The Answer To The Mystery of the Missing Blog Posts

Between late on Wednesday this week and yesterday afternoon, some readers might have noticed that four posts on the blog had disappeared.

At the same time, there was an outpouring of joy and exultation from various websites, message boards, blogs and Twitter users, exclusively, as far as I am aware, of the Rangers supporting persuasion, about the news that I had been served with an “injunction”.

This emphasises to me the need for an accessible blog advising the interested people of Scotland on matters of legal interest – injunctions are English – the Scottish term is interdict. Therefore, the lack of legal awareness justifies my continued blogging!

What happened over the last couple of days was that I had discussions with very courteous and professional lawyers from the firm acting for Rangers. We discussed legalities regarding the four posts in question. Despite us not being in agreement regarding the principles involved, I agreed to take down the posts, and I have done so.

The relevant posts will not be republished by me, so please do not ask me to do so – either on this blog or in my book.

There was no court action raised by anyone against me – no court order was granted – no court action or court order was served upon me.

This was not an attempt by Rangers to “gag” me. I have no issue with the Rangers Football Club Limited, nor with their solicitors, regarding the matter. The issue related to the four specific posts.

I want to make that clear to my readers. There were, as I said, specific and technical issues which were the subject of correspondence, discussion and agreement.That frankly is the way that, wherever possible, legal disputes should be resolved.

I am sure that Rangers as a company is happy to be the subject of robust debate, based on people’s rights to free expression, whilst observing the law.

The matter is now at an end.


The postscript, and of course an issue to which I will never get to the bottom, is how an incorrect story appeared, in connection with a matter which was stated between the parties involved to be confidential, and spread like wildfire.

As Terry Pratchett write in his Discworld novel, “The Truth”:-

“A lie can run round the world before the truth has got its boots on.”

I am sure that the legal firm involved had nothing to do with the leaking of an untruth.

I am sure that the employees and officers of the Rangers Football Club Limited who were involved in the matter with their lawyers were not party to the false story leaking either.

I am sure that the initial sources for the story will never disclose who told them what was a false tale.

However, posts about the incorrect story have been read many thousands of times over the last twenty four hours, and already the “truth” is out there to the extent that one blogger wrote today:-

“The truth is that the days of blogs like McConville’s and the Rangers Tax Case just spewing out any old tosh on Rangers’ financial matters to a gullible Rangers-despising readership and getting away with it are over.”

I am deeply offended by the suggestion that I write tosh – piffle or balderdash perhaps – but not tosh.

He also adds:-

“There is a real problem for a blogger when he invents the rumour and starts believing it.

“Sadly, all too many of these anti-Rangers blogs contain “information” which is just maliciously invented nonsense to feed the salivating Rangers-haters who read them.

“It is excellent news that Rangers will now take the fight to these malevolent purveyors of disinformation and slap them with interdicts to prevent their propagandising.”

It is a trifle ironic that that blog is referring to a story which could be described, in the author’s own phrase, as “maliciously invented nonsense”!

I don’t speak for anyone else, and despite the comments about organised anti-Rangers bloggers, if there is such a network, then no one has invited me to join it.

Yesterday the same writer ended his peroration, based entirely on a false premise, with the following:-

“Respect and honour are traditional Rangers values. Rangers will show respect and honour to all who merit it. As for everyone else, they will see another traditional Rangers value on display:

“The will to win and crush all opposition.”


Twitter and the internet generally show us, as in the case of the falsely-accused Lord McAlpine, how fast lies can spread.

However, it is of interest, and in a small way yet more proof of the Streisand Effect, that yesterday saw more hits on my blog, and by quite some margin, than on any day of its existence.

That being said, I don’t feel that the extra hits are worth the tide of nonsense mentioned above, so please don’t do it to me again.

Thank you.

Editor’s Note – you will be returned to the regularly scheduled bunkum and claptrap – but never tosh – shortly.

Posted by the Man They Could Not Did Not Bother To Try To Gag




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177 responses to “The Answer To The Mystery of the Missing Blog Posts

  1. keep up the great work
    legal threats show the fear of those perpetrating them

  2. JimBhoy

    wow a ton of stuff…. for those who like me get off on footie, just big’d my big lad up for tomorrow. rangers have got a great bunch of boys i hope to see them in Scotland shirts in a couple of years… We lost a wee boy tonight to Alloa, our top scorer< he can do better friendly with better coaching he gets from the 4 guys who give all to the cause..ffs! stuff on their own patch, lets see how that goes?

  3. JimBhoy


    wow a ton of stuff…. for those who like me get off on footie, just big’d my big lad up for tomorrow. rangers have got a great bunch of boys i hope to see them in Scotland shirts in a couple of years… We lost a wee boy tonight to Alloa, our top scorer< he can do better friendly with better coaching he gets from the 4 guys who give all to the cause..ffs! stuff on their own patch, lets see how that goes?

  4. investment banker

    In the long run it maybe best for all of us (would be investors) that Paul did take down the said posts. He was only passing comment on a so called (leaked fag packet Manuscript) The phantom of the Sevco opera as we all knew at the time was only a joke!!! And when the REAL share proposal is reveled it will be a great thing for all of us (would be investors) to come here and seek advice from a solicitor who’s view we all respect for free, I will be emailing Paul about the said proposal to answer some questions and his thoughts which he will be free to express on his own blog.

  5. Oh FFS, I give up !
    What bit of Scudamore’s statement does Green not understand … does it need translating …
    damore said: “Our rules are simple. It says we’re a league formed for clubs that play in England and Wales. I don’t see that ever changing. I don’t see that changing on my watch …”

    Have you got that now Charley, a league formed for clubs from England and Wales. That was in May 2012. What’s changed ?.

    • Ruckcroft7

      According to appendix1 Celtic are the 37 th most valuable club in the world. ( may 2012) trfc do not appear at all, the top 20 are all European , where does Charles see a pan European league containing his club? Celtic as well would find it hard to find a spot. It’s. all about the money and the SPL and Sfldiv3 don’t add up to an invitation to gorge on the tv revenues it may bring

      • Ruckcroft7

        Sorry off track, a bit , it would be like the outcry of rfc( ia) being parachuted into sfl1 should either Cfc or trfc or both be introduced to English league pyramid , anywhere , it just won’t happen

  6. Michael

    Keep up the good work Paul. It took me 5 minutes searching on Google to find the removed articles. I could post them here, but won’t. The articles are out there to be read and will never be removed. Books can’t be burned on the internet. Those who attempt to do so, merely draw attention to themselves and what they want to block.

  7. arb urns

    “Respect and Honour “are traditional Rangers values !!!!! how cum so many edward bears hav avoided,evaded and now “sheltered” all these shillings from the realm they think they represent. shurely no self respecting,honouring edward could right such “tosh… but then again

  8. bill

    You really all should get out more .

    • JohnBhoy

      Aw Bill, is that you having to stand in the bath again while your wife changes the bed? Tender Care is the answer to your problems. Lots of male incontinence aids: Sleep tight!

      P.S. If you need a shoulder to cry on, we’re all here for you.

    • mick

      there there bill dont worry greens good bloggers bad ,bill what company are you actually buying with this ipo as isuspect your a trfc fan could you shed some light on these missing shares also were is ticketus and whyte in all this ????? theres massive clattering speculation on these topics why does the rfc board not go public and say ye or nae oh a heard via twitter that some1 has docos on it all and is waiting on the right moment to let the cat amongst the pigions as the say so a wouldent be rushing down the bank yet as you might need it for walters pre cva float lol

  9. ecojon


  10. martin c

    “The SPL told us face-to-face, ‘We don’t want you, you aren’t welcome,”’ Rangers chief executive Charles Green said in an interview with The Associated Press ahead of the club’s planned flotation on a London Stock Exchange market.


  11. mick

    all this talk of interdicts had me thinking of the stats on a monday morning after a oldco and celtic game the courts were busrting with domestic abuse cases a know its a little of topic but it will make good statistics after a year we will see a massive drop in it and violence the a&e in glasgow as well must think there in a other country due to all the drop in violence ,maybe green and his fans dont like not in spl but our services are loving it

    • cam

      One really positive point of CFC winning the SPL title by 20 points for the next 5yrs will be the referees and their families being safer.
      The chief exec. at CFC won’t have to send tapes of the refs performance off to “body language experts”.
      Coyote Pete won’t get embarassed about his “passionate” manager chasing a ref across the pitch to let him inspect his latest dental work.
      One downside will be private investigators firms losing work by not having to follow refs around as that excuse will no longer apply.
      I wonder what the EPL and fans of those clubs would make of the match officials being called filthy huns and then listening to the long winded explanation of that.
      I would be very excited about the results of the social experiment of thousands of the lovely jolly craicsters singing their “folk” songs,,,c’mon Pete make it happen.

      • JimBhoy

        Cam Calm fella… Wow how far are you going back dude and is some of that not justified, dallasgate… What a fukin eejit (not you)…

        You should be more interested in the social experiment of the fukin
        stupid rangers fans who spill their bile onto the life of the normal citizen.

        My family are mainly rangers supporters and i like a laugh but ffs mate I am utterly disgusted with some things I have read from rangers. I am not a catholic. I will never go on a rangers thread again, i do not want to harm anyone…!!

        I am not saying celtic supporter sites are clean of stuff that i dislike but you weigh it out I know you are a rational man ( me too hopefully)..

        In conclusion most decent rangers fans and I know loads are pretty much scared of the fukin eejit element that threatens anyone (in their realm) who say anything negative against rangers.. Do you not seem that strange..!!!?

        Celtic’s away record on songs (Irish) embarass me I am originally from Co. Monaghan (Ma) and my da from the presbyterian Fife mines, I love the Celtic as you love the Rangers.

        • cam

          I’ll put my mitts up to being an eejit anyway Jim! I only posted that in reply to the unrestrained one who likes to perpetuate the crap that all Gers supporters are violent thugs.
          I love my team, have never been in a police station in my life,don’t call anybody Fenian scum and i apologise to you for this, but wish they could tow the troubled part of Ireland off into the middle of the Atlantic and let the loonies finish off their tedious scrap without any media coverage.
          Five minutes after my diddy team get beat my wee sulk vanishes when i look at my daughters laughing at me.
          The civilized rivalry between the teams has gone now, i fear for ever.
          I never knew these lunatic sites existed until about 18 months ago and i agree that there are some disgusting comments from both sides which goes way beyond the wind up level.
          My biggest concern at the moment is what the hell are Durrant and McDowell doing up at Auchenhowie.The last decent taker of a free kick or corner was wee Tommy McLean ffs!

  12. allegedly sevco planned to screen the their game today live on the internet, but had to “pull the plug” as the did not actually have the rights to broadcast the game.
    anybody know if these allegations are correct ?

    • ecojon


      They say they had server probs but who knows. But I think the prob might have been cleared-up end of first half and OK later so if that is true then it does sound like server probs.

  13. To hell with the EPL, we want La Liga. In fact the point about a The Rangers franchise (in one of Paul’s non posts) is now clear. The Rangers will be cloned and will play in every major league in the world, thus satisfying every one of their 500m fans. We have all misjudged Mr Green. Truly he is a visionary.

  14. dan

    Violet. Nice one. Have a milk stout on me.

  15. JohnBhoy

    Best wishes to Sandy Jardine.

  16. JimBhoy

    Good to see Lawell discuss some ambition… Scottish football has a lot to offer ANY league, we are all fitba daft…. I don’t care who Celtic play, don’t care who anyone else plays, I just want to see football at the highest level possible and that is not a money thing….

    Had my team today at toryglen and it was a real feast of passing football, two teams passing the ball, must have seen 3 long balls in the full game…. Anyone who saw that today would have hope in our youth..!!!!!

    We were victorious but the Jinky academy take a bow..!! Played us off the park first half… I wish you’s all the best in all competitions..!

  17. Pensionerbhoy

    Glad to see you have been acquitted of the main charges and done a deal with Charlie’s lawyers for a lighter sentence, Paul. Or, am I wrong? Are you doing Payback Community Service by having to expose more facts and truths about all things Green? Whatever your sentence, I have it on good authority that your site has a good chance of avoiding liquidation if you issue some telling information soon.
    Ecojon, that is some document. That fag packet should be worth millions.

  18. JohnBhoy

    Paul, have you been kidnapped? If you can’t talk, tap once for yes, twice for no.

  19. JimBhoy

    Paul i need to vent on youth football…I may put a wee parcel together… For all who love football, put a quid in the i sponsor wee boy’s fitba team…

    I love Celtic, Iit’s great to see any young boy coming through…my team are so mixed and actually i have never heard a celtic/rangers thing. at all……

    All for each other……. celtic, rangers, motherwell…….my boy has no team..!!!

    they will fight for each other…

    I would fight that team corner to the end… JB

  20. mick

    kings back on the screen but dont worry every 1 am sure he would not pass fit and proper persons test and he was a old director 2000 20 mil to minty so he would maybe wide birth the scoop of bdo ,hes not been found not guilty he has cases pending and it was his asset freeze that was lifted thats all although some charges were dropped ,also the reconsruction is on the msm agenda agian does this mean the fft is about to land pass develect and all that

  21. mick

    With regard D King. He isn’t currently a UK resident, and as I stated earlier he wouldn’t actually have to sit on the board to control the club. Sir David didn’t.

    However, and I will point this out again, Malcolm Cohen was picked for a specific reason and that is because he specialises in contentious insolvencies, cross border investigations, asset recovery and uncovering fraud.
    best comment of the day award to above lol although its a quiet weekend the keyboards are still clattering

  22. mick

    got any examples of malcolm cohen’s previous success ?

  23. Sean south of south

    Hi first time caller, I heard with my good ear on talksport ,CG say that Rangers fc had not yet spent any of the season ticket money at the time of broadcast in October.Then how come with my good eye did I see on the some mad person,from Who cares what,that the Ranges fc will have a loss of 3.5 million . The road show must be aufey dear in a Green place.

  24. david acherton

    Our man knows no bounds

    PU 1 All For Cash K C Bailey 7 11-3 Charles Greene (7) 11/2
    Towards rear, some headway before 11th, weakened 6 out, pulled up before last opened 6/1

  25. Proud Scot


    I think you may have seen the leaked document –


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