Internet Rumours

I wish to confirm that I have not received an “injunction” nor even, as we are in Scotland, an interdict from Rangers Football Club Ltd.


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105 responses to “Internet Rumours

  1. TheBlackKnight TBK

    ah! but was it Sevco or THE*Rangers Football Club Ltd.???…… You know how confusing these name changes can get ๐Ÿ˜‰

    Hope all is well!

    regards TBK

  2. awwwww, that’s a pity.

    i was looking forward to a judge going through sevco’s position on the matter!

  3. mick

    good paul that puts that to bed hope your ok and doing well and enjoying your week

  4. What about an early Christmas card? ๐Ÿ™‚

  5. paulsatim

    Glad to hear it Paul!

  6. Pity was gonna tweet the report from court………..

  7. JimBhoy

    What is the actual reason for the injunction Mr Green?

    Uge case of Internet Bampottery M’lud, more than could be carried in a mouse’s ankerchief..!!

    Hail Hail Mr Green, run along now, nothing to see here…

  8. Gerry7

    an interim interdict perhaps?

  9. wottpi

    Good news. Now stop mucking about and give us more thoughts on the STV drivel last night ๐Ÿ™‚

  10. john clarke

    glad for your personal sake, of course, but I would have enjoyed watching that mob making still further clowns of themselves in the wider world.

  11. Truthsayer6

    Care to comment why you “pulled”your latest blog on Rangers share issue? The advice you provided on that I found most disconcerting & i may say could prompt me to believe you could be accused of disreputable professional conduct. Personally I will await reading the actual prospective myself rather than accept your advice as gospel. I will then ask the Celtic “bloggers” for their advice re buying shares as they are obviously more interested in Rangers on&off the park than I am. I’m now away to cook a Goose for Christmas.

    • ecojon


      Indeed I believe many Celtic fans have registered their interest in a fraternal move to support their impoverished fellow Glaswegian club.

      I was so impressed by all the advice about how good the deal was on Rangers fan sites that I copied all the pages to let my broker see them and advise whether a Rangers share purchase would be advisable or not.

    • mick

      its pulled as the fttt is here lol

    • @Truthsayer6

      “Advice”? Try opinion. And it’s prospectus, not “prospective”.

      I blame the schools.

  12. Gretnabhoy

    That’s a shame ! Would have loved to get another laugh at their expense.
    Keep up the good work P

  13. This lot are off their trolley.

  14. BlantyreKev

    What shares?

    Oil ‘ave a soider if yer boyin’

  15. To be honest – no surprise there – I think the zombies might have an easier time dealing with BDO than trying to square up to PaulMcC the #LegalInternetBampot !! ๐Ÿ™‚

    Keep the articles coming Paul; I need to ensure I invest wisely following my “intent to pledge” ยฃ5k to the share issue. ๐Ÿ™‚

  16. JimBhoy

    Stv program and more: From what i read / hear… They plan to sell higher priced tickets, pay less in wages than any team ever (another record broken), attract great players (on minimal wage and thru the smaller leagues) whilst they beat all in front of them thru the leagues to the top once more and be worth twice as much as Celtic in doing so. Further reducing the wage bill in the following years as revenue shoots thru the roof .They will have a youth policy that will bring through a conveyor belt of messi’s and they will pay a dividend to all investors in 2 or 3 seasons when they are the most watched team in the fee paying EE mobile phone customers because their product will be so appealing to their 5 jillion fans.

    How they gonna achieve all this… Have an Orange kit, a 12 man squad, human cloning, hover park that can travel to the moon, don’t pay bills or taxes… Who knows..

    3 consecutive defeats from a revolt…

    • ecojon

      @Jim Bhoy

      I was listening to that drivel on STV last night which went totally unchallenged and I mused for a moment well if it was this easy why isn’t everyone else doing it.

      And, of course, no one asked – Why did chico not manage it at Sheffield which he left in a shambles.

      At least we were spared Zardok the Priest or maybe I missed it as I dozed off with my own oh so sweet dreams of the last 16 and NO I wasn’t dreaming of League reconstruction ๐Ÿ™‚

  17. JimBhoy

    @BlantyreKev No outta Teddy’s though!!! Maybe The Priory…! ๐Ÿ™‚

  18. Violet Carson

    I read the following on Bill McMurdo’s site:

    ‘Rangers will represent Scottish football at its finest and be the benefactor and protector of Scottish clubs.’

    ‘Respect and honour are traditional Rangers values. Rangers will show respect and honour to all who merit it. As for everyone else, they will see another traditional Rangers value on display:

    The will to win and crush all opposition.’

    I love the contradiction, first they will protect Scottish Clubs but then crush them.

    • Pensionerbhoy


      ‘crush’ with protection as one does in love. ‘Respect’ as one does in inner city demolition. ‘Honour’ as one does in liquidation. Come on girl. It’s dead easy! :>)

  19. dan

    Have I missed something? When did you offer advice on whether to buy/not buy shares in whatstheirname? From what I’ve read of your blog you’ve bent over backwards to avoid such accusations being levelled at you. In fact, you’ve been so impartial on the matter that I have been emboldened to pledge a not inconsiderable sum to Chico Verde’s flotation.

    And re STV, it’s not surprising they give Chico an easy ride. One of their top people has been a season ticket holder at IOUbrox since—-oh—–way, way before they changed their signing policy.

  20. dan

    Violet. whoever penned that material is mentally unbalanced. And I mean that. I’m not being sarcastic, cynical, or facetious. That person is clinically insane.

  21. Gedy Lee.

    truthsayer, I can assure you it is not just Celtic fans who are laughing at the way Sevcovians are allowing themselves to be seduced by this shambles, the whole of Scotland is having a right chuckle at the continued nievity emminating out of Govan.

    As Green’s “back of a fag packet” proposal states… “Don’t take any of this as fact. That really should be your new club’s motto.

    Any sign yet of the ” 30-40 Milion pounds” shirt deal with addidas yet that Charlie boy said was to be signed in a “Matter of days?” After all, that was on Sept 20. I won’t even start on the rest of his remarkable promises that Sevcovians have been swallowing hook line and sinker.

    What I’m really trying to say is don’t tip up here of all places with such a sanctamonius attitude when you maintain the willful ignorance that is stopping your fans going into total mental breakdown.

    Blinkers are simply not permitted here.

  22. Macduff

    Paul, something a bit amiss here ( have cenko gagged u) however keep up the good work, it wasn’t enough that they tried to ban downfall, now they are trying to stop free speech. It’s getting all a bit circa 1938.

  23. mick

    a think its fttt time lol

  24. sprotson

    Why was your article on the IPO documents pulled?

  25. mick

    FTT(T) arrived!!!!! Account going back into ‘lockdown’. May post up some redacted elements!! from well respected names on twitter lol

  26. Truthsayer6 Nice set of anonymously posted snide remarks there.

    “Prospective” what?

  27. JimBhoy

    @Truthsayer or should I say Leggo…. Have to say I much preferred Meccano..

  28. mick

    jim the fttt is finally about to land tinhat time and lock down lol

  29. JimBhoy

    @Eco how come you get all the TDs, I have posted with a great deal of Bampottery today and still only one or two.. The Sevconians in the India PR site are all biased.. Or too busy taking dir enquiry calls in their new Orange (adidas) kit ๐Ÿ™‚

    Surely worthy of a couple of TDs???

    • ecojon


      Just given you one so you don’t feel left out. If they were ignoring me then I would feel I was under-achieving ๐Ÿ™‚

  30. Sir Nicholas Fairbairn

    Bill McMurdo the Catweazle lookalike?

  31. JimBhoy

    @Mick I wear a tinfoil hat all the time mate, not that I am paranoid but I know those sevconians can read my mind. They are the PayPal apparently or something..!!

  32. Andy

    Any reason why you pulled the blog re. the powerpoint presentation of IPO? I don’t think there was any investment advice there, but there certainly was a complete lack of any caveats re. the opinion you were putting forward and no balance whatsoever. In short it was unclear, unfair and misleading.

    You could easily be accused of trying to manipulate the market. Do you have a short position on RFC? A pretty strong example of bad judgement from your good self, although you do have a history of that.

    • Andy,

      I’m confused.

      This blog is called random THOUGHTS, not NEWS. The articles were, as you rightly say, opinion, not investment advice. And there was a clear demarcation between those opinions and the presentation itself. Was the presentation itself reproduced accurately?

      I write an opinion column. It contains my…you know…opinions. I don’t provide “caveats” if my opinions don’t contain any. If, to take an example purely at random, I think Charles Green is being over-ambitious and optimistic about Rangers’ short-term future and if I were to write 1800 words (my usual word count) explaining why, what obligation do I have to provide “caveats” or “balance”?

      You say that Paul’s articles were “unclear, unfair and misleading.” What obligation do YOU have to “balance” that out, or provide a caveat? None, I’d have thought. That seemed like “fair comment” to me, even though I don’t agree with your review.

      I accept that Paul should have written something along the lines of “What I say should not be taken as financial advice” and put that comment in his opening paragraph. And he did. Was/is there a problem with his view that people would be “silly” to take his views as financial advice?

      I’m confused.

      • Andy

        Rangers are about to launch an IPO. Paul has 6,700 followers on Twitter and I’d imagine fairly heavy traffic through his website. He reaches more people than most local newspapers in the country.

        With that comes a responsibility. In the same manner as journalists he must ensure that when talking about issues such as the IPO, he must give proper balance to his articles otherwise he could potentially effect the share price and be open to the accusation of market abuse. I asked tongue in cheek whether he had a short position on Rangers, however people have done this in the past and manipulated the market.

        He makes an assertion that investors could be left with worthless shares should BDO challenge the D&P valuation of the assets. There is no evidence to suggest this will happen. On the contrary, HMRC who were the biggest creditor and therefore the party with the most to lose were happy with this valuation. Paul makes no mention of this in his blog. If you are going to comment publicly on investments it must be done in a balanced manner and must be clear, fair and not misleading. Paul didn’t do that in his blog.

        Your comment about Charles Green differs from Paul’s blog because you aren’t specifically talking about the potential investment return, or lack of it, which shareholders will achieve

        I think he is telling the truth with regards to not receiving an interdict. I would speculate that he was informed that Brian Stockbridge was applying for the interdict and chose to remove the blog voluntarily. I’m no lawyer (pun intended) so I can’t say for sure whether he crossed the line or not but he certainly sailed fairly close to it.

        In the modern day of social media and the undoubted huge reach it has, bloggers have the same responsibilities as journalists, as crazy as that may seem.

        • David Stevenson

          So if I were to say that I have listened to the Chief Executive, Charles Green talking utter mince in public on a regular basis and that as a result, I wouldn’t dare waste a penny of my money investing in any vehicle that he was involved in floating, would hat be “interfering with the market”?

          To quote you from above:

          “He makes an assertion that investors could be left with worthless shares should BDO challenge the D&P valuation of the assets. There is no evidence to suggest this will happen.”

          Need there be “evidence to suggest this will happen” to make the statement you say Paul made? It seems perfectly logical, especially when one sees the value that Charles Green publicly puts on the assets “he” purchased for ยฃ5.5M.

          • Andy

            “So if I were to say that I have listened to the Chief Executive, Charles Green talking utter mince in public on a regular basis and that as a result, I wouldnโ€™t dare waste a penny of my money investing in any vehicle that he was involved in floating, would hat be โ€œinterfering with the marketโ€?”

            Clearly not as all you are doing is criticising Charles Green as a person. Your decision not to invest would be based on your opinion of Charles Green, not the validity of the investment. Had you dissected the IPO presentation and made unsubstantiated assertions on a public platform, then you would be required to present a balanced view which was clear, fair and not misleading. If not it would be a breach of stockmarket and FSA rules.

            HMRC, who were the biggest creditor and had by far the largest voting rights, chose to accept the lower value as they felt it suited them better for the company to be liquidated, due to the option that then gave them to pursue individuals. Through the liquidation process, BDO will seek to achieve the best possible outcome for the creditors. In HMRC’s case the best possible outcome is not purely a financial outcome. BDO will not challenge the sale price and Paul knows this.

            • David Stevenson

              If I based my opinion of him on his Yorkshire accent and greying hair or some other feature or facet of Mr. Green unrelated to the business, you would have a point, but I base my opinion on what Mr. Green says in public. He contradicts himself umpteen times over very short periods of time, leaving me with no faith in him as promoter of an investment vehicle. I am critical of his business role, not as him being one of the few Yorkshiremen in Glasgow.

              Regarding the creditors, HMRC are obviously the biggest single creditor, but they are not the sole creditors, and for the rest, I expect the financial outcome is the only one they are interested in. I would assume BDO have to do right by them too. But that’s my lay-person’s view, you may have greater insight into BDO’s role from a legal standpoint.

            • “BDO will not challenge the sale price and Paul knows this.” Is that an assertion or opinion? I think we should be told.

              “In the same manner as journalists he must ensure that when talking about issues such as the IPO, he must give proper balance to his articles otherwise he could potentially effect the share price and be open to the accusation of market abuse. I asked tongue in cheek whether he had a short position on Rangers, however people have done this in the past and manipulated the market.”

              Mind explaining how investment brokers etc can issue buy/sell advice notes, and the Evening Standard’s City pages can feature a nightly buy/sell/hold every night yet aren’t sanctioned by FSA?

              And as for ” there certainly was a complete lack of any caveats re. the opinion you were putting forward and no balance whatsoever. In short it was unclear, unfair and misleading.” Wee problem there. Can’t see it? Read it again & the answer might leap off the page at you. No? Ok I’ll shorten it & see if it helps: “opinion”.

              There it is. Paul was offering an opinion, ergo no rules broken.

        • I think we will have to agree to disagree on fundamentals here. What you say makes a good deal of sense for a news piece. But the blog demonstrably is not such a piece. Nor were national newspaper comments last month largely disputing the wisdom of investing. Paul made the point quite forcefully that the piece should not be taken as investment advice.
          I’d be intrigued as to the legal test of “potential to affect the share price.” I feel sure the words “anyone who bases their decision about whether or not to buy shares on what I say here is rather silly” might somewhat damage that potential.
          I also note your comment below that “BDO will not challenge the sale price and Paul knows this,” whereas Paul wrote: “I believe that there is a significant likelihood that…BDO…will seek to challenge the sale of the โ€œbusiness and assetsโ€ to Sevco as a โ€œgratuitous alienation.” Your statement appears to be factual, Paul’s appears to be an opinion. Yet both ARE opinions, unless you are accusing Paul of lying about his true thoughts. I’d submit that Paul is giving a “proper balance” between opinion and fact. But, as I say, we will have to agree to disagree there.
          I was directed on one issue by a friend who suggested that the very publication of the presentation might be restricted and that Paul breached those restrictions. I wonder if that might be the case.
          And, yes, the concept of Paul having a “short” position on anything made me smile.
          Thanks for taking the time to reply. It is appreciated.

  33. Gedy Lee.


    What is this Goose you keep havering about?

    Surely you mean Turkey. LOL

    • Truthsayer6

      Nay kind Sirrah! Tis the “Succulent Goose” of the Celtic Blogosphere. Without Rangers what would you talk about or hate? I prefer Black Geese. Much better than lamb and easier to digest.

      • KMac

        Are you wearing a Star Trek costume as you type out this drivel?

      • ‘To be or not to be a sevconian dick’…that is the question?

      • Maggie

        What IS this faux* medieval mode of “speech” that you continue to
        write in ? Is it your attempt at humour ? If it is please cease and desist
        as you’re playing with the big boys (and girls) on here,we’re
        busy people and have no time to indulge rank amateurs.
        We understand that your normal habitat is a humour free zone,but
        don’t come to ours,hoping that some of our joie de vivre* rubs off on
        you and you acquire a sense of humour by osmosis.
        A little hint, when no one has a clue what you’re on about,it’s maybe
        time to rethink your position.

        Btw.Far from hating Rangers,this blog and many others has had
        nothing but your best interests at heart and has repeatedly tried to
        inform and educate you about nefarious deeds of those in charge
        of it. You don’t seem appreciative of our efforts however.
        You’re obviously new on here if you think we’d have nothing to
        talk about without Rangers…..have a little look at the back catalogue,
        or get in touch with mick for more info on the diverse subjects that occupy us of an evening. For example last evening mick posted
        a very interesting piece on Sigmund Freud,have a little look at it,
        I’m sure you’ll find it riveting and of great interest to your like minded
        brethren when you open a discussion on it on your regular forums.

        * I’m sure your CEO Mr Green will help you with the French

        • Ernesider


          ” Btw.Far from hating Rangers,this blog and many others has had nothing but your best interests at heart”

          Not me Maggie. The whole sad sorry sectarian swamp that is Rangers and Ibrox is long past any hope of redemption.

        • Truthsayer6

          Well said you!
          Not keen on what i commented are you?
          Ah Well. How Sad. Never mind.
          There is no accounting for for others lack of perceived intellect or humour..but you really do need to (wo)man up. Its the internet.

          I had to laugh at some of your points. “Far from hating Rangers” and “your best interests at heart” ?
          Who is kidding who?

          At your prompting i did look at a few of the back catalogue postings.. And yes i agree there are some interesting items. I would also acknowledge that there are good points made about Rangers financial state and what has gone on there.

          But please placate your obvious condescending nature for one moment and consider the majority anti Rangers items published and note some (not all) of the bigoted comments & down right lies attributed. Would be good if you perhaps commented negatively on those from time to time.
          A balanced view is always best in my opinion don’t you agree?

          And no. Am not a huge Blogger/Forum fan. But when i see crap written i reserve the right to comment upon it.

          Vive Le Difference! (CEO Mr Green helped me with that).

          • Well your CEO is obviously as thick as you seem to be. Given the fact that French is a very gender-specific language (and given your “you really do need to (wo)man up” comment it would appear that you have a rudimentary understanding of gender difference) it’s Vive LA Difference.

            Do call again if you need further education.

            • The silver fhox

              Well said Rab! I also pointed the gender difference out before I read your comment, which incidentally is much more erudite than mine. I blame the school.

          • Maggie

            Still can’t really say If I’m keen on what you commented
            previously as I still have no idea to what it was supposed to
            be referring.

            Glad you picked up on my condescending”nature”. I’m not condescending by “nature” at all,but was condescending in MANNER
            to you,which I totally intended.I’m a bit of a stickler for correct usage,grammar,syntax etc.

            I’m sensing that irony is lost on you.Things will not go well for
            you here with that deficiency I’m afraid.
            The “Bad”*boys and “Mean”*girls will make mincemeat of you,
            metaphorically,of course.

            * These are films which seem to be quite popular with
            certain demographics.I personally am quite the fan of Mean
            Girls.Though I’m most definitely not the target demographic
            and am most definitely not a mean girl,I’m a sucker for the work
            of Tina Fey.
            This is a little taster for what we “do” here,film criticism one of
            our specialties,though is a little low bow for mick,but he indulges
            us. ๐Ÿ™‚

            • Truthsayer6

              I have a feeling you are under the misapprehension I am troubled or could be arsed about anything you say. Prepared to give you the benefit of the doubt earlier but you have just proven yourself to be a dullard with delusions of wit/intellect. However, I may respect you in the morning “Madam”.
              Have some Black Goose”. It’s succulent x

          • The silver fhox

            It is ‘Vive la difference’. You obviously believe everything Chuck tells you. Get someone else to help you with your French.

        • Re Maggie:
          LOLZ.. Still laughing at the use of “osmosis”in the above. Classic Internet blogger trying too hard to come across as intelligent but with a knowing wit. When of course in reality your sitting home alone seething with hatred at someone who dares to undermine you & point out your idiocy. Maggie I salute you! Perhaps you should stop partaking in the Goose, get out into the real world & get a job.

          • Maggie

            @The Black Night
            Oh no,you’re on to me.
            I am indeed sitting home alone like Tam O’ Shanter’s wife
            “nursing my wrath to keep it warm”.

            • Truthsayer6


              No. Your sitting on a blog waiting for a comment that you can then post a “witty” retort on & then sit back with a sense of self satisfaction that your life is now complete. And then you’ll trawl (sic) the Internet for some other point to comment wittily upon ad infinitum.

              Fair fa’ your dishonest, sonsie face

  34. JimBhoy

    @Truthsayer You are obsessed with this site mate… ๐Ÿ™‚ Are you Leggo in disguise….You’re goose is cooked…

    • ecojon


      yea he’s leggo – just can’t keep away and so easily spotted with his p*sh and bluster no matter what persona used.

      • JimBhoy

        @eco I can see tomorrow’s leggo post now.. It has the name Paul McConville mentioned 3 zillion times..

        We are the PayPal..!!

  35. Gedy Lee.

    truthsayer, I would stop mentioning food in every post or Charlie boy will bang out a Sevco Cook book, to be made available from your hilarious “rangersdirect” on line “Superstore”.

    You know the one with the handfull of cheap tat that is STILL using Steven Davis as a marketing tool.

    Have any of you even noticed? LOL.

    Incidentally , there is no hatred aimed at FC Sevcovia from the rest of the football community, just well deserved ridicule.

    If only we could say that for the plethora of Sevco sites that are simply heaving with putrid hate filled comments.

    See the VILE Bear’s Den for a classic example.

    • ecojon

      @ Gedy Lee

      To be fair to the Bear’s Den they rumbled Leggo a long time ago and laugh at his new shift in direction to do cardigan’s bidding and praise chico who he named as the anti-christ just a few short months ago.

      He’s useful to them at the moment but if he actually thinks that chico will forget his earlier treachery then he’s got a little surprise coming when even cardigan – he of the massive business brain – won’t be able to save his cooked goose LMAO ๐Ÿ™‚

  36. Maggie

    Been busy, but quickly read all the posts yesterday……just looked in
    now to see what else is new…..WOW!!!!!!!
    Did we just become a totalitarian state and everyone forgot to tell me?
    Are we all about to be “disappeared” like Chileans under the
    Pinochet regime?
    Nil desperandum ……etc

  37. JimBhoy

    @Eco/Maggie get a virtual room… ๐Ÿ™‚

  38. Billy No'Well

    I get it truthsayer. It’s a word puzzle…….. GO-“O”bliterate-“SE”vco

  39. Miners son

    Ltd bawhahah

  40. Paul, please confirm ‘you have NOT been served with an interdict’, nor notified of any intended legal recourse?


    Why would they say something so utterly inaccurate?…THEY are hardly ever wrong too!! ๐Ÿ˜‰

  41. tamtic

    Leggo says yer in trouble Paul, and you know Leggo, he’s never wrong. Chico the finaincial wizard says he’s there till champions league theme is heard at ibrokes. Well we will have to turn our Parkhead music up helluva loud.

  42. It is a sad day when people cannot have a civilised disagreement about football without invoking all sorts of legal baggage, real or imagined.
    Some people need to grow a thicker skin and take things in pespective, football has always been about winding up your mates of whatever persuasion who support a different team to you, it is no different today and never will be

  43. Cuillin Dreams

    Paul – A comment on RM suggests you have been served an ‘unjunction’ by The Rangers. Surely being in Scotland you would have been served an ‘unterim unterdict’!

  44. ian lewis

    You’re not trying hard enough.

  45. david


  46. alfredo the bad witch of hee haw.

    My name’s alfredo and I’m a obessed Celtic fan completely and overwhelmingly infused in all matters Sevconian. I absolutely LOVE every second of my pathetic, myopic life. Ps who are Sevco playing this weekend, Alloa, Forres Mechanics, ……jings I must keep up….DEAD CLUB.

  47. dan

    Maggie, re your Freudian reference (are you kidding, it’s Sevconians you’re talking to here) could they be suffering from ‘Celtic Envy’?

  48. I seen these rumours about an injunction yesterday on my twitter news feed. It was by some supporters club or whatnot,anyway – my tweet back to them was, “Injunctions? you mean..interdict?”

    I never got an answer so therefore presumed it was nothing more than a lot of tosh.

    However, if there was any truth in the rumour (as i suggested to others on facebook before being shot down) then i would be more concerned about what Rangers have to hide by serving interdict rather than what some solicitor on a blog will lose by getting one for work on a FREE blog……..

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