Be Careful Posting Forms To Companies House – They Might Get Lost in the Mail

I posted about the recent Rangers announcement on the official website regarding the addition of two new non-executive Directors to the Board of the Rangers Football Club Limited. The name of Mr Imran Ahmad was missing from the list and this initially seemed odd, bearing in mind how highly Mr Green had spoken of him on 17th October when announcing that Mr Ahmad had left Zeus Capital to become Commercial Director at Ibrox.

Subsequent inquiries by Ecojon, reported here, suggested that we had been concerned regarding Mr Ahmad for no reason.

He remains involved with Zeus Capital.

In addition, his appointment as Commercial Director would render his position as a non-executive director redundant. He could have stayed as an executive director, but the suggestion is that he will take up a place on the football board (although there has been no announcement yet to my knowledge of any separate company to run the football business). As I have said before, it is a common structure to have a PLC which owns the limited company which in turn owns the football operation.

All will become clear of course when the Prospectus is issued, at which stage all interested parties can consult their financial advisers and stockbrokers to determine whether or not to purchase shares.

Why in the heading do I mention sending forms to Companies House?

Under Section 167 of the Companies Act 2006 there is a duty on a company to notify directorial changes to the Register of Companies.

The relevant part of the section states:-

A company must, within the period of 14 days from—

(a) a person becoming or ceasing to be a director…

give notice to the registrar of the change and of the date on which it occurred.

If Mr Ahmad stepped down on 17th October, when his appointment as Commercial Director was announced, as seems to be implied, then Companies House ought to have known by 1st November. As at this morning, there is no record of Mr Ahmad having resigned as a director.

As the organisation now running Rangers is a far more efficient outfit than its predecessor turned out to be, then the likely explanations are:-

  • That the paperwork has gone astray en route to Companies House;
  • That Companies House has not processed the information timeously (which is highly unlikely in my experience); or
  •  That the resignation was only made effective when the new directors, Messrs Smith and Hart, were appointed, and it was felt appropriate not to make any announcement of Mr Ahmad’s change in status.

In the latter case, as a private limited company, there is no obligation to make a public announcement. That is why the notification to Companies House is required. In that event the time window is still open.

In theory, it is a criminal offence by the company and its officers to miss the 14-day time window. For that reason I have no doubt that the issue is simply one of paperwork being diverted in the post or the ether, and that the official records will be up to date imminently.

There is no possibility that, unlike Mr Whyte’s time in charge, the need to notify Companies House has simply been forgotten. After all, at the end of June when Messrs Murray, Stockbridge and  Ahmad were appointed, the Companies House records were updated that very day.

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  1. Steven brennan

    I believe Mr Green is making it up as he goes, and you are being a thorn in his side.
    Unfotunately the watp simply will not believe the truth, why did you stop at page 10 on his wonderful presentation?
    It was worthy of his charlie chuckles nickname

    • ecojon

      @ Steven brennan

      Tbh – in view of the fact that the offishal prospectus is out next week – possibly – personally I think that is what will provide the real meat rather than what appears to be clouds of smoke and mirrors emanating from some type of pipe dream with a 33.33% mark-down.

      I cast no aspersions as to the type of pipe anyone uses but will just stick to my old meerkat as always 🙂

  2. DCR

    I suspect the reason Mr Ahmad is moving around is to enable him to be in a position to be able to pocket his profits as soon as the float is over and then walk. His old position might prohibit that.

    • ecojon


      That is a most unworthy statement Sir! You obviously never heard Imran on the Tommy Gold Show what a Star he was as well as being a great laugh 🙂

    • mick

      Imran will be glad to get back to London he must think we’re all mad up here a bet he wished he took nothing to do with it all now all his past deals have been forensicly analylised time will out imrans true roll init all octopus zues ticketus (huhum) after his brush with the clatters he’s more famous than green now and talks more sence as for CH rules green will just set leggo on them if they say anything lol

  3. cam

    In the interests of fairness i have written to Companies House asking for total transparency in this matter.As a Gers fan i understand how crucial the comings and goings of the Rangers board are to many folk in the west of Scotland and beyond.
    I advised Companies House to hire more staff to deal with the inquiries they will no doubt be receiving from the moral guardians of financial and corporate integrity(aka sweetie wives).
    I have it on good authority that RFC no longer use normal communication channels due to security problems.Hi tech devices to glean information are being deployed and my mole at QVC has noticed an increase in the sales figures of steam cleaners in the Glasgow area.Always used a kettle myself!
    My own attempts to gain access to CFC’s unwashed laundry failed early on when i realised i had ran out of custard creams and that spending hours on the internet would mean missing the Big Bang Theory and Homeland.

    • Antonious F

      #cam it sounds like you put tge same effort into forensically analysing cfc’s finances as the bears have on TRFCs coming and goings. hob nob anyone?

  4. ecojon


    You are giving your age away with letters in the post – Companies House I believe has an electronic system whereby forms can be transmitted to it instantaneously – so get with it Paul 🙂

    As usual there will be all sorts of questions for the prospectus and I suppose No1 will be the new company name for the PLC – I suppose anything with Pacific Shelf in it will be ruled out. But as to Radio Star Imran perhaps he will remain a director of The Rangers Football Club Ltd.

    It may be that that particular entity might not metamorphose into a PLC as I have previously thought. It might remain as is and another company say the qwertyuiop2012 Ltd may become qwertyuiop2012 PLC or perhaps some another name which chico would think best-suited to the Rangers history and ethos.

    If that was the case it would explain why no SH01 form has been received as yet by Companies House showing any change in the shareholding details for The Rangers Football Club Ltd.

    So we still seem to be seeking the company ‘home’ for the 22+ million shares which have been paid for and issued to the original consortium. Nice little earner for those who paid 50p for them especially if the new company floats at say £1.20-£1.25 a share as some Rangers posters, presumably nearer the blue disinformation centre, have postulated.

    Yes we certainly live in exciting times but, as my sainted granny always used to say: ‘It’ll aw come oot in ra wash jist ye wait n see’.

  5. JohnBhoy

    The following powerpoint presentation was lost in the post but handed in to the Royal Mail today by a nice young man. He said his name was Craig. Commented that recorded delivery was his preferred method of communication.


    – I am Rangers. Oh, Walter is also Rangers! And so is Ally! Bleeding hell, the fans – they are Rangers too!! In fact, we are all Rangers. So, when I say I am Rangers, I really mean everybody is Rangers, except those who are not Rangers.

    – I said that the taxman had “given me the nod” over a deal on Conditional Voluntary Agreement. What I said was absolutely true, but in reverse: HMRC voted against Company Voluntary Arrangement.

    – I said that if this club did not secure a Company Voluntary Arrangement that “all the history and tradition that we’ve been desperately trying to preserve would be just swept down the drain.” For the avoidance of any doubt, I now completely disagree with myself.

    – On the question of who we are, our position is crystal clear: we are and are not the old Rangers. While the history of discrimination against catholics and social unrest (e.g. riots in Manchester) is ours, the history of debt and alleged tax evasion and undeclared second contracts is most definitely not.

    – We changed our name from Rangers, the old club, to The Rangers, a new club, but for the purpose of clarity we are the old/new club depending on our angle, as outlined above.

    – UEFA requires new football clubs to be in existence for three years before they can compete in a European competition. For the avoidance of any doubt, we meet that condition.

    – My consortium paid what Rangers was worth, £5.5 million. We “have a valuation on the properties – from an independent source – valuing them in excess of £80 million”. In three years’ time “the company will be worth £100 million”.

    – We are debt free because we did not pay our debts and I maintain that we will “never have debts again”. For clarification purposes, it was the debt bit of the old/new club that had the debts, not the other bit of the old/new club, but if the bit of the old/new club that did not have those debts, had those debts that it didn’t have, then it would never have those debts again.

    – I said that by “the end of July [2012] we will have £30 million-plus in the bank from the share issue. No comment.

    – I said that what we need to do is “get people who haven’t got shares on the board so they are not influenced by the share holding”. Ally is on the board and he has £1 million shares; Ian Hart is on the board and he has 490k shares; Malcolm Murray is on the board and he has 200k shares; Imran Ahmad was on the board and has £2.2 million shares.

    – I said that Richard Hughes, who is under serious investigation by HMRC, is a minor player with Rangers. Imran Ahmed, Rangers’ commercial director: “I couldn’t have completed the Rangers deal without Richard”.

    – I said that Imran Ahmed had stepped down from Zeus Capital to join us. He still remains with Zeus Capital.

    – I told The Times that Arif Naqvi held the biggest stake in the old/new Rangers “personally” through his vehicle Blue Pitch Holdings, as opposed to his company Abraaj Capital. This was media speculation on my part and is most certainly not the case because the legal beneficiary is Mazen Houssami not “Arif Naqvi of Abraaj Capital”.

    – For the avoidance of any doubt Craig Whyte did not introduce me. I introduced myself to me, for I am Rangers.

    – I received death threats from Rangers fans and was “physically intimidated on the streets of Glasgow.” I later apologised unreservedly for upsetting my abusers. That is the Rangers way.

    – We will never join the SPL. If they change their name, as we did ours, then we will join them because they will/will not be an old/new SPL.

    • ecojon


      Too much – I swallowed my coffee the wrong way and spat my digestive all over the place – keyboard will need a right cleaning-out. I’ll send for some snake oil that should do the trick 🙂

    • mcfc

      A fine piece of factual reporting – celebrated by your peers

      Facts, facts, facts. There’s more to journalism than facts
      James Traynor

      Insightful, perceptive but a lttle too factual for my tastes.
      Hugh Keevins

      A joyous tribute to the talents of the succulent Mr Green
      Mark Gately

    • willmacufree

      Yes sir, funny! LOL

    • Maggie

      Have you been sneaking into Chico’s road show and making
      illicit recordings?
      Personal favourite……”I later apologised unreservedly for upsetting
      my abusers. That is the Rangers’ way”……. Genius!

    • Budweiser

      @ jb
      The SPL?

    • Robert Smith

      Sad obsessed beggar The tax case is over why don’t you GO the Kingston bridge is open for business.

  6. JimBhoy

    @JohnBhoy Cool summary mate… you deserve ‘uge credit for that..

  7. dan

    Excellent post, JohnBhoy and not easy to pull off as they are actually beyond parody.

    Re yesterday’s kerfuffle, I (for the first time) wen’t on to a Sevconian forum ( took a long, hot shower afterwards—absolutely essential) and discovered they are sh—–g it over the erroneous naming of the RTC blogger. I mean between casting serious doubts on the personal hygiene and sexual habits of RCs, and ‘taigs’ who, or whatever, they are, they were taking time out to suggest naming names was sort of foolhardy. I got the strong impression that they feared a visit from Inspector McKnacker.

  8. mcfc

    It’s quiet – too damned quiet – and I can’t help thinking that we are witnessing the biggest Mexican stand-off in world sport – another record for TRFC.

    FTT/HMRC don’t want to be seen as the ones that propels Oldco into the tax dodging limelight – making Jimmy Carr and Starbucks look like hapless numpties.

    SPL (and SFA) would rather have the security blanket of HMRC’s & FTT’s judgement before announcing their own. Explaining any inconsistencies – no matter how logical – would be distracting and challenging.

    IPO Prospectus, perhaps being held back so Newco does not need to explain all the potential ramifications of both above. But then the £20m is due on 12th Dec and if there’s one thing we can rely upon it is that Mr Green is no cabbage when it comes to keeping promises and honouring commitments – he’s told us so.

    BDO probably waiting for the IPO Prospectus to provide chapter and verse on asset valuations as basis for Grat Alien challenge(s).

    The tension is killing me – bit when the first itchy trigger finger twitches, the action will be thick and fast. Ready when you are Mr DeMille.

  9. JimBhoy

    Has there been any more of the Edmiston house purchase, I cannot recall seeing that on the fag packet presentation.. Wasn’t there gonna be a walkway to that for partying bears..!!! Making a million a year..

  10. Carl 31


    – we are no friends of the SPL, want nothing to do with them and would not re-enter via promotion if we won SF1 in a couple o’ years. We will return to Champions League very soon.

    – we are old and new Rangers at the same time. Heisenberg’s Uncertainty Principle is long established and obviously also applies to Football Clubs, that is undeniable. We are a Heisenberg Club.

    – don’t confuse Heisenberg with Hindenberg. Hindenberg was a disaster. We will not crash and burn in such a fashion. The old club did, but we are not old Rangers for this metaphor (although we may choose to be old Rangers for future purposes)

  11. ecojon


    Slight corrrection: ‘We will return to Champions League very soon’ should read: ‘We have been doon the Barras and bought a bootleg copy of Zardock the Priest and will play Champions League music at Ibrox very soon’.

    Apparently Eufa only licence the last 16 to play the tune at their home ground so like a lot of chico’s promises it might take a wee bit longer than predicted to materialise. It would really be a tragedy if he has to leave before he faces the music 🙂

  12. dan

    Carl 31, you are spot on about the Uncertainty Principle. I’ve just given you a TU though I’m not certain whether your post was pro or anti Sevconian.

  13. This morning I was told by a person of some repute in the financial arena, that this IPO or proposed IPO may be abandoned in the short term, an eminently sensible solution under the present circumstances and prevailing time scales.

  14. Markyt

    Hold on a minute here, how dare you, how very dare you write factual accounts about the goings on at rangers! Don’t you realise that factual posts like these will not be tolerated anymore and how do I know? Cos bill mcmurdo said so, right!

  15. JimBhoy

    @Alex I raised a question a few days ago… Chico is owed 10% in shares but as an exec he cannot gain from these for three years. In 3 years time and against what was said on the fag packet presentation, these shares will probably be worth a lot less, so is Chico gonna stick around for that gamble or look for another exit strategy..

    My conspiracy theory is that Wattie is brought in to launch a formal takeover of sorts that pays off the initial investors and Chico gets his retirement wedge..Orange shirt is launched, Ka-ching!!! Has that anything to do With IA going, mibees ayes mibees naws.

    Have i mentioned my share offering idea… Raffle tickets, Ibrox, £1 a go, end in a 5 or 0 get a share… Maybe I have just once or twice before. 🙂

    • ecojon


      I thought he would only be tied-in for 12 months but there is an out of course if the person suffers from say the likes of serious ill health.

      I mean chico is getting on a bit and keeps harping on about retiring to France and his memory doesn’t seem too good as he keeps issuing contradictory statements and appears to forget things he has said previously. So he might be a candidate.

      Lightning sometimes does strike in the same place as chico knows because after he was deputy chairman flogging mecanno housing in the desert sands of the Middle East the company involved Panceltica went belly-up and AIM investors lost I think it was £55m approx from memory – of course chico bears no blame for this as I believe he had moved on before this.

      But I’ve lost the thread of my story – ah yes. The guy from Panceltic who was in charge left because of a very serious illness and luckily, although it was feared life-threatening at the time, I believe he has made a recovery and I wish him well healthwise for the future.

      The same guy actually worked on the Royal Hallam Hospital project as did chico and that’s a sad tale especially at this time of year when we honour those who have given so much for their country.

      In fact Brigadier Bowles, Camilla’s ex, tells the story at:

    • I think it is a lot more simpler as explained to me, CG testing the waters, at least he may have been until this very pertinent question was broached by some more savvy Bears… why do es the club need £20 million at this time in the third division, answers on the back of fag packet to…

  16. JimBhoy

    @carl31 Heisenberg is way too close to Heineken and Carlsberg and I haven’t had a beer in a week… Please no more of your subliminal flirtations.. I feel like going and reading some Leggo, get some proper rangers news.

    • Funny you should say that, but I have just read Leggo and the other one. It seems that Celtic want to play in the epl, but the IRA won’t let them. And, if they do Celtic will need David Cameron’s approval. They will also need to take Rangers with them because the EPL will not accept Celtic without Rangers (because Rangers are so good as last Saturdays display showed). Is anyone still following this!

      You people really need to read better blogs than this one, if only to get the real facts. If only that nice Mr Traynor were here.

      By the way, when did independence become a sectarian issue. It isn’t I hear you say, well, you are not reading McMurdo.

      • @Violet Carson

        Just had a read of his blog, hilarious stuff. One thing I simply couldn’t fathom from Leggo’s blog – why does Dermot Desmond’s “wealth make(s) him immune to any terrorist threat”?

  17. Andy

    Hello again folks…..I’ve been awfully busy and keeping away whilst awaiting the outcome of a series of different events, i.e:

    – The BTC…..
    – The SPL dual contracts decision (unforutnately delayed)
    – The release of the prospectus
    – The appointment of a new manager (that was just a personal one 🙂 )

    Yet, I come back on and note the same comments as I read a month, 2 months ago…..Charles Green is a liar (look I proved it), yup fine, that’s a good few times thats been done now…dont see anyone arguing the point…..Has he lied about everything though?, and then on that note is there a single person on here that has/does never ever ever lie??….just a thought..

    – The BTC……well I think it’s fair to say that the decision won’t be clear cut, because if it was, then we would have a decision by now….

    – The SPL Dual contracts….without questioning the panel, this was a loaded gun drawn by the SPL, and the outcome will acheive nothing but create further division within the Scottish game, whatever way the decision goes. Yet, the legal arguement would be an interesting one..I am very much on the ‘do what you want’ gang here, as it’s all brought about self interest anyway and not for the good of the game.

    – Prospectus….Hopefully, many of the ‘facts’ we all clearly desire are in here, and were not presented with a wishy washy peice designed to promise the world for a dollar, but in practice actually deliver nothing…

    – A new manager….Well McCoist rein from a footballing perspective has been shambolic, we have gone out or lost 7 competitions in a year and a bit, and whilst 3 months of that was very difficult, I suspect a better more expierenced manager would have done a better job of keeping the players focused…..The fact walter smith is back is nice, but whats the point in giving him money if he isnt going to do anything productive…unless he is here to teach Ally properly this time…

    We are all to eager in this country to pass down judgement on those we do not know…and by our nature it is extreme…Whyte was hailed as a billionare, and now Green is the theif…..anyone with Scottish football at heart will want Rangers to go on to be a success (yes even Celtic fans….was it not better when you had someone worth beating in your domestic league? or are many now blinded by 3 successful champions league games…)…the consequences of what Green is up to and there is little anyone can do to stop, so speculate all you like, but it is very much wait and see…..No Rangers, No Hearts…..are very real possibilities….who next? Is the road that many on here really want to see???….

  18. JimBhoy

    @Cam I heard rangers had company house staff inhouse mate… Or was that HMRC men in the accounts dept, can’t remember now.. Where are those custard creams.. 🙂

    • ecojon

      @ JimBhoy

      You know they’re getting desperate when good old Andy bhoy persona gets wheeled out LMAO 🙂

      Multiple personality doesn’t have a look-in wi this lot 🙂

      • Andy


        I simply have no idea who cam is, and im sure Paul could verify that for you….in fact it wasnt that long ago I did a guest post!!

        At the end of the day, if your interested in Scottish football then you would want two of the countries biggest clubs to be strong on and off the pitch….It is nothing more than vindictiveness that would pursue any other path for the game in this country.

        If Green screws Rangers and Romanov scews Hearts, then its bad news for the game in the country….yet still for month on month on here has been nothing more than speculation of what Green may have planned for Rangers…but no one on here has any idea!!

        Heres a debate, which would also pose some interesting legal questions I think anyway?…..What would be the best way to reconstruct the league system in order to improve and create a sustainable game in this country with a conveyor belt of young talent being produced?…..Then if such a plan could be put together, is there anyway the SFA could legally force the SPL/SFL to agree, or would any such move no matter if for the good of the game be doomed to failure due to legal challenges that may arise from SPL/SFL chairmen acting out of self interest?

        My preference would be for an 18 team top league, with two lower divisions of 12 and 10….with 2 automatic relegations and 1 playoff place for the top league. with 1 automatic and 1 playoff for the lower league.

        A solution for getting the best youth players into the first team (Other than teams going bust an being forced to) I do not have…perhaps someone else has a credible solution for this?

        Or of course you just go on about Rangers some more…..

        • Andy

          PS: I also note not one answer to any of the questions I posed in the original post…..just some throw away comments…..I wonder why!!

          • Like me, most people probably thought your questions were rhetorical, especially when you decry the site for not answering unanswerable questions. In the absence of anything hard and fast to work with we can only pick over Green’s latest contradictory utterances and speculate how badly we think newco’s share offering is going top fare (my guess is it’ll tank terribly) :o)

            • Andy


              The future of the Scottish game is being debated by the various organisations running the game with potentially massive consquences for the game, good or bad, with or without Rangers….yet on here Rangers are still the only show in town for what is a majority of Celtic fans….its a tad bizarre!! I understand that it has been a very interesting topic and there has been much to talk about, but at the moment there is little to talk about until such time information is released…what is happening now on here, is the same old discussions that have been had for months now…

              The fate of the set-up of the game in this country, is surely a bigger topic than the fate of one club….and the legal challenges that may exist to gain reconstruction……Or is it that Scottish football NEEDS Rangers, and therefore the two are interwined??

  19. Andy..dear Andy,
    McCoist rein from a footballing perspective has been shambolic, we have gone out or lost 7 competitions in a year and a bit, and whilst 3 months of that was very difficult…
    Ally is a new coach in a 4th tier league as sevco are a new club..
    Walter has never previously been with sevco to enable him to “return”..
    rangers are dead & currently undergoing a forensic post mortem & will soon be cremated.
    …But you knew that…right ??

    • Andy


      That is a matter of opinion…..debated on here for a very long time…if thats your opinion then your welcome to it of course and I shall attempt to persuade you otherwise…I have a different one and I am happy with what I base that on, so your thoughts on newco/oldco genuinely mean nothing to me…call us anything you want..

      • JohnBhoy

        Andy, much of what you write I think is worth reading but if you take the view, as expressed, that what others have to say about your club genuinely means nothing to you then in all fairness you can only expect that judgement to be reciprocated, which begs the question why are you here?

        • Andy


          It is fair comment that one can gladly enjoy the opinion of others but perhaps not all…..this particular poster chose to pick a completely ignore the basis of what I was attempting discuss and engage others in, and chose to pick on a complete non-issue….for on that particular matter I dont care what anyones opinion is, I still beleive its Rangers and no one is going to change that…..everyone else is welcome to their opinion on that topic but on that particular subject I dont really care what anyone wants to call Rangers.

  20. charliedon

    I absolutely agree with the principles of what you say. We shouldn’t wish that any of our oldest and biggest clubs should go out of existence and anyone who truly cares about the state of the Scottish game would agree with that.
    But you can’t blame people for continuing to comment on Rangers’ situation as long as all the mysterious issues surrounding them remain unresolved. Even more so while Mr Green continues to utter his ridiculous grandiose and contradictory statements. Do you really think no-one should make comment? While there is unquestionably some entertainment in watching an arrogant Rangers organisation eating some humble pie, some people are also generally concerned for their quota of decent fans being fleeced yet again by men in suits.
    It’s the continuing stream of arrogance and no small amount of abuse pouring out of Rangers media allied to Green’s continuing farcical proclamations that are keeping the questions and comments coming. The ironic aspect is that if the Rangers fans would ask the pertinent and obvious questions of Green & co instead of berating anyone else who does, forums like these wouldn’t need to.

    • Andy


      I have asked the questions of Rangers. I e-mailed them the below questions:

      – What is the £20m for? are original investors being paid from the funds?
      – Do the club have any plans to lease-back ibrox or murray park?
      – What is the full corporate structure of all Rangers and any subsidary or holding company?

      I received no reply. Not suprised, but I asked the questions….asking questions only works if the person is willing to offer you a reply…

      My point on the constant comments on Rangers is, that its nothing new now….I actually did a peice for this blog as a season ticket holder of ibrox, expressing my concern at Green, and that whilst I hope he is actually doing the right things, there are many questions that NEED answered, and the ‘open book’ philosphy that he proclaimed to have when he came into has been sadly missing….How many times does the same thing require to be debated?…..his comments are ten a penny…do you really enjoy scrutinising each one?

      We are now at crunch time, the BTC, the SPL Dual contract thing, the prospectus/share issue…..its all about to come to a head, and yes there is massive amounts to talk about when the outcome of these things come to pass, but the time for speculating about this is over….the debate on the outcomes is still to come!!

      IMHO There are more important things to debate right now about Scottish football, and that is the possible league construction and what the legal position of each governing body is?

      • charliedon

        I can’t agree with you on this one Andy. As far as I can see you are more or less a lone voice in the Rangers support and Green & co are therefore comfortable to ignore you. You really need to mobilise the decent section of your support to demand some clarity. What I hear loudest is the mob who shout down any dissenting or critical voice and this plays right into Green’s hands. And as long as the MSM gives coverage to Green and prints verbatim the nonsense he spouts, without asking one difficult question of him, then forums like these need to keep plugging the alternate View. Otherwise we are back to the bad old days of David Murray and the MSM and the unopposed stream of propaganda. We all know where that led. Of course other Scottish football issues are important, but the ongoing Rangers saga is no less.

        • Andy


          Thanks for engaging. I totally agree that what is written in the paper is often not what they should, but what the interviewee is willing to give them……And lets face it, all those jumping on the bandwagon without asking questions are stupid. They choose to beleieve what makes them feel good, and that is that everything is great and anything bad is everyone elses fault…..I think this is something that people on here get quite wrong… the MAJORITY of Rangers fans are like me…normal decent people that just dont know whether Green is good or bad yet….Ibrox hasnt changed all that much, you can still hear the grumbles from all four stands when players mess up and a pin drop the rest of the time, if it werent for the 500 or so ‘mob’ in the corner…..People like myself have posted an interest in the share issue as i just want the information from it, but I have no intention of investing right now, aside from buying tickets which for the record wld not be good value at a pound a game never mind whatever 400 a season wrks out at….If Greens faith is in the mob element of Rangers fans to invest heavily then I think he may have been misled…..Think about your daily lives, at work, its often that there will be number of both Celtic and Rangers fans…. the majority of us really are just the same, we like the same things, we go to the pub together etc etc….were not going to invest if the questions that need answered are not answered in full to our satisfaction…

          And if the failure of the share issue leads to the failure of the club again, then it will be a very sad day….So I do have to leave some blind hope that Green is doing the right things behind the scenes, even if what he says is drivel…

          • charliedon

            Fair enough Andy. I don’t live anywhere near Glasgow so I don’t really experience what the majority of the Rangers support is like. I meet a few in the course of my business etc (I’m referring to the genuine Glasgow supporters, not the followers born and bred up here) and they have mainly been decent folk so I don’t doubt what you say. The trouble is that it’s the rabid minority who make all the noise, threats etc and therefore grab all the attention and it appears to be that element that Mr Green is playing up to. That is sad.
            I do think it’s a pity that a more responsible consortium could not have taken up the reins and moved Rangers forward sensibly we could all have felt more comfortable about their revival. I still suspect Mr Green is motivated simply by greed and that he doesn’t care what old wounds he opens and trouble he stirs up so that he can exit ASAP with his loot.
            But I may be wrong. Good luck to you anyway.

  21. ‘ @Andy
    If only your opinions were factually based..then maybe someone of a sensible persuasion would agree with them.

    • Andy


      You’ve chosen to comment on the least important factor in all of this….perhaps a sensible thing to do is to look at some of the questions I posed and give a sensible answer! Rangers is Rangers because its the team that plays in blue, at ibrox that I have watched all my life lifting trophies and guess what, SKY, BBC, ITV they dont have Sevco on their fixture lists….if you think because the corporate structure has changed that its a new club then fine, I dont have issue with fans of other clubs taking that stance….but its a non-issue!! call it what you want, I’ll stick with Rangers.

  22. @ Andy
    If & should the current “corporate structure” change “again” (which is almost certain)..will your opinion remain the same..?

  23. @ Andy
    Ahhh..the Lance Armstrong reply.!

  24. Antonious F

    W- Where
    A- Art
    T- Thou
    P- Prospectus

    I demand to know

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