Bill McMurdo Passes on Great News about the Rangers Share Issue!

Bill McMurdo, son of the most famous football agent in Scotland, and a distinguished, popular and prolific blogger on matters Rangers related, is full of positive news today for his favourite team.

According to Bill, who is generally on the button when it comes to all things Ibrox-related:-

“It is my understanding that institutional investor interest for the Rangers IPO has far exceeded club expectations. In fact, Rangers are anticipating that the share issue will be over-subscribed, a positive thing in today’s gloomy economy.”

Fantastic stuff! That must mean that even more than the twenty fund managers who were clamouring to meet Mr Green and to invest their clients’ funds in Rangers shares are beating down the door of the Ibrox Chairman. As Mr McMurdo points out, to do this in the run-up to Christmas, in the midst of dire economic circumstances generally, marks out Mr Green and his talented team of financial wizards as people who might usefully be asked to tell John Swinney or George Osborne how to kick-start business in Scotland and the UK!

It is good of Mr McMurdo too to pass on the expectation of Rangers that the share issue will be over-subscribed, as this will alert investors to the need to get their shares at the time of the IPO, when Rangers will benefit from the money, rather than waiting for the market to be set after the IPO.

As Mr Green is confident that the share value will soar, and an over-subscribed share issue might well lead to that, a prudent buyer would want to get their hands on the shares before the price rises, and of course, once the shares are traded on the market, it is in fact the owner of the shares, and not Rangers, who will benefit from the price.

It is too an altruistic step by Mr Green to release the shares to the public at a stage when the price will be at its lowest. After all, once the value has doubled, and even more so when the value increases three or four-fold, as Mr Green has been reported as anticipating, it might make more sense, purely on a business footing for Rangers, to release the shares then. After all, the money is not needed just now, as Mr Green has told us that the season ticket income rests untouched in the team’s bank account.

He deserves praise for his efforts to democratise the shareholding of Rangers, as he has always pledged to do, by allowing the fans to buy the shares before they are priced out of the market.

Mr McMurdo is also kind enough to pass on the news that:-

“Rangers are presently having to take action on two fronts – the circulating of fake documents designed to destabilise the club over the impending share issue and a genuine leak from within Ibrox.”

His comments suggest that the focus of Rangers has therefore moved on since last week.

Sadly Mr McMurdo does not tell us what these “fake documents designed to destabilise the share issue” are. Should there be fake documents created for that purpose then clearly Rangers will be passing the matter to the police. Such conduct ought not to be condoned.

As far as a genuine leak is concerned, Mr Green is clearly right to ensure that only information from official sources regarding the share issue comes out, to avoid unhelpful confusion about the details. As various Rangers related blogs, message boards and twitterers reported last week, Rangers were “fighting back” against its enemies. Quite rightly the “enemy within” will face the same action and scrutiny.

And Mr McMurdo seems to be privy to the plans of Charles Green too. As he says:-

“Charles Green is determined that nothing will derail the process of moving the club forward and building a warchest of substantial funds for the future. My information is that he and his consortium are working like Trojans toward this end.”

I wonder if Mr McMurdo might regret the use of the word “warchest” as this might bring back unhappy memories for Rangers fans.

After all, the unlamented Craig Whyte appeared on the scene back in November 2010, with his arrival greeted by the Daily Record under the headline:-

“Rangers set for £25m transfer warchest from prospective new owner Craig Whyte if takeover deal goes through”

James Traynor’s article goes on to say:-

“CRAIG Whyte plans to pump at least £25million into Rangers for new players over the first five years of his ownership if his bid to buy the club succeeds. And if Whyte pushes through his £32m bid for control after his due diligence period has been completed he plans to hand Rangers’ manager a minimum of £5m at the start of each season. But there could be more millions available for players and wages depending on whether or not Rangers are generating cash from European competition.”

Sadly these aims turned out to be unto dust.

However that is not the only recent Rangers reference to a warchest.

On 15th May 2012, the Express headlined their story as follows:-


Scott Burns went on to write:-

“CHARLES GREEN’S consortium will hand Ally McCoist a multi-million pound war chest this summer – if the Scottish Football Association can be persuaded to drop their transfer embargo.

Express Sport spoke to one of Green’s backers, former Sheffield United owner Mike McDonald, and he admitted that their group have serious wealth that has been put together from the medical worlds of Kuwait, Abu Dhabi and Singapore alongside major investment from European and UK property developers.

Top football agent Paul Stretford will also have a major involvement in the football operation, helping the club to buy and sell players.

McDonald admitted that once Green’s consortium complete their takeover and sort out the debts they are willing to plough significant amounts into the team to help McCoist’s team to become big players in Scotland and the Champions League.

That investment, however, may have to be delayed unless Wednesday’s SFA appeal against their one-year transfer ban is overturned.

“It is pointless to get involved if we weren’t going to invest in the playing side right away,” McDonald stated.

“We see that as a major priority, although, obviously, that is dependent on the Scottish Football Association’s transfer embargo. We know that Ally McCoist needs to strengthen his team and also to keep some of the players he already has at the club.

“We have got all our funding together for every aspect of the take over and now it is just a case of sorting it out. Charles has had a good conversation with Ally McCoist and we want him to carry on managing the team. Charles has brought significant funds to the table because we know we need hundreds of millions to be successful at this level.”

Mr Burns’ report sadly has turned out to be inaccurate in that few of the people named in it are actually involved with Rangers now.

Undoubtedly this report today by Mr McMurdo will be spot on, as his sources seem generally to be impeccable, and the war chest will soon be stuffed to overflowing with riches to take Rangers back to the top of Scottish and European football, where their fans know they deserve to be.

At that stage Rangers will then be able to display traditional Rangers values, as described by Mr McMurdo:-

“Respect and honour are traditional Rangers values. Rangers will show respect and honour to all who merit it. As for everyone else, they will see another traditional Rangers value on display:

The will to win and crush all opposition.”


Posted by Paul McConville

NB Please note that any discussion of shares, share issues, share prices etc is not intended to be formal financial advice. If you are considering this or any other investment, then listen to a financial adviser or stockbroker, and indeed consulting Paul the Octopus would be more sensible than taking advice from this Paul! Shares can go up in value and can also, although clearly not in this case, go down in value too.

A far better share tipster than me!

No liability is accepted should anyone be bonkers enough to base their share buying strategy on anything I say.

Thank you.



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227 responses to “Bill McMurdo Passes on Great News about the Rangers Share Issue!

    • cam

      Mintys lawyers are coming tae get you lot,bwhahahaha
      Arty C,Paul Mac,Phil,mc,kds,M.I.C.K,Eco,internet bampots everywhere your bhoys took a hell of a beating!!

      Tax leaks are now in the hands of the polis,,,popcorn and cola time

  1. mick

    so its popcorn and cola and dance gangnam style

  2. MrNice

    BTC result is out:

    Page 58:

    key statement:

    233. Accordingly, the assessments made fall to be reduced substantially. It was conceded that advances in favour of certain players are taxable and liable to NIC, and 35 we have found that in certain other limited instances, there may be a similar liability. To that extent the assessments should stand. In these circumstances we expect that it is sufficient that we allow the Appeal in principle. Parties can no doubt settle the sums due for the limited number of cases mentioned without further reference to the Tribunal.

    Fall odd word, is this correct, or is it typo for fail, – MIH quoting “substantialy reduced” but that phrase does not appear in report?

  3. mick

    Jane Lewis ‏@JaneLewisSport
    More from MIH – “We have instructed our lawyers to retrospectively review online and printed publications relating…
    Expand Reply Retweet Favorite

    Jane Lewis ‏@JaneLewisSport
    ….to the case to identify whether legal redress is either appropriate or necessary.”
    Expand Reply Retweet Favorite

  4. ecojon

    Really surprised they used ‘Mr Green’ as a nom de plum for one of the witnesses. If I was chico I’d be spittings tax erm sorry tacks 🙂

  5. after the FTTT – murray maybe looking to sue rangerstaxcase and others !

    • mick

      jim hes saying that so no 1 mentions it the people paid the loans have to pay tax now its all very shadey still

      • MrNice

        not quite.

        Ex players repay tax, unless they have side letters which absolve them of any future tax liabilty – which then is covered by issuer of side letter….

        but if side letters exist – oldco lose titles… and may have unregistered players … ?

    • sprotson

      good luck finding him/her

  6. mick

    were does this leave the sfa and the titles the side letters and all

  7. Let battle commence, some very eggy faces to be wiped, along with retribution from the mint and his lawyers.

  8. mick

    its a scam at the top handshakes all round at murrays then a am thinking

  9. cam

    God help the two judges!!

  10. mick

    ‘a method of us acquiring, especially football wise,
    better players in a more cost effective manner than we would be able to do so’;

  11. it looks like the mint is after a wee bit of payback , i would wager that there are some wiping of emails,shredding trying to hide any trails and were they lead and one or to experts dreading a chap at the door.

  12. cam

    Dr Heidi Poon is now up for a sainthood!!

  13. charliedon

    So the EBTs were loans. Can we now expect BDO to start collecting the repayments from the recipients for the creditors’ funds?

    • sprotson

      Why would that money go to creditors?

      The yax from the players was never due to Rangers, it was due to HMRC directly.

      BDO will not be involved, it will be HMRC chasing the players

      • Den

        The loans were made by Rangers to the individuals, Rangers should have withheld and paid tax to HMRC. Rangers were responsible for paying the money to HMRC therefore HMRC are Creditors.

        BDO should gather in the money that the loan recipients owe (as much as they can anyway). The money will go into the pot for distributions to Creditors HMRC will get their share.

  14. cam

    In the polis wagon to the Bar L,,,,Gangnam style!!!

  15. mick

    “Side-letters, of course, had not been registered with the football authorities, the SFA and SPL. The spirit of their rules was that the whole contract terms should be registered. Suspiciously, no evidence was led as to who decided that the benefits in terms of the side-letters should not be registered. Non-registration of side-letters was incompatible with both authorities’ policing and disciplinary powers. For example any fines imposed on players would customarily reflect the disclosed wage. Non- disclosure would thwart the authorities’ powers.”

    titles stripped please and sfa big wigs sacked

  16. cam

    The Samaritans are taking on extra staff,Arty C has dug oot the passport and incubator man has choked on his chapeaux!

  17. cam

    C’mon Andy and the rest of us,lets round this mhob up,,,its crying time!!

  18. mick

    theres a live feed up and running like a match lol haha pmsl wit a day

  19. cam

    Satellites have detected massive radiation levels in the Glasgow area due to twats tweeting to twits,,,,its meltdown time.

  20. p groom

    Interesting. so rangers paid loans to their players. the ftt is satisfied this absolved rangers from paying paye and nic and the players from paying income tax. loans ” are recoverable”. by whom? if as is highly likely, they will never be repaid, what status do they then assume? gifts? there is some tax law about those …….

  21. To dispel any doubt Rangers didn’t pay any loans or anything similar the off shore trusts did.

  22. lordmac

    if they are mentioning leaks at ibrox, that usually triggers a secretary resignation as has been the case before they sign off any legal documents. by the way is Rangers limited, are there accounts now over due.

  23. charliedon

    @ cam
    Your glee at the Tribunal’s verdict is a little understandable cam, but please try to bear (pardon the pun) in mind that the EBT scheme operated by Rangers, whether technically legal or not, was still a scam to avoid tax by relatively wealthy individuals to the detriment of public services etc and has fleeced everybody, me and YOU included. And bear in mind Rangers still left a mass of tax and other debt, the BTC was only part of it. Therefore I think your gloating is well misplaced. A little humility would still be appreciated by everyone else in Scotland but unfortunately is never in evidence from anyone connected with Rangers.
    Now, back to the Benfica v Celtic match.

    • cam

      A decent attempt to try to rain on our parade.Humiliation is what every one of the barrack room lawyers who fell for the 99% crap that was spouted here and in all the Celtic blog sites should be feeling.
      But the shameless have no humility.You will have to excuse my joy and i shall scour the posts in here for the 1% of crap free ramblings.
      Hope you enjoyed the match,,,,lol

      • charliedon

        There is a world of difference between humility and humiliation. I freely admit that the Tribunal’s verdict left me gobsmacked and I hold my hands up to calling that one incorrectly. However logically weighing all the bits of evidence I had heard about it seemed to me to be a stonewaller in favour of HMRC. I still think oldco Rangers have had a somewhat lucky escape there rather than a triumph, but there is no doubting it is a boost to the beleaguered Rangers following.
        I did enjoy the match, thank you. Benfica deserved to win but I was hoping, as a Scot, that Celtic would win. But remember I am not a Celtic supporter so you can’t really mock me over the result.

        • cam

          Yes, you heard all the evidence presented to a gullible world by Gers haters.
          It reached the sad level of a coloured person being tried in the 60’s deep south.
          You can forgive us beleaguered Gers fans for a couple of weeks of gloating after years of bigots calling us cheats.
          And if its vengeful of us to go after(legally) our enemies then oh my what a pity.

  24. jinky44

    Cam. Could you do me a favour? Of all the creditors ur busted club owe money to could they pay the £3600 they owe a childrens charity up in Jordonhill Glasgow?. This charity looks after children in war torn countries. Maybe you could also find out why they owe this money. Summdae in the big house trouser it?? See you in about 3 years in the SPL. HaiL HaiL

    ps enjoy ur popcorn!!

  25. Charles Green

    Wont be long now till I hit t’road with all the t’money !

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