Two Must-Read Articles About Rangers – “Succulent Lamb” Is Off The Menu

One of the prime motivations of RTC when he/she/they started the Rangers Tax Case blog was that the press, it was considered, had failed to report on the Rangers story accurately over many years. The phrase “succulent lamb” has been coined and is now used as shorthand for the seemingly acquiescent coverage of Rangers over many years.

This weekend however sees straws in the wind with a couple of pieces which do not fall into the “succulent lamb” template.


Tom English of Scotland on Sunday has been one of the mainstream media sources against whom the charge of compliance over the troubled Ibrox times since Craig Whyte appeared is unfounded. For example, he conducted two interviews with Craig Whyte, both of which were reproduced verbatim on the paper’s website. As is often the case in cross-examination, it is best to leave someone condemned by their own words.

Needless to say, that does not render Mr English wholly popular amongst elements of the Rangers fan base.

Mr English today, in his latest piece, is likely to have lost a few more Rangers-supporting readers.

You can read the whole piece here and I would commend it to you.

It is, I think, the first press article which lists many of the areas where Mr Green’s public pronouncements have not turned out, undoubtedly due to circumstances beyond his control, to be accurate.

As a checklist, the piece is very useful, as well as being excellent entertainment.

So Mr English addresses the following areas where Mr Green has made clear public statements:-

  • Manchester United’s approval of Rangers wish to join the EPL;
  • The EPL’s desire to welcome Rangers into its ranks;
  • The denigration of Aston Villa;
  • The disparaging of Southampton;
  • The desire of Real Madrid and Barcelona to welcome Rangers to a Euro League;
  • The less than positive comment on Getafe FC;
  • The 500 million potential TV audience for Rangers;
  • The £100 million in digital revenues;
  • The commercial link-up with the Dallas Cowboys;
  • The signing of Rino Gattuso;
  • The players at Euro 2012 who were to be signed by Rangers;
  • The new players who were to be signed before the SFA registration embargo kicked in;
  • The link-up with Adidas because of them having lost all of its big clubs;
  • The mystery of the 20 investors;
  • The £30 million to be in the bank by the end of July; and
  • The promises of full transparency and clarity.

Apart from the nine players who were to come from Newcastle on loan and the mysterious disappearing and re-appearing Imran Ahmad, I think Mr English has compiled a thorough list.

Read his piece.

At first I thought that Mr English’s twitter feed might be filled today with less than conciliatory comments about the piece. On reflection I am sure that will not be the case. Instead there might be some ironic and post-modern jibes sent to him in a jocular fashion, with commenters deliberately, and in a humorous fashion, playing up to the unfair stereotype of the much maligned Rangers fan.


From the Scotland on Sunday, we move to the Independent on Sunday.

Michael Calvin considers the issues around Rangers desire, as expressed by Mr Green, to join the EPL. Despite coming to the conclusion that it is a possibility, I suspect that Mr Green and his team’s fans will not be pleased with the reasons for that conclusion.

You can read the full piece here.

Let’s put it this way, an article which refers to all of the following in relation to Mr Green is unlikely to make pleasant reading over the Sunday morning bowl of Special K and glass of orange juice.

  • “Tiresome familiarity”
  • “Bombast”
  • “A man with an unimpressive past hawking an uncertain future”
  • “Delusions of grandeur”
  • “There’s enduring loyalty to the brand even if, officially, it no longer exists.”
  • “Green, to be frank, comes across as smug, materialistic and covetous”.

After that catalogue, Mr Calvin turns to the EPL and suggests why all of the above actually make a move to the EPL a possibility:-

  • “The Premier League was founded on greed. Its global success is a celebration of avarice.”
  • “Premier League club owners are as difficult to herd as goldfish, but they have unanimity of purpose when it comes to making money.”
  • “Self-interest is paramount.”

And he ends with the following:-

  • “As bizarre as it seems, Green’s vision is golden.”

Maybe there will be a jocular and frivolous call by the Rangers message boards for a boycott of the IoS?


Posted by Paul McConville


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68 responses to “Two Must-Read Articles About Rangers – “Succulent Lamb” Is Off The Menu

  1. It’s clear that the MSM are now distancing themselves from Mr Charles. They obviously know more than they can tell.

  2. redetin

    “Green’s vision is golden”

    In certain circles, “vision” may be confused with “hallucination”. I’m not suggesting that this is the case here, but where money could be at risk and you are faced with forward looking statements, it’s best to be clear.

  3. cam

    Quite dull, both articles.Pretty sure some of the chaps in here could top Mr English’s bashed tomato, lobbed in a random fashion,Ibrox bound.
    I just don’t get this twitter stuff,facebook,social media,i must be a dinosaur like auld Shug Keevins,,,twitter is for twits!
    I don’t see Chico as a Special K type,more a bacon and eggs man.
    You seem a bit flat Paul,like a ship becalmed.
    Never mind, according to program M.I.C.K there should be plenty for the clatterers to get their teeth into soon.
    Now if you could just give Mr Cohen a wee refresher on Grat A. and forget that wee chat with the Zombie lawyers,then your sails will be full of wind once more.

    • dan

      Bam! Where have you been? I’ve missed your inane (or should that be ‘insane’) comments. And by the by, I have it on very excellent authority that Grat A, as you call it (but can’t seem to grasp quite how the mechanism works) is a distinct poss. So there. Must go. Packing a few things for Lisbon. Hoping to clinch a place in last sixteen, but if not, then at least a trip down memory lane to that glorious evening on May 25, 1967, when the wonderful! Glasgow Celtic brought home the Big Cup. Something that, being dead, the late but unlamented Glasgow Rangers can never now emulate.

      • cam

        Good authority?,,,so you hear the voices as well Dan? Resist them my friend,to heed them is the first step in the descent into hell.
        I’ve been there once, on an Urquharts day tour,they kept playing Glen Daly’s Celtic song on a loop,,,the techno version!!
        Never under estimate the capabilities of the resurrected! If Jesus can do it then a wee cup should be a dawdle.

    • Dull? You must be full of wind yourself cam. Not bothered about any of the questions asked/answered in the articles?
      I’m quite happy to see mainstream UK media is starting to write the truth.

      • cam

        Nah,the author doesn’t really like us much but as the song says,we don’t care.
        I’ve heard the chap on radio and he has a nice voice,he can waffle away for hours and you wouldn’t remember anything he said but still have a smile on your face.
        A career on natural history documentaries awaits methinks.Can’t wait to hear him describing the copulative techniques of dung beetles and fitting a wee Gers jibe in!

        • charliedon

          A jibe about copulating dung beetles and Rangers would just be too easy…..

        • COYBIG


          So when you don’t have an answer to Tom English’s artical debunking Green’s ramblings, you resort to attempted satire. Well done.

          • cam

            Chico is at the wind up,you don’t honestly think i believe the stuff he says?
            The Gers fans like him cos he winds up the obsessed.I honestly think that the guys in here could have penned a better,funnier article.

            • COYBIG


              So, what you’re saying is, instead of using his time infront of potential investors to try and make them buy shares, he decided to use that time to wind up ‘the obsessed’? Good one 😉 .

            • COYBIG


              And if you don’t believe what Green says, then you’re doing a good job hiding it.

  4. cam, to be fair, this kind of “reporting” or coverage of chuckles green is very very unusual.
    how many other members of the succulent lamb (emperors new clothes) brigade have “challenged” chuckles in such a satirical way.

    maybe tom is knows that there isn’t anything to fear by pointing out, all the things that chuckles announced and claimed as there is no point in shooting the messanger, and tom is emboldened by the liklihood that a good christmas is just round the corner – when chuckles gets stuffed and sevco get carved up.

    • mick

      Great Sunday morning read Paul its good Tom and Michael are letting Scotland know greens a clown and a joke and that trfc is a new club these sick bears are really buttoned up the back if they believe anything green says

    • ecojon


      I think the Tom English humorous approach will score massive damage against chico’s share flotation especially because the people reading it will have contacts with punters in the City who will be in stitches.

      Humour can cause much more damage than a hard-line approach and in a sense English is also holing MSM beneath the waterline as they are the ones that should have been asking the serious questions and have failed totally in their duty and professionalism.

      And the BIG question which not one has asked yet is whether the flotation shares will have voting rights or not.

  5. Lord Wobbly

    Shirley Rangers message boards will have no problem with someone going by the name of Calvin?

  6. John Pollock

    As one of the posters commented on Tom English’s article, why do it in a satirical fashion? Maybe because when the bears react he can simply say it was all a big joke, tongue in cheek lads. Its also a bit late in the day is it not? I would have more respect if these questions were thrown at him in public and on record. Now that would be an impressive piece of journalism in my book. Even the esteemed Mr Spiers was having a go at callers on SSB, who was at pains to explain the intricate and complex relationship between interviewer and interviewee. Bull Graham, did you ask him the obvious questions or not mate? I prefer bloggers who shoot from the hip and take a hit if need be!

    • ecojon

      @ John Pollock

      As I mentioned a couple of posts above I actually think that humour, if done correctly, can have a much more devastating effect than doing it straight.

      Once someone is only of any use for taking the p*ss out of then it’s a sure sign that all they do is talk sh*te and therefore there’s no point in dealing with them seriously.

  7. John Pollock

    A packed media conference.. “Mr Green, Tom English from the Scotsman here…you are on record as putting forward several pieces of information that have since been proven to be bollix…what is your reply to the fans Mr Green”? At this juncture Mr English is punched and thrown from the room by Kieth Jackson & James Traynor!! “Mr Spiers you had your hand up” ” I did indeed but I’ve forgot what I was going to ask you” 🙂

  8. mcfc

    A step forward – albeit a small step – but it is to be applauded all the same because it is not without risk for Mr English.

    The tipping point of any revolution comes when the first brave souls overcome their fear and defy the authorities. As others follow and the fear of the masses crumbles to ridicule, only the most murderous regimes can survive.

    “The mass meeting of 21 December, held in what is now Revolution Square, began like many of Ceaușescu’s speeches over the years. With the usual “wooden language”, Ceaușescu delivered a litany of the achievements of the “socialist revolution” and Romanian “multi-laterally developed socialist society”.
    “He had seriously misjudged the crowd’s mood, and several people began jeering, booing and whistling at him; as the speech wore on, more and more people did the same. Others began chanting “Ti-mi-șoa-ra! Ti-mi-șoa-ra!” Ceaușescu’s uncomprehending facial expression as the crowd began to boo and heckle him remains one of the defining moments of the collapse of Communism in Eastern Europe.”

    Well done Tom English

    • redetin


      Or as Danny Kaye put it

      “”Look at the King! Look at the the King! Look at the King, the King, the King!
      The King is in the all together
      But all together the all together
      He’s all together as naked as the day that he was born.

      • mcfc


        The thought of Mr Green in the all together so soon after my Sunday lunch – lamb of course – is not to be dwelt upon.

        As the old joke goes “I don’t know what he was wearing – but it needed a damned good ironing”

  9. Jimmytwolegs

    Is the Indy article been pulled? Cant find it anywhere only the headline!
    I wonder if it is them pesky lawyers at it again?

  10. redetin

    Later this year, or early next year, Green will have to face the fallout from the IPO. Let’s say investors are buying share for £1.00 each. The company has to pay flotation costs, comprising legal fees, underwriting fees and registration fees. Let’s say fees are approximately 5% of value of flotation. On day 1 of trading, your £1 share is worth 95p on paper. Some companies will issue free warrants (options to buy shares at a later date).

    So anyone entering an IPO is going to see an immediate drop in the investment value, and those who wait till trading starts will be able to pick up shares at a 5p discount. This is all theoretical of course. The shares could immediately double in value making a killing for the investor.

    Of course, the AIM has its own risks. DYOR.

  11. The Hidden Fortress

    Thanks Paul – Great to have you back posting again, undiminished and refreshed. The second half is just starting…looking forward more to YOUR calm, lucid commentaries on the many prospective taxmouth scrambles, BDO stramashes and substituted lame excuses to come from all the personae dramatis.

    • cam

      Just asking chaps,what are you all gonna do for fun when the SPL/SFA/BDO/HMRC/FTT/IPO/LNS/D&P/TICKETUS/BBC/CW/CB/MSM/SDM/ carnival leaves town?
      I do hope that you form a reunion group and take good care of program M.I.C.K.

      • Maggie

        STOP being nasty about mick,you’re not at
        Ibrox now.I know it must be hard to break that
        nastiness habit that is a prerequisite for entry
        to your “field of dreams” dead club’s stadium.

  12. mick

    Is there any1out there who takes greens rants seriously ,since this man has appeared in Scotland the whole country is. Laughing at him and sees him as a joke how he managed to put a consortium together baffles me The fact he tried to silence a legals blog shows you he’s a nut nut a have never in my whole life heard of a sport business article online being threatened that a lone should be a wake up call to alert the bears that he is not the saviour he makes himself out to be ,why has he not mentioned the 22mil shares and who owns them and why is there such a lack of transparency this only means 1thing wrong doing chucks now the bench mark in moon beams .also we’re is imran and why is he not there anymore is Zues pulled him out why is Brian still there is it because imran has a few speckles and feels it could be at risk via liabilitys which will be left behind when greens can of worms is finally revealed to the sport world

  13. DCR

    If Mr Green was truly looking to entice investors AND had nothing to hide, wishing to demonstrate that the club/Ltd/PLC are financially healthy, then all he has to do is provide a set of audited accounts. This would lay out the monies in, out, the costs, charges, exposure, liabilities and other elements of financial integrity.
    I do hope for the reputation of the cardigan etc. that Mr Smith has had at least a crash course on financial management, how to read a balance sheet, profit & loss and a cash flow statement. As a Director he is personally putting his neck on the line to any ‘spin’ and ‘misleading’ statements that may come from the IPO documents and financial projections based on stated current position.

    I may not agreed with much that is attributed to Mr Jardine but I sincerely wish him every success in his fight to regain full health.

  14. Ian403

    One of the Green quotes not mentioned is the one where he claims HE will take up all the unsold shares….

    I would LET him if I were a Sevco supporter, then see what they are trading at afterwards.

    • mick

      @ian403 greens a whyte skint he could not afford the left over shares hes tripping out his tree and the sfa will be left with egg on there face this 5 way agreement seems well sus now if he needs the share dosh to stay afloat then hes breached the 5 way agreement as he has no proper finance in place also at what point is the secert agreement to be seen public can we obtian it via FOI what right does the sfa have to say this is secrect why the lack of transparacy when they recieve gov cash for projects surely every piece of info they have should be open to the public its bad enogh sevco got in to a league with no accounts but to slap sfa d notice on it is castapo style and look what happened to them

    • @Ian403

      Great minds: I suggested this elsewhere, along the lines of “If you want to be clear on Mr Green’s commitment then, as he promised to underwrite the share issue, let him buy up the shares before you make your own investment.”

      Funnily enough I got no response…

  15. mick

    a little of topic but what a acolade for scottish sport that global rap stars want to invest in us were well big in the good usa but it doesnt mean we have to tell ever1 not like chuck green

    lets a have look at some of his associates in his industry well hot or what to say the least with friends like this a want to make him the chairman imagine the gala dinners lol

  16. ecojon

    I think the best one I have ever heard from Green was how the sprint records he held at his school have survived to this day and that was in his Dunlop plimsolls and on a grass track.

    I reckon there should be a government enquiry into athletics and nutritional standards for all Yorkshire schoolchildren to see why they are the only place in the UK where school athletics have stood still for over 40 years.

    Still let’s hope that fast-tongued chico remains fleet-footed for the time when he might want to put some space between himself and Glasgow bears who might want to find out what happened to their honeypot.

    • mick

      now now ecojon you rubbishing greens cliams you will be getting a call from his lawyers monday morning lol

      in his Dunlop plimsolls and on a grass track. and thats why a ave picked them to sponser our shirts lol addiadis arnt a big traditial brand any more lol

      my fav was the 9 players from mike ashley

      • ecojon

        @ mick

        And at the same time as Ashley was the Three Billionaires who now, it seems, didnae have a tenner between them 🙂

      • Maggie

        @ecojon & mick
        Don’t know if anyone picked this up from Saturday’s papers,
        my fave “Chicoism” was when he compared no one wanting to
        mention Rangers joining the EPL to “not mentioning the war to
        the Germans” Priceless!!!!! Charles Green,the Basil Fawlty of
        Scottish Football 🙂

    • Tyke Bhoy

      @ecojon No need for any such enquiry. If Yorkshire hade been a country we would have been in the medal table top 20 beating the Wizard’s of Oz. His school probably shut down the day he left 😉

  17. JohnBhoy

    Sir, English and Calvin are impostors and not me. Thank you for giving ME this opportunity to write an anonymous guest post . I will keep me a secret, even from me, whoever I am, though I obviously know that I am me and not the person pretending to be me, unlike English and Calvin who pretend to be none other than who they are, themselves. For the avoidance of any doubt, or irresponsible media speculation on my part, this is not me, Charlie.


    The Texas Rangers is in a fantastically strong financial – what’s that Imran? – sorry, let me start again. Rnagers is in a fantastically strong financial position without the need for money. Only in Scotland is the word money used in a financial currency sense. For the purpose of clarity, we have 30 years’ worth of season book money in my pocket. In another 12 minutes we will have an additional 500 years’ worth of season book money on top of the 1,000,000 years’ worth of season book money I just mentioned, giving us over 9,999,089,547,865 years’ worth of season book money. We could happily give all our money away and still have piles of cash left over. If we exclude all the money we owe everybody then we have no debt. Only in Scotland is the word debt used in a deficit sense. That is the reality we inhabit. Let me tell you another thing, we had 45,000 fans at our last game, and every one of those 578,000,856 fans were behind the Power Rangers – come again Imran? – eh Rnagers, beating the world record by some 833,000,782,984,895,845 fans. Having seen the support we had at that game, me and my fellow carpetbaggers – sorry, investors – are behind this club, and are here to stay, right up to the point when we do a runner. That is my commitment to you. And while I am Chief of Internet Police we will never play in the Champions League. Big no-shame world class beat-you-up clubs like us can’t keep subsiding tax-paying profitable reputable play-by-the-rules woosies like Barcelona, AC Milan or Manchester United. Just ask me or them, if you don’t believe me. La Liga, Serie A and the EPL are passé. Me and my fellow chancers – sorry, investors – have our sights set on an Intergalactic Football Federation League of Extraordinary Grrs In Outer Space (IFFLOEGIOS). I can tell you when Whispering Sally overheard someone say it was pie in the sky he got very excited! You know, I’ve started to catch Gangers-itis. You not wearing a sash? Get it right up you. You pay your taxes? Plonker. Honour your debts? Dick-head. You looking at me? We know where you live. That’s Gangers-itus for you! I want to make it clear that I think that the Queens Park Rangers fans – what’s that Imran? You’re so f***ing pedantic – ok, right, The Rnagers fans that is, are the best fans in the world. Death threats, rioting, sectarianism, you name it, this lot have done it! That’s Gangers-itus! I’ll tell you how bigoted are those closed to our closed way of thinking: I’m told that the Billy Boys song is anti-Catholic but only in Scotland is the word Catholic used in a religious sense. Ok, you know, and I laugh at this, I think there was a language problem to begin with: I said bonjour mes amis and they said mort vous taig bastard! Thinking back, when I joined the Rangers Tax Case – SHUT THE F**K UP IMRAN! – when I joined THE RNAGERS FOR FFS people asked questions, and quite rightly so. I asked questions of myself too, and quite rightly in my opinion. Who are you Charlie? What’s your game, mate? Did anyone get any answers? Did I get any answers from me? That is a question I have asked myself many times, believe me. Oh, Whispering Sally’s here, he wants me to read to him. Says he’s bored playing hide and seek by himself. “Once upon a time there were three bears, Murray Bear, Craigie Bear and Charlie Bear…” Who the f**k’s Goldilocks? Where does that c**t live? I demand transparency!! Oh Whispering Sally, you silly billy, it’s her house the three bears are visiting. I KNOW that uncle Charlie! But all the other big bad grizzly bears in the wild need to know where she lives too. Oh Whispering Sally, you’re such a cheeky chappie. Ha ha. That’s Gangers-itus folks!

  18. mick

    Chief of Internet Police lol pmsl haha pure ribs sore with that

  19. mick

    on a more lighter note did any1 see the reason for the 5billion world wide sevco fans having difficulty with there live online pay per view game yesterday ave copy and pasties below for you all it seems it happened before at manchester lol

  20. It may not be much but at last the MSM seem to be waking up. Paul (and others on this site) should feel a sense of accomplishment.

    In terms of my fav. Green comment I think the 500m takes some beating. Or maybe it’s the Champions league without going near the SPL. Or maybe it’s… Oh! he’s just so good it’s impossible to chose. La Liga entry perhaps? Violet stop this.

    • Maggie

      @Violet Carson et al
      I know you ( and many of us) have been horrified by some of the comments posted on Rangers’ forums.
      One of the guys ( user name foxworld )posting a comment under the Tom English article gave two addresses to send complaints to.
      One is the server responsible for RM and the other is the government
      site to report extremist content.
      The post is near the bottom of the first page.

  21. Budweiser

    Don’t forget the orange strips promised to the NI. brethern.

  22. Who wrote this: “I’m still trying to get my head round Charles Green’s “Rangers will soon be in the EPL” remark. It was a spectacular own goal by the Rangers CEO and decidedly unpopular with most fans from what I can see.”

    It was none other than that nice Mr. McMurdo. What the Hell is going on.

  23. Robert D Bruce

    Charlie making assertions about Rangers being second only to Man Utd, would do well to read some of the following.

    Aside from Arsenal’s Emirates stadium being filled to capacity every home game ( 60,000 + ) and thousands unable to get tickets.
    Arsenal appear to be a PROPER club. unlike the model that Charlie is promoting in Govan.

    Take a look Charles.

    And so it goes on.

    Charlie wants to pander to the minority of blinkered fans who won’t want their money “wasted” on projects such as these …………. nor I think will Lord Charles want to part with the cash earmarked for Ibrox station, Edmiston House Sports Bar & Casino, Champions League winning team and a worldwide tv network to support them either.

    There are lessons for all teams here not least Rangers.

    When you are trying to endear yourself to anyone how much better would it be to promote a club with an inclusive, community oriented and philanthropic heart than the one he is presenting for flotation now.

  24. COYBIG

    Just finished reading Tom English’s brilliant artical. He debunked Charlie Green’s statements with great ease. Don’t worry tho The Rangers fans, i’m sure it will be back to the status quo tomorrow in the Daily Record et al.

  25. COYBIG

    Thoughts and prayers are with Sandy Jardine and his family.

    • cam

      Agreed,Sandy and Danny Mac were two of the best with Danny having the edge.Sandy has a tough battle but hopefully the big man above can lend a hand.

  26. COYBIG

    RE Michael Calvin’s artical:

    “Peter Lawwell, Green’s counterpart at Celtic, appeared a little too desperate to join the debate when he refused to commit his club, long term, to Scottish football. Follow, follow, indeed.”

    Using “Follow, follow” in regards to Celtic? D’oh!

    Peter Lawwell at Celtic’s AGM:

    “We are committed to the SPL but nothing stays the same, Uefa have opened their mind up to some form of regional leagues. They recognise the polarisation between the top leagues and the smaller leagues.”

    “We feel that playing in Scotland, a country of five million people, and the media values that gives, is restrictive, not just for Celtic but any Scottish club. Therefore if there is an opportunity at the right time for Scottish football to take part in something wider, we should look at it pretty seriously.”

    “Let’s be clear, this is not Celtic, Rangers going to England, it’s not Celtic wanting to break away.”

    Those quotes from Lawwell are completely different to Charles Green’s ramblings. So, Michael Calvin’s conclusion that Lawwell is ‘jumping on Green’s bandwagon’ is wrong.

    I didn’t understand why people always tried to group Celtic and Rangers together as one entity, before Rangers died. But to now try and group Celtic with a new team from the 4th tier of Scottish Football? It’s laughable.

    • ecojon


      It just shows how inept and lazy the journalism is and how much p*sh is still being pumped out by PRs who are actually killing the golden goose because nobody believes anything the clowns write any more.

      But a good night for Mark and Stuart which shows what good journos can achieve.

    • Maggie

      “Why people always tried to group Celtic and Rangers together”
      It’s to make them (Rangers,obviously) look good.
      As my old “non Presbyterian” granny used to say
      “it’ll take the bad look off them”

  27. Tyke Bhoy

    Looks like Bafta in Scotland will be off the Sevconians Christmas card list too. Awards tonight for Stuart Cossgrove (Outstanding Contribution to Broadcasting) and Mark Daly’s “The men who sold the jerseys” for current affairs.

  28. ecojon

    @ Tyke Bhoy

    Bound to be Boycotted 🙂

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