to adding quality commentary to the highbrow debating thats taking place on the crucial matters involving the financial and legal scenarios unfolding.
      There is so much to discuss and many folk in here are capable of rising above the tit for tat stuff.
      I don’t want anybody trying to muscle in on my territory of talking complete p@*h and winding everybody up!

      • Maggie

        but you do it so well cam 🙂
        Have a word with JohnBhoy,he can’t be allowed to leave the blog.
        You can give him a Cheeky Chappie masterclass in not walking away.
        Btw In case you were wondering cam,I’d ask JB to do the same for
        you if you decided you’d had enough.

  22. The dreaded moderation, have you no bottle Mr McConville knowing the ban hammer will once and for all show you and this selik site have lost any little morality it may have ever had, harbouring naked hatred under a cover of hypocrisy.

    Obviously you hope posters held in moderation will just stop posting, not this poster you will have to move first, there again you could always play your moderation game, whatever it is you know and I know that you don’t have the strength of conviction other than to facilitate an arena for Rangers haters, who all seem to suffer from OCD over The Rangers.

    Even on CL draw day, The Rangers is the only show in town for ra selik fhans, you couldn’t make it up and you don’t have to.

  23. JohnBhoy/Hector

    I think it is obvious that the message was aimed at JohnBhoy, Ecojon didn’t get his name wrong. In my view, better to wish in stealth on the Barcelona site than here where it cannot register with the man in question, thus vacuous.

    And spare me the ‘members of my family’ thing. I would guess that everyone on this site has been touched by this kind of illness. However, as you seem to be genuinely upset, I apologise.

    • Why is it of ant great importance where you post your best wishes for someone and “spare me the family” jibe is so condescending that you make yourself look rather heartless.As long as he means what he says then he can post it where he wants.
      ps. Many people may have been unaware now they are not on here anyway

    • dan

      Doing good ‘by stealth.’ Where have I heard that phrase before? In a place where trouser legs regularly furl, was it?

  24. COYBIG

    RE Charlie’s daily statement, brought to us today via The Scottish Sun:

    “Green added: “We have sold 37,500 season tickets and we did not put them on sale until August.

    “Now, with the goodwill — and remember no one was going to buy a ticket off me in July I was a snake oil salesman — let’s look where we are. I would assume if we have won the Third Division and got promoted into the new division, if the leagues are restructured, then we won’t sell less season tickets.

    “We reduced the price to £315 this year, but if they went up to £400 next year that is another £18m in the bank…”

    37,500? But in the Prospectus it says, “Number of season tickets sold = 35,411”

    £315? But in the Prospectus it says, “Average season ticket price = £219”

    Which, for anyone wondering, equals £7,755,009. Minus VAT and The Rangers made £6,204,007.20 from season tickets this year. In other words, The Rangers nearly made as much from season tickets as Celtic got from Swansea’s down payment of Ki’s transfer. As Charlie would say, how scary is that?

    Also, £400 x 35,411 = £14,160,400. Minus VAT and The Rangers would make £11,328,320 from season tickets next season. Not £18m as Charlie claimed.

    Another day, another statement and another example of how easy it is to rubbish Charlie’s delusions of grandeur. Well, I say easy, but it can’t be that easy because if it was, then the MSM would take him to task. Wouldn’t they?

    • The problem for Chuckles is that the more rubbish he spouts the more the rank and file bear will think everything is rosy and keep the cash in their pockets.Bottom line being he is trying to hard to paint a beautiful landscape thus shooting himself in the foot.Long may it continue

    • Clarkeng

      What I would like to know is which idiots pressed the TU button for a boring post whch only repeats others on here.
      Has naebody got anything else tae talk aboot?
      FFS nuthin you say will take anything away.
      Can you lot please try to move on.
      I know – lets all try to forget about football for a day – what would you like to talk about – no no – not stocks, or shares, or dividends either!
      We are aw sick listening to meaningless opinionated crap spurned out of bigotry.
      C’mon there must be something!
      Has anybody bought the weans something nice for Christmas?
      Have yer wives maybe got a wee special suprise for ye?
      Surely there must be something else!
      Has anyone considered the merits of a sponsored silence then?

      • COYBIG


        “We are aw sick listening to meaningless opinionated crap spurned out of bigotry.”

        Yes. We are. So why don’t you either stop and conribute to the debate or don’t log on to this site if you don’t like what you read.

        Here’s a suggestion, why don’t you sign up on Rangers Media? I’m sure you’ll find that their views on this subject make you feel happy and warm and fuzzy inside. Because that’s what you want, ain’t it? Everyone to agree with you. Sing Charlie’s praises. Pay Taxes…aw wait, Rangers didn’t do that one for a decade, so forget that one. Talk about who Ally’s going to buy with his £30m Transfer Warchest. How the young players at The Rangers are all Wonderkids because they can beat plumbers and butchers. I’m sure you’d have a great time on there. Go on, go. We’ll all be sad to see you go, so go now, don’t string it out long. Mick won’t be able to take it if you do that.

        Oh! and maybe on RM you can talk about who bought the most shares? Although if everyone on RM is to be believed, then the share issue was over subscribed by tens of millions. Not what was reported – A failure, with fans only taking up 50% of the shares they where offered.

        • Clarkeng

          Ah see you got 15 TUs.
          That must mean your post scores high on bile and bigotry.
          It can only be on content certainly not on quality.
          I have tried the sensible approach on here but the same crap keeps coming back.
          Naebody cares what you think anymore – we been numbed by the incessant sniping.
          I was having a go at changing the record – maybe you dont like my humour but that is what I have been driven too.
          Do you know anything about motors?

          • COYBIG


            “Ah see you got 15 TUs.”

            I couldn’t give a flying fuck how many TU or TD I get. But it does show your mentality that you do.

            “That must mean your post scores high on bile and bigotry.”

            I’ve posted bile and bigotry? No i’ve not. But please, give me an example of what you considered to be bile and bigotry. It would probably be a great insight on how a deluded mind works.

            “It can only be on content certainly not on quality.”

            All I wrote was that unless Charlie gets 10’s of millions per year from somewhere, even if he charged The Rangers fans £600 per season ticket, his plan of giving Ally a £30m Transfer Warchest is a load of shite. I wasn’t going for quality, just the facts. But surely you’re not stupid enough not to see that Charlie’s £30m TW doesn’t add up? Even if it did add up, which it still doesn’t by the way, why the fuck would anyone need to spend £30m to win SFL Division 2?

            “I have tried the sensible approach on here but the same crap keeps coming back.”

            You should go see a doctor for that. I think you might have a split personality. Is calling someone a bigot for no reason the sensible approach or the crap that keeps comming back?

            I’m happy to debate the subject of the blog with you and i’m happy to be proved wrong. So why don’t you try opposing someone’s view by giving reasons why they’re wrong or why you disagree? Because when all you post is, “You’re all bigots obsessed with The Rangers!”? Then all you’re doing is make yourself look like a gullible idiot.

            “Naebody cares what you think anymore – we been numbed by the incessant sniping.”

            What? Nobody on here likes me? Aw naw man, am pure pure sad noo man. Whit am a gonnae dae noo? So you’ve been numbed yet you still react to people posting? I think you need a stronger anaesthetic then.

            “I was having a go at changing the record – maybe you dont like my humour but that is what I have been driven too.”

            Changing the record to what exactly? It’s a comments page below a blog. The subject matter should be obvious. Humour? Point out your jokes for me, they must have went right over my head.

            “Do you know anything about motors?”

            No I don’t know anything about washing machine motors. You’re better off just buying a new one.

            • Clarkeng

              Now now rants dont do the blood pressure any good.
              Take deep breath.

            • COYBIG


              Fucking hell. That’s got to be one of the most feeble ‘combacks’ ever. Either that or you really need to brush up on interpretation skills.

              Wait, you couldn’t comprehend my last reply, so you most likely won’t understand the last paragraph. That was me telling you that either your patter is shite or your not very good at understanding the context that something is written in i.e. I wasn’t ranting, it didn’t even look like a rant. Therefore your reply was redundant.

              Damn it, what was I thinking? You wont be able to understand that either, will you? Ah fuck it. You’ll probably just write another nonsensical reply regardless…

      • Budweiser

        re. ‘change of subject’.
        The ‘predicted Mayan Apocalypse’ is due to start in a little under three hours from now. Given that we have already survived ‘Armageddon’ [also predicted] do you think the St. Mirren v Motherwell game should be postponed?

      • Maggie

        ….. spurned out of bigotry……
        Leaving aside the Charles Green bigoterie comment,I think
        you might mean “spawned” as to bring forth,spurned means
        rejected btw,so your phrase is meaning less.
        Ps Maybe Santa will bring you a dictionary.

        • Clarkeng

          Your are constantly catching me with my pants down.
          I will obviously have to be more carefule which finger I use.
          Some are better than others – so I have been told.
          Ah see you got 4 TUs for this.
          I want……… no………I demand to know who they are.
          Then I can put some meaning back in their lives.
          And I have asked Santa for a lot of things but a dictionary wisnae wan.
          Do you think if a posted another letter today he might bring me wan.
          Merry Christmas to you Maggie.

    • Clarkeng

      Right own up!
      Who are the idiots who pressed the TU button for this piece of meaningless opinionated crap which is only spurned from bigotry.
      Can youse no see?
      It has happened and it cannae be taken back.
      It disnae matter how many times youse try to count it – youse will still be wrang.
      FFS there must be something else tae talk aboot.
      Lets see if we can find something else.
      Naw naw – dont want to hear about stocks or shares or dividends.
      C’Moan there must be something!
      Have youse bought the weans something nice for Christmas or a cheeky wee negligee for the wife?
      Or for somebody else’s?
      I know – lets do a sponsored silence on football, finance and any other pish put on here supposedly to express a neutral opinion based on sporting integrity.
      Lets remember Christmas is really aw aboot the weans – steady!!!
      Lets get back to the spirit of the season.
      Make mines a double!!

      • Clarkeng

        How did ah dae that?
        Two posts on the same subject.
        Is somebody fiddlin aboot oan here?

      • COYBIG


        Which one of them 2 was the redraft then?

        • Clarkeng

          The second was obviously the redraft after the first dissapeared for a short period into the ether.
          But have you noticed you got 6 TUs just for asking me this?
          WTF is this all about.
          As I said before coybig I have tried the sensible approach to no avail – all this is just an attempt to change the subject hopefully to one we can all discuss without having to resort to bile just to respond in kind.
          If you dont like my humour as they say down our way “we dont care”.
          It is not aimed at the person but at the diatribe.

          • COYBIG


            I don’t know what you’re reading into the posts on here. But I can assure you my posts are not bigoted in any way. All I do is come on here, post a few posts. Engage in a bit of banter, usually with cam, it’s all a wee laugh really so stop taking it so seriously. Or am I the only person on here who thinks that way?

            I don’t know what the TU/TD things are all about. I don’t pay attention to them as they’re pointless. I suggest you do the same.

            As I said before, i’m happy to debate the subject with you. Or even talk about other things. But to me it seemed like all you where doing was trying to wind people up.

            This time I can see your attempts at humour. Just don’t plan on doing stand up any time soon tho. Ah wait, down your way you don’t care what people think, so go right ahead, book a night at the SECC. Where is down your way exactly tho? Sounds like something a cowboy would say, so i’m going to guess the deep south of Texas?

            If you think that any of my posts are anything but a wee bit of banter (some with a little bit of fact thrown in) then you are completely wrong.

            • Clarkeng

              I stand here duly corrected.
              TU or TD – I will ignore them – but I will find out who they are and they will be telt.
              You sussed correctly as I have already said about the wind up but it was to try to talk about something new.
              And you dont get where I live that easily although I have already revealed all on here – ma mammy telt me aboot speakin tae strange men!
              Finally coybig I hope you wont take offence in my banter but I had already noticed that you were throwing in only little bits of fact.
              That does not mean to say I disrespect it merely that I possibly or even probably disagree with it.
              Happy to discuss – always.

            • COYBIG


              Re TU & TD: You will ignore them but you will find out who they are and they will be telt? Is that not what they call ‘a Cheeky Chappy’ these days? It certainly looks Ally-like.

              I don’t want to know where you live and I don’t take offence to your banter. As long as you know that ‘banter’ is the context in which all my replys to you have been in.

              “throwing in only little bits of fact.
              That does not mean to say I disrespect it merely that I possibly or even probably disagree with it.”

              Could you expand on that please i.e. what is it that you disagree with? Merry Christmas!

        • Budweiser

          In the fotos do you see a striking resemblance to johan myallby and buzz?— also in buzz foto- he is pointing to ‘al’s toy barn’.

  25. mcfc

    I haven’t read the prospectus in detail – so thanks for pointing that out. If you’re going to lie you should at least not do it in a way that can be contradicted 100% by a legal document. btw – should I have received it on paper too – no sign yet.

    When Wile E. Coyote runs off a cliff, he doesn’t fall, his legs keep spinning, but he stops going forward, then he looks down quizzically, then he plummets. Walt Disney called it “The Plausible Impossible”. Where is Chico in the Plausible Impossible process? How long before he makes a Vitruvian Man shaped hole in the landscape.

    Or maybe BDO, HMRC, Nimmo-Smith etc will shrug and let things slide so Rangers can live the dream of being a micro Chelsea with tens of millions in the bank and ambitions of conquering the Champions League. Won’t Abramovich and Mansour be sick as parrots when they see Chico match their achievements with £100s of millions less.

    Don’t you just love a good cartoon !

    (reposted from Oct 30 – I just can’t think of a better analogy – he’s already managed to keep those legs spinning longer than I expected)

  26. JimBhoy

    And on a footballing front if i can be so bold… Rumour going around that Anelka is in advanced talks with Celtic.

  27. JimBhoy

    @Hector_1888 Well the rangers have 30 mill just sitting around apparently, I don’t think he would look good in an Orange shirt though. He is a bit of a mercenary but a great player….

    • COYBIG


      No you silly Bhoy. It’s only £10m Charlie’s holding in them big hands of his currently. There won’t be £30m in Charlie’s big hands until next year’s season tickets have been sold.

      Don’t worry, Charlie’s hands are that big, in July he used them to block out the sun long enough for Ally to finish the 5 bowls of ice cream he ordered for desert. He then used one of them to rub Ally’s sore tummy better.

  28. COYBIG

    A question for all The Rangers fans – Do you think it’s worth changing the name of Ibrox to ‘The Sports Direct Arena’ for the sake of £1.5m per year?

    I say £1.5m per year because Newcastle, an English Premier League team, where given £1.5m per year to rename St. James’ Park to ‘The Sports Direct Arena’. So I don’t think The Rangers, a Scottish Divsion 3 team, would get more than that.

  29. JimBhoy

    @Coybig i heard 1 mill a year, now if chico could get a 10 year deal and money up front he would bite the hands off any backer…

  30. JimBhoy

    @Carson I hear he is also in talks with Partick Thistle

  31. I wonder how many shares in sevco the MSM bought this time around

  32. mick

    well said coybig 750,000 maybe dont for get mike ashley has the shirt sales under his belt via the merchandising so his foot is well in the door maybe even shirt sponcer who knows

  33. paulsatim

    December 20, 2012 at 4:44 pm

    As I have said previously, it should be named Ashley’s Sports Direct Arena, would save a lot of time when it all finally plays out!

  34. Clarkeng

    Re. the TU’s. They vote on the writer and not the quality of the comment. The other day I posted something ridiculing Leggo and got a snowstorm of TD’s. You should also be aware, that, and Paul is not included here, this is now a Celtic posting site. Any slight utterance by Mr Green is examined from every angle, commented on, re-examined and commented on ad nauseam. Look at the statement about not joining the SPL. That has been running on here for weeks.

    I am sure Paul hoped that there would be analysis of the legal and general points made in the main posts and that does happen for about 4 comments, but then it is onto whether or not RFC are entitled to claim they won the league 54 times. That was an interesting point once, but now no one but the Celtic faithful really cares to see it still debated. And, in any case it is pointless as no matter what, RFC will claim the club’s history whether they bought it, inherited it or absorbed it by osmosis.

    And, you were looking for new topics. I wonder why the Craig Levein situation does not merit discussion. It could be because it would be difficult to shoehorn RFC and Mr Green into it.

    • John C

      Pretending newclub is still oldclub is an extremely important and pertinent discussion as long as the claim is being made, it is a thin line between sharp business practice and fraud, this case is the perfect example, don’t you agree ?

      But I do like your idea about Levein, maybe you could do a guest article, I for one would like to see what you make of it.

    • Clarkeng

      Or do you prefer Ena?
      Funny you should say that about this site I had noticed the colour changing with all the bile being spewed.
      I vaguely remember the interesting point- was that about Celtic?
      Was Fergus mentioned?
      Or Torbett the Rangers supporter?
      Personally I am surprise Paul to have allowed the site to degenerate into what it has become.
      Celtic fans should realise that for every quip there is a response and neither really promulgates that elusive dream of sporting integrity.
      But have you noticed you got 3 TUs and 11 TDs.
      Now I am confused.
      I didn’t know so many people had opinions on Craig Levein.
      What was his problem again?
      Compliments of the season to you Violet.

      • @clarkeng

        “I had noticed the colour changing with all the bile being spewed.”

        So, @alex has claimed “angst-ridden” for himself, and you “bile & bigotry.”

        And you have the nerve to talk about “changing the record”? Try finding yourself a new catchphrase, that would be a start.

    • COYBIG


      You put your left arm in
      Your left arm out
      In out, in out,
      You shake it all about
      You do the Okey-Cokey
      And you turn around
      That’s what it’s all about
      Oh, Okey-Cokey-Cokey
      Oh, Okey-Cokey-Cokey
      Oh, Okey-Cokey-Cokey
      Knees bend, arms stretch

      I thought you said you weren’t going to post on this site anymore? Hurry up and go already, Ecojon’s waiting to pop open the champagne and Cam’s dying to start chatting up Maggie but, since he’s a gentleman (aye right), he’s waiting until you’re gone. Yes, Mick will be sad about it and will probably start posting videos of love songs constantly for a week, but he’ll get over it. So I wish you good luck in all your future endeavours. Goodbye.

      • COYBIG

        Oh and incase you take it the wrong way. Incase you don’t ‘get’ my humour. I was being sarcastic. I was having a laugh. A joke. Hence the Okey-Cokey Song and the way the rest of it was written. The truth is, i’m not wishing that you leave and I won’t be celebrating if you do. Don’t take this the wrong way, but for want of better words, I don’t care what you do. Stay. Go. Or just keep issuing idle promises. Do what ever you want. Doesn’t bother me. Merry Christmas!

  35. Ah the good old this is now a Celtic site.The biggest car crash in Scottish Football so lets talk about the offside rule.Do you work for the MSM per chance as they refuse to speak about it also.Was it not silent compliance that led to this in the first place,so you would think dissection of things being “promised” should be torn apart by anyone regardless of your team of choice.

  36. Arb urns

    This octopus thing is interesting one of it’s tentacles is sponsored by ticketus.surely Sally can limp out of divs three and four at least without touching chicos war chest surely, there’s playoffs too remember.u have to feel for gers fans the number of toilet roll share certificates they are asked to buy. A pawn sandwich brigade for the prawn sandwich one !!!

  37. Budweiser

    gawd! ah didnae mean it wi thi mayan thingmy- his it happent-is thur anyboady oot theyre? hulooo—-knock knock……………………………

  38. Maggie

    A bit ungracious of you Violet,a pretty low blow having a go
    at the guys for expressing their sentiments of good will towards
    someone ( and someone so young at that ) at the lowest point in
    their life.
    I know you have “issues” with JB and eco,but your comments do
    not reflect well on you Violet.

  39. JimBhoy

    @Violet my opinion of you coming up…. You seemed to be up for a general debate a few weeks and months back but you have become very cynical poster recently…. I reiterated Paul’s sentiment recently…. you do not have to post, you can shut it….comment not required….. I am not too fussed on the money thing, I love the Celtic… Violet this is a great site for general debate imo, as Paul says all welcome… But let’s all be nice to each other in this pressured time eh? Gonna go hug the xmas tree….

  40. JimBhoy

    The mayans forgot leap years we were all deid 8 months ago

  41. nickmcguinness

    According to Private Eye (who pay big bucks for reliable legal advice) Chuckles Green and his pals paid £190,000 for 19 million RIFC PLC shares at 1p each that are now “worth” (if they can sell them fast enough) £13.3 million.
    That must make the Sevconians stupid enough to have paid 70p a share feel stupid. Very stupid.
    If only someone had warned them . . .

  42. moderation or book burning,………lol

  43. I’m not generally moved to make comments on news articles but I felt it important to correct you on a couple of points.

    “RFC became a limited company in 1899 as you say. This was done to protect the directors from personal liability arising from running the club. Later became a PLC when shares were offered to the public. The club were not bought by RFC Ltd. They BECAME RFC Ltd and then BECAME RFC PLC. The club and changing methods of ownership remained one entity with one company number at companies house. This single company is now in the process of liquidation.”

    You are correct that by creating a limited company the directors are effectively “ring-fencing” themselves from claims by creditors in the event that the company becomes insolvent. However this also works in reverse, in as much as the assets, whilst owned are held separate from the company. Assets are “used” to generate a profit for the company. If these assets are mismanaged then they do not generate a sufficient profit and the company becomes in solvent. However in this case the assets remain for the benefit of creditors or whosoever takes over the management of these assets. In the case of Rangers the assets are the stadium, the players, the brand and the goodwill which would include Rangers history, as without this there is no goodwill. You can’t argue therefore that the Rangers “BECAME” anything as a result of the change in the company. The assets have always been the same. In other words, the Stadium, the players, the brand and the loyalty of the support are the assets that are “used” to generate a profit and cash flow for the company. These never die.

    The “assets” as you know do not have a number at Companies house because they are not a Company.

    “Perhaps Empire can explain why the SFA had to TRANSFER the membership. Surely if it’s the same club there would have been no need to transfer membership.”

    I’m not sure how this is an argument for a loss of history. If the SFA had to “ISSUE” a new membership to Rangers then you might have a point. A transfer, e.g. Home Ownership, Share Holding, etc. implies the continuation of the underlying asset, not the creation of a new one.

    I think the struggle here is the conflation of ownership with existence. Clearly Rangers like any club has had many owners over its 140 year history. However these people move on (they die, they become insolvent) however the Club (not the company) remains in perpetuity, i.e. exists, for as long as it fulfils its purpose which is the provision of sports entertainment.

    Do have a jolly good day…….in moderation of course …lol

    • Clarkeng

      Alex you are wasting your breath never mind your wee fingers typing away something like this.
      The sporting integrals amongst us have what they think is a superior view which must be forced down our necks and we should just be silent and listen.
      Naw …….don’t think so!!!
      There was no reasoned argument for treating Rangers the way they did remember they had to re-invent rules to try to fit the situation to their interpretation.
      Peter Liewell (later to become Pontius after his involvement was exposed) was b.w deep in it all.
      Moderation only exists in their eyes if you support their point of view.

    • Clarkeng

      I did post a response on here – which I may add was not too bad in terms of what has been allowed on here previously, and was intended to be of some humour even if only to us, however I was notified it was “under moderation”.
      The censor polis est arrivee!!!
      Moderation is the new word for deletion – no?
      Naw ah didnae think that either!!
      Hey Ho like most of the crap on here it wisnae that important but begs the question – what happened to sporting integrity?
      Does it only exist in the SPL?

      • COYBIG


        I think you’re being unfair in judging the ‘sporting integrity’ of this site based on the current SPL. The sporting integrity level of the SPL has been significantly higher since the start of this season. But I guess that’s what happens after a Club that cheated for at least a decade is liquidated and therefore extinct and no longer competing in the league.

        • Clarkeng

          There you go again.
          Too much banter not enough fact.
          Lets not compete for the silliest response – I concede.
          BTW it wisnae a washin machine motor ah wis askin aboot.
          They get ma heid aw in a spin.

          • COYBIG


            So there wasn’t a Club in the SPL that cheated for a decade? Hmm…if you say so. That’s an example of banter and fiction.

            Don’t be so modest, you clearly won hands down, fair and square. Congratulations! Your the new ‘Silliest Response’ Champion!

            I know it wasn’t a washing machine motor. It was an attempt at humour…ah well. Merry Christmas!

    • Arb urns

      Was Chico wrong therefore to boycott lns enquiry? On the subject of boycotting ,the dufc cup tie ,does this include any replay and will rangers share of any gate money at a replay be going to said charities?

    • John C

      A wee point of interest,
      The club were responsible for player remuneration and thus tax, the club failed to honour these responsibilities and are now in liquidation as a result, the assets have been sold to a new entity.

      • COYBIG

        @John C

        It’s even more simple than that.

        If the ‘Club’ is still the same ‘Club’ that won all them leagues and cups, then why would Charlie need to ‘buy them’ off of the ‘Oldco’?

        By ‘buying’ said leagues and cups off of the ‘Oldco’ what he’s impying is that it was the ‘Oldco’ that won them and not the ‘Club’.

        And since the ‘Oldco’ is the entity that’s been liquidated, the history can’t be added too. Even if you ‘buy’ it.

        It’s just like if you or I bought a World Cup winners medal, it wouldn’t mean we actually won the World Cup. And if you or I ever did go on to win the World Cup, we would be 1 time World Cup winners, not 2 times World Cup Winners.

        What I mean is that Ranger history is not wiped from the history books. But the 54 titles (currently) cannot be added to. In other words, if The Rangers won SFL Division 3 this season, it would be their first ever trophy. And if they ever won the SPL, it would be their first time doing so. Or as some like to phrase it, it would be 1 and counting.

  44. charliedon

    Hi everyone, I’ve been missing for a couple of days, too busy. I’m just catching up on all the posts now and couldn’t help noticing our resident “Heart of Midlothian supporter” Violet still pompously talking down to us all, coming on to post how crap the blog is while bizarrely name checking alex at every opportunity. I’m actually beginning to wonder if Violet is a heavily disguised Jabba with an agenda to undermine Paul’s blog. If so, it’s not working!

    Anyway, I’m off to exotic climes for a couple of weeks so I probably won’t get on here. Therefore I’d like to take this opportunity to wish Paul and all the regular posters a very merry Christmas and best wishes for the new year. I’ve found Paul’s blog and many of the associated posts interesting, entertaining and educational since I happened on it earlier in the year and long may it continue. I’m also looking forward to the publication of Paul’s book, if it’s still in the pipeline. I’ll certainly be buying it and hoping that Paul can get some material payback for all the effort that goes into this blog. I haven’t bought Downfall simply because I prefer to wait for Paul’s book.

  45. Clarkeng

    Likewise charlie I concur – except in your comments re Violet.
    I am also off to sunnier climes and will celebrate Christmas, New Year and the festival of the Three Kings in a balmy Tenerife.
    In the light of other posters ( some of whom may well be mayans or their descendants ) predictions failing so miserably on here I would like to take this opportunity to stick my neck out and give you my predictions for next year :-
    1.) An heir to the throne of Great Britain and Northern Ireland will be born.
    2.) Rangers will win SFL Div 3 and progress to SFL Div 2.
    3.) Celtic will not play at Wembley or win the Champions League.
    Aaaaand last but not least –
    4.) Violet will give you a right oatmeal stuffing for your comments!!
    My predictions are all only my opinions and should not be construed in any way shape or form as being a wish list.
    And all you TUs and TDs out there please note there is no bigotry in any phrase, sentence or other construction of this post.
    Lets see if any of you can do the same.

    • charliedon

      Very good, I think you’re staying on very safe ground with bets 1-3 but backing on very long odds indeed with number 4! I’ve tried a few times to delve into what’s going on in Violet’s head but she(?) just ignores me or makes a snide comment sometime later.
      Anyway enjoy your sunny Christmas, as I hope to, and we can re-engage in the new year.

      • Clarkeng

        Charlie – you too. Have a great time and come back refreshed.
        I think the re-engagements could be just as fraught across the site.
        We reasonable types might be needed.
        And of course the bets are very safe – I have always maintained although few on here have listened that predictions should be based on fact, possibility and probability – and never merely on what one would wish to see happen.
        Violet is that you pressin the TD button?
        Don’t be like that – Charlie is a fine loon who can converse without rancour.
        I will even it up by pressing the TU.
        Peace and goodwill to all men.

    • @clarkeng

      “there is no bigotry in any phrase, sentence or other construction of this post.
      Lets see if any of you can do the same.”

      You’ve obviously not been paying attention, happens every day.

      To paraphrase a well-worn old saying “Bile & bigotry is in the eye of the beholder.”

  46. Arb urns

    Where is Adam when u need him. Did he really pay 70 times more than Chico for each one of his shares. Surely not!!! Also does it really take c 20 Adams to keep Chico in wages for a week. Surely not !!!!!

  47. tykebhoy

    I see those that don’t do irony are out in force.

    Its interesting that a certain someone should mention sporting integrity

    Its interesting for a site that is supposedly so heavily censored and moderated to be full of so many posts from those actually claiming that it is heavily censored and moderated..

    It’s interesting to see how many people who don’t like the content of the blogs or more specifically the comments regularly read the blog and then post comments about how bad it is but rarely if ever have anything other to offer, other than bleating about pre-moderation.

    Its interesting that people who are always bleating about being thumbs downed are surprised that most of their bleatings get a thumbs down especially when they very rarely or never contribute anything constructive.

    May, I make a suggestion to those bleating about the content. Don’t read it unless you are being paid to do so.

    Also a suggestion for those bleating about being pre-moderated. If you truly are in pre-moderation then stop bleating about it, stop posting your whataboutery and criticisms of the blogs owner for censorship and post something constructive (cut and pastes with your own bleat about moderation thrown in at the end don’t count). Do that and Paul may consider taking you out of pre-moderation if as I say he put you in it because I suspect its just another of the tacks being taken to discredit the site

    • Clarkeng

      All very interesting.
      But can I tell you what to do with your suggestion.
      Maybe not – I dont do moderation happily.
      Just remember freedom of speech is not just for xmas.
      And one mans opinion is another mans excuse to laugh in the face of self rightousness.

  48. tykebhoy

    Now I know why there is so much bleating. The M word gets your post put into the M word. Nice one Paul 🙂

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