If the Comments Here are Getting You Riled, Consider Haudin’ Yer Wheesht for a Wee While

A few folk got a bit fractious, and indeed contentious, over the weekend here. This resulted in some commenters being peeved, if not miffed.

I have said what I’m going to say before, but will reiterate it.

I credit the popularity of the blog to the wide range of contributors we have. This is good for debate under the thesis/antithesis/synthesis principle. Long may that continue! The different views of and comments on the prospectus were indicative of how useful a site like this can be.

As the thumbs issue seemed to generate its own arguments, I offered the poll in the post below. The majority want them to stay, so stay they will. But if thumbs up or down offend you, don’t look at them! You’re all adults (well apart from you … [Name deleted]).

As for comment threads becoming discouraging to read through…

One of the problems with RTC and TSFM is that posts were infrequent, so comment threads grew and grew.

I like writing so try to post daily or more, helped by those kind enough to contribute guest posts. This helps break the comments up, though can disrupt a conversation.

I don’t want to run a message board and I don’t see the point of registration of users. I have never banned any commenter, and occasionally (3 times) have put all comments by a poster into moderation. Very few comments are either unapproved or deleted. I trust my readers to behave, as most do most of the time. If you feel very strongly about an issue or comment, feel free to frame a guest post.

I will also look to using more comments as the basis for posts, or even as guest posts in their entirety which I trust won’t annoy anyone.

So we will keep going as we are, trying to show respect to each other. If you are getting wound up by another commenter, or by me, then maybe have a quiet few minutes to calm down?


Unlike other sites, this one is not out to change the world, or hold others to account. It is simply a place for me and others to write about interesting things.

I don’t like to see people commenting that they are less likely to read because of the tone so let’s not have that.

And now back to your regularly scheduled legalistic nit-picking and pedantry…

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422 responses to “If the Comments Here are Getting You Riled, Consider Haudin’ Yer Wheesht for a Wee While

  1. John C

    So your saying it is acceptable then

    • cam

      If my employer tried it with me i may not be a happy chappie but i’m not gonna be attending funeral services like that one in this lifetime,,or the next.
      For clarification same applies to any politically active Gers player past or present.
      He is a representative of CFC and they in my opinion have handled this very well.I did state at the time that it was being handled in house by the very astute Mr Lawwell.
      Lets us please keep both sides of that conflict out of fitba,,,

      • John C

        Without the histrionics, you would object to your employer imposing their politics.
        Thank you, that was all I asked, regardless of the motive for such intervention, it was wrong.

        Can you offer any reason why such an emotive and polarising story would take almost four months to be published ?

        • cam

          To stir up rivalries unwisely,to sell newspapers,and pursue journalistic agendas?
          Any, or all those can be selected.
          If you feel strongly about it then contacting CFC may be a good option.If you’re a CFC fan then a one match boycott could register your protest.

          • John C

            In the current climate, I like you would consider it dangerous incitement similar to that perpetrated against Neil Lennon and quite a few others not a million years ago.

            • cam

              In the PR game which is now seemingly being waged daily,then CFC can get ahead of the game by clearly disassociating themselves from terrorism and emphasising that they are just a fitba team with a socialist ethos.
              Its a good move by Lenny and CFC.
              Isolate the nutters and keep them away from the terraces.
              Well done Celtic.

            • Adam

              Can you explain what was dangerous incitement John ? And im asking genuinely.

        • Adam

          Think ive lost i 🙂 Which story took 4 months to be published ?

          • Adam

            “lost it” even 🙂

          • cam

            I’m taking it John means this all happened months ago?
            I haven’t a clue when it happened as its a little storm in a wee chipped tea cup that Stokesy must have picked up at a car booty.

            • John C

              Exactly, from what I understand it happened months ago, a decision was taken at editorial level to sit on it until now.
              It was not too long ago Stokes house was attacked by a mob, the only motive for the sudden interest IMO is to vilify and create another victim for the mob, it is becoming a standard strategy to create news.
              No doubt after he is assaulted and receives a few bombs and bullets in the post it will be his own fault. And the press can do a pontious pilate again, it’s no our fault there are extremists looking for targets but we don’t mind loading the bullets.

            • Adam

              “Exactly, from what I understand it happened months ago, a decision was taken at editorial level to sit on it until now.”

              Rather than dangerous incitement, i would say thats a dangerous accusation. The fundraiser happened in November and nobody knew about it until an Irish female journalist wrote about it then immediately received death threats which was no more than 2 weeks ago.

  2. John C

    “Can you explain what was dangerous incitement John ? And im asking genuinely.”
    The vilification of Neil Lennon was orchestrated by the press, which turned out to be very dangerous incitement.
    Looks to me like they have found his replacement.

    • cam

      John,i’m going to sleep.I’m not happy with you.
      You have induced an outbreak of rational thought upon me and i have ran out of flippant,childish remarks.
      I think the boy should just play fitba,keep his head down, look after his family and enjoy earning lots of money while he can.

  3. John C

    Celtic do not have a socialist ethos, a fair amount of supporters may but the board certainly do not, in fact that is one of the reasons the Green Brigade are being harassed, because of their socialist ethos.
    I must admit I find it strange that you raise politics as acceptable yet demand extreme political activism is not.
    I should make it clear I do not support any of the extremists in Ulster, simply because there has been an agreement in place which needs to be encouraged.
    As for the nutters, from what I understand the only nutters are in uniform harassing the support.

  4. John C

    where are you getting your information from ?

  5. John C

    how very dare you leave without a derisory dig, get back here and lash out 😮

  6. Allfanstogether

    Agree completely.

  7. Allfanstogether

    My recent comment 4.22pm was to cover your 10.15am statement

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