On a Busy Day, Another Correction

People are very excited by a bog post repeated on various Rangers supporting message boards “revealing” that RTC, the blogger behind the Rangers Tax Case blog is actually someone who honoured me by asking me to do him the service of being his best man a few years ago.

It is not.

The statement is wrong.

However that has not stopped a deluge of vitriolic and entirely unfounded comment being directed towards the man in question.

Maybe this post won’t stop people doing it, but I would like to think it would.

I do not want to see a man who I am proud to have as a friend deluged in this rubbish, through no fault of his own.

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  1. Katerina

    Is legal action an option here Paul? I’m fairly sure the person who posted the incorrect info should be easy to find.

    • Maggie

      @Katerina & Paul,
      Are there no depths to which these morons will not stoop,
      and all because people had the temerity to pass comment on the
      demise of their football club.
      If they had been as diligent with their “who are these people?”
      comments and their”person of interest” lists prior to the implosion
      of their club,then they might have found out “who the people”
      responsible for the debacle were,and had THEM on a “person of
      interest” list.
      Charles Green and his fellow board members and unknown investors
      missed a golden opportunity to actively encourage a different culture
      and mindset at the new Rangers,but instead of condemning the
      Protestant supremacy,bigoted chanting and singing and lack of contrition
      among their fans,he chose the path of follow,following the ethos of
      the old Rangers,becoming infected,to use his words,with Rangersitis.
      The medical use of the suffix “itis”,means inflammation…..Well
      Charles Green certainly inflamed the situation.
      We all know the reason for his course of action,firstly to sell season
      tickets,and now shares and to make money.
      No one could possibly object to business people working hard,
      becoming successful and making money,but the way Green has
      acted is reprehensible.
      Now he has befriended some of the more radical bloggers and,
      it seems, aims to use them to silence comment or debate on his
      action…..MMmmm something to hide Mr Green? Just asking,
      definitely not implying anything AT ALL of course.

      • ecojon


        Well in the spirit of Correction and since you mention Dear Mr Green I feel I just have to share this wonderful news about Rangers Director Mr Imram Ahmad.

        I feel there is no doubt that Imran is the favourite Rangers director of countless Glaswegians for his sterling performance on radio with Tommy Gold – he sounded like a real good sport and with a Glaswegian sense of humour to boot.

        So I’m sure a lot of us were worried after he gave up his position at Zeus Capital to become an integral part of the Rangers success story and then seemed to have been airbrushed out of the company history – I know some thought this was just a dummy-run for the title stripping.

        However, to return to main man Imran: It now appears he is not going to be on the main PLC board post-float but on the club board and it remains to be seen if he will be replaced by another Zeus nominee on the main board.

        But all’s well that ends well because it turns out that Imran has still kept his position as MD at Zeus so he won’t end-up penniless on the streets and Zeus have also confirmed that Brian Stockbridge also remain a director with them. Brian isn’t yet as well known to Glaswegians as Imran but he is another Rangers director although it appears he will be on the main PLC board after the flotation. But who knows what dizzy heights he will attain after Tommy Gold turns him into a star or even a fiery comet.

        So why did everyone think that Imran had left his job at Zeus? Perhaps it might have been because on 17 October our Dear Mr Green welcomed him to his new position as Commercial Director at Rangers and stated: ‘For Imran to leave his post at Zeus to join us is a very good step for the club’.

        Looks as though – to parody a well-known Yorkshireman – Imran might not be Green but he most certainly isn’t a cabbage heid either. Good Luck Imran and keep up the teleporting – You’re the Man 🙂

        • mick

          well said ecojon lol

        • Maggie

          That’s a weight off my mind,glad Imran still managing to scrape a living.
          …….dummy run for stripping titles….. Very naughty eco.

        • Steven brennan

          I have asked a few rangers supporters what they thought of an asian man being a major shareholder at the temple of darkness.
          Cannot print on a public site the response of every single one, could this have something to do with the low profile of Mr Ahmad?

          • ecojon

            @ Steven brennan

            It would, of course, be very sad if that was the case. There are some Scots-Asian supporters of Rangers however and perhaps they might be better placed to make an informed judgement on the issue.

            I have found that many people who hate, and I mean in a pathological sense, try to rationalise their behaviour/actions by identifying a specific trigger in their target group like colour, religion, whatever.

            But I believe, the hatred is deep within the damaged psyche, and the trigger is merely an excuse and I have no doubt that should the target group be totally destroyed a new one would arise in its place complete with a new trigger, possibly associated to the original one.

            However, I am not up-to-date with sociological/psychological work in this area but hopefully others might have some citations that would assist.

      • IMHO Green is an out and out liar and bullsh**ter. I have spent the most of the last 4 hrs re reading and watching interviews where he blatantly contradicts everything he says almost immediately. His “staements and interviews conflict at almost every sentence uttered and the dates and times he “recalls” will come back to haunt him.

        I have no wonder that this individual is running scared of the “internet bampots” because the professional calm and structured analysis of his, IMHO, ravings are laid bare for the world to see and eventually as was the case with Pmac and TRC …….someone with authority will listen and act, —-that is if they have nt already.

        Bullies ALWAYS loose………….Remember Mr Green, CW has the tapes…….be very affraid!!!

      • ecojon

        @ maggie

        Out of fairness to my many church-going Protestant relatives – some of whom are Rangers supporters and others Celtic supporters – they too are appalled at the way their religion is abused by so called adherents who never step inside a church.

        If they did they might start to actually understand the strength of the ecumenical movement throughout Scotland and the various faiths. I do not practice any faith but even I know how things are changing in that BIG outside world beyond the laager. And it is for the better of that I have no doubt.

        • Maggie

          One of my closest friends is a devout Church of Scotland Christian
          and like your family members is appalled at the behaviour and attitude
          of the infamous “small minority”
          I’m sure you ( and hopefully everyone else reading) know that the
          term Protestant Superiority, as I used it in terms of the attitude and behaviour of the hard core Rangers’ supporter is most definitely
          not the mindset of good Protestant church going folk,who are rightly
          indignant at being associated with that type of mentality.
          My point,as I’m sure you understood, was that this was a missed
          opportunity to eradicate the sectarianism that drives many fans of

          • ecojon

            @ Maggie

            I do understand your point and I feel that was echoed by a lot of decent Rangers supporters interested in football with their wish to start fresh and work their way back. It is early days yet and maybe the current tsunami of tribalism might pass. But so much rides on what happens with the flotation and it won’t be long before we have an answer to that.

            I laughed at you defending yourself with the Holy Water but when I mentioned ‘of a certain age’ I was actually referring to knowing of the excesses of the Pinochet Regime. Sadly my wet suit no longers fits so I have no defence 🙂

            • Pensionerbhoy

              God, your not that Maggie are you? Na, ye’r too human, Maggie :>))

            • Maggie

              OMG!!!! most definitely not THAT Maggie,ally and defender
              of Augusto Pinochet.You having that dram while reading again? 🙂
              Eco’s comment refers to a comment of mine on the previous post.

          • Pensionerbhoy


            No, sadly, not on the drink. I have been too busy today and actually playing catch-up now. I just needed a wee distraction from the bile that seems to be floating around. I have been very reluctant to look but from some of the posts it seems really vile. And, to be honest, I don’t get too many chances at my age to let the wee devil bit out now and then :>)

      • Robert Smith

        Frightening reading your drivel,such hate and delusion shows a very sick and bigoted mind,feel sorry for such an unhappy obsessed person,very sad.

        • JohnBhoy

          Bob, old chap, I agree with your astute description of Leggo.

        • Maggie

          @Robert Smith
          Who is this unhappy,obsessed person you speak of Robert?
          Hopefully it’s not me.I have not expressed hatred for anyone,or
          shown bigotry in any of my comments.I suggest to you that it is Paul
          Mc Conville who has been the recipient of hatred and bigotry for,as I wrote “having the temerity to comment on the demise of Rangers”
          If I might add also without hatred or bigotry.

          Last time I checked Robert,this was still a free country where one
          is able to comment on a national news story concerning a business
          that defrauded the taxpayers of said country of close to one hundred
          million pounds,and the behaviour of those responsible for that fraud
          without being accused of hatred and bigotry.

          You,however,appear to be the deluded one,using the default
          position of hatred and bigotry when encountering truths that you
          would rather not acknowledge as such.
          Feel free to consider anything I write,if it is indeed me to whom you are
          referring,as drivel,that is your prerogative.
          I will not be replying to any further posts of yours or justifying my
          comments further,as quite frankly you are guilty of wilful misunderstanding.

          Though may I add that it is customary when taking issue with a poster
          or when in agreement with something they’ve written that you
          address them by name.It avoids confusion.

        • ecojon

          @ Robert Smith

          Yes Robert, we know that you are an unhappy obsessed person and it’s very sad that you have such a very sick and bigoted mind full of hate and delusion.

          But you can be helped back into the human race – Firstly you must visit your doctor and they will give you a scrip for wonderful little pills which will change your view of the world. A whole new existance of love and happiness awaits – try it 🙂

          • KMac

            @ Robert Smith

            Yes Robert, we know that you are an unhappy obsessed person and it’s very sad that you have such a very sick and bigoted mind full of hate and delusion.

            @ ecojon
            He is indeed sad……..
            Hopefully Robert will find The Cure 🙂

          • Pensionerbhoy


            And Maggie’s Lourdes water :>))

    • JohnBhoy

      ‘… person who posted incorrect info should be easy to find.’ Katerina, Charlie’s responsible for the info on the PowerPoint slides.

  2. Why DO people hate Rangers and their supporters?
    Keep up as much of the good work as you can.

    • john

      I dont hate them I find the old club a bastion of bigotry and hatred and the fans moronic who are about to be fleeced. Which I hope, that particular horsing is lube free and without much fore play….

  3. Macduff

    But are they not the people?

    Keep strong Paul, they are not referred to as Orcs for no reason. It is bullying plain and simple, don’t let the b*ggers get you down.

  4. Dhann Dhann

    Yes please do Paul – you shine a bright light in dark corners

  5. Stay safe Paul, it appears that you have “ruffled a few feathers”.

    No doubt the “bully boys” will be gearing up at the request of the the green machine to silence the rest of us, but rest assured we are all with you and going nowhere.

  6. ecojon

    Silence the media, silence the informed critics and burn the history books – we all know what the agenda is.

  7. mick

    keep up the good work paul am sure if it gets to vile on there sites the police will step in

    • PJM

      IF it gets too vile? Behave yourself – Follow Follow has been way beyond vile for years and the polis know it. Will they ‘step in’? No chance!

  8. mcfc

    Typical bully boy tackics – too afraid to confront you directly so they target those you care for. I’m sure your friend will understand it is beyond your control. Keep up the fantatsic work – it’s hurting so it’s working.

  9. JimBhoy

    @John nice one except for the image in my head…!!

  10. lordmac

    WHY are the billy boys getting annoyed, if those that where in charge can shaft ticutus for £24million ,£22 million from dumber fans, is going to be like stealing candy out the pram with the wean no knowing anything different.

  11. Touched a nerve Paul?

    It’s nice to see the circus has enough clowns to keep ’em rolling!

    Keep up the good work!

  12. Althetim

    Any Rangers/Sevco fan with the slightest trace of intelligence should be sending messages of thanks to RTC for highlighting the shameful manner in which the MSM ignored the biggest story in Scottish sporting history.

    Instead they indulge in their usual witch hunt, blaming everyone bar themselves and issuing threats whilst denying the obvious.

    THAT’S why they are disliked so much.

  13. Hetraq67

    Keep up the good work Paul ,I much prefer my children to grow up in a decmocracy than one served by a state /establishment cabal ,truth hurts as they say .You keep poking at them sir it re-establishes my faith in humankind.

  14. John Mac

    Just reading Rangers Media there and they’ve all gone off on one again. “Hound the papish c**t” seems to be the popular opinion.

    This reminds me of the joke where the neighbours started protesting outside a house because the heard that the guy was a paediatrician…

  15. JohnBhoy

    The Scotland that the Rangers hoodlums want to keep wrapped in their William of Orange and Red Hand of Ulster flags has tired of their gang mentality. Their myopic, bigoted, vindictive view of others different from themselves is an anachronism in a civilised nation. Scotland needs to rid itself of this poison if it wants to move forward to a brave multi-cultural all inclusive new world, where EQUALITY and DECENCY are the watchwords emblazoned on our banner.

    Their flagrant abuse of the mores of the land and threats of retribution to those that demand justice, together with their continued labelling of many of Scotland’s citizens as enemies, shows that they have learned nothing and remain Scotland’s shame.

    It is time for Scotland to do what is good for Scotland. What is good, you ask. Frederick Nietzsche was right: to be brave is to be good. It’s time for Scotland to be brave and to stand up against this neanderthal behaviour, for our children’s sake if not ours.

  16. Ernesider

    No point in adding any more, everyone knows what they are.

  17. John

    Ah, harassment and intimidation. The only response these morons know. If only they employed the same tactics with those who destroyed their club. Thick; dense; idiocy; imbecilic; nincompoopery; buffoonery; none of these words seem to express the mindset and actions of these cretins. They are a stain on our culture, they really are.

  18. mick

    tommy gold platinum

  19. There are times when I wonder why on earth Rangers were invited back into the football fold. Efforts were made and rules set aside to give them a new start.

    We were told that they would ‘make new friends’ and work their way back to the top.

    Instead the language emanating from the blogs and the board sounds defiant rather than conciliatory.

    Is this the way forward, talk of crushing the enemy, of never forgetting those perceived to have done them wrong? Threatening and bullying behavior is as far as most people would agree, far from friendly.

    Do Rangers fans have no moderate voice? Or frighteningly no moderate view?

    Should a team that still outspends all of their competitors be triumphant in victory or humble given their advantages?

    Something is rotten down ibrox way.

    • ecojon

      @ Martin

      I genuinely believe the moderate view and voice have walked away and won’t return until this period passes. They know better than us the problems the club faces.

      • Ecojon,

        Not sure that they have walked away, though I hope that they are out there. Better still I hope they have something to say.

        I’m beginning to conclude that they don’t now and perhaps never have existed.

        The thought occurs that despite the repeated claims that DM or CW are to blame for the clubs status. The fans are simply deflecting.

        Would DM have done what he did without the drug of mass approval?
        Did CW want the same?

        Must be nice to be a God. Worth risking anything?

        • ecojon

          @ Martin I have always believed that Murray was into the cash pure and simple. I think that’s how CW started but went native. As to chico he certainly came in for the cash and made no bones about it. I have serious doubts that he has gone native as some think and I think he’ll go with his cash asap as was always planned.

          What comes next is really anybody’s guess as is what the asset situation will end up as. This story has either got a few tortuous years to run or there’s going to be an absolute cracker-jack finish before the end of the season.

          So much depends on whether the Bears buy into the flotation or not – that is not only the question but also the answer or at least the beginning of it 🙂

  20. tizzer

    Once again the Nelson Muntz of scottish football show their true colours. Never give in to bullies or bigots Paul. The harder they try to intimidate, the more frightened they are. Power to your pen. Keep up the good work.

  21. This is getting completely out of hand. True, I have read, on this site, things which are objectionable about Mr Green and Co., but 99% of what I read is seeking answers to specific questions and posing thoughtful arguments. The site encourages debate. Again there are things to which I object – the Celtic result being discussed at length – but I am willing to pass over that to the next thought provoking post.

    I then read Leggo and McMurdo and I read hatred and bitterness. Mr Green and others should compare the tone of Paul’s pieces and the posts thereon with the tone of Leggo and others.

    I take a small pride in what I write here, but take a greater pride in that Paul and others take the time and effort to educate and inform. Keep up the good work.

    (That’s enough sucking up, Ed.)

  22. COYBIG

    Didn’t any of you watch ‘Scotland Tonight’ last night? Everything regarding The Rangers is great. Infact, The Rangers are ahead of the curve. Soon every single Football Club in the World will be copying The Rangers. 😉

    • ecojon

      @ Coybig

      Yes Mr Green is a miracle man – I just can’t figure out how he is the first football boss ever to work this one out. His time at Sheffield obviously pre-dates his visionary experience of course.

      We will see, all in good time, how his revolutionary football plan will work out for Rangers – should be an interesting time ahead for the spectators although not so sure about the supporters.

      Still nice to see Celtic keeping within that 33.33% sensible wage/turnover limit and only signing Watt for a further 4 years 🙂

  23. dan

    Violet, like me you would appear to be a subscriber to Private Eye (That’s enough sucking up, Ed.) If you are, can you remember their first reference to Craig Whyte in the Planet Football section, suggesting he was a bit dodgy? I’ve lost my copy of that issue, and it might be of some importance in terms of just how far behind the curve the MSM were when it came to ‘off the radar’ wealth crap, etc.’

    Re the response to this forum from ‘the wretched’, for that’s what they are, it suggests to me that they are running scared, as the forum seems, according to the above phone conversation, able to get hold of documents not intended for public consumption. They should in fact be glued to this forum for that very reason, as it may prevent them from being well and truly left shirtless. After all, they wouldn’t listen when a few lone (Tim) voices warned of Minty’s profligacy and where it was leading, and they wouldn’t listen when doubts were raised (by more Tims) about the echoes to be heard when shouting into Craigie’s wallet, and now they are stopping their ears when questions are asked about Chico Verde. This looks like being a case of twice bitten, thrice screwed—–and without that aid of KY gel as suggested by John. Though I have to take issue with John and commend Chico for his attention to foreplay.

    ps is this metaphor sexist? Is it even a metaphor, and not a simile?. God, they should never have educated us Tims! We’ve become unbearable!

    • I am such a subscriber, but I don’t remember the piece you mention. However, you do raise a comparison in my mind. This blog is not unlike the Eye. First with stories that the MSM are either to scared or too supine to print. Sometimes wrong, but all too often hitting the bullseye. Would that we could say the same of that nice Mr Traynor.

  24. portpower

    I see the billy boys have been rummaging through the tool shed again looking for their claw hammers. What they don`t like or understand is that the carpet has been permanently nailed down. Trigger has retired the broom.
    Hail,Hail to the one finger (typing) freedom fighters.

    Viva la Vida.

  25. Lord Wobbly

    Yet another example of attempted and misguided intimidation by those that can’t accept the death of their club.

    However, I’m not sure but, I suspect a plea to Rangers/The Rangers fans from Paul McConville (author of 338 not altogether complimentary blogs tagged ‘Rangers’) to cease and desist, should perhaps itself be tagged ‘pissing against the wind’. Good luck though.

  26. theworld is square

    I would not buy a tenner for a fiver off this man. Sue me Mr green , I welcome the chase. Does anyone else feel that European football is tainted this year without the re peeple

  27. i agree with the majority of views here…they are morons.

    instead of wasting their time finding and hounding people who are willing to ask probing questions about the shysters who want to openly make as much money from sevco/rangers as they possibly can.

    if the morons used their time and energy to get answers to the “difficult” questions about these various money making schemes and the shysters involved with them, they (sevco/rangers) would not have ended up in the posotion they are.

    they would rather hound paul who does not hide his identity and other people who he is associated with, instead of maybe finding out who chuckles green’s backers are.

    why would they not want to know…who really owns the assets of the old rangers, how much internal debt these “backers” have saddled onto the newrangers and what is actually being floated on the AIM market…is it newrangers, or is it a business which is a subsidiary of that new business which now owns the assets of the old club?

    but they much prefer to take the emperor’s new clothes approach to anything sevco/rangers !

    • ecojon

      @ jimlarkin

      Out of everything the thing that never ceases to amaze me is that not one Rangers fan group or MSM journo has asked the simple question. Will the shares being floated have voting rights?

      There is no other more important question for a supporter of Rangers – especially if their injection of cash is just swallowed-up in operating expenses and allowing the original shareholding consortium to exit with the doubled profit promised by chico.

      So even if most of the money goes in just the basic survival of the club then that is something most supporters of most football clubs would go with. But will they still do so if they get no power over future decsions especially if there is no fan representation on the main PLC board but only in the subsidiary Club Board.

      I think that if the shares have no voting power that could be a deal breaker for a lot of fans. But that is a decision for Rangers fans but one I hope they give careful consideration to especially as there could well be more than one AIM share issue which raises questions for the future.

    • jimmy white

      They don’t know and couldn’t careless who takes over their imitation as long as they can worship at the same type of altar of hate and separatism, sevco will serve them just as well as rangers did but it can’t go on and decency will one day prevail.

    • ecojon

      @ jimlarkin

      Disgraceful is the only word needed but also the question – What in God’s name are the Authorities going to do about this?

    • I am not so sure this is crap. It looks sinister to me along the lines of Ally’s ‘who are these people’. I hope I am not being alarmist, but, Paul, have you contacted the police. As we have seen, people identified by these bigots, sorry, people, tend to have a tough time.

      I have lived away from Scotland for a while (I live here now) and one of the reasons I left was to bring up my children free from this kind of sectarianism. But what is happening now is shameful and is a disgrace to Scotland. As I said I may be being alarmist.

      • ecojon

        @ Violet Carson

        Some things are better left unasked on a public forum for a variety of reasons and I am sure that whatever is needed to be done will be done.

        • Ecojon

          No they are not and whilst I like much of what you write, you have a strong patronising streak about you. If you want to correct me on facts, fine, but I can do without the ‘advice’.

          • ecojon

            @ Violet Carson

            I can only say it is very obvious that you have been away from Scotland for a time. When people may have to deal with issues regarding the personal security of themself and family then it is not a matter for discussion on a public forum and it doesn’t matter whether the inquiry is well-intentioned or prurient or even with malicious intent.

            Having said that I have no idea what steps anyone has or may take or might not take but I have enough commonsense not to discuss the matter in public but possibly you have never been in such a situation and don’t know how these matters should be handled – and that isn’t me being patronising but knowing the score and trying to impart some wisdom.

            Patronising? Possibly I am but if that is the case then I would probably be the last to know. It strikes me however the recent ‘atmosphere’ is more to do with my alcohol-fuelled jubilation post celebrating Celtic’s magnificent victory over Barcelona and for that I make no apologies. And I would be quite happy to celebrate along with the supporters of any Scottish club in the same position.

            • Ecojon

              You really should re-read what you have written, but do it tomorrow. You mention drink, I think some may have been taken. And, I certainly do not need statements about how it is obvious that I have been away from Scotland, when there is no shred of evidence in anything I have written that ‘gives the game away’ other than I said so. We are both on the same site and I have often commended you for what you have contributed. We are also both on the side of truth. But, if you re-read your contribution above, you might conclude, that you have some of the qualifications for the term patronising. You may have “enough commonsense”, but I guess I don’t.

            • ecojon

              @ Violet Carson

              Patronising I may be but you have become insulting with your reference to drink which is a really cheap jibe and incorrect as it happens.

              I’m afraid that when dealing with safety and security issues you appear not to believe that there are plenty of people about taking note of everything people of interest are saying and piecing together profiles on them to be used if a future opportunity presents.

              That might not bother you but please don’t jeopardise the security of others by asking details like whether police have been contacted or not.

    • Maggie

      First time I’ve ever clicked on a link to a Rangers’
      forum. Dear God!!!!!! Who are these people? I’m not attempting
      to be ironic here AT ALL.
      I really fear for the future of Scotland.

      • ecojon

        @ Maggie

        I seriously doubt Scotland has a future the way things are going. I have been a believer in a United Kingdom all of my adult life and have no truck with Nationalism and I am now seriously considering voting YES for Independence.

        This is a major decision I am working through and the driving force behind it is the disgraceful surge in sectariansim that is underway with a totally silent MSM and no action from the Authorities.

        It is a complex problem for me to work through but perhaps with a independent Scotland we can actually move forward in a more unified way although I never ever thought I would see myself saying that.

        • Althetim


          I am the very opposite. I have been a fervent supporter of independence for over 30 years. The sectarianism demonstrated by leading SNP politicians (whom I will not name here) since the whole Rangers circus began has made me sit back and remove the blinkers.

          I have had a look at an independant Scotland and I don’t like what I see. I am horrified in fact. 30 years of aspirations flushed down the lavvy.

  28. JimBhoy

    @Jimlarkin Bluenose1975 seems a right charmer… Bunch of cretins one and all…

  29. JimBhoy

    @Jimlarkin I would urge anyone who visits this site to check that out, it’s a sample of the vile these thugs seem to think they can get away with. Absolutely disgusted..

  30. Weird couple of posts on Scotlawsthoughts – two of Paul’s shortest ever, resulting in around 140 comments between them. I have read through quite a few to get an idea of what it’s really all about – I’m in London guys, and although I can guess, nothing’s really been said yet. Eventually, I come across jimlarkin’s handy link… only for my McAffee site advisor to go:


    Pretty apt, I suppose…

    • ecojon

      @ Kenny McCaffrey

      Yea we get the West of Scotland McAffee version so it doesn’t register a blip over the hate sites – even the Authorities don’t react. Welcome to Scotland eh 🙂

      • @ecojon – I know, reminds me of one of the reasons I left in the first place… but while you’re there, could you just explain the reasons for the mega-comments following the last two posts? There’s actually nothing for the casual observer to go by other than deducing from the outrage that some orcs have been having a go – where? how? and why is it such big news? have they commandeered STV (the only news outlet I thankfully can’t get on Sky down here) to declaim our mild-mannered hero?

        • ecojon

          @ Kenny McCaffrey

          The natives have been very restless today on the twitter front with various tweets about the FTT judgement released and to be available on Monday or Tuesday and another poster saying he has an unredacted one and will be posting from it.

          Plus chico appeared on TV last night discussing the plans apparently being put institutional investors – straight PR but didn’t involve the Blog. But the temperature is rising. At the end of the day the FTT judgement will come out when it comes out.

          I would think that any confusion will probably be cleared up in the near future but I doubt if there is anything to worry about although a friend of Paul has been wrongly identified as the RTC blogger and you know the kind of crap that brings on someone when the bigots get started-in with their vile comments and intimidation.

          Tbh a just slighly more heated day than normal in Bonnie Scotland 😦

          • mick

            @ecojon what a day its been lol there going mad they dont understand the whole uk is laughing at them and there bile ,the 5 way agreement should be revoked its become a bigger joke than old co this new lot are worse all this drama from them will lead to tesco karma something they dont understand

          • Thanks ecojon, much appreciated. Paul, stay strong mate – you have many, many more backers and supporters than any these neanderthal nazis can muster.

            Like a lot of people have sort of said already, it looks like it’s getting critical. As I’ve always thought, November could be the month it all blows up properly – they probably feel it coming, bad. Well, it’s taken long enough…

            I think two women have said it best so far – Maggie and Violet – the orcs have been shown up; Scotland won’t stand for their cr@p any longer; and Green’s lot have done nothing to make things better, especially as they had the perfect opportunity to help rid Scottish fitba to make a start on getting rid of a lot of sectarian sh!te.

            Obviously Green and his backers just think it’s another market to exploit. Or maybe they in some way represent that market? Of course THAT would just be too much of a conspiracy theory, wouldn’t it?

  31. is the RM site actually affilliated to “the club” ?

    if so, the club should be expelling the morons

    (yes, i know, there will be nobody on it eventually, but, they gotta start somewhere to clear the the morons out)

  32. dl2068

    If you looked at some of the tweets Chris Graham got after last nights Scotland Tonight show, you will see, both sides have lunatics.

  33. Lenny Bruce

    From a post on CQN. very very childish, but very funny!


    19:30 on 15 November, 2012
    Just read Paul McC’s blog.

    The thing that jumps out is the posts referring to Celtic fans being ‘obsessed with Rangers’(sic).

    The ‘second biggest institution in Scotland’ crashes spectacularly and dies in public shame, owing their beloved Queen millions of sheckles…..

    Lawsuits. Charlatans, Bomber Brown, liquidation etc etc etc.

    And we’re not supposed to pay attention or pass comment.

    The link below sums up the Rangers fans reaction to well I formed comment on their situation by RTC, P67 et al..

    First the disaster, then the reaction. Have a wee look……

  34. Den

    Looking at the stuff on Rangers Media just leaves me depressed. To think that with all the education available that people still have such irrational hatred.

    What is so disturbing is that; the idea that it is wrong to name someone on the net with no evidence, is met with the response that he is Catholic (various derogatory terms used in place of Catholic).

    To think I could be working or living near people with that level of hatred.

    We know that most people who post such stuff on the internet are just cranks who will not carry out their threats but there is a fair number who will cause harm to and harrass people singled out in this way. it is therefore reckless to direct the attention of the mob to an individual. In naming an individual these people know that they could be endangering them yet still do it.

    Looking for the voices of reason among them is fruitless, I believe that this not because there are no reasonable Rangers fans but because they leave these forums to the extreme cases. The reason I believe this is through personal experience of all types and that I personally leave Forums when the tone becomes militant and threatening. I am assuming that most people are like me, I could be wrong.

    Having established that I am not the type to put my head above the parapet I would say that like most people on here I hope that Paul continues this blog. I wouldn’t blame him if he just wrapped it, i would if i was receiving the abuse that he is getting.

    The threat of violence is mostly used by people who have or are losing and argument, or don’t enter an argument because they know they would lose.

    The challenge to the members of this forum is not to fall to their standards or anywhere near it. A couple of tips, overuse of adjectives is just over use of adjectives not good writing. Name calling is not convincing to anyone except fellow closed minds.

    • cam

      Totally agree that any nutter who can’t take all of this verbal warfare in these forums for what it is,point scoring.
      Everyone must remember that folk like Paul,Leggo,RTC,McMurdo et al haven’t killed or injured anyone.Words can hurt and emotions can be manipulated but we are all Mr Tamsons bairns,someones son/daughter/father/husband, so take a step back everyone and breathe deeply.
      C’mon the Rangers!!

      • redetin

        “haven’t killed or injured anyone”

        Jing! That’s not much of a standard to be aiming at. How about breachingethical or moral standards. or just plain common decency.

        The truth, the whole truth and nothing but the truth is a good guide to some of us.

      • Den


        One of my points was that the words we use can inflame emotions and that the bloggers should realise their responsibility.

        Paul and RTC have never advocated hostile action against anyone, both have written well thought out pieces on a major story, you may disagree with their facts or their conclusions but you cannot bracket them with Leggo and McMurdo. Leggo and McMurdo pander to the knee jerk anti Irish, anti Catholic, anti Celtic sentiment which is comforting those less inclined to think and diverts their minds from the real problem.

        Under the circumstances the use of over emotional militaristic terms or the call to do harm as seen in the other forums is dangerous and can lead to people getting hurt or killed.

  35. Pensionerbhoy


    I am late on tonight. Can I presume I was not that far away last night with my ‘bugs’ comment? Anyhow, keep smiling. When the general sends in his whole army at once, it usually indicates the last throw of the dice. Maybe C. G. is pulling out all the stops because he is on his last load of c**p. I am only annoyed that I will have to wait till the prospectus now to find out about my financial prospects even though I already suspect what to expect.

    Would these guilt-ridden words be out of place on the forked tongue of a certain C.O.E.

    “I have given suck, and know
    How tender ’tis to love the babe that milks me:
    I would, while it was smiling in my face,
    Have pluck’d my nipple from his boneless gums,
    And dash’d the brains out, had I so sworn as you
    Have done to this.”


    “How is’t with me, when every noise appalls me?
    What hands are here? ha! they pluck out mine eyes.
    Will all great Neptune’s ocean wash this blood
    Clean from my hand? No, this my hand will rather
    The multitudinous seas incarnadine,
    Making the green one red.”
    (Lady Mac Beth)

    “Take heart, dear friend, for with the morrow comes a brand new dawn”

  36. Jason

    I’m RTC! No I’m RTC ! Well I’m RTC and so’s my wife!

  37. Whoever your friend is, Big Lad, I hope that they are as proud to be tour friend as I am.

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