Walter Smith – Schrodinger’s Director of Rangers?

Rangers Official Website – 11th November 2012

“The Rangers Football Club today announced the appointment of two non-executive directors to the Club’s board of directors.

Former Manager Walter Smith and Ian Hart take their place on the board of directors with immediate effect.

Walter Smith commented: “It is a great privilege to serve the Club that means so much to me in the capacity of non-executive director.

“Serious constructive efforts are being made to rebuild Rangers after a very difficult period in the Club’s history and if I can play a part helping that process, I am willing to do so. Apart from being a former manager of the Club, I am first and foremost a supporter and am no different from the many thousands of other Rangers fans who have shown they’re willing to do what they can to ensure Rangers rises again.

“I must make it clear, however, that I will not be playing any role in the day-to-day running of the Club or the team.  It’s the manager’s job to run the team and the chief executive’s job to run the Club’s affairs. The role I will fulfil is to bring my experience of Rangers and football in general to the board table and that is what I will do.

“The people who purchased the Club have shown over the last few months they are serious in their intentions to rebuild Rangers and I am happy, as many other fans have done, to lend my support.”


Rangers Official Website – 7th December 2012

WALTER SMITH will officially rejoin Rangers when he takes a non-executive director role when the share issue is completed later this month.

The legendary former manager revealed he was coming back two weeks ago – along with businessman Ian Hart – after buying into Charles Green’s vision for the recovery of the club.


So he became a director WITH IMMEDIATE EFFCET as was announced on 11th November.

Today he will become a director later this month.

He revealed he was coming back two weeks ago – 23rd November?

Did I imagine what teh Rangers website said on 11th November?

Maybe Adam, who has his finger on the pulse it seems, can tell us how immediate effect in November means end of December?

Rangers just can’t get enough of these odd moments, can they?

And I thought I would check by clicking here – the Official Rangers Website page for “Chairman and Board”.

Guess what?

RFC Board

I am confused.

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64 responses to “Walter Smith – Schrodinger’s Director of Rangers?

  1. Grant

    I agree that what Green says sometimes is not followed through, however could it simply be that the date of teh appointment has changed?

    • Adam

      Yes. It could be something as simple as that.

      • So why did no one mention it?

        And as the Record quotes today:- “The man Rangers chief Charles Green appointed a non-executive director of the club last month surveys Scottish football’s troubled landscape and has serious concerns whether our game will ever recover stability.”

        It is not a huge issue, but what happened is not what Rangers announced HAD HAPPENED.

        And what about the blank page for Chairman and Board? Nothing illegal in that, but why has it been blank for so long (as it has been)?

        And Adam, is Mr Ahmad still a director or not, and if so, which of the group of companies is he a director of?


        • Adam

          The official site got it wrong a few weeks ago. Nothing sinister in it, they just jumped the gun with what they said. Todays piece clarifies the position as i stated earlier this morning Paul.

          As you say though, not a huge issue. In fact, its not even an issue at all.

          • ecojon


            Lies are never an issue to liars – they just make up new ones and carry on lying. It would appear to be the Rangers’ Way if adam is anything to go by.

            Wonder how he know the official site got it wrong – is there an announcement anywhere of does adam work for or advise Rangers. Let’s not forget the duff info he fed to RTC offline.

            • Adam

              They got it wrong because they never became Directors 2 weeks ago.

              It really is that simple. For a guy that likes to write a lot of paragraphs, you demonstrate a lack of finding the easiest answer to your issues with a club in the 3rd division.

            • Adam

              As for the duff info, and i may search back if you deny this, im pretty sure when i started posting on here, you appeared to not know me from my days at RTC. Am i correct on that ?

              Relating specifically to the duff info. Its convenient that people only remember the one part. RTC was on record many times regarding stuff we had discussed, none of which was personal or breach of DPA and the more reasoned people including RTC accepted that getting duff info was part and parcel of the game when you are speaking to certain people.

              Nobody remembers me predicting the administration in February. Nobody remembers me being 100% right all along about Craig Whyte and many of the issues surrounding him. Its convenient to forget all of the right stuff just to have a go at the bad stuff.

              now tell me, why did you write to companies house the other day about Walter Smith when today you are trying to get people to believe you knew his legal status all along. A quick answer will defuse this embarrassing episode for you.

        • Grant

          Are they not mentioning it here?

          Rangers Official Website – 7th December 2012

          WALTER SMITH will officially rejoin Rangers when he takes a non-executive director role when the share issue is completed later this month.

      • ecojon

        @ ADAM

        Could be that you are just a LIAR & MANIPULATOR & CHICO APOLOGIST

      • ecojon

        @ adam

        It’s simply yet another lie!

      • ecojon


        it’s just a simple as yet another lie

  2. Macduff

    Don’t worry, Big Jim Traynor will soon sort out any PR faux pas.

  3. cam

    Simples,Wattie took up his position with immediate effect as NED of Rangers International plc,org .uk.His first posting in the Turks and Caicos involved swallying a few Margaritas and then jetting off to speak to Mike Ashley and getting some new fleeces for the winter.
    By tactical delaying of form filling and the vagaries of HM’s Royal Mail his position as NED of Sevco Universal was leaked in an attempt to smoke out the Ibrox mole.
    His current tenure as NED of the Mighty Glasgow The Rangers Holding Company is ratified forthwith to clear up any confusion pre boycott.
    Hope this helps

    posted by cam on the top deck of the bus hiding from rampaging hordes.

    • Steven brennan

      Is it just being juvenile to think “ned of rangers” is funny

      • cam

        Yes! join my club.

        • Steven brennan

          I called the neds at Alloa to see if they had been paid by the neds of rangers yet, unable to confirm or deny??
          Would the refusal of chico to take tickets have anything to do with being asked to pay up front???
          Nae pressies fae Santa

      • Maggie

        @Steven Brennan
        Not juvenile at all Steven,I had to pause to think for a second
        when eco used the abbreviation on the previous post.
        I thought maybe Andy Goram and Barry Ferguson were
        about to be offered a seat on the Sevco board.

      • ecojon

        @ Steven brennan

        Gawd where to start. NED means Non Executive Director got it? It is the common term in use and only people who constantly think that everyone is having a go at them would react like you.

        • Steven brennan

          Chill out !!
          Just having a wee juvenile laugh at the use of “ned”
          And it appears you may have a wee complex.
          Just beat killy 3-1
          And Broony was a star

  4. cam

    Imran Ahmed is currently considering a position on Tommy Golds radio show.A joint project involving he and mick doing a live rave at Rothesay pier is nearing completion.
    CalMac ferries at working on the logistics of zombie transportation and all proceeds will be sent to Mr Thompson.

  5. Joseph

    They lie to their teeth . . . they are good at it. It’s their business!

  6. paulsatim

    As pointed out by poster, madeirabhoy on CM, they chuck and walt dont seem to be on t’same page……….

    is walter lying or is charlie lying?
    one of them clearly is….


    “It has been decided by the board that any proceeds from gate receipts due to the club will be donated to the Prince and Princess of Wales Hospice Brick by Brick Appeal and Erskine charities via the Rangers Charity Foundation.”

    With the SFA backing Gers, Smith added: “We are not going to go up there and play for nothing, are we? It is the Scottish Cup.

    • Adam

      Neither of them are lying. They arent playing for nothing. Walter is right. What they make for playing will be donated to charity. Charles is right.

      Surely it is everyones right to pay income to charity should they wish ?

    • ecojon


      I would say it’s tattered cardigan’s legal duty as a NED to make sure that the money invested by shareholders is protected by the maximisation of profits.

      I confidently expect cardigan will call for a return to the SPL and no more boycotts on a shared gate when he becomes a NED although perhaps he already is one 🙂

  7. mcfc

    SFA take note

    FA Cup: Bradford City kicked out after Curtis Good mix-up

  8. ecojon


    This is a beautiful example of the deliberate lies and mis-information that the chico apologists use to try and attack people on this site who try to present a balanced picture. It shows that not one word they use can be trusted unless independently checked.

    Adam posted that I was deluded in thinking that cardigan was actually in-post as a Rangers NED. I responded that he was lying as usual.

    He then replied very selectively with the obvious intention of deceiving posters on this site:
    Adam December 7, 2012 at 11:03 am
    Me. A liar. Really 🙂 You knew Walters current status. Strange then that only 2 days ago you wrote this.
    “ecojon December 5, 2012 at 10:16 am
    @ Charliedon
    Just checked Companies House – he is not listed as a director on The Rangers Football Club Ltd. I’ll drop them a line and query it as I think any directorship changes have to be notified to them I think within 15 day or it might be 30 but I’ll ak them.”
    Hoisted by your own petard methinks. Quite embarrassing.
    What he did was ignore the actual exchange with @charliedon which shows the TRUTH of what was said but as we all know The Truth and Rangers do not sit well together. Adam is a LIAR and MANIPULATOR and a I said when he first appeared: WELL WORTH THE WATCHING! Of course perhap he i just an idiot and that wouldn’t surprise me either.
    December 5, 2012 at 8:37 am

    You alway have to distinguish chico-speak from reality. Cardigan is meant to be a non-exec director on the Plc Board after the AIM Flotation and is not, a far as I or Companies House know, a member of the current ‘The Rangers Football Club Ltd’.

    December 5, 2012 at 9:16 am
    A couple of recent press quotes, the 2nd one is dated 12th Nov.

    “Walter Smith becomes non-executive director at Rangers
    Walter Smith has returned to Ibrox as a director of Rangers.”

    “Smith, who will take up his new role with immediate effect, said: “It is a great privilege to serve the club that means so much to me in the capacity of non-executive director.”

    December 5, 2012 at 10:16 am
    @ Charliedon

    Just checked Companies House – he is not listed as a director on The Rangers Football Club Ltd. I’ll drop them a line and query it as I think any directorship changes have to be notified to them I think within 15 day or it might be 30 but I’ll ak them.

    • Adam

      🙂 Very excitable today. Answer me this. What were you going to check with Companies House 2 days ago ? From the above, it clearly reads to me that you were going to check why the directorship change hadnt been notified.

      Am i wrong ?

      • cam

        First time i’ve seen Eco shouting,Adam you’ve been a naughty boy!

      • ecojon

        @ adam

        Oh so I am now to reveal the worldwide Celtic conspiracy to destroy Rangers – now coordinated from Rome via twitter – to a Celtic hater and Ranger’s LIAR.

        Dream On 🙂

        • Adam

          A bit of a non reply and clearly you are flustered with the state of your replies above. People will see through the shouting and accusations because what you wrote is in black and white. You said you were writing to Companies house 2 days ago. I called you out on it today. So tell us all, what did you ask when you wrote to Companies House on Wednesday ?

          • ecojon

            You are a liar and a twister – you know it and so does anyone who reads what was actually said. My reply may well be ‘a bit of a non-reply’ but unlike the repleis you give which are lies – mine’s is the truth. That’s the difference and I have totally exposed you on the cheap little tunt you tried to pull.

            Chico will be booting your erse when he get a hold of you 🙂

            I don’t need to anwer or defend myself to cheats like yourself – Companies House will decide what it i going to do following my communication and, in due course, you may discover through your Rangers contacts what happens or doesn’t.

            As to calling me out – well I will allow myself a quiet smile at that one.

            • Adam

              So you did write to Companies House. So lets go back to what i wrote.

              “I hear Companies House have been inundated by emails and letters demanding to know why Walter Smith hasnt been registered as a non exec director on their website, including one from ecojon.

              Im not sure if they have replied yet but i can tell you that he will not officially take the position until after the share issue,hence no registration to date.”

              You called me a liar. Which part is the lie that you have taken extreme offence to exactly ?

  9. Project Walliams

    At least T’rangers have been consistent on the publication of the Prospectus. End of October then end of November now end of December. That’s consistency. As I understand it now the Prospectus will be published at the end of this week and the offer closed barely a week later. Is that normal procedure? Or are we not allowed to talk about it?

  10. cam

    My final thought on the boycott.

    In Chinese martial arts an opponents force can be used against him.

    Imagine the tv cameras panning across to the Rangers end and revealing a rainbow nation of SPL clubs fans grouping together to defeat the evil plottings of the Gers.
    The SFA could fund this by using the cash that oldco,sevco,whacko or whateverco were due under UEFA guidelines.
    If the morally outraged need any more grand ideas in defeating masonic skullduggery drop me a line at

    • cam

      And if Eco clicks on that company and checks with Companies House he will find that Wattie is listed as a consultant.
      His talent for bringing things back from the dead will be useful in Zombieland.

      • cam

        The thought of Eco with 4 laptops frantically assaulting web servers worldwide whilst his pipe is smouldering away untouched due to the rage virus has this campainer(yup) clutching his sides in laughter!

    • dan

      Bam! Excellent solution to the boycott nonsense. But too late in promoting it. I already intended joining some Dundee pals in occupying the Sevco end—I understand quite a few Dundonians are. Obviously if my money had been going to Chico Verde that would have been a no no. But since it’s going to charity? As I said, the ‘rainbow coalition’ against Sevco is a great idea. Plus, you get to see them receiving the mare of all horseings! Roll on that tie.

  11. Vega

    There’s really not much to see here, but as usual what there is is highly amusing!

  12. could it be that the legal eagles are debriefing the directors as to what their legal “responsibilities” actually are when they take up a directorship, and as such, sir wally is happy to be a director – unless the legal eagles find something in the small print that frightens the daylights out of sir wally.

    i read somewhere that non-ex director doesn’t get paid, is that correct?
    [maybe he is in line for 10 pieces of sil – erm – shares ]?

    as for the rest of what they say. it is of no concern to the hoardes. they swallow it without question, whether it makes sense or not.

    chuckles – pre cva…
    “why would dave king not want a cva. why would a real supporter, not want a cva, because without a cva, the club dies.”

    chuckles – after cva failed…
    “we’ve bout the assets of the club, including the history. we are still rangers and we have not died, the traditions will continue as a newco.”

    richard gough – during the liquidation
    ” it is not the same rangers, rangers died”

    richard gough – this week
    ” anyone who says that rangers died and it is now a different team, clearly don’t understand, that it is the same rangers and i look forward to celebrating the 140 years at ibrox”.


    is a post from TSFM, which simplifies it for them and the msm “journalists”
    – – – – – – – – – – – – – – –

    willmacufree says:

    Friday, December 7, 2012 at 09.09

    Auldheid (@Auldheid) says: Friday, December 7, 2012 at 00:21

    “Rangers men seem always certain on the rules but when it comes to the principles and moral values such rules were intended to convey, they appear to have lost their way.”

    That sums it up exactly. How can they find their way back? They, including associates in SFA, SPL. SFL, UEFA etc., need to start with an admission that they’ve misread the map at some point, and go from there. I believe the rest of football is ready to accept that.

    • ecojon

      @ jimlarkin

      Well chico did state that the NEDS wouldn’t have Rangers shares as he wanted totally impartial people on the Board.

      But somewhere in my brain I have a memory trace of chico stating that he would never have shares in Rangers – he couldn’t have said that could he? How many shares does he have now – is it 5 million.

      Hope he paid the same for them as the ordinary Bears are expected to pay 🙂

      • redetin

        When talking about paying for shares, always remember that most people have their money tied up in good investment opportunities, rather than held as hard cash.
        So in these circles, shares are issued for “convertible loan notes” and other such instruments that can be turned into shares if such and such happens. At some point they may want to sell their shares at a loss to offset a capital gain elsewhere.
        It is the ordinary punter who does throw in his hard earned cash that will pay for all this. And the latter is unlikely to be seeing a tax benefit.
        But most people wouldn’t let themselves be duped again, would they?

        • ecojon

          @ redetin

          I would normally agree with you on this as what you describe is a normal practice.

          But what appear to have made this different is the statement of Imran Ahmad where he stated that 22.6 million shares had been paid for and issued to the members of the original conortium.

          Now paid for and issued and indeed ‘shares’ have particular meaning which someone with Mr Ahmad’s highly experienced background would be expected to know and use correctly.

          On 4 December ‘The Rangers Football Club Ltd’ reported to Companies House that on 29 May the board had agreed to a Resolution sub-dividing the 2 x £1 subscriber shares into 200 x 1p shares.

          They also passed a resolution allowing up to £100,000,000 to be issued in shares. It may well be that the 22.6 million shares already mentioned are part of that but have not yet been reported to Companie House although they would appear not to have met the required time period for this just like they ignored the time period for the 29 May shareholding change.

          • redetin

            “22.6 million shares had been paid for and issued”
            Loan notes are a form of payment, it’s just that the payment can be deferred.

      • Budweiser

        Yes he did say that.

    • dan

      I think these quotes should be saved for the future—if Sevco even has one. There has been many a volte face by ‘Rangers Men’ on this issue. But the rest of us know they are deceased.

  13. oops, sorry, the post i should have copied, is now attached here –

    corsicacharity says:

    Friday, December 7, 2012

    How thick are these people?

    Four men “had a dream” and started a football club in the same way that you or I might start a Sunday league team. At that point in time, it was an unincorporated association just like your Sunday League team. In line with standard business practice and regulations, when the club became big enough, it incorporated as a limited liability company (principally to protect the directors and enable it to issue shares to allow it to grow further). In later years, it became a plc to allow shares to be traded on open market and (ostensibly) to allow it to grow further. In 2012, that same club went into administration and is being liquidated as no CVA could be agreed to allow it to continue in existence.

    It is so simple, it’s O’Grsde Business Studies. I do not expect any Rangers fan to accept this because of their emotional attachment (and general head in the sand attitude) but surely journalists can accept it and present basic facts…

    • cam

      A fellow rioter shouted to me as i was carrying a 50″ plasma onto the bus that the wee bugger paid off his lawyers with photo copies of Arsenal shares.
      I berated this chap and said that that was a scurrilous accusation and completely untrue.I own all the photocopies!

  14. “Serious constructive efforts are being made to rebuild Rangers after a very difficult period in the Club’s history and if I can play a part helping that process, I am willing to do so.”…so says Walter Smith

    The first 3 months of any new business is indeed difficult and it’s nice to see Walter lending a hand.

    On another note – is all the name calling on here nowadays absolutely necessary?

    • ecojon

      @ Althetim

      Depends IMHO whether the person has a history of telling lies and manipulation and then selectively licks and twists something I have posted to prove it means the opposite. In my book what I have said isn’t name calling but the truth and people need to be aware of what some posters on here are up to in their zeal to prove Rangers are always right even when they’re wrong.

      • Adam

        I have no history of lying. You have made that up in your head. I never even lied today. I made a tongue in cheek post(if anyone actually believes that someone from Companies House told me that someone called ecojon wrote in, they need their head seen to) because what you said today contradicted what you said 2 days ago.

        You are now trying to cover up your embarrassment by spamming the board calling me a liar but people are seeing through it im afraid.

        So please, as you told me the other day, have a laugh and either tell us why you wrote to Companies House or confirm that you didnt follow through on your word.

  15. Pingback: Adam Answers the Walter Smith Mystery – The Rangers Website Got it Wrong! | Random Thoughts Re Scots Law by Paul McConville

  16. Carl Le Fong

    Let’s face it – the Rangers brand and the truth have never been ‘close friends’

  17. iain

    eco seems rather jumpy today.

    Maybe he thinks he has met his intellectual match and is getting worried?

    As for liars???? Lets here about all the fans who didn’t know there way to Ibrox again eco! 🙂

    Anyway….here’s a thing I’ve always wondered about our friend eco….
    He’s a captain of industry, he has numerous contacts in business and the press, he spends all day on this site, well in between reading a huge range of Rangers forums for the inside story on the turmoil between the decent and bad Rangers fans, he finds every single article relating to Rangers in any shape or form and posts it here…..first, he keeps a watchful eye here for agents of Green posting and reports when he finds an infidel, he produces the best “guest posts” you are ever likely to read, he keeps up to date with all the goings on at companies house AND he manages to be a friend and confident of numerous “decent” Rangers fans (often bringing their concerns here when they are too scared to repeat them in Rangers company)!


    • cam

      The very definition of the obsessive,,,it is very scary.

    • dan

      I don’t know how he does it, but Im glad he does, as his posts are seldom less than excellent–and if they were not so good you wouldn’t be on here griping about him. So there Iain—-you’re not that Iain are you?

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