Ecojon has been digging away and may have found our missing person. This was in the comments but to be fair to Rangers I thought to give it equal billing to the APB issued earlier.

However, has anyone been able to identify the company which the Club Board will run?

Take it away Ecojon!


It now appears that Ibrox is quite surprised by all the speculation over the man who actually brought Charlie Green into the Rangers deal.

When Imran Ahmad appeared to have been airbrushed out of the Rangers history the internet was buzzing with news of his demise in business terms and Rangers fan sites have been carrying stories from sources that he’s been sacked.

But it appears that his removal from the main board of Rangers Football Club Ltd was all made public by Charlie weeks ago and everyone appears to be amazed that the internet clatterers missed it. Yea well so am I.

Imran will apparently now sit on the club board – the one below the PLC Board after the flotation. I don’t know if that’s like walking the plank or not but he’ll be sitting beside Ally and some others. There might even be a fan rep there.

On 17 October Imran Ahmad was given the title of commercial director responsible for generating and developing new business and investment opportunities at Rangers.

Charles Green said at the time: “My roles have been stretching me to the limit and certainly the commercial side is something we want to improve upon.

“Imran has been alongside from the start and he knows where we want to take the club. He is a very experienced hand and someone I trust completely. For Imran to leave his post at Zeus to join us is a very good step for the club. The other key members of the senior management team have been working with him since May so it’s not as if we have brought someone off the street with no knowledge of the people and the culture of the club.”

Apparently Ahmad is happy with the move from the top board to a lesser position but I wonder if I was the guy that had brought Green on-board and organised so much of the original money to buy the assets whether I would be so relaxed. But then I’m paranoid and not very trusting.

Let’s hope Ally doesn’t screw-up on another couple of results because if he is shown the exit by the decision-making main board then it might make Imran wonder whether he’s on the right career path.

Still the pair of them have over £3 million in shares so they should be all right – shouldn’t they?

Of course who knows what factors might lie behind share allotments especially with the IPO apparently coming at full speed – time will tell that is the only certainty in this unfolding epic :)


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  1. JohnBhoy

    There is mystery none. The force is strong with Imran. Refused he has. The dark side he will go not. Instead, wise counsel seeks he. Bairds Bar the rebel force protects Imran it does.

    • ecojon


      Well I’ve been checking for this shining light that revealed that Imran Ahmad wouldn’t be on the main Rangers Board but on the subsidiary club board – well I still haven’t found it but I’m still looking.

      But I did find another snippet uttered by chico on 17 October as follows: “We would certainly like to appoint more people to the board and part of the IPO process will be to enlist more non-executive directors and their role is about governance to make sure that people like Imran, Brian Stockbridge and myself are working to the model code and looking after the shareholders’ interests.

      “They can also give us a balanced opinion and that will be important to shareholders’.

      Now perhaps I’m thick but I read chico’s comments to mean that Imran was staying on the main Board. So if any bampot or clatterer out there has come across a comment from Green to the contrary please let me know. IMHO there seems to have been a change of mind sometime after 17 October.

      And of course that’s also the date when the BBC revealed the claims by Craig Whyte that he had introduced Charles Green to D&P, the Rangers administrators, and was behind the sale of the club’s assets which was hotly denied by Charles Green. A week later came the further hammer blows when it was revealed that Craig Whyte had secretly taped David Grier of Duff & Phelps talking about the involvement of Ticketus with Rangers and what appeared to be a prior knowledge of certain matters which were subsequently denied.

      Of course there may be absolutely no connection with Craig Whyte’s explosive claims and Mr Imran’s proposed change of position at Rangers and it is quite likely it is just an accident of timing.

      If you want to read more about matters involving Mr Whyte’s claims and his many meetings with Imran Ahmad according to Mr Green please see:

  2. Budweiser

    ” Some things are better lost than found”. – Stephen King, ‘The Dead Zone’.

  3. Is it not his previous links with Allenby Capital and Hoodless Brennan – recently highlighted by the bampots – that did it for Imran?
    Allenby – too close to wee Craigie, HB – too dodgy.
    Had to go
    for the IPO

  4. mick

    @ecojon why is there 2 companys and boards who owns what and why ,why would Imran leave zues(ticketus) huhum and join green its all very dodgey am thinking ,out of all the characters to pop up on this show Imran seems the most likeable ,has been demoted for scotland and the clatters warming to him green must be raging hes liked ,greens bealing his chats with tommy gold platinum were getting 30,000 hits a day lol more than the share issue pledges ,surely this is a massive con 2 boards and 2 companys this rfc tribute is well carved up does he own the pitch weres the deeds as bomber said ,this lack of transparacy is shocking and a hope in his new role he remembers his online friends and fans and texts tommy to let us know the script with him and his new role

    imran and brian like the blogs and read them regular to keep up to speed with the goings on so if your reading the article and comment you have to do a press release to let us know whats happening the board members are celebs just like the players in glasgow

  5. JohnBhoy

    Full Board, Club Board, Half Board, Kiddies Board, all aboard, with/without breakfast, dinner included, free bottle of wine, use of sports facilities, early arrival, late departure, free wifi, blue movies, tax free purchases… It’s all a float on the good ship Shameless.

  6. mick

    What It Is boiler room tactics a was just brushing up on imran throw the search box at the top and was reading throw the pervious topics on imran and this phrase kept popping up so for any1 not in the know like my self heres a we read of what it is after a quick goggle a think charlie bhoy is well and truely boiler room king the similaritys are strikeing to say the least

    A boiler room is a call center in which salespeople call potential investors in an attempt to sell risky, or even falsified, investment opportunities using aggressive and unethical tactics.

    How It Works/Example:

    The term came about as a result of the high pressure sales environment it creates. Most salespeople in these environments work solely on commission and many of the investment opportunities are less-than-legitimate.

    The salesperson may use fake reports or documents to support claims of profits or legitimacy. During the sales call, aggressive tactics are used to intimidate and entice naïve and non-investment-savvy consumers to partake in an investment scam that may have little, if any, true value. The salespeople try to entice potential investors by promising or hinting at huge returns on their investment.

    Why It Matters:

    If not illegal, the sales tactics that are used in boiler rooms do not conform to government regulations or fair market rules. Boiler room salespeople maximize their income by conveying one-sided, or even false, information in order to persuade as many customers as possible to invest as quickly as possible.

    maximize their income by conveying one-sided, or even false, information in order to persuade as many customers as possible to invest as quickly as possible( yes greens reading from a call center script lol haha pmsl )

  7. mick
    November 14, 2012 at 9:53 pm
    Yip, a few familiar names there. My main interest in HB was due to a mob called The Louvre trust’s shareholding in them. And Imran’s right-hand man and alleged Octopus placeman – Brian Stockbridge – gets all the directorships? Must be a wee story there.

  8. mick

    its crooks in suits off shore galour close to home thou (Guernsey)

  9. Merciatic

    Surely this means the IPO is not for the club as Ahmad is not on the board of whatever is being offered?

    • mick

      well said Merciatic there clueless and dont care they are blinded by greens moon beams and lies its like taken candy from a baby ,the club is made up of a load of companys and is not transparent that means its sus

    • lawheid

      A few grievances about this ST report by Peter Smith – Celtic are NOT rivals of the Newco Rangers as the NR is a different company and thus club, the two clubs NEVER playing against each other.

      Also, the average wage/turnover ratio of clubs in the SPL 2010 and EPL 2011 –
      the figures mentioned are not ratios but percentages;
      no mention of whether the SPL “ratio” includes/excludes that of the “ratio” of Oldco Rangers;
      ridiculously not mentioning what the SFL average was in 2011-2012,
      as that would be a far better indicator of what this new club is going to go through in terms of dealing with wages. Or indeed what the current w/t “ratio” the NR are currently on, prior to this 33% stuff.

      Also, this “no chance” of signing glamour players – Barnet signed up Edgar Davids as player captain/head coach – and they play in League 2, 2nd from bottom. Even Robbie Savage wanted to play for NR for free – or does he not count as a “glamour” player?

      And now to the banter
      (written down are my thoughts as the programme progresses)
      He just copied what Patey was saying – but with more words than necessary so we can all love the sound of his own voice. Then the host asking Stewart what Chris was saying – was she not paying attention? He (chris) was parroting same things Neil was saying.

      Stewart – it’s not the same club. Bloody sports journalists.
      Neil – not you too, mixing up ratios and percentages?

      Rona Dougall: “how concerned are the fans about that? In 2009-10,
      no SPL club had a wage ratio of under 50% and were talking 33% now”

      It’s very simple – the NR has NEVER been an SPL club.


      In the words of Michael Winner – calm down, dear – it’s only football.

      Like Chris we have time, I say we have ALL the time in the world, time enough for life to unfold etc.

      To Chris and Stewart – have you not heard of Murray Park?

      What I found nauseating about this section of the programme is the way the host is going out of her way to suggest/imply that CG (Chris Graham) is somehow a spokesman/representative for the newco fans. I mean, aren’t there other people who can also speak on behalf of the NR fans? (Andy where are you?)

      As for clubs “cutting the cloth” – there are clubs in Scotland that are already doing that – how out of touch is the host?

      Overall, if you want to keep your blood pressure in check, never watch Scotland Tonight or even take it seriously.

      And I leave you with this:

  10. Steven brennan

    Omg they are trying to justify these figures,
    Chico verde has stated quite clearly he wont join spl but these 2 are talking about what the club is going to do in the spl its pathetic

  11. Pensionerbhoy

    The Rangers Football Club plc Initial Public Offering Presentation – Pages 4-7
    The Rangers Football Club plc Initial Public Offering Presentation – Pages 8-10


    It looks like your two posts have done an Imran Ahmad and are now only to be found on the club board. I was out late searching for a missing person and have just arrived home. I had hoped to enjoy a wee nightcap reading your posts on the above but only the one relating to pages one to three is available. The others are reported missing – somewhere. Now, I am no I.T. expert so I am willing and ready to admit it could well be my incompetency at play. Not being of a conspiratorial mind frame, you can imagine I have already dismissed the possibility of ‘interference’ or ‘bugs’ to flush away any adverse publicity that might affect a current presentation should there be any of consequence in the pipeline. Can you please advise me if there is any I.T. remedy best suited to putting me out of my misery? Or, will I just have to be satisfied with a great big toddy tonight – for medicinal purposes you know :>))

    • Pensionerbhoy,

      Don’t worry. A technical issye, soon to be resolved, but sleep calls first!

      Night night!


    • cam

      Good lord,could Leggo have a scoop? has the bold yin got the inside track for once,,,probably not.
      Still,its a nice coincidence that the technical difficulties that the sweetie wifing about the Gers share issue crop up at the precise moment that Leggo reveals alleged legal steps to prevent attempts to derail the mighty Gers business model and future world domination.
      Looks like the fans groups have convinced Chico that instead of just watching the baboons throw their shite at the club it might be quite fun to lob some back or to consfiscate it!
      I can’t remember an organised bunch of bluenose bampots spending most of their waking hours spreading fantasies about CFC when wee Fergus lobbed his bunnet into the ring.Probably due to the fact that they had full time employment to occupy themselves and honouring the ninth commandment.

  12. Pensionerbhoy


    Oor Imran, a new corpse heading for the handshake graveyard. All aboard the hearse, to keep the theme going. I presume he will have plenty of cupboard skeletons and corporate ghosts for company there. I take it the funeral will be “off shore” and the funeral dirge “Greensleaves”.

    • ecojon

      @ Pensionerbhoy

      You’re too pessimistic – might be a rising market on the day so perhaps, in memory of the good times: ‘Money, Money, Money’.

  13. lordmac

    IMRAN AHMAD has not left ZEUS.

    • ecojon

      @ lordmac

      You may well be correct as the Zeus Capital website still lists him as MD and Brian Stockbridge is still listed as a director. And Zeus Capital ignore any requests as to their status which seems a bit strange – if they were no longer with the company it would seem to make sense for Zeus to cut-links with a controversial flotation.

  14. neil patey…rangers can match celtic…when rangers GET BACK to the spl !!!!

    get back to the spl ?

    does this clown – who said a cva was achievable – not understand…sevco have never been in the spl, so how can sevco GET BACK to the spl?

  15. ecojon

    @ jimlarkin

    The latest massive dose of succulent lamb from last weekend is making me think of setting up a ‘Save the Lambs’ charity as they are in danger of extinction with the amount being slaughtered to fill pages of p*sh papers. That’s the 4-legged kind of course.

    The 2-legged MSM ‘lambs’ are deluded ‘lambs with their eyes fixed on future brilliant exclusives from Rangers and they are slowly shambling to extinction just behind their Zombie pals.

  16. Violet Carson

    One again I have been looking at Leggoland and I think he means us, but mainly Paul, Mick and Ecojon. You should be worried! Rangers will stealthily creep up on you and have all of you (us) sent to some Gulag. We have been warned.

    • ecojon

      @Violet Carson

      Having been in a gulag for years it holds no terrors.

      • Mick

        @violet ecojon Legos tripping out his tree green can feed lamb to msm but he will never be able to silence the bloggers a read on kds that he mentioned bullets and the bhoys over there think it may be criminal and it was directed at Phil so it will be interesting to see if Phil phones the Garda lol ,threats and sinister attempts to silence critics is what were use to so no worrys

      • Mick

        With Zeus acting for ticketus and Imran ducking out the way leavening Brian a wonder what revelation shook them up or spooked them ???after last nights stv show it’s save to say they are a joke and will never dominate Scottish football agian lol

        • martin c

          I refer to my previous post on the above matter but i wouldn’t exert the energy to refresh my mind or advise any one else too? The phrase “pish stained” comes to mind.

  17. JimBhoy

    @violet, Mick Leggo is an egotistical offensive old twat… If there was any internet bampot to be binned for his vile rants it would be that fekin eejit… I hope Odious creep and all the other apparent enemies of rangers, club together and get him put in the psycho ward. Journos on both sides of hadrians wall take time out to commend him on his site…. 🙂 Aye right!!!

    He typifies all that is wrong with the the rangers fans and I reckon he spent too much time as a kid in the 1800s with his old presbytarian granny.

    If he ever was a journo he should know about freedom of speach, has anyone unearthed anything he has written for a paper, maybe it’s time we did that and had a laugh at his pseudo Jabba style crud..

    Anyone who runs a blog to enforce his one sided offensive, extreme views and does not allow a reply is a bigot. Simple as that…. And I don’t mean in the Chico-French styleee.

    Best thing to do with Leggo is ignore the d!ck, that goes for even minded rangers fans too.. He is trying to keep us all in the dark ages.

    • charliedon

      Well said JimBhoy. I think the irony of him referring to anyone else as an odious creep is lost on him.

    • mick

      well said jim the mans a joke and is laughed at all over scotland no wonder they died if thats what fighting there corner lol pmsl haha ,on amore serious note thou he is below the belt when it comes to phil its a form of stocking creepy stalker is leggo

  18. JimBhoy

    Where have all the rangers fans gone, has paul mediated them and muffled them or is it just Silence of the Lambs,,,,!!!

    Come on the rangers fans don’t be sheepish..! what do you think of the IPO, don’t let Chico pull the wool over your eyes or Ram his ideas down your throat. Ewe know you want to. The Buck stops here… We are no Mutton-Geoff. Is he gonna fleece ewes or have you herd it all before?

    Take a gambol and express your honest opinion.. Give all the readers your TUPpence worth, wether it’s good or bhaaaad

    TDs aplenty for that i hope..!!! Gonna get the flock outta pastures new…

  19. JimBhoy

    @charliedon I have two mates who work for strathclyde’s finest, one fairly senior who actually posts here occasionally and they have told me that plod have been alerted to leggo’s site thru a number of complaints so the old twat should continue on his bile ridden road for a while yet, cos big Bruv is watching…I can assure you. Not even under the guise of anonymity, he truly is a delusional old psycho whose only comfort in life is his supposed cult status amongst some who oxygen is wasted on.

    • mick

      if the police are monitoring him a bet they have tears in there eyes reading it and laughing ,also dont for get the secret police monitor all sites classed as right or left wing so the can have a dadta base on dark people a bet they feel the country is well save and free of enemys within if its leggo reprasenting the dark right lol ,now we have mass media is it time for a bloggers charter via the law and holyrood involving business also am sure its ok to blog any wrong doing by any1 at any time so as long as we tell the truth and stay clean we should be fine

  20. mick

    @jim cam was on earlier hes the only sevco fan apart from bb and andy to join us ,although lots of them read the blog ,but also its not just sevco and celtic there is fans from all round the world joining in most of uk decent
    oh come on cam weres your knock out blows with the 33% wages and 3.5mil lose this year but in 2015 10mil profit lol you have been jabbing all week cant you go the distance

  21. scott

    So this blog and all the linked blogs are all about Rangers and the commenters are all suprise suprise……pacific shelfers hahaha just as I thought yous really are obssesed with the Rangers, not suprising really as all your lifes have been spent in Rfc’s shadow and now they are on the rise after 6-8 months of turmoil ( not that long really is it?not when you all wanted them to die ) the fear is strong! although I think that is your usual smell albeit mixed with paranoia

  22. ecojohn or indeed paul,

    what is the story about sevco serving an injunction on you?

    let us know…maybe we need to start a

    paul mcconville -v- sevco FIGHTING FUND ?

  23. derek

    im a bit #confused.the name of the blog is re scots law,yet where are the scots law articles,all i seem to have found in a steady stream,of what u would all call factual information,i mean why would a bunch of so called celtic fans,want to know every little snippit on the goings on of rangers,is it not supposed to b care about ur own,or is tht a misconception where celtic fans are concerned,i mean check this last comment out,inciting rangers fans to comment just so u can start some sort of arguement,the obsession is getting a bit boring now guys,is nt there summit more productive u could b doing with u time,instead of scouring every little corner of the net for fresh news on the happenings at ibrox,its not as if u guys r 15 or 16 yr olds,is it,is it not time to give ur own club ur backing,or even blogging about the happenings over in the east,what joys do u get out spending ur time hoping rangers fans come on here,thts both immature and bigoted,both clubs are working hard to stamp this kind of behaviour out of the game in scotland,yet here we are on a blog by a disgraced celtic supporting lawyer who has just been served an injuction for the lies hes published,on this very blog,if i was a celtic fan i would b happy rangers are no longer in the spl,but its like u are all pining for them,i mean even the commenters are writing articles on the comings and goings of the rangers board,its time to snap out it,the club u support are 25% down on attendances from this time last year,if u put all ur efforts into trying to up those numbers,at least u would b doing something productive with ur day,rangers will do what rangers will do,regardless of whats in this or any other blog,the way all of u go on is as if u actually care for rangers,and u are warning fans of the big bad bogey man,i mean do u really care tht much,2 things should interest u about the manner of person who supplies u with ur anti rangers info,1 the injuction served upon him for repeated lies and 2 the manner in which he went about him buisness as an upstanding pillar of the law community,i mean would u believe this mans words if he was representing you in court,he is a noted liar,all u have to do is turn over a few stones,his lies are well documented and there for all to see,the choice for his blogs name is nt really whats in the tin is it,which is another tip on what kind of man he is,he has no morals,he swore to an oath and broke tht,yet ur flocking to his blog as if hes the second coming of jock stein,i mean wake up and smell the cheese,paul mcbride qc this character is not,he could nt lace the big chaps shiny shoes

    • ecojon

      yes Derek we know you are confused and you sound it too. Try and find your carer and get your meds as you’ve obviously forgotten to take them today.

    • mick

      there there derek you will be ok its ok the games up greens good were bad in 4years via the conviabelt minty park yous will have lots of peles to sell and can compete agian in ecl in semis now hurry along for your medication time

    • scott

      Well said derek the many aliasis of the miners money scammer or fraud that is mconvile have taken to attacking your rather sensible reply. I would imagine that is very cutting….in their minds only.

      • lawheid

        Sensible?! It’s worst than Mick’s (spelling, grammar and punctuation-wise)! Speaking of frauds – have you heard of some people going by the name of Charles Green, Craig Whyte and David Murray? No? That’s a shame.

  24. JimBhoy

    Well how about this for a proper Scottish football story..

    Can anyone explain to me how this 16-10-16 structure will add vibrancy to Scottish football… It is not something the big clubs have even had a say in so how can it even be suggested. The only benefit here seems to be teams currently in SFL1 would be added to the big League and it would surely dilute further the monies the top clubs get in the SPL… For the SPL teams it would be turkeys voting for Xmas..

    I see absolutely no benefit in this or for teams outwith the professional leagues to gain entry thru promotion, jeez next we will hear Whitehill Welfare suggesting they will add more to the Scottish professional game than a Celtic colts team.

    The problem with Scottish football is that it is a Sh!t climate and whoever suggested it was a winter sport needs a good kick in the cajoneys. Young boys in club teams are denied playing football and good training facilities because, well, facilities are few and it is so expensive to get a decent facility and the grass parks are just badly maintained through various cutbacks.. Weekend football games are called off on Thursdays and Fridays based on weather reports and we know how accurate they are, even though the game is on a Sunday.. Proper 3&4G facilities are so lacking it is a fekin joke. Where I stay there are none at all. I coach a team of under 14s who have no home park, we played last week at home 10 miles from where we hail from just to get a plastic park we knew would be playable. We get no funding, no backing to such a degree I had to fork out for a set of strips just last week. It costs £32 for a ref, costs us £40 a week for training facilities, anything between £30-£120 for a park –> FOR UNDER 14s…
    Some councils will not paint goals once a season will line a park only to cut the grass two days later. N lanarkshire cut grass occasionally and leave the cuttings on the park, try playing football at 12 with a size 4 ball in the rain with 6 inches of grass cuttings on the park, absolute disgrace!!!!

    Lanarkshire councils/SFA you have a ton of teams and good guys coaching (and it costs the coach a lot to try to do the best for their teams), we try to get the boys into good habits, get them physically active, keep them off the streets, endorse some good, positive value with them in their development into young citizens, instill a worth and team spirit regardless of race, colour or creed, hopefully get them into a good physical and mental state for the rest of their lives and give them great memories of their football, maybe some will go on to be future Scottish footballing stars…. That’s my bit done where do you help ???

    Let’s shut down some grass parks because we cannot afford to maintain them whilst paying off various directors huge sums of money for not doing their job properly.. Let’s change a 12-10-10-10 to a 16-10-16… That’s what’s wrong with Scottish football…

    I heard recently that the SFA would never contemplate Football through the Summer even for boys… Guess Why??? Sit down before you read any more…. Because they make so much money through their own coaching (players and coaches) classes in the Summer months where they are guaranteed better weather to do this… Now I am not saying this is gospel but if it was the case, how galling would that be.?

    Rant over… Oh did i mention the new strips I bought were not Orange ! 🙂

    • mick

      @jim my darling daughter went on a free 8 week course with celtic via the school and win a signed celtic strip for effort and a photo took with tony watt (shes a blue peter badge winner and member of pro life group) it was all free and done recently at night ma lad is in a team plays weekend mornings and trians throw week there well kitted out for it and the prices are not that high at kid level for them to go so a dont see the point of sfa coaching life health and fitness they should teach what to eat and how to exercise ,the sfa are taking cash out of kids pockets when they could be in there local team instead and learning the game better this coaching is a con the kids are better in a team,the only time coaching for kids is good is if its free for kids with disabled mums or dads other than that its a con celtic do coaching but its well low priced and it focuses on health living .

      • cam

        Now that is the best post you have ever done.A loving father writing about his kids,bursting with pride about their acheivements.You make good sensible points on that Michael and i hope and pray that like me, you keep the madness that the OF rivalry brings out in all us nutters,away from your kids.

  25. JimBhoy

    One statement to make… 3 defeats in a row off meltdown..All the fiscal astuteness in the world will not stop that revolt.

    • The Hidden Fortress

      A £3.5m operating loss projected in 2013 – but isn’t that the club which is in such fine financial fettle ? Ah, now I get it – no ‘external’ debt’ ! Where have all those keen investors gone ?
      A 33% of turnover salary cap – admirable intent to learn a very belated lesson, or a leaving wage ?
      We still don’t know the identity of the ‘train drivers’ but please give generously this xmas as the Prospectus Express whistles through a polar blue sky, up and over the moonbeams…don’t let go of that golden ticket ! Sov gott.

  26. JimBhoy

    @JimLarkin would they not need a basis for an injunction? Can they state ‘Factual debate’ as a basis? 🙂

    • mick

      this injunction is rotten why did they not engage in the debate and put us right what have we uncovered that has made them nervie and seek legal advice lol

  27. mick

    the injunction is all over the net it has had the net buzzing all morning ,killing free speech cant see it holding thou as it makes our freedom look tampered with just like greens figures and moonbeams

  28. JimBhoy

    @Derek thanks for your factual Scots law debate also… You know you are replying to a post from a poster ya cretin..

    Frankly I couldn’t give a flying fek about rangers… The only piece of truth you write is: “rangers will do what rangers will do” I have no doubt that will be the case and if I could be so bold as to sum up the majority of the posts on this site in the past 7 months have pretty much held that sentiment, the circus is set to go on for a long time to come. I hope your IPO is successful it will give us obsessed, disgraced and bigotted much more future joy as the big house comes down…

    As this is not the debate you were hoping for you can now go back to Loose women and your tennents super…

    • ecojon

      @ JimBhoy

      I thought he might have wandered in seeking legal advice and was going to refer him to the CAB who have a lot of excellent people helping their fellow citizens.

  29. JimBhoy

    @Mick the celtic coaching stints look good, I checked this summer but I think they finish at 13 yr olds, well for the one I looked at… We had a boy at the rangers one last year and he liked that..

    RE: Injunction, I would assume personal attacks on named individuals by a named individual would be a much better target for an injunction, why is Leggo still posting in that case?

    • mick

      jim a think the Injunction will back fire and the msm out with the west coast will mention it ch4 hopefully thommo lets get this on the msm as it will let people know that its moonbeams green 1s a might add

  30. mick

    Loose women and your tennents super…lolpmsl haha the joys of the swamp lol

  31. cam

    Oh please please don’t tease me(good song title),,,whats this about an injunction?
    If this is real then i’m buying a wee bottle of quality vino tonight!
    My insanity is still being moderated by the moderator general but Dereks tirade alerted me to Leggo’s world exclusive scoop(award winning site).
    I’m off to investigate this hilarious rumour and you can be certain i’ll be back later bhoys,,,unless Paul goes in a proper huff.

  32. He also indicated to me on this call that his first call to me back at the end of July almost got him the sack because he was on the internet swearing at an internet bampot.

    His position changing on the 17th October,hhmm,funny that’s the day i released the first part of his call with him saying that he nearly lost job

    Has he over stepped the mark once to often and ended up with his p45 for being to big a dumb schmuck from the zombies to handle.

    Shame that,i really enjoyed sitting in the Argyle suite boardroom at the start of October shaking hands and chewing the cud with my good brother Imran Ahmed.

    When will we ever see his likes again

    Can scottish now survive without a strong Imran Ahmed in the Ipox boardroom.

    • mick

      hi tommy gold platinum keep up the good work were your biggest fans on here your full of righteousness the bench mark in being a good bro and tim

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