New Rangers Plc Director Linked to Harper MacLeod – Exclusive Revelation by Ecojon

In a move that will stun “Conspiracy Bears” the newest Rangers director Laurence Lumb has links to Harper MacLeod which has long been viewed as the handmaiden of Nemesis by the Ibrox Faithful.

Of course the crazed fantasy web of conspiracy spun by Rangers supporters has meant that anyone with even a tenuous connection to the Glasgow Law Firm is viewed by blue fanatics as an enemy and person of interest and subjected to vile abuse.

Laurence Lumb is the brand-new director of ‘Rangers Football Plc’ which was incorporated on 16 November 2012.  He is a partner at Field Fisher Waterhouse LLP based at Vine Street, in London, and also a director of FFW Secretaries Ltd, of the same address – listed as director and secretary to the new Rangers Plc.

He is a partner in the firm’s corporate group and his practice covers mergers & acquisitions, joint ventures, restructurings and corporate finance. He has, according to his firm’s website, acted for many clients on the various stages of their financing, from raising start-up capital to venture capital funding. In addition, he advises clients in insolvency-related situations, including advice to directors on their duties and responsibilities.

People who have viewed Mr Lumb’s Linkedin profile have also viewed entries of a Harper MacLeod partner and also a senior employee of the firm. But what will interest those seeking any kind of link to the SPL (Nemesis) is his links to two Harper MacLeod groups.

Harper Macleod has a strong reputation and considerable experience in dealing with high growth companies and helping them to grow into successful businesses and their High Growth Group aims to share insights, encourage discussion and increase awareness and understanding of the issues and challenges facing high growth companies.

We all know the challenges and difficulties which lie ahead for newco Plc Rangers and it’s really good news to know that a top Scottish legal firm’s expertise could be right at the heart of the thinking of the new Rangers director.

Yet another Rangers entity!

Mr Lumb also has a link to Harper Macleod’s Family-Owned Business Sector Group and as Rangers really is such a ‘family’ I feel sure the Harper Macleod acknowledged expertise in that field coupled with the unique issues such businesses can face could also be invaluable to the new Plc director especially with the spats within the ‘family’ over share purchase and fan directorships. That might be beyond Harper MacLeod’s expertise though as I don’t know if they do marital splits and reconciliation work.

But it’s generally really great news for Rangers supporters that their main man in the new Plc could have a trusted body of local legal experts to call upon if he needs any assistance to carry out his role.

However, one fly in the ointment, not with regard to Mr Lumb in any way but with the company FFW LLP is a wee article they have on their website dealing with jail, injuries and compensation for professional footballers.

In discussing non-footballing penalties dished out to players they state: ‘The most severe punishment was handed out to Duncan Ferguson in 1994 in a match between Glasgow Rangers v Raith Rovers, where Ferguson head butted John McStay. He managed to avoid a red card but was subsequently sentenced to three months in prison’.

Just shows you how time flies but I had forgotten all about that and I wonder is that still a Scottish, UK or even World Record?  Still I’m sure that the matter is in good hands with Mr Lumb as he is really into ‘History’ having studied it for three years at Cambridge and might even become involved in the future re-writing of Rangers history if the SPL is indeed Nemesis.


As to the actual Plc incorporation there is almost no information supplied although it is stated that there are no charges against the company and the nature of business isn’t stated although the address is given as Ibrox Stadium.

The Statement of Capital shows only £1 subscriber share issued to FFW Secretaries Ltd. There is no mention of the 22+ million shares which have been paid for and issued to the original consortium shareholders.

So we are still unclear as to which company these shares belong to although there is no sign of the SH01 form being lodged at Companies House under ‘The Rangers Football Club Ltd’ which still only shows the original 2 x £1 Subscriber Shares.

According to Companies House records Imran Ahmad, the Managing Director of Zeus Capital is still listed as a director of ‘The Rangers Football Club Ltd’ despite the apparently mistaken appearance he was being ‘airbrushed’ from the Rangers ‘history’.  If he had resigned documentation requires to be filed with Companies House but as that hasn’t happened he may well still be a director of the company.


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  1. ltd companies, plc listed companies, ipo’s, private share issues, SH01, company directorships, parent company, subsidiary, wholly owned subsidiary, incorporated subsidiary blah blah blah.

    these guys know very well what they are doing – or can get away with – in order to make their money.

    just the same as they know what they can get away with regarding the football governing body and how to circumvent rules, break rules, get new rules made up (temporary licence) etc etc

    so what does this tell us.

    it tells us that the financial authorities do not acually gie a shit about the deviation from the rules – who is supposed to be checking the compliance of the venture capitalists?

    nobody [apart from ecojohn] jsut the same as there is nobody to keep an eye on the SFA.

    which means, these “venture capitalists” have carte blanche to make money, whichever way they see fit.

    if they are making money, it is good for the economy – right !?

  2. I am afraid I am not quite getting this. Mr. Lumb seems to be exactly the right person to be appointing. He may (or may not) have links to Harper.

    ‘People who have viewed Mr Lumb’s Linkedin profile have also viewed entries of a Harper MacLeod partner’. Does this mean that he is a partner in Harper or is it an assumption that anyone looking at Linkedin for Mr Lumb, would automatically look up a partner in Harper. If the latter. then we might all be accused of being linked to Harper.

    Also, what has Mr Ferguson got to do with this? I am sorry but I think this piece is thin and almost reads like an attempt to alert those who would do mischief that Mr Lumb is not who you think he is. Whereas I feel he is exactly who he says he is – an expert in the field. It is not unlike Mr McCoist’s ‘who are these people’. Sorry, but I feel standards have slipped here. I await correction and a pile of TD’s.

    • JohnBhoy

      Violet, your post is unfair. There is nothing in ecojon’s piece that in any way comes close to an Allyesque witch hunt. Your own high, and frequently enjoyable, standards are slipping. Happy to oblige with the TDs.

      • My concern is, what is the point of making the connection, if indeed a connection has been made. It looks a little gratuitous.

      • ecojon

        @ JohnBhoy

        Standards can, of course, be a highly subjective issue. I must admit that my brain and thoughts, at the moment, are 99% centred on Celtic v Benfica and the glorious prospect of reaching the last 16 which really does make it almost impossible to concentrate on anything else 🙂

        In any case when you post on any blog as opposed to commenting on posts then you put yourself up for being hit by a bean bag and I always find that to be an instructive experience not just for the soul but for a pompous ego.

  3. does this mean that Harper McLeod have a conflict of interest ?

  4. KG

    The key question is which company will investors be asked to purchase shares in. Remember we also have Sevco 5088 Ltd lurking about in the background.

    Of course the easiest thing would be for Mr Green to come out and make a clear statement to the Rangers supporters now. Oh sorry ……. he doesn’t do that.

    • Chalmers

      It can only be the one just recently registered with the suffix ‘PLC’. The question may then be ‘What does that new company own?’, other than a football club. Such as property, merchandising, catering rights, etc.

      • ecojon

        @ Chalmers

        Ah I’m afraid that has not actually been established yet as far as I can see and I can only assume it will be subject to the usual full ‘transparency’ that we have come to expect from chico.

        I wouldn’t actually go as far as to say the Plc owns a football club as the incorporation documents have failed to indicate, as far as I can see, the nature of business to be carried out.

        One would hope that the AIM prospectus, if issued, will fully answer these points.

      • David Stevenson

        A friend sent me this link which seems to indicate there may be some hiving off (or separation) of certain aspects of the business from the ball kicking bit. What that means, who can tell…..

        • lordmac

          yes looks like it who are newco number 1

        • ececojon

          @ David Stevenson

          It has been assumed by most that Rangers Retail is the joint venture outfit formed between Ashley and Green although, from memory, the holding company belongs to Ashley in terms of the shareholding.

        • ecojon

          @ David Stevenson

          It has been assumed by most that Rangers Retail is the joint venture outfit formed between Ashley and Green although, from memory, the holding company for the shareholding is an Ashley Group company.

    • good point KG

      and of course
      the “journalists”

      do not ASK either

  5. JohnBhoy

    A lumb to the slaughter.

  6. ecojon


    Yea Sevco 5088 Ltd is an English registered company from memory and I think chico is the only director and shareholder.

  7. wottpi

    Agree with Violet. Not sure what the point is. I think Mr Charles links with FFW have been discussed elswhere. Anyway I think from earlier discussions either here or on TSFM that they at least have some background and experience in football. One of their associates seems to have a keen interest in footballing issues and has posted some intersting stuff. Hopefully he can keep the Sevconians on the straight and narrow?

    Daniel (Geey) also advises clients in the football industry. Such guidance has included advice on the Fit and Proper Person Test, parachute payments and the football creditors rule, disclosure obligations under the relevant football authority’s rules, conflicts of interest and third party player ownership contracts. Daniel has also provided guidance on UEFA Financial Fair Play Regulations and how they may affect the future financial planning of football clubs. He has also given briefings and spoken at workshops and conferences on the interplay between Competition Law, Football and Broadcasting.

    • ecojon

      @ wottpi

      They sound as though they might really be the ones to turn things round at Ibrox with the new PLC and good luck to them and as I said it’s nice to know that there are connections with other local lawyers who can perhaps fill them in over the more localised aspects of football in Glasgow rather than on the global and European scale no matter how useful that might be in the future.

      I was particularly pleased to see that Lumb will provide advice to directors on their duties and responsibilities and that is particularly important in the case of non-execs like cardigan and hart in view of the fairly onerous responsibilities placed on non-execs by AIM Regulations.

    • Enic and WOTTPI

      What is the point? Are you having a giraffe? I give you a previous post on this site.

      I would also suggest simply putting a search for” Rangers Lawwell Harper Macleod” into a search eangine to see why lawyer with links to Haprer Macleod being on the NewGers board might be a interesting topic for this site. If you want to be so myopic that you can’t see the relevance than this site is lost on you from word 1 IMO. And that’s notwithstanding the new Newco with the name Rangers PLC, but no reference to anny type of “club” involvement.. if folk dont want to believe there is anything amiss here, fairynuff. That’s the attitude that got OldGers into this mess in the first place.

      Personally, I am happy for apologists and lookawayladdies for New/Old/New-new Gers to ignore the writing on the wall – i wish they wouldnt but all we “neutrals” can do is lead ypu to water. Drinking is your call.

  8. Sometimes when I am a little low, perhaps contemplating my pile of TD’s, I turn for a little intellectual stimulation to a proper blog. I speak of Leggoland:

    “Let me tell you an story of something he said inside the media room at Tynecastle one Sunday. Another broadsheet journalist pointed to something which had appeared in a Sunday tabloid that day and commented on it being an interesting point of view.

    Odious Creep’s response was to curl his lip, squint down his nose and sneer that what was written in the determinedly down market tabloid was of no import, because people such as himself and the broadsheet man he was speaking to were the real opinion formers.”

    The people on here who seem to feel that factual accuracy is important should re-read the above. “One Sunday’ looks a little like ‘on Sunday’ . No one is named as the source and it is not clear that the lip curling etc. actually led to him saying anything. Now that’s how to do it.

    By the way, dipping into the past, it seems that the memory Mr James Scotland Symon is about to be pressed into service:

    ‘I will be revealing why it is important to push the reputation of forgotten man, Scot Symon back into the public eye and naming and shaming the Celtic supporting journalists who refuse to allow Scot Symon’s greatness to be acknowledged.’

    Is this the same Scot Symon who was sacked in 1967.

    • I always view old Leggo’s blog as entertainment. His constant bickering about ‘ odious creep’ in particular is good, laugh out loud stuff.

      Claiming that Rangers fans that attack him for this are in fact attacking Rangers is off the wall mad, but still worth a chuckle. 🙂

      Lets see where he goes with the Scott Symon story, I can hardly wait!

      • My reply was to Violet, should have made that clear.

      • ecojon

        @ Martin

        I know I’m not Violet but it might interest you to know that the Scott Symon story is probably more about shifting copies of his latest book on Scott Symon. Now that would make a riveting read 😦

        Personally I find it difficult to laugh at the comments made against a journo who is by no means the worst in the MSM and personally would never use his name for that journo or anyone else he attempts to hound out of a job for being perceived to be an ‘enemy’ of Rangers without a scrap of evidence.

        However, it’s a free world and we all make up our own mind and that’s how it should be.

        • Budweiser

          “I know i’m not Violet”
          Perhaps ,like cam, you suffer from Multiple Peronality Disorder, and violet is your ‘feminine self’ expressing itself. Anyway, keep posting [whoever you are ] as it doesn’t make you a bad person lol.

  9. mick

    Great start of the week topic ecojon. Well done am sure elbows will love him on board as every time he tackles it looks like he needs a lawyer,there is still a massive lack of transparacy here and secrecy which can only mean and lead to 2things wild speculation or complete wrong doing there doomed to fail as the money doesn’t cover costs it free shares for services maybe

  10. AntoniousF

    And Snoop Dogg linked to Celtic and asking his Hommie Mr Beckham for some guidance lol.
    Snoop Dog: ‘Hey Dave dog, I have some greenbacks under the crib I want to play around with and the word in the Dogg’s ear is that the boys in blue in Glasgow need some money to buy new players and conquer Europe. And this Charlie Green Dogg sounds like my kinda dog,dog.What you fink Beck’s dog?’.
    Becks: ‘Right Snoop me old china, that may not be the best plan. Old Green will take your new greens and buy himself a crib in Monaco, probably next to Victoria’s Easter retreat, so we will have Mr Green on one side and Mr Whyte on the other’.
    Snoop Dogg: ‘Green and White, those colors are tripping man, who plays in those threads?’
    Becks: ‘Now funny you should ask that Dogster, but that team on the other side of Glasgow, who beat Barcelona play in Green and White hoops, which rhymes with Snoops. I would put my Greenbacks to work there’.
    Snoop Dog: ‘But what about their fans man, i hear the Ragers guys are really loyal?’
    Becks: ‘Lets do some research Snoops on Youtube.Here are the Celtic fans and here are the Rangers fans (hmmhmm) in my old backyard,Manchester, . Over to you Snoop

  11. TheBlackKnight

    I’m sure everyone is deliberately overlooking the real corker here…….

    Registered: 16th November 2012
    Company Number: 437060
    SIC Activity code: NONE

    It is not ,,,,,

    Rangers Football “CLUB” Plc or RFC 2012 PLC (in liquidation)
    Registration Date: 27/05/1899
    Registration Number: SC004276
    SIC Activity code: 93120 – Activities of sport clubs

    • ecojon

      @ TheBlackKnight

      Good point but I have become very wary of the shell game which seems to be getting played-out and watching the disinformation being sown on many sites – I exclude you from any taint of that btw as I have followed enough of your postings to recognise an honourable man who is not only intelligent but can join the dots.

      I have had a quick flick through the Mem & Arts but not had time to read it carefully as yet as I have a couple of pressing things requiring some attention.

      I always thought there was a requirement for a Plc to have a minimum share capital of £50,000 but perhaps that is after it is admitted as an AIM company and can start selling shares to the public.

      But does that mean that the 22+ million shares already paid for and issued to the original investor consortium – whatever that actually means – would get transferred to any new Plc or not. I’ve never quite figured that one out.

      Still all those millions of shares that were bought at 50p looks as though they will defo ensure the original investors do well if the float share price is say £1.20-£1.25 as has been bruited about. But there again chico has said that none of them are selling their shares so they must have decided to stay in the club for the long-haul.

      I have to admit that suprises me but surely chico would be very correct in any statements he makes considering how close the flotation is meant to be.

      I did note that the Mem & Arts for RANGERS FOOTBALL PLC does allow for the payment of dividends although I have yet to look at the details – again this seems at odds with earlier statement to keep all the money within the club but I’m sure there’s a simple explanation just like the one about non-exec directors not holding shares according to chico. But them maybe he is talking about another Plc and not RANGERS FOOTBALL PLC.

      All very confusing but I’m sure we’ll get there eventually 🙂

      • TheBlackKnight TBK

        (hmmmm stuck in moderation… will split into two parts)

        very kind of you ecojon, I try my best to keep up

        …….. here’s an interesting thought though (or a few – bear with me)

        “…Still all those millions of shares that were bought at 50p looks as though they will defo ensure the original investors do well if the float share price is say £1.20-£1.25 as has been bruited about.”

        I must have missed that one? There has been no valuation that I know of other that that which Chuckie and Ahmad believed the valuation to be…. ….. think Dragons Den. (I’M OUT!)

        All of this has been based on what Green has told everyone the level of investment in the holding company (The *Rangers Football Club Ltd) has been and the amount of shares claimed to have been issued.

        There is no formal record of this at companies house for The*Rangers FC Ltd.

        The shares are also held in The*Rangers Football Club Ltd. We know this to be a PRIVATE LIMITED (holding) COMPANY. This was SEVCO Scotland originally, which was set up by its HOLDING Company SEVCO 5088

        One has to assume the newly registered PLC will incorporate the LTD company…… which one God only knows

        • ecojon

          @ TheBlackKnight TBK

          I had always assumed that the 22+ million shares were in The Rangers FC Ltd and indeed they might be there but there has been no notificication of this to Comoanies House otherwise the lodging of a SH01 form would should on the public records.

          Imran is on public records as stating that these shares have been paid for and issued to original investor consortium. He added that the price paid ranged from 50p for the early ones to £1 for the later ones.

          Chico has also stated that the original investors have doubled their money and should be happy with that.

      • TheBlackKnight TBK

        Futher, wikipedia still lists Arif Naqvi as a major shareholder yet the link to the clubs page has been removed.

        Chairman – Malcolm Murray
        Chief executive – Charles Green
        Financial director – Brian Stockbridge
        Commercial Director – Imran Ahmad
        Director of Sports Development – Craig Mather
        Major shareholder – Arif Naqvi
        Non-Executive Director – Walter Smith
        Non-Executive Director – Ian Hart

        Not forgetting…….. Senior Management and mega-shareholder- Mr Allistair

        • ecojon

          @TheBlackKnight TBK

          That link doesn’t take me anywhere. I am therefore unsure what exactly was alleged at the link but it could not have included Arif Naqvi who is a well-respected Pakistani businessman without a stain on his character.

    • mick

      It all looks rather Phoenix to me the the similaritys are well the same bar the company house number ,who owns what and were does sevco 5088fit why register in England and why at start did sevco have 6 company’s there seems a lot of drama to come when the bears try to find the club after admin 2

    • COYBIG

      Just for the naive amongst us, other than the fact that yet another Company/Club has been registered, can you explain what this would ensue please? Thanks 😉 .

      • COYBIG

        That post was a reply to TheBlackKnight’s post.

        • TheBlackKnight TBK

          more confusion would be most likely.

          Its a classic pyramid structure.

          What it doesn’t confirm is, who or what is the ‘entity’ that is the actual – playing on the field – Football Club.

          I think this is where Mr Green may get tied up in knots…..

  12. ecojon

    On looking at my post I see a weakness and thought I’d better rectify it with a little help from my friends at with some snippets on the meaning and origins of ‘Nemesis’.

    Ancient Greeks personified vengeful fate as a remorseless goddess named Nemesis and divine retribution was a major theme in the Hellenic world view.

    She brought much sorrow to mortals believing that nobody should ever have too much good and always cursed those who were blessed with countless gifts.

    Originally, Nemesis meant the distributor of fortune – neither good nor bad – but simply in due proportion to each according to what they deserved.

    It later came to suggest a resentment at any disturbance to this balance and an overiding sense of justice which couldn’t allow it to pass unpunished.

    Certainly the 1837 painting by Alfred Rethel depicts Nemesis wielding a sword indicating swift and decisive intervention when necessary and the egg-timer, in the other hand, suggests that time is important when the balance requires being restored.

    So I would remind Hector, Lord Hope, the SPL, Strathpol and all the other bodies investigating various aspects of Rangers – Tempus Fugit.

    • TheBlackKnight TBK

      when you are the driver of a train…….. or is it Theseus 😉

      • ecojon

        @ TheBlackKnight TBK

        Don’t know a lot about train driving although I have alighted at Ibrox Stadium before it closed and I was so happy to see chico’s pledge to re-open it.

        However, the one thing I do know is that when you are in a dark tunnel and you see a bright light then it’s time for reverse gear sharpish 🙂

    • mcfc


      My reference is slightly less erudite – Brick Top in Guy Richie’s Snatch (2000): “Do you know what “nemesis” means? A righteous infliction of retribution manifested by an appropriate agent. Personified in this case by an ‘orrible c**t… me.”

      or with some context

  13. Andy

    So really, all that needed to be said was that Rangers have appointed a new director Lawrence Lumb and if you care to check his credentials you can see he may have links to Harper Macleod. FULL STOP.

    There is then complete and utter nonesencial ramblings about how Rangers fans think Harper Macleod are the nemesis along with the SPL, SFA, Peter Lawell and Mickey Mouse if the opinions of this post are to be taken as writ.

    All that has happened here is the appointment of what would appear to be a very well qualified individual as a director. Stick with the facts ecojon…is that not what you always say….

    The share issue you r.e. the 22million shares etc you have raised previously and informatively which was all well and good, and nobody knew then and nobody knew now…If you so wished to write about that again, would it not have been better just to call the article ‘We still dont know what the position is on Rangers Shares??’ instead of using the appointment of a director to mask a rant at Rangers ‘conspiracy bears’ and to aim a dig at the Rangers ‘family’….again!!

    Enjoy the game tomorrow, I do genuinely hope you guys make the last 16, in fairness Celtic are giving the game a real boost with their Euro performances this season and long may it continue for the greater good of the game!!

    • mick

      A andy that’s nice of you to wish Celtic well and could be used as evidence that all bears want Celtic to fail as a myth there’s news over the weekend that admin2is about to drop and it’s reliable what is we’re and who owns it and why these are questions we all have to ask green as the whole country thinks he’s like Murray and whyte

      • Andy


        I still dont get. My point is, the post is primarily just to tell us that a director has been appointed and then steers off on a comletely different angle….If its not about the director and another go at Green, Rangers, the fans then just say so, theres no point in masquerading around the subject if that is the content!!

        You have been telling us that admin2/liquidation2 has been coming for months…so is it this week? Whats the source of information?…AND please dont send me a link from Celtic forum…actual evidence and I’ll fully accept your point!

        The information regarding where/what/who owns everything should be in the forthcoming prospectus? that we all eagerly await along with BTC, SPL Dual contracts etc etc….

        Unless Green and co having been syphoning money out of the club for the past 3 months I find it very hard to beleive the club is already in danger of administration…..I have huge doubts over Green and did a peice on here highlighting those, but surely the appointment of such a well qualified director can only be good news….

        I think that is a myth, dont get me wrong if Celtic were to go an lose 5-0 tonight then I would of course partake in some light hearted banter with my Celtic supporting friends, but genuinely I would like to see them get through. I think all football fans would think the same.

        • mick

          @andy phil macs site his publisher has asked him to preper for downfall two sad but true dont forget phil broke admin 1 ,maybe bomber was not so mad after all he is rangers at heart ,a know you might think phils at it but he is putting his reputation on the line here and has been spot on before ,king might be ready to step in and take the lot this has been the main topic all week in cyber space his money has been reliesed and its well and truely on for him to take over from green when the shares fail ,kings back and ready to take over is the speculation of most sites there was msm articles so it will end well but the sad bit is ticketus are there still and green has not told the fans 40mil owed and king will do a issue next year to cover it ,greens a nutter and is a liar that were all agreeded on ticketus are still here somewere zues are ticketus in some form so at least theres hope in king

          • iain

            @Mick…King…Ticketus still there…Ticketus is Zeus…..whyte still around…And the bold Eco talks of “conspiracy Bears!” 🙂

        • mick

          @andy a forgot to mention greens the type that would sell his granny so no doubt hes set a bit aside for his self ,as for lamb he would have been brought on board to settle legalitiys when king steps in the final piece in the master plan 22mil shares is a puzzler whyte and the share holders at moment all this holding company speculation is well sus to why not just 1 company trfc its well rotten and its all about to pop out

        • mick

          @andy read the bottom of the article and you will see the new book talk

        • ecojon

          @ Andy

          As time is precious to me today and it certainly is flying just let me correct a major misapprehension you appear to have about the post – it is not primarily just to tell us that a director has been appointed. Although I am surprised that it wasn’t announced as everything else appears to be trumpeted from the rooftops.

        • mick

          @andy ave always thought of you as well balanced when it comes to football banter ,some1 has to question green about all the diffrent companys and what 1 owns the deeds ,the shares and why hes doing a share issue at xmas in 1 of the most impoverised parts of the uk ,kings back so there is hope and walters there so green will want to off load to them maybe febuaray he will go for admin after share flop and cva will be reached and thats when the ticketus deal will pop up but he will be long gone by then

          • Andy


            Well, fair enough on Phil Mac calling the first admin. I think the man has quesionable views, but that aside he did call that one. So if he has uncovered the second then kudos on that, though Green, somewhat far off the ‘transaperency entry’ he declared at the outset, seems to keep all cards very close to his chest, so if Phil or anyone else has got their hands on such information, would it not be better to release it to the world via mainstream media outlets, rather than on a blog…As a Rangers fan if he had evidence of this sort, I would obviously want it all out in the open!!

            For the record, I am not saying that what you say could not happen, even though I would rather it did not!…obviously…

            The King story seems conveinant, as people just appear to have put 2 and 2 together and were off again….Do I want King in control, hmmm I dont know..he doesnt seem to have the cleanest of historys…but maybe the better of two evils and at least he is a genuine Rangers fan…

            Where the money is the qusetion I have asked for the answer on many times….if we are in as strong a financial position as he says we are, then show us, show us Rangers monthly balance sheet and P&L and a bank statement supporting the bank a/c number…..I see no reason to have to wait until the end of the financial year…show us or not even a consideration of investment from me….

            Out of interest Mick, what would you like to see happen?

            • mick

              andy am in the tesco corner a feel glasgow as a 1 club city would drop its hardman image and would be the biggest soccer city in the world the fact 100,000 people a week go to see trfc and celtic proves this glasgow as a 1 club city would rule more than barca although is is very unlikely my other thoughts would be to go for king after green he sells to fans and leaves them as a plc like celtic but my only worry is that ticketus are stealth and 40mil so the amount being that high along with the money king would need to give green might be to much to raise although we all know king is well loyal and might take a hit just to save the rfc green is mad and the quicker hes away the better he doest understand glasgow and has no place in it in the future ,dont forget kings from castlemilk and knows the score and how to deal with the nut nuts that cling to the game so it would be a win win the fit and proper would be the hurdle for him and he has outstanding charges with out king its game over greens there as a front the carcuess has been chopped to much now and can never be same as he and his bunch have well chewed at it

            • Andy
              The choice of the lesser of two evils = evil. I think that that is a simple equation. Please see this article on the Obama-Romney “lesser of two evils”
              Mr. King also claims to have lived off a modest income (whilst investing 20 million quid in Rangers!!!)
              This is not a man you would want anywhere near your beloved fitba club!!
              It has always amazed me that the blue supporters wait, praying for the return of the chosen one, the big sugar daddy, the saviour, the Mahdi, the reincarnation of Martin Luther, whomever. And now we have Dave King. FFS! Why not deprive the weans of a decent Xmas and give Charlie your 500 quid. But ay, there’s the rub.
              There is only one reason why Green would be wanting to raise cash at this time. Plainly put, he hasn’t got any. He banks with Metro bank and appears to have no credit facilities (correct me if I am wrong there). The cashflow from the current business is low (the season ticket money either went to TicketUs or has been spent) and fixed and operating costs remain the same (I wouldn’t like to see the electricity bill for a floodlit game!) and I still do not believe Ecojon’s 12 million cash input at the takeover. (sorry ecojon) As for the 22 million shares? Well, habeas showus.
              Andy. I know that you love your club and are proud to do so, as I love mine.
              But IMHO I think you and all Rangers fans really have to wake up.
              “For in that sleep of death, what dreams may come,
              When we have shuffled off this mortal coil,
              Must give us pause.”
              Do NOT wait for the messiah. Do NOT wait for the prospectus. Wake up, ask the questions and get the answers.
              It may very well be your last chance.

            • Maggie

              …..would it not be better to release it to the world via mainstream
              media outlets……
              That would be the same MSM media outlets who kept you updated
              on all the machinations leading up to the demise of your club.
              That same MSM that heaped opprobrium on everyone who dared
              to tell the truth about the corrupt,tax dodging regimes at Ibrox….
              …… Internet bampots sound familiar Andy.
              I think you may be suffering from selective memory syndrome.

        • iain

          Andy…the post was to tell us about a new director, and then to take us on a trip round eco’s sarcasm, wonderful (if more than a little smug) wit and imminently superior intellect.

          As for the references to “conspiracy Bears” you have to laugh….how many posts have appeared here trying to link current Rangers directors through various other company’s to Craig Whyte, Ticketus and goodness knows who else?

          • mick

            @iain its a carve up and if king fails fit and proper then its doomed who owns what no 1 knows and that inits self tells you its all wrong greens a snakeoil salesman and is laughing all the way to the bank and hes making a mockery of our business law and integrity openness is the main rule of business north of the border weres the transparacy for the fans ,theres none as if he told the true script he would be run out of town simple as that ticketus 40mil stelth its doom and gloom for years thats if it survives the ftt and fifa remember them and uefa

          • mick

            the 1 thing we have all over looked is that d&ps ignored blue knights bid and serveral others this could be the nail in the revival if d&ps had sold to otheres we would not be here its down to d&ps and green and who is behind them ticketus and whyte am no trippen here

          • mick

            @iain if you dont think there is something wrong then you must have your head in the sand still

          • Andy


            Fair enough, entitiled to your opinion. I enjoyed the excitement of old firm games too much to ever want either to not exist…I also have my doubts that Rangers fans would simply stroll across to parkhead instead…if indeed there wasnt a Rangers…and the fact that 100, 000 fans turn up every week has a lot to do with the rivarly and decent competition that has existed recently between the two clubs….there are Rangers fans this season that have jumped on the band wagon for a season but I have said before the 2nd season of ST sales will be ten times harder than the first, particularly as the football has been apalling and there isnt going to be any new signings that may excite some sitting on the fence to go ahead and buy a ticket… Without the rivarly and excitement, the pull towards ordinary football isnt there….Celtics european performances have been excellent to watch, but domestically its been boring. If Scotland had another major player then you may be on to something, but it doesnt exist, every league needs real competition for the title…it doesnt matter if the clubs competing for it are from the same city or not.. Do you not enjoy the thrill of the old firm games more than the off field chat?

            A city with 2 great clubs flying the flag for Scotland in Europe without the bigotry, just pure football rivalry is what I would like to see….the excitement of the final day league wins and losses, thats what I want to see as a spectator, with the off field stuff just taking care of itself….in my opinion the off field runnigs of a football club shouldnt really be a topic of conversation, but unfortunately I do see why Rangers dealings are!!

            I think the shame is that Jim McColl and co didnt put together a credible bid for the club when they had the chance…I sent an e-mail to Rangers hoping that it would make its way to Green pleading for him to sell his stake to them but obviousl y got no reply. When all the negotations were going on I thought 20/30m would need to be the number for creditors to seriously consider a CVA…..unfortunately nobody came close to that and Green got it all for a song because no one in the market would pay more.

            I dont like Green all that much because he has not been open (though I do find the reaction to some of his comments amusing at times…take it with a pinch of salt) and would like to see him on his way with his payday if need be without any damage done to the health of the club….The truth his Mick, for the speculating on here, we have seen nothing that proves anything good or bad yet with respect to Rangers finances….and that for me is the worrying thing…we just dont know where were at right now.

            • mick

              @andy the lack of transparacy means wrong doing greens a front whytes mate ticketus are there somewhere hidden by green

            • @Andy

              “…in my opinion the off field runnigs of a football club shouldnt really be a topic of conversation…)

              The Exchequer bilked for £100m+ in times of great austerity, biggest scandal in British sporting history but hey, let’s not talk about it. Might work for you, but some of us have broader interests than just what goes on on the pitch.

              “I do find the reaction to some of his comments amusing at times…take it with a pinch of salt…) M Verte has made some highly inflammatory remarks which, given the way some “fans” react to anything they see as an attack/slight against the club, could easily result in violence. But no, let’s just laugh it off.

    • ecojon

      @ Andy

      Thanks for the good wishes and if you ever get the answer to those 22+ shares then we would all love to hear but I think the Bears are as much in the dark as us – probably more so.

      I have no doubt that Mr Lumb will be an excellent professional to have on board from the Rangers Football PLC point of view and for the future no matter what that may hold 🙂

    • @Andy

      “…all that needed to be said was that Rangers have appointed a new director Lawrence Lumb and if you care to check his credentials you can see he may have links to Harper Macleod. FULL STOP.”

      So, you have no interest at all in the fact that yet another new company (Rangers Football PLC) has been registered at Companies House? The shell game continues & still no-one knows who or to which company the 22 million shares are registered.

      A number of fan organisations have made well-publicised comments in regard to any individual with even the most tangential association with Harper MacLeod, and no doubt will again, but that’s of no interest to you either?

      Ah well, to each his own.

  14. mick

    an empty company created for reasons beyond our know more skulldugger?
    all these companys begin to make bombers rants real whos got the deeds and why ?

  15. redetin

    A company must always have one director as a minimum. In the early stages of company set-up it is not unusual to have the company formation agent provide an initial director. Could this be simply what this article is about?

    • ecojon


      The company agent appears is Cardiff based. There are 2 directors in this Plc. Lumb (Person) is one and the other is FFW Secretaries Ltd (Corporate) who are also company secretary and also are Subscribers of the £1 fully paid-up share.

  16. mick

    we have all said before what company is green selling to trfc fans Could this PLC just be a holding company for a private limited company shortly to be launched on the AIM market?.

  17. Brian J

    The whole setup appears to be very convoluted and I suspect deliberately so. Companies within companies, shells, smoke and mirrors. Whether such set ups are unusual or not I is not the question. I am sure they are very common indeed in venture cital circles. The question is why the need for such set ups? I don’t doubt for a minute that it is entirely legal. I just have to question the purpose of contriving such an intricate web and in the absence of any obvious benign reason I am left to conclude that these set ups are designed to facilitate the venture capitalists working away in the background to identify and strip the assets of any profitable parts of the various businesses involved.

  18. mick

    intresting photo of the ftt appeal dismissed lol

  19. mick

    @every1 can any1 confirm photo is real as we were ment to have the unredacted copy today so maybe its tomorrow as appeal is dismissed

  20. mick

    when the fttt comes green will love that as it will take us away from looking in to him while we all get caught up in the fttt lets not for get green and his company carve up this will suit him to a tee and give him a free rian as we all look at dead club today has brought us a new company

    and a new director lamb

  21. “Apparently, Rangers are presently having to take action on two fronts – the circulating of fake documents designed to destabilise the club over the impending share issue and a genuine leak from within Ibrox.”

    The above quote is from the CRO.

    There is no indication from the CRO as to the source of the claim regarding “Fake documents” or “a genuine leak”

    A thought occurs. In the political sphere leaking documents is often a mechanism for discovering what the critics will say with deniability built in.

    The documents are then corrected prior to official release.

  22. Tried to grow some leaks last year, sadly due to my lack of green fingers they all died.

    I was glad to see that there was a large turnip at their funeral 🙂

  23. ecojon

    @ Martin

    Serious state of affairs when Ibrox are being reported by CRO as having someone inside leaking info especially when it stands to reason that only a very small group of people would have access to the documents or info in question.

    Also raises the issue of the docs shown by STV which chico appeared to freely comment on. Why did he do that if they were leaked presumably from an inner circle at Ibrox.

    All very curious – you are quite right about the political mechanism which invariably paints a much bleaker picture than what the final one will show after the lobby have been used soften-up the public and politicians.

    I decided to have a wee look to see when I could find the first mention of leaked Rangers documents and on 16 November posted the undernoted on here:
    ——————————————————————————————-UNDERNOTE 1

    Leggo stated on 9 November: ‘. . . declared an interest in seeing the Rangers share launch perspective, which is really impressive. I have had a wee keek at it and I can tell you there are investors there which are household names in every blue chip investor’s luxury penthouse and oak panelled boardroom.

    ‘Commercial confidentiality and my word of honour as an old Boy Scout and as my old Scots granny’s grandson, prevents me from naming names, so you will just have to trust me on that one’.

    Wonder if his source will be trusting him in future now that things have blown-up so spectacularly in his face. Of course perhaps the Rangers source, who is obviously a personage of some importance, wishes to do harm to the new Rangers for some as yet unknown reason,

    Perhaps there may have been others who saw the docs earlier and didn’t posts or even did post earlier and I just didn’t see it. But if Rangers are sleuthing away then I think I’ll leave it to them as it appears the source is within their own camp and surely they know their own people better than I do. 🙂

    Undernote 2

    The first post on ( November was followed-up at 08.05 on Thursday 15 November by leggo stating:

    ‘Paul McConville has already felt the full weight of the law, unleashed on him by Rangers’.

    Looks as though Leggo might have known long before Paul what his top contact at Ibrox was planning as his first major offensive – I wonder who the source could be as I can help him expose the goings on in the inner recesses at Ibrox which the new man seems to be keen to get to as wide an audience as possible.

    Indeed he sounds like just the sort of man for Tommy Gold to interview and turn him into another Rangers Star Whistleblower 🙂


    • mick

      @ecojon the whole net was chatting about the ipo and still are so its strange they picked paul for calls from legals a read over on ds today leggo has a article up fantasising about dressing as a nun and pure bigeoted as ever sick fool of a man he will rot in hell for his rants about faith hes a evil non believer and a disgrace to what ever faith he cliams to be part of moving on from slapper mouth leggo this recontruction is well in the news and well confusing a hope it fails as thing are ok now

  24. lordmac

    donCompany Registration No.: 04417845
    Incorporation Date: 16 Apr 2002
    10 Years old
    Financial Year End: 31 Mar
    Capital: £78,722.00
    on 18 Apr 2012
    t know if this is what you would expect from a big company or not i just thought it was not very much

  25. lordmac

    sorry that is for zeus capital

  26. COYBIG


    I had to read your post twice to decipher it, due to the similarity of the Company names.

    Anyway, you said, “There is no formal record of this at companies house for The*Rangers FC Ltd.”

    Is that because Green is waiting until the last possible moment to register the shares, so not to be found out, as it won’t be ‘The Rangers’ that the shares are registered in? Is it because it’s a front, and the investors that have been named won’t be investing? Or has Green just forgot to inform Companies House?

    • ecojon

      @ COYBIG

      Fair points and I’m not too sure of the answers either. I assume that the prospectus will need to name the investors – but they could be in anonymous trusts I suppose – and the company the shares are in.

      Whether that company is The Rangers FC Ltd we don’t know at this stage but if it is then it would appear that the required SH01 form might not have been submitted to Companies House within the period required by Regulations.

      But it could well be that the 22+ million shares are in another company and all the necessary paperwork has been sent to Companies House for that company.

  27. cam

    I’ve contacted Chico and demanded total transparency on all of Rangers business dealings.He has agreed to send out copies of all transactions,past,present and planned to each of the Celtic sites in order to gain approval.
    He is well aware of the business acumen that program M.I.C.K has gleaned from KDS and wikipedia and once M.I.C.K has sifted through the documentation with Bomber as his translator,Chico feels that the books will be approved.
    Chico being a shrewd Yorkshireman wants some quid pro quo and M.I.C.K must undergo a virus/malware scan in case his gibberish infects the IPO and he has to go and buy some more fag packets.

  28. lordmac

    this limited accounts are over due 19th november sc207783

  29. mick

    Sevco 5088 would not be able to apply to change its name to The Rangers Football Club Ltd. until either the original company is fully dissolved, a process which can take about a year to complete, or the receivers give the go-ahead for the name change to take place”

    Companies House spokesperson

    The administrators have already given their approval for the name change and the process will be completed shortly. The company name was part of the assets of the company which was sold to Charles Green’s consortium”

    Rangers newco spokesman

    Other companies currently registered at Companies House with similar names include: Rangers Limited, Limited, The Rangers FC Group Limited, Rangers Football Club of Glasgow Ltd, Rangers GB Limited and Rangers (2012) Ltd.

    which 1 has the 40 mil tu tubed over from old co and what 1 has the deeds charlie we want to know before we buy or consider our share pledges

    this why hes banging on about the brand was the brand sold for a 1£???

  30. mick

    its a web of deciet

  31. mick

    8 diffrent companys have popped up in 30 mins lol

  32. carnosine

    I think you’re right. rangers have never done anything wrong and everyone’s out to get them. Congratulations,you are now the MOPE,eclipsing even the jungle jims in your self delusion.

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